09/13 2p - Chiefs Offense vs Pittsburgh, Franchise QB, AB is Unstoppable, Minute

The Drive
Thursday, September 13th

The Chiefs offense has been terrible against the Steelers, how long before you have a franchise QB, AB84 is an unstoppable force plus Gimme a Minute 


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Let's do. It's another day another dollar another addition of the drive can't errors in your hand stagnant nice. Pakistan all aspects of inspector here and we finally got a diagnosis. Old man baseball and retired in one breath and debating I had been telling you got a body is an internal clock. It normally tell you when it's time to get out there saving did not look into it. And now he's horse and win. I got the CD to prove right Garcia got a bone bruise again its orbit as his and I got a great UN CL sprain so. Today's national bad news MRI day. Coming up in about thirty minutes or so it is very difficult to call any player in the NFL unstoppable but I think there is one player. That is unstoppable coming up in about an hour or so catch of the wrecks other rows television broadcasts are. Our guy Hud will stop by. No Neil Smith today but we got you covered it Sam hey Sam Watson our season has it locked that Sam months then we'll get you ready for cheese in Steelers with a pro football focus look. All of a pull up right now spec I believe you tweeted it. On our. Putter count on your account I'll buy you receive my apology island between right now from the stage again about that what's. The biggest reason for why the chiefs have lost the last three games to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Alex Smith. Mike Tomlin over Andy Reid for Laney bill still two hours double in that we will get to that coming up in the 4 o'clock hour putt. Right now any color number six and I went 357676. Standard. Four royals and Wednesday it's all you gotta do is three things number one. Guilty listening at 2 o'clock. Intel one friend to listen at 2 o'clock get out of delta difference just so different to listen in at 2 o'clock number two medical or six very. Import in the process to be cholera six and number three Steve inspector is saying today is going to be a knucklehead. If you call Steve inspector knucklehead. You can't win that the royal Iranian twins tickets. Baseball these authority to wind down royals play a little bit of good baseball. Go out to Kauffman Stadium and see you're working in city royals what it is today. I would guess that is breaking news but very very important Bob Sutton comedy on the availability of one airy fairy it's. Not what anybody thought of are rude and we'll believe. It is it's where rat that although those guys stepped up did a good job and airing now. You know they've just got to keep going and see what we're not honestly sure when he's he's come back and Ann's going to be prologue you know. So Eric Sutton says. Bob's a student says not sure win Eric Berry will come back it's very similar to what Andy Reid said yesterday when he talked about being cautious with various health. Just so everything comes down. Is Achilles there there are so. We're just being cautious with the long season. Your view you as a war or out who would have full trust I was really. You know her house when this month us let us know why there for the long haul. And so I emissions that are right there who's doing a great job communicate. Take this aired there injury count like the deal with the same way deal with my wife or get it out to dinner like on a weekend. It explicitly that certain time. Answer okay you ready to go out and you attend. Tenants because why are you ready to go you know not quite. Hate like you ought to know you're ready to go at them. I feel dig up information whether there yesterday to build it this is an a key les related injury. That's not a Achilles but it suddenly could lead to which means they're back for awhile. So the point where they're there now is totally ready to go out of information I understand what they're doing. They wanna make sure that doesn't blow a lot of other Achilles and room for the entire season they got to be Smart to the use and totally ready to go Bob Sutton has no idea. When Eric there's gonna be ready ago it was some guy's attitude before we thing we think he's going to be three weeks he's dated a kid B now so there's no idea. So that means. He really hasn't yet. Would there pairs come back talk to the point now at this whole situation. I'll count on rod Parker Eric Berry Armani lots and whoever else wanna throw back there and the literature trinity got just eleven I think the question. When is he ready to go is. You can't accomplish the things you wanna accomplish this season without Eric Berry and I know you or with this mentality of this season is a free roll I don't care how they do this year not what you for the most part I don't think it's like for death that this team gets the AFC championship game I think that time will come for Andy Reid got the ball is certainly nodding your one. But it would appear that their offense is ready made to take you win the plus it would appear that way I know you only see one game but it would have that this team's gonna be able to school work it also appears like their defense is going to be the unit that hold you back. It also appears like they're secondary isn't going to be good enough to help you win the kind of games. That you have this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers so I think. Like the aired bear issue is one of the three biggest issues on the team right now I'm with you he's not here alive focus on it but I think a we're talking big picture yesterday you were saying. I don't care about September getting to January into December. An error there is a big part of that and it this is 891011. Week injury. I don't know I can count on a guy who has played them a year and a half to showing up in being the reason why you win a playoff game. That's why I think aired their injury with his importance on the field and off the field continues we want