08/21 3p - Watkins' Mind, Aly Trost, 3 Strikes, Chiefense

The Drive
Tuesday, August 21st
We go to a dangerous place, Aly Trost of Arrowhead Pride joins us in studio, 3 strikes plus a conversation about the Chiefs defense 

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Road rage shooting last January which is ideal has been arrested for disorderly conduct inside he funeral home. And the national send data were part of the cubs and Matt Adams of the cardinals. I'm Steve inspect that's all we know. And acted a show. Should patches and get through the gardens. That Obama. Are coming in about fifteen minutes we'll catch up with Alex trials she's the editor over at arrowhead pride will catch up to her. Momentarily coming in and about fifteen minutes also looking to market on your calendar winning streaks we will be there inside here as casino for the season opener September 9 saving your phone right now come out winning streaks. I want a little football with dust today's pop ways. Was presented by Big Three Chrysler dodge Jeep brand the winner went 25 dollars the blind box barbecue spec what was today's sol. Izzo by your favorite Jaycee was released on today in 2001. You have the favored his easel not Dixon and I've probably heard of lies with you know and and coming up in about. All thirty minutes or so we will get to three tries to give you a chance to win a pair of royals tickets would do that coming up at 330. I don't know if you guys saw the story and I in the Kansas City Star first off shame when you if you did not see story because it was the best piece of literature I read over the weekend. You guys know our friends any lock in right and I'm not talking about the or in the field I'm talking about though. Tata isn't. The reptilian and I'm talking about going inside the mine and of one's Jamie why I knew it was going to be an all time story. When the head line literally ran. Inside the beautiful mind of new genes wide receivers in you lock in by our friend Brooke prime. I could not have clicked any harder or faster on this link that when I saw a story of the headlines say inside the beautiful mind. A new cheese wide receivers Amy Watkins. If funny you bring up that week. Because Sammy why Keynes explained. Exactly if you don't know what I'm talking about this is it. I'm tidbits. I convinced I'm convinced the events I am not a human. Never logs I am more like he did Albanians reptilian solar. I'm very powerful. It kind of scares me el Al by different modes. So you're not trying to figure out what techniques go on that. We no clue what Sammy Watkins was talking about because it was a regular human I don't know. You know this is there ams I'm just a regular humanity. It's like to have Ed big and sold are still in power I have no clue what that's why did you see the movie predator. I have seen Fred I think that's whatever that's what I think he thinks he hit me like the predator maybe that's what it was but he actually explained what he ate. Thankfully. Cities don't. Is meant to do that metaphor. Quotes. Jess you've got superpowers. You can have a baby I'd seen so that's kind of what I was saying. You've got the nurturing aspect and in Maine got the physical ability the strain that's kind of what I've made. You all got a we've got different people different size different teams and we're not all the saint. Were all different in different aspects that's what I wanted to touch you'll still those those aren't so obvious lead. Brooke Pryor has super power shootout via my license and get three superpowers he. Has that she's beta war is basically. Let's lock and trying to Telus basically what Spider-Man I know why it was an idea what according Sammy Watkins he has superpowers because she can have a baby in that we got the physical ability yeah enshrined. Then indeed she got the nurturing aspect which color averted super. That's his Michigan have a baby that's so that's that's what he says. I I honestly I'm glad I don't have that superpower. And an election yeah I don't know I just wanted to goal to sell you guys abouts in lock and that I learn more about him. That he was always a deep thinker according to a reprise he wasn't always but. Like most really Smart people and he started reading books and going down Internet rabbit holes anybody that goes down Wikipedia and YouTube radical. For information is the most Smart you've ever come around this and Rossi and your entire life so he said. Unease Watkins I give degree and. Just down and having all the success being hurt three years not leaving the house like seven months literally not coming outside just reading books and staying in the house. And then you come back outside to the world to me like old Blake. What is this if you read stuff that elevating your mind you'll definitely see a different world you're. I'm all for reading books absolutely not gonna faulting anybody's read. Since I've for seven months that's what he's an colosio's death because of his injury. Then go outside percent. He was reading books and going to Internet rabbit holes which everybody listening is gone down Internet travel at some point. That's just not really when I'm doing for information you know like a 2% nuances to convince yourself of anything. In Internet rat hole experience I read conspiracy theory you believe. Critically. You can find someone that can support it only so it's