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Thursday, September 13th

The Hits, Chiefs v Steelers ALL HOUR 


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It's not a five day so much soliciting it is drive care and respect here fitting in taking up until 6 o'clock. Did you ready for Thursday night football assault is to eat from Bilbray how close of Baltimore vs Cincinnati. The all time Ceres is tied at 22 and 22. And pain of the last fourteen games have been decided by one possession you're looking for something to do this Thursday night it seems like we could see a good entertaining matchup. On Thursday night football as the ravens take on the Cincinnati Bengals I agree with but in the playoffs at the bagels that nobody else. So to potential playoff teams taking action tonight. On Thursday night football a lot to get into in the game today if you missed any of our interviews natured at the podcast page we have a teller I did not machines and actually. He stiffed us today who can we contract adaptable he spit you just to go there all Sam Johnson was on the show Sam Johnson a pro football focus he was on the show if you want the best that break down. A chiefs and Steelers got the podcast pays him Munson from Pau pro football focus. But let let's get. What's your cold and waiting all day out. Stories of the day every day at 5 o'clock. Tuneup. They had surprise you by the Broadway Delhi aimed mostly Jewish deli for a mostly not whose city is now open in the crossroads and it is the official dally. Of 610 Sports Radio Bob Sutton all the coordinators. All we speak on Thursday deem weak but it she's played on Sunday. Obviously Ron Parker starting air Marie starting it was supposed to be Sorenson and very. A Boston says got to go with the guy. And then drop the little nugget about one Eric Berry is. Not what anybody thought of our rules don't believe. It is it's where wrap although those guys stepped up did a good job in America now. You know they need just got to keep going itself would not honestly sure when he's he's come back and Dan's going to be walk you know. So yesterday Andy Reid specifically mentions the word Billings today Bob Sutton says we don't know when we're going to get Eric Berry back. This is certainly trending in the wrong direction about getting Eric Berry back sooner rather than later right yeah I mean it has to be me this my theory only half who they are cleared. I think after practice one dates all the cheese he was experiencing some discomfort with a deceiver corporal. They decided the best course of action was sitting down for a couple weeks they thought that would steal the inflammation. And he would be able to get back on the field in time for the season as part you remember when this first started just. A whole lot of pain now maybe it was all an act maybe Andy Reid is Bradley Cooper when it comes active but the shoes didn't. That word about it I think as we got closer and closer to the season they start realizing that it was not just going to go away. And this seemed to me like a coordinated. We can talk a little differently about it. If you read it never use that term Achilles and so yesterday Bob Sutton had never said anything like I don't know when he's going to come back. This particular stands outdated and he's literally day today that's all I know. When Bob Sutton says I don't know when he's coming back when Andy Reid used the term Achilles it has to hits you like they thought they had a plane going into in his body hasn't responded with a thought it would. Then after the coaches caddies have said that's okay so Malia ready. It would consider a wait and try to plan that Eric Berry does Shelley's don't back any time soon to me. It doesn't stuff from did it's I don't know. So I thought that put their theory to. A silent as the opening set. Life that I go to that are not ready yet you're in ten minutes ago. Tennis about it now you're like oh you'll on the that is just totally ready. The Callaway what they're there right now Eric Berry is put them on the shelf over here not to worry about it. What he's ready to go he's ready to go but it's not your rights that that you put it perfectly this is not trending in the right direction three feet. Pat. And are there not died in other clues yet as company Pittsburgh Steelers for the Pittsburgh post gazette. In 1985 and shadows eat the ship it was a that is correct because prime Ed who's champ will be on festival in the morning tomorrow at 8158. And to get him look at the Steelers or weak to beat Sheila teeth and Steelers excuse me. But today. Meted this out just dobbs confirmed that he took. The first team quarterback snaps with the Steelers today as Ben Roethlisberger continue to be sidelined with an elbow injury. Now normally Wednesday's Ben Roethlisberger does not practice but he did not practice again today. Think we can all agree that Ben Roethlisberger is going to play on Sunday against the chiefs. But is it somewhat good news or stands. As it could be better off burgers a little nicked up against that secondary of the city chiefs. Monty I don't know. Rob Bernard that plant pots. But it seems like somebody that likes intentional like supposed to be talking about it like that you worried about. I said after the jaguars games and we have 22 Boone and Edison of his wounds and it does it. Never speak three times it was about retirement likes a bit problem record is a little bit at the and just needs our attention and he doesn't talk about. I'm always going to assume that the rock of burger is playing but again there rubble Burger King playing possible I don't know. I think it's something is tomorrow Mike Tomlin talks in the last practice of the week. Is he going to walk it's just let's see what happens I think it's way too early to say right now it's either going to be Samari practices or it's going to be game time decision that at 10 o'clock Sunday morning we'll know the status of the public. You see guys Rockford about is one of those guys that you want people worry about it but do they do they ask how he's doing the cops an attitude he's kind of a paid cash. Exactly what. Tomorrow's the day for me though when it comes down. Tomorrow's Friday night games on Sunday. Roethlisberger of veterans get the hall of Famer that little Lotta time to get ready to be on the practice field he's not there tomorrow and probably. Maybe there's something to that. He's not on the practice field tomorrow if that's that's rom that with two ads tomorrow on the matter but a few forced in at. Three. Okay. 2009. Pro Football Hall of Fame nominees were announced earlier today. Headlined by Tony Gonzales. For the guys on the list Ed Reed Champ Bailey London Fletcher our first year eligible players along with Tony Gonzales among the 102. Modern era nominees. For the 2019. Pro Football Hall of Fame class. Tony Gonzales. 