09/13 - Who's Fault?

The Drive
Thursday, September 13th

We give you three options; who do you take? 


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Say we put a poll out. It's what's been the biggest reason for why that she's so lost the last three games against the Pittsburgh Steelers. We had Alex Smith. Tomlin over read and lay beyond bell we had almost 4000 people multiple. Lady bell head 67%. As the biggest reason why the chiefs have been unable to beat the Steelers. Over the last three games. Now lately bill has certainly been a problem for the chiefs. Oh what I think should cause you to be optimistic as the chief Spain is. Your offense has not done enough but I you when it comes a lady on belt and again that she's had not done a good job and stopping Libyan rebel. But the chiefs and their last five games against the Pittsburgh Steelers are averaging fifteen point six points per game. You're offense is not giving you a chance to win these kind of games when I think what's happening with the Pittsburgh Steelers it is. I think that Tom and his coaching staff noticed while ago. Alex Smith is not somebody's gonna beat you down the field. And you gotta have the personnel really the match up with that she saw all with what she's defensively. And Pittsburgh with the linebackers and a speed they're one of the few teams that came at the chiefs were averaging 32 points. Per game coming into the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers scored or. Seen in the last matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers for what ever reason that the chiefs just do not match up well against the Steelers pull your hope that she status. Outlook the old and with the new Alex Smith couldn't beat the Steelers at least it did appear that way maybe Patrick Holmes king. I've voter you pull this. I did and I and I voted for Libya bell and here's why your right to ever score enough points and I can argue that. But Lady Antebellum for games against the Kansas City Chiefs. Has rushed for 507 yah it's. That is the most. Any non divisional team that he's faced he's faced the Baltimore Ravens nine times rush for seven wanting. The bagel seven times rushed for six to end the browns six times and rushed for 539. He rushed for 507. Yards against the Kansas City Chiefs but it's not really close at any other non divisional team in the NF well. Support it cracks me. All the changes. 272 against the patriots he's faced them three times. Titans. 215. Faced them twice. Owns the chiefs it's true it comes down to and the sellers like cheese drug addictions Xavier course. And you've got it feels like I gotta be able stop him got a real shot Derek entry. Don't that they. You know I stop a sudden taking up. But I think that's the biggest reason why because when you run the ball. And so frustrating when when they can Wear you down and run the ball late on bell. Like Ty retailers such unique skill set re so patient bounces around on line until it finds all I think. I think he's lost back and it's part of it and find the guy he picks is old and he's gone on the kick Adam. So I've remains lady and a. Tex on six countries are six that you guys sent often tonight Alice maybe is a different boat the reason I think it's Alex and not the offenses. Do many of you want to change coaches. LSU tickets at offensive thing that Tom is disappearing any reading he's the reason which are often held back against the Pittsburgh Steelers that you like the architect of the often it's a singer and I'm here Mitchell Schwartz talked about his all into an all this creative stuff in. Hey we got the perfect guy to develop our quarterbacks that we don't think it's the coach now. Nolan thinks it's the running back Nolan thinks it's arguably the best offensive weapon in the NFL in Tyree till nobody thinks that the tide in. We think it is. Xbox he coached the defense it's the quarterback position I'm in there's a reason why they went out deductible homes after they lost the Pittsburgh. I think they looked at that film and I think they saw at. But kind of offense that they had in the piece is that they have on their team and I think they look and saw who was running the office and they said we can't keep doing it. So that's why I've been hit sand is all week I'll continue to say I think the chiefs look at their roster at the Steelers game and they realize they've hit their head on the ceiling. That being that number to see Nancy and having a whole night playoff game was not enough. But their offense and in what disorganization in do they could not do enough. To beat the Pittsburgh Steelers they had to try something different so that's why they try to. That's why they went out there and got Alex Smith is moments excellence says he got you'll see the core relation to shoes to ignored yards and time of possession keep the softens up a few of our. I'm not saying again Dell hasn't been a park. But I'm telling you. That the chiefs' offense if you look at what they've done against the Steelers over the last. Three times they've played them they've been a bottom three profits in the NFL. It's not like the chiefs' only played one team a year that can run the football Libya about the only good running back the plate. The quicker running backs that they exist in the NFL there's one team that seems to know something defensively. And how to scheme against the chiefs and figured out. It's a Pittsburgh Steelers at some point it. Firmly at the quarterback position we talk about the quarterback Winstar your quarterback's gotta your quarterback's got to carry a lot of when your scoreless and sixteen points a game. Whenever your stolen 42 points a game coming into last year's matchup with the Steelers and then you scored thirteen and a home game at arrowhead and if you remember Alex those that interception late night game. Doubling the quarterback and now to our defense has done enough to win these games last year with the same lady I'm bill that was scored nineteen points at arrowhead. Any team that comes an airline is worth less than our it and it is -- Weston why won't this offense usually when that game I don't care if the patriots I don't care is the rams I don't care is the Eagles if you can hold a team under 21 airline at with your home field advantage your offense you gotta win that game they did last year against this view. Well the partly the Steelers defense a lot of credit to right it's not just on Alex and edited it he regularly shut down. And it I would back Alley to the last three games I threw the one out there it in October of of 2016 because the chiefs were down 36 now than. To get we pay attention number looks let's look at the June 2017. Let's start with a lot on October 15 chiefs rushed for twenty arsenic. There are three for eleven on third down Kelsey four catches till five catches Karine ring of nine nine times for 21 yards it twenty yards running the football. That's not an out Smith. It is Johnson but you could say. That the Steelers with their spiel linebacker has changed no I Shays or do you play that game no James Ayers and yet they know we know. Payment seven guys robots put eight guys and a boxed in. Dare Alex Smith was just beat you down the field to do that now I'm so it. But let's say not saying is let's see I had seen at home go against the team that I think has the tools to shut him out of well Denver that our timber at least in the game didn't capitol's dome didn't play everybody the chargers are we talking about the charter I'm talking about we all have crowned this offense while the five best offense in the NFL. Yeah they don't agree with you on that. Should look at these games there are some there are some similarities don't at Ole quarterback. Hillary had for 61 yards that play hockey in the ice ball the eyes in the apple postponed till the night. You know they are gonna third thanking me either but the Steelers in both those gains. In the playoff game in the game and October of last year old Kelsey and hill in check. Both times so that's why I say go ahead this game it's about figured out a way. To keep Kelsey Hill in Korea in check lets you think you do for guys because and it watches the new. And the hole is the new guy and he's the other offensive expect an exit Watkins is gonna be the X-Factor in this game wants. I think this is sand based on that you go to Sammy news. We're locked in on you'd you'd. It's your time they're gonna pay held a lot of attention Kelsey Hill because it's all that's what they always do and a whole lot run the football against these guys that day sure day. Can't they think they've proved they can shut down three guys in the shut down for. You and I I just look at this team is maybe that she's are not as good and when he eighteen as they were last year without Smith. I think they are better equipped to beat Pittsburgh with taxable homes at work like last week they wind announcement is their quarterback in my opinion big win week seventeen last year with outs that is our quarterback and sent back from home this is the one game I don't think they go on the road and went. Pittsburgh announcement is their quarterback yeah they gave me no reason to think that even heads Lockett that we just take out one part and we substitute outs and a professional home. I don't think they win this week. I think he got a chance because you were going to try some different and the one thing is it was into is you can't play 78 in the box in deer elk and featured on the field because if you are there and all of the beach adelphia because you might couple interceptions at some point. He's going to do it she once or twice and Alex Smith was just he was he was not capable of doing that against the Pittsburgh Steelers.