09/04 3p - Secondary $$$, C-Dot's Poll Question, 3 Strikes, Mack Trade

The Drive
Tuesday, September 4th
The Chiefs have spent very little money in the secondary, C-Dot sends out an interesting poll question, 3 Strikes plus some audio surrounding the Khalil Mack trade 

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Right now we pulled up a station Twitter account. Will be early results upcoming up in about fifteen minutes boom is the most important player but it seems to make the playoffs. Out of four planes. It'll all just news Travis Nelson and Eric Berry. Who is the most important for the cheese to make the playoffs out of these four players get a Fuller just in Houston Travis Kelsey you Eric Berry will get in the early results. Coming up in about the team is thank you so much to listening to the drive. It is scary to hear this back here sitting in the gang is all he would text line very upset. One gentleman. Hopes that through lock brakes this arm as their next games. Not very differently from Kate thing. I don't know wires that anything to simply pass the message on what happened in your last football game I feel like that's my job you guys be mean insulting towards Andrew Luck. Who you know led Missouri to win so it's a little you know something you know so it I'm about you just read like an unbiased news report about what apple with a K Nichols battles and why am just just the facts I mean that's one year then that's that's exactly that in that case yeah I mean you're you're on you know they they should match you know I don't know by the video speaking of winning football we have a chance to hear Kansas State right here on six and Sports Radio this week is Kansas State takes on Mississippi State in case state they had their struggles we've poking fun and but they won their game. I've played Mississippi State at eleven games starts right here on six and Sports Radio at 9 o'clock today's pop quiz was Austin Powers gold member. Today is beyoncé is 37 birthday happy birthday to be Johnson. So I series today. I was curious over the weekend as I looked up that she's roster and the guys that made the team. Cornerback. Because you know say get what you pay for like how many times that you made the decision to maybe save a couple of bucks you buy something that's a little bit cheaper. And then you go back and you regret is that magistrate has spent the extra 23 dollars and and I would have higher quality product that's like everybody's been in that situation at some Esther yeah it is you decide to shake a few bucks I fear there. The next thing you know they got a bigger problem that you that he had them before. So I looked this up. I wanted to know how much the chiefs are actually spending at the position of quarterback. Kindle still has rookie contract. Making 647000. Dollars this year. Reminds Smith still on his rookie contract make in the league minimum 480000. Dollars sixth round draft it. Chart various wars on his rookie contract 480000. Dollars and undressed the guy for the Dallas Cowboys Orlando Scandrick. Who was signed to the team August 9. Taint president on the team a month Orlando Scandrick on the team make it less than a million dollars this year and 9151000. Dollars this year. Steven. Nelson. Is that she's highest paid corner at one point 897. Billion dollars a little bit under one point nine million dollars so. The total number the chiefs are spending or point four million. Dollars. At the position. I bring it. Does you did what you pay for the chiefs financially. Have not invested a lot of resource that is in two quarterback. That's why you could potentially have one of the bottom seven cornerback groups in the NFL. Not to Fuller is it legitimate resource you got a draft pick ain't him when you traded Alex Smith. Spin exorbitant amount of resources on Stephen Nelson. You don't spin really resource Orlando Scandrick he got cut from two teams this year to pick them up less than a million dollars to consummate these but the sixth round draft pick. You traded for charters were but he was an undrafted. Free agent that you Trace the cowboys for this year. The chiefs have not prioritize or invest that aside from Mark Peters an argument that you haven't invested at quarterback. It explains why your secondary is not that. Much as we're talking quarters here routes out and say right so there Mary or that she's break this down when it comes to what the pain. But here that Eric Berry huge. Chucky captioning aired there is a right so we're very sent a big time deal. He's an ear to that deal so he cited six years 78 million dollar deal this year he's gonna make. Is cap its thirteen. So let's factor let's not pretend like that doesn't factor into little little accuracy he's younger and cheaper I mean that's that's the whole goal in the NF. Forcefully three Nelson's point 52 months of his 22 drivers or I'm guessing is 22. As well he is an undrafted free agent now Linux Orlando Scandrick. He's not ya but he is fairly cheap and make it less than a million dollars so the change did do that and the pain they're very thirteen million a year did swords and takes up what five of that. Five more millions of fading it's also to meet relative to what shoes and. You should receive it like you expect Eric Berry to be a top flight safety in the NFL he's one of the I'd say he's in league yet and you paid a