1325. Receptions which is second to Jerry Rice on the all time career list. 111. Touchdown catches and over 151000. Yards receiving six all pro teams. It was a member of the all decade team from 2000 to 2010. Tony Gonzales is a first ballot hall of Famer I think he and Ed Reed are probably locks to get in for 2019 right. I. He Chan Daley. First ballot I could see him hitting him I probably so I was born know that yes I don't think he's on the tier of those first two guys but I do think he eventually gets into. Ward's going to be a very interesting case I don't all of respect in the world Hines Ward FEMA. If you fits in it's only because you play because. Only because he played blues feel that you put that same exact player on the teams are left out into that same timeframe. Aren't taught anything about Hines Ward but he played on the Steelers play in big games they were arraigned fines or is not a whole thing in my opinion. Is it news what is policy speech from from Tennessee Chattanooga that writes that when you lose. Protesting that all the same situation. And what reasons why did it is because he thought guys that deserve to be and should get in when they came up all of they took tell the log onto games eighth all time. In receptions Tony Gonzales is number two. He's got to be a first ballot hall of Famer. Out of character the couple alive at that and wait in line to get in I'll hear some other guy never heard of its way to get in Tony Gonzales. Has to be. A first ballot hall of fame he as the second most receptions in the history of the NFL. There's no way. No political got a good presentation. I had to walk. Tony Gonzales is Terrell Owens seemed like a pretty likeable guy good broadcaster all that stuff he's he's a first battle. No doubt. Got. An act includes hits there's. A little or there's a day Bryant yeah I was in a way I never for second even thought about it he was gonna be guidance and now he's a first ballot hall of Famer I'd look I'm honest I never ever thought about him not getting in on the first try. Ali comes Tony Gonzales like he's the definition of a first ballot hall yeah. Our in my opinion I don't us but a whole lot of time talking about this does go back and forth attacks or try to do this because in the 4 o'clock hour we had a poll today. So we put this poll up in it said. What's been the biggest reason for the last three losses for the chiefs against the Steelers Alex Smith Mike Tomlin an injury. Let down bell is eating toppled over ain't you read or lay beyond Olivia bill smashed the poll 67% of the votes are talking about it. Ellison said so say offense. But it's not just Alex with the maybe it's a different votes are not the conversation I was talking about how Pittsburg schemes against Alex met. And they know he's not like it's gonna challenge the the gotten teams don't feel. The guys Sissy guy and I you're talking asking pick an argument stick with its OS yes Pittsburgh figured out scheme to slow down Alex Smith and forced him to play twenty points under his passer rating. And I say it's confusing to me because the chiefs have told you that Spain Alex isn't good enough or wasn't enough why don't you believe him and the guy says no that's not what they told you they told you they'd see it pay his salary so they went out and got a younger cheaper quarterback not because Alice couldn't do it. A satcher this thing about college that is so confusing not know I've been called buzz Killington knowledge about that homes but. I don't believe that the ceiling is higher with homes and is about as simple reason. Other of the Washington. Tell you seen over the last twenty years that felt like they had a quarterback pick a winner is horrible and let him go. The team that you can think of other Washington. And it's not like Boston did have opportunities. With them and maybe only a one decision big problem but I think we can identify that was a completely different scenario. That when he came to Kirk cousins they just seeing them and they kept franchise tag and they kept franchise tag that was similar took the wheel back. You silent. He won the biggest contract eight shortly the money what's the best deal what's the best situation for me and I'll sign that contract when he came to. But the chiefs have openly told you the pain in me in the media and other teams in the NFL. We hit a ceiling of what we can accomplish at the quarterback position in in terms of beating teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers with this quarterback we got to change. It achieves firmly believe that out Smith could win this game that they have coming up on Sunday. He still guillotine. They would draft detachable homes they went went out there and it would got a quarterback or they would about the defense of climate or that would add pieces to help Alex Smith but they want it. And I think it's very telling when you look at the timing of when they drafted him. They've trapped homes after the titans game. They did get the quarterback did. They salt the game film after they've played. Pittsburgh at home as we can agree that's probably the best chance they've