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Thursday, August 31st

In the second hour LEvine opens up with the 7 at 8 and we take al ong hard look at what the Royals have going for them the rest of the season. Also, baseball writer Rob Neyer joins the show. 


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The Miami. Okay. To back into the shows that stands for radio. And 610 sports dot com Stephen and I will talk sports for the next hour. And at the same time our turn to do my fantasy football draft live on my home it just started 45 seconds ago so. We'll see you this thing goes to welcome back into the show sports machine show on the dean's Steve inserted take you up until 9 o'clock your thoughts at the up. On the duty to its text line at 69306. Or if you need to pick up the phone and call us at 913576. 7610. No royals baseball tonight. The chiefs are what the chief students are right now and their final pre season game against the titans. Not a ton tonight mass take the field goal it's three nothing towns river in front of close. Close friends and family is that nobody out there. I am chance Ozal dizzy and had chance to like at the head count of guys are actually going to get playing on the time this season besides batch mounds suckers Jones out there. Two headcount of people that are actually at Arrowhead Stadium it's seventies there is seventeen people. In the stands right now so we'll see what happens in the updates on the she scheme would get to those but certainly it is 8 o'clock you said. So far may have some beating get a seven. At eight. By the way David Johnson for all of the board. Is it. I hope I'm normally be on the ballot guy myself. But David Johnson should be number one yeah. Because those who owns the overall pick in the draft of that act in the first pick should go pretty quick you might have to make your pick in the middle of the segment I'm definitely I'm coming up quick here. I mean just take just take all of two minutes take done. This Saturday offering local college football teams are backing case you house. Southeast Missouri State K state house host central art inside the zoo host. Missouri State. Which team is most likely to get a now in the opening week out of. Real quick come on the clock to a one Jordy Nelson Mike Evans or PJ Tucker and they can watch it I guess. Mike Evans is drafted and officially a member of the maneuver Malaysia all three local teams are going to win I think that if somebody's going to slip up. I hate states I've got crimson and blue running through my veins but it would be page view is anybody going to be that surprised that you lose to anybody at any time on any field. No I think David Bates got these guys going in the right direction but I think that. The only gimme game for the game that they should win this here is this one for the Southeast Missouri State the rest of the way. They're probably going to be underdogs even go to K state. Should rules central Arkansas you disturb the post their bill's backers show here on six pins portrait view of the new home of K state athletics. If amber doesn't mean Missouri State. I'm so are they don't beat Missouri State. It doesn't hit a whole lot worse than losing to a school that has your name in the title but nobody could ever name a player that went there and games in place at Perot field. I don't think MU's going to be able to compete in the SEC. But I do think that go well senator I think everybody wins or local schools though it's anybody's going to lose that argument. So what's next. Act Kansas doesn't have that top ranked recruiting class this year that's next year it got him pre season big twelve player of the year. Defense aside the warrants Armstrong junior I like them apples are. Matthew Stafford signed the largest DO IN FL history yesterday six years of her 150 million dollars. Is he worth it by NFL stadium this quite NFL's player's team probably isn't worth it. You know who's got the twentieth biggest contract in the history of the NFL. Just in Houston the 101 million dollars there's a bunch of names on that list like Justin Houston where you really think about it. Those are the names it would rattle the tip your tong Ndamukong Suh was overpaid he signed a modern fourteen million dollar contract Fletcher Cox boom. Fletcher Cox has 105 million dollar contract was forced to quarterbacks go Fletcher Cox. Yeah what you put a defensive tackle after the kernel at a big tackles and bear market paid defensive back even if his Fletcher Cox and comic consumed. Goldberg the gold hunter who would select a hundred million dollar contract for quarterbacks that's different Ben Roethlisberger has ordered two million dollar contract Matt Ryan. A 103 million. Policy. And can look. Point four million dollars year's same thing with Carson Palmer Drew Brees and the biggest hits preferable when it comes to overpaid quarterbacks. And I'm not saying sucks but Bobby does deserve that kind of money cook because it gets to point three million dollars