this team's biggest Cortland. Yemeni economy by Portland like what's he gonna be when he comes back and he's not ready to go right now nobody knows when he's coming back what you get a deal like. Shot Barbara talked about this early weakness you know I'm an SATs and guide it can't come back from an Achilles injury but there is gonna be some change in the guy is a couple areas. Get on the field now a year after the injury. So. Well to the point will wither like a sort of at least for this year kind of and I know it sounds early and it sounds crazy but. He's kind of given up on him coming back and being is the all pro saviors safety. Back there that's like tower on with so I'm not planning on Eric Berry playing a huge role in his defense this year and I know that's early and they sell a little extreme. And it went Lynn. It's an Achilles related things doesn't know he's got a back injury doesn't know he's come back. And now there being more specific ideas at info that they didn't just plant itself. It's televised on a plan on anything whether there you roll out there and somehow figured out of rod Parker LaMont wants and Eric Berry whoever else that. Yeah does not at that point yet with Eric Berry well I'm willing to say that with him I still think it is obviously incredibly early in the season I'm continue to maintain that this team was very serious about it he'd be on the pup list. He be guaranteed now for the first. And then we keep our roster spot open than it completely mismanaged this injury and that would be a trend we've seen them mismanaged doesn't usually attribute all of a mismanaged Jamal's injury. And Eric Berry if you put Eric bear on the pup was we're not having this conversation every single week he's eligible to come back the first six weeks. Put you continue to make a story in every week what's the availability of aired Baird as long as he's on the active roster he's taking up roster spot fourteen defensively that could certainly use an extra quarterback or a safety. So if Eric Berry doesn't come back before the first six weeks. Meant to be viewed as completely miss diagnosed the injury and you were completely wrong and excellent and you and I are on different sides but we agree on this. You can't accomplish the things you want to accomplish this season without having my senior need 2016 aired bear to come back. You need productive upgrade over rob Parker Eric Berry to play on this team that has to happen for the seem to advance the playoffs yeah I mean and you'd you'd neither paired. And especially the second we have right now dispatcher I know when he's come back. Against this because yesterday I was driving home in I was thinking. Art announcement no 5 o'clock hour that's excellent they're very protective of Alex Smith. Alex Smith and Al Gordon but the tax level of themselves analysis comes in at things a muscle. Too hard on Alex meant. Now he's gone too hard on him out again. It's excellent like Alex with last year the year before you before that now he's on the moment yeah but it was one of those weird things that it was very polarizing where they would score thirteen boys and it would be look at the offensive line look at XYZ but they'll when he won all Alex but what even though we do for 97 yards and two touchdown passes. Think in this. Look it up. Let's back some numbers but it's not he was feeling and emotion what ballots that they call transmit let's look at the numbers. When you play the Pittsburgh Steelers. Under Andy Reid and Alex Smith the chiefs played the Steelers five times they scored fifteen point six points per game. In 2013. That would have been good for 31 in the NFL fifteen point six graduate the 31 ranked offense in the NFL. In fourteen dead last in 1531. In 1631. In 1730. The chiefs' offense against the Pittsburgh Steelers with Alex at this quarterback was one of the three worst offenses in the NFL. We can talk about though we can talk about Bob Sutton match and not just in Houston against Antonio Brown we can talk about anything you wanna talk about. You are not beating good teams in the NFL with they bottom three offense in the NFL and that's what they had. When you compare it to a dynamic are often appears to be against everybody else whether it's doing whether rich you pick the team that you want a picket. But she's been able to school were brought many teams that had just taken away the ability from the chiefs to put the ball in the end zone. Hits per ads begin. Alex Smith and Andy Reid played against the Pittsburgh Steelers five times emit more play at any rate all right we'll see you got a new quarterback you've got the one you want you got all the weapons and all the way you can ask for. They scored fifteen point six points per game which would have you with the bottom three offense the last five years in the league. You did not produce enough offense we you do not score enough offensively to be a team like the experts the. But I think this year. It's its final package that and I understand we're doing because the chiefs. It dominated by the Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers on the cheese you know last few times I get that. But this is a different offensive team that's known and this is an Alex Mateen is a Patrick Holmes and it's not Chris Connelly Robert Wilson over there it's any markets. You know so they've got they made two pretty drastic changes to drop. And Al. Only fully even though the Steelers have kept time regular check. You know every single time they've played them in the 2016 he had five for 24 2017 he had five for 34. And I'm in count you know the game their 36 not that I look at those numbers that and to that sixteenth playoffs Tyreke had four catches for 27. So I think Tyreke is is different player than he was back into. I Tyreke visible I think Patrick Holmes is much better than Alex Smith much better suited for situation like this and I still believe this and lock is going to be key the offense. And so it's. It is sad because the Steelers have owned that she's making it one of the biggest