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Thursday, September 13th
We don't think it should be deemed a good game for Justin Houston if he doesn't put any pressure on the QB. We need to keep an eye on Travis Kelce if he doesn't get many targets this week. Andy needs to find his Gordon Bombay moment. Steve's Top 32 is really going to piss you off this week.

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Our love show when I've run the show you actually belongs with my dad got burned here. And a very beautiful Steve inserted in the building. Our last hour it was really really really really good son Salisbury thank you for 790. In Houston he was fantastic I promise you. Do not want to miss that though to just in sports that's that the still a burn on it the on demand paid to its ill and earned and sort of we'll have that it knew it was great in charge was fantastic is always. Austin neck here and nick pulls his sleepers this week. And Sean Salisbury actually married we and a street go find him at 610 sports Casey on what are you today or at 610 Sports Radio on FaceBook. Really really does some of the things he said about Patrick moves. It CNN let's go load. Of. I do when I don't wanna get here Aaron about. And about five minutes there's I'm Watson I'm watching Travis Kelsey very closely very closely after this game. On Sunday. But. Let's let's let's stress on the year I'm going to give you the answer to a question I have beat you know daddy knows the game. The answer to the question is hailed no. No you came. Here is the quest. I was hearing this a lot. From people who I think and respect within. The NFL and no football. And I heard you know just in Houston and a and it could gain. And a Houston had a good game. He was really good against the run. And you know he he he did was. In the game and the question is if you're just in Houston in your starting outside linebacker in a 34 defense which means. You line up on a line of scrimmage you play coverage sometimes. You you play the run. But use your their aggressiveness. And outlets and even take out of money the that he makes. Just if you're starting outside line back him deep well. Can you can't you say it she had a good game. If you only get pressure one time when the quarterback dropped back 52 times. It's 52 though there was a sat there and people can you really say that an outside linebacker. A starting outside linebacker your quarterback drops back. You've got pressure one and a half times there was one time where he calls a holding and building where he got pressure. But rarely he did he get rich he was great against it was good against the run. And he may be the best runs stuff being 34 outside linebacker but that's not what is that's not what his primary job. It's now. Even if it. Sammy watt it's burned was exceptional. In the pass blocking or blocking or helping the run game and block he did not have a good game. He caught three balls for like fourteen yards or something. 'cause his primary job is to catch the football and get open and make place. Just like. Just in Houston's primary job is to get pressure on the quarterback. And if Philip drops back 52 times Eddie got one and a half pressures especially when you can. When you combine that by looking over the other side would deep Ford did. He played 77% of the snaps in the game like I'm sorry. But that's his that's his game his job his primary job. Is to get pressure on the quarterback. And I can't sit back and say what he had to gain because. He's got the run. This primary job he ever okay game was good against the run and this primary jobs get pressure. But haven't. You and I had this conversation throughout the pre season where. It sounds like. You haven't changed our expectation. For Justin Houston. Like you still viewed Justin Houston as the two wanted to sack guy got no word that you and I know. That he'll have odd game or two where he looks like the old number fifteen but for the most part all we want from him is the good performance now I don't. I don't view him as that guy I've viewed him as a starting 34 outside line back. And I don't think any starting. 34 outside line. Becker is the league. I don't think any of them in the leak. Would be in a place of having a good game if they only got one and have pressures and 52. Pass it to it Braylon speaks. Was the starter here I wouldn't say he had a game. If he only got one and a half pressures on 52 drop. I wouldn't. I did it have to do would be thinking he's the 22 sat got hurt I just think he's starting outside linebacker. Edit and his primary job is the rust the past. And if he's not just like. Like today I woods at all. Steve Nelson Orlando had a great game because they've made tackles. Well they're primary and they got burned several top of their primary job. Is comforts. And it's too slow down received. Just like his primary job is that. So is your frustrations stemming from just the overall sentiment of the fan base because you have to keep in mind just use isn't. Your run of the mill outside linebacker is the guy that Kansas City as a whole. Up pines. For that we're rooting. That's somewhere deep down inside of them that he can find that old Justin Houston just like Alec scored at whatever you see even the smallest glimmer of its old self. Even