09/13 3p - Hill Comparison, The Genius of Reid, Paying Hill, Sam Monson

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Thursday, September 13th

A crazy comparison for Tyreek Hill from the GOAT, Andy Reid is in the lab, the off-season for Tyreek Hill in 2019 plus PFF's Sam Monson gives us an inside look at the match up with the Steelers 


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Coming up in just eight. They compared it 321 of those famous characters in movie history was like about that coming up in about fifteen minutes or so and he thinks this Sammy Watkins is the X-Factor to help the cheeks get over the hump against the Pittsburgh Steelers coming up in just a bit. I'm surprised that this has been the talking point this week because it seems very obvious to me but that is a talking point we'll talk about coming up at 330. IAE. Continue to maintain what I re still it is not right it's the chiefs are gonna pay him at the end of the season it's say how much issue but she still really have a choice when it comes to paying Tyreke you'll talk about that coming up at 330. And Sam Munson from pro football focus. Will join us coming up in about 45 minutes so he give you the best break down a chiefs and Steelers but you can get for free right here on the radio listen to sixth in Sports Radio coming up just a bit we'll catch up with our guy correct subtler today's pop quiz was big pop Le. And that a Torre's Biaggi his debut album ready to die came out in 1994. Feeney you seem like a guy who really loved ready to die. Mindful couldn't get enough of and it's all elicits in my daddy's it's a matter music teacher stopped playing that pop up. We stop it you know you've played constantly in house and I finally. Fun stuff but yet I can get enough in my in my CD player my portable CD player Michael. Coming up in just the bit will play Jerry Rice what he had to say about tire retail and gave him maybe the best compliment. That you can give anyone when it comes to their athletic schism up before we sought to Rex Butler you say the people of the missing dividend royals are playing the bass. Slats that twelve innings but he played pretty good baseball. I understand it's all season your fallen your college team in the NFL in the NFL's. With a five highest rated TV shows last week are all NFL games the cowboys in the paint his number one. Understand and again it in and and the royals are forty some odd games under 500 so I told we understand. They are not paying attention to over the some really athletic and some really fun story lines out there right now in Alberta modest he's got. I said what about a month ago that I had a chance at some point that. Potentially being. An MVP in Major League Baseball and telling the guys special ride or been really good receives young pitchers you know I'm not high on air expelled the kid started last night. We pitched pretty good. Don't get calories that you listen all I shall be still out there so. There's reasons to be excited for this royals team on forty you know it's still baseball are still ads were four balls. Mean the first half of the season royals went 27 and 68 the second half of the season 2228. Bit better in the second half I mean they 128. Bob and a 20% when percentage to 84 and the first half 440 in the second half I feel like this is senior expected to see coming out of camp how they've been the second half of the season. That's kind of what you were thinking you have to remember they got to the crime restart because some of the injuries I didn't mention is he film. Which you know would do but always been really really good so he's pitching that I against the twins he's got wanna keep and so I mean. This team we thought NCAA team that probably a handful of games under 500 not gonna compete for a title. This year but I think there on the right track now because everybody loves seeing the guys want we didn't do a lot of injured while we sent these free agents want to bring in as you back while we do in this. Wanna see the young guys when I got it. Mean has been talking about honored soldier last couple days you listen to beings pre and post game show. Hundred ocean looks so comfortable at third base right now he's been over there for big chunk of a Major League season now. Mom's she's great short wits with it you know over and skip his his reps in there I like the Goodling kid rose gallery there to. And there's some guys that some hoops and if they can match that happen if they can stack on top of each other with a college guys they got there got talent single in Dublin that some here a couple of. Wanna play for you guys what Jerry Rice had to say if we can't double doubles certainly talked to him. There's what Jerry Rice had to say on The Sims and left co podcast about high retail. Yeah he's not a typical got what you have to double this guy is so bad that it. And it was going to play he reminded me a lot of Bo Jackson a removable objects that run and down on the sidelines I think with the get this Seattle's Pete also like that is like everybody that everyone else they would that it deal. And he'll be the same way he just as bad. And it does seem gold at the start could double this guy and try to pick him out of the game. Any you know a lot better than me I mean I was a kid whenever Bo Jackson playing in his prime I've never seen Bo Jackson play and it's all