had to advance death playoff with eighty re now it's meant. Home game. Night game against the Pittsburgh Steelers you with a two seed had a bye week. Anyway even resting in week seventeen. You basically to fresh weeks to get ready instinct or own a home game at arrowhead which everybody tells me no becomes an error when I usually play everybody knows everybody goes yeah but the belief vision goggles that come into that by me and be able to win. I tell you guys what happened in the game. Not the cheers went up there and im in my opinion the moment Alex Smith didn't make that pass Tyreke till the moment they lost that game I think they went down and I think they had a meeting. I think that Clark was there I think that he Andy Reid was there I think the people that make decisions for the chiefs and I think they had an honest conversation are we good enough quarterback. I think the answer was no. I think the answer at that she's came up with no we're not good enough the quarterback so man. Looking at this game is. All offseason we've all talked about that she softens beans high dynamic we've heard guys like some Barbara say they can support thirty point Weaver everybody raise the chief softens. You patch from homes to win these kinda games the odds they're gonna have bigger games in week two game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But if you look at the numbers and you look at the chiefs' offense they could not beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. Over the last five games they played with eighty Reid announcement. They scored fifteen point six points per game that would have been 31 in the NFL when he thirteen lacked in the NFL and only fourteen. 31 and fifteenth sixteenth and thirtieth in a two by 2017. But she is or a bottom three offense in the NFL against the Steelers now we Campbell and I don't lately and Allentown possession we can blame that on Bob Sutton. And that she's told you it was two things but she's told you it was a quarterback thing because after they lost the playoffs to the Steelers they went out got a quarterback that also told you it was a run defense thing. And this year after the loss to Tennessee. They made it a point to get rid Derrick Johnson they've made a point to not bring back Tom hotly they've made it a point to give real its peaks and aid and all the other moves that they may. So that she's told you two things when it comes to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and they were not good enough at quarterback we have to elevate the ceiling offensively for us is the team. And we got to get tougher we got to get more physical we have to be able to stop the run does the chief told this offseason in my opinion. And the thing about this game to see that you go full circle right because I fully believe. Arnold the federal there were a thousand Maryland stadium ten minutes after the cheese sauce that playoff game at a column down there with Clark and Indian beach and and and and John Dorsey and sat around figured out that we get a good draft a quarterback battle that happened not. Then but I guarantee that conversation happened. And so on Sunday. It's gonna go full circle. Because she said the chiefs could not stop lady and a in four games lately on bell has rushed or. Somewhere in the neighborhood of plot little over 500 yards Everett 507 yards in four games against the chiefs. They could stop that's the hitch is that adds a New Orleans and they got a quarter. So that night is what started. The ball movement ago draft Patrick Holmes. Sunday. It goes full circle because the Steelers have owned the cheats. And of Patrick alms despite the bad second there that the geez that right now in go there and towards Pittsburgh. Everything will be valid. And I have set the this year doesn't. Matter talked him because I think next year the year after that of the years that. We'll find out what we got here I think you're gonna improve the second or that you do some better southern shore that defense that you be pretty. Well. This game is a nice little milestone. If the steeler game of the playoffs and outlaws in Kansas City when the game got not a postponed back to a Nike because the ice storm. And that's the time you realize you needed to draft a quarterback you when I got it and then I get Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh. With your new QB. Was Samuel markets what I Tokyo with auriemma would Travis Kelsey. Man if they can do this and will be validated for the pick at least for this for for right now yeah. Yeah no absolutely and that's one. I said yesterday. Economic point game this is the first thing that holds can do I don't think Alex Smith could then as we praised actionable homes and I'm not saying he had to be deserving of the brazen these. Everything Alex Smith could do so for up to this point now had two opportunities a duplicate that six diner pass the priest. I was I think the team accomplished got. The best breezy and geographical thinks he's it would have been saying it's what the team Telekom share. But I've seen out between Denver. I've seen them in Los Angeles before yet but one team. I don't think they can beat alma talk about New England now is Pittsburgh they hit their ceiling only what they can accomplish with Pittsburgh to someone attacks us or really the question. On when it comes to sealing. Do we know at the ceiling is higher or do we hope it's higher with outs and run. You don't know yet wouldn't homes but I think you did get to the point without Smith did she realized. They've gone they gone as far as they could offensively without Smith I think they squeeze. Every single. York. Touchdown and a outs but the big humanly possibly could and then they realize that their football happens. May guy's gonna get hurt throughout the course of the game somebody's got to be unavailable we need to elevate our ceiling. This big game to finding out how high your ceiling compete because again we can blame Bob Sutton announcing he