and what you ask. Now I'm sorry about weakness Patrick yes uncorked one at a market restaurant push down now. But it was 850 plus yard game well maybe six on cartridges that Marcus Robinson yeah so that's a bull yes that's my guy he's going to have an impact on this offense this year. That's the first time we've really gotten a chance T seen him just on court of a football down the field I should I take more to Robinson with my second amnesty. Not you should not draft him in any standard fantasy league let them watch. Now he is a mid season mad at that so the chiefs on the move. I assume what late in the first quarter still down 30 proposal facts yes aren't smacked. That is fast Saturday night's super fight it seems like the general opinion was and everybody came out on top do you agree. All us as the fans Steven definitely came out on top I mean if you like 99 bucks threats and boys around you was ten bucks a piece that was definitely worth the money. Floyd obviously want got the big time money he won the fight. Conner obviously came out a winner because yell in my out of won the fight. I think that the fighting community has more respect for that guy been they had when he went into the fight. I think that boxing one I think boxing was the biggest winner all the you know what it took are cared for earlier today. Damon Bradley Manning on the drive were talking about the two biggest myths in sports and it was warm but the NCAA tournament as the best time of the year on the sports calendar. And two it was that boxing is getting carried him despite that boxing's not dead citizens are you kidding. My with a brutal boxing is dead on but it needed the best fighter in the UFC. The dropped call or that that was what Mayweather vs fighter X that nobody's profitable or there's no way. That many people get in front of their TV this past Saturday night and on top of that what we as the general fight fans care about. Heavyweights. At least when it comes to boxing can anybody out there name 12. Three heavyweight fighters I know that I can by the boxing is dead but I think the Biggest Loser of the night was did you. How possibly. Is Dana White going to commence on emigrated to come back and fight for him for 3510. Warning 5080. Million dollars when he's going to make somewhere between one in 300 million dollars from boxing not gonna happen. As a 53 yard pass from Patrick amounts of the markets throughout our thanks so that'll. But college football games tonight and really wrapping up this Saturday can we get the gambling degenerates. Thirty Levine's locks. I don't know that was something that people asked what did they do that before and so did to you by the way I think it's best to put my second pick Stephen. From a gunshot my little tour doesn't it look like I kind of panicked. I took a wrong in the second set a terrible weather. I AD could have done worse aipac you're gonna say he just picked up markets wrap. Fine on the ground I mean it's not where I'd go for its side and burst of like my idol I read that you're gonna get the number one player at a position. Hopefully they is on those two feet of the blocks for this college football we'd get reported state gets fired and half at Alabama. The way the college football season works now it wasn't this way 510 years ago with the PCS and computers but now. They take the best fourteen to the end of the season you can afford to lose your first games I wouldn't be surprised Alabama does lose their first payment if if they win. Supported state gets five and a half points like take the points with the seminoles. Apple actions they takes on Georgia. And it's the ten year anniversary of apple Russian state beating Michigan and the biggest college football upset of all time. Upstate gets fourteen and a half George always works beings and citizens slows. I wouldn't be surprised if they torched down. We talk about all these sixteen schools in war and all power and Alabama and Ellis has Georgia ever gone. And they keep cranking out and I felt like there was an arm and a inherently bad thing tiger early AJ green mapped Africans and people I ever ridden. And then coastal Carolina. Because quote the John clears getting thirty and a half points taking on UMass school this produced highly as they can. Josh Norman Mike Colbert just to name a few and the local John clears I'm taking thirty and what's next. That apparently drafting him fantasy football team out there well while attempting to house this fine radio pro also not there. That's barely have any really top notch teammates or unique role. Yeah the problem is all the team names are not appropriate. And it seems like that's what we. People tend to do this I mean what's the cleanest line. Show me to eat. It's drafting right now show mad tea bags T. Deep this tiny tot decade touched down where there was don't that's probably the only one that theory I heard that on my teams called the maneuver militia yeah it's not that phony. People wanna go really dirty with their fantasy