09/13 4p - Chiefs Mismatch, Around the NFL, C-Dot Twitter Poll, Survivor Pool Picks

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Thursday, September 13th

There may not be a bigger mismatch on Sunday, Around the NFL, Carrington put up a twitter poll that got a lot of run plus our week 2 survivor pool picks 


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You know what this week is actually had him. Was up. Normally when I say these kind of things I get home because he called him down your program was killed when Barnes character and I did on nine. But this might be one of the few weeks that we all agree what I'm about that. That she's played on stopping Antonio. I don't know what the plane is I don't know what they're going to do I don't know what defense they're going to call I don't know by trust Bob's son. I don't know my trust is defense enough to stopping Antonio Brown but I feel good for the first time in maybe. Like seven months I'm on the same page as everybody else when it comes in the Kansas City Chiefs I feel good about you on the gauntlet of standards and shut them down no I don't feel really confidently and it was either gorge for months and it or don't charge various war Stephen Nelson I trust you know Poehler yeah but knowing Bob Sutton in the defense is the last five times I've seen him play. And lined up alongside Antonio Brown a whole bunch I was dealers out of a lot of line Antonio Brown up on that side I would take advantage of the other quarterbacks on the team. If I look at what happened and you said this to not look too much into the chiefs and charges losses. They thought it was really to miss plays away from wide receiver yeah haven't five touchdown passes and five yards a game yeah. I think Antonio Brown makes that catch in the end zone where Stephen Nelson breaks off to a lefty sit there wide open in the hands of a drops that. I think this to a sport touchdown on that play the long played at right down the middle of the field would Travis Benjamin. I think juju comes down looked at football it's first down Pittsburgh at home get momentum on that play. I think we look at that she's in higher schedule and he would just use not to Antonio Brown had done that right probably not going to work but it does put it but it also do that keep lightly on the light like that. Playoff game maybe Nellie did not work yeah I'm looking at that she's entire schedule. This season. Tell me where there is a bigger potential mismatch. In Pittsburg Steelers passing attack. Against chiefs' secondary. Now that she's going to have that similar advantage against other teams. When you combine this offense and how quickly they can score points they're going to exploit deficiencies and other teams hell I just saw him do it's added to the Los Angeles chargers. But tell me what match up they're going up against in the rest their schedule. Pittsburg San Francisco obviously two games against Denver Jacksonville new wing in Cincinnati. Cleveland Arizona. Los Angeles Baltimore Seattle those games non divisional that we know you got to play those team two times got five more games left in addition. What other unit in the NFL are you more worried about that your team has a weakness and are unable to stop in the Pittsburgh Steelers passing attack. You don't have any answer for Antonio Brown now not many teams do when it comes to Antonio Brown. You have no answer for it's audio Brian how are you planning on stopping juju we talk about the mismatch in where your team is strong and a team is weakened vice Versa. Really fit in secondary and they are really gonna go in the football. Yes. And this one legitimately scares me Philip Rivers I was kind of body he's he's got a they'll make his mistakes which he really didn't do recruit of the reason they didn't when that game. Last week Roethlisberger got the elbow injury but. This is not good for the cheese and you look at the history vs the Steelers that they have one in Pittsburgh since bill losses plane that was back in 1986. Steelers only cheese. Is the chief secondary he's as bad as it's ever ban this is this is awful. This is this the worst possible matchup you get a cute she's really great but they got me when this game. She's gonna I think forty on the Steelers in that. On the side when it comes one I mean maybe this is it. Talk about a guy like we sell its outlook Philip Rivers and some point rivers will give you an opportunity to make a play. Men and hobbled Borger is the exact same way would you be surprised if fallen so all Monday we're talking about Ronald Burkle and three interceptions and I can't be. Also would be shot to beat those five touchdown passes this game we talk got like theory it's like going into it like if this team was playing the saints. You're not doing anything we've Brees Brees of the consistent to a 52 touchdown passes maybe you get lucky get a pick. But Brees is gonna have a good day break for the most part has a good day. And there's a huge bear is there's a huge doctor Jacqueline mr. Hyde when it comes the quarterback position. But he's had a bad game you know rob expert W that is not gonna back up the bad game with a novel. We saw last year when he had five days is the jags came out they kicked it she says the following week that's the thing I. Regular week weren't. I didn't like okay. Shot here that's been does like to read that sector is bad game. I expect him to command line. And maybe I just read you bit problem burger completely differently I. Saying he could light the sheets up yet