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Monday, September 18th

In the final hour of the show, Ron "The SHOW" Hughley joins the guys. Were your biggest questions answered by the Chiefs, are fans tired of Travis Kelce, and the Take 2 Before 2. 


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You'd show. This goes to. Who's on tonight no royals baseball. Dec amount to 6 o'clock. He should get a crack yeah. Rod got ones on the shelves appreciate appreciate it good to be on what you guys are here and every Monday 1 o'clock no sponsor. We have a good time out I was enjoying. A little kind of says I wanna get it to because me and is big cleanup going in about this year's team and just typically take it looks really you can Wear. Any Jersey no matter the size or whatever way you really tell me if you've ever 300 pounds there's no one's Jersey in the NBA you could Wear. Nobody's against Europe's. Fan of the warriors are neither do I. I Jersey continuation I agree with you. Anyway I. I do with it looks a teacher lives even emerge honey it's not it's not like OK out up at about 300 pounds on the wars fan I got a man has the business and Johanna deal that does not know if you're they end. If I'm about 300 pounds a moment from Oakland and I don't get a shirt sweatshirt it just looks on and I opiate a staff curry Jersey is not like I'm going to go Biden steps sci analysts say. Column of okay how are our energy and I think it's funny you do get you guys do ruins while they may different sizes are not just Wear it best let's just. I read it to hide about your time to pick the best I literally just say is that you Wear it in that in the size that you that you. I don't know how many you just to me that I guess you look quick to be looked like a play him. Like Michael Palin who just stiff carried my favorite player. Anchors that are sentiment no 300 pound mansion of Roger's talent he's tied it in the ninety's cowboys line that let me ask you this initiatives. If it doesn't you don't let it if it doesn't. Little bit weird or a little bit all or why we see more. 00000. Big guys wearing small the guys are so bye week what was ranked. But I'd I just wanted it to me what's the difference going to look like if he wears. A big I don't have a problem I have it's just numbers on circuits I don't have a problem stated that I have asked why why it's embarrassing for the individual one I don't think I don't think a ton of people we're basketball jerseys anyway don't. Forget basketball or football or ball. Whenever I mean I go to I mean football you much more for borders but I but I I do you see I do see people. I sit it people in their favorite player's Jersey I've seen plenty of big people. In Jamaal Charles metres east. Counted nearly a belly looked unit Null it's your favorite player it's good that the player whole what do you mean you can't do with a couple. Picture yourself or Roy Miller a pretty low and Peter Fisher let you know he admits Morse you know I feel about rule it but the difference. I wouldn't tell you one bottle. That's ridiculous. Sitting in the pocket and make the injuries and that sized. It didn't sell like Nike elite does so can you so it the year if you're 185 can you not guy. A admits Morse Jersey looks ridiculous now. I'm just anime I like the basketball when is really does and not understanding the me what's the difference of mean having curry thirty on the back of my just don't need we'd take our plan 34 special night sure did this week thanks guys. And they're the saves what are the tips for its of that there's a lot of them look any dip we don't need wings hanging out man. Big adjustment backe and in the biz where it it just looks wit because big numbers represented big guys if I if I thought analogue for my size in Allen baby Jersey you it will probably look a little bit weird. That's all of us. I ascent but but but but link where all the homes went away what you want out would you Wear. You ideas against the biggest home sales at their insurers televised I mean it's to me like I C 58 jerseys for Derrick Thomas out there and most of them girls did. And I and I don't had to forward and I don't think there's any scoop which you went and Derrick Thomas I completely if he was just devastated when I was 250 about DT that it is of benefit to so I got 388 and also it's is that the number it's the player. Then I don't miss it all that's going morning with a player are more size of an X. Out and all of this and not Allah is a big guy with the with the with the high number of safe for me if I tried to walk you liked it I look a little bit. So like even if it's at my sides. Like Derrick Thomas and aunt and Tom bodily around the same sides Tom Edwards ninety's. And ninety numbered as you so what like Derrick Thomas and Tom the around the same size they are played around the same sounds like that's what the number of plays a party and send their wares at ninety's are made and Tom were denied visa that does that look we're bored disc doesn't. The player does he wears a ninety's that the dislike Allen Bailey was it. Then I got it. It's about what that in terms of the numbers the numbers represent what. What do the numbers represent smaller numbers represent what. Skill skill position players. Make it tipping cal had peace with the numbers took the linemen and receivers I mean do you understand that I. Stan yeah but but what does that do with the thing and buying managers in the way it