premium for the possessions that she's really about you. Eric Berry's contribution. I'm looking at the position of corner. Tell what the chiefs have done to really show you that they really value quarterback yet. They really well that's why there's no question if you look at the chiefs are now the roster is destruction if they'd really value law it's a line I mean how to value. Kim being more than on this right now yeah look at what they just gave camera being in guaranteed contract. Camera makes more than every corner on the team come to make more than every quarterback. You're back up off its alignment that when you have a salary cap you can you can allocate resources I wanna do which for team building. They chose. You really prioritize off at the line in knots and just gossiping you should prioritize these with a lot of money left tackle a lot of money oil and I'm not Lott among conservatives but the high resource sector around medical center basement we agree a lot of money all right guard did not a lot of teams in the amount and when the chiefs are like bar right tackle and they spent a lot of money on a back up often to Lima that was already under contract already on your roster. They have not gone out in second here. Whether it was in the draft and spent to hide graphical output for the second round draft pick third round draft pick. You chose not to. In free agency could just put a little bit of money free agency. You chose not to the money you know has been it was a one David Emerson who just got cut you to make it a one year 2.5 million dollar deal. And is there a look at the NFL and I look at it seemed like the Broncos rather quarter a look at it's gonna the chargers have their quarter. Make it you get what you pay for. You're paying bottom five in the NFL second year when it comes to quarterbacks. You're going to get bottom five play in the NFL when it comes a quarterback that's a big reason why your take on the Oprah well this Tia says you can certainly throw one these guys. I think in the Fuller aside from home but the most important player on the team. If you lose Kindle Fuller for 34 weeks on this team who is your number one quarter Stephen Nelson. Orlando Scandrick all you're getting cooked if that's the scenario. I think is that the chief undervalued corner I think she's about a draft and develop. And I do judgments awful. And that's what I think it really comes down to she's up they're gonna be settled get a Fuller David Emerson and they were wrong I think she's that they are gonna be set a 2016 and address like DJ one. And Stephen Nelson those guys and they were wrong. The cheeks screwed up the corner position I don't I'm not gonna sit here argue with you on now because it derided. These. Is that what you really Smart guys or one airline drive they got it wrong I think they guessed wrong on draft picks and guess wrong and David Emerson and that's the position interim right. Good football team can sit back is it with the NFL's constructive right now that you shouldn't value war. The chiefs get it wrong. The Cheney's value offensive line they value office. I don't think. They don't help the delay comes to defense that goes back to what we talked about the middle at three picks in the doors year when it comes defensive guys and and the vast slums already Dolly's a random. I did she skidded raw naked I would similarly the royals had issues for the longest time it keeps you drafting and developing pitching. Pretty crucial part of baseball league quarter pretty crucial part of the NFL being successful but she's wrong Ella. You know not so that's got to fix it they are gonna win a super. I do still believes so firmly it when it came down they had to pick this year they chose the they just have to try to shore up the run defense is that's what put them. In the playoffs last year they thought that probably had a similar type players in general Fuller as market speeders we'll find out that stroller. I tend to think probably not but they can afford to really really good quarter about I think they thought well we'll get Emerson on the other side. We managed to win the division last year with the markets Peter Abacha average guys a quarter. You know I think that's what they were gold for this year they would try to skim through on that skimp on quarter this year they go after the draft this year again. I don't think they've developed out of that they've drafted and I did get it wrong in free agency the majority of the time it comes to core. So if you miss that this this is what the chiefs are paying their five corners on the roster. Can a Fuller making 650000. Dollars Stephen Nelson making under two at eight point are seeking one point 89 Orlando Scandrick making less than a million dollars and you got two months at the chart varies ward making league minimum. The chief spin. Four point four million dollars a year and corner if you wanna compares and Casey Hayward was second team all last year for the odd Los Angeles charter makes four million dollars by himself. I'd just don't think the chiefs have shown that they have that they have at least over the last eight months so have put a lot of resources is the position. And that creates the situation that your right now when you're big fix with David Emerson and he didn't make it with a two week one of the NFL. Let me ask you this off of this