is it good to rubble burgers a first team our first ballot hall of Famer. I mean last year talk about the game they got smacked against the Jacksonville Jaguars he was 3030 prefer 55312. Yards zero touchdowns and five interceptions. In the game against the cheesy what right now seventeen for 25 to fifty to one touchdowns one interception sock right. To Carroll thought at risk and laid out bell rail over the chance to bet if he also has poured in nineteen points against the chiefs the chiefs defense will Rebecca 29 and passionate though the ball all over the last year they didn't understand when it comes to Roethlisberger. I wouldn't be shocked if he goes for 300 yards and his game because he's been robbed burger. I don't know I need to be shocked if he goes for 210 yards and those three touchdowns but she's a good chance to win this game. I probably Ciba Pittsburgh because of the secondary and because the games on the road yeah put that she certainly have a chance to win this football game no lately on bill who's been a thorn in the side. Ian if you look at the defense over the last couple times and the difference is giving you a chance to win last time you played this team it only scored nineteen points. But your office has got to do a little bit better than they got to give you which seems to win that game you lost last year to the Steelers nineteen a thirteen. It seems that when the idea if your office performed a little bit better. I saw this tweet from Jeremy Fowler of ESPN he covers the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is the Steelers have four under 69 rushing yards in last three games against the cheese. 469. Rushing yards in the last three games against the Shia dominated they've dominated so. That she's got a chance to win this game you've got to step up Xavier Williams and Anthony tensions. Those two guys were brought in for one reason and one reason only to stop the free can run. So. In Utah you touched on this yesterday she got your right racing island and how it handles commuters till you hit a good. This is a really really good running back and yet was cancer his senior year he was at Pitt and yeah or you possibly the first round graphics we play. Is stupid play so this do you know that they can run on the chiefs. She's way out there they got Xavier Williams. Away from the Arizona Cardinals and they got Anthony Haitians away from the Dallas Cowboys get a deal lively and linebacker come in their stoppers that. So. Let's see if they if if that part of this thing can work out. But to play devil's advocate here. Let's say that the Steelers decide hey we know late beyond bill we knew we had. A clear advantage we have Libya bill we don't feel like we have that same advantage when James Connor at least he gets the cheese let's try different strategy. Is this she's passed for us is they see secondary they've quit if its board decides it. We're all the all 45 times that he's not in the game and we're gonna dear Orlando Scandrick out on the outside to guard juju. Or hey Antonio Brown eventually they were gonna make sure he gets 1516 targets in this one because we don't think that the chiefs can do enough defensively to limit them. Does look at this game this game feels very similar to last year whenever they headed to Dallas. It means thousand were all worried about Ezekiel Alia it was the hole is you got to plays he's not gonna play in this when he eventually played it was like oh. A this is one once very typical game the way in tough game to win now you have a different quarterback maybe your more equipped to win a shootout with this team but. Many just it has a very similar feel to this one like I don't really know what you can take away last year the chiefs that are really good job and account was in the securely he'd run. Album achieve them but they couldn't stop Terrence Williams they could really stop the passing attack. If James Connor doesn't have a really good day in this when can't they stop the Pittsburgh Steelers passing attack but I'm sitting there and I'm looking at that she schedule. I don't know a I don't know it worst matchup on paper they steelers' passing attack against she secondary. I think it's Agassi you slept on the football because depth remember. The change in store can score in a millisecond and if if if the Steelers were gonna go out there aren't that pick on the set she secondary. And what you'll a couple of quick three and outs. Or a couple of quick to arise yet a couple of completions. You know convert on third down the money down in the house that you're not here because my homes and Kelsey and on. And Tyreke hill and Sammy Watkins and that group. Because they can score quick got too it's different offense yet too big changes on offense in the homes of blockage got too big changes on defense in my opinion. They can stop the Steelers and he agents and Xavier waves and I'm talking like can afford this point I think. I mean we. What about the secondary. With the Steelers they by the chief's office. Because the best thing about run the football beetle control the clock is that those guys on the field. And we've seen time and time again over the over the pre season it'll last week that they can't score in artery. You're right but also to play doubles that to keep your playing against one of the other teams offensively that can match you point your point I don't mean it seems like a match offensive weapon and firepower with the season we're talking about how this backup this Rosie it or is one of those teams could. But