09/13 Bink's Postgame Show

Thursday, September 13th

Jay Binkley breaks down the Royals win in Game 1 over the Twins, talks about the youth on the team, and we hear from Royals skipper Ned Yost


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The city pier sixty. The royals didn't win tonight what is continuing to winning ways Kauffman Stadium. They win tonight six to four over the Minnesota Twins are 88 the season series first minutes Wednesday. Did not win this season series against the White Sox is the finished the eleventh but the chance the next three games. Against the Minnesota Twins UT the season series against then eighteenth and finished second place. In the deals central with the world could big win tonight that is though Myers turn. Memory though Myers started last Friday natives get Steven involved Liz. It sounds like Gonzales with in this console that is. It's that the twins are fit best prospecting and start though is what they did is they went the route of the human race. So more yet got the start tonight for the Minnesota Twins typically reliever for them but they're doing it Pall mall owners do in this deal. He thought it would help Gonzales. Command Nazi the first part of the order. In just like Tampa. That's what they would do it so for Soviet they looked good early on this game and know the royals. To what five innings until soap opera is got that two run homer off from. There's so there were no hitting them that they Gonzales wasn't agreed I walk rated at 55 walks in Tripoli it is there that this prospect. It is good numbers and doubly good numbers in Tripoli not give numbers in the pros lose heat though Meyer. Against involve as last Friday night in Minnesota. In Natalie that Baltimore went to a third innings Phil Martin's. Terrible game to a third innings 71. Pitches in those but that much different he goes into the Eaton pitches in the eight inning something he's never done. In his career he tied a career high in strikeouts and six just walked one did give up four earned runs that of course at the bullpen. Game especially Brian Flynn didn't do him any favors on that bring in our did come up union giving sac fly up. But they went to wire for an hour Jerry Vasco Keenan a really tight situation because his third appearance. For the royals jury vast though it was a dead get through jewelry Kara when they need to trade to Colorado Rockies which it was agreed trade. For Dayton Moore can goes on talked about. Jury vesta with Tripoli pitcher of the year and Albuquerque for the Colorado Rockies this year Tripoli pitcher of the year 26 years old. A strike thrower. And they got a minute deal. For tribute here. It went 88 Beckett catcher 35 years old going to be a free agent when you're in your organization is load of catching talent that was good move. For the Kansas City Royals would plural that comes in tonight it's his eleventh save. On the year but for the big flight tonight of course was so corporates back to back home runs for seven or opera is. Inquiry bully Fazio. Communion as well as this is his salvage its sixth inning with the good inning for the UNC rules at least put four runs. Up on the board summer for is absolutely crushed a ball a 420 feet almost 408. Off of that and though he does it's that time the royals have gone back to back this year with home runs have a Whitner field. With an air field again. More people didn't you know texting and talking to people decay. What about Whitman air field this aggressiveness of the key of the city royals. Yup 52 stolen bases then leads the major leagues since the all star break. Wit mayor Phil now has five stolen bases. In the last three games. He had 22 nights ago to last nights of back to back to steal games. Plus he's he's got the Major League lead. It's far is stealing third base he did the other night with twelve. And then last night was steel member of thirteen on third base and that will be at the Major League lead this forest. Stealing third base he's got the American League lead. In stolen bases. Five stolen bases now for whipped one out wasn't a stolen base that is it was an air re reached third but still it went from first to third. In good scoring a run. I guess it was a crucial run Ned Yost said as a very important run of course it was made in and of needing. That sixth round they can have won five before but Ned Yost. Usually talking about the value of having that would mayor Phil now leads Major League Baseball between stolen bases since he lost every. Pleaded not Alberto Mondesi. Second. In Major League Baseball since the all star robbery you're listening sixth in sports review EC is speaking of the city. KR BZ HD two Kansas City or phone number's 913576. 