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Monday, September 18th

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, the guys had a lot of questions about the Chiefs get answered on Sunday, Ian Rapoport joins the guys, and is this the worst move a pro team has ever made?


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There weights it's noon here. I think. I as well yeah. On the face death. Every day on the show. Because of the cold calls and six cents or six back is bought by the red toward real at least we think this school. They got two locations. And brook side. And Hollywood. And Camelot bored with school but today it came Monday. It's five dollar border Monday already read my dollar burger I mean. Posted on fire. With the ruling and what they do. Under federal I don't. Even know what I'm flows from treason against most enough comfort address at the Google. I didn't do everything that's came from I didn't know. I got. I don't plan for short and asking us. Twenty escrow on the ground. And wrong allege. Acorn who mistreated. He's about you don't you don't vote. Everything I don't eat a whole. Here's Nobel. If you have feelings were once. I can't look up were you for or don't. Focus on through much of she's won yesterday guys over excited. Oh yeah. We are excited to talk amongst themselves and look at this weekend. I'm excited because. I mean it's you looked dead Chris Jones in the way he was dominates. And if thankfully you have. Not guilty just in Houston be dominant. I know that this defense going to have. Some issues at some point in some of the games because scared various not a field and this because you'll be damned good. Named because of those guys on this stuff that even on Alex maybe to I've either been hit over. Every book they played till the fifth for deeply. I think it showed this paperback and up against a good NFC teams in Phillip Phillips with. Pretty good team with the Washington. And one in week one but didn't back it up 42 point 227 point in the office has been aggressively and play makers in scoring. Yesterday and it usually get that late touchdown but you know here's the thing. The chiefs are are physically dominating teams in effect and that's the best news last year we did was put on stretched their mystery games. Fourteen year it's the raiders in the types which each 12 half to see an Indy Reid's halftime adjustments. Like everything about them and what you find out on the eve of research paper does it grow in the garage. For girl on the ground. The girl on the ground to not actually a nut either thorough review of because the girls. A fascinating. You'll mixing it up Lothian as we move on to the next thing. They're no. And a lot of parents are about done vote your favorite. I'm a big fan of the actual. Application you. This cache of high Villanova on good conduct on the very use every trick to come here. Yeah I have to actually I've I've had with I'm spearheading the are advised. So roasted pecans those things are amazing. But to put the cons on top of the brownies was out all been petty of the umpires you guys specialist she hasn't forgotten by F paddy has been raped on. Got to look at it by a huge day. Forgot. About these cuts Travis LC. It The Big Talker from yesterday and problems passes final push yards and touchdowns. Care about the skills. Why am over a couple of guys in the the end of just gotta be daunting and went the other side of rounds tells his game. Do you guys not big fans and with that would be fun police integrate rep tells you it is. I think they did that he did it phone yesterday or that was kind of innocent purpose built and this was full of flat as the official. This is pretty watered down I'm not part of the fun police and put just. Always understated time and place. That was not like a blow wild game starts vintage. Pelosi told us. In the off season he was going to be more mature even going to displayed leadership Dudek. That's almost to death do figures don't. Think he's 4713. Philip finally second and if it didn't mean a damn Dana White injury talk about. All or formula for big grip would have negated what. Back to me sort of product spotlight does arms. Had to Google a lot of meant for you try to look at what nuts on your computer that you have this front. Then we will likely voters aren't covering all of us and we are going to theory sir Geoffrey address on the really quick. Inter has been produced here guys those days ago we did one time Steve we're rule they usually okay well for the last. I know for a fact this last week yeah I'm pretty sure the weakened before that as well when I came in here the studio all of the browsing history and all of the future. Very clear. Something tells me when it hits and gets tougher to be a tall order she's gone. On and you're gonna clear this girl that he looked up. For Chrysler's C if that's what I leave the thing that I am not ashamed of my browser history. As my life. One positive from the sheepskin yesterday apparently parking was much better. They could hear this from people on the most in depth to our complain about parking was much better according to everyone even few president mark Donovan. The best. While people of Goldman's best. It's best parking in the NFL. Asserted he left the allotment option spread out are Donovan Sydney 91 per cent of the vehicles. Arrived with advanced past