if this is gonna be a game play in the high thirties pits Perkins certainly matching touchdown for touchdown. When it comes that here's what Bob Sutton had to say about covering Antonio Brown. Yeah I figure a ten year matched him into although there's a lot of different theories and a lot of good marine sand bowl. Our series whom we kind of down left and right. Current situation here as you guys know. There's been nothing wrong with the win going the other way. If it's still probably gonna take. He's probably take more than one. Now more than one quarterback is somebody else got to add them. Part of the time Mars going to be you know can be tough day and there. Angle and and so you know we'll probably just stay like we have stage you know left to right. And an angle for the. So that was Bob Sutton when talking about the she's defense and how they match up against Antonio Brown. It's going to be a long challenge. I don't think there's many players in the NFL that I would label is unstoppable I think it healthy Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown had been to unstoppable players. In the NFL so bullets outside brings up a really really good points excellent six countries are six. What about bit problem burgers elbow he's struggling with that will know very early on if he's healthy enough lots of Ron can mean that they can tee and on the run. That is going to be something to talk about I don't know how series the Ben Roethlisberger injury they say it happens at all they set to happen on the second to last play of the game. Let's see what happens if this team comes out I could see Pittsburgh maybe try something deep downfield all to show you a bit aroused or responding yeah it verbally LP in this. Or look like I did it's a really good point let's see how let's see out Pittsburg handles the first ten plays of their of. Of their often its way to practice yesterday which is normal for a veteran he's didn't practice today I think tomorrow's going to be today or flat out it's if it's something right. Braxton on Friday he was just three straight days of practice lead up to this game and they either someday there. You know the old theater for the all that we'll go from there but your seat I don't know if you've got you got no idea bell and he got Ben Roethlisberger the bad battling. Then that changes things dramatically at the cheese. Oh it absolutely does coming up on the other side we get to the top stories of the day in the NFL. As we zoom starts tonight with Thursday night football around the NFL coming up this address. It's the reason I'm. You know way these bags. And as I wanna take a vote. Mark is here with Mike though for the Monday night game we believe. I would like to hear me tell you seem like we can't bring that he's gone. It I'll let alone here by Peter is wiped up against the raiders sounds like the most incredible audio ahead and in the history of NFL films that got some amazing stuff yet but. Mike Monday night in Oakland Alex the first ninety seconds of the go. It doesn't do it justice without being able to see it it's not as great as we think it would be all my good would you logic whereas. It's gonna rain and times of tension between all retrieve them. Now that I that it works DC I can't wait there's going to be like. Showtime think it's going to be I think they did it for the team I think it is pitiful little lazy Leslie that if the bill now is from the rains Twitter account of god helps those NFL films probably that. Look at my money though. Mark it's you against the raiders the only really good part was that first drive he tackled Marshawn Lynch account like how you like a lot Blaine. Oh yeah it's all about. Let me light up to the intersection and hit into the Mike up after the great in the end zone. I can't say with the gun and says that goes. Let's get an awful it's progressive whatever. There's Berman manner and they're close they're enters the spring you write your. I think the first part to better. This spring maintenance. You can start. Good start taught us rainy for one Aaron Rodgers and his head coach Mike McCarthy says quote it is no layoff for him to play on Sunday against. The Minnesota Vikings given how valuable he adds. Would you run him out there on Sunday following Sunday night's injury an epic comeback. I would not I would not solid up the Green Bay Packers last year that it never Aaron Rodgers in his labs. As a guy is becoming expert a knee injuries over the last couple years. I I would protect your Rodgers with everything that they have. How much they just pay him 134. You know. But the number is still out there that busy battling so ridiculous. How much money to pay their Rodgers now don't run him out there is the vikings who cares if we do with the NFL. You're literally went into the playoffs. Sit him. Don't even risk it. Run the risk if you want to lose than to visit him we zoom city. A eventual Super Bowl champion Minnesota Vikings if you'll high earning. Lure they did brought them back out there on Sunday night when everybody was worth of air rotten gonna miss the rest of the season Rodgers came out there when the 45. Came out like Willis Reed came out the land Paul Pierce in game one and let them. I do think that there is these certain kind of I think you ask your writer with the TV makes the most I think he says the white I don't think he says the bears the vikings always do well against them. I don't like Walking Dead but I assume that June aerial happens Yeltsin got hurt at Minnesota last year we did I would