09/13 - Sam Monson Interview; "Could be a Bloodbath"

The Drive
Thursday, September 13th

Pro Football Focus' Sam Monson joins the guys to give us the insight only he can before the Chiefs travel to play the Steelers on Sunday 


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Maybe my favorite time of the week. We get the in depth stat break down both being you know a little less than you do love you some numbers weld is one person I love the numbers much as I'd do. Now his birth name ID Sammy say in the months and that's LB column in the show with stats and information so good NFL teams pay forty works a pro football focus which is backed by Chris Cal's work and NBC sports CNA. Sammy I need once they made Allen ask you this how. How different is is Pittsburgh's running game without lady on balance substituting in for James Connor. Yeah I can't Turkey because of the wars have been black belt in times over the years we've always been in the confines you know the guys that come into play so much you still able to productive. Running back through the DeAngelo Williams who has gained condom. Those guys are a lot of success on the ground because this problem to back off on line that day of those guys have been together for a multiple straight seasons now. They're really good the only area of the fact that a little bit in the again that still able. Put up yardage is just not quite as effective you know if they're not starters on the ball over a lot more often about the about it but on the field. Because of you quite about it will profit not quite that's Ortiz he's the real that's not weapons. Sale looking at their offense I think Libya on bell as the best running back in the NFL what differences do you see from James Connors running style. And how he's used in the offense compared delay beyond bella how they use them. I mean what wouldn't run the ball will likely be a belt he has he's unique look and I'll bet. He wins were hesitant all the time that he had paid behind the line of scrimmage it's really the kids at the patients and the inability to actually. Yeah you can listen to open up blocks and be there otherwise known as. Claim that leveraging defensive lineman. Essentially split in one gap between jump I think that I that the gap there occupier you away power from recess the leverages blockers have blocked blocked it become okay and they can. Jump back into the Japanese don't get it all along this Turkey nobody else means that they can do that certain nobody doesn't end of regularity and we eat out. James Connors a much more direct straight ahead and running back doesn't do that patient has not finalized religion I actively improving the blocks with these. Offensive linemen around the movement he just leading the blocked there hitting like apple doing conventional running back saying. In terms of usage. In a pattern that has the play the most detained. Age you know James Connell they're. On all the oxygen down pretty much 29 snaps in the latitude. A lot and he's not the same kind of dynamic receive the correct. The combo didn't a big part of that are there in terms of the Arab Arab endowment of being. Is not as. Understand much of pro football focus and Tyreke guilt. Obviously to make it much headlines first week one performance but don't back and look at what he's done against the Steelers has not been much. You know in 2075. Catches 34 yards. Now again in January 174. Catches for 47 I mean no big games for Tyreke kill against the Steelers why is that you think. I don't think there's good reason for that is more old there's always that any team in the league and they would I be here though because. Nobody and a desire to Mumbai and defensive back and believe it is going to pay in the way it going to be by the voting multiple people there. I'm I'm chilling war or how do you not do you know the pop here at this point I think he's become more well rounded player and this idea underneath you know get plenty of they'd play. Our maturity he would welcome about our academic game and with that the jet boat back. I outfitted it was just got lucky proxy typed it right there you have got off. War did Danny never huge game. Both our people home IG quarterback but more likely and Morgan did that ever bit. Yeah and the numbers are similar Travis Kelsey to which was kind of stunning to me when I went back and look to this city that while just got the X-Factor this thing can maybe get. Tyreke and get Travis Kelsey delegates the Steelers defense that had such such good success against the chiefs. Yep definitely hired Leo you know you've got a guy go from one quarterback who was basically the most conservative quarterback in the lead even if you want to. But seasoned adults you know Lockheed and Alex Smith was more aggressive. Put the ball down the field a lot more but it will be out there that the militants were the quarterback in the game. There you go past the hole to maybe the most aggressive you know he's got a reasonable chance that boy king. The highest mark you ever seen in terms about urged that the target is continued. The way they're going. Under this title quiet yeah he's gonna put the ball down the field of law would you be possible and ivory killed one receiver in the