who's dominated this division since injuries. The chiefs Peyton Manning were out of that they don't talk about you know and the chiefs beat the chargers won eight straight so we talk about opening segment. And they're spending. What. Six point four million is adjacent birds that Everett's after the season he's making a point five. The Broncos spent you know nineteen point four million other corners there on the quarterback and the raiders of the raiders spent five point two. I mean the chiefs are are choosing to skip were also talking about back to back division titles two. But we are we talking about winning the AFC west are going to the super bowl of error is Paul you're not going to this now the defense skimping on absolutely Internet. You can certainly skimp on back up off it's a lot and go moves the ball you're not skimping on quarterback and hoping to advance in the playoffs the way I think everybody in Kansas City wants to do what is that the should warm your heart. Philip Rivers had they 76 point three passer rating twelve touchdowns and fourteen interceptions against Bob Sutton as chief defense the chargers are to win eight in those games I set at the beginning of a show I think the three talking points this week are the help of Eric Berry the real debut Patrick Holmes in the cheese dominance over the chargers the chiefs have one. Eight straight against the Los Angeles chargers. A big reason why they've had dominance over the charges is. In this division the chiefs have done a really good job of limiting quarterbacks aside from patent and that they don't really good job against their car and they did a really good job against children. Yeah I mean he can't argue with that and they've been really really good against Philip Rivers I think this year. Probably be a little bit different if you go back into the chargers what they clash with me in terms of passing yards per game they were number one they didn't get they get through it. Dated sacked Philip Rivers that Tom last year use that protected and he threw for Tony hawks I think it's a bad combo this week ago in two different year in on this that this isn't. So much different year. Then than any other year and in terms of the defense this chiefs team so I don't feel good about this game especially now we don't know you know the health of error there is a mess and any reason outstanding. Next you also had air or is he also had Marcus Peter's fault insurance to it certainly changes it. Especially when audience got liking and Allen who was going to you would think having a really good day against the chiefs defense. Earlier today we all to account who was the most important that she's the make the playoffs out of these four players Kindle Fuller just in Houston Travis Kelsey and Eric Berry. We tell you all results are comic coming up the drive. It has released a statement on talent Capra and if you miss that. Nice yeah announced yesterday that they will be incorporating talent effort into their promotions. The NFL responds as follows quote the National Football League believes in dialogue understanding and unity we embrace the role of responsibility and everyone involved with disdain to promote meaningful positive change and our communities. Quote the social justice issues that column and other professional athletes have raised deserve our attention and action I will be very curious to see. If Nike plans on using college happening in commercials during NFL games I think that's really when the NFL has put in a pickle. If it's a make Nikes its own independent company they certainly can choose to endorse whoever they wanna endorse my understanding NFL had to come and they gave a pretty I mean this is. I don't know how anyone could really aria with what what the unifil statement is. I think that's going to be the thing Nike in the NFL obviously have a very good relationship. This is Nike playing well and using NFL airtime to promote Colin can't predict that as the nets waived in this to me I. I think I think it's Kennedy is it's going to be complicated deal because what was it sparkles the court deal with the one at college upper iguana a ruling is yeah it's gonna advance rights illusion. And stuff going on so basically guided that Nike's using uses as a spokesperson order for the new ages do campaign. Is basically suing the NFL I mean it is weird and it is complicated. And the NFL can't be happy about that probably should that mean there's other apparel companies out there I don't know what their contract is. What Nike but. And it could get to. It just seems very simple so you talent Africa I've I've I've looked at the comments are in the last couple days it's very very simple. There's some people who are going to be very turned off by the deal with Alan dynamic. The NFL is betting that there are more people LB. Happy about it and we'll Golan to the idea apparel for talent I predict I don't know Mikey social statements yet but Nike to me like any business they're making a plus negatives they think it's going to be more pluses and negatives and they think they can make money off telling Catholics about what is I think Alec critic again this he's very very simple like people really confusing the situation. Alec people Kelly fans cared you know on the fans care. I absolutely think people care about it deal really. And the NFL's registered to watch