when you see him just something positive. Rather than negative we get overly excited because that hole leaves a precursor returning what use V. You know it's a reflection of the hole that the city ads for a guy like Eric Berry job of error there comes back as an okay game. That is going to be lauded as great game because he's another like Houston like Gordon. Who we poll. Just go many people don't want it would acts that he's not what used to be so we look for the little things to hang on to. And convince ourselves. That can turn into what it. Today we don't like to believe me I hear you can't judge is pressured by stepped you have to look. And how he was use the medically as well also he gets double team all the time. Listen Therese paler. The best in the damn this is you can hear every Monday this Monday coming up at 1 o'clock with a us and generally for the rest here at six. He said his self. If you don't believe me. He said himself. I didn't see a lot of double. I did see a lot of double teams he's got to win differently. And I wanna Alice that this lord knows that Bob said it's on my everlasting. Because I and only Bob does a great job. Aid in his tea. But we got to stop blaming the X by outside yes probably puts him in pressure too many times. Book. He hit amid pressure fifty times. All those on those drop next I'd bet you 50% of the time. More than 50% of the time Justin Houston with rats in the past so we gotta quit blaming this all of. Outside. It's just like you talked about that was lord that's a good cop it's got to be. Matt out. At first got to be honest about it but look what I died at the partnered numbers and what you know pro football focus has to say of course you know the that rates. Outside linebackers Von Miller are a grade of 89 point nine that's high quality according to. Pro football focus. 83 point eight for G four that's high quality according to pro football focus Justin Houston 54 point three. That's app that's middle of the row. Isn't middle of the road just in Houston where its problem elaborate on ports on rookie it is an average performance from Justin used. With what he's Ben. Or maybe what some people were expecting. An average performance isn't that a solid starting spots. For Justin Houston will you take average Justin Houston. I I think I would but you could say he's at this fives they have. Again in Hamlet bit to me that's our backer but no I didn't say that you can't say he happened to meet in an okay game. 55 is an okay can't have a good game. You've got to put pressure on the passer that's your primary job you're double teamed all the time. They started swinging protection over to 55 side. I don't wanna transition here. Before we were removed that I don't affairs. I got a I got it a concern. I'm really going to be watching this game and seeing what the production is. Outside of the gay. After the game I I I wanna see. What the stat line is and the target sport for Travis Kelsey ante in this game. Because I don't have the I don't have a major concern right now. But. Travis Kelsey starts having the same type of production at one for six. Yards. Six targets. Low targets a gated. Man I am I going to I'm going to be concerned with how he handled. Because deep down you know it you don't a lot of stuff doesn't go away my deep down. I think he has a deep I think deep down inside. That is he'll see is a football diva. A guy who will as as late as as early as last year when he's not get the ball enough you know. By that body language. Making bases. Coming and Andy Reid worries had to be pulled back and talk to buy aired there because he was it. Like where the ball was going he wasn't good enough touches. I another performance. Of one for six or two for seventy. I I I think we ball believe Travis has grown up I am I will have a concern leaders starting to see. How he's going to start reacting with this production if if it's down to where it was game in the game said. I'm gonna need more than just one. Two weeks and if it's a two and I'll start. I would. Man I have to believe that he can keep his mouth shut two weeks because I'm also the guy that believes that aid news Travis Kelsey is going to emerge c.s anymore. Leadership focus dame mixture of veteran leader in the clubhouse that is going to be detritus Kelsey. I can't believe that two weeks and disease in two weeks with not enough touches but that's going to make him a rock not Iraq. I'd just say that I'm starting out I will start it I was part to really look at it. I will start to look I mean they don't go away this you know with this thing is about second does go way I think guys can grow out of that. Integration takes a lot of etiquette knives for me it's longer than than a month Soka. Take this just last year. The dolphins game comes to mind which is one of them. Thirteen or fourteenth week last year where he was on his head back and really have an issue because the ball would come and his way. I'm elements yeah. When there's a chance where you can get new money and that is coming up where his guarantee money is coming out there's a chance we can get new money. Travis starts kidneys to reception gains these five target games that these continue. Like we get too well we wits about week 45. Either one of them comes at a loss and he's not