7610. Peppers escrow payments to looked excellent 692 Rios six. Do you enjoy what you're saying that's the question. Because yes the royals are degree you know they can in the with the worst record ever met effect get this that the royals finished seven in nine or better. In the remaining sixteen games it's at sixteen more games for the royals. If they must go seven or nine or better. To avoid the 206 losses works at 206 that uttered six losses of the royals in 2005. Got a four game trip coming up. In Detroit three games in Pittsburgh too in Cincinnati you know come back to Kansas City for the final four games a year against Cleveland Indians who're gonna have everything all but wrapped up. About next week anyway so new notes on what their mindset will be at seven and nine the royals must go. In their next sixteen games the royals now 1711. Since the alt burglary at home there at 1135. At Kauffman Stadium before the break but. If someone said to me walk it appeared tonight. To much different team. It is a much different team tentative feel it is a young team it is the speed the use of an out of Burkle modesty. In whatever he's able to do which he's been unbelievable wells last fourteen games he's hitting 38211. Driven and three doubles three home runs 21 hits and triple he's been unbelievable. Hunter closure who'd get scratched from the lineup last night. Because of a back and Amos that into bed he played denied a little bit worried to a new place couple straight games his uttered closures been on fire. At that double tonight for the Kansas City Royals in his last nineteen games he's hitting through 97. 22 hits in his last nineteen games six doubles. Three triples. Four home runs in fourteen RBIs. For honored to measure and it used his plea first and third base to credible misty was a fun team to watch. In Phil Myers one of these guys where's he gonna steam in the future to looking at Citi wells what anybody though Myers. He's got to learn to take this on the road. It's been night and day difference. Talked and it before the game on that was so good here in so bad on the roads aren't into. I don't know if there's anything to it became the ninth 254 ERA. Two and one in 39 innings pitched away from Kauffman Stadium candidates have been two ERA. In 41 and two thirds and pitched. That is night and day difference ninety different for me film marked by the way. Hasn't lost in a really really long time he's remained unbeaten in his last ten starts improving to three in one with a 291 ERA. In that span but don't let that fool you. He was the pitcher Chicago couple weeks ago when the royals' number explode with three home runs in the second inning scored six runs the word gives it up. In the fourth inning six runs. Good run support. He had as well he didn't get the loss last Friday and easily could of they went to the third innings for the royals giving up six earned runs in one pitches in that time simulate the wins and losses full use trillion meaningless that. To be quite honest with you for distance on the futures here. In murals the future is we keep talking about it Lexington Kentucky Lexington legends the only royals' minor league system. In the playoffs up Atlantic detective series against Lakewood from New Jersey at the Phillies class a affiliate. To one now is the advantage. The Lexus diligence at best three out of five they'll play tomorrow. Lexington lost the first one the second 11 tonight. But fund projects that gore picked up the first win in GP two series he's royals. 33 pick this year. Litsch pitched the night for the Kansas City Royals he's the so again. Lynch co war there new Prada who in June Melinda is in a home run in this series product still what three bases and a couple bombs. In the post season they'll synch up. They'll synch up Nicky Lopez the rules get to be your cool a lead it'll give here. In his pitching staff is ridiculous and what's his rotation it'll look like in the future it's partly due to be homegrown pitching again. We're looking at city royals a team that they're treated five left handed pitchers. For quite and so respect in 2015. Which is part of me did you wanna race over the matter which you did get it Ortiz sacrificed you won the ultimate. You once on the stays on the scoreboard. It Kauffman Stadium that you see every time driving down I seventy since 2015. World champions. So it's good they're learning to win together in the minor leagues. This thing's gonna have a law gym next year. Missiles yesterday were Nikki Lopez playing with air filled ball that's a good problem at. 100 no should be the third baseman next year will make you look let's split second more out of Burkle modesty he'll be your shortstop nature works with you know. There's a lot of questions the good news is. Do a lot of players to fill certain spots and there's actual competition. For the Kansas City Royals for those spots somebody traded in the off season. Who knows he can only play so many players so interesting predicament. The royals will be in but he positive one. The on the last but it's fun watching Keller. It's fun