assume. I don't want Walking Dead I would assume there was a scene in where they thought zombie was day. And they were kind of celebrated the dead sound and the zombie turns around and it's one of the main kick on the assume that happened. I would beat John unless the bomb the vikings I will always assume until I hear otherwise Iran planned for the agreement that team player that's what it. I would do you cannot do mean little and I picked the vikings and when the Super Bowl. Ma. Joey closeup is still struggling. With that foot injury in rapport with an NFL network earlier today. Gave this update. This actually is a new foot injury had one that knocked him out for most of the pre season and coming back. Last week on Wednesday suffered a new injury this is described to me as a bone bruise in his last Sunday charges opener. This thing yesterday Green Bay visiting the doctor Robert Anderson is renowned with specialist. And the best thing about this visit. That there was really no news no revelations it's not like post all this I need surgery he does not he is now considered week to week. With this bone bruise and it is not a candidate. For injured reserve which again is very good news probably means he's gonna miss a couple of weeks. And be back out as good as new he's going to be out on Sunday after that. It remains to be easy it's so. So that was Ian Rapoport earlier today on NFL network I love these over under is over or under Pete or. Before Joey both sun comes back and plays or the New York pulling in the San Diego Chargers. I got one of those bold moves to Manhattan about these things but let all these guys talking about I think it's over bad. I think it's over for both overly for the rest of his career overlook the nose for the over under all that is what he's talking about ya take the over on that. You protect these young stars. It's early this season keep them ready to roll. The people healthy and I hope it was a big deal this another is to separate injury where it Rappaport to. I'm sick and that he's protecting gala to a vote so that we can absolutely best night's give and take the over. What you what your Rappaport said is something very similar to what I've been saying what they're bears. If he thought it was a serious injury you put more power to keep the roster spot open can still bring them back at some point throughout the course of seems. The fact the chargers are not doing it to two weeks would tell you that they think he's coming back immediate five weeks he does say yourself week when it comes to but we can be the difference between making the playoffs in missing the playoffs. I'll trust your racquet sports reporting when it comes to Jolie most about. You know in life sometimes you feel like you're doing your best you're just thinking ahead ma'am I mean. It is the charge of all of the right place. Guy drops into the end zone you drop it right coverage guy drops it on Orlando's game you feel like the best team ahead NC is John. Your second best player is injured for the first couple of weeks of the season he can't do anything right if you velocity. Golf. Or boxing game pitcher that we shouldn't we witness not a little bit. Six tackles and I don't like all of them but I did wanna keep doing that because if we keep saying stadium that's excellent no it was a just and that is it will. There you don't you know Tex lines are well stated. On the call them play and called client nine people who took some new Bruton who. A we made deals that until the teeth to sue the San Diego chart though I mean I. I I I'm sticking by that I stated that the veteran for you seventy milliseconds that's not a that was so we get it San Diego you know that's one olive view that I don't eliminated from the out of the survival. The good science. Do you guys even remember who they tuck I have I took a look I have survivors people not to speak to 445. Remember who the excellent but can beat once about the final one ravens and angles tonight. You know call me crazy. You phrase these are two AFC teams that could be competing for a wild card spot things. Yeah I got the big storm plus wild cards and that's what I'm saying at least someone on the shows as the Bengals could be going to beat. Playoffs and who would you rather see lose tonight. To help the chiefs' chances of making the last even though it's just neat to the ravens. I would say you want the ratings is for the ravens are better team. I think the veteran quarterback I think they're better skill position players and they get a better coach and influence but what Cincinnati veteran in the that's a lot since it has been in outrage today. That morning anything that tells me the other is going to happen mad tells me that the big or go. Our educational mold to in this. Coming cannot smoke that big of a more dangerous than that seat up is that that the bagels are basically in my opinion the charges against north. That's a good job good teams that Ritchie the bad stuff happens and they never go anywhere and you can charge them for the chargers of the AFC north and the San Diego Bengals only one team and guitars and see that's in charge I don't know they were to do there. Some of the really debate assumes that over the years they did not the not a member of the blue bleeding it's the Steelers the. Asked the leaders of the yeah. The bagels or party five and the shoot themselves in the funnel and I know the singles target by about the same coach for fifteen years in zero playoff when that's kinda the bagels are very good plays audio for you guys because it is some of the most incredible. Ottoman assembly inspect specs on your gonna hold hands and mouth it's plenty now there was a us day. The most incredible audio I've ever heard in my entire life so. To give you Bagram there's no video the host of the podcasts are going to recall a moment to shout at bank. Listen to the accuracy which you can get the stuff right. Week twelve seats at rams. 429 in the second quarter second and seven on the saints seven. What happens. Josh Reynolds touched down our schedule players a three man rush. You're absolutely are you kidding me here on the label they now we're gonna go to. This is Sean McVeigh's time in Washington columnist covering your back to exploit fifteen weeks seven. Balks at spins out second and seven on the Tampa Bay 24. 