and it's also called about a course and I think that's the big is the article does not affect the NFL one way or the other I think a lot of people we turned off by Nike do we have for the from that absolutely. I'm looking at a from the NFL perspective like they gonna be irritated. That Nike signed on with college Capra penalty you know cares because the NFL's can make the money wise. We put up old questions today. Ball in what are. The poll reads as follows who have these four players are most important to the chiefs making the playoffs. Kindle Fuller just in Houston Travis Kelsey Eric Berry. With over 3700. Votes Eric Berry has 54%. Of the votes Justin Houston is second with 22%. General Fuller is hurt by his third with 13% and Travis Kelsey very shocking we try to sales came in last in this poll. At eleven. I have not voted in the poll. But I will get my verbal vote. Cancerous kennel full. These are the chiefs corners aside from an awful Stephen Nelson Orlando Scandrick from on Smith chart various ward. I don't know how this team makes the playoffs if Kindle Fuller misses a substantial amount it's a much talked about one individual game at home. The way it was against the Oakland Raiders aren't talking about Jindal Fuller is out for four to six weeks with. Whatever injury hamstring pull. I don't know how the chiefs get by those four to six weeks. With Al kennel Fuller I think aside from a home in a Fuller has become the second most important player on the. Yeah and I she recovered from anatomy if you're gonna have run Scandrick and full wrath energy is your top two corners you probably got. You know you got problems and added I think the chiefs have robs a quarter even as kennel Fuller there I think that's gonna be an issue that's why I voted faired there in the pool. Eric Berry to me it's it's it's it's a it's obvious that Travis Kelsey is that there are useless and lock is three months and Tyreke you know. You still have those options on defense Unita leader and you needed offensive quarterback and that's Eric Barry. He can cover for a lot of mistakes that happen at the quarterback position he's at he's a matchup he get outside and his who's gonna go is gonna guard the time it. You know they play team the rhythm the good side and guard them. But Ron park problem to get about into a corner I'm confident about that. Eric Berry to me is the guy without leadership you have next to nothing out there Eric Berry's been this defense you've got in court abortion you guys of course you mentioned. The only does that it will rob Parker just join the team so he's back there but of of the course the imagine he only got this was Stephen Nelson. Who might think he's number three quarterback passed so I I think you need leadership I think he's experienced I think you know opera safety back there without him to get a shot and. It's also look at you needing talent I mean this is while those things like I think there's more big group. What I think this is the group. Most teams are quarterback is the most important on the roster due to wider quarterly economic in the playoffs so if the chiefs don't have homes for eight weeks automobile making the playoffs would shed any injured quarterback. I think this is the next group and we can disagree on who should be first he should be second whenever. Eric Berry Justin Houston Kindle Fuller and Freitas Kelsey. I think that Kelsey makes the offense go out that she's often can be dynamic without Travis Kelsey. I think he is just the caught if you look back to what happened in the playoff game against Tennessee Titans when the offense really seem to go downhill you still regional. You still had three months in that game you didn't have Travis Kelsey I think he kind of makes the rothmans though you and I just value the position more when it comes to quarterback in its place on the chiefs that I don't got new pieces that corner then no peace I'm really happy about yeah I mean it's. If you'd think Stephen Nelson basses in the number recorder later skaters on his third team in the last eight months two months may sixth round guy out of a central Arkansas and charters were was an undrafted free agent you might got a lot of new Ewing Allan good at the position is don't know how you can cover and a passing league. I don't know especially the first six weeks I don't know how they're going up against Philip Rivers and bit problem burger Jimmy Rob Lowe in Tom Brady. I don't know tiger going up against him with guys like a monster man. Orlando's candidates are various war and an expected to have a whole lot of success at the position yet. I understand that but it's it and put it to baseball perspective for the average pitchers being got great fielder she got a chance. To be the course of the pitchers. You know the safeties are the fielders naked cover up a lot of mistakes. And so that's like saying if we got to run a lot of Watson Erich Maria there. You know with the cores yet now I think you got problems that Eric Berry can you go back there and cover up a lot of the weakness in the secondary. As I can work all the time and that's impossible. Right but but if you're a rookie safety out there and back up their primary or Ian right rob rob Parker out there who. I did a problem that she's gotten in the offseason I'm glad he's back out to the depth at that position especially if they're Ares