hasn't been part of the reason why you lost. But last season and this that came from Seth ties with the athletic. The chiefs averaged fourteen point three points per game the last three times they've played the Steelers. Heading into the season they were thirty or they averaged 32 point eight points per game. Think about cheese were score on everybody. Just we're only touchdown pass let the right auriemma was the hottest thing in the NFL Alex Smith talk on him winning Indy pace. The change could do no wrong offensively heading into the game against Pittsburgh last year. This court thirteen points the chiefs have told you this year they have high dynamic they can score from anywhere on the field they think they have a topic dolphins in the NFL. I go on the road at Pittsburgh against the defense that has done a really good job limiting Natalie yeah quarterback but the other key players on your team. This go out and prove you can talk big against the chargers have been taught big against the Broncos make against in my opinion the second best team in the AFC the Pittsburgh Steelers. Taught me whatever you played Jacksonville in a couple weeks this is how you define it that she truly had a great offense or not. Taking only team that I think it is going to win their division that's for Steve. Really to point to is does it count. Does that count of course just live brothels. Is again late on bell is on this team the run game is on the as on this team. And mention this couple segments because it again if you just have to join us here on your drive home. Wait a bills rushed for 507 yards of four games against the chiefs of the most is any team it's not in the AFC north. Ravens he's run for 71 in nine games six to any of the bagels are seven games. 539 against the browns in six games he's played the chiefs four times 507 yards he freaking owns the cheese. So does that count in terms of I can't legitimately getting over a overhaul with a steel. Man I'm at the point in the NFL loves me it's just stay. If something's always gonna happen with team. Right now maybe York what are your five most important players is out it's not lightly on bill had some catastrophic injury let those choosing not to play me it doesn't come back this year. Or maybe when he comes back it's week eleven and it takes some time to really get acclimated he's not palladium billable. If football's not that kind of game to stop for anybody so I'm not coming here on Monday with some gastric sucked it this defense hold James Connor 47 yards a little late and delegate there again belly or he's losing to not be here. And you go out there and you beat duke because they have been eight the award in your side and that's why I really like Reggie Redlands and I certainly believe that is the offense maybe I'm being too hard Alex Smith. Man if he scored fourteen points a game in three straight games against the team bobbled I'm not blaming your coach I'm not late anti retail I'm not leaving Travis Kelsey. But it probably the quarterback at some point for those kind of issues. I also think it's on the other side with what you said about lady on bell I think Reggie rat limited really good point about what kind of game this is going to be. They're registering registered in boot for Islam affirm that or the moving. Can you can't let him do it will be so sluggish and you gotta take it to your stockbroker. And ultimately the leader of the different here today to vote for the most part but doing this too soon to come out and do a good job shortly before some movie for us having. So that we we are doing good job and I got control and what that would do good or. I think that part of it was obviously offense. An inability to move the ball I think that Pittsburgh figured out scheme and they dared. Ausmus to try to beat them down the field. ANC amongst the senate will play the cut later in the show you what from the most conservative quarterback in the NFL arguably the most aggressive quarterback in the NFL. I think how you defend that she's how you go about attacking them defensively is completely different with a pat on homes and their quarterback. Is announcement and I think the Steelers better than any team better than the patriots know how to exploit the weaknesses at that she said. With announcement on the offense but I regiment I'd say is this is going to be a physical kind of game. And let's talk about how dynamic it she softens much we talk about bill in its Leo brown a bit rob burger. Like Pittsburgh scored. You know 313035. Pounds forty Larry I don't go at it and that was the bustle but the last three times they've played him. It's been 161814. It's been a grind it out kind of game. But I think the Pittsburgh Steelers just impose their will physically and sheets whether it's run the ball lovely beyond bellwethers limiting your quarterback they just impose their will so again I think that she's been a good job this offseason it's that thing elevating their ceiling at quarterback. In trying to get a lot more faster and physical. I would say Reggie rat I'm talking in terms of tackling economic stuff. Is such an improv I say he is the improvement you'd think Holmes is at his position. Reggie rags in it which is due to Jerry Johnson like all respect the world prepared Johnson. And he heard 5 AM and he was average rental as it was 29 yeah player 35 they. If it is gonna go into this game China's Utley on bill or James Connor. You're somebody like anything it's into your side not so much like Derek Johnson. You or I care about Reggie rag with comment to C is that he basically they're the first the first thing you got to do to solve anything is identify the problem. And Reggie Iraq knows the prop. But the Steelers had to go there they're gonna bully you the pusher rather to get physical they're gonna smack in the mountain you're gonna lose. It's a Reggie radler and the chiefs. That at Brett beach. Eighty read they know what the problem is that's exactly what the Tennessee Titans did