58 seconds left in the fourth quarter Q is he Carter we were out on the right side. CBC Crowder reroute Telerate sidelined some the first down and how to drive ends ordinary touchdown or I want individualized those plans. And what I mean there was that game. You like that. You aren't supposed to be able to do. Like you are supposed to physically be able to do which army made into a you literally can say 712. In the game at Pittsburgh to tell you the play they called. Human beings are not supposed to do you have that kind of recall your nostrils yet to have that kind of memory accurately to them. Would you say. I've forgotten to Yasser Arafat Arafat coming all the other side get all questions today. What's the biggest reason why did she since Steelers. The Steelers have dominated that she's the last three games we'll tell what you guys coming up mr. In about fifteen minutes we'll give you a chance to win a prize on survivor. I won last week meaningless beat Specter won last week callers one last week text line not a divider. Knowing Lance. Chains. You only get some shots in the survivor like the feel it's excellent genetic you're very quickly when it comes about what I told you guys are running the table here. I think analytical eleven I'm calling my shot and a bigger 111 weeks in a survivable. Google labs you're likely to the end. Now probably not as tough it's it's not to go undefeated you know stuff I mean that's why only one team in the last thirty years has done its top the gold eagle regular season undefeated at their place footballer distilling survivor pool I'm picking football game since outlet. I I do they similar again I mean I think I'm going to I think I think I'm gonna pick arrive for the first eleven weeks of the season after that. My completely fall apart by a few really good about watching what worries me about this driver will try to get too cute sometimes try to outsmart yourself like you did last year. And you're done ski and lead to a we will see what have got to take the lock in case. All right well there's this week's show me a lot because this is a very very difficult we believe it's a break and we'll we'll get to it on the other side. In the survival was us and we put a poll out. It's what's been the biggest reason for why that she's lost the last three games against the Pittsburgh Steelers. We had Alex Smith. Tom and over read and lately I'm bell we have almost 4000 people multiple. Lady bell had 67%. As the biggest reason why the chiefs have been unable to beat the Steelers. Over the last three games. Now lately bill has certainly been a problem for the chiefs. Oh what acting should cause you to be optimistic as the chief Spain is. Your offense has not done enough. But I wanna consulate yum belt and again that she's had not done a good job in stopping Libyan rebel. But the chiefs and their last five games against the Pittsburgh Steelers are averaging fifteen point six points per game. Our offense is not giving you a chance to win these kind of games when I think was happening with the Pittsburgh Steelers it is. I think it Tomlin and his coaching staff noticed while ago. Alex Smith is not somebody's gonna beat you down the field. And you gotta have the personnel really the match up with the she saw solid with what she's defensively. And Pittsburgh with the linebackers and a speed they're one of the few teams that came at the chiefs were averaging 32 points. Per game coming into the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers scored or seen in the last matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers. For what ever reason that the chiefs just do not match up well against you lose your hope that she status. Outlook the old and with the new Alex Smith couldn't beat the Steelers at least it appears that way maybe Patrick Holmes can. I've voted youthful days. I did and I and I voted for Libya bell here's why your right to ever score enough points and I argue that. But Lady Antebellum for games against the Kansas City Chiefs. Has rushed for 507 yah that's. That is the most. Any non divisional team that he's faced he's faced the Baltimore Ravens nine times rush for seven wanting. The bagels seven times rushed for six to end the browns six times and rushed for 539. He has rushed for 507. Yards against the Kansas City Chiefs but it's not really close at any other non divisional team in the NF well. But don't support the cracks me. All the changes. 272 against the patriot he's faced them three times. Titans. 