is already purchased one of front. Most games last season seventy to 80%. And it fit and we sent us some people completely off pork individually. If he would say the fire lines feed these monies we should keep it realistic the money and it forces things. Online is where things are going now and look at it. It took a year and it looked like your three. Everybody when it. If that money up front that's they want to accomplish in their. They got right in eight cities. Forever. Furniture is so why it was a holdup I rolled the field it's more about currency and all that hard I thought his. I stated the man's. He don't look like Broward and that I apologize. The boxing once again shot himself in the foot over the weekend. I don't marquee match up mean. You fight to a draw. Fear and no Alvarez and triples Jeter was Seattle's not. We know a thing about this it was. It's not just what's ordered fox it's not it's not. I don't you guys saw the fight by the way I'm to the point where I never won a bite of the cards anymore. I just did you the GS four is the judge is hard by the vote I just I don't wanna see a car and the fight sort of the cars ever again. I'm just tired of it does because there's always going to be a little bit of curiosity. What does the crazy thing about all of this I don't know how people on the tax on six we still six watts the fight. I think there's seven of my ID there could be a case to be made beta was close to a draw the it was not like that either either accommodated the other they'll pull people that watched the fight. It's even include myself. Get see there's big case for war. Triple G winning the fight OK but but if you wanna fight I think you'll want to abide by a couple of points or maybe like two rounds struggled it was a route and there that people. Wanted to give civil G that they did. Outwards off one those rounds with the bottom line is there was one judge. And it won eighteen to 110. Index this stage in the embarrassment on this. You can't be that all. Whoever's got. Best. Those sports. I'm just gonna it's gonna blow right through just one royals dropped the finale against Cleveland three to the final day job he did make his return to the rotation and it was very five innings of one hit. Two runs only one of those runs for our. On the strikeout aids by the way that it was a home run royals their final day off of the season and ninth. If Baghdad it. My new job. As vaginal birth tomorrow yeah. They definitely isn't it an hour royals are currently. Five games back of the Minnesota Twins. The LA angels two games back of that factor how are fun to figure out if you fifteen seconds to positive we spend with mormons. Twins played a series against the Yankees lost two or three groups of flu season the White Sox in the they said go look opponents less than we did DO White Sox beat slippery. But yeah. Aid on them at an old lady saying that Ayers and let's legacy is warmer out for a month and I'd much to affect us where does this. We're done. He does it meant being this in the in the first off. There. Thanks liquidate. Forever ever this guy's not a great weekend for the local schools Kansas lost on the rose two feet. Ohio bobcats did say that about all the Ohio's schools of just the Ohio State. Joost deal I'm mistaken about the Ohio bobcats 4230 feet by canceled for a peasants stadium always a tough place to win those schools if David Beatty are past their case date if Thelma are all well. Fourteen to seven advantage take you state and the zoo got that pass just. Birdied five to three by Purdue sadly the fine people of for a field as a witness that so. Just one home loss the street and equitable debt. Zoran lost old man I mean they were favored by seven points to relax you know liberal Crawford knows it over two and half she the crowd was very good look like rams game. Every Tuesday at the scene this is bad and people are born the games in your given that product. In his image the top 46 guys who loses data Missouri one has committed to Missouri there's a nod to medals. Why would you go. But if you wanna be a quarterback. Made it. The ripple effects of both what they keep getting money to keep those anonymous donors from Kansas City given that weight room facilities at all this is old stuff. These are just free money if you believe in the program meant very Odom. If we think the money crosses they can watch that game. Big it was big. Big it was big to have a guy called this place is he still there are. Would dump right. I don't wanna be and we're done with these six days or six back I brought you by the red door real good locations for outside. And we were because it was so hot college football on that coming up next. What this in Iraq War from the NFL network what does he think of the AFC. West. We talked to Ian that's. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. I thank you Stacy liquid that got us here on sixty as we dosage of sports town. We lied to crack jokes. On this show but that got us on the hotline greatly eased in the breaking news. It until their worked in and filled that count rap sheet. On Twitter for all your latest information. On the National Football League Ian the chiefs of course a great performance the talk in the National Football League it's patriots. Did they do would have to back it up in the encore performance against the Eagles this weekend. Yes I think so and great game I mean it was a very very tough to leave between lights and cartoons. Pretty good team. You know it's. Sure remains to be seen whether it's kind of fallen the apple make the team that little. You know will be there right there at the quarterback. He senses getting. Offensive line looked it issues that they got talent different places to people's. Which means to me that she shouldn't be it and now I'm not sure. You know people agencies and talked about it can be upset but it won't see. No that didn't quarterback and young quarterback and all that well coached some great. Right back after the riding accident date it is effective immediately down. To a team in probably the best position football. Ian how much it also something. Said and our dog I made this statement and I'm not trying to save yours say that. Kareem line is the next Ezekiel Elliott but when I look at both guys' games I think that there are some similarities. In terms of the you know all the odd extra yardage that the -- it after the initial contact. The speed that each guy has the blocking skills and in terms of predict a protecting their quarterbacks. When you look at two remarked how. How do you think that he is right now when word you rank him in terms of some of the running backs in the AFC or in the NFL. That's the great question because you know he just look at you with skills on the actual ads lately he'd. Not the fastest guy in the world there is no vision. By the Arctic. Not like he jumps off he says. The one don't consider your deal you know what you could have. Supremely talented people if there's something or rather. It on and Wright's sister models hit the right way and they can not be successful extensive it just makes it probably more talented and Corey Hart. I'm just having much much much better started she. You know. So whatever and you know I think she does a great job in that position as she is equally offensive line losing its Morse is gonna hurt. O watt confused. You know I think right now greens aren't you just want you to. Young accidentally. Left in the category like two hour difference. Well maybe not quite he can only can only track record is a lot more. That quotes nobody is and what that about one indexes don't dress and I. For you won't want to give me and mean. Once you find success in the late. In the way you conducted at. Ian you mentioned the AFC west. In B degree division we've been talking about his chiefs have two good wins pages and Eagles. The raiders and the jets not a great win but many did what they should to them but they beat the titans on the road with the Broncos the cowboys. Raise some eyebrows around Kansas City because. We're wondering about Trevor Ximian warned about the defense but do you look at the AFC west as the best division in football. Absolutely we'll blow that question that it is that bad charters its still pretty good. Nobody they'd probably. Make it into I don't know that he'll tell lies isn't there. No I don't think the charges and other currencies and they had. Starting out you know I mean so even the bad and I think you rightly suggested that. They also too careful that's like me. You know they've beaten soundly in reforms that. Won't go. You know Cindy and you. Sort of playing nickel it just gave. It development. Is that it continues I think to take the Broncos like. Pretty good potential loss of intentions. Maybe one of the better teams in football but that is their defense is meant so. You know it's gonna be one of those things where someone's probably advocate or else. As much more talent and a much better team than it excellent another division. Docket in rap port from its own network in the follow on Twitter at rap sheet. Com let's get to some of the news you've been breaking year in the last stone walled sometime this morning Jimmy just a short time ago you said that big Beasley is expected to miss about a month and he was apart on a night game last night with the Packers in the stop. Yeah and you know this is sort of an underrated. Injury because it's the only game the way it. Big you know whole bunch of guys tunnel with a couple of its list. You know he's one of the best players sect leader from last year and yeah apparently he missed about a month it is and can have a why should that help so beaten. Three games they fourteen is probably back late October 4. The first team that. He's really he. The front seven you know I think that happens that's just the decay. And you know it's interesting too because he's such a special you question answered what it does he does really well. And losing him. As they try to initial game losing in those states. What is going on in Seattle because I know that they were able to get past the niners yesterday and I didn't see got among ambient transparent I didn't see a look at a game and NC. India via Internet game but. It just seems like Seattle is kind of a team that a lot of people all going into the season could bounce back people concerned about the Marlins. I had not just people. I know they have definitely not a great. I think all of you know like. I don't every year ago the situation where everybody wants to fire Tom cable's offensive. On such. And they look kind of disjointed they talk about civilians and locate. You know their own sort of like yeah they want to let's is that look good and then by the end game