about YouTube and NFL network and saying I never saw a Bo Jackson game. Just far too young wants him but I do know enough about the legend of Bo Jackson's and though. There is not a better comparison athletically you would like to have it oh Jackson mean maybe Michael Jordan maybe LeBron. Maybe you picked or got me Ravi moss that you play wide receiver that somebody compares athletically to Bo Jackson I don't know there's higher praise gives a month there's not. Mean I think I've told the story and on the show for it in Gaza in high school win. It was a college camera. One bullet that home run that almost went out of the ballpark in left center field and that was way back before. You know everything was out there we didn't have you know the Jumbotron is now in the fountain bar pilots of the no found too grassy it was a big green hail in the chain expensive there. And and Bo Jackson almost in an entire ballpark. And the that the city in the country went nuts. When he broke the back overs. Mean this guy was an athletic freak you telling two different kind of athletic freak with Tyreke hill. But I it would Jerry Rice is saying that what he basically means is he can do stuff that no other guys can. Nobody can runs that is Tyreke you know. You're not as dynamic as Tyreke you'll know player in the NFL in my opinion. Is his dynamic is that retail and Bo Jackson had some of those qualities he did things that nobody else can do so Tyreke. If you miss the breaking news artist noon news when it comes that she's a certainly wouldn't call a break and I think it's something that we know. Bob Sutton met with the media say win asking me Thursday is coordinator day out at arrowhead and he doesn't know what they are there is coming back this. Not what anybody thought about or who wouldn't believe. It is it's where rat and I thought both those guys stepped up did a good job and airing now. You know they need just got to keep going so we're not honestly sure when he's he's come back and Dan's going to be prologue you know. So that was Bob Sutton today this what Andy Reid had to say yesterday when he came to the subject of one Eric Bayer. Just sort of thing comes down. Is Kelly's there there are so. We're just being cautious with a long season. You. You know you read as a war or out who would have full trust and obviously. You know hurt us when this month plus. Lets us know we want there for the long haul. And so we return militia that are right there who's done a great job if. I don't know this to be back. This is only my opinion this is only my theory on what happened with their there. I think Eric Berry told them at some point in training camp he was having some discomfort. So they sent him out. Rick are older they met with them they talk to him how you feel in the recent test they'd all this kind of stuff. They said all right we're gonna put you on the shelf for week. Maybe two weeks let's see how you respond coming back in two weeks. And he came back in two weeks and he didn't respond very well so whatever happened they thought this rest sitting down. Because I am not a doctor. But it sounds like they were worried based on what happened in the past in war that he would have a very similar injury and be out for another season so they wanted to get out ahead. They've been told to sit down for a couple weeks I could remember Vick in the beginning to see that about your beard it was that it's training camp. And if it was important she'd be out here kind of thing. And Jimmy got closer close to the season and I think they were anticipating all right let's try to have a target date try to get you ready for wheat warn and then it came time to be here we want and then he wasn't ready. And then they got it and we don't know Woolsey he's hopeful and he'll travel next week. And and when he didn't respond well this week and it's week to the NFL season and we've Adam on the shelf where he isn't doing all these things for a month now. This seems different like that she's made a decision in their front office and their coaching staff art this week to talk about air bear. Reid never used the term Achilles until yesterday yes kept saying he'll play you opening open and not think many of us thought it was the Achilles but. They gave you know information for a month when he came here prepared. Any Regis woke up yesterday as a company that differ firm today. No Bob Sutton was like I don't know that's not our responsibility as a coach you guys that are here he then says I don't know when there is gone back I think they tried to city are very down for a little bit to see I was body was got a response it did respond very well so not literal plane's seat probably when it comes partners though. Yeah I mean god data data the Achilles area pain that any talked about to Bob's saying I don't know he's come back. And thugs who point out there there than. Fun just tell when you're coming back. This injuries were hell out of me you know a month ago when he sat amount called your opening I don't know what they're trying to do all. Other than this than this that they got a ton of money they such a huge amount of money. It Erik there and give that new contract that better protected because people and other Q is equal to DJ blows to Kelly's. After you paid that amount of money I mean to protect their investment you know the regular mammography at some point but