getting targeted because I truly believe there may be something to. The way that Patrick Holmes you use the field it's brought it to the outside in the way Alex use the field. I bet that could be something that at least next week. My higher will be up wondering how he handled that because he's a deep end and that I may be that goes away and it ain't been enough time proven to me that is. Are coming up I. I know I mean have you out here must think I hate that sees an idol. But I'm telling you are one of the things that I can wait for his win Patrick my home bumps upside for the first. Coming up there. Second it is in about fifteen minutes. It's the it's 32. Labored so hard this is the arrowhead pride tailgate presented by Albert Buick GMC Cadillac comes your way this Sunday at 10 AM. Pete's waiting by quick hits. Shot Barbara the whole crew from arrowhead pride. The law also had recovered at halftime seven street casino arrowhead pride halftime show that'll be on FaceBook live. What's the baseball season and we'll have that for you on the year you'll be able to call in at halftime. Keep your thoughts and of course the seventh street casino arrowhead pride post game show right here on your football station 610 Sports Radio. Only about 5% of those two kids yeah. Donald stern fits the now wants the road stepped up in the pocket now. He. That's right maybe. It works. It didn't know what they cover. That was. That was Sam darn. And his first group of his career is through a I think god awful if everything they tell you not to do rolling to the right. Throw it across the field to give it picked off but you know at that moment. It was it was it was amazing to see how he responded today. And that's one of the things that I am really waiting to see would bow. And a weird way. I want to see how he deals with adverse. I want to see how he comes out inputs is if he puts his team in a hole. And aunt throws two or three picks in the first all over the hat or something has a bulls are where he'd missed reads things. I want to see adversity from him him being behind. In wind. And tended goal something I just wanna see how he handles. Adversity. Because he hasn't had to handle adversity on this level yet in the NFL now. At Texas Tech sometimes he did not handle adversity very well I can remember specifically game against Texas heat and thick intercepts. But other times he did it. Ellis at this level. It's different man earned its effort you've been around this industry for forty years it's pepper. When you are playing and playing with guys who this is how they need to claim this is this is over the top report this is all they do was eat sleep. In every football. And if you are the cause of this howl. How you responded is because this game is faster than any game you play. I as John Salisbury said earlier hell lacking go in and play when erupt when he eight. I wanna see how you play here and I think that's one of the last steps and I think that is something that you could possibly see with the Steelers this week. Because Thomas a good defensive coach and they and they're better defense than people think it sort of has told me. And I I think they're going to come out and really try to confuse them there's a little tape on them. I just wanna see how he responds to that type of diversity and I've always pride myself on having perspective and remaining level headed. But actually. I don't even want to say this because I know I shouldn't but shall I don't need to see it I'd. You know what you can have this crowned you can be a level headed one on the show. You can be the one that utilizes perspective when it comes to Patrick Holmes. And I don't think I'm being fat boy because I spent most of the pre season preparing myself for him and make mistakes that are reflective of a rookie and yet. After watching his growth and the pre season watching his performance against the chargers on Sunday. I really don't have a concern of how he's going to respond. To adversity I don't think he's going to be deterred when he throws that back breaking interception I I appreciate York. This is professional football I need to see it before I'm willing to say it into a microphone that I believe this kid your rights. That's how I think football people feel people that play the game and that's what it would say but. I don't need a senior tight with the marriage of him and the green handles weapons. I just don't see a way in which. The inexperience of Patrick Holmes. Is the culprit for a loss. You don't see you closely out. He he could be is that you don't see how he has a bad game could be the reason that they lose I don't see him as the salaries of like went when we tune in and listen. To the post game show. There's never one person it's. And there's never I mean there's only so when you're day. But no what do when I see that chiefs' losing on Sunday that the Steelers. Culprit number one through four. Is bad defense is that secondary is that lack of a pass rush. I don't see. Patrick Holmes. Mentally or physically. Having these attributes of someone that makes a mistake in the doubles down about mistakes. I'm on that mistake. To only make it worse I see him constantly learning constantly adjusting and with a head coach that is in an appointment a position to make the same