09/13 - How Long Until You Know?

The Drive
Thursday, September 13th

Todd Bowles was a little over the top when he was talking about Sam Darnold & what that means for Patrick Mahomes 


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The jets were on primetime last week in old they've put a beat down on the Detroit Lions well Sam dark played really well and everybody is just. Falling over themselves to applaud roasting the Detroit Lions in week one of the NFL season well Todd bulls heat haven't. Head coach of the New York Jets said this when he came to franchise quarterback. We want one game so I can tell you think about a hundred more than. We have one online right now it's a little girl. Top all say you need 100. Games to decide if you had a franchise quarterback or not something tells me that she's fans will not be waiting 98 more games that decided tax Rome's as the one these are going to be around for a hundred games anyway elmo's got whacked last year and then doubles. There so. I think that's a ridiculous thing I hope he was joking really do because I think I think I think for the greats in the really goods in the guys that are going to be bus I think you almost know me. You know it if it takes a while to know that you probably an average quarterback. Or you got a really good quarterback in that situation. And I do put Alex Smith in that category is a really good quarterback started out really bad situation and a couple examples I knew. Russell Wilson. Absolutely shred the cheese in the preceding Kansas City. You've got to do when you saw that game if you want to give you watched him play your kids you like who's that news like that catch and play who is that. You know the Denver game last your shield from evolves to do that she's got a quarterback. And I felt good about it in the preceding some of the throws he may accelerate this game like I. We got and the other one to another Denver got Paxton lynch says let's throw a pass like his got sucked it about dollar games. The really really good ones you need maybe gamer to. You know for the guys that are bonds need maybe gamer too I think for the guys they're going to be your average quarterbacks to a sell yourself on a consulate think he can do it. He can do. You'll see. A little glimpse of the guy here they'll have a bad game want to buy them a good thing that he's got a shot at a ticket be that. Good ones and the great when you know almost to me. Fine at that level when it comes to it. I know about that press got right now. That pres got any really good first good look like Russell Wilson I think he's it was I think the good quarterback you look like that easy as you'll get the first year yeah I mean his last nine games seven of the beast on less than 200 all still Fuzzy Elliott on the team didn't look so hot and we got to the NFL season. How are Derrick are two years ago you and I were silent there are. I don't hot you know right now view franchise quarterback Colin tempered it may be an example you know college regatta to Incredibles spark in his NFL career. Mean things really started to change really quickly. I think you know if he's bad I need to see a hundred games of Blaine Gabbert is no way to go to work out any hunter game to know Jake Locker that was gonna worker and I. Or Blake portals sure but. I think to note your quarterback's going to be great. When the game to not Jerry all its it and take one game it. That's has to be bullied his head coach that Jeff Fisher Fisher and an awful situation. What was it play the same clothes or male can remember who's got a later start to host Jeff Fisher went along mean awful situation houses in that situation. I dare cars brother was in that situation he's pretty good quarterback an awful situation Houston that's why I think if you think you pretty much know. With a really really doable and some Kirk cousins. Well on this and is that a guy like Kirk cousins. Jake and I think can coach offense yes that's all I'm not the other 'cause it only is he now goes to my ever. Got a defense got a running game got a head coach I would say the jury's still autograph that's what Jimmy or via the best coach you could have for the first part of his career but what you like Fargo's the outstanding and perfect match with a god it was the opposite got data from outlined I don't think you know I. The 49ers had to pay and you make that trade forum that's just the nature of the business you've got to pay your quarterback I don't think you know with the really good ones. I would say maybe a leak maybe picking me you do maybe Brady you realize the first six games it does not only beat two of the greatest team quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Meant that's a small number of people like beat you know that early on was somewhat he would troubles. I don't think it takes 100 year urged artsy 100 games to know if you've got your quarterback I think it takes probably recedes and I think. Heading into that our season you feel like you have a really good idea with what kind of quarterback you have finished as a bare its it is just they believe turns over every I mean. Derek are perfect example Marcus burial really good example two years ago markets available like he was god it was maybe making you seem to be good quarterback now he's kind of stuck a little bit. They're playing quarterback can be great at it is all our I don't rules that maybe easier to play quarterback and it's hard to BA franchise truly transcend it great quarterback and. This when it comes with the three season I think you've got I think where chaired physical Wear talents of factors and days stay healthy can take the beating and take a grueling sixteen to eighteen game season opening a deal and you're in the post season and talked give me that. When it comes out I feel like you know the guy hazardous. Yeah and in play quarterback is just about the physical ability of throw passes. You know and and throw touchdowns you know and and and making god there's so much more to. So important these guys that are physically gifted that can't play the position in the NFL. JaMarcus Russell got it comes to mind guys there that physical freaks we can't do Josh Freeman. Kansas City and she is onstage that I was drafted his big line. Physical freak the Clinton position the NFL. So that's what it holds as the back on the pedigree and that that's another reason why I think he's. Got it's going to be really really really good and it didn't take beat 7810. Games in three years to know. Here's what's rest Taylor had to say about homes in this quote on a stick in my head because. I don't think we've come to this point Denny Matthews has told me time and time again we talk about young players in baseball all the highest on Jacob Judas in the world. That man sports is about adjusting to the adjustments in teens eventually find out which you do well and find out what you don't do well and they were trying to highlight the things you don't do well and take away the things you do exceptional. We haven't come close at that time with the homes at this what Torres had to say about it. There will call point. We're in a political supporters have enough people all star like ruby. He called the feel like giveaway that he could have just sit there next to Leo more arcane process so there will be some sort of you at some point your performances secret ballot but has that reflection here but that's not meant to Ukraine meet their four. I don't cook a game with the wolfpack there's really no dispute here it's okay go make them look bad and thought he responded that does an external what you saw what potential. Well let's see current war in ninety that game come. And they don't we bring that up because yes or she's earlier today Todd Bowles said this about franchise quarterbacks and when you feel like you know about the guy. We want one game so I can tell you asked about a hundred more things we have one on my right now. Little girl. And maybe doubles is speaking in hyperbole literally had no islands are. You're getting a hundred games to know what your friends is an I party franchise quarterback and you get Torre. I can get two seasons and know if that guy is your quarterback not a heading into the third year I think that's when you know. Mean the leakage is it's about bear is the reason a lot of love you know fell on the reason why it is the league that it is is because you can go from two and fourteen. To go into the playoffs and next year you can go from a team that's eleven and five I missed the playoffs the next year. It is a year to year game to game who's helping who's not healthy kind of business I just don't think you know if you've got the guy in the first four games of knowing and that goes for hole that goes for Watson that goes for Darnell let us Carson what's that goes for anybody. Make consistency in being a great quarterback in this league is doing it over time we've seen Brady do for fifteen years yet Roethlisberger did it for ten years bring he's done it for two years I know you just like Philip Rivers rivers has done it for awhile meant. It ain't doing it for seven games at Georgetown lots and it's doing it for seventeen games distorted for 37 games to really know if you got that iron. I would feel like the surgery would still be out on homes if this is his rookie year if that she should drafted and we've got to OTAs. Many camps training camp and out pre season idea point gain greater role. I wouldn't be sold on the homes that was the case a second Seymour. And ice game in San Diego. There LA would have held or called now. But I would need more. I feel like I have enough information when it comes to evolves it's been here over here now to know that he's going to be again.