changes to possibly make about a quarter. You know and and that's why I think this the chiefs have the chance to outscored these guys in Pittsburgh the sewage and they're going to be. All they certainly have a chance and south Kaiser from the athletic brought up the stat. They can't the city's average fourteen point three points per game against the Steelers in the last three contests last season. They were average and she's averaging 32 point eight points per game heading into week six woman way to Pittsburgh Steelers they scored fourteen points in the game. This is they show me offense game. You went out there and you've got the quarterback that she wanted you've got the gunslinger you got the next Aaron Rodgers went out you spent fourteen million dollar policy want to what are. Put up points because again we can talk about lately on bell we can talk about lining up just in Houston it useful ones under sixteen points per game against the Pittsburgh Steelers or really any good NFL team you're not winning. Yeah you're not winning a football game your offense is not giving you wait chance to win these kind of games and that's the unit that's supposed to carry this team. If your office to score 33 points a game in the news court thirteen I don't hear about Bob's sudden. What about the offense alike could Alex Smith be productive enough a when he hear about tire retail. It's unstoppable weapon you think the best receiver in the NFL how we get 47 yards the last time he played this big game for the chiefs' offense we've hiked it up in mostly. This big games go show yes gore or San Diego and Los Angeles is one thing scorn on Denver in week seventeen is one thing gold wrote it in put up 24 against the Steelers. Gold would have put up 27 points its dealers because Alex Smith could never do that. Now that that's going to be that ever since the got a Dylan and tell you that exit to profits of team. A lot of us who quarterback but in my opinion what more to this later on the show. In my opinion Sammy Watkins can play a huge role the steeler game those are two things that she didn't have last year actually story you've got out of all Tyree kill. You've got brand new quarterback got the Camden Patrick Baldwin got sandy Hawkins are three things that she's didn't have a offense and last time that plated steel. Are coming up Todd Bowles spoke on Sam darn it he's said. It takes 100 games to know if you franchise quarterback something tells me she's standing and away sooner than that we talk about it next coming up this drug. Come purple ball line right here on six and ports and our sister station. Coming up this Saturday. Against Oklahoma at 1030 however putting himself in the eyes of conversation USC and Texas. Always like a little rolls bowl rematch remember the residents getting MPs are the most underachieving big name team in the country Mike bishop. But those to us Sunday night NFL action raiders and Broncos over on 161616. Success or if you were exposed. Sunday Night Football coverage. Right here speaking out prime time football. The jets were on primetime last week in old they'd put a beat down on Detroit lines well Sam played really well and everybody is just. All over themselves to applaud roasting that a Choi lions in week one of the NFL season well couples he added. Head coach of the New York Jets said it's one against in franchise quarterback. We want one game so I can tell you think about a hundred more than. We have one on my right now literally. Todd Bowles said you need 100. Games to decide if you have a franchise quarterback or not something tells me that she's fans will not be waiting 98 more games that aside attacked Rome's as the one these are going to be around for a hundred games anyway elmo's got whacked last year and then doubles. There so. I think that's a ridiculous. I hope he was joke really do because I think I think I think for the greats in the really goods and the guys that are going to be bus I think you almost know me. You know if that takes awhile to know that you probably an average quarterback. Or you got a really good quarterback and a bad situation and I do put Alex Smith in that category is a really good quarterback started out really bad situation and a couple examples I. I knew. Russell Wilson absolutely shredded cheese in the preceding Kansas City. You've got to do when you saw that game if you watch that game you watched him play your kids you like who is active like that second place who whizzed. You know the Denver game last your shield from evolves to do that she's got a quarterback. And I felt good about it in the preceding some of the throws he may accelerate this game like we got him and the other one to another Denver got facts alleged. So let's throw a pass like this got sucked it about. Oh dollar games. The really really good ones you need any gamer to. You know for the guys that are Bosnia need maybe gamer too I think for the guys they're going to be your average quarterbacks to a sell yourself on a consulate think he can do it if he can do. You'll see. A little glimpse of the guy here they'll have a bad game the want to let them go acting like he's got a shot a day to get that. Good ones and the great when you know almost to me. You fine at that level when it comes to it. I didn't know about that press got right now. That press got any really good first good look like Russell Wilson I think Jesus was I think the good quarterback you look like that easy as you'll get the first year yeah I mean his last nine games seven of the beast on less than 200 dollar still Fuzzy Elliott on the team didn't look so hot and we got to the NFL season. How are Derrick are two years ago he will not work high island there are. I don't hot you know right now franchise quarterback Allan Kaplan it may be an example yeah got a regatta to incredible spark in his NFL career. Mean things really started to change really quickly. I think you know if he's bad I need to see a hundred games of Blaine Gabbert no way to go to work out an 800 game to know Jake Locker