names like shock value. Or they wanna incorporated. Wins. An NFL player's name. IT names the governors of Montana. See you kind of combined it didn't make that. And it's an inside joke that is highly appropriate for radio and no one really gets it except for me and said. I'm just gonna stick with the gunman who militia. I used to have a great rule that was the arrest me. His arrest in the NFL used to be kind of bombing now they're really serious got it writes that Adrian Peterson the count and Hernandez like. Can't really climb in the NFL with a smile on your FaceBook back in the day it's like a decade ago. Braylon Edwards was the first player arrested in the NFL two seasons in a row and my league had a rule where you drafted the first players that. It's easy to get arrested. You got your money. But we no longer have that and what's next. The Yankees fumbled the ball and it is now Tennessee again did not explore the first quarter. Is that these certain. According to start public and riveting final. Pre season football amateur it's the 302. Quarter not a lot happening this nonsense. He Marlins. Giancarlo Stanton is on pace to hit 62 home runs this season. When he gets Clusty expected to be a big deal but somewhat distracted Todd Gurley. I wouldn't draft talk earlier. Fifteen crowd back on our. Tiger at least a fantastic player and sacked as all of its teams back and I would call Todd Gurley. Do we have any suspicions that Giancarlo Stanton isn't going. Experience yes maybe you're still kind of look at this one time maybe disguised used up maybe just one step ahead of the curve. Then no it's not that big a deal that's gonna hit 62 home runs even if it's not true even if its just suspicion that he probably don't care too much that a guy that you think is cheating. My brick record. I heard that too much even though if you're ever going to look at a body prototype it's a maybe at guys using. Did ghosting it would be that dude what was sport's most hallowed record the number that all sports fans knew it was in the sack record it was in the NBA points per game record it was the Major League single season home run record until McGwire and Sosa was for a stepping up or leave. So to flip 61 and breaking that record wouldn't be a big deal is very surprised to what that it's going to be. Like putting on ESPN every time you Carlos being in gonna hit number 61 or 62 you know. But I do think it's big enough lead us what's going to be on the front page of the case installer. Zacks. Analyst in seed music mania that put out today with an attack and so grammys this nor deny. Torrents into a check it out. I do believe it's been ten years since the gamecocks beat Virginia Tech in the orange ball. As someone who was AKU student at that time. What are your favorite memories that I was well a great time to be okay you student -- seven away national championship in basketball Orange Bowl in football I was just getting injury yield on the microphone for both those games it was really. An incredible time the whole season was awesome number keyed to leave the I begin from the end zone on a reception there not an interception but remember at the beginning of that wonderful season a kid that we put on both offense. And defense get a diving plays like the seven yard line that was incredible. Save it was Tyrod to the case you beat. In that once thought it was a combination of Tyrod Taylor Michael now think about it on top greasing the best quarterback in the history of the school board and team ownership never been fired instead they should have bill statue for that guy. And looking back on the team with revisionist history. Has there ever been a better sent in there in the NFL. That also played called football on the same team and the Denver Broncos with the heat to lead and prisoners union. Like Latin player than he stated he didn't she told me deathly wasn't in the oracle of the prince even certain sports machine John Levine. Coming up next we'll talk some Baseball Hall of Fame baseball writer Rob Schneider on the show six days portrait. Listen kid we can make some late day this show crime there's still heat. Seats tees will rid you good at getting tickets that time now for six in off your ticket order using promo code six didn't support. Insert the sport fishing show on the up until 9 o'clock right here. On 610 Sports Radio chiefs and titans going at their final pre season game at arrowhead regular season starts a week from tonight in New England. Against Tom Brady and the patriots right now. Midway through the second quarter the teacher trailing 320. For the Tennessee Titans let's stay at the Truman sports complex but grow across the street. All call and stadium and talk some royals baseball with fame baseball writer Rob Meier rob live tonight man. Yeah good dead on the showed and so quick because of the best stats and numbers guy that I know article came out yesterday declare in the Albert Pujols least according to war. Is amongst if not the worst player in all of