is not going to be able to play. Back there and so. Good safety leader on the defense the quarterback of the defense back there making sure things are gonna go smooth it can help out goers get beat that's all I'm seeing with your very. Tax on six on reserves excellent average us drove him as the league Tex I'd use it doesn't create pressure doesn't matter who the corners are you are right is very much eat chicken and an egg argument. I think you can make a really strong case for any of the other four guys aside from homes. Between Barry Houston Fuller and Chelsea I think a very strong convincing argument can be made for any of the four players like. I got before beer is probably the best player and more and and most important players that he if he's playing at a high level of play us all back in 2016. I mean he was the fifteen most viable players in the definitely bring I think Travers tells the really a play on talk about value to the team. What's more valuable really good Eric Blair really good drives Kelsey acting you probably take really good aired Payer is because the other pieces you have on offense all the the arguments -- just quarter and the other options Houston with pass rush and Travis tells I think is your best offensive player other than your quarterback I think there's a very strong case to make for the other four guys -- who'd you pick out of the four Berry Houston Fuller Chelsea I think. Travis Kelsey and I know that's got the smallest percentage on Twitter but. I know two things. The T stop and is gonna be really good in the T stop and is going to be our defense excuse me is can be really bad if they take awake Kendall Fuller. The team's defense is still going to be really bad but if you take way Travis tells you that opt ins goes from probably a week to just good. And you're looking ward five and 116 and ten as opposed to. 889 and seven. Coming up weenie one caller 91357676. Day and all its innings there are part of the show it's on the play three strikes me to caller right now 91357676. Elena or five we played three strikes right here six cents or radio show. Three strikes. Her. Yeah. Coming yeah. Man it's we totally yeah. Yeah. Seeing the real Mac. Very surprised we talked about legal mag earlier homily on the tech slide because they really did trade for the raiders maybe that's like soaked in the fact that you don't have to go instantly Mac but it achieves something like this. I theories. We'd be spending the day this week we've just been. The next sixteen hours mocking my image she's their decision and dribbled once and general recreational player like Leo makes a surprise many of you. Think the raiders had a good decision in trading the element that's in and there. It's not played three strikes like three strikes every time I've blocked because. Barnes at the listener at 5 o'clock doesn't mean in the game. So any time the royals play a little bit earlier we played three strikes show Josh burn any take. I. The World War I museum in order against you might pray in a hole in Missouri Craig he Giuliani is looking at when this game right. I. I've played cracked. OK your first question. It's portrait. He's gonna make is 150. Career start with the royals to Cleveland and that is all time for the royals. Does at least three oil's top ten pitchers in games started I need the the royals top ten pitchers in games started named Danny de L. Yeah. Savor it is correct number five is he 226. Career starts for Ortiz and right. Get yours correct he's ever full. May 275. Career starts for the. That I might be wrong on this and any Jackson. Danny Jackson. Is incorrect and proud. Actually have to do with. And I can't believe I'm getting stomped on the as saying. You can do this man and Steve Busby is incorrect. Business. This was 150 career starts for the royals Kimmel Craig you got to protect the plate here right. I think. It's. Okay. Do on Monday and then have to do. And god this. It. 237. Career starts York. Is that your. Cell here. Is it through it. Collection every team we feel the Swiss army. Here early in the day. Six different positions this year. But the rule is positions. The physically this year Kansas City. That's correct. That's correct. That is correct did you also play. Center. Place for seconds left center right. It. He's played six of the nine position is. Hard to miss. This is going to be difficult and it's but it breaks all the loser. Said it returns from his early side and evil likely use six detection. Of disease. Pray. That you won easy take it is today for. Of the starting pitchers. Use sixth man. A that's correct boards here are. Kids today again. Yeah. I. Backwards it maybe. Six of the nine positions on the election questions one. I starting pitchers on the royals question number two wheels back I had these in the three hours ago more than welcome you to view the producer you know as there happened you know things happen. Adding meaning that really discouraged. The first time he started making the questions that he's been making him just basically had you watched the royals like this isn't it that way. We are to Siegel and I have the date is the real or days or low as it's the night before they could get or Lopez nicknamed the Rio the guys that currently start of the royal. Gotta find Adobe anyway let's go do all of my guy. In the whole. Top ten three in the royals' top