that was gonna work or not. Or Blake portals sure but. I think to note your quarterback's going to be great. You know in game two were not Jerry all it's and take one game if you think. That's has to be bullied his head coach Jeff Fisher Fisher had an awful situation. What was it play the same clothes or male can remember who's got a later start to host Jeff Fisher McCullough mean awful situation houses in that situation. I dare cars brother was in that situation he's pretty good quarterback an awful situation Houston that's I think if you think you should know. With a really really doable and some Kirk cousins. Well on this at and is that a guy like Kirk cousins. Jay gruden I think can coach offense yes that's all I'm not the other 'cause it only is he now goes to Mike's ever. Got a defense got a running game got a head coach I would say the jury's still autograph and what Jimmy or via the best coach you could have for the first part of his career with what you like or Fargo's the outstanding and perfect match with a guy that was the office of donated from outlined are. Think you know. The 49ers had to pay and you make that trade forum that's just the nature of the business you've got to pay your quarterback. I don't think you know with the really good ones. I would say maybe a leak maybe pay me you do maybe Brady you realized in the first six games you guys on the beat two of the greatest team quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Meant that's a small number of people like being you know that early on with someone you would troubles. I don't think it takes 100 year urged RC 100 games and though. If you got your quarterback I think it takes probably three seasons I think. Heading into that our season you feel like you have a really good idea with what kind of quarterback you have finished as a bare its it is just they believe turns over every I mean. Derek are perfect example Marcus Larry oh really good example two years ago markets available like he was god it was maybe making you seem to be good quarterback now he's kind of stuck a little bit. They're playing quarterback can be great at it is all our I don't rules that maybe easier to play quarterback and it's hard to BA franchise truly transcendent great quarterback and. This when it comes with the three season I think you've got I think where chaired physical where journalists that factors into. Days stay healthy can take the beating Kenny take a grueling sixteen to eighteen game season opening or deal and you're in the post he's talked giving that. When it comes out I feel like you know the guy hazardous. Yeah and inflate quarterback is just about the physical ability of throw passes you know and and and throw touchdowns. You know and and and making god there's so much more to it. So important these guys that are physically gifted that can't play the position in the NFL. JaMarcus Russell got it comes to mind guys that of physical freaks we can't do Josh Freeman. Kansas City and you should see it stay on the stage that I strap these big linemen. Physical freak the Clinton position in a well. So that's why I Holmes has the background pedigree and that that's another reason why I think he's. Got it's going to be really really really good and it didn't take beat 7810. Games in three years to note that. Here's what's rest Taylor had to say about homes in this quote on a stick in my head because. I don't think we've come to this point Denny Matthews is told me time and time again we talk about young players in baseball all the highest on Jacob Judas in the world. That man sports is about adjusting to the adjustments in teens eventually find out which you do well and find out what you don't do well and they were trying to highlight the things you don't do well and take away the things you do exceptional. We haven't come close at that time with the homes at this what Torres had to say about it. That local point where it will be to support in Japan and not take all star like ruby. He called the feel like you away you could just sit there next to Leo more arcane process so there will be some sort of yeah at some point your performances secret ballot admit that looks like him but that's what went to Ukraine to prepare for. I don't go to a game with that will pay them movie don't want to do here it's okay go make them look bad and thought he responded that does the term what you all full potential. We're looking at current water back on that game come. And they don't we bring that up because yes or she's earlier today Todd Bowles said this about franchise quarterbacks and when you feel like you know about the guy. We want one game so I can tell you asked about a hundred more things. We have one on my right now ruler of. And maybe doubles is speaking in hyperbole literally had no islands and you're getting a hundred games to know what your friends is an I party franchise quarterback or not you get boring. I can get two seasons and know if that guy is your quarterback not a heading into the third year I think that's when you know. Mean the leakage is it's about bear is the reason a lot of love you know fell on the reason why it is the league that it is is because you can go from two and fourteen. To go into the playoffs the next year you can go from a team that's eleven and five and missed the playoff the next year. It is a year to year game to game who's helping who's not healthy kind of business I just don't think you know if you got the guy in the first four games of knowing and that goes for homes that goes for Watson that goes for Arnold let us for Carson what's that goes for anybody make consistency in being a great quarterback in this league is doing it over time we've seen Brady do for fifteen years yeah problem Berger did it for ten years brewery he's done it for two years I know you're just like Philip Rivers rivers has done it for a while and it ain't doing it for seven games if you're out lots and it's doing it for seventeen games the what if for 37 games to really know if you got that iron. I would feel