looks. But what does that add to that. Of the Mahan by the Jersey the way it looks what does that that ability and he's also making a claim it into different. And stick with it. And alas they are yeah as a dumping elders I understand seventeen I voted eight hours and hours of for receivers that eighties it is receivers. No enrollment and big ruling. What analysts will be police trying to tell you was at number one to me how we view I'd re due due due where everybody held he'll want aren't you you you got some money. But there is a psychology to would go to the people just don't walk. Number unless that number is gonna look right on the people don't mean they think like that. You don't kill people though. I'd be surprised that the majority of people when they walk into the and they say. Instead of beginning the player that I like the most. Got to look at that and say all this let this play it all looks good on any debt they don't mess and they're not again not just say that. There's anything that I'd be surprised the jury to people they say that that. Able to go on between those text up out of the ones that I obeying his joking otherwise he's a jerk no he's not joking. This is legitimately Howard. I was belong to disease. What was your biggest question heading into Sunday and was at its. I think the biggest question. I guess too did the two biggest questions was how what Alex play again doubles the one that I and it again with a really good defense does his defense was better then at least the front seven was better than New England. And then how would the second theory. Play in the defense overall played without Eric Berry and. And what was big was the answer to my mind was what was Alex Smith going to maintain that high level production basically is answer the question was is just in Newsome back. And you said it was it was out. Yeah I dissect out Alex and then I want to see how the secondary will play without beer this week this will be the first game without periods the other. And I think both of whom. Did well like I said are so last week we talked about we don't need Alex to be the 364. Touched him. But we saw last year and you know before yesterday's game we saw last year. The cowboys were extremely successful with decked Prescott up playing the way and if Alex could just be like deck press guy. You know. Not make mistakes like he always does but pick in two spots when he makes big plays or make big throws. And he did it eaten for 250 attacks down. And I think he made a Dick the world Conley down the field. Even his incomplete pass is his miss the road to to Tyreke deal that kind of stuff Steele opens up the defense that doesn't just make people display. So I thought he looked good. Good enough. And did I thought the secondary I was really happy a day of sorts and build a really well Emery Murray. It appeared with in game. Mary improved played a pregnant but the first quarter to the fourth quarter sorts until you saw him get better especially better coverage in you can just see okay. I talk about this on the post game with Murray back there Parker swords then. You can see okay as the year goes on you're gonna miss Eric. But I think they'll be good and they'll be fine back there. Because Murray and sources are only going to get better as the season goes and if you read it as it is today more say there's missiles on a plate is thirty now. You know I did a bit as they did that mr. Byrd early but showed it showed up with he recovered tied in early in the game. But like we saw from the safety group but I do it did better I do feel better about my nine. My theory is. You know I. If I had we talked about is let's if I had to pick if we looked at our Pro Bowl players in this might hit the years Rhonda some people. But it looked at all the guys on the team that could be all Perot or pretty Pro Bowl tight. That's you know Tyreke killed and they Kelsey and Justin Houston almost. I think it I had to pick who I had to choose if I had to lose one. It probably be there gentlemen your beard because the position they play it yesterday. You know they gave up a late touchdown that gave up thirteen points first half three points with Eric Berry missy and and he said they'd miss them and they still only gave up three points in the first half to. A team like. The Eagles and in Carson went to play. How will say this though I I agree with you in from the standpoint that you save it. More Murray in murder of more on source in the gonna get better yeah. They should you bet that's expect to win any play it doesn't need to be consistent from week to week. Not a does that mean that it gives us a bit about it that I mean just there's not going to be aired bears out now and I'm not even attract please edit and ended to have back to what S but if I had the. Have via person missing from a position. For sure all our approach like a man even this like I think. He played he played rough yesterday but I think Erik Fisher as it used to be a probable this year. If the cheese lives Erik Fisher to mean that's that's. A bigger hurt in his life and very rare but let's put this way here Barry did win two games from last year. And so. We knew we do it with a major part don't you don't want to yeah he was that if it's done and I don't markets I think markets Peters it's on the to do with the Caroline OK but obviously I had him. I didn't say. It was a no Jerry I buried was the difference when 106 home for. People what's left he