outlook was anyone arrested that's not even coming advance. Super. Silly and being the way that. He would I was talking to you I'd like my annual financial instrument and actually he was telling about that his mom like retired really Smart lady. And saw she Sergio is watching TV green stuff on the Internet. And then he goes over there one day he's like who in the hell are you. Because she does her until I think she's read books go on the Internet watch a news it chooses completely different human being. I would suggest is in lock is steadily pull out for seven months it is go outside and don't go for brisk walk. I'm just I'm just I'm just want to share to you more information on what -- lock instead in the Internet he is the pressure you said the journalists a superhero and I feel like you're you're during times over I'd like you're skimming over the very important part to settle at that superpower or has that arena but they where he said quote you can have a baby I'd seen it that's kind of what I'm saying oh so your wife has advanced reptilian and she is solar and it's a shirt. In your TX I mean she's not she's obviously irony yes exactly she's certainly that some. And we're. It's. G-8. Sixteen. And kind of the. Irons. I wanna throw this out there and I wanna ask you question I want us to work together as a family to come capitalists and how many people. There's two separate us how many people. Can make wrote that homes made how many people do we think can make that broke consistently because. I sit at two different lists like. Cam Newton has the physical ability to do the exact same thing the Patrick Holmes knows. I think it would go wade over the head of Alex art of tiger kill I don't think we got the touch or at the way Patrick Holmes I think they can do. Has he is a gold's right inability to make the exact same Perot that had to behold I think if you tried it ten times he could make it two times. Griping while Holmes committee made that six or seven times that attend. Suspect let's do this together as a family in the text I would include view of the callers we probably won't include my apologies. People do we think can make like physically make the homes may. How many people in the world do we think can consistently make that Khatami Aaron Rodgers came consistent make our list. Don't think Brady could consistently and I wrote the not. Brady not at 41 years old noted that make like 31 girl break in May have played with radio Moscow debate that. I don't know when he eighteen Tom Brady can make that brought so let's list of people that we think can physically make that tomorrow. Was the least ten wells is really that many I don't care to make that. Make it the to throw it seventy yards in the air. And how many NFL quarterbacks you think about seven yards in the air act upon a lot collapse staffer. Yeah I got I got Stafford Roger's not only to have the money list only Philip Rivers can do and I think she intimate under say like a physical ability acting in good. You think can Russell good. Russell could do I legitimately don't Russell could be about Drew Brees like it was Andrew Brees Brees Jamaica today. I don't know if he could make that. Down Ben can't make that throw that not today I don't think so. Blake moral or like some names that people are going out there are guys like JaMarcus Russell. List of guys acting could physically do we have seen here who consistently you know like the list of people that can do it consistently I think there's like four people in the world I can make the only two of the only two that I molester Rogers Stafford that's it. Those are the only two that I have. That I think you do. And do it consistently. Talk about not just make the throw out to do it consistently and as those cards and instrument and didn't you really I think I I think arsenic it. I think so now maybe I'm wrong I think horsing could do it. I just maybe I trust his ability more than a refugee Elian to do that. I don't think so yet but that's I think the list that big element were over selling like someone attacks on says you guys did he wait too much credit will read much it was a football play or talk like as a physical specimen. Can't make that. I just physical ability to GM could make that broke into my complete two times that it didn't yet where the homes might do six or seven times at a table we're talking like. Take him blocker but also beyond I think you could do that Jesus and this guy does that raise an Irish is a lot more baseball players can make that the of the things I mean. You guys are leading Joseph Flacco a tip that's felt like just feel like O clock about a good quarterback yet massive arm yes that's fair Flacco as the analysts. Talented. To sell it to make that date he consistently. Since we've never sentence handed down to. Think in the row I don't know I don't like now I know I did well we've now does Alex is seeing him do it. Irian seen him do something similar in college. So I guess I agree with you in principle but he can't be on the list of we've never actually seen it on is that Paxson lynch ID. Jay Cutler's on him uncle Rico that's ago at a bit to get through his bags over shoulder. It to DIA and fly out of there constantly adjust Mac councils are so now here. I mean I'm just I'm sitting there and I I was like literally watching it and you got my crusty today as I was going to Bissau and