ten pages again started yet Dennis Leonard who got Zack Greinke your guy get plenty of optional he certainly had a lot of options and I. Mean not every game needs to be at Alabama you know so it's true sometimes you need medical Cole yeah sometimes you need nichols' home yet. In order to keep things going all of you guys know this or not but I'm a huge fan of -- on my favorite shows done based on his stick on Chappelle show called. Wind keeping it real those were and all legit and it goes on which people in real life situations that kept their real. And normally when they kept their real. Wind keeping it real and those were something terribly went wrong then you think that Braylon Edwards yeah on the most recent addition of wind keeping it real goes row. Edwards used the great receiver at University of Michigan gets drafted by the brown in the that was the end of his Korea and any got a need to follow the bronze posse 192 I think equally and I think that went down. At some points of Edwards horses than Big Ten network we know that obviously that Michigan got beat by Notre Dame. Jim our law against that point five teams now that right so here's what. Braylon Edwards tweeted over the weekend Jim Harbaugh my idea to run well by the way well maybe but anyway here's the relatives tweet that got him in trouble okay. He tweeted Ruiz is weak line is weak she is scared. Like in Michigan office is so predictable. As it football sadly one thing trash on the early and that got a suspended. And it showed. Like really was not the average extra famously to actually texture. He is works for the Big Ten network is built as aggressive you're going on you know go on social media college school trashy works for the Big Ten network can't do it. Can't tell it's Oprah got we deserve gaggle on their do that. All right so he can back any any any issue another he wrote tweeted early did on Monday. But he got this is all he had to say this is it's been nice tip for you people out there when keep it real doesn't keep literally keep. It real wind keeping it real and goes were Stephen injury healed. Those were on this one at a powerful statement this is all just and he read it on Monday so funny that everyone's worried about my tweet as opposed to the real issue. Oh and seventeen on the road against ranked opponents one and six against rivals. And the one win was against a three and nine Michigan State team last thing I will ask and really think about this before you mad is Michigan better than Iowa. That's all you got a man like that as a professional broadcast week. Pick out your for the Big Ten network he's Amish in trash can gets did you do and. I think was very I think what there is simply happened was the goons got to move somebody up in the front office of the Big Ten network is educated talking that way easily well there was like are you don't let me type I said is that the first time let's just. Should and a as low as being in the heat of passion during the game I get Abreu and tried it shouldn't do it. You do your blackberries are no other in these guys I think she Kirk herb street in Desmond Howard eighties there and I don't ever be a problem and that's not be an approach that she's been a hat. I just look at Jim Harbaugh. I think it's. Gonna take you start on why your incident seventeen of the first thirty. Eleven and nine cents. You pay them are all to win games like the one on Saturday I don't disagree on Saturday don't disagree and is it a little bit of buyer's remorse because right now it looks like he's basically Jimoh. I. Brady and I know all revealed that he needed Brady held. Coach your team and marble and again over the last morning game bid in the exact same person running the absolute jig right now mr. at all. It had to say was that 070 dollar against ranked opponents one and six against rivals one win against Michigan State it was three. Your point will be taken its factual it's to the point you start Colin Michigan trashy look bad so bad. Coming up on the other side Oakland's sports talk as you guys they have a lot to say about Toledo Mac will tell you what they had to say and as you would guess fans were not very happy about trading the once and a generational player able to say what that is they come and opposite traffic. Drive coming up in fifteen minutes he gets the top stories of the day in Kansas City. In the hits that it's our our early today because we are off at five because your team city royals. Are playing at 60. Clock. We listen in 957 the game in Oakland California and as you would guess people are not very happy about trading Leo max's Chicago Bayer's. Here's somebody else from a caller calling into 957 the game out in Oakland California. I don't know me and I I I'm I've got to thirteen year old son he's grown appear eager raider fans are part. And were out on on Ike I don't know how to move pat you know I I I I do you know mental game a Monday night I'd I'd become gonna have to jump off the bandwagon after. Forty years of being banned. Forty years. Lifelong diehard raider Spain in the collegial match rate is a breaking point yelled you're done with the Oakland Raiders at the trading a little Mac that I just. And traits like that you know fell just. Don't after I didn't major trades in the NFL just don't ask. Mac Islam is like hypothetical I mean would you give up 21 round technically