like the surgery would still be out on homes if this is his rookie year if that she should drafted and we've got to routier's. Many camps training camp and out pre season I got one game Ridder roll out I wouldn't be sold on the homes that was the case a second Seymour. And I scheming in San Diego. There LA would have held or called now. But I would need more. I feel like I have enough information when it comes to evolves it's been here over here now to know that he's going to be again. Coming up on the other side is very difficult to call it NFL player unstoppable but I think there is one and the chiefs are going up against them on Sunday we'll talk about it coming up its drive. It was murdering the good circuited wanted to do it Nashville before poorly until it's. Antonio Brown on the surface the oil has he got out the good actor but keep Beckett welcome we all. He spun around. And that was that what they wanted and that's today help them. Wow that was that was still got to play. But that Robert Byrd has now missed two straight practices. He was asked if he was hopeful for Friday's practice and he said quote. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. The offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers said he'd like to think that Josh dobbs is ready to play if needed if you are Missouri feigning watched. SEC football you've seen Tennessee's quarterback Josh dobbs and until you meet here. But with Ben Roethlisberger I feel like we do this seven times throughout the course of the season. They're rival burger get banged up in the game before. And he'll be melodramatic. About if he's gonna play if he's gonna practice or not and how he's feeling that he was thinking about retiring apps they got some Mac last year by the Jacksonville Jaguars. A big problem burger just needs attention. It is needs somebody to notice of and ask how he's Dillon he's going to be fine. But rumpled burger is gonna be on the field on Sunday he's going to be insane Ben Roethlisberger that we watch for the last four seasons there's no doubt in my mind there's no way GC elect you know to not to face big men in Libya about that as. There's no just just dobbs is terrible when it mean. Just double eagle worst quarterback in week one if he plays and he's he was absolutely terrible at Tennessee. So I'd zero feared that she said the book begins just doubt that you do always have to be concerned. About of the weapons at the Pittsburgh steels and you missed it big problem is missed two straight practices he is hopeful. To practice on Friday he simple will see how I feel tomorrow I guess we'll just come back. Elsie how bit Roethlisberger. Feels tomorrow when it comes to if he's going to practice or not all of the show. With how great tire retail laws any arguably the best weapon in the NFL. You think that he is the best wide receiver in the NFL that not. Not completely accurate it's not complete yet but yeah I think he's I think he's I think he's the best offensive weapon in the NFL. But I'm cynic who knows better wide receiver but about a trade for you really got to return punts 91 yards for touchdowns and to run jet sweeps into all sorts of stuff that's what onset of so when it comes to wide receiver. I think it is very safe to say that Antonio Brown is unstoppable. Stopping Antonio Brown I don't know what the plane to stopping Antonio Brown has the right sheets problem when it comes to stopping Antonio Brown for the changed so have the personnel to stop. This is an NFL problem when it comes to stopping Antonio round. These last six games from AB. When it is when he is played at least thirty snaps. 99. Catches 93 yards and a touchdown seven catches for 132. Yards to touchdown. Our eleven chances to thirteen. Eight catches 101. Yards in a touch. Chain catches 169. Yards and two touchdowns. In catches for 144. Yards and three touchdowns. You are not stopping Antonio Brown it's almost like but I assume teams do and they play the Cleveland Cavaliers lead counsel LeBron James and the bronze and a score. The bronze would have a good day and there's not much you can do about it you hope that he doesn't have a great all time kinda day. But he did make sure that you limit the guys around LeBron James that needs to be the focus for the team deceit she's. Now stop and Antonio Brown holding him to five catches for 45 yards in this game that's just that's not realistic defensively for the kids each east but what you better hope is that. A guy like juju Smith Shuster doesn't have a 105 yards receiving what you hope is that James Connors not as evolved in the passing game as lady on belies. But again when it comes to stopping Antonio Brown he is the one unstoppable player in the NFL. I would say opening Graf when rockets healthy yeah there's two unstoppable players it's healthy gras in its Antonio Brown the last six games where he's at thirty snaps. 93 yards a 132 yards to thirteen 101169144. And the guys getting in the end zone against Antonio Brown Sunday well. Eight the final game of the regular season last year that the patriots. Took a 124 yards. Mean I mean it's it's it's possible I mean teams have done it and look at what the ravens did tool. What in week four last year. Nine targets for catches 34 yards but it's doable. And other doing it but it's doable and it's doable for this defense. It's possible for the second period that. I don't know the answer Antonio Bradley's from a cheese perspective but some teams have done it I mean you can possibly. At least you can possibly contain Antonio Brown achieves and that's what scares me the most about. I was looking at the numbers were more times than not like I'm with you sometimes LeBron doesn't shoot very well as anyone points. But man I just don't know how going into the game you can anticipated this year coming in a fancy spec I don't know who you dragged through the number one pick in your draft analyst. I'll say did you take Antonio Brown number one overall. He's been healthy the last five years he's been productive he's got it's gonna get into