was it went part of it yeah he was I think he was second in the league behind Mac is defensive players the like I mean we say they want to get a mean Albert Wilson's. Punt return in Atlanta it was huge. I mean they're there was some there was some big plays and also occurred but yet he was a huge part in those two games and not just those two games other games all year. I've just saying the position. With that she's at the position it's in terms of importance to winning we sought out they're eight or toll. They gave up forty points really thirteen. To a team. You can score and they edit also turnover battle like but there's also this that the YouTube most positioning unifil the ones who holds. There's been more. Fourth team all proceed feasible and superbly in any other analysts that this let's run down those safeties and let's run them quarterbacks. It reader. Joins. Important note at what he went on to plug on it and I know he was a lot of politics anyway what I went on the one was between him repeatedly breaking news on the Blackberry us out it was a political team that won the Super Bowl MVP. The regular hasn't moved over. Yeah right that was that the city having Kim hearing last. On that team. Troy it was like what's insert royal family unit tripled probably put my instigated and it did. You know that Earl Thomas treated Earl Bradley is Russell to. Rugged husband or running animals and it's those Joseph Montana I just say every time every time you say a safety just what to say the quarterback club it. At five billion and that's and it's not important at this it's not as important way. Are we making too much of a deal are big of a deal out of this Travis Kelsey bone yes CDs. Situation I'm ready we addressed a packed. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. I thank you Jason's leg big hotel Steve and Rhonda shows you can check out line tonight show. Don't put up at 6 o'clock to. Fine yesterday there was some. They were stained sand looks elect travel still see him. Did in terms of Bob picking up another penalty. On the year in a building with one I'm like whatever the terms of that whole ordeal. Because it was somebody's retaliated. Yet yes Sosa I. I did the frustration with that. Like yesterday in terms of bomb. The penalty yesterday. I think a lot just in Sydney and Kelsey. Grew up. Don't do things double negatively. Affect your team those worst and it. Right. I am in the camp Ted. What he does. For the team in terms the plays that makes. It out ways. Where he gets penalties. But. Wanted to sit here who the penalties. He needs to mature he needs to rule. And the reason why I am going to hold status tells accountable. Is because. S.'s own worse he said that he said going into the year that he was going to be equal leader. He was too mature. Old that he had that your soul. All accountable because the citadel itself down. It because they'll want him to the city ones. Hmmm I feel like I need to be a little more accountable in terms of in the locker room and lesbian being a leader on notice that we got a real young team and office on the ball. And we you a lot of leadership. To kind of how to hone in the fund that we have you know so it's. It's a little more accountability I put on myself to to be there forever wedding and they should they're always doing the right things and in the professionals. That's his own words to me a sign of maturity. It is. We you make the mistake is hereby make the mistake before some point I'll make them all the time. All week when he makes a mistake if he gets a penalty. And his colts don't like it is cold calls amount. When you add to the post game locker room. And asked about it. To be accountable for don't Duckett DOS sequestered now for posting you guys played audio and what does he do. He told what auriemma he's out every day address the question. Moment they'll don't do that does. A better than and I was not a fan of them out and like I ducked the question. Just addressed a question I think I think this is a real deep. Thing with this there's so there's so much with this kills the thing that enters that is so interesting to me. And I think. I guess well go with a here is. Kelsey. Is like a. Bad fit. For. This city in this region. And the way SA that is if you look at how he is and how he acts this personality in the and you look at the personality and the Kansas City. If you've been here for a short time you've been your whole life like the Kansas City is. Its roots of the mid western values. The hard working we work caller we put our launch pill on we do all of this and they are there. That's guilty how. I mean straight I mean he eats what he does its act since he he's Hollywood and when you mess those missed those together. I think a lot of people here will look at that and be like. Who does he think he is that's not how we yet tiered that's not how we wanna be represented here and I 'cause I look at you look at Travis skills and if he was in a bigger market. Or another place. I think he would be beloved. I think at Oakland and the Bay Area when they say drained nine. People hate ray mine is targeting this stoppage ray mine it's a great month. Asinine things like people called in yesterday saying to rave at saint Travis it sits. There they said it strands are hurt other sports people around here say he needs to be taught a lesson they shouldn't throw him the ball and just make them blocked that's Assam. Oakland and the Bay Area say. Ray