I am curious what he's gonna beat when he comes back if he comes back. Is our chance that he doesn't come. I feel right now with certainly change it would it would also says I don't know winter is coming back they got from a couple of weeks ago saying he's dated today. Bob Sutton saying today I don't always come back. Like that's going in the wrong direction and that's like it better that's not saying hey we think it's going to be a couple of weeks we should be okay that's going from day today too you know now. Not share. Or it was always like that and is the first time they decided to tell us maybe me and I did that to be an iPod is. It is just the most. Its most basic thing you can say about it on take it one game and it's on as we take things day by day chores and take it day by day or one game at a time there's no magical but you can press to go from week to two week old you gotta take it one game at a time so it comes aired there. I think this debate has decided to be more honest about it we're right. They were saying during last week when Amy was asked he said he's literally day today. Sell it literally dated eight if your defensive coordinator doesn't know what he's coming back he's not playing this week. I would say I don't know how do you think he's come back to play next week based or what we seem right now. It's probably a minimum three to four week on injury were maybe early on they thought it was a one to two week in Maine into listless though this there. One of the chief screw it up. Which they have before it comes injures and in this. I don't know I don't either. I'm saying is. I don't know I'll be really good screwed up when it comes aired there in this mix it pushed into our outlook when it comes just music itself with a put back on the field too early Jamal manageable. What this if he was practicing and training camp. He expressed discomfort due to its sad about eSATA four month that you were trying to beat are you were trying to prevent it. No I think the tort is again at least we accept ever reason to think they are worried about he's got I think that's fair I don't know how you can think they messed us lamented they did I don't know medical information by the hardest thing to get in the NFL. It just doesn't sound good doesn't feel good doesn't feel right when it comes to aired there. Coming on the other side you compared Andy Reid to make one the most famous characters in movie history we'll explain coming up this drug. That everybody only drive it in Finland survivor who. That caller and it means that the survivor. Let them do it for excellent. I shot that no one bit sex line. It's excellent it was everything already had a strike in and we wanted that other survivor that was evident that. It's not it's tied to actually that was the 816 correct silent until the Missouri. Expect is that right the 816. Side of the Tex like now that tonight when three make it that is what we're gonna try to the Missouri side of the tax mind. Is gone skiing. We're gonna try 913. I'm sure they're probably gonna take Rutgers in the survivor pool this week. Speaking your records you can get your college football action right here on sixth in Sports Radio I was state travels to Oklahoma take on polymer that's at 1030. On 1660 also all we got the trojans and we got a long awards on 1660 and on Sunday we got raiders and Broncos. And we've got the giants and the cowboys Sunday Night Football the exclusive home for Sunday Night Football is right here on 610 Sports Radio as we also got. The best pre and post game show at our guys over arrowhead pride tell me as to a last week was the pregame and post game. Really good information when it comes to the NFL right here. Six cents or three yards and I hurt my got Mitchell Schwartz say some than yesterday that I thought was fast and you know what you love me some offensive linemen and Smart funny allow the office alignment. Here's Richard Schwartz is it Mitchell Schwartz said and I'll explain why it's a big. You know who knows how much of the stuff loses. The base stuff that they severe in the fifties or sixties and have been a lot of things are cyclical and so. Might have been from more congested formations I think a lot of the basic concepts are proud somewhere you're. They go back far enough look at. You know there's a lot of stuff that you and go to the toys and there it is there's some crazy thoughts of the people are pulling out in various component of its nine years old but. That is when you're sort of discover cycling. So much Schwartz is basically talking about some of the places of the says that any Reid's been calling. He saw some pretty crazy and things that we considered innovative. In the charged and Ryan were talking about animal homes is four touchdown passes even though two were hand offs but there are shovel passes and they were pretty unique play call so. And tells me that Otto Graham and Jolie and Johnny Unitas we're not going under an inch double masters and that in the suburbs of Roger Staubach was in the house you're ass is back there. As they get maybe that yeah come on now I. Maybe maybe you are HB count are the way they were running back in the 20s30s. I'm believing that the touchdown the B Thomas had or high regional head was created in 1920s. That I I believe. Would would they only called the pistol well eleven Allen their column with the head