the end zone but in terms of the NFL he has the most consistent. And hide in producer. Any position that that's not quarterback. Name player that's not error Roger's name will play is not somber even as Purdue is that the level for as long maybe jagged drew present in the conversation took. That's it we're talking three of the twelve that is quarterbacks of all time I've argued this the last three years. The timeframe in which we sit with the rules the way they are offensively and with the rules the way they are defensively we are seeing the best wide receiver in the history of the NFL in Antonio Brown. At a standard meaning you won't put him at Jerry Rice mean that you won't put them ahead Randy Moss. But put the last five years of Antonio route a begins any wide receiver in the history of the NFL he's been better. Better than you Calvin Johnson better the layer FitzGerald better than peak Randy Moss better than Jerry Rice better than TO. You name. Antonio Brown currently is playing at the highest level we've ever seen a wide receiver play. Which can attach a wide receiver that right back in the day you like flight of you know now I can barely touch you got to pass interference flag hunting Antonio browser upgrade. But we all the rules are the it in the favor the quarterback the wide receive a yes. So I mean I think it was tougher to put a bigger numbers in years past that that it is now but he's phenomenal it's phenomenal and a yes it's not a tie regularly until a meeting Kelly and the return well not that I am not an aria on here's what Bob Sutton had to say about covering the best wipers. In the game Antonio Brown he is this. Yeah I didn't hear any time you're matched in and then there's a lot of different series and a lot of good Marines I'm bull. Series woo woo woo kind of you know left and right. Current situation as you guys know. There's nothing wrong with a win going the other way. If it's probably gonna take. He's probably take more than one. Now more than one quarterback is somebody else that has them. Part of that time Morris can be it you know can be tough day and there. Angle and so you know we'll probably just stay like we have made no left and right. And an angle for the. He's been a little puzzled by. You know the deficiencies that your team has on defense you Adam when you had Marquez Peterson you have currently on your team. Why is not a game you go tell Kindle Fuller. Jauron Antonio Brown the whole game we know at some point he's going to be vis AB we know the rules to do the best you can and with them but. You really want to roll the dice what the Steelers move and Antonio brown and having him around and having Orlando's theater on a but I see the movie before and it is bad for the kids exceeds it in bad for the opposing defense and if there animal Antonio Brown around and be creative. And they're gonna lined them up against Vermont Smith and they're gonna line him up against Orlando Scandrick or Stephen Nelson. Or just didn't use that in this scenario it is gonna of their very importantly for the chiefs about half. Understand what Bob's sudden that debt doesn't. Do. What you need to do is around Celek got two great lock down corners I don't understand this picture as tweeted about it and then in the rams raiders game that. They are moving markets Peter all over the place right Winston Peters wouldn't do and and so when do meters in Wade Phillips is just a lot better coaching deep and that's all I'm and so. You have to realize what you haven't got to believe you guys in the right way there's a reason why the the glittery little kid can't frozen right field in Little League. You can show that picture. There's room for this stuff you don't have two good corners you barely have two decent safeties. You've got to move can awful around. It just used in rat on the and and put him over the weakest link on the office of line and there are a lot of why can't you move Kendall Fuller. I mean kill off it was a slow corner. Is still moving around. One. Tax on 69 preserve 600 crush in my opinion when it comes Antonio Brown C dot stop just stop hacking you put Antonio Brown RJ rice you're too young Miami and another text or typical carried in associating the present day athlete with the greatest of all time. I'm a Super Bowls as Antonio Brown responsible for. Again we argue we can debate but the numbers are the numbers these the last five years for Antonio Brown. 110 catches 15100 yards eight touchdowns. 2014129. Catches led the NFL. 1610988. Yards in thirteen touchdowns he led the NFL receptions led the NFL yard the next season and followed up. All 136. Catches for 1834. And ten touchdowns two seasons ago 106 for 1284. And twelve touchdowns. Last season he had a down year when he came to touchdowns and yards. 101. Yards. 1533. And nine touchdowns Antonio Brown's average last season was a 109 yards a game. He is Jerry Rice right now about what you did the rule that changed that it made it easier to complete passes and easier for wide receivers but they air that he is playing yet. There are only two unstoppable players in the NFL it's a healthy Rob Gronkowski who know have been able to figure out there and it's Antonio Brown. He is Randy Moss he is and he is Jerry Rice right now he if you take the snapshot of the last five years from a wide receiver there has not been at wide receiver that is been more productive than their than Antonio Brown. Again and I'm Russian attacks on his relative in the coveted trophy as the attacks like fitting with the old head hater I take it may favor. A wide receivers more of the game is faster coverages are better more complex give credit where it's due I've seen Antonio get Brad is fantastic. I'll say is this. When I played for the 49ers. He would cut his pinky awesome to get back in the game safeties would lay you out. That's not the way they play now. You can barely hit a guy. The receivers he gold medal. And they're not gonna get drilled. You can't touch the guy to pass interference. The pretty easy when it goes to taken off the back