mistake to Donnie. All the signs show that this is a guy whom. In no interceptions in the past it in college didn't get too but I'm just saying. This is different animal an aunt and I wanna see what I never Matt liner is will someone when he was that you list he. He was basically the pro football team there he was one of the biggest all hours. In LA. He handled anything. Tennessee he was always calm cool collected nothing seemed to bother him when he was at this eight he got to Arizona. When he was with the cardinals. He looked flustered and and crazy all the time and I was I was more shocked but in any almost any recent quarterback that mentally he couldn't. He could handle so you just never know what's going to see if so what's next in you don't consider being the Broncos twice in the game beating adversity well. I don't. McCain didn't matter if you're rooting and that was it that was a glorified. Recedes again I mean that that that it that gave it. It really matter as much to me this is. This is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kissed down they are all 11 at home in a game they'd need in that place is going to be crazy. They are ready to go Terrible Towels one of the toughest places to play Reggie radler told you that even though he's never played there but he told his well the toughest places to play. You throw a couple picks you start didn't hit. That's were I wanna see that's the that's the that's wanna see how he. Responds today like Sam Arnold the pick up to a bad pick six or first throw that what does and Arnold that we came back he stolen. He's the one anti windows he was not face and I want to see. What he's like hell I watched Alex Smith repeatedly. Hit phased in games when he made mistakes early and and he wouldn't make any kind of it would take any got a chance the rest of the game when he made mistakes and that's a thirteen fourteen Euro. There's. Old guys or is my. Match. But he got the bat them airing their raiders 33 to thirteen loss of their hands on Monday night you may have missed in my Cooper's contribution of the game. Point four year old not one pass for nine yards on just three targets note season opener. Quite eucharist at less than ten yards receiving in six of his last thirteen games. Yeah unless otherwise I'm not that. We're about Martin I think he's a a really good talent I think he went up against two of the best corners in the league. And his smash their nationalist was bad. And he had a really bad year last year their offers was terrible last year he had a bad first game but. A minute and a lot of people who are facing. Hockey to lead the march is eager to avoid stroke. But isn't he a great example of what we're just talking about with Patrick Holmes how to handle adversity. When those drops started to. A pile up last year it appears that probably dropped that preceded us have. He set of problems his first two years this is a guy who's played three seasons and game his first two years is probable. Allah I'm not completely a mess in a Mori who went to be. We'll do good. Farmers and now disgraced. Head coach Hugh freeze. Kansas weather back into the public guys. There in game ads that during a Q&A session after a speech at the Little Rock touchdown club it is that it. Ally who did it live read this is an out since when he seventeenth. And things here and a session he was asked about that and he said. I think the climate in America the last year probably affects a lot of administrators decision making. If they don't take the time to really clear what our story is they probably think I'm quick to make some type of judgment and examine that happens maybe it and I attempted. His story was. He was using his work phone to call hookers. Yes he he's Blanton now on the current climate in America and why they can't energizing your work alone to call hookers. For you in your plays. And not to mention the other things that you did to it. Those I don't know where all of this at that number what recruiting class and everybody is like what. A couple of down so late that climate element that the reason is you're calling hookers. For you in your play and I respect him. I respect what he had to say he's looked around racing Bobby Petrino got another job Larry station got another job I think Dave bliss got another job they've imagined say it's not a big deal and people believe that they'll have another job with him. Two and a half out here. But he said he had in a lot of interviews that didn't understand why you call. Or. Painted by afternoon. Someone could step up. Coming up here. Five minutes excuse me Steve's 32 the second it is. As soon as you said he's just flat he's smiling he's so it. Steve's 32 coming yeah these takes. In about five that's so. The drive behind us Neil Smith today at three there. Fox would be the building at 330 deal Smith on the drives you don't want to miss that coming up behind us with caring and in bed standing. So I think Andy Reid is would constitute as a football team and I think. He's a football Z is the same way that Bill Belichick it's a football team. I. I do find it funny though or. Not funny as. I find it interesting that both of them are geniuses and when you look at c.s is they are there are some of the worst teachers. Like generally they are not really good