Patrick loves him like three running backs in the wishbone formation. Some crazy stuff but it's a lot of stuff for the chargers needed and the chargers looked bear I'm prepared for Indian absolutely so we ticket. Kyoto welcomes our offense little bit jet master when it comes that scheme and a place. Working nonstop brilliance of the old stuff back make it would do put them twist. I mean according to you he until January that it hurts and I don't even that is I don't know that the opera will be like you killed by. Yeah I mean not us I said I think increase its second best coach in the NFL I think Belichick clearly better than him Belichick clearly better than everybody. Jordan and still in the NFL what I want my coach to be able to do is that coach the quarterback position. And any go to the quarterback position I think yes the human sought to tell all the time it all sports a lot more about the just numbers it's about being able to does that too human Dayton. Any read seems to do with people he seems to be compassionate enough. You give guys second chances but we'll be Michael Vick Tyree kill you name it got. Seems like he genuinely cares about his players and they seem to go to bat for him all talking about x.s and o.s and execution he certainly at the top of the let's talk about player compassion and being able to relate to every man in the locker room he can do it's up. It's always believed this when it comes into reality Reid is say the same way we talk about what Brady if you've got Brady wincing games you've got robbed wincing game. It eight reading your coach you win and it. At least nine games of the matter got Kevin cop Alex Smith Patrick holds you name a quarterback you at least winning nine games we got and you re going to sideline. That is a fractured bones had to say about it Jiri. There's just some stuff that he does and comes. EE you don't ever think of an easy you know like that was gonna work and it is it works every single time I mean just away. But his mind being somehow he exploits defense as I mean he's just he's just not how to make plays up it seems like ten and they weren't every single. Honorable dad I don't know about that but but he is he's terrific in a solid backs that he said a minute ago. Like reads usually really good like these offices are really really clicking and well the color out there they had their first like ten plays scripted or what they typically do about the motive that early in the season really really good. You get late games it latency don't have the same guys you did and that's what he seems to get bogged down. You know or comes at a clock management. Things like that and those things where he seems to get bogged down a little bit but I think all of is right and Schwartz is right. When it comes to offensive mind in order comes to developing quarterbacks and being creatively keep in defense is. All college and making them feel easy any region genius. Yeah I would say the same way we talk about quarterbacks and their ability to make guys weapons we talk about a guy like your ride you can take that out like time and memories tournaments yeah really good player here and Joan. Are the way we seem with Brady the way Louisiana Peyton Manning. Is that the same thing any res office do them think about for years in Philadelphia the criticism when he came a wide receiver on after the year they got TO. Many authority of the NBA James I mean you name the bear averaged one a wide receiver that they had he still found. On the way to win ten in eleven games of those kind of guys that is often will find a way to maximize that if you are productive NFL player. He will get the absolute most out of some attacks on says eighty isn't winning nine games and Nathan Biederman Iraq. I think everybody get abducted Peter I would say is whenever they. Peter and ceiling is and I think it's a very low ceiling anyway we get the most out yeah he would get the most battle. I saw last year at quarterback all you guys told me could never doubt he'll could never challenged defense that could never do any of this they had before. Highest scoring offense in the NFL with Alex Smith yeah it was. Almost. Yards or last year with Alex Smith yeah if you can get that what's at Alice miss ability there's not any person that you can't get the most out of their athletic ability bin better than any read. Now he's terrific getting in the quarterbacks these coached up he trades per second round picks. An Internet they're not as good whether or not or any theory that's a fact a look at Kevin Cobb its any any quarterback that E*Trade dot daddy picked infiltrated a way announcement. Coming up on the other side arrest Taylor was on SaaS go in the morning today talking about that she's paying Tyreke hill. This is way more cut and dried and people are making and you'd think this city block and is going to be to expect through this game will give its coming up as a draft. The dangerous tiger retail. You can. I really can only reply. Fun. Subtle attacks. Winning CNA. Coming on well. When he learns that say responsible meal in fifteen minutes Sam months at a pro football focusing give you the best. That physical breakdown of cheese and Steelers he will be on with us coming up in about. Fifteen minutes coming up in about thirty minutes or so. I think all these games that the teams have the season this is potentially the