world. So cab leave the category people who think they're gonna be absolutely fine. We definitely haven't looked great you know like. Their mean on Sunday will. You know in the fairly open category it's dish or watch Russell as well not great and there aren't that great black. I have. I'm confident that it will be together ticket sales to. One thing you need an all over in. If it's three individual players in one units. I'm talking about the Green Bay Packers wide receiver unit with Randall Cobb Jordy Nelson talk about the situation was Z. In talking about the situation with the bill Beckum. Just really quickly on these three items orbital BJ. Is it wincing and plays he gonna play tonight what's the status of their own. There are adopting the organizing the protest. Situation K you know the world that its war athletes or something. Simply after the ankle sprain and could take six weeks or more that it will fully healthy. But Davies infield it will test but I think there's optimism there. Jordan though it seemed like a major injury. Maybe you could gone back gained just kind of a quad. So it took is giving him more time shall. See that it would you look at it. He has been banged up and you know obviously AA. We're keeping him with something county you know potentially devastating and we. In this is for Zeke feel Eliot toe war what's kind of the latest on him me and. Well just a couple of minutes ago he. Judgment on in Texas federal judges hearing me he really cute just inside the vehicle motion. To get the injunction keeping warm yet thrown. So basically now yet so we'll into the fifth Circuit Court in the field federal court to try. Get Eliot to serve the suspension right. You don't know when backcourt is gonna actually rule. Could be today or tomorrow or. Next Monday. A lot of people back there is no god. All the corpses society of the wind didn't just a suspension right now and they say you know it's it's possible it's considered. This technique as long time as possible to consider them either sensor suspension of that. One final question for you because I think a lot of viewer cannot look at the situation and trying to figure out what's gonna play out. It seems like this Sean Payton bourses Adrian Peterson being that we saw last week. On Monday Night Football a lot you've got to wondering. This agent because of release dated to what the saints do. And you look at the game yesterday and I know it got out of hand and the pacers were up early. And by Al lot like. It doesn't seem like Asian leaders is a great bit beard. DT today and they try to look to move him at some point. Well it's always guarantee does she. More and a personal I don't think it can be able got to know we've got that he was free agent now. Into the job. But I don't know short and I can't imagine a lot of money like I don't perceived need to do with traffic for. Yeah unfortunately unless something quite yet. I just. They did with the endless so yeah hope I'm wrong that that's that's what. And it's not. Yeah it's never for. And you know Putin center the end comes to the dangers. Likely to speed of one that you won't shortly after this is probably the end it turned out it's probably not. He got help. That would Peterson it's not really injury she struggled with its. Maybe catches fire right now it looks like the Packers linebacker Zach happy. Good stuff is always Ian Rapoport in a film that more pitiful dot com rap sheet on Twitter exit to the minute. All the latest injuries in the NFL of course you'd see the latest on big BZQ school outrage he on Twitter thanks audience. That your graph or right there with the leaders. In the National Football League there's some big injuries and Libya Libyan FL in sacks last year beach Morse hobbled but will this unifil. Due to this stuff week in week out the Packers wide receivers. Ever drafted three running backs up real big team. Let's sit you don't have to tell me you damn thing I lost my game a fancy last night because going into Sunday night Obama I was trailing by or points all. Jordy Nelson leaves a gamer. I lose today and Julio Jones though they stopped beaten. Which is who I use your receiver is keeping it out exactly what he. I'm. I did that seats. In week two backed up our thoughts of them in week one get to that that. Including studio sixty and Sports Radio. Just read. I'm good stuff and Ian Rapoport. He joins us each and every Monday it wolf we've seen. But NFL network and if all that time. This segment. We'll give we have thirty Allen trucks and bus ticket like we did last week which could wind you up to fifty. Thousand dollars or a new trucks of your choice. From the Kansas lottery. We see you. Expectations. Or high for the seats. We felt like man. This team to be talked in Super Bowl or looking at the Super Bowl just based off of the week one. In when you when you BP. And the patriots in the fashion it's a bead on. In their stadium. In this season opener. Of course. You're gonna be trained in. In the positive in India in a positive direction everybody's gonna be looked at eight US team. Dabble have somewhat of a target on your back possible I know it's early on only two games in a. What it sees. Got everybody's attention. I think it because of the big game that they had in week one and they got everybody's attention. Philadelphia. They were focused on this day they know with they were in. In