people who can teach about that about LeBron. And the jobs that it may be partly Jordan Jordan magic beat terrible coach and a bad of a coach magic was playing Gretzky was a back off her wrist Ike yet Steve Jobs. You know as a guy that is. It would be horrible to try to teach stuff I could never see a bit along the old adage is those who can't teach yes. And if you look at Matt Patricia Patricia. Letters. In Detroit e.'s eat everybody now eyes he's a dumpster fire there's going to be a failure he's a ride in the lines along the lines of the coaches that the patriot today. In Eric made genie in Romeo Cornell who we got to see plea. Good football right. In front of our eyes and bill O'Brien who I believe is sorely been under achieving eternal life Charlie Weis. Just the canyons. Who went to a great organization in Denver. And they just had failures one after another. He seems like he's in the line but if you look at Andy Reid was another genius if you look at his coaching tree. This coach is he seems to be able to teach them and when you start at. 567. Guys have been successful including two winning super bulls and others who have bid does that bubbles it. Statistical wedge events anymore just like it is a nickel which had its anymore where Belichick or something. That disconnect there and where they're both geniuses why. Why is any more successful. In being able to teach his understudy. And to prepare them better. Did bill who is a messaging. And even probably more of them also bought it right so but that may be. And it's weird when you rub era whose bid to the Super Bowl you've got Peterson and and Harbaugh and horrible who won the Super Bowl. And McDermott somehow by the grace of god Moses and Tim Tebow. Got the bills to the playoffs last year. It's it's it's weird. Belichick. Does not Wear that Belichick's etiquette teacher because that's more normal. Quiet that it AD. Is such a good teacher imaging use because that's generally against. I think it would just have to ask his players and in the apple on Andy Reid from Philadelphia and here is that players would. Laid out in traffic for this guy this is someone that day. Are happy to follow that they do not want to let doubt he seems more of a a people person right. Bill ballot jackets mile where the high what you come in and you do your job but if you just listen to what I say I promise we'll have success while Andy Reid is one. That seems willing to explain why we're doing it this week it to no money. Personal level while Bill Belichick used simply. As a uniform and if you don't have the gravitas of Bilbao check if you're a mad patriots are what this other assistants. Trying to duplicate that's. With that added to write the church but what the lines are saying his practices are too hard we are revolting because he is riding of into the ground. While Peterson and horrible. And you watch the way that they interact with their players that seems more like. Partnership. That dictatorship. And I think the other what about it is this I guess say Venice like this too because a lot of statements statements about a check yet but and a lot of it he's a genius and a lot of his coaches artery coming Kirby is finally he's also addicted click yes those guys but a lot of the guys that are under him. Specifically the guys look like Jimmy John's on from Florida he was Arab backed away and yet did you mentally was terrible and like a lot of these guys have not been various spurs a lot of them have had success. I think is with with anti. So football to me is different than the other pro sports like the other pro sports there's a baseball basketball. You know the interaction with your players or it is just as important. Like even more important than the x.s and knows is how you can handle personalities. And players. In the NFL you don't have to be it Greek personality if your schematic leave your releases. And I can't help but Belichick is not a good people person put. Scott medically he is untouched they say it'll Walsh took nobody took better care of their players and law devastated and Danny green is in that way. It these coats some of them I don't think are great people people pursued but it is coaches Scott medically. Seem to be in tune in on. It's just people people Parsons Belichick's coaches don't seem to know what they're doing when they're away programs dramatically. Bet that this. Monday night with the with the lions. Don't look like they were lining up right the jets knew all their plays Rovio ordeal. They was due they'd know what's going all the ignoble place and it's almost like they don't learn. Anything you think it Belichick I would learn. Like it's straight employees and strength and how different formations and schemes work it's like when when they get on their own away from him. Main Jeannie even the defensive coaches they fail that's that's the part that is. It's crazy to me is that maybe you you're trying to reform and and and as you said. Portraits though what it is. It's harder than in camp. If you look at them and their place no. What they were doing offensively and eat it and I see that a lot with with ex assistant. For Belichick in it in an answer is yes that strength. Raiders Broncos coming up this Sunday over on 1660. Don't forget exclusive coverage of Sunday Night