biggest mad mismatch. That the chiefs will see on paper we'll talk about that coming up in about thirty minutes or so earlier today Therese Taylor was on fast though in the morning and it. You came away after watching our regional against the Los Angeles charter is saying it's time to pay higher refill now. They got him I mean you want as you on this is healthy is this fast this year's. Look what happens anyway yeah you wait. And then. A guy gets older than positively work out what it just needs to deal with the art fair deal. What that big deals for veteran players ultimately here's what's rest Baylor had to say on the subject of paying Tyreke hill. The public in a little TV like really get owners favor could that look we can't reason with them until after the season. You can't let negotiator re the coach you got to act on what you deal. Actor or year select are welcome you'll lose yours that you're worried. And I can do about it cheap or like Edwards didn't mind. I've been that we are entitled the sponsor. Is that the bottles simple and it also eaten. And that's where we expect you know really you know at least bank of body. But they can't change that contract and perhaps it is because that means your ball into year five year partly keel. Likes to talk about balance. What is insane. All cut cut into our. I hear you is that on the program but the spotlight while their people or planet we have this year should we have achieved we're talking. And the sort of way away from this past the better chance you have of trying to calm him that much you and I eagle. Didn't. Oh OK about it because. It would probably you know what were you silent. Care and you're what you eat right point nine what is important. Could not that. Probably between I mean great great shape eat eat root root she ought to that for the decline will the two between you get out of the fields. Yet the bill on the Turkish. Maybe I am. Different than everyone else when it comes at us. I don't really think this is that much of an issue. I don't think that she's gonna have a choice. I guess never been able to the season they got a big decision to make retiree killers and OPEC decision. You can get the deal for the last few years. You got a fantastic deal a second year you're getting an incredible deal in your glory. And at the end of your greens the first time that under the current NFL CA you can. Until every till I go to you when I say I've done everything you asked me to do. Having great community I'm off probation I haven't gotten in anymore trouble. I want the more popular players in Kansas City. Look at what I've done or on the field look at my contemporaries and guys that have just got paid and last year paid Sammy Watkins fourteen million dollars they don't want the ten highest paid receivers in the NFL minimum. It is it what choice do you have the cheats so morning thing what is our. Stale light coming up Tyreke it was so good in week one. But this isn't the lady handle situations as they Aron Donald situation. Tyreke still is making peanuts by NFL standards but she's don't have much weeks at the end of this year. Or should see this thing plays out in and we'd talk that she's getting a deal. On Tyreke you know and they are waitress said I think he's gonna make 680 grand this year your didn't touch your wide receiver special team that money. But let's me tell you paid that amount of money for a reason. We tell that baggage when he was drafted in the fifth round by the chiefs you know it's it's it's one of those things where Justin used it was not a third trumpet. You know just used in if I remember correctly tested positive for we've become much. There's a reason some of these guys that have all this talent fold out on the draft says delegates it's the cheese fault of these guys are making a tiny amount of money in these deal. I mean I'm I'm. A senior blame insisting that it. I mean that's the CBA that's agreement that the owners and the players we can agree in terms of it tightly till doesn't have any concern with me for it on everything I'm supposed to do as an employee there it is Egypt now it's. Time for you to pay he's saying is. This hole if they're gonna pay a lock them all the chiefs do not have a choice in the matter. Hillary you quoted in this one cares about how this thing's gonna play out it's inviting Gordon's piece and start this what Tyreke hill told them. Is that just to be able to be in this position as a blessing for me. Clark an injury to chance on me on thank also each and every dammit give every guy in that locker room everything I've got. I'm curious to see how this negotiation goes down because the chief sit in in and took a chance of Tyreke you know it paid off Tyreke. Feels loyal to the chiefs for getting him a chance that other teams weren't getting give him. I wonder how this is gonna play out right now I'm just really curious from a from a social studies standpoint is it gonna be straight black and white business hey. I don't I had baggage you took a chance on me. I'm not showing up until I get paid or is going to be it was I appreciate you doing that appreciate give me a chance a grossly underpaid lets talk about a contract let's get some bill. I'm just really cares about us like bill does seem to me to be the same guys Tyreke you know. Wait a little extra you want my money and I'm not showing up until I get. But