watching you this pitch tonight it was fun watching you Fillmore east on the watch the cake. Not as much fun when he leaves BK I don't know what he needs to do. To Kenneth circumvent that he had gone to great starts Beckett Kauffman Stadium seat filler and before the blow up. In Minnesota last Friday that an effective team starts. Before that he'd gone six sitting in Younes Cleveland picked up the win and he went seven innings against the Baltimore Orioles no decision and that one. Before the appearance. In Minnesota future's bright advocates and royals you can tell this team justice on when they play baseball is different. It's different than watch this team and me in June and July. It's a lot more fun. Lot more fun watch this team and I want ten. Irks me 110 last thirteen home a home games. And eventually won nine of their last fourteen games overall two more wins against the twins will be royals this. Straight series win in any role. At Kauffman Stadium. Misty was O five and one. Before that stretch so it's definitely good baseball 1711 homes and steals or break. Or phone number 91357676. In the game MVP tonight. Get to give it and another in Salvador Peru says two run shot drove in two for the Kansas City Royals tonight. The dollar bet he went back to back. Back to back 25 home run seasons that that the skate missed the first month of the season in the luggage carrying it. Back actually five home run seasons guys sky's the limit. What's up Fred's dollar catching for the team to get so much tell in the minors which I GNU mini works he leads Major League Baseball 50%. A pro outrage people trying to steal against him. But he only joints might yachts and Yvonne Rodriguez. The only two catchers. To get back to back 25 home runs in this one. In 2000. Or three catches of that. One of them is name so corporate this guy just keeps adding to deal correctly crushed the balls he's beginning in VP presented by in BP electorate. Heating cooling relax. It's in VP so operas now let that looked at home run. The back to back yet 45 home runs here's via the oil them Bennett so one of nine boils ever to do that. Back to back 25 home runs in the season joins Eric Hosmer Carlos Beltran Mike Sweeney. Jermaine Dye. Bo Jackson beanie tolerable by about elbow me in John Mayberry first catcher to do it since Yvonne Rodriguez and before that. It was Mike Piazza that's unbelievable for so opera is joining exclusive clubs left and right and every gone net at least twenty home runs. In fort street seasons. For the Kansas City Royals in the only players that have been at the rose Forrest. Twenty home runs or more in four seasons George Brett Mike Sweeney John Mayberry corals Belcher on projections the bubble moves. In of course operas so who knows what kind of power the skycap. We think about your RD of a career high crew I was last year 27 he would be blowing past that at this point Eddie numbness. The first half the season regardless you never know what you see the case yesterday echo the royals were in position to win a game goes twelve innings could've won it. Go back the fifth inning that we. I don't know whose fault it was jurors sleet or rain or her right arm was rounding third base was down posters stop sign too late what. His modesty came in to drive and in Whitner field in the royals would have taken at least three to weed B gone in that heavy for our game. Like we did last night regardless this team on oral pulled over 9135767610. Technicals and in that clubhouse and come back. 124. We're quite jaguar Americans and aristocrats who. Green valley and trail side RV and Wesley he's hardware. EC route Randy electrical. In a long drive to left. The actual weight back at the corners and if not for Salvador who knows the royals go in front for the first time good night. At three. That's the Bob Hamilton plumbing heating AC Ruder and electrical play of the game this is playing join us on Tesco in the morning tomorrow at 745 tell us who was part of the play and you'll win pizza from toppers now back to bank. Remember that for tomorrow seven were friends. 25 homer. Joining. Mike Piazza and honored three cats that do. Since 2000 soap opera is now 25 home runs this year 27 last year 22 the year before. And in 21 year they won the World Series. Proceeded by 1713. In elevenths of presents power. Just keeps on climbing who knows in this case dobbs at the diskette to be 35 plus gotten its four home runs. What's gonna happen we stopped catching lethal force basal more V8 Keith himself. A little freshman and those guys limit but if he's gonna win gold glove catcher this year so it's too soon. Relief to talk about the royals now 2111 the last thirteen games Kauffman Stadium. But 181745. People. Came out tonight eighty degree day Keene city it's in absolute perfect and this week with 77 degree day 75. It's been wonderful. In the way this team is playing this as far as well