Football on six cents portray hours ago this is a week. Two of Steve's 32. He ranks. His faith for 32 teams that none of bitterly. A very as a change of music now like this music that's that. Out of his south she stands out real quick intro yelling already primed to turn the music. Let's get this thing go out on his attitude the Buffalo Bills. I can't justify putting you any higher on the list he started Nathan and Peter men more than one just slip on Seattle. Seattle's roster so bad rest leading receiver it was a ginger tight end named will densely. For some reason I also but not that will modestly as if the isn't that what will this week. It's a pretty surge hundreds gonna kind of Marty Cooper but are joining. Cincinnati Bengals he almost lost the colts 128. Was. Eight seats. Can save the cheese from the atrocity that is ours and interfaith but it. Seven the Dallas Cowboys bleep you Jerry ever taught sticks and my. Titans should be ashamed of themselves there was a lot of weather delays but a bit. So now it's Easter getting beat by an Adam case led football team number 245 and me are giants catcher mission as stated Minnesota number 44. The Pittsburgh Steelers. This is a bit upset. They were not in the top ten last week but since Big Ben is such a treat as we discuss later. Are there yesterday he's also no longer good football number 23 the Denver Broncos. This city still dirty you know overrated. But I kind of find myself rooting interests keep you. It's very shortly to. Tony Snow. Amendment parts of Denver I had to there but Tennessee Titans. Is bad and offense the majority want to try to. At at a house at Detroit but they'll get this. And I figured grouse numbers to what they can. At that. That defense can move your list eventually airline's number eighteen Indianapolis cults and elect atlas Jack Doyle number eighteen Arizona. We start Castro's and another seventeen possible. No I did not say the colts are. I didn't see that coming from Joseph Flacco what the hell is going on there. Ever six seen chargers you're gonna go down as I just forgot to read an article they'll number fifteen different this LT Jimmy gee is gonna bounce back. Got Detroit this week to Atlanta. In the same spot because that injury ravaged defense is just heartbreaking and let you Deion Jones number thirteen Tampa Bay its magic is back. Look at brand new deal. And then today that man. It right to yeah. Davis Winston. Because this is what Ryan Fitzpatrick does he gets big time college accidently start sucking again another twelve and Ireland saying it is. Marcus Lattimore bust but that. Let's sit downs better than that press got number attacked they Houston Texans. Not W continued to show on you'll turnaround at of media and it Hopkins and I Sam did prefer to Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers is a god. The Washington and pac 101. Time ever. Week's sleep and eat. All the Al but I really like outside offense can be really good numbers that it never liked to stock up and it's. Step in the bay and it's really didn't like Mary guys that and I'm kinda scared about Nate he's play calling but as there is a nice facility and then like. Now sex. Been a page hits. Not Brady made Philip door sat a top ad in fantasy leagues this week. To sex. Number five men out of vikings officials are real power rankings Minnesota would be number one number of up to you to Jackson knows. Blake is terrible but I respect dubbed Merom for not watching Super Bowls numbered I beat Philadelphia Eagles. Doug. Number two this week Johnson brass. Best start to a season since 2000 boy and number one US and this wraps. And we secondary shot McVeigh's beautiful face tiger early on my fantasy team and Marcus theatres is the best quarterback in the app now. That is Steve's 32 it is stunning it's a stunning that's it it took until week two for the browns to beat that snaps. But denounced this out there now. All that the road to the ran him. Number one it's these that he did. Welcome back in Brazil and by. Served as his pit stop submitted it. And it seems to mediate. They're asking you read like at Bob stuff. Good little cut line mate didn't take lift originally had on a sad day my you don't but my did. I would hope that the Reggie ran Agilent news we found out earlier today it was. But the chiefs up higher than 28 but evidently not enough. That's all right now and I'm 135767610. The bay errors are the ones that I'm most mystify the adult in the payers placement I just you know what I gift cards at twin peaks the ultimate sports lodging and searching for fifth caller right now 91357676. That in. Gift card twin peaks. That's right coming up also the money shot at 154. And behind us this afternoon drive soon sport show in the city. The drive with Carrington and Brett and me what was what the clarification. We're the best afternoon that is what makes being accurate. I guess that is lower out of me. I enjoy it the most but accurately it's the number one. Sports afternoon drugs act the drive at 330 new shot at 330 Neil Smith. Coming up I would I would urge you to sort of put it out already this on Salisbury. Well good interview very very good there very frequent every going to be nasty. He let it all hang out and we were we were ages. We could read a time it was over only nine