08/21 - Stop Worrying (Kinda)

The Drive
Tuesday, August 21st
Carrington went back into the Chiefs draft history

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We do this album for a bit of breaking them is because the curse continues. With the Los Angeles aren't they. From saint to Los Angeles was gonna excerpts. The demons that does not happen for the Los Angeles chargers. Charters cornerback Casey Hayward pulled up and grabbed his hand spurring covering Mike Williams why don't you well. He went into the medical said the medical instead for the Los Angeles chargers have that like it triage unit. Every single day one of their key members I don't know how Philip Rivers have avoided the injuries we've been associated with that organization. But this offseason. We've seen hunter Henry BC Jason where we see Joseph blogs ago doubt we've seen Casey Hayward now with it and see what happens if he comes back I expected to come back it doesn't sound that seniors lead but every single day or targets and you gotta watch your step. This yesterday to see that and hours and yet. ACL. He's done Don hunter Henry as you mentioned done that they see Ellen may repeat that in Austin Roberts went down with a ACL the first week training camp. Jason ran out ski Chile boasts of with the foot injury and now today with Casey Hayward. Clark does have the only chargers food oodles and I think that's what I am like across the across the city that they just do one. Because they want they want the entire city for the so that works like any team in the world. Techs are making a good point that is the new Mike Williams not old Mike yes I think you know Alan I'm gonna get old I forget the debate here spread positive Internet. Because I listened to sports talk yesterday and I hear everybody wore read about the defense. And you should think that she did it's gonna be great pride is. Well he's seen so far this pre season into a little bit. Up contacts. If he had at least right now. And most important chiefs defensive player. We agree Reggie on the list and others like it momentous. It would be at that and yet he's an opera. How many snaps at play combined the two preceding games achieves a bad is it the same as the IQ is the inspector zero. We've seen 03. Snaps from Reggie rag and zero. And zero. Barely. He's first team all hell yeah. I can cover up eaten you don't think TP. These breezy and maybe in just a little bit differently about I was on the field. Houston pass rush is here or yeah I couldn't. Important skill to be able to adapt the quarterback it's currently make our secondary look a lot better get after the quarterback I've always heard that the quarterback must go to animals go to Harden. Just. He was and has played too well snaps in the chiefs to pre season games. Reggie. Anthony it's Eric bearing Justin Houston bit in well pre season. That it has got eyes. I'm not gonna put lipstick on a figure that she's defense has looked very but I don't think it's color they'd be experts and a big cat. We are not seeing the chief Steve. What kind of defense we're still. Take note that's what we're seeing for the most part yeah what we're seeing the chief deepens. This weekend against Chicago Bears. Where in he read it will play a premier moments said that he expects write it since the play will see what happens aired there and I expect you to play a little bit more. Actually see that she's the expense but seeing you know the bear is just use the twelve snaps and not seeing actual chief. See the preacher on the choir my friend it's exactly what I was trying to sell Stephen Specter yesterday was an avid any. Again please tell me is the respect agreement that totality he would you like it was a buzz killing. It's being done is try to make this judge is defense you have best players on the field and it's ridiculous. And the only your best players on the field on the on the defense at least the ones that are doctors starters I don't play an entire game so. Yeah it's ridiculous it was defense of overreaction Monday yesterday I'm with you glad you Stew and as somebody wanted to talk about is. Is it kept trying to educate the man yesterday while you're gone and it wasn't work. But nothing worked yesterday. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have any level of concern for the chiefs defense with how bad they were last year. I'm simply saying it is impossible to evaluate the 2018 chiefs' defense if we haven't seen. Haven't seen yet. Violating those activist bears game because I expect those two guys the play all four of the highway in the week one of the NFL season when they go into my opinion of the topped it off it is in the NFL but when I haven't seen at the two biggest things whether rush defense and arguably their best offensive player and your argument certainly that edge doesn't distance played well perhaps. And seen five most important defensive player it's it's just not fair to abide await that she's the pits where that that's not the case all optimistic about how you feel about the office. If you didn't have Kareem for any of these games every kill or else he knew of these fed gets it up to look hold. She's up at such a play chase lead and he's not a course. At some point she's fans have to use common sense on so okay. Please do because it is that you guys are part of the cheese defense of social media the other night which are which is ridiculous did you meet the falcons were doing as well. Mean sockets fans there's the falcons were corporate employee. They they stop the rockets at 24 down plays and actually get stuff done that on that. Big quit the tide and and Austin Hooper that did. That