talk about what they're doing what the rules do in the young guys he gives he ran her that I. At home runs already didn't get the scene that I cautious against him who gets left easy and also us. Ran her and is currently add to Atlantic gets 300 who was and it. Ran her next Carlos were none was pitching so her and went in there really struggled in slip he's the Major League level booze in them. 271 clip. In along this year but even get the start last night right earned the walking three times he faced the three different left handed pitchers. Last night it was a good sign for her as source played its. Word on walking twice. In day ended up walking. A third time as well. Struck out to see any Argo who had three walks in the strike out against three different left him pitchers. Yesterday for Chicago I saw that. It is really good sign for the royals but the royals went ninth 64. Over the Minnesota Twins. Will April against the city the wire. It's his third 33 win of the year three and one now for 76. ER rated phone number 91357676. Did. Dropped double. Double. Says that you know me being can we see the best and Alex is just meat was seem like Kia talk retirement a few weeks ago. Seems like he's playing more relaxed. Hitting better stealing bases in just playing better from Kathy. Who knows yeah I heard recently a little more family time and everything else but Alex Gordon will play out his contract. He eats out like he's going to step wait for the country in Asia clip contract. Then it house. Kudos. VC in a positive signs this year that he wants them back please that you're gonna money. Did he get this year but I would you like playing the game damage do you value the money's already made which is life changing for generations. Or still try. To play Major League Baseball. From the 8162005. Was a bit you're to a six losses they're right they're excellent. If you're actually right and -- 106 law's not to a six that note that a record that we're gonna record would have lost more games and games played. But needed that to death row and finished seven and nine. In their last sixteen games to avoid their worse record in franchise history it didn't seem like either this team doesn't. It doesn't seem like this group is the would be the franchise record holder for losses. And that way they're playing lately the 52 stolen bases since the all star break leading Major League Baseball. Brad Keller in my opinion American League rookie of the year candidate with mere field only two bases behind the Major League lead. Pine tree turner reads get the American League lead right now scared to get that baseball reference page in bold. From leading the American League last year were 34 stolen bases. To be honest with the I think Mondesi will be the leader in stolen bases next year I only think it's going to be question. Dude 39 in the American League. In stolen bases 22 this year with 58 games played it's ridiculous. Ned Yost was said less than to be sixty to eighty stolen base guy if he does that he's gonna double toll. Is right now it's what 38 stolen bases leads Major League Baseball and yet he goes sixty year eighty he ruled double up the entire league. If you steal bases. Bigger clip art department program and in open out piece tomorrow about it in its energy steals when he gets on base looking forward. To reading it tomorrow and exits into the stuff. Which mayor Phil diskette that look about it now. He wants it. When he gets on base he wants to go in last year Whitner fielding New England the American League stolen bases he was slow to get up. It took him he would wanna make that third out for moves in Oz and stuff like that it will make that out. Unit that we can I just kept I think in feeling kind of waited for his position in the league based ultimately didn't do that if they start to be more aggressive. But the guys student game. In he knows pitchers. In his wheel to go to med to a Mondesi. Puts together kept the whole war to Whitner told us what their fields. Will hardest workers oversee. From Odyssey comes easy for. It's death let us as he gets by a lot of atlas of the recorded Yost he's been studied a lot so imagine. When he gets that true steel sector outscored orchard score Turks gore had you learn to be a better base stealer he just facts blazing fast. But once you learn minuscule of when to go and when not to go or able to steal a base when everybody in the house no journalist steal the base. Pitcher the catcher Miller produced beans though you're gonna steal it in the and he still steal it yet it's men and out the Whitner feel when he gets on base down they know is known. It is the American League stolen base leader on base yeah of course you can ago. The Whitner feel contingent of five stolen bases now. In the last three game days actually on fire he and debt in Albert of modesty the top two. In Major League Baseball in stolen bases since the