that she's last year that's exactly what the Pittsburgh Steelers are dotted t.s last three times they play. That identified the problem and they try to address and make this goes back to end in this is something the EU can't understand why they didn't laughter get a quarter. Maybe this is one of the reasons why. Because if you're gonna get to the ANC you better beat the Steelers. And they can't stop lady on bell that run game so let's go get Xavier Willie let's go let's go get in that he agents let's make sure we got Reggie rag in in there. And maybe let's try and try to stop it that way. Because you gotta start somewhere that identified the fact that possible playoff win what twice. Pittsburgh not to matter was because Roethlisberger threw all over the yard. It was because mark is Mary Joseph with a little over the art that playoff game it's because they could doubling the unbalanced because they could stop there can. So Sunday's a big test to see it the cheese can finally stop the run against a really good team. And I would say aside from Alex Smith is I think the blueprint was out on the chiefs you get points the chiefs. It wasn't just steals a prostitute last year the jets policy chiefs last year the giants ponson chiefs last year Tennessee punt that chiefs last year. It was pretty obvious to me that like if you could turn the game into a physical. Kind of game that you were not prepared to come when those football games last year if you were a team network that was committed to running the football. Committed to mutt to muddy it up that the chiefs. Pick windows track each game like last week against Lothian just wanna attract he's got a games you know early on that it was gonna take at least thirty points the win that kind of game. This might be completely differently than that and again I think the blueprint was out on the chiefs and again. Chiefs match up better against doing in the match up against the Steelers. I don't know what it is with eighty re but he figured something out when it comes to. Out of school on the patriots had to move the football against them how to slow breaking down just a little bit yeah they didn't figure out that blueprint when he came to the Steelers you're hoping. With Reggie with Reggie rag and now second year in the defense with Anthony tensions with Kindle Fuller. With the guys that you got in Patrick Holmes your thinking that you had a different blueprint the sun beat dispute yeah. You better have like is the one that reason before his or me that's for dentures so. This is a real. Kind of corny cliche but it is the litmus test and that is the first one of the year really that we talked last week been charged charged at a media you know that when the AFC west. This is the one viewer actually advance the player you gotta be teams like this medical have a chance to see you know she's can actually do. I would accomplish lady elbow is going to be in I don't I don't know how serious all of us see what she Roethlisberger policy bell and see how we stack up against them. Because. Surely be on comes back in six weeks and is in the Steelers make the playoffs that she's getting and they got to face off. I don't know if she's can handle. You know I really do all she that they can beat Pittsburgh because at the way she stacks up right now it's golf you Pittsburgh's going to New England that's it. And we're not get the full Pittsburgh steeler team on Sunday may get Roethlisberger. And so on so. I am curious to see the singular play because it didn't go full circle. If if we all agree I think we do. That the chiefs made the decision to draft a quarterback after Alex with mr. streaking to a regular that playoff game in Kansas City. That's what they made the decision get all delegates go to Pittsburgh appliance is going to be a fun game. There way to Cassel is going to be a fun game and is one of the better games on the NFL schedule coming up on the other side. There are only two players in the NFL that I think are unstoppable for not talking about quarterbacks in this team played one of them coming up we talk about coming up as a draft. And two I think they're two unstoppable. Players in the NFL. One of them is heading up against fewer chiefs this Sunday at first got to beat teams with. You don't happy Thursday at 530 right seat on which do you suppose that's who don't bottom the fit it's our promotion brought you by village last. Discount liquors be the fifth dollar right now and I went 357676. To an end. It used it to baseball players and home run in the bottom half of the fifth inning through next Thursday if you are correct. You know if it gives your city village west discount liquor if you don't win you still. Gotta be qualified for John if you'd see for 250 dollar gift items say this again if those balls Reagan bottom of the fifth brought to you by village list. Discount lakers beat the fifth caller right now and I'm 135767610. Pick a baseball player and a home run in the bottom of the that they do next Thursday. If it would have fifty dollar gift certificate. The village west is count Laker even if you don't when he qualified effort on the end of the season for 250 dollar gift card gets boo. I think there are only two unstoppable players in the NFL. I'm one is aides fully healthy Rob Gronkowski now so what you might say when is he polio the make very good point there's not. On that thing really happen in the Leo but the full outlasting its Houston he predominant last last week against Houston. I think the other one is Antonio Brown these last six games in which Antonio Brown played at least thirty snaps. Nine catches for 93 yards and a touchdown. Seven catches 432. Yards and two touchdowns. Eleven catches for 213. Yards zero touchdowns. Eight catches for 101 yards and a touchdown ten catches 1692. Touches. King catches a 144. Yards and three touchdowns those the last six games Antonio Brown has played at least thirty snaps. Antonio Brown is not one of those players that you stop. I don't find