09/13 - The Drive's Survivor Pool; Week 2

The Drive
Thursday, September 13th

The Drive went undefeated, the callers won but ohhhhhh the textline....


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It. Yeah yeah. Pretty much stuck to say this not money's on Friday. This extends portrayed him this week it really difficult to survive which and he volunteered to dominate. That's what it's because. I didn't understand the rules the first two years now I fully understand the rules. And the team I picked 147 a realist. That's the same team that I picked as well and me in Augusta I'd win a caller I would are so you does copied me yeah I mean that's I'd say is what happens exactly so. Know what to avoid it I won't go first this time not ideology. Being I'll let you go first got Specter you'll sacking. We collect call or go. Spec you're in charge of the attacks on motives. When it comes to survivor. Though the last change its president and asked me from the 913 today correct yet as the 16 our lives because of from Azeri. Skip it which is by the wayward sea aren't solved. Meaning go ahead now this is in our week to a survivor is disease. It's an easy it's a lot of them people literally means a lot a lot of folks thought the saints were a lot last week and Alaska home to the Ted Bryant to Patrick can give up 48 in that cook. I got to take the rams over the cardinals c'mon I mean that's the baseline and week. Rams at home. Thirteen point favorites over the cardinals. The terrible cardinals. Was Sam Bradford and who's your coach Jamal Wilkes got used to play for the lakers who is the deep post he looks like that they got Jerry Springer. This Steve will coasts that he that he welcomes us via via yet now the rams that's that's the lock. For the survivors today gonna copy me and have a. Was and let's. Go back who it is about herbal. You sure you amigo yeah. Last time the sounds like eggs and over think it is getting knocked out at the buyback in. I'm gone right back to the trendy pick from last week. The New Orleans Saints nine point favorites over the browns. It arable Brown's sister kissing browns. From week one. Sister is in Branson is called the time and it but sister cancers there yet. Violence mortal lock them but he Cleveland brown that's the chiefs are playing this is statistics that spirit room. All right Brian lees summit. We've heard the ramps Weaver the saints. Or are you taking in week two of the survivor the colors are still the only team you can take the Baltimore Ravens. Than haters out there. They'll lying in an Holm against the San Francisco forty of them not measure the lines none of not a bad six point favorite ball. You guys remember it at. The saints. Beat the line it's a package that didn't I was attacks. Tax line. That the lines over the jets that once it adds Dagen at all man Akron summit is it. All right we're better. Before he gets the tax line let me take my team. This week. I don't think this team is starting oh ensue. And I know I've told you guys to believe in their opponent but I'm sorry. They were propped up last week at home. By being chronicles burger turnovers no interceptions and indeed and very difficult. Should go loss full hour in the NFL and not win. I don't know of the browns offense can do enough to keep up with the saints touching a saints are going to be a desperate spending. Spec in we. At least give him a chance to walk this back a little bit I took the saints. He's taken the bright brown. And town as well the browns at saints has this image that's where you I don't Christ I thought you were gonna take the houses it was an average digits and I'm taken the saints I don't think the saint startling to. I think their defense through some things up. I think it Ryan Fitzpatrick is. He's the Kirkland version of that problem burger he can go for 400 yards Belfort or interceptions. It is had a hot night. Their whole I don't know about trust the browns to go into the superdome in league with the Donald what else as they are also can I don't they go to down. So I'm gonna take this thing so that hazards things in us of our guys are over thank in this. Mean that the music and art nine point its second biggest favorites of weekend understand that and Stan I'm on my philosophy is take a lot. Take a lot I don't know if that's your nine point fevered days yeah you'll be okay closer OK so all right we'll see what happens. I honestly was thinking about taking the vikings I think the vikings matchup really well against the Packers this week but the vikings have ball a little hole that we now why don't take in the Minnesota next week. I actually. Yeah. At quarterback for buffalo next week out breaking the vikings it's ugly though Doug Flutie there anybody out and take you to the next week I suspect whose attacks like gotten us on 9133. Straight tax taking the ramps so I don't want to re going with the rain showers in the from over the cardinals. All right. Acute attacks like the wind of it like that and that is the Missouri side where you guys to fail and bad of a bit. Like as a ten hope I don't get a little bit now that we indulge but going into a home game Monday night Donald's first start. See how you could talk yourself into I don't wanna take a really good team in week one so touched game and a survivor police have yet a rookie quarterback in Sam darling got a new coach in Matt that your I mean I just stay away obviously it wasn't good that's why you eliminated and they got absolutely smoke in night game. Speaking of new beginnings Reggie and spoke with the media today. Is the most interesting on the team to talk to right now is like your rhetoric he was called the Steelers combo east. There register register being booed him for Islam affirm that we're moving. Can you can't let him do that will be so sluggish and you gotta take it to them. He stopped early and ultimately later with a different carrier director for the most part but doing this too soon to come and do a good job shortly before somebody for us having. So that we can we are you good Darby and I got to turn them they would do good or. I will say. That to be fair and balance. But she's made too radical changes and they made one radical change at quarterback. Enemy one radical change in terms of defense. If you go out there and you spend the amount of money on the inside linebacker if you have seven draft picks or six draft picks excuse me he's been five album on defense. You notice something's wrong with your team we gotta get stronger we got to get more physical we have to be more aggressive and not only have the chiefs dominated you when it comes to run the football and that's part of toughness. They've also impose their will defensively on your offense again the chiefs are scored 32 point six points per game. Heading into the game and it's the Steelers they scored thirteen points against them. Man that's just the that's the defense of the Steelers punching you in the mouth. That's a guy like Tyreke killed was a fast and that's kind of guy he's not beating us today. We're gonna hit Tyree til early and opted and that cup runner on the field stuff you were to winning its charter you're not doing that against us. The Steelers have always set the tone physically when it comes to the chiefs so I'm happy that you've got guys like Reggie rat and you've got badly in the Internet notice that this is going to be one of those physical body gains. Because as high flying as the chief softens the Steelers offense a bit over the last couple games and these. In games played authorities never enough two teams played. These have been 1913. 1816 kinda games but sheets haven't shown me the ability to win those kind of games against good teams. When my game against the jets did not show me that ability does it seem like the Pittsburgh Steelers. I know homes and global around the field to end this team win a 1714. Nacco rug out kind of physical got a game you got to show. That's what's gonna be fun about this because they think that the Steelers are going to be able to defend the cheese with Patrick Holmes. Though they were able to defend him with with without Smith right we agree on like you're just not 179 guys in the box it's a broad deep CD can be use but that's not the way the Steelers inactive pool at let's hope they do is to get shredded. On the Scott apartment and but that it's a different team you know it's a completely different op Eds with Patrick Holmes in charge in the in the steel. It opens things up for Kareem. You know I mean when but we both bill also last week he's like that won the best things about this is safeties you have to back off. You know because they kick about the McCain crowd the line because they're animals and people can't Obama. Audible attacks on bringing up the fact of why didn't anyone picked the chargers. I'm sorry not talking about the game I just don't feel like. This game is the most Los Angeles San Diego Chargers thing you can do and you're making that cross country trip. They get real about it coach sue buffalo Josh Allen puts a little bit this clarkin now it's total chargers moved up there and start Owens knew. The dig themselves a hole. Nice three or four game run in the middle of the season had a chance to win the division in meltdown that makes all the sense in the world with the chargers eyeing Tudjman in this game if there are all my touch him on the road. I'm not fool with it when it comes in Los Angeles chargers.