she's forced Matt Ryan out of pocket and it provides that Austin after that it plays great defense you know and get in the end zone that big. Again you can't freak out about the defense in the pre season when your best players on the field that's that that's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard my tire. All right well there's one thing that I think you should three judges a little bit when it comes to the chief Steve and because I am a firm believer. That normally the draft tells the story like just selling college recruiting if you wanna see how good a programming as you look at Apple's if you want to see why it organizational life franchise is the way they are look at the draft over the last 56 years you can probably haven't really good indication. We looked up every corner and every safety that she's the draft since 2009. We agreed decent sample size not the last three years. Guys we can evaluate. This is true that she's a drafted at the positions. In 09 they got Donald Washington in 2000 tape aired they're still on the team Javier Arenas Kendrick Lewis and 2011 Julio brown why her at a little girl and 2012. Dequan Minsk group. In 2013. Sanders Cummings does he give us plans and rags like might still be on the IR for the chiefs this when he fourteen Philip date voters in when he fifteen mark is Peters and Stephen Nelson. In 2016 to Mark Russell Eric Murray D. J. White when he seventeen Leon McQuay when he eighteen last season. They got our money wisely also got a month Smith in the sixth round. Your whole lot of hits there yeah you got a lot of hits McCain to the second or two corners they tracked one corner in the last ten. And they. That explains why did she secondary is the way it is like the proof is in the pudding when it comes in the NFL draft. You drafted very poorly quarterback wise indefensible eyes over the last ten years for the most part bust when it comes secondary pieces. That's why they're picking up Orlando's Erica one year incentive late in deals portly and a standard might be a nominal increase over David gamers. What we did admit David Emerson experience is probably gonna go see our C not David Emerson Oprah is enough joke or not just. Overreacting the first two pre season games he's not going to be big solid quarter for the chiefs he's got to get cooked. For concede all it early when it comes begins each he's not optimistic about an awful. Able see what happens with Stephen Nelson who I can be overly optimistic about a yeah but to meet this Tuesday. But she's got an opportunity to see David Emerson and they'd seen a close. They realize what I realized it's gonna be a long season a deposition. Anyone out there and they did the best they could with the bad situation they picked or labor standards for debt. You always have to anticipate you're gonna lose somebody but it you wanna look at that she secondary wise is look at the last an NFL draft. They drafted one corner. In ten years and they traded him for peanuts that explains by the chief secondaries wait. That an in your ads they got two guys like Darrelle Revis to mean and he favors so desperate last year I don't know if the chiefs is don't know how to draft good corners. Because markets Peters has got I think he was a high first round talent she's an advocate and because of some baggage he's got kicked up as it is college team. But I mean look what they did in 2000 sixteenths. Mean did you watch that ran in any longer he was a sixth round pick or Russell a third round pick out of Notre Dame every made at a camp. Stephen Nelson. We're nickel cornerback as is our second. He's out of concussion Philippines can stay healthy Sanders Cummings was terrible Kwon Manzi where's he had no idea Jameel browser average at best. I'll be Arenas nothing Kendrick Lewis. It's spectacular but knew yesterday that skewered in Newark and it went in that in that play a game in the dollar wash it was a tweeters using he was barely nickel back more special team. I think this and I think. This is one of the things that Britain usually measured spec what we say what penalty is the NFL we talked about yesterday. Surprisingly yes OK meet the PG need to defend it correct. And that she's to this point very important don't don't seem to know how to draft and with the exception of one god they had to get rid of they got the first round. All the problem. Or you either don't draft well or you don't develop the well if you can't say they don't take chances corner and most teams are taken sheets is it corners and safeties. But she just never seem it'll look at one quarter in the last eight years that explains the pass secondary the way it is right now. If you haven't hit on a safety since Eric Berry in 2008 ADV in one corner in the last seniors and it's markets Peter Eric Bayer is coming off injury market. We failed corner over the last couple seasons we've got to do something to try to salvage this year. I think it's pretty clear of what they were trying to do I think it 2016 they thought there were probably going to be covered with Russell marine D. J. White and didn't work. Am not least double those guys on the team now. It's 2018 and those guys even around after they got drafted in 2016. I think it needs to be more focused every draft but if you're gonna go after. You know big time skill players your level linemen like Andy Reid is you better figure out a way to be at levels quarterbacks as well Roush gonna keep getting booked. Text are 69306. Brain of flowers and actually drafted did not the last two years old how long it's been the chiefs have drafted a really good corner that stayed with the team for a while.