immaculate. Ever intranet major defensive players for markets Peter just don't get traded in the NFL it it never happens. Make it for example when it's draft time with like an unproven commodity. Man and guys like Camille a match like seven year old great defensive players just not available for you'd trade. Would you like who's that player wants. For the chiefs. Like they did you descend knowledge that she's in more and I got a heart disease and we just think the people running it they tradable has been through Coptic yeah we got to this. As a topic that gets they are as old I think that it came down egos I think Jon Gruden. Wants to run his team his way and I think sometimes you do you not like in the severe Wear and algae polite not sometimes like. Somebody with a come into town in the pickle on the bully Netanyahu say I'm here that's I think. That would jogger in your eye on the big 100 million dollar mail to show I've run things here like that we don't gauge our defense was 29 last year without you. We can do everything we need would not take this contract WiMax like no idea I'm not showing up you'll get that and I think they'd bought what you ought to be getting logical thought. And especially social how could miss all this money fourteen million a year and that became a he has agent. We are not showing up either pay equally Mac what he's wort or trade him. And I think Oakland believed he was serious and in the rate of eighty or Donald so the blue came out there if you're not willing to give the Mac that contract that he. He will never play another game for the raiders and then they had to trade diplomat for the start of the season because we. It was a lot of leverage once you let the season go by if you didn't straighten up. Yeah and we'll see the raiders got this thing right and they paid their quarterback what would David Carney to get over one million immediately yes we got and they don't wanna give not guaranteed nickel he'll back either. But the raiders got this right it seems like a very raider thing for me for them to do at least at this point but LC had 21 round picks up. Yeah I mean unless you draft two great players look Leo that gets hurt I just don't know how this ends up being positive for the Oakland Raiders. Is it Rick I pronounce his name rank title is the dumbest. Ever made it's a disaster. It's the stupidest thread I've ever seen in my life in the NFL. All of to be a hundred I'll never see another trade this stupid. You throw in a second round pick just to make it even more dumb thing that. That part of it added really understand it a matter of throwing his second round pick me dwarfs like that as it does limit since nutria. Is. All that your first round crap that you get furcal back out to be as good as we met the players you just traded away and and you stupidity in shortening it once and generational player organization you gave up a second round pick in addition to. This is don't like there's no there's no waiting and see if this works out for Oakland this was dulled the senate. Once that generational player we oh man and you traded them for 21 round picks and you so why. Second round at the mayor's. You missed the second round pick I didn't understand that part I thought the second round of the raiders that's ridiculous. I mean that's the part that I have a problem they think it portrayed in the can't afford that what I am the 21 rounds in return. I can I can deal with that depending on how this thing plays out but the attack on a second round pick along with DiLeo Mac c'mon. It just doesn't I just. I know how old I. All the record. Think you get better in the street because he's going to veterans eighteen there's no it does and think they're better because the critically a Mac for unproven come out you cannot use the draft picks in now during the season. You're going into a season without you or arguably best place in my heart all their hello John junker and deals like ten years and years that's why I just don't know how do you think this makes you better. And what are likely is that you draft two players that end up being better than glioma. There are slim like it is that's just not. How it works in the NFL. Don't think they'll part of it mean one of the news today is it two years was this your last year at what they like to have his first round pick in the go to Vegas. Junger and heritage and John Edwards get ten years and hundred million bouts. So let's build this thing to last long term. Don't they'll take Leo Mac Lehman about a lot of it is anyways grow at least make it you know I mean that's only ankle with on this thing. I mean it is no the last time I saw coach the pinkie was more Bible and the players he's now coach Steele yeah. The last time that a player coach came in there up in his system was better than everybody else that could outlet that anybody else yet to hear about a million dollar deal no you don't play well. And I think that's part of it is you know I think Chris got job security he runs the roots of there's not Reggie McKenzie the GN it's not the owner. Mark Davis I mean Jon Gruden decisions go. Ten years 100 million dollars and that any group thinks he knows he can you do whatever he wants he's going to be here ten years or the majority of that and so he's gonna build the way wants to. I wouldn't trade blue Mac either but I did like not want to