Philadelphia came in here at the with a good game plan. I thought that they that they gave it sees everything that they had through three quarters. Ended in the fourth quarter Brinkley. It ceases to get older and they dominate and they finished the end they were the aggressor in the four and they did not. Let their foot off the the title they went ahead and got things done. At arrowhead. I don't know with this. Kelp bed these coaches want to win this game. Richard Peterson beat the mentor he knew this offense extremely will's office or neuter your. Eighty read down 93 instances the coaches and the players even admitted they want to win this game preview Reid is Philadelphia. How much attention in the offseason Philadelphia. Look at past Washington a little bit in the city. Think all teens these attention was focused on teachers. In the off season winning that week one inlet and everything else kind of a they control the last year they had a host of gains would he would back to back weeks last year without scoring in the second half you started Craig's. It would have few goals and some three and six points in different quarters but the scoring touchdowns in the second half. What's up with us for this team at times in outlets and budget we've heard defense core. But they're very in Carolina and a it wasn't just about the office. This year they're doing wonders and have. They're making the adjustments from what's presented to them by the defense I saw first tee in this week Indy Reid's third ran a few screenplays. Because I was wondering what he's gonna try that because given over aggressive that's blindly Philadelphia. Screens draws keep a month the vineyard secondary real quick. Border runs so what kept reminding the secretary quit in them score touched him. Bring your readers may be just. You don't beat village bill check with the halftime lead just hasn't happened. They don't beat him they pound twenty to ten in the second half. Philly when he won the seventeen and they scored touched him of course with eight seconds remaining 2110. In that second they have been dominant. It's been slow going. Their stay aggressive. It was slow going in New England. Started opening up form the second slow going in this game. Second half started opening up they're taken advantage of weaknesses but the other teams are providing in their sport. In I'd love to see that with chief support this year but every team in four quarters it's not about last you just get this nice first half lead did you sit on second half. Coach Bobby and aggressive they've got the you want trust your defense in the second half they won't keep score points. And New York Alex Smith is still trying to work on getting a touchdown instead of setting up field goal which is very positive for the chief. I literally right before that that tell us on a curve. With. With the cream hunt run. We now she's also sublime better wake up being give dream can't roam to SATs. Literally less than three or four minutes after that. They in that getting. The touchdown run from him but I think. Special like to mall east has broken fourteen tackles for new NFL meeting Jamal what exactly getting great blocking up front. He was making linemen looked good it was so fast the typical U go two blocks per second affordable trolls there and I see a little bit of prima. Under empress holes in three half your security Larry Johnson you know we're five Y. Same offensive line he was just to better skilled at running back at that when his career and what priest was at the end of it or Johnson's beginning. I see that with prima he gets the tendency to make an offensive line the better the offensive line was not good in the first set. Alex Smith was sacked four times did it was like Sarah Fisher progress that's being he'd been very good last year. Was very good week one but he regressed a bit this week. And you know with Mick Schwartz not in there in Denzel he's we play in this week. Mean prognosis not great for start this week. Zach Fulton I thought played extremely well he knew about the overlap. Force it emits more secure miss some time. Sell it doesn't sound like he's going to be available now Lee this week but maybe he missed a couple of weeks but you're right those act all. We secure look what it's meant just what stayed on the roster big gore please him because those are stilled him whenever he's called on Eagles and he does stand out is starting center and it felt. And he's that good explain that position. And we just weaves pulling pulling like gore wins the position. To impress voted yesterday he's pretty good easily go when his numbers they called. He steps in the here and he does a fine job and it's not any position that's a quarterback that off at the line. Now all right let's call the number in all the number ten to 913 by some 67610 call number ten there received that a thirty dollar trucks and bus ticket. Which could lead you to winning. 50000. Dollars for a new trucks of your choice from the Kansas lottery all the number 2913 by some 67. Say stand. The next thing we discussed in the course of the national apple ball leaked to be one of the dumbest moves ever get to that next. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Ranges. In blue springs. It's raining is composed that's right claims that. Not brain. Brain sustained break out brain. Ranked the brain and four times and delivering. Advanced a right suspect remains at the boy is back write his name I hope you win burn them. Poor Raymond. And visit us at bay. Us. AB 42 idea think that maybe. The Dallas Cowboys I have to call laws Tony Romo would have come back. Because there was a he had that the phones fiery ring but it that bad deck press got took. He was he was scrambled around he was running around trying to get a first dog can honestly it was all slot to tackle at the same time. Now's Lago man in his leg town again bit back a little bit only hope he's okay. Tony it was fine he was just a bit loose because you know opened they wouldn't the act was was big Tony wouldn't come back. That press asked just leave that cushy job. The worst. Mold any team has made. That's your reports. Would you say that. What are you talking about the San Diego moved to allay. This is nothing short. The be complete in utter failure. By the National Football League. By the chargers. Even the Los angels may. Said they should the state and San Diego know when you hear mayor yet he said it may love when pro teams come to camp. In eighty when they leave likes to bring money they bring revenue. So if that's not a shock here at the mayor's even say in this but the chargers. They played a soccer stadium as we well know. 47000 pat village when he 5000. Viet less the capacity is that she's playing at sport. In his forties but smaller the stadium about 7000 people. Philip Rivers after the game said a lot of war came at the end after the missed field goal by young hello. Yet to see how many dolphins billions. There were. People talk about players were talking about half the Caribbean dolphins fans. Which I think Dalton said he big Southern California contingency. If you think that's bad we do you seal the raiders or chiefs billions. Oh wait we took the raiders. Play analyst assuming were brought visible division. Street and more in charge of the reports he's been through insurers and real readers in other. The chargers fans literally like the raiders still in a way it was a terrible hole by the NFL put this what USC. Had more people. At their games and it the LA coliseum the Marines are. They knew take the combined attendance of the rams and chargers. Two different stadiums still didn't have as much as US CS embers even other game against Texas was great but it wouldn't opt when he matchup. So embarrassing. So bad that for the NFL but they do like football because they showed up for USC they don't shall from brought. Oh like you mentioned the mayor of LA airtalk Garcetti. He. He he he. I think he wanted to have. The NFL back in LA. What he was going to go Klein two of them within the comeback he actually said and stated as much that the NFL need LA. More than LA need the NFL we always. Certain LA law the defense dominated us more than we needed them and we were going to be one of those cities such subsidized stadium and 120 here you know standouts but ultimately. I think people came to their senses and realized we loved football or crazy that football town but we also we're going to Europe. You know wade can do it on our terms because we got important priorities are public tax dollars. You're not crazy about the National Football League ball. If you hit the stadiums just you know it's a good one team out there but the rams are trying to build a theme based cultivated being based. It did the rams would get the new stadium do you think people will show up. Two new state. Maybe in a Gordon calls into a courtroom when the chargers share. There's a passionate people and only to support one team you're asking the sport to its so bad that Kellen Clemens and Philip were restored in San Diego. A they right. Philip Rivers is 200000 dollar and they'll ride free which he made into a film room. And LA it's funny that you say that one is probably a lot better than to the players are embarrassed about playing ballot this what Garcia says. I'm glad to the chargers will build up fan base and it's really a Southern California but. You know I believe and in plays sprung for a long time on team's seventeen staying in the city. For there'll except that's really what makes a great growing up you can root for the people in the teens about wondering if it's just going to be all about business and where somebody can make a few hundred million dollars more so what we embrace anything that comes we're certainly happy to have the charges in LA. Let I think we could have been happy with just want to. Exactly and at. They're not happy. But. They moved in the counteract that and one. Don't wanna play either the players are embarrassed by the feet and the other thing. Unifil need to step up see woody could you Cindy stepped up to OPEC opened bijur. Needed that step up the bills that for the chargers keep my San Diego's little cities that was in the bowl games do. The evils of like that Z you build a stadium that revenue wasn't there. But the only thing I think was in the major yet not steal them in a boat did go ahead in the weighted. There's towns. It's in Tony San Antonio's been warning in NFL team for long time. Now Jerry Jones might be blocked and that if he does wield a lot of power maybe that 13 teams in the state of Texas. The Texas loves football. In moved from the chargers still way. That make available on sets. Natalie let it also proves OC Diego people or drive