mugs a jerk but he's larger. In Boston. Brooke Brooke counts he does dumb things you know I know he's always injured people say does this get those penalties and he's always injured I think part of it has deprived of that and take care of his body. As well as he probably say in the off season. But he's there a hole. And at an aunt and I think. Our values here are different than what it is beyond that I think the ones that there's a part of it I think it is of people that could be I'm not gonna. Dispute. All all. Who opened in Minneapolis. We had a pretty big star by the name Randy Moss eighty to do definitely want it in to deal is started affecting. The on the field stuff in him with his teammates like Matt orcas and so did Mikey. Did he had the right now know that's so it's the what does it. I don't think it's at their compares it appeared the Golden State Warriors where he's not the top doll is winning championships. England patriots we're. Where are on there when he said. It's to office. I'm not I'm not comparing the champions department on comparing how. The city's. About how the people of this than those city that's part of him part of one being able to do what he does is because he's got wings as. But as I still think even if that she's had won a super oval I don't think he would be I don't I think they would look at them like this he's not embraced and bigger sit. Detroit I don't think people were saying oh we hate Bill Lynn beer and did as Robin. They embraced that that are a whole they embrace anyone even needs him even in Philly they embrace deal. They embrace these are able and winning tickets it like I think it Ers in its eighth they embraced them until just to it that she it was an effective team. They at like eight holes and number 20. What the dominant thing that was a meet and but I don't think I don't think Travis is doing that's the but I just I just think it's it's different bigger markets. Boston aided in in New York. You know when it's championship would do about Charles Oakley Charles at least to do things detrimental to the team. I loved Charles Oakley they embrace him. Why is this. I think we have a months and I think Minneapolis is a little different in the minds here like I think a lot of people here at the mines and more wind than they do. Minneapolis or Saint Louis or Kansas City and I think our minds it is even more. Lunch but I'm not trying to talk down upon anybody all it takes a look more credit to be announced that I mean I'm I'm trying to talk good but we don't have a bigger city mine's just think about other players that are jerks in those markets. They they embrace them. They'll like maybe this is our we got people here called talk about dress codes and he's been bits to go to any extreme these to take a seat I've hit it dude did you read did you seize on the stump on Twitter that was said about that appeals to. I mean awful stuff sees it as all these helpful or you don't know Ali he is with ball and he does need to clean up but I like. I I just find that up part of it has to do with. Him being here the way people acted towards Ventura this ultimately. Irrelevant to the same way if he was at other places he would be. Well because he'll even in Cleveland. Albert bell used to do crazy stuff they love their own Albert bell these larger. But like you you don't you don't see it Toronto with. Julie Bennett saint thing that once hippies if they embrace them in bigger cities exist is this different ethnic part of it is. Yeah I'm coming you're like the perfect person to be here Larry FitzGerald you know Larry whether it's stale. This place would love it's similar to steal because he gave it right now he fits right into. How people act here and I think that is a bit more when you say look. The way that Travis Kelsey so Hollywood that's not what we're used to I mean what is the player that we've ever had it's been Hollywood like. I mean look at the cowboys they've had. It seemed like 1522. Of them right now on T we'd never really had got this it's Hollywood like that it adds amid. This time. Honestly I was at the meltdown game all the penalties and interest in it mailed them but he's he's now I mean he would love it and really quick it promises do you know. That's. To hit someone's gonna monetize Enron gonna lose 22 a lot of divorcing more right or Donovan earth. Plenty of people dislike George Donovan her up when you people so they need to be sent Omaha because some of the antics that he had all and his team didn't have his back. And what analysts say this and I. This might sound insensitive. We often remember people invest much in much much kinder than we did in life so it's not for a second say. That boy is criticism at least thirty patches with lobbed our guy here Kenzie. I'm not saying he didn't laden before he died B is certainly had a yeah a little more outpouring of love after. And us have seen and Dwayne Bowe and I've seen and LJ. Those guys like those guys. To wane with the clothes the way both the closest thing we've had to Hollywood. The closest they but he and it paid me I'm going to go on TV show grabbing fifty women Hollywood like Travis Kelsey. Like DA he's not like this in your room I don't work through ten of those by the execute. Do you realize how many players in the league duped Travis guilty the Seattle Seahawks like. Nine of them. The cowboys that's it had like two bubbled. Like this is this is not uncommon to have guys like this on teams. But