lead you. Just run underneath there won't be behind the defense while I'm not so I think Patrick on articulate young didn't have exhibited devastating combination that he. Right now we're talking a Sam months and a pro football focus back to what you just said what are you seeing that Pittsburgh does defensively to take things away from the chiefs. And I mean it in a big picture sense because the chiefs' offense I mean they're in opposite typically scores 2427. Points per game they've only scored fifteen point six. Vs the Steelers in the last five match up I mean the Steelers defense they do a good job and limiting what the chiefs want to do. Yeah they didn't play a lot of zone coverage and the last year that didn't vote go in heavy team in the league but apparently. Although combat engineer designed to take away people's. That would be display it whether it's publicly whether publicly. Flashback to dig deeper into the field that players so you're automatically a way. This certain degree that they did beat the shot to get I think they're also very good matching up with tight and I'm trying to remember those guys acquired in those middle areas of the field. Over the years it has been pretty athletic linebackers is doing now with those. Lawrence Timmons performed well all or blind sheep hear the court is injury. David Aardsma athletic guy on the bike and headed and been able. Yeah both zones where the prospect of trying to find count towards people automatically. Couldn't check down more sensible than a hundred I'm not I've neglected them feel. I think. Again we'll have people that's what is very bad or blacks are labeled just sit in the heart patient he all day and not worry about the fact they're not getting the big fire and he doubts there. Over the years hobby after being. That level we're comfortable enough to take those quick short well today. I'm not forcing some day the fact that they that was echoed these shut against them. How slow down what do you think our home changes the dynamic of every day because he's going don't eat you don't pay shock regardless what you present them. Same speaking of quarterback one thing alert over the years it just variants and you know the great players you don't see a whole lot of various both sporadic guys you do what you make of bin brothels burger because over the last couple seasons. We've seen variance game to game and we seem big variance in home road split what do you make of Ben Roethlisberger. Yeah he might be more of a true one of the rare quarterback that can be great and you do get some I buried. You know Ben rockets were routed back. May not be enough Ahmad is our great conversation believes that the pop with the best he would you know he did. You are why quarterback that is that some Capel popping game as good as anybody. Every single season career you'd find games where I've Ben Roethlisberger turned. It can be ugly you can be around he would. You hateful and extreme heat or games. Even when he's playing base at a steep sell last week. You can put a little bit of down to the weather and the fact that mark Garrett started directed and or the Pittsburgh offense doesn't have much effect it is having. But this is a terrible Ben Roethlisberger date now the question gonna be. Are we gonna get by laws or receive important is that just a rock star to another year last. Question here Sam I hate to use that term unstoppable because you can normally find a way to stop anybody. I don't know why you stopping Antonio Brown the numbers would suggest you cannot topple what would you do against him. Yeah Antonio Brown going up against Kansas City secondary should be pretty terrifying. Good teams teams with top ten quarterbacks number one shut down guys pad stop on Tanya brown they can limit them. It could slow down but he still gonna have some success to end the war played a really did any. This week first into the grounds out a couple of defections what would you rate and a market student that slavery cut in front of somebody else. They get away you can really tight coverage pretty much the whole game yet Antonio Brown. Brown still got them for five catches and yards and touched up those pretty much nothing more than war could do no. That was a very good corner I think good game. Blown up against the best receiver in the game. That you have been great it's good I hate that it could be an absolute bloodbath. She Steelers on the road you got. Yeah. There's this feeling that we cannot provide fact after that week one but. It's going to be this year that in every time you look at that she's received you've been seeing did you have a point on offense but. I think that defense is pretty much as loud as he usually it might be heading to see did you look at the number of hockey charges dropped in the quad. And they still were up a monster number of yards into the air. I think Ben Roethlisberger in the Steelers again now the same kind of performance. Almost all on the edges with the Steelers. That's Sam Munson from pro football focus same always always enjoy talking football with the kitchen next week whenever the chiefs have their home opener at the San Francisco 49ers who did I didn't. Always love talking football with our guys see him once a.