and Ella. That's a commute you can make the goat meat helps build does it every day. The chargers fans they're passion about the if they chased two hours away and moved chief to Columbia. I think to be as lords percentage of people who still drive in city. Columbia all for striker again it's much easier drug and I Sony Columbia but it is seen Diego to allay a lot more traffic. There are still what a couple hour commute. I'm I'm blown away with the lack of being in sport affected the ball opens. And I have that stadium though not. They'll I'm not old you don't want to even thought I did have filled team without a home. I'm not dull I'm not shot eight. To be honest you're not really that shocked he did took recalled his being reset this the last fatal leaders that it was going to be a mistake anybody because they don't hear enough about it at all in LA. This so many other things to do. Latest dull they bought the lakers and showtime and secure more by USA. They would that game. You still lie. They care more about UCLA. In USC. USC had more tennis in the rams and chargers combined. It does it smells it's a sub bat looked absolutely. It ended the thing now is it's a running joke every weekend now. Like showing pictures or reporters are showing pictures of this Steve's been in. It is it's some massive joke right now what would Phil Cooper who says the last out of working at the end of the miss gogel. Get to see how many do all the champions rather see it compares to political. Didn't want either. He hates it. Twice and San Diego. Removed LA. I can answer quantities are gonna dominate this game by the way this going to be story Monday how many chiefs fans. Filled out that soccer stadium to watch chiefs struck this will be stored on I had a cluster for UN ride it out dueling a little bit too much. All right are we doing too much here. He does like popcorn SO. Pop secret has a new limited addition flavor. The flavor. Is pumpkin spice. No. That's not doing too much. Weight. No and what's that doing too much Ryan over the pumpkin spice pumpkin spice pop secret pop your poison pumpkin Beers is and pumpkins and I mean whatever. You don't have to eat it and I don't understand those who do they have moved blades and everything looks a liability which buys. Now I'm not buying and and pumpkins buys it's disgusting. Thank you knowing it's goodness pumpkin pie cables. Mets even questionable. I don't even like pumpkin beer I know cause they be my next question do you like pumpkin beer or director Ken about it not overly care like on concedes. Like eating the pumpkin seeds spit roasted once it has arm and it. It. Well like it's. He stayed out. I am I'm not immediate comments and questions onto spice popcorn I'm. Stossel opium and by the way they did when they address them in here and Michael re girlfriend moved up at Texas he's lived here. He's on tour and last name that frivolous self Michaels of for the show. He's trying to buy a picture Mali. He got Olivia are. In his charted by the Patrick Holmes Jersey sixty. Thought he lost some weight and maybe gain yeah did you do you also you lost by the way you CNET happily he's not saying oh you've seen this happen around here. He's trying to find homes I told our reporter editor of the fifteen above me concert linebackers maybe tidy and if your three spends. First Jones wait air fish and so it's not only is no this is similar measures you're telling a telling mystery that. He can't go past my home daycare at least three spin it. He can't do that that one fire yeah. I don't discriminate on the the shaking her daddy and. On Tom well yes they hate yelling at us at Jersey I don't know. What they're anglers did Jones or Fisher. Maybe if fault and I'm Miller supporter back and be the one exception to that rule is not an exception. If you're 300 pounds Warner quarterback Jersey you're doing wrong so the only guys it would Wear it illegal to sell jerseys need to are okay Jared Lorenzen Y find you some ice man. There's no shame and learn and their jobs easier in and out here or Brett or Mitch Morse. I would Wear Jarrett or and historically there. Find it Chris Jones and saw him for starters in and all the guys that look like NFL quarterback should Wear NFL quarterback jerseys. 300 pounds in alignment. I mean are just nervous for the 300 pound guy where Anna and I got like 550005. It just as silly don't get a little short scrawny guy where. You think it's funny scene three and into becoming an entirely kills you for somebody as bad as you are you shorter discriminate on the facts you'll stay in meddling too. When it comes jurors who don't by jerseys benefited a steam Elaine. For grow man put it when it notions of fashion you shootaround a lot of opinion this week we. We on the opinions we laugh all you read that. Like it's. It's not stay active pitcher held the government GUMD uses different. I just don't hate on my own people and white trying to drag us as of people ground to help people out now you're trying to. You try to factor you know you can't find it Jersey side. Even played Amy that because it's in such high demand hell. Yeah group. Dumbed it in two minutes. Our weekly chat with Ron to show you glee it's showtime we talked seized. And was his biggest question going into week to answer we get to that in two minutes that sounded at actors. From studio sixty and Sports Radio. Eighty.