215. Faced them twice. Owns the chiefs it's really comes down to our salaries like the cheese drug addictions Xavier course. And you've got deals that got devils got him got a real shot Derek entry. Don't that they. Don't I stop a sudden taking up. But I think that's the biggest reason why because when you run the ball eat clock. And so frustrating when when they can Wear you down and run the ball late on bell. Like Ty retailers such unique skill set re so patient bounces around on line until it finds all I think. I think he has lost back and it's part of it and find the guy he picks is old and he's gone he can get them so I've remains lady and a. Text on six countries are six that you guys sent offense and Alice maybe is a different vote the reason I think it's Alex and not the offenses. Do many of you want to change coaches. LSU tickets at offensive thing that Tom is disappearing any reading he's the reason that your offense held back against the Pittsburgh Steelers that you liked the architect of the office on singer and I'm here Mitchell Schwartz talked about us all into an all this creative stuff in. Hey we got the perfect guy to develop our quarterbacks we don't think it's the coach now. Nolan thinks it's the running back Nolan thinks it's arguably the best offensive weapon in the NFL and Tyree till nobody thinks that the tide. We think it is. They box he coached the defense it's the quarterback position I'm in there's a reason why they went out adaptable Holmes after they lost the Pittsburgh. I think they looked at that film and I think they saw it. But kind of offense that they had in the piece is that they have on their team and I think they look at Saul who was running the office and they said we can't keep doing it. So that's why I hit sand is all week and I'll continue to say I think the chiefs look at their roster at the Steelers game and they realize they've hit their head on the ceiling. That being that number to see Nancy and having a whole night playoff game was not enough. But their offense in in what disorganization in do they could not do enough. To beat the Pittsburgh Steelers they had to try something different so that's why they try to. That's why they went out there and got Alex at the moment text processing got you'll see the court elation or you choose to ignore yards and time of possession keep the softens up a few of our. I'm not saying I am bell hasn't been a part. But I'm telling you that the chiefs' offense if you look at what they've done against the Steelers over the last. Three times they've played them they've been a bottom three off its in the NFL. It's not like the chiefs' only play one team a year Becker run the football Libya about the only good running back the plate. The quicker running backs they exist in the NFL there's one team that seems to know something defensively. And how to scheme against the chiefs and figured out. It's a Pittsburgh Steelers how important it. Firmly at the quarterback position we talk about the quarterback and stop your quarterback's gotta your quarterback's got to carry a lot of when your scoreless and sixteen points a game. Whenever you want 42 points a game coming into last year's matchup with the Steelers and then you scored thirteen and a home game at arrowhead and if you remember Alex those that interception late night game. Doubling the quarterback and now to our defense has done enough to win these games last year with the same lady I'm bill that was scored nineteen points at arrowhead. Any team that comes an airline is worth less than. Our it and it is we're blessed and toilet this offense usually when that game I don't care as the patriots I don't care is the rams I don't care as the Eagles if you can hold it seemed under 21 airline with your home field advantage your office. You gotta win that game they did. Last year insist you pulled the partly the Steelers defense a lot of credit to right it's not just shut out Smith and he he's until they shut down. And it I would back to Allah to the last three games and I threw the one out there in October of of 2016 because the chiefs were down 36 now and to get we pay attention number looks let's leave that the June 2017. Let's start with a lot on October 15 chiefs rushed for twenty arsenic. There are three for eleven on third down Kelsey four catches till five catches Karine rant nine nine times for 21 yards it twenty yards running the football. That's not an out Smith. It is Johnson but you could say. That the Steelers would there's been a linebacker has changed no it's easier to play that game no James Ayers and yet they know we know. And it put seven guys in the box but they got in a boxed in. Dare Alex Smith was a speech you don't you can do that now I'm so it. Let's say it's saying is let's see. Pat homes go against the team that I think as the tools to shut him yeah. Well Denver that our timber at least in the game didn't have the tools to do didn't play everybody the chargers are we talking about the charter I'm talking about we all have crowned this offense while the five best offense in the NFL. Go. Yeah. I agree with you on that I'm sure it'll look at these games there are some there are some similarities don't at Ole quarterback. Hillary had for 61 yards that play out in the ice ball the eyes in the apple postponed till the night. You know they are gonna third thanking me either but the Steelers in both of those gains. In the playoff game in the game October of last year old Kelsey and hill in check. So that's why I say go ahead this game it's about figured out a way. To keep Kelsey Hill in Korea in check let's see that you do for guys because sandy watches the new. And Holmes is the new guy and he's the other offensive expect an exit Watkins is gonna be the X-Factor in this