break the royals team number one Major League Baseball. In stolen bases. Since the bridge gets a fun team this a different team than you saw. Minutes isn't John Jay and Lucas knew that coming out to begin the season. Those guys are fine as is that a great job Ironkey in city but this is the future looking this way and it's it's not bizarre when you look at this the innings. If you think that Minnesota is in second place. You figure veggies. How much better the royals look on paper own field in the Minnesota Twins and those last week in what a good example roles lost two out or. One of those they walked off course no one was Cory Lopez taken a perfect game into the ninth. But it is the better team and they're better defensively. Minnesota meets the mayor's. Knew it would go to a few things. The rules do keep in mind this royals team set a franchise record with sixteen street games. Vote out of there the weather team royals history than that again it's bizarre to me. That this team that's why don't see him. Get 206 losses to that it went this team that that book when you look at and they in the future and look at royals teams because his team's got a lot of war. You know listings go desires hopefully it'll finish 79. In that match that at worst record. From 2005. The blue collar play that game presented by the sheet metal workers local union number two a minority filler. For kind of a did you net loss to twins talking to town. The same team took in the town last Friday. In Minnesota JK got a hold of one. Which really bizarre JK hits with 313 to target field it's 209 on the road but he was the one that that it did two run home run. On Heath Phil Meyer denied he Omar went further he's ever done and game 730 and gone seven but never seven and third innings gets into the these are the four runs of course the open did that helping out there you're left just two more runs. Had a job in Denver at six strikeouts matches a career high that is their blue collar play the game. Presented by the sheet metal workers local union. Number 291357676. In projector or because that would decks like 69306. We back and take your calls after this. Medicine center. To being exposed king show billed by the international. Electrical workers local 124 of Kansas City and powered by Bob and dire events and by all Steve. Yeah. Our first pictures from on Nightline and thought why Odyssey. And did he leave for that one that was great vertical leap that's the kind of play they have good basketball where they grew up near the rim. And a guy goes up and throws it down. All states are you in good hands. Ridiculous about it as a never know which city. I. Some guys are believed keeps making plays. Gain after gain. After game royals get the win right 64 or 88 verse the Minnesota Twins. This season in you got to think about the royals have done O'Neal six. They play these teams 19 times. In Yale central look at Chicago White Sox were at this point series is elegant White Sox royals. I know early on seasonally it's actually you were better and cutesy royals because the way the world play. The royals finish 811. Against the White Sox lose that series for the sake yesteryear. The Orioles winning record against Detroit. That's going to be one team in division I winning record against. Nine and six this point I guess it couldn't be a losing record if they go to Detroit and its web but doesn't look like that will happen against Minnesota's mention. A neat this year so steeply these teams 1910s and division. It was the royals started turn that corner in fourteen and fifteen with the new who's yet to be the bully on the block. Now obviously it's not communicate this year with the feature get these teams playing nineteen times get a parent may get a pound teams in division. Separate yourself that that makes the difference between winning and winning 82 games are 72 games. What you do against these teams in sector division meets a believable the ground you can make up. If you leisure division by one or two games he missed the wildcard by one or two games in the looked back in it to record virtual lousy team in your division. Annually win eight games against them instead of twelve what you should have a mean these games. Do matter and you don't think it matter in April may but they do that all comes back towards the NC teams are trying to fight it out especially you know west. We have the Dodgers in the Rockies and Diamondbacks feels loan losses that happened in April may start to really affect you. When you give this part of the season. What's go ahead now in your head inside that clubhouse. Delivered by red were real kids that he's best. Mittal steel neighborhood grill here's Ned Yost. Talk about the workers Bolton. Bases loaded. Hour comes and does a great job again and out there sac fly but that's huge outs big that's. We needed. And then now Vasco coming into an exact same thing what