it very likely I don't find it very probable that the chiefs are holding Antonio Brown a four catches for 24 yards in this one. It feels very similar to last year with Ezekiel now that she's actually did a good job against Ezekiel early last year. So let 95 yards rushing in the open things up for Ted Williams who boasted the chief last year. I don't think there is stopping Antonio Brown in this game and you limit them. Is five catches for eighty yards in this game. I think Antonio Brown if you factor in the rules the way they are right now when you factor in the defense the way it is right now I think we are seeing the best offense or wide receiver in the history of the NFL. I get to audio brown has been that good the last five seasons in the NFL. I don't think that she's a stopping Antonio Brown this year pumping any team to stop them this year I think you try to limit them and try to hold them under 125 yards in the. Silly dude does Stephen Nelson on him with like Parker of the top you can afford it showed on YouTube. I'm struck field that would she's gonna do because I'm with Alan McGee can't stop and there's a handful of teams that I mean the patriots did it last year. You know they failed to catch 24 yards by. I don't know how good stuff in the right do you waste an awful lot of even if you know that and Antonio brown and again he has. And then in the run the risk that Stephen Nelson did you use on YouTube. It would it would be cures to a Bob doesn't that because if if it's me. I'm gonna say it Tony is gonna get is. Steve Nelson. Let's get help over the top. With rob Parker and lets you can't afford can do and use of skill that. You know it see if that works. Because why waste your best corner on a guy that's gonna get it is that makes any sense because I think GG well the Stephen Nelson and we Kimmel. So apologies unity ones. I don't know what they're going to do that I look at his game right now in the entire she schedule. That she schedule. I think this is the worst mismatch that she's the entire season now I can't think of another team in another unit that matches up bogus medical device Brady. Let me but I would say bring it. I slowed Libya people in the all too up on the ground it but I mean all the multimedia doorstep had a touchdown via but it. Rex Burkhead sunny Michelle opt out. Brady's incredible. I'm talking about when you factor rate above average quarterback play within Roethlisberger and the best wide receiver in the NFL Antonio brown and a tough point right receiver and huge. So good for the she secondary at this all the secondary they are to drop passes away from getting 500 yards passing in five touchdown pass the pillar rivers Keenan Allen Travis Benjamin Tyrone Williams and those guys. You're going up against a team I think is better than them we can acknowledge that achieves that and goes completely different now. That it'll balls. That's stepped out of say there's two passes but I think the Steelers may back on a plate. If the Steelers run that play where if you guys remember. Stephen Nelson goes to the left break in the middle of field George receiver is wide open in the end zone drop the ball into brown catches that that's a touch them. The play right down the middle of the field rubble that was Orlando Scandrick and it was Travis Benjamin middle of the he jumps up in the discloses hands too early. Drop pass. The Steelers are making that play here. That's a first down change the momentum deepest of fields into the them and tiger complexity of the day. I'm not saying anything you guys don't know but I'm looking at the armed look at that she schedule tell me what team. Matches up their strengths that perfectly aligned with what your team's weaknesses are better than in the steelers' passing attack. Then the Kansas City she secondary this could be a very long day and like I said it's really this feels very similar to the cowboys game last year whenever they went on the road. Just feels very similar week the cowboys could do something that she's good stop. We saw enough of the team's run defense going up against Zito LE that you knew. Man if he's eligible for this game you're gonna have a tough time stop it and this game feels very very similar that if the Steelers make a dedication to. Eight were gonna blow the ball forty times and as we're gonna move Antonio Brown all around the field. And we're gonna spank them more times than not leveling a standard matched up one Antonio Brown. This could be dangerous for that she second. It doesn't feel like that to me at all because. I think bald eagle there and light it up and he lives that is. Homes can't wait to go to Pittsburgh played Ben Roethlisberger. And that she's also have that Sammy Watkins to their arsenal to. And this is up that we touched a little bit earlier I mean this is done pretty good job shut that Tyree killed Travis Kelsey cream they play. You go back the playoff game Spencer way to do much against me. That Sammy Watkins and to be shaped locket and holds the X factors in this game those two things geez elephants and it didn't have before. They got a young quarterback or all of the art. And yet Sammy Watkins. That's new that's different and the Steelers haven't had to face that not to mention that literally at linebacker Ryan she's hearing Joseph needs a little bit banged up to one other course. If if the Steelers I'm like okay this differ crew Roland. Bullet different. So now instead of the speedy Tyree kill. And the really bad matchup in Travis Kelsey and a decent running game. Now we got to worry about Patrick Holmes is not afraid to make any throw the field and Sammy Watkins. Steelers got to be really concerned about to suffer as well that's the difference in this game. Yeah absolutely but. I agree with you that the senators get to actually got torched I think you know blow. It's difficult to ask your team to go out there recently scored thirty Bob was try to win this game but the opposite Steve's gonna do but in what an awful