game on sun. I think this is sentenced on it you go to Sammy news. We're locked in on you'd you'd. It's your time they're gonna pay held a lot of attention decals you know because it's all that's what they always do it and a whole lot run the football against these guys that day sure day. Can't they think they've proved they can shut down three guys in the shut down for. Yeah and I I just look at this team is maybe that she's are not as good in when he eighteen as they were last year without Smith. I think they are better equipped to beat Pittsburgh with taxable homes and it worked like last week they wind announcement is their quarterback in my opinion big win week seventeen last year without him as a quarterback and sent back from home this is the one game I don't think they go on the road and went. Pittsburgh announcement is our quarterback yeah they gave me no reason I think that didn't say why is it we just take out one part and we substitute outs and a professional home I don't think they win this week. I think he got a chance because you were gonna try some different and the one thing is it was can do is you can't play 78 in the box in deer elk and featured on the field because if you're daring hold the beach you don't feel you might a couple of receptions at some point. He's going to do it she once or twice and Alex Smith was just he was he was not capable of doing that against the Pittsburgh Steelers coming weenie one caller not 1357676. Dead. All it is time for me to dominate you all once again and our survivor pool as I'm going. I'm going undefeated this year among I don't know what undefeated and are survivable coming up as a drag. I. Yeah yeah. Pretty much stuck to say this not money's on Friday. This extends portrayed him this week it really difficult to survive which should be volunteered to dominate. That's what it should be called I didn't understand the rules the first two years now I fully understand the rules. And the team I picked 147 a realist. That's the same team that I picked as well and me the best I and our caller I would are so you does copied me yet I mean that's I'd say is what happens exactly so. Know what to avoid it I won't go first this time not ideology. Meaning I'll let you go first got Specter you'll sacking. We collect call or go. Spec you're in charge of the attacks on motives when it comes to survivor. Though the last change its president asked me from the 913 today correct yet as the 16 our lives because of from Azeri. Skip it which is by the wayward sea aren't so. Meaning go ahead I was in our week it was about his disease. It's an easy so a lot of them people literally means a lot a lot of folks thought the saints were a lot last week and Alaska home to the Ted Bryant attacked for him give up 48 in that cook. I got to take the rams over the cardinals c'mon I mean that's the baseline to week. Rams at home. Thirteen point favorites over the cardinals. The terrible cardinals. Was Sam Bradford and who's your coach Jamal Wilkes the got used to play for the lakers who is the deep post he looks like that they got Jerry Springer. This Steve will goes that if he welcomes us via via yet another rants that's that's the lock. For the survivors today gonna copy me and have a. Was it might go back who it was about herbal. Usury army ago yeah. Last time this like jags can over think it is not he's got to buy back in. I'm gone right back to the trendy pick from last week. In New Orleans Saints nine point favorites over the browns. It arable Brown's sister kissing grounds. From week one. Sister is in Branson is called the time and it but sister cancers yeah yeah. Violence mortal lock them but he Cleveland brown does it chiefs are playing the sister is editor of all right Brian lees summit. We've heard the rams Weaver the saints. Who are you taking in week two of the survivor pulled the colors are still the only team you can take the Baltimore Ravens. Then there's an aerial. They'll lying in at home against the scene of Francisco for them not measure it's the lines not a not a bad six point favorite ball. You guys remember it at. The saints. Beat the line it's a package that didn't Alice attacks. Attacks line. The lines over the jets that once it adds dogged a man Akron summit is says. All right we're better. Before he gets the tax line let me take my team. This week. I don't think this team is starting oh into. And I know I've told you guys to believe in their opponent but I'm sorry. They were propped up last week it Holm. By. Being chronicles burger turnovers interceptions and indeed and very difficult. To go loss full hour in the NFL and not win. I don't know of the browns offense can do enough to keep up with the same touching the saints are going to be a desperate spec means that. Can we. At least given the chance to walk this back a little bit I took the saints. He's taken the bright for the brown on town as well as the browns at saints as soon as that's where you I don't Christ I thought you were gonna take the browns houses it was an average each. I'm taken the saints I don't think the saints are going to. I think their defense shores some things up. I think it Ryan Fitzpatrick is. He's the Kirkland version of this problem burger he can Oprah 400 yards at the Oprah or interceptions. He has had a hot night. Their whole I don't know about trust the browns to go into the superdome in league with the Donald what else is going there are awesome that's out of that go down. So I'm gonna take us Saturday as those things in this about our guys