we've seen from him. You know every time new enemies definitely a strike thrower comes and attacks in the zone throw strikes it's ahead in the count. But again that was you know that game start to really start to go sideways there and you know mom our non invesco. Stop the bleeding force right there gives an opportunity get the ball to Willie in the night. To. The more you work that you're. Little bit you know I'd been in four out of five. If he we gave the day out yesterday but it was his fourth came out of five the day before he was little. You know I was he was a little wobbly there but he's not gonna he's not ten minutes of the the day out yesterday did wonders he came back out and look great you look sharp. You know stuff was great it was Crispin. And a good 123 inning. The bullpen is actually been looking good as ladies it's Ned Yost into the club out or read world. Kids that he's best little upscale neighbor girl against him that I became McCarthy met its he's got a 144 ERA since the beginning of August. And it's got a bunch of morons know one thing about arms are. Look at a guy like will it Alter it I think Flanagan brook this question Joseph Flanagan broad discretion of the net you know disease. Look sharper when he's getting more work with you in more games. Unita. And I look at it the game last night was Portman cork a couple innings Kindle was the agreement power it's been kidnapped two straight nights. But of course it was Bert Smith there's always that one guy is Bert Smith last night Brian from the night to just didn't. Have all their stuff on the projector opens the excellent. For me 16. Assuming Peres wants another gold glove this year you believe you'll still see him behind the plate off the next year my feelings are getting now. I mean induce some country and his acute this. You're Texas all jumbled. Put that thing together better so it can read but that is not bad those of corporates will be catcher next year. We're the real talent is it in the minor leagues and of course your neighbor he's glory appeared. He's 21 year old to go back to the minor leagues next year point one years old he made the jump all the way from Wilmington it's a rare occurrence but the royals Tiki guy from able. Imagine what it's conceivable that slowly Wilmington IEA. Alone. For the royals in warriors appear in getting into the future Kim Gallagher you know easier and it's a young guy that can get his chance. To be catcher so it's going to be a while it's gonna hold the fort down but NG Melinda is in Lexington the fifth that's prospect by the royals. Great season yet he still in the playoff cheated series for the Lexington legends he need to settle and it kills thirteen this year. So its ambassador. The royals hit two catchers in able make the all star game in their league of Loria. Committed these teams get catching talents wanting. If you look at what this team is loaded with. It is catchers which you know you to certain points operas. You know starts getting old and listen let's go Yadier Molina. And gets all those games at mid thirty's I guess he could do that. But. It's up breasts. The guy. Does that they injured her own when he is easily beats the timetable for a he is a big guy 240 pounds. How long would catch it degree question is no reason to move now because I've. Is the best in the business in the league baseball. I'm war they can about what they can do with next year Nikki Lopez is clearly ready to play. At the Major League at that Major League level Micky Lopez was in northwest canceled in the news in all. This year as well he's in the royals' top prospect he'll probably be appear it will hundred hosiery third baseman. Next year they meet their commitment will break her and be the first baseman for the royals next year I don't know Nicky looked as the seventh prospect in the royals' organization. I'm sure we'll see him. The good news is you're going to seek talent filtering a clear lead to north as Arkansas he's the world's number two prospect. He's attacked again you might execute the call up next year at some point. You'll arms coming up mobile all star lot Richard love lady. That's river oaks is that you're here are down there would be appear vintage blue there's other names all the Scioscia though real young guys it's gonna take a couple years. To get the major leagues plea Perkins whose involvement killer trade. The police in Wilmington there's just were excellent. It's in Lexington. A cal is bill third round pick it's really playing well since the royals' trip that he's already getting soaked up there. In the royals prospect list that being a third round pick this year he's are the royals' number fourteen prospect. So a lot of talents gonna make its way to keep the seats gave up next couple years are fun. In the one thing about that is those talking. To a nice couple. Before the game. Cain who's geyser all the ills games they