towels say it every game. That would it really reminded me of optical upper. And re easy when I saw that row that mead felt like Dante called up. Like just physical ability but no one would denied the physical writes the Daunte Culpepper it was tied to team new age yeah that's what it. Like when I was watching it live like that the first quarterback popped in my head is weird as that sounds with Daunte Culpepper. Spec crazy the thing that I know I argued to Randy Moss a lot. What would stood out to me execute we know about the arm strength. Idiots like Hugh likes some hail Mary where quarterback rolls out to his right takes about three steps and needs a bunch of momentum to be able to throw that. He just moved over in the pocket and throw it like it was a fifteen yard. How did it look easy I know that's the part that was really really scary part about it quite legitimately scary about it was the ease of what it looks like. I don't think that's an easy thing to accomplish knock. Right she made it look. In allegedly. Easy there. I'm bonded like. Alec TV really did it justice either because you can't see the full play. You know you throw it then you just pan over retiree can channel that you fully understand how far Eaton that well nobody I mean it was. It was the most incredible throw that oversee I got I think that's a distant. No hyperbole. Does show a lot just physical I'm not saying like the circumstances were a ball bounces off a guy's helmet I'm doing just. She ROL. Game hard pressed the final bunch more never rose that were. We better than one homes and just an incredible play odd coming in just a bit. Trust is going to join us in studio she is the. Editor of the new editor over at air on the project joins us in studio next drive. At 5 o'clock state of the art in banks. Right now we have a very special guest in studio let me make sure that your name. Is not true. Or props but it did Alley. Strokes as host as in toast that is she's the editor over at arrowhead prop are it sister website are cousins I don't know over all of their sister brother cousins aunts uncles brought handling them and he did not putting good friends over at arrowhead pride Alec thanks for coming into yes adding to happen you guys you went to Missouri. I did are you feeling about our team which I mean we can talk about cheese that is wanna know I don't feel that obviously you about the drivers in misery to their votes from the worst in the country and how does. It was at that reaffirmed every thought I ever had about dessert drivers I won I'm from Missouri in a lifelong Missouri resident native but. Another at some of the worse and I would have to agree without but as far as. The last time you don't. Out of here until last night of August I would also add in all the specs and yeah that's out in the and Twitter obvious or have you joked it's not bad about the drivers and they are in our home. It's this might be it for you. It I. Did you with a back problem like Mike knows appreciate okay I I don't like it as it. But as far as football goes with journal lack coming back that is or I'm most excited for the that the team this year from some feeling hopeful yeah. And bearing on Wednesday field. This year feels like a seminary to. Yeah I was gonna say six we are hopeful that still holding those seat opening game of the whole game see Angel and that's. That's not that's where I'm getting at I don't feel like they're going to do better than last year because that as a Missouri fan for the three years is what I've. Been conditioned to just realize that you know you have ticked. I'm going low hoping for now we're talking now which froze she's better over real pride with that experience so far so liberty beat yeah. It's been great you know working alongside guys like Pete. Cragg and like I mean just some of the most passionate she stands and I've ever come across but. It's been great so far I also used to sporting KC covered so it's been nice to expand that into football which is something I was. Always hoping to get into humans have been really fun and there's a lot of great suck especially being partners extend here. It'd be a lot of fun stuff coming up this year so I'm excited. All right now we're talking Alex wrote she's the editor over at noted pride which immortal for soccer football. Ooh that's tough so. I grew up playing so obviously Annika played football here. And so there's like a special connection for me there are soccer my my great uncle Al chose he's actually in the US soccer hall of fame has a long. Great long standing. Recognition in Saint Louis so huge. Was a huge presence in my family my dad's one of one of four and his his dad my grandpa has won seven. And so. I've got tons and all of those. All of us played soccer and it was a big part of my life going up. But I also one of four kids I have three Brothers. All have played anything from hockey football baseball. Soccer golf that any sport that you can they go and they've played you probably doesn't like games got such a lot of games they got stuck in a lot of mind you know had a couple black guys. Black guys grown up playing hockey in the basement but it's funny I actually grew up. For about three years. Next to the next or Dexter McCleon. So dexterity click with their hands like yeah literally our next door neighbor he beat derby parties. And I got no peak near the blind seem