baseball that's crazy right. I don't particularly think. I don't know war by the you know number. And certainly. An everyday player by definition that would be the worst players were players somebody you don't even developed. It is hitting them. It on paper in the fall but that. Yeah you can kill the power would you if you don't will be there and I think that one will be. Complaint. You hear that much anymore because a lot of them have been fought and won more or at least they do the job. One of the things people you'd love to say about. There Richard that'll pick one thing to do. All. They do. And if you actually factory in school defense and can they were one of the most players in the game. But couldn't be injury problems. It doesn't do any hope you guys with the occasional. And again one of the world where baseball at least that. He certainly. It at that point. Didn't do anything like values for the monitor him. And Putin really. Done it better and their outlook for what report he's still. Are you surprised that teams would still give out these big time contracts you look at Verlander A-Rod a couple of times that Giancarlo Stanton won maybe he's going to end up working out but who knows who you're talking about 100 million dollars. Do you think going for the teams are still going to give at least players that might not be coming into their prime like Albert Pujols these big time long term your contracts. I would never say never because he can get one order to do that sort of everybody knows. That Nader Snyder can your contract. For 3031. Player. In the the long term. You're going to be overpaying. Perhaps quite a law. He wanted to play that he hurt that you have a hard. Indicated out yet been part of a lot of tension but he's also hurt the big chunk of that. I mean look at a guy like while the development together I don't want yeah you're deal. And I'd like to deal with. Because you want but because the dollars. Because how can he draw. So far far. Well I didn't that is still fine and I think these issues in two. A player like him though a player like Al certificate that is bad. A player like to the mother died in that same range. Those first few years. Even. Look at those salaries. By deep into the board. In a while we get it from semi cheap. Early on we opened it to be the problem become. The problem so common. Is that. You've played. Every day not because. His performance. Merit. That rule because Japan is so much money. It's impossible when apple pulled the great example. You deep. Would be would be anarchy I think if you look to implement a bad thing. The number three slot in the lineup but because he double pool because he makes the money to make. It basically force the place to play every day and ended it in the third on order and until they get the OK if you. Their policy toward a playoff. That court he wanted to be what that next year thereafter you after. Rob Myers on the show six day in Sports Radio in sixth and sports dot com your home for Kansas City Royals baseball the boys in blue have the night off still chasing. At this point that second wildcard in the American League what we're talking contract for a quick and again I'm basically and ask you to balls dodger. Crystal ball here what does your gut tell you going for it's going to happen with all these big name free agents do they all walk the world's able to Beatty they wanna through these guys. I think. That the money is it all week. Going to be tired and don't have and can't rule out differently if it most of the block. What October's. And that the left of the they're not paid guys left. It should be in order to pay the one of them is what it comes down to the organization. What is your philosophy what are your expectations for the next 234 years. We'll though he can be likened organization that's willing to do peaceful. Cared that bill yet through it like to cut it and basically commit. To being 100 plus games. Next year maybe. Two or three years to get through that that the couple. You know there are a lot of people who think that the way to build. In the long term built in the organization but after that groping for a lot of little can take. And I palatable or a fair number of older. I don't know I don't expect the world to do that well it would be at all surprised me. It days. Do retain at least one of these guys. In hopes that thing respectable. And even contending that year in that court for the full rebuild. And which ones you take. The tricky thing because what you want this to get to the best player. Their crowd at home at least going forward. What the problem more expensive. You will fail if I don't because there's one right answer. I think I know the way and it was about a month ago laws hosting our data show the drive a few days and wrote the royals won nine straight they had that second walk hard and it was all gravy baby so that is the wind. Can you maybe it's or me that the why or how. Or exactly. Where things go south for the rules. All of the I want anything