lot of games and bad days and eat and saying it your expectation is every single week and we got to score thirty points to get ourselves that means the that's let's get a big that's just bad that they've really hard and this is space do overtime as I think it is they really really difficult thing. Not sick and they can't do it as an individual game. Making it. Look at Pittsburgh defense not assault last week a lot of opportunity a lot of we slept on the field in Cleveland. Cleveland but that does not when I open Tyrod was the biggest reason why they lost that game sweep at all the rest of the team played pretty well Tyrod give them a chance to win well I think he'll give you a chance to win this guy's got a glut there may place I'd is looking Antonio Brown. It's people's your funny I'm not saying that he's Brady moss I don't think you Randy Moss I don't think Easter acts. I think if you look at the numbers impact on the game he is Jerry Rice. He is Randy Moss look at the last five years from Antonio Brown you can put that five years up against any wide receiver in the history of the NFL and he is better. If not as equal to them on the field that I look at this game you were not stopping Antonio Brown. Your hope in this game with a secondary struggled ivory that's my that's got the best case scenario. You shuttle in the five catches six catches and you try to keep them under a hundred yards and you consider that a win against Antonio absolutely I don't geez can do that. I'm not thinking. I don't. I mean the chances delay beyond well enough to worry about them. You know but I don't know if they can do it and I don't know if they can do is look at this team is I don't know if you can go out there and do it again it's is it feels bear read very similar. To the cowboys game last year for the steam coming up we put a bowl this thing it's drive the I. Back in college today Bradshaw was on The Dan Patrick Show is what he said he was say it again bell who is still holding out. Well I would it's Alan get your body and did you by the end and I would tell the Steelers find this guy is should it find him already at the game of the op Ed that all about op at my god they've scored 42 point in the playoff game and that by the offensive coordinator have yet. To figure that out so I would. It and go play. He need to be at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh needs in the they won the Super Bowl if only because the Levy on bell okay they need him to. The play. And you need that time and now they're butting heads now about that the wind minutes talking against them so now he's probably gonna packets back and it tomorrow. This weird situation Olivia and I'm bill plays this season let's let young Belgian everybody says he should be doing keeps his head down goes out there balls out has a really really good sees right. Yet the and other people's target for not paying lady bill would be on the and you get 320 cares last year I'm the only got so many hits in your body. It really is a really tough situation to be in his palladium though now. I would have handled it differently the lady belly and a part of the backlash is what happened with the Pittsburgh steels often sublime it is. I don't think delayed beyond bell and agent kind of played like hey I'll be back first week yeah. And walk back in the first weeks autistic if your on the team why you're frustrated by the news but I feel like all the people saying that lady on bells should be back they are not factoring in that oblivion I'm bill played this season it was the same lady on -- you would then use playing this season against him and the reason to not pay it next year but there with nothing lady on bill could do in the scenario yeah. She'll be at fourteen million dollars is what he can do and still get paid after the season if he stays healthy. That's what he can do. And like UST it's spec experiences you'll so it's a body. Position so it. We agree that it would use the reasoning of course that's adult because they let it. Any player any player currently he has. The exception of quarterback there which is much they possibly can't. For little's humanly possible that he's everything they possibly can catch it with the other position is different when it comes to defensive line when it comes to wide receiver when it comes to quarterback they don't use the same argument they do for running this bit of likely be there he played quarterback he'd be there he played wide receiver beat platelet act. But he plays. Like this bill's last chance to get a big guy we agree that this deal it take palladium. So what team paging is next the weather's Steelers whether it's the part as cheap you don't care what you picked this. Chance they get paid. Maybe would hit a little bit differently but I think it is dishonest to at least not acknowledge it unveiled a bill was doing everything that people wanted to do. They would use the same thing they wanted to do against him never came done yet. The girls are gonna say we have played football. You know there is that against him as well. If they want to you know we'll find anything that could possibly use to knock down a salary for William bell. My point is basically this this deal all the leverage as a matter right field lately about what he's doing what he's not to. Leverage. Its in the franchise tag. I change everything and just appear. Spite your sitting out here lost 855 grand last week was another 850 fiber at this week. To me I don't despite missing. Almost two million dollars. And he's no. So she's a moves man and maybe. It's just a different economic principled and yeah I think you're agent is telling you the two billion dollars losing I'll give it back where both guys can do things that we don't ails you would do it does not tell you that money you better. I think what should Scott Boras told Mike the stock is that too. Mean it's a roll outs of it and let's make it seem likely be handled it might not say yeah I'm sick and agents get it wrong