like in this market. I think the met the match up with Travis guilty in his personality with the way people think here. People what are the whole of the beloved athletes here George written many runs out every play. And Eric Hosmer he won't say anything to the media. Brad banks in your Donald into. And there's Kelsey. People here loved. Evident there there was some there was some people there was of people for support out of the fifth outfielder. There was a bit on Madison people that love and there are some people for fifth outfielder that we would seek other conversations. With a very close source. Due to arrive Dyson who can tell you differently. I mean I just think that's a peak that's a big part of it is the way these this city would react to some like to. Certainly certainly there's nothing I'm gonna debate with you ball. Certain cities like these sort of tied for now I'm there's no doubt about that you think rod Rodman used to do stuff Robyn used to come to games and be like how can that (%expletive) off somebody. They loved he was there a guy in Chicago and Detroit. It was their gap. Yup I tell you will not take some calls on this and not 135 some 676 in that. As well zeile got to get into a couple days of RC doubtful ball Ortega phone calls next. Sixty in sports. There on the French yet I'm. I'm. Missing the Muslim isn't. Tennessee must have missed a close up Tennessee must miss. I'd ask. This is like a box themselves in the year round on six is not what applies to 676 into wanna. We have on this I still see. Top seed or disable thomas'. That I was this thing about by the way below to listen to some of Jason Witten woman witnessed him miss it. He needs to discuss them. Jason I would. I'm. Men that is where I've I think I'm a staple in and I assume and I know we did good but you need to go have a conversation with its midtown and become models. But now that you've. If you miss the others this Travis hills to think this is really interesting in this is more important that I thought it was just like Trent skills seem to me. His personality is really a bad match. In this city. And I think if we were in a bigger city. He he would be more beloved I mean he's the perfect combination. He's. He's a guy that. Is really really good actually the second best player his position we saw him yesterday just. Jumped from the five people try to argue with us yesterday that was from the two of the three who has now what young western repeated off the wrong foot. He jumped for the five and I mean he could do amazing things AM. He plays with this crazy passion and does the same thing. That you would duet home. You're talking about you people or we see that Tex in the called you give us. You're asked Libby get fifteen yard penalties all the time that you were playing football with the past so these shows that type of cash to. You would think like he would be embraced by Dennis Rodman's weren't Chelsea's embraced. Not from yesterday. Not from yesterday and not were all time a 100%. Disagree if you disagree I'm proud. Chelsea is I think low but he's been here don't they don't so this X man. Be a good player and an 88 and walked to the sideline. I'm an I'm not just Peters is that damn good player Willie Kemp hit a ball and he's saying he's embrace. All the in Spain does he embrace you can beat you can be a good player and not do dumb stuff he's bottom line. I'm not saying the fans are wrong about it OK I'm not saying the fans are wrong about it yes I can understand why fans are ticked off about what he does. And market speeders. But I don't think they're fully embrace you can't go through and read all the stuff that fans were saying about him yesterday and people calling in saying that he should be instant text and in that same. They're done with didn't just like accuse. No he's not embrace like I would think in other places like ray migraine is in raced. In the Bay Area okay and he's there and he's that have a guy who plays with that type of passion and I just think part of it is because. The people in the midwest mindset is we work hard you know we don't. Do stuff out of line you do your job you shut the hell up in gold at the bit to do your job that that's what we do that's how your race. And that's fine I'm just saying the Mets in the match of that if he's Hollywood and we're not used to that and we UMass and gather up in the midwest to Arctic. And I and I'm used to it straight cash I hear you and I think many have was little different didn't Kansas City my knee in many at my city probably closer to Chicago mindset and were probably closer to the mowing and I'm sorry to hear that I'm not saying everybody I'm sorry to say that us and everybody but I think that's the mindset. With people calling to complain we don't wanna downtown stadium because of one race streets okay. Like every city in America that's the mindset that we had his deal on seniors collected the game. The camera always tell me tell you and I gotta give. Think the real out of the children who believe go to good 100 men want Carter kid wanna just look just like I don't eagle sorry that's right what Doug where it will play. I love that people out that you there're a lot of people from grown up here my whole life don't like it. This we put we as station earlier. Off the quote from bill moss beat they're getting tired of the act cool moss and the fans towards Travis hills is antiques would you agree tease fans but every two you just a couple