a decks and a clean hands up to you that he was really great if you come out he threw the football at you've noticed Margaret was pool and he'd be out there like. He said not running plays by Brothers in the front yard and we had a great time you know living around him and we actually. How that couple others. Right seamless sports guys that. Played hockey keep to tout. Other guys that you know how to. Close connection aqueduct in the so grew up around a lot of great athletes does it list in from a variety of sports so. I would say like my connection socket a little different but yeah my brother plays football kicker and and keep going as gains in high school and in gonna go watch it tolls. So you know what I tip my love is pretty split between the TU but the only difference is that played soccer haven't played but. I was gonna say that you look like you put a lot of wide receiver in college what you look like a wiry -- error via YouTube kinda had a Ed McCaffery look when you walked in and that's I was lately Wes Welker and what that desperate grab they have legal legal authority Nelson prize route runner. I've football IQ I mean last one and I mean of the first one there laughs yeah yeah yeah everything I call rat. Did you just before he came in the U moved to keep city over a year ago that you appeared route 1415 months yet it's the biggest thing healer and she's feeds and you'd be any teams that. Just that the passion for the game and that's something that you know in Saint Louis it was there but it definitely missing towards the end so the one thing that. I always go back to that really left an impression on me it wasn't my first couple months right in the thick of chiefs in the beginning of the season last fall. Riding around in seeing the chiefs logo spray paint inning grass and you saw she's flags hanging from every. Pulled you can see on the plateau. Town it was just everywhere it's it's a part of the city and I think that's. So special and so just amazing being. Here and it almost made it. And non issue adopting it as you know is part of my own culture because it was just it was every seat in have to go out and seek an and it's every person that you enter acted. Whether they were a big fan or not so much. Everyone is so and that's that's that's all Americans in lacing the cardinals yeah similar similar to GAAP and honest they're going to be a lot of that but I think the thing. About Casey that's been cool it's you know. After seeing us also rans in the I didn't get a soccer team at the the petition for stadium downtown was beaten and tear at that point by yet stealth. Just kind of it kind of ship the sports culture you know we've we have the blues we've had the cardinals was never once pops up it's like. Yet Carnell of downgrade it tallied just about every. Audio and all the boxes and raw you got to go and let's not to go degree heat Italy and stand. Not trying to let him off anywhere he's covering year. You guys have 2015. Year. It was actually being at the zoo being alongside a bunch of Kansas City people some of whom some closest friends. Seen then get to experience the moment that's pretty ugly. I wanna get you ready your on this. And you tell our listeners that Saint Louis pizza sucks. You can't come back on this. Have to admit the one thing most pizza is disgusting I rather negligible Pete's I'd rather eat pizza flavored wrangles. You're not afraid foods that you like I hear people talk about Saint Louis like it's a good town it is not the only thing it's that yeah in ravioli. You guys claim to fame is nice spaghetti o's that's not that seemed to fade out of the hat to that. He'll leave for idea what you. Couple I'd be toasted ravioli not like the slimy I is what you can you tell listeners that you most trash if if you go on and that we can Mobil one. We can talk about it that's all I want it but he knows there. Yeah I can't do that because whenever I go home the first thing I do is get emas pizza by. Can we agree that statements pizzas that are in Chicago. Deep dish it's high time to keep the people with your hands. That was Alley trial. I was the editor at arrowhead pride. Let's go through what she said today on the radio she said that was very people can drive. I wanted Al clash at that Saint Louis nix greatly. Right sue it's that this thing with beats it was better than Chicago she'll never felt so. It's the drive. Three east right. Yeah. We need. 766. And yeah I played prescribes you always and everywhere off the clock in the royals take over show. We give you an opportunity and a pair of tickets every strikes all the support caller let's read some of the tax because there's something that all down to talk about. I'm all talked about how hypocritical the NCAA does your reasoning and always talk about all down. To talk about how dancing. Michael doesn't. Show that every single day how bad he knows it's disgusting. It's ranch. She is Romney there's a reason that we got him. He knows it's all. Possible because it's terrible. It's certainly that Spain is. Height and toast at regularly and yes this is not a real. It's. A great place. It is you may. And seize the debt yields and that circling the things he's never coming that she's network. So it's tough odds and ask them because she was asked about Missouri drivers and and and she is different needs she likes soccer he was disrespectful toward