to the run and picks it's a different game now out that hasn't. That's not Antonio Brown's fault he's playing with the rules right now he's fantastic dominate and yet he's dominating which is great. All of says is that it across the middle and you've got. Dennis Smith you've got Ronnie Lott where you got. Kevin roster some of those guys come across the middle to take your freaking head off that could affect the way you play the game and it'll play that morning. I mean in the game is certainly lend itself without which include the spread offenses it's lent itself to guys like Antonio Brown smaller wiry receivers catch the screenplay making guys miss and school if it's led to guys like Tyler Lockett didn't pay extra locking something to be really got Seaver in 1991 yeah they think 2018. Watt receiver. Coming up twenty minutes we'll catch double Rexall the royals broadcaster and speaking of. The game you have. All of the game. And especially on the clock. The drive coming up in about ten minutes or so we'll give you another chance to win royals and twins take its. During the pop quiz coming up in about all fifteen minutes or so we'll catch up with our guy Rex Butler. They get the latest scoop on the royals were playing good since the all star break we'll see Al hunt is feeling about you working NC royals expect. Without further ado. Let me take him. So I was on the Internet today I saw an article. Only in the fat head down. And they say. That one in Greenland. Have pretended to elect a sport. So we use a potential. Romantic. Partner is then went on to say analyze that it said bank. What would you be willing to do if it would make your partner like sports more or less. 40% admits that they would add twenty minutes to their daily commute. 40% in May and said they would gained ten pounds. One you resentments that it would take 10% picked. You take it only had picked us young lady didn't like the royals a little bit more you know it doesn't think and out there but the stat that maybe my ears the most. One in five days have turned down relations with the league. For a sporting I would say you'll listens to show and you bring that up during an instinct you'd be itself that's not not about you. Just the same way you want your peace whenever the bachelor is on or whatever your show is analysts stereotype is the same way we feel. There's some not movable things when it comes in the embassy or athletics one of those number of things I'm not going anywhere whenever resumes play Wyoming he's got to watch the percent this year gene Locke is out there cookie. Don't be selfish. I don't wanna talk right now analysts spend time together right now it's about the tigers right now want to ship that's that was the that was courtesy of fat head count. He currently in a long term relationship right now acid and okay just as Jack. Is back and I figured that at least. He's always tells us some just don't you year or it's not your year we take that team it's not they're here. To quote from John gruden and the Sampras is a chronicle. We had a shortly asleep we had a wilds god and Bill Clinton. Hate the raiders here folks. There's this god in the building a trickle back match play rush to green bay Packers and the raiders got smoked by the rams a national team. Sometimes you just know that it's not your year. This got to me was Canada. Let's come the final nail the coffin for the race tonight when they won a major financier five and 11511. Driven at 313 eating in born while they might be. We covered in a film of 2114. Million and a long time when no money when I think this god there goes so. If you did party though it's not a raiders here Scott she of the moment. I mean your car I mean he can't he can't elevate past that stage. Still hold on to that their cards were these gave I wanted to go somewhere else and be a really good player of these it's gonna happen and it's a mess I just gave Scott Schroeder and I think it. So religion in the in the locker rooms I just got to Titus and I can't do anymore at their garlic ice breaking up to recover them Isaac wasn't with them I just thought he was gonna be good and then he wasn't senate removed him. Then I moved on the Kirk cousins that's happened I'm gonna Kirk cousins any Ed and let me down. Dark horse in ERC and Alan Brigham Kirk cousins dark horse game yuppie candidate Kirk cousins are right we do want. When the vikings don't Wheldon for this year and he scored at any thirst 45 touchdown pass as you guys to. Shockingly enough he said it Jeremy hill would add ten plus touchdowns on August 13 at 2:45 PM and it. 5:50 PM you predicted Kirk cousins would be NDP I got. I feel like August 13 was a bad day for you page can pay aspect is the Sunni SUS Christina. Target of Joseph boasts a healthy and a special teams back to tables hasn't been healthy since I sent a letter in wins. Number two in the AFC all of that I'll take him. Now. Hurricane Florence is starting to you now hit Carolina outside buffalo obviously no laughing matter but I think I found the perfect Twitter thread. To sum up the south. This is from the Twitter account of Matt Bradley who works for NBC. This was treated at 11:34. AM. The wind is growing stronger but more significant is it the Waffle House in shallot. North Carolina is now closed. The chain is famous for storm Cardenas and its closure is perhaps the greatest metric that this storm is high. Twenty minutes later. Update. Waffle House did not close willingly they were told to shut down by the shot North Carolina police when the boat jingles across the road stayed open. It became an old fashioned southern food standoff. The Waffle House wasn't about to lose. Paid and reopened forty minutes later. Now both places are shut down because I think it's getting more and more serious but. A little bit of I'll levity this morning between the Waffle House in both singles and challenge North Carolina. As when the boat jails would close off a house that were staying open pacing about it. You know I get that last 120 seconds in my life back please. There's