the big difference palladium belies he's continued to put up numbers and they still haven't put the money if god is an editor. It's a complete if it's a choice when it comes to this every till. You think. We shall the best offensive weapon you know I democracy I would say the chiefs aside from quarterback. They're aiding the best contract in the absolute I would say I mean I'm not putting in the category parts of its contract at your office or tiger or after all are talking a non quarterbacks don't. Quarterback that their team had a better view what Purdue ivory Joseph there isn't one so you can say they should feel humble gratitude all the stuff when they hit a U. The pay you hear buried buried quickly with the amount and you walked in the office and to me like yeah I I think that the blog later about that thing I think we see now NFL players react to this kind of stuff yet. You know the shelf life of that is all it takes is one hit for me to lose my speed and that kind of stuff. I put my audio line I've done everything you asked me to do look at what you did last season I think more than anything more than that she's having to pay. It's a fact of you page Sammy Watkins fourteen million dollars in a bond kills agent I'm telling them don't vote yea you don't go to this kid go to anything until they pay more anyone can how can achieve justified I don't thanks a lot more than Tyreke I. I don't Timmy I Tyreke is basically sell. The crummy deals out it was on he was getting paid absolutely nothing. And the royals knew it we gotta for pennies on the dollar they wanna pay him. A total does that does that help achieve street diary the same way the royal street itself corporates and drop their pay in the fairway and given what he's worth. Because that she's got him for nothing right now. Well I don't want I would I don't want to happen is is that she's trying to global Tyreke yummy Tyree kills the most dangerous place in the NFL. He's so freaking that I would take him over anybody else. In the league when it comes to offensive weapon but this is the. You say don't local though the questions going to be is how do you evaluate. Our retail it does and probably double that you hear all the team argument Olympic team we're gonna do. I think they're gonna talk to him like he's the bond bigs you think he's the best office web in the NFL's should get the same money that oil back and just got like. If you are and I read till the Beckham. I know that you know that they know that until every killed while I decide what should I get paid the exact similar to -- Beckham as if I'm a better weapon yet at my numbers are comparable so that's I don't think you'll get that macho doesn't that's why I think the negotiation is going to get very funny when it comes to the money yet if you're gonna pay him as a wide receiver. Does give him the same contracts the fun bigs or you get same contract to bring in coaches got. But if you if he's gonna argue he's the most vital weapon in the NFL which there's a good argument you made. And I just salt ordeal Beckham get sixty million dollars guaranteed yet he plays the same position and I have. I want money pretty comparable owed about yes and you gotta ask is an organization. You've got to prepare from homes contract which is gonna come sooner rather than later you gotta prepare for what you gonna do with. Three months you gotta you gotta prepare yourself what you gonna do with cannot Fuller got our prayers of which are gonna do with Chris Jones. Oh big time this coming out. Let me ask you this is it safe to say that the chiefs you're gonna have to pick between Tyreke Killen just use. Public can't have both of those deals on the books right. Mean you could dump Houston after this year correct yeah you can't you want to do if you want him and he can't afford vote. I think that's gonna be something that Brett read each got to figure out it's a thing same thing that Oakland you struggled. They paid Derek are that'd wanna pay a snake oil Mac. He had both those deals and York got two. Big time money contracts on the on the defense side of the ball Erik there what you get nothing out of you have anything out of the essentially since you signed him except for week one last year and you've got Justin Houston and got to pay Tyreke hill. It's gonna be really really interesting. Next twelve months I've prefer for the cheese is having Tyree who deserves to get paid paid a lot better wrap up the better take care because he has the skills at that nobody else has. So it's arrives he joins us go in the morning every Thursday at 8 AM and he was talking about the she's contract negotiation with Tyree kill. How the CBA works is if you're rookie player on your rookie contract you cannot reap renegotiated contract till after year Torre. So this is your pre retiree till we start negotiation at the end of this season. Then again maybe I am looking at a more cynical and I'm looking at it solely through the player perspective. But the chiefs do not have a choice in the matter yet I doubt if you're paying high retail 670000. Dollars the way off they are. And you're getting an all pro first team all pro may be all arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL would mean you'd think that he is. There's no we wanna pay Tyreke Jill is eight we are paying Ty retailer the in the season. Because that's just the way football