there. She likes. Pizza yeah. She's she's done I think she's fine human and he's once and it's time. They're bankers. And catch it there and not top tier of all time. Why bad eggs that's number one. It beatings and there might actually number two it was there is this culture. Excellent 69306. They eat the better than Chicago. Slash take wars in eight Specter is and some elements that. That's saying something in the text I was very mad at me because I missed on their opinion about you earlier music and you said you always do specs right I'm sorry Los stuff. Drivers like specs takes traction and I also wouldn't speak highly of the series technology because there airports ports inspects aches. To trash. A lot of trash. Don't trash. Doesn't it was three strikes you and Gardner chairman. Answer. That's what Casey for that Casey got. What is. That man Atlanta. And play three strikes at least an hour. I first question is here it's music ones. This is an easy one man. It comes struck the drive because part of those guys make a lot of our listeners that in the about baseball through your first one. They have three more days. On the royals' roster named the three more days on the royals' roster. I'd go oh. Gad though later it's it's. A. Or hey. My iPod. A place the lights actually you're wrong. He has no cheese. Again any use gotten notes mayor. Mayor. Mayor and pitched in last night's game. I'm got no right at Sonoma I cannot remember the name and okay. The first place I think it's funny spinning these people are still wants us like he gets. Used. To do this came over the blue steel. For the brewers. Come on dry and it's. Kessel has made his kids again. Or. Hey. Gonzales. Yeah. It's possible and what. We take another idea what I. Like about this is yet another one belt and no longer talking oh horrors. Great question the luxuries urge. And we dictate to get that out of three and that's perfect test case it's all murder he Clark Sheen in its horn. Only one was six pence or radio Morales reply yeah Lopez pitched his stuff last night and I don't like this one. Casey no Casey was watching. I'd like updating lately tried to give you I mean he pitched yesterday. I'm really good and it's okay you're not I don't blame you that. Most of you we see the ratings must that you may want to run. I. I'm here for under sting and being raised me down don't. Three strikes spec if you wanna play at I'd drop during the commercial breaking deleted ticket I'm fine for people going into the game to call. Suspect let's take this cash insult ever put on a soft spot you know law arsenals. There's no more gas is sales in the Chinese labor that you were great question that is all or don't and so it can't talk about real. With or without she I don't know until loss Esther got. OE eight and the television right now is our. I say I'm not gonna try to convince you otherwise. I'm simply saying if your fan of the NFL. Any problem. You should you odds and hard knocks right now because it is incredible if you missed it is ours he's HBO did little bit of a promo today. And they had baker may field doing a John Dorsey impersonation and although it was good. Oh. Is John Dorsey. Are you don't play or. Playing in the National Football League it's a blessing. It's a privilege. Not many people connected to. Taught me what report. Schools stuck up. A cause. It takes dedication. You know domestic dedication. Being at Cleveland brown. Beat Cleveland Browns. Is way more. Than just playing pool ball. It's about being enough. It's about coming to work every day with our hat. And your air sorties. And here's what. You strap on those shoes. And equal work. Who every day. And there. I just wanna say this about John Edwards. Why he hadn't been around John Dorsey enough to know you choose is built that way. But that's grounds to be fired by maybe we figured out like that she's fired on Dorsey can you imagine being with someone who maybe meaning view that orchid cubicle you know the person and I'm talking. Addictions like every single bite they're trying to get all the sugar out of the gum with every single by that's outlet like listen to help parents Terry and that's you. Do you not real I'm the I'm I was I too got. This is the only place is I can't you can't let. Alone all well. John Dorsey. Are you don't bite or. Playing in the National Football League is of less. You tell me I'd Hugo light. What role do you work and over a still harbors man yes there's an attitude right Q you know this. It was some sort of the condition like a medical things I just insane and what it owns and I'm not listening to. You're legitimately won a lot of that you are tutored in New. Orleans on doors yes I was terrible about it to isolate. He's that Alex Mack pilots are about Vietnam primary. Suspect had a the set to meet Burgos that can mother not smacked him on the back of the head music it. My mom used to get mad at me when I rise to eat cereal all the time she gets so smacking her hair kit. Yet. Somebody six years and you must to with a vigor of my stock. At. That's not me I need it really want to double bubble in our office but I. What do you think I did. I was like man is that something elect is on is it is a community governed. Because I'm like well that's community it's his mechanical for men only get that stuff. I'm trying to not get some three strikes over here I take it all worked out. You