to be changed except. Lot can change it and sure I'm sure and secure in the deal while everyday and point to. Any player would he would lead the struggle over that stretch. It's difficult but like it would even about what will you do it. Almost that many players. Better than they would do before. World war output port and you know as well. Credentialed. We're hey. We're at that playoff spot in the hand for the second wild card slot. But they will they will be they've been outscored them three people were reported though that we. It typical you know I think over and over between dot. And important. The world and Americans have not outdoors are at an apple back to the floor. A month ago. 45 there from that range from that knock off all want. Now they've seen a long term. Success story I felt. Nobody should be surprised. We. Need to get finished and gone and gotten a computer that shouldn't have tried. I think probably. 99.9. Percent of your your if there's. We agreed. Even you acknowledge. These Portland differential will be predictive quality. Quality differential. The world situations. Football league in the region. Global demand that they typically has and make them move and try to win the I respect that. It so part of that will. They're not bad guys their what we think of them as fuel which actually probably the qualitatively better. Then a little bit and it could be thought but it got real good that you the next couple weeks. Quick update from Arrowhead Stadium chiefs in the titans in their fourth and final pre season game Jay who chest and just took back on 77 yards that she's took a six to three lead missed. The extra points of 63 as the first half. Winds down we're talking baseball rob Meyer here on 610 Sports Radio wasn't there really go rob just a matter of time before the Indians were gonna runway of the central. He liked to for the theme like the matter time before the appropriately with the National League central. Though. They'll go according to plan. But yet that the Indians to a big favorite on paper and didn't even at the talks were. So I would say. Will the Q the what actually happened and no one was actually. Of those things happening. They've opened their. Legally he would be surprised that he needs to look lovingly hiding in the that is in the it looked like about almost help you in the division at fourteen that it turned out that the war. Couple other non royals baseball questions I'll get you out here how big of a deal would be if you coast and hit 62 home runs this season. I don't know I need. I struggle with that. I think this far if you look at the big deal in the short term the question. Bob good to hear that much do you think the baseball do public would care very much. Now quite ill because he's the average baseball fan but even that argument that. And without that context that I think it's pretty hard you've worked up about to adapt to remind them that question. He was paid off and. That the debt over. There'll always. And and drove what their real Mark McGwire refusing Barry Bonds. Fifteen to forty years ago which it isn't a big part of a bit there and their experience. Music experience that there was even though. It internalize it like a lot of people who who are die hard. Like guys and what you are like. People who know larger there was. Like we. The. I didn't DB deal and circle that. Yeah is it funny that at the same find you yet that you give then an amazing amount of credit. It would keep you deserve at least for doing what he's doing. While being. Job at all the time. Get real the heat today. It's also wore a typical of the point out that we are huge problem here. That is beginning at all about power now that it is in the class of involved. Boggled that the crowd is before before him. Quiet and still to a class that bill. But. That the ball field to you don't make you sick from the Q probably put. The big it's conducive. To getting off the problems. Is it looked something changing. A couple of people that sort of. Madrid a three million dollar bet rob would you take the Dodgers to win the World Series of the rest the field. Well written easily. In either their commitment. Blockage of the teams. Have a war. Nobody should be shot is being beaten me. As the bitter divisions here they'll probably win. And if I hit it by at the pick they can record doctors. But what I would I would. And the incident took outlook on the Mariners won sixteen games and got knocked out in detail yet. I don't thinking that lifted. And then the outlook for the I. Before I became even more equitable. In the potent. Old the Dodgers that it is their favorite team. But there's got to be favored. Against the field equipment away. Thanks for your thoughts and insight rob always on the catch up would. Great baseball writer rob and hire good friend of the show here. On 610 sports radius like this past Saturday's fight McGregor and Mayweather. Was going to be kind of like a sideshow because when I was young. I got a chance ST charity event it