to. Is you better be right because he's not and laid under a bill doesn't get the big deal he missed out on fourteen million dollars Abdullah this should be Paris via. I mean you're you're paying your agent to give you the right information again I I I distinct peoples commentary palladium bill. It is very dishonest Terry Bradshaw was on other Dan Patrick show he was talking like he was uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. When they have to practice. Totally head is. I'd and Coach Williams set they set up how far can you fill this thing and how much I have no idea they stood mail on the goal line. And I could 84 yards. Oh. A long way does he went to a competition in the NFL. And I'd do it seven. Seven the six yard could damp patch rainy doubly good 79. Yards. Sounds like an old fish installer. Equivalency to throw it. We have that's that piece that he could 83 or. Little things that he's 83 yards like Brad justly for an. Old clip well when it comes through it. I'm not bind this entire branch I mean I'm only thirty years olds might make it seem like you mean the Terry Bradshaw was on fox and failure line so I'm not gonna make it seem like I know the same tier brands ultimately runs in Minnesota you know when he comes their Rancho. All of this though a little bit you know what you call the fish. It was two feet and as the years go all it was a five foot fish became a ten foot push. Its marlin. Tell uncle Rico stories but the guy. As I ever threw it in college was 83 yards a little bit of wind and a bags. A little little went about that but I like this and I can get anywhere and anytime yards and on the day. Lower. Its answer restaurants that were that easy incredible. Care and better and there. Your Brad shedding 84 is my home city threes out an owner I mean there's a million and a great talents Golan and it was the forward. Half went here rat is it Lynn Swann and John Stallworth and you need to bring you don't Aristide back to sell offs that barely the four page has invented a Johnny 32 year old go back and watch some of the in sling it to partly on leather helmet that's not true Paula. The most over rated player in the history and legend about Joseph name deployment he might he might be it but. Tara Bradshaw you know or rentals completions in Mosul is 2%. I'm hearings again. Now people what some are being obsessed and hearings you don't certain Terry Bradshaw was Tim Dorsey that's who we was. Any competent quarterback in the with the O stated in the seventies and they would one. In any Franco shares and that defense in the seventies it immediately and squat a lens line about what John Stallworth could add. Played quarterback for those it was team that's a rule and Friendster I'm. I'm telling you Terry Bradshaw is the most overrated player in the history of the united well. But here's the NFL pretzels for season 824 interceptions and had six cuts that's bats and rough here did not. See that he and thirteen touchdown pass and it's one utilities on itself was trying that's. It was somewhat now he was. But you played on the Rite Aid I'm telling you Terry Bradshaw is in it felt indoors. He threw a lot of pitch man even of the it is too early years the he had to 48 touchdowns twenty picks. Or six touchdowns 2.5 picks in 1979. All over the place but this goes back to its low we talk about the right when it comes to situation. When it comes to quarterbacks this situation you got yet the steel curtain got Franco layers that Rocky Bleier back there yet John Stallworth Lynn Swann. They had a decent quarterback just wrap spam. I mean their Rancho agent care in today's and that's who he would be he'd be aging McCann. A quarterback records 10751. Does that mean you played awesome I'm denying that he didn't play at some really good teams he certainly that was backe when men were men and and cultural place you need some authors accord and he certainly played some really good teams but on the team that went twelve and four he threw 26 touchdown passes and 25% of its ally that would never happen. And not let an effort. Now. That is raising. Ellie were there was there fourteen in tune with 48 war. That's all I'm saying typical BS and that is to 84 yards from home she said he threw an 81 there he's out here on he's yeah he's he's normally go I don't know 112 touchdowns and 210. And at ease all fake I'd rather correctly averaged a very different. Relates to win guys that's that's really what it is big different ways to win incredibly averaged it's what undergraduate is what counts the most that the obvious. That's the case is one of seven and 51 no he was he he certainly was the quarter on clean out his group Alex Smith defender. What sounds like the same argument you credit registering. I. Was probably. Oh yeah that was signaling that a lot of support get out of here Todd Bowles is talking about a franchise quarterback because. You guys won't believe as the NFL I think people love we have releasing a whole lot to do it right Sam Arnold. We won games well. I can tell you think about 400 more things we have going on right now this is literally. All said it takes 100 games they'll got a franchise Goldman can amount of Watergate broke. This couple they don't say well I'll love it takes to certainly don't take one on it's that it's been hurt and that's seen him in Auckland that's over six seasons well it doesn't it it doesn't take sixty I think it takes boring Patriot Act I think at the Indy your second season. You've got a really good idea after three you know that's the guy. I don't see any floor with Carson once I feel really good about what she got the array of answer angles tonight. I'll take ravens today and missed it I think I think my ankles. I mean one thing I do know is it's got to be under that's what I don't know this seventeenth fourteen were all over sloppy Thursday night game. Back again. He gets you ready or cheese and Steelers of important we do is important the week two matchup again be. Struck back tomorrow.