works coming up on the other side we get the best us that break down. From sale months and a pro football focus breaking out she's still the dog IC MA coming up as a draft. About fifteen minutes to talk about what is potentially the biggest mismatch for the team's entire season on paper. Coming up in about fifteen minutes but. Maybe my favorite time of the week. We get the in depth stat break down both being you know a little less than you do love you some numbers welders one person a load the numbers much decided. Now his birth name ID Sammy say you know months and that's LB column in the show was stats and information so good NFL teams pay forty works a pro football focus which is backed by Chris counts were an NBC sports Sam days Sammy you'd once they made -- ask you this how. How different is is Pittsburgh running game without lady on balance substituting him for James Connor. Yes interesting because of the Steelers have been black belt these kinds over the years it always spin it and finds you know the guys that come into replacing much if it's we'll keep productive. Running back so there are DeAngelo Williams who exchange Connor those guys are allowed success on the ground because they have one of the best offensive line the game. Those guys have been together for multiple straight even now. They're really good the only area that does affect him a little bit into the again we still able. Put up yardage is just not quite as effective they don't if they're not just workers on the ball over a lot more often will not be about in both on the field. Did you have been quiet about it well pocket quite vettori you do real there's not weapons. Sam looking at their offense I think Lydia I'm bell as the best running back in the NFL what differences do you see from James Connors running style. And how he's used in the offense compared delay beyond bell and how they use them. I mean no wouldn't run the ball like within a belt he has to yield equal and style that. Even more hesitant all the time that he had any behind the line of scrimmage it's really it is it the patient doesn't inability to actually. Yeah you can move to open up blocks them to be there otherwise knows as. Quite an elaborate defense lineman. Jesse split one yet made the jump out of that as big gap there occupier we await power. And resent the leverages blockers to block walk to mediacom bouquet and it can. Jump back into the Japanese don't at all want. This Turkey nobody else didn't do that certain nobody would go to one of regularity that would be out. James Collins a much more direct straight ahead and running back don't do that patient has not finalized their that you actively. Improving the blocks it is. Often blind and around the moment he just leading the block it and there hitting right gap and doing conventional running back saying. I'm in terms of usage. And a pattern they can deploy the most insane. Age you know James Connell they're. On all the oxygen down pretty much only nine snaps as well I think he's sloppy they get in the pac. A lot does not the same kind of dynamic receiving correct. The number oh. A big part of that are there in terms of being our hair down and being. Is not it. I understand much of pro football focus and Tyreke guilt. Obviously to make it much headlines first week one performance but don't back and look at what he's done against the Steelers has not been much. You know in 2075. Catches 34 yards. Now again in January 174. Catches for 47 I mean no big games for Tyreke kill against the Steelers why is that you think. I don't think there's good reason for you there's no there's always knew that he's been in the league and it will entirely here oh because. Nobody apparently he thought he won by any defensive back in the lead. It is going to take it away Wednesday by the voting multiple people who have. I'm I'm chilling what or how did you not beat melt the pop here at this point I think you've become more well rounded player can. It find the underneath you know get plenty a big play. I'm on the tour didn't allow them about our record in the game and with that the jet both black and Alex I think it was just got lucky that I see time there might have been out got off. War I think you're never huge game on both our people home a few quarterback but more likely and Morgan did it ever bit. And the numbers are similar Travis Kelsey to which was kind of stunning to me when I went back and what did this city that ball just got the X-Factor this thing he can maybe get Tyreke and get. Travis Kelsey delegates the Steelers defense that had such such good success against the chiefs. Yeah definitely tired yeah you know you've got a guy go from one quarterback whose base is the most conservative quarterback in the league even if you want to. That seems an adult you know Lockheed Marques Smith was more aggressive. Put the ball down the field a lot more. The pitifully out there that didn't vote conservative quarterback in the game. They got a patent homes may be the most aggressive you know he's got a reasonable chance of breaking. The highest mark we've ever seen in terms rappers get the target it continues. We were evening going. I get it dial play. Yeah he's going to put the ball down the field of law would you be possible I only killed one that you remove these cute. Just run underneath there won't be behind the defense law but