was a basketball game one of the local Shawnee mission high schools between the royals and the chiefs. Outweigh T hear what happened during that game I'll tell you next right here on the ship 610 sports tree. I could've done better Mac that statement would put pay. Listen to this show would run the show sixteenths what radio broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios. Welcome back into the show Steven's service sports machine John McCain wrapping things up on. Thursday night in Kansas City. The supplement didn't expect runs 69306. What you can out about over there stirred up. A big mama San and other ridiculous. Mark. It was a perception. We're just a thorough it was it was a set it off the football. But the 46 yard game watt. There's got to 46. And the forty million and that's why as opposed to the Marcus Robinson yes. As I said to Marcus Robinson. It's going to be worthy of the pick up to their fans eagerly probably not towards the middle of the season it is activists start right away but he got two receptions for 99 yards and I brought disaster after bug me is what's. There and that they're now by Patrick my homes. Was on the run moving today is dry and he just like at 46 yeah. Out with us as much harder than his first grow and he just threw him. Now not so excited. Give and take certain every Saturday. We're seeing everything they need to be lots I opt out the interception. Is exactly something you have to worry about but. Those big gains that's what's exciting couple that lets them be on the line. Couple of things people want to always equate Patrick Holmes as a quarter quote comes later because he played Texas Tech and because well they're logo. Is what a nicely a couple of guns and because he threw 49 touchdowns but he had it was a ten interceptions in his senior year how so it's now two years. Interception prone. Unless of course you're compared to Alex Smith who just doesn't set that owns that owes you after fifteen touchdowns seven picks so it's what you get with a rookie quarterback with a big arm. It get the good and get the really bad right now it is 63 Kansas City Chiefs at the first half. Is wrapping up at Arrowhead Stadium and what is basically a meaningless game like it even if Patrick Holmes comes out there. And in the first half let's say he did what he actually has done Steven and then we doubled that times. So he had four. Fifty plus yard pass or forty plus yard pass that didn't wasn't going to there was nothing that Patrick Holmes could do tonight. All right there's nothing to do in my opinion in the pre season to unseat Alex Smith as the chiefs' starting corps. It's just and I I agree with that because I think. I Andy Reid says himself it's just that I'm only watching this are right now shows it's just the desired but is now beautiful the following play it was when he threw the interception. Where he was staring down his receivers the entire time looking directly at a linebacker and threw the football aka. But those plays in this this road is 46 steadily made the mark is jobs and this is where the excitement is going to come because. He had to get outside the pocket his protection was good but nobody was open and he got outside the pocket and made a play and flicked the ball 46 yards. On the move they sometimes just downright many of the public indeed. There's going to excite you sometimes they're going to disappoint you mean. I was really disappointed when I was watching NYPD blue as a twelve year old kid when it's at expect partial nudity at the beginning of it. And at the end of it they showed me that that white detective guys backside. We ought disappointments and Seton. Unaware of the held from Stevens or sports machine show on the beat him up on the good eats it expects line at 69306. Will wrap things up. Go over once again and even though you probably know most of the teams on the chiefs' schedule. I'm not sure you know exactly how many and where the primetime games or because no matter hitting the chiefs are going to be. Bad at OK really good somewhere between the you know things that they're going to be incredibly entertaining if not really good. Fox. ABC. NBC. And ESP sold gold she's scheduled to forwarded out here coming up in about ten minutes but I wanna spend the next ten minutes. Talking Kansas City Royals baseball winner. I think the ship has sailed the Tony seventeen season now by the numbers is they're still I guess. Small small small chance is there reason to keep hope alive sheer. Not for the division that's royals are eleven games behind Cleveland we just had on rob Arnot seem like. He was resigned to the fact that Cleveland was the best team in the central and at some point they're going to run. While part of these the second wild card as a wake up this morning the world's four and a half games back so. I suppose there's still reason if you're True Blue lifelong morals and to keep hope alive. That sector while car but I asked you this and feel free to answer me on the duty to its text