are over thank in this. I mean that the music and art nine point its second biggest favorites of weekend understand that and Stan I'm on my philosophy is take a lot. Take a lot I don't know if that's your nine point fevered days yeah you'll be okay close okay so all right we'll see what happens. I honestly was thinking about taking the vikings I think the vikings is massive really well against the Packers this week but the vikings have ball a little hole that's the weakness why don't take in the Minnesota next week. Actually. So. Yeah it's. Quarterback for buffalo next week I'll be taking the vikings that's ugly though Doug Flutie there anybody out take you to the next week I suspect whose attacks like gotten us on 9133. Straight tax taking the ramps so I don't want to re going to when rain showers in the from over the cardinals. All right. Acute attacks like the lines of it like that and that is the Missouri side where you guys to fail and bad of a bit. Like that to help I mean it's it's a bit now that we know what going to a home game Monday night startled first start. See how you could talk yourself into I don't wanna take a really good team in week one. So touched that game and a survivor police have yet a rookie quarterback Sam darling got a new coach in Matt that your I just stay away obviously it wasn't good that's why you got eliminated and they got absolutely smoke in night game. Speaking of new beginnings Reggie and spoke with the media today. The most interesting damaging to talk to right now is like your regiment he was called the Steelers some bullies. They're registering registering via boot was alarm affirm that we're removing. Can you can't let him do it will be so sluggish and got the tickets and he stopped early and alternatively later of a different gears director for the most part but doing this too soon to come and do a good job sharp enough for somebody for seven. So that we can we are you good Darby and I got to tell them what that would do good or. I will say. That to be fair and balance. But she's made too radical changes and they made one radical change at quarterback. Enemy one radical change in terms of defense. If you go out there and you spend the amount of money on the inside linebacker if you have seven draft picks or six draft picks is cute and he's been five album on defense. You notice something's wrong with your team. We gotta get stronger we got to get more physical we have to be more aggressive and not only have the chiefs dominated you when it comes to run the football and that's part of toughness. They've also impose their will defensively on your offense again the chiefs are scored 32 point six points per game. Heading into that game against the Steelers they scored thirteen points against them. Man that's just the that's the defense of the Steelers punching you in the mouth. That's a guy like Tyreke killed was a fast and that's kind of guy he's not beating us today. We're gonna hit tire retail earlier opted and that kind of runner on the field stuff you were to winning its charter you're not doing that against us. The Steelers have always set the tone physically when it comes to the chiefs so I'm happy that you've got guys like Reggie radler and you've got badly into an Internet notice that this is going to be one of those physical body games. Because as high flying as the chief softens the Steelers offense a bit over the last couple games and these. Not in games played authorities never enough two teams played. These have been 1913. 1816 kinda games but sheets haven't shown me the ability to win those kind of games against good teams. When I came against the jets did not show me that ability is it seemed like the Pittsburgh Steelers. I know homes controllable around the field to end this team win a 1714. -- drag out kind of physical about a game you gotta show me. That's what's gonna be fun about this because they think that the Steelers are going to be able to defend the chiefs with Patrick Holmes. Though they were able to defend him with with without Smith right we agree on like your second what 789 guys in the box it's a broad deep into the dubious but that's not the way the Steelers inactive let let's hope they do is to get shredded. All the Scott apartment. But that they're two different team you know. It's a completely different op Eds with Patrick Holmes in charge in the industry. It opens things up for Kareem. You know I mean would but we're both bills also last week he's like that won the best things about this is safeties you have to back off. You know with the kick about the McCain crowd the line because they animals and people can't Obama. A lot of people a tax on bringing up the fact of why didn't anyone picked the chargers. I'm sorry not touch good about the game I just don't feel like. This game is the most Los Angeles San Diego Chargers staying you can do your make and I cross country trip. They get real about it goats who buffalo Josh Allen puts a little bit this Larkin an op it's total chargers moved up there and start Owen to. The dig themselves a hole. Nice three or four game run in the middle of the season had a chance to win the division in meltdown that makes all the sense in the world with the chargers pines on some in this game if there were all my touch him on the road. I'm not fool with it when it comes to Los Angeles chargers. Coming in just two minutes keep locked it right here we get to the top source of the day in Kansas City Bob Sutton commented on air very well play for you coming up to drive.