love him epic get married park though Terry get married parking lot at Kauffman Stadium last year. But they've been through the bad and Angel would be good. Game when the royals make the playoffs in fourteen when they win the World Series of fifteen. They remember the bad and many were there in the eighties when the teams and they stable team in the nineties and 2000. When they were bad but it makes winning that much sweeter when you've gone through the bad to finally get the victory and I thought that was the way with a lot of royals Iranians. When they find him in the playoffs. It is fine. They finally done waiting for this team for this long they finally got the job done mobile do it again here. In the future to baseball insidious or picking everybody in a team like the royals in the market and just as an app teams small market teams that will win the World Series you can't hang on everybody which got to reload NetSuite getting more. That's yet trust in Dayton Moore to get the royals back to where they wore. Which right now they're on the trek to be back toward war with some of the young talent this team has. In the minor leagues swing for the fences. And swinging. Every swing for the fence iron fence just makes sense that the good guys advance Jake cage second inning. Up until Mike Leavitt the women here 444 feet at a five point three off the bat that was self breast and Portland and number 45. She won its sixth inning for what he spoke this 108. Off the bat for him this story all the boss back to back it back to back. Home runs but this year's earnings XP. Ninety point three off the bat and swing for the fence. With better fans accuse me since. The guy events. For the average X rule things filly excellent. 6936. Paging two way. Watching his team currently think about the losses or go watch this team right now I think about the team that we're seeing now. After the all star robbery and this is why. I'm enjoying this team yet. That's exactly right and you think eleven last thirteen home games they won. I thought that walked off last night. That was certainly what they got the ninth tenth when they themselves. Walked a guy in installed yet evident GM. That I disease destined to be royals whose commute for walk off like the last in home games. They had three walk offs in nine games. 100 Hoosier walked one off Whitner feel walked. In the ask divorce act party one or Brian Goodwin scored yesterday. For all years only have three were in nine games stretch but there was in the other one. For the rose yesterday but Steve's on the watch. We've seen growth and development of Brad Keller he film iron one thing I think that one seeded ninth when it seemed to the eighth. He went to wire through that ID six pitches that I would soon get there. Guys are getting on base owning there in the eight inning. Needing to do it that's one thing we've seen with the royals pitching staff as of late. It's no longer than five and two thirds and it gives up roast in the island. For a third of an inning Kevin McCarthy brings in the clean things up. We were finishing innings even finishing seventh edition Heatley Keller. And I guess what they won't see film where do tonight let Phil Meyer. But in forty did last Friday that again he's much much much better at Kauffman Stadium. Did he is on the road obviously you learned potential road. To be successful Major League player but it goes it's at for the game. He said he said he told he Thelma usual featured another shot at these guys this team. Coming up at Kauffman Stadium and it almost. Minnesota play and get decent baseball I guess when two out of three against the royals in the Yankees came to Minnesota like the yen. The White Sox needed to be part of this week they beat the New York Yankees two out of three games as well when they came here royals tonight. What's different audience the opener philosophy elected mayor raised when he's a lever. To store. Big game. Tomorrow's game as we sneak peek now with twin peaks the ultimate sports lines you've been searching for pitching matchup septa tomorrow before it. Lopez. Who gets another shot in the Minnesota Twins for for game against them last Saturday he faces of the Berry. Gordy Lopez. Back to victory getting real. Sun Saturday you can be three young. Sunday ticket units by against the I'll get in the form of their tiger and of course the world it's. On Monday Tuesday Wednesday that it matches have been that in the world. Through Cincinnati to Detroit in the insisted that I'll see you guys tomorrow 6 o'clock in left field. Will twins. Team to a four game set to pick the person here who's in the operation. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Billed by the international brotherhood of electrical workers hope. 124 of Kansas City for more coverage go to big notebook at 610 sports dot. News hour rounds six and Sports Radio talk radio doctor. I'm stationed.