like 69 threes. But damn sample size do you need to know the two baseball team is average. We hope we all pray we all wish that somehow this team get back to the postseason because we know we saw the team and when he fourteen know what he thought. Could not get to the post season but they didn't get to the post season could make it all the way to the World Series. But they did it. Efforts and the our lines actually didn't didn't come down equally so you're still a little bit jaded. As fans here in Kansas City why wouldn't. There were thirty years of awful invisible or is baseball and then there's been a 56 year run now works in the most entertaining and you could probably argue over the last. Call for years the royals have been the model organization and all of major ice so we all hope to see it again we all wish and buried someone they can make the post season again especially because this is the last time we're going to see. This nucleus of what is not just the most successful fourth Kansas City Royals but most popular core players. Any sport any time in the history of our town. Sample size did you meet its been 275. Games now at the royals have been playing 500 baseball. They're two games under right now and tackle on the 162 game season last year where they finished 81 up in 81 down again. I'm not suggesting that it can't happen we saw them win nine games in a row just a month ago. I don't think the rest of the field when you're talking about the Seattle's in LA Dodgers Tampa Bay Rays or anything to write actually into the walls up and down. Have a better roster that all those teams and they had the experience back. But it is a bigger sample size and I've seen. 275. Games does for me. This team has been playing 500 baseball but I just cannot convince myself as far as I try as bad as the 12 bit for the remain let's call thirty games. There's tomorrow's September. Which means turner calendar and this could be it is or is watching this nucleus of players that come up with any reason. Why this team is going to be anything better than by upon the last month of the season. After 500 last month of the season they're going to finish. About 500 plus minus a gamer to. And at that point they're going to get back compensatory picks in all likelihood from the stock is and Kane at Hosmer. And it will obviously be a lot of people who envisioned at the beginning of this season the worst case and I think most people's worst case scenario was of this team hangs around for the summer makes it somewhat exciting. They don't sell their players in fact they add players like Milton Cooper those three pictures from San Diego. Is all the Carrington a month ago. When the royals made that deal and they were hot they had that second wildcard hand and they made that trade with San Diego. So much crap on the drive because I wasn't waxing poetic because I wasn't jumping to itemize because I was so excited. Like I think a lot of people in this town like I think several people at this station. I hate to say what kind of excitement. It was a great trade deadline move to dog get a now lower our. K hill whatever those guys are most of the hole. Those guys have been invisible. It's a life long while span take yourself back 2002. The Tony Peña believe if you just jumped on the bandwagon which I'm with meals last five or six years and I don't understand my point. Or for the real blue lifelong royals fans and talking to you. Back to 2000. The believe you when the royals for the first time a lot of our lifetimes we're finally do what we're finally relevant over 500 to trade at. Had multiple all stars albeit Mike MacDougal and Ken Harvey let me go. At the trade deadline. That team could've made a move to get them over the home and at that time home was to win the division or to win at the time was one walk. And get to the postseason. Instead the royals went out and they added clerk is less scary and Al Levine. Besides outlook V had a sweet last name. Outraged or know what they were making moves just to make moves as not just in the game of baseball in the game of life. Change is usually go unless it's Onassis. Change mixed team better at the trade deadline back in 2000. That trait a month ago at Faulkner and Cahill and liberals that guy make the team back to me those were. Figure type moves those were symbol tighten it didn't actually make the team better. Your thoughts 91357676. Tendered in India on duty tickets text at 69306. I do however think that once this thing's over with what is the world's don't make the post season and up a couple of games out. As a fan base it's going to be a little bit easier to swallow this deal with this group of players than it has been in the past. When Carlos Beltran walked and number the rules and trading him for the trade deadline to the Astros and eventually played verbal and two other teams. It's all because we can all tell that this guy was eight at the time five tool player he did everything really well. And he was young and we were ever