little we at a Waffle House Abuja angles and a personal don't ever disrespect awful yes I'll look I'll blaze. Doesn't sound like a lot about what's the lawful strike by. Cowboys. Lawful with a lot of it with a lot of disrespect coming from outside game along for that Google. Disrespect this was waiting for you know the ending to the story like your gold so they'd both closed. We'll take close there's no more stories are only good at it I just know what your goal without them there's going to be some great you know. Climb actually and your men will Waffle House close look at OJ Eagles stayed open. And and while last opened despite what the police for two at bats the Stewart's idea. Other breaking news in the NFL if you missed it Jolie also will be out for the next couple of weeks. Chargers defensive line in top five defensive player in the NFL as the injuries. Then hits just keep on coming like you guys big hits or 5 o'clock now the knicks are in the charges locker room good example for the chargers injury pool. Yeah like I was ballistic that's on his next got to get around I mean I'm not really doing that because I know I'm gonna get from LP Dubose and I know I'd. I do I'm gonna get from a healthy joy boast the problem is he LD somebody on the tax on ads did run pick the raiders to in the AFC west. Heated heated or elected you watched this team and in your life closes team and I am a kind of ticked off our listeners because as I've made that proclamation I think the Oakland Raiders are going to win if seamless. I don't think Jon Gruden another Ronald O Leo and I think last year was. Was an anomaly with deer car unlike some of the moves they made. I think that the this up at the line in the division. I like that address yours your thoughts on how crazy I am thinking that the raiders with the. I don't know that you are crazy. I put that. I mean nothing like a former player and current employee for the Oakland raider telling you that your pic of them to win their division is absolutely crazy but nothing will ever top. I'd be honest I think figure region is one of grilled over rate. Later we see. They 71 team. Never quote the champions show has always proud that never stayed he is always hurt. Ever since there is body. It's yet cut you went to the raids and didn't do diddly boot. Ken Griffey junior is overrated made my favorite sport state of the year we have that the end of the year we did do like favorite sixth in hot sport stakes. Ron's Ken Griffey junior is overrated is maybe it's. It's number one with a bullet I mean president welts has disappeared I mean there's a bully on the stage we needed those late last night and I have the same special teams problems they had over the last couple years now that was different Elena but that was just an opinion. You know just an opinion if I don't know they have acted special teams since Reagan was an offense I'll I X is a little while I expected it to improve. I was wrong it did it improve with the Los Angeles starters why can't we come together to focus on the fact that it is that what. Use the time to Terry each other now want to do that and it's really it's not really healthy. Maine and we should that are keeping worse and outscored napping in the wells off game. I think it knowledge that breadth of the overrated bad. No you can't say which ones are worse because they're really really bad on a lot of different levels. But yet it's like watching a during the Arab kindred junior which run dating coming towards inclusion he's overrated. Is making my favorite tape of the year. Did you hear if you would've stayed healthy would have wrote the home run. Albert bonds is Jews and this hat size went about four sizes. When he turned into a giant and then start logic bombs and Ken Griffey junior is on pace to do. He's in chi. He's Hume is from mine Ed do Shaq who's covered the Steelers for a long time. Ten minutes ago I saw that that's what you're about to read this like the biggest like not information information and people just dobbs confirmed that he took first team quarterback snaps with the Steelers today is gonna happen when the starter. Exact. I. You know like. Well it. Isn't practicing so one has to take the first to. Be back core I didn't really think that was rendered him not there anymore you know he's gone Tex Watson know how you pronounce the words short. Charlotte okay cited pronounced the word the size it. Twitter link wasn't Charlotte, North Carolina different. Shalit. North Carolina is adequate exercise its humorous guys. I was not I'm just trying to you know it's not Charlotte it. SCH a LL OT I just I was asking detects I'm one did you superstar the offensive about. Besides that wasn't there I just wanted to do you know the rule on the show Tex lines 69 306. Specs takes our smothered and covered in horse manure maybe a perfect way to do pop quiz. Conservative Christians must be submitted. Probably the pop quiz brought to buy victory Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. You've got a chance to win at Kansas State. Vs UT San Antonio tickets and not just the mayor all you can take the lines and you can take it to kids we got. Ready pac or Kansas State UT San Antonio I mean you. Our record books. I mean that nonconference. Tilts yet the road runners imminent when the road runners and travel in the management team does a little apple tape. Bill Snyder. I noticed that's what's the game last week alone that quote from bill Snyder's first press conference of this got a degree turnaround after college football. You can't. I hear that quote yeah. You check out it should politely told me that. I appreciate that you know glued. Well this back way that it yeah. He wasn't around the world and by that time of this we'll. And then we'll look into the home. You know us all that is followed. Spec right now 91357676. Stand and the four pack of tickets the road lovers at wildcats. Are yours coming up in 140 seconds of please don't leave. Royals broadcast. Our favorite guys read so to join the show next Rex public next drive.