not I think I took my home I'm articulate young didn't have exhibited devastating combination between. Right now we're talking to Sam months and a pro football focus back to what you just said what are you seeing that Pittsburgh does defensively to take things away from the change. And I mean it in a big picture sense because the chiefs' offense I mean there are opposite typically scores 2427. Points per game they've only scored fifteen point six. Verses the Steelers in the last five matchup I mean the Steelers defense they do a good job and limiting what the chiefs want to do. Yeah they didn't play a lot of zone coverage and what I see it in the Mozilla has been seen in the lead but inherent. Also called that essentially designed and the way they eat those. That he does away with a covered too whether publicly. You are stacking it deep and the field the players so you're automatically take away. There's certain degree that there would be this shot to death I think they're also very clear that much in upper pine and I am trying to limit those guys acquired in those middle areas of the field. Over the years is patently athletic linebackers is doing now what are those. Lawrence Timmons so when I walk or Ryan cheered reported injury. I'm David Aardsma athletic guy on the bike and had them and able. We don't know where the prospect of the tribe client cannot force people automatically. Could check down more sensible than 800. I'm not I've neglected that in the field. I think. Again we'll have beaten that's what they're bad or actually able just pick them apart patiently all day and not worry about the fact they're not getting the big quiet and he doubts there. Over the years probably indeed. That level we're comfortable not just taking those quick short aren't involved say. I'm not forcing some big the fact that they that was echoed be shut against them. How slow them down what I do think actually home changes the dynamic of everything because he's going don't eat you own a shock regardless what you prevent them. San speaking of quarterback one thing alert over the years it is variants and you know the great players you don't see a whole lot of variance but was erratic guys you do what you make of bin brothels burger because over the last couple seasons. We've seen variance game to game and we seem big variance in home road split what do you make of Ben Roethlisberger. Yeah he might be one of the true one of those rare quarterback that can be great. And you do get some I buried that one back rockets are routed back. May not be in our largest operated conversation believes that the top of the best to your you know he didn't. Our fight quarterback does best and Capel popping game is as good as anybody. Every single season career defining games where I've Ben Roethlisberger turned up. It can be ugly people and Indians. These hateful and extreme core games. Even when he's playing base at that we saw last week. You can put a little bit it down to the weather and the fact that mark Garrett started to wreck the game or Pittsburgh opera in terms of how much effect it's having. But if it was just a terrible Ben Roethlisberger day now the question gonna be a are we gonna get by law or procedure and or is that just a rock star in another year last. Question here Sam I hate to use that term unstoppable because you can normally find a way to stop anybody. I don't know ice outfits audio brown the numbers would suggest you cannot stop what would you do against him. Yeah Antonio Brown going up against the Kansas City exactly very cute he's been terrifying. Good piece schemes in the top ten quarterbacks number one chip and guys have stopped I'm Tanya brown they can limit them. It could slow down but he still gonna have some success then the war played a really good name. This week it's first into the grounds out a couple of defections one of them to break how markets can do that slavery cut in front of somebody else mine. They can wait you didn't really tight coverage pretty much the whole game we have Antonio Brown. Brown still got them for five catches it yards in the arched up. Pretty much nothing more than war could do so that was a very good corner probably good game going up against the best received from the day. It's just don't have anybody is committed IE that it could be an absolute bloodbath. She Steelers on the road you got. Yeah. What did Steelers again not a bad back ask why we won but. It's going to be issued you know every time you look at that she received you can seeing did you have a point on offense what. I think it be done is pretty much as loud as we appreciate it might be have you received due to the number of options charges dropped in the quad. I'm still going up and monster number of yards into the air. I think Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers did and how the same kind of a former almost normal behavior with the stimulus. That's Sam Munson from pro football focus Sam always always enjoyed audible ball would be catching next week whenever that she's at their home opener it's the San Francisco 49ers were the guy didn't. Always love talking football with our guys Sam wants in coming up and two men it's. Don't turn the dial and 120 seconds will get into what on paper appears to be the biggest mismatch. For the cheese maybe this entire season's autumn football right here on the drive.