going to see his prime in McCain's new rules you know that was a tough fields all. And Johnny Damon came up and overall it was a good soldier ants on multiple contracts and eventually get to the right to pummel the team wasn't going to win. If he wanted to win it to take the path he did which was what Oakland to new York and Boston and Cleveland Tampa and a bunch of other teams. But he had to get out of Kansas City. Because it the same thing but Jermaine Dye. You could say the same thing although he wasn't homegrown. Did the same thing about Zack Greinke all those really tough pill to swallow because those guys never cashed in Kansas. If they didn't cash in their baseball careers somewhere else. That's not the case would this nucleus of players. What Hosmer cane and moves even if they do end up walking in free agency. We're never won at the say what could've then. What specifically for the 4017 season. I think we or going to see what could have been. Because this is the best hitting infield. And the history of the Kansas City wells we'll talk about that next we'll talk a little teeth more wrapped things up off the show 610 Sports Radio. You may not get this show you know I don't know run this show these teams who. Really no good at getting tickets that Condo for six in our particular order using robo code six didn't support. So after games to finish the weekend. The street September 7. 610 Sports Radio. Wells and they see you live you learn right what I've learned as I've lived through the show is don't try to habit fantasy football draft while host injury you show the show but find the draft is gone. Completely sideways I told you. I have a side business where people pay community that bought them. Because I am exceptionally skilled at drafting fantasy football team you're feeling yourself out of that McCain's team for money that I act I can do it. I wish notably its first pick Mike Evans went that it went down. I don't say you don't win your league and none general manager certain sector wide open every week and what I can get you started writing at a base and I give it I can get you a solid. Starting up this. I've Rocca tells me my second pick my pick start to release saw doctor drew breeze the third pick tyra killed before back. And I'm pretty much a bears tell you the rest combined effects draft. Any final thoughts it yet but the good tickets takes like 69306. Or you muscular chest down after 913576. 7610 before forget him and I thank Gazprom today we set on fame baseball writer rob iron couple hours ago with those at the beginning of the show and we talked chiefs. With NFL writer Matt Burke I was talking about. Earlier about. I thought that the con McGregor Floyd Mayweather fight it was going to be kind of a sideshow when I was young I site charity basketball game between chiefs and the rules at I want us it was Shawnee mission west. And the audience thing happened so my dad is not a big sports as a matter of fact my dad's in the like movies and teeter in that type of things so believe it or not. We certainly see eye to eye when it comes to entertain. So this game and George Brett sitting on the bench getting ready to go into basketball game for the ports and border raid a week. And it's always in the browser opposite try to get a few autograph back in Gaza conflict based ports. To the new baseball cards had just come out there were called lawyer who. Not fleet which is also the and a baseball card it's made basically on the old fashioned scoreboard but what are ultra cards were made on this will shiny type both plastic and what your typical. So what George Brett sitting on the bench getting ready jacket my dad doesn't know you can't just walk up with somebody even at his charity basketball. Sitting on the bench and asked him for all the especially when it's the best player in the history of Kansas. My dad did notice some mud out all the George Millwood taps him on the shall. Turn around and Rudy is yes. My dad is it to get this autograph Mike didn't George goes poll in the middle the game. My dad goes yeah yeah yeah but it got a government did and Brett this time was like man I'm in the middle brigade. And then my dad goes. Breast deck goes. I don't care he decides for the federal quit while George Brett for grudgingly takes out his ten. And signs my flee here flip ultra card unfortunately. With yeah shiny faced brunt of the flare ultra court. Autographs with an old school bic and don't work that way so I don't actually headed toward Brett autograph but I headed toward red indentations. It's probably one of my most prized possessions there's ever fire. Ability to my dog and I'm going to get my. George Brett. And been patient sort of and that chief's game so for the on this gory special teams touchdowns 77 yard punt return deal did the two met OJ who just. But she's leading six to three thank you to Stevens served up again our guest Matt Burke ran. And rob on the sports machine shop looking signing off. On the show right six depth portrait.