of the responses the widget to Jimmie here. Com. On the on the phone yours says on this and bring it a 100% art and antiques lady keeps making big plays it's worth living. That's socialists out like that that hurts the fans don't get there there are people you didn't. Never asked me and stupid. How many also dolls did Tony he did his three or just say end. Odd to some Ryan. Is a diesel cost us a game from zero no I'd love LC brings the fun. And in the final when I'll read here off of from lobby to war time. He is the definition of doing too much you're not a cool blood. And in this in Ramallah outscored roles while I love Travis Chelsea. In the big plays always seem to make up toward the damp track is Tommy controlled emotion on the deal and what role rules will just said is where I'm at. Love the plays he makes man this relaxing a solemn. Yeah an aunt and not out endless. I don't I don't think anything and she did beat there are wrong for how they feel. All right I can understand he's got a penalty of three straight games the last three games he's played he's got a personal foul penalty. I get it I just make up part of it has to do with. The way people are here and how the minds isn't having someone who's Hollywood likes this figure status a Kansas City problem or not Travis tells rock I'm not saying I was clarified no I'm saying that the issue is out a lot of the reason why I think the reaction is from the fan base but you've read some good it was but. But there's some that I read last night on all a Twitter in a close immediate that I can't read on the OK and I think a part of it is the way people are here in this city and you can see with other players that have been similar to. Ike. Yeah I brought that up like I brought up that dream on green and an up. Brought up other players and we saw how people before he passed iso one understated do you think that your Donovan tour wasn't beloved here. OK let's let's condom which remember. A little bit before that. Let's go to Jimmy we'll sub Jimmy. Yeah hey we talk about. It's. Got. I'm not you know Kelsey we need the intensity cheap. You know we had a double team and that was you know the excitement that did everybody wants. Talk bad about it well you know. We need jobs on this team that we don't hear it and. It got out here more anyway indict him out in the city. You know it's time for to have excitement that there over Kansas City. All right I think there's a phone call he's entitled to feel that way but that there could be other. LA this too much I did it and I'd just say and the reason that that. I can see as a theory of that is. Hollywood. In Kansas city's moral race thinking. I don't mind Hollywood not on my. But penalties aren't entertain. I mean they are no but no I hear you but it is also I think it depends on how it is like. I think he's to me very much like ray mine a guy that's not coming in to try to get under people's skin like I did it from governor bill Libya would. I think he literally is so passionate. While he plays anyplace on such image that at any point Travis just like ray market slide off the edge and he feels horrible after it happened like you know that I think this is different from. Other cases like this and Travis Kelsey Mike overtook the bits adults of tray. But that doesn't really fitted to the levels of how we go about doing things the. A real quick bomb. In an ethical perspective and in regards Travis tells. I want to ask you something and you follow house global. Who had the worst week in a ball preschools. Was that was story was a case state or Kansas. To me at caves not even in the same equation when Missouri and in case. It's hard it's hard to be because I can't on the Kansas may at so that was his awful. But Missouri is this they teach you to can I can't believe it added there is a terrible time period but couldn't. Let everything that he wasn't supposed to win to gain and he urged kids out to me dunes nobody went to the game. Well you've got fans of the game. That was embarrassing yeah it was LA rams the rams asking charger this that that was your nobody does that negate that bears that they have to bid to get the pulse south and so facility the ads are given money. Humans are expected a bit with the bat the back is championships in its were there at this point but I don't know if there's words that the laws bullet. It's how they did it three. Like. Haven't they haven't stopped sold this year but a lot of them that could score one of the worst place in history they score three point that was that the part that they caught me off the right. In the money cross. We figured this act the defense will get all in the I don't know I know Clinton bow incident shouldn't got fired. Up about four years ago Kansas. You've got to make some progress in year three you lost the Mac. Teams back to back week to week somebody needs at least Ohio was picked first in the Mac west central Michigan picked fifth. In bodily Purdue over under would have wins this year. Once thought very highly beginning this year Jeff Brohm passed the. I set up so the nice and he does. And six worrying and I saw everyone at 6 o'clock or nine. As there are will be the cement. I just final signal got to take two before to the body here on the basis. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. I am. My final exit dates like dangerous house yeah it was interesting Angel. To the sort of Chelsea's first. Conversation. And why and has lived here. It's soul lies. You've lived here your whole life. Why did go to talents elsewhere a little while but still he's he's. He's been sitting in line as well. Hollywood players it is. Being here in case. 088. In his charm or his fuel Hollywood. All who would you say has been Hollywood that has performed. Intensity thing. Hollywood as in light you know liked it liked like their big deal. It just makes me they mean Hosmer and really Hollywood. Guys who convinced that everything Emmys he's been a guy that's been Hollywood. Really considered Travis he'll see them at Hollywood just about. That the Pope porous and they loved her no no no he's Hollywood but to meet us in the issue the issue with somebody beat holly or somebody being entertaining. Or somebody being a big name with a target on the back. What does that have to do penalties don't racked up seats. I saw if if if this is the Tate. Eager to tell C span which I am it did take is because he's entertaining because he's good player. Because he's hot will it Bessie to excuse for getting penalties on the say that's a bad excuse big Hollywood doesn't give you an excuse to get him. This doesn't Joseph Montana Marcus Allen Beck and. The midtown. You don't get the spotlight he had no line is and that that best I mean I'm Sears. Big finish I was tells me he has no one's. The aren't the only articles in the ST today to. Our chief. Yesterday when they needed his wrist last week could they have an on court. If they back up what they did New England was that a realistic they needed it was a tomorrow. In giving it back in the opening of Philadelphia scored let's go with eight seconds left the heat it up a little bit 47 when he. But to me the chiefs did dominate their gains in the second half what. Our staff but it's what they're doing in the second half an exceedingly make adjustments last year's host the games. Didn't score points the second half bad effect it would straight weeks. Without scoring points in the second half will be seen. This year it's much different when he hit a New England when he won seventeen. Against these. It's very different he's making the adjustment he has to do it to me eating greens and the change guy he's wont to do the gadget plays he's since been doing this last couple years. Spice things up gruesome that have a normal like like he did with the trapped LC and its shovel pass yesterday. He just thinks outside the box and I like what you need is doing. And as far as the local. It couldn't get any worse for Kansas or Missouri. Fourteens as it's about chickens that he would be debating you would hope in your career he got a you want in your through the year when he was both short she's in people difference. If they've had a great recruiting class of request that we've been signed yet you recruiting class portable. We Vienna it's now Wednesday. Most kids wanna see some formal progress. Routine move forward from losing back to back weeks in the Mac that's got to be real concerned. And as far as burials of sorry your old one the vision he division one in a state that side. You've got to produce man battle that you lock on the board in the top 46 kids on 24 sevenths for only one is committed to Missouri. Back to his biggest problem in the two elected they entered the game those are two major problem. For programs right move forward if what foods are gonna commit. If there's nobody could game. Always wonder what we do in the onboard and it looked like. In that he hit the ball this outlets say emphatically that the on or look pretty good for the game city chiefs. We didn't see any natural progression. Necessarily with Alan Smith hit Alex Smith plates at the low. That he played in week one bill needed. And the reason why I was because that in itself overall all but the line was good too as was and we want. But Alex Smith got the job done. And to me like I said before and stated last week you know we'll continue to state this is not necessarily office that's when it comes Alex Smith it's how he's playing the position. Yet again. Win now and played quarterback position was parked right in terms or the deep ball and making plays with his legs. This past Sunday and that is the reason why I think this team. It took them on when we do get a pretty good job. A second take ask you what just. Maybe the emerging star that is three months. I know that I made the comment earlier that went on the on the national football amid compares between him and Ezekiel held. And on the same day he's fallen seeks wobble quite yet. But I do see some similarities. In regards to their game. Just like Ezekiel Elliott. Three months an extremely strong running back. As and a bill that he gained extra yardage after contact as breakaway speed when need. Well to catch the ball out of the backfield bulk rate in terms of blocking for the quarterback. Terrain behind. In my opinion it's not a stretch to already consider cream on the second best running back. In the UC. Behind Lady Gaga. And if that is indeed the case. Looking at the future for basketball home. It Kansas City sees it just double B is it possible these Super Bowl. Yeah. Or maybe they could be supported as Al Smith. Woolsey Boston. Thanks to Ian Rapoport and in a phone networks that got the full interview the pocket basically is forced down. And base in the 1 o'clock hour to Rhonda they show you. The drive they're coming up next year six there's Sports Radio six and sports but I got. I am they've been there.