pay top dollar forgot profits again defense. So the raiders like most. They tweet it out I mean they were really trying to I 81 put the betrayed the real Mac. So they're tweet when they officially announce that you guys know what teams do we have acquired first round selections in the twentieth nineteen and 22 when he NFL draft. Via a trade from Chicago. So they put it will be strictly on the act against rapids we have acquired first round selections in the 2019 and 20/20 NFL draft. Via a trade with Chicago muddle I did some digging. And I looked at some of the mentions spec that the music. This move makes me sick. And makes me think gruden is sabotaging the team or whatever happened in the past. Because nothing makes sense with this to. Other than that this is the worst move. That was up from Sudan that is slow month. Beat in all. Too old ECT. That bot IE don't know is they tell. I know the thing so I don't know if that's a real person and that was a real opinion no worse move means. This is from Audi detail. At LB TV. Forty years I've stayed loyal but I'm Dodd colonel Bailey cavaliers lead the organization champ probably root for the grants next month. LDE tail at Al BD. I do feel really good about the rain minus four for next Monday night if you're curious in my picks up front I and the bear again. I'd barred bared in eleven wow great album picks and maybe you'll get lucky drafted once and a generational all defender oh wait you already had one. And that's from IE buried in eleven looks like really lost in all of this with the legal maxed out disobeyed. The raiders traded at third round pick for someone who's never gonna play in their Tia mark Davies Bryant and they spent a resource agent here and integrators as and it just. Did a bang up job this week in Oakland congratulations everything you did I told you guys for a month. You've got to the raiders record of four and twelve there are cloaked in five and eleven what are they Clinton's. Tune fourteen. Points while I mean this is this this feels like a sixth overall pick you for the opener you know. This from algae at LJ 0023. Worst headline ever it should read. Quote below the raiders fans we regret to the floor of the crude traded back for a couple of first rounder and book. Gruden had to tweak this crap. From algae at LJ 002. All the greatest week. No I don't think they're reduce at all last one years and act still sing while I've been a stand for about thirty years. I've only been disappointed in the organization to time but she really good race. The day JaMarcus Russell was drafted. In today both. Horrible decisions. You never want to put something in the JaMarcus Russell and I'm like that's and that's the best thing that's got a bullet that's tough like when those things like. If you put in the same categories Minnelli and Scott Pioli gonna go it's got a fine. But just to name you don't wanna view this in with this decision as an organization to be lumped into one that's that was not a good decent balance it's. Raiders fans that haven't. I would be very upset as well if you traded our best player will Brett be sale of the weekend supplement prepare for activities until we're a veteran anti competitive told that you the bears you got better suited week yeah I mean every team in the division about it because the Oakland Raiders. Incompetence on the sex line. Patriots Panthers Packers falcons they aren't out here paying defensive players 100 million dollars. Will the patriots are feared unique example. Painter's pal suitable occupants certainly could use the one moderately defensive player when they won eight temple in the Super Bowl. And the Packers. Ellison balls and then maybe they should want that just that's what I would and what does it last week at the Packers are the most underachieving franchise in the last. Quarter century that led to 46 years of hall of fame quarterbacks maybe they used to be just the thing that. This is like a very simplistic way of looking. To do great things about great players. Well Mac is a great player. You'll want to accomplish great thanks poppy as did Mark Peters. How are you trying to do great things losing great players. Oh sure planning all replacing them with other. Galaxy apart might want goes on to be a great player if they get the second round pick last egos going to be great players and our. But how are you doing great things like going to AF CJ Richard games NFC June 2 games and what's the Sobel without great players musical Matt one of the guys that you. Do everything in your power to try to acquire in the and you build around player when your offense or defense because you feel like you have won a league player let's look at the chiefs right now. Great player they have on defense you there or just use Fords just just yet if those guys or help you feel like you really really have a chance yet what you really have a chance. Let's bring up its accident JJ watt what's what does it dumped more than he's been injured that's just the nature of paint and then a front. Quarterback played two minute micro recorder like playing Houston and evil when it started you could shall Watson got hurt last. I had departed to who is it was Brian Hoyer the full blast into that. And it Pope left in the game and never hurt no doubt that they're not until two minutes we get the top source of the day I can't say it's drive.