it's at ease now. I do one I'd had a lot of tennis and it's things up here loop with. So you told me and the com damn that's right in it told me and it calmed down. On. Must come down it's more lucky you showcase tremendous perspective when it comes to Patrick Holmes. And how you still need to see it. Right need to see him. Bounced back from adversity and I'm wondering why you're not showcasing that same perspective when it comes to Tyreke you know because the way you talk about I every kill and a lot of people talk about our retail. Is similar to the way they talk about Antonio Brown. And I'm strictly talking about wide receiver. Big time money wide receiver stuff out. It's brown still returned occasional on in the playoffs in a big game late disease in fourth quarter he'll return ponson went. Tyreke get paid I think he'll turn into that as well only god only on our returns punts in the playoffs. And in big games but. Teams that sheets are heading into this game on Sunday and I would imagine priority number one is try to slow down you can't stop trying to slow down Antonio Brown. He is. Enemy number one. Now. I believe moving forward when teams are game planning that sheets Tyreke hill. Will be public enemy number one. Can he steal it hit. Week in and week out like Antonio Brown does because I don't care how many people you put on Antonio Brown. He's hitting seven catches for a 114. Yards. A score. And that's the basement that's what he gets on the regular. Can Tyreke Kilby come back and if he isn't that yet let's stop treating him like he is back now. Total package he's tremendous all around player that speed is on airline. But you and others have talked about him like he's already Antonio brown and he hasn't done. I'm not saying as a receivers that he is Antonio Brown. What I'm saying is it's not finished. But we do have some evidence this is failure of three and last year he was very weird but that productive without Alex Smith. Went to a probable his first two years obvious that returner but still he was a really really good receiver last year top fifteen top when he receiver. This year it is clear that he has worked on his gain especially his route running and he is much better. Special thanks to Bubba congratulations on via. The give court twin peaks Bubba KC MO. He is it. I think you're I think he's trouble for me it's probably me when you try to take away his ability in his putt in the kicking game and punt return if you pay him. This upcoming offseason. He's not going to be returning punts in the film but I thought of that but I don't I don't like. Because that's what makes him so special because the effects so much of the game would you put together how he affects the the kicking game. And it just him returning want to go into the to the. So it's typically look at them that the trucks were done. At that first. Any effects that so much to hate when people try to take that away and understand injury caused this happened with Cam Newton camp noon that day they said all right. We don't we don't want him to run the ball we're gonna talk for seem to be special but that's what makes him special is he's the best rushing quarterback we've. This item. Michael Vick he's more durable the best rushing quarterback we've ever seen and that's part of his game so then we. He won the beat Heatley. They they gonna wait that after the down Yuri had. Because that's what makes it special hip returning kicks him in proving his hands as a receiver all of that together is what makes him. And he's affecting the game in a way for other people in himself. I've never seen here in Kansas City and I haven't seen in a long time here. So. I don't think I'm going to crazy on it I I'm not gonna say right now all of a sudden he's. Graham there the step that I've seen him take. And the quarterback helps the step I've seen him take. That's something that I I know he improved that much of and it and I hate specifically the point of taking away in the kicking game that's here that momentum shift. Let's finish at the bank the money shot brought to buy Broadway dealt him mostly Jewish deli for a mostly not Jewish city. It's now open and a crossroads and it is the official tally of 610 Sports Radio. Ronnie HL. Finish him off. You know. One of the greatest wrestlers in the history. Of the of the world may be the best talker in my head and I. In my list he's number two behind the drop Ric Flair has yet Mary for the fifth time. We almost lost it I felt I thought we almost had to do LaMont as for Rick because Rick was in a bad place thank got he saw fit to bringing back. He got married in all like I got probably married you know life is nasty has Ricky is as nasty as Rick and all the stories he's being given. You know sometimes limited their remote their second wedding they don't get married and why this is Rick's bit. Issued ahead on ground or lack I've got a real problem regular get married him. Just celebrate a man finding true love for the fifth time out and I'll celebrate today just what he is should they don't like. She wouldn't she wasn't Nazi would. It was a like a nasty Terkel. You see the sun Ric Flair came mountain. It was. Bring him down. You briefly address. I'm very presented by absolutely no one someone could step up 610 Sports Radio a radioed to.