guys have never brought this to him now. Now I just thought I figured sooner or later be one of those they would figure out somebody says the scenes Xena a statement for issue. You guys are saying I'll laugh a little less. And I sat down like a cow head and say that say it like outside your grades yet and is now it's worse than that averted outrage more. If you're driving SU coach say that I like this might shoot. Well. This is John Dorsey. Are you don't like or. Playing in the National Football League. It's a blessing baker makes it sound like it sounds like the sound your windshield wipers mate Hillary and it's a privilege. Not many people can do. That I mean what what. Schools dot com. So. Nobody under the age of 66 because anybody bully boy who takes dedication. You know announced that it pollution. Being at Cleveland brown. Tonight hard knocks on HBO I'm telling you you've not watched it it's on YouTube you don't need HBO. Google. YouTube and catch up. Today they're doing the Dez Bryant episode. Hard knocks is the best show role in television right now are coming up. Next I want all of you to take a wounds about that she's defense caused when when I mean next draft. Left wing Robertson in Rio. Rips out resolve border heads over Vick put it up and it's a much smaller factor. State. You guys explain lovers when Michael Porter highlights out of nowhere but in other words what I do I didn't do anything. Paul I didn't. You guys are trying to say for all the times that you got on me about Michael Porter now we did JU football jokes with the guys opposite Latin. JU has announced they're starting quarterback Peyton yeah. Take vendors got it started with your fighting in the jayhawks against Nichols state. I'm not sure ain't gonna win that game let's just get that out of late Kansas plays nickel state at David Booth can memorial stadium September 1 at 6 o'clock. And Peyton Bender. Will be the starting quarterback Europeans jail I don't wanna make fun of the kid who plays college football and just hit them on for him pursuing his education. What she kindness even before all things gonna do you feel formal little bit because he plays college football for Kansas as well I'm just gonna say I have a feeling it's not really gonna work out the way I could have thought this about patent Edgar I'm not gonna say a lot of the insults. And mean paying you guys said to me about Michael Porter because it was very faint we're book. We would never trade shots in barbs about college students. The more class act a little bit more since then and when that starts so let's start to turn thirty I hope that patent bidder goes out there. And I hope visa don't potential Heisman candidate the way drew lock key is sure you know I hope she goes to a bowl game you know the way Missouri did last season. You know I hope they can't win their division you know the way Missouri man. Two times they've been in the SEC I hold more innings for Kansas maybe sometimes those are Adobe's ask him and I mean yeah. Can't blame. Text on 69306. It's okay Kyrie it's in because at the end of the day spec is still at. It you know. I don't know I don't. Either man Tex lines 69306. On the Kevin Jones-Drew opened his belly tux like pace saying can you name three bidders they place all the all right. Tex lines 693 years at a baseball man it's it's baseball not supple it is they straight year will miss senior league baseball let hate can't and I'm allowed shower but she were to. That's Howard made hash tag latter proud. She like this but this. You don't let the secretly record you when you're deep in. And his son tweet when you're working on a couple of star burst of oak and then will that mean and I believe in you know I want admitted publicly about. But you know I am trying a new. Look of positives you know good thirty has a new outlook if you know embryo put the child does things in my twenties away of how. Applaud your outlook you kids anymore you know at thirty years to grow and now is all grown up so willing to start looking more positively yet because. I was listening to a little sports talk yesterday I hear everybody freaking out about the chiefs defense and I just wanna put that she's defense and improper contacts. Reggie rag very important for the run defense spread out agree yet little hitch it's very important for the run defense right down the cheeks were very bad at stopping the run last year and they are hoping that this year some additions. Like agents and having. Ratliff in the system. Now for full year via wood yields evidence I would think yeah. That's the thing Cristina goes to help in the room I'll go the same thing and I said earlier it's the same number inspects. IQ zero we seems euros and apps. Over the first two preceding games from Reggie rag with a mean to me to air Bayard. Very important caught the defense right yeah a lot. People would say about it in a big addition aside from the kitchen was getting air Berry back off injury C a beacon go back to being the player wasn't 2016 and all proceeds what you give it 85%. Of the year beer eat that played into when he sixteen. You've got a really good top ten player his position in the NFL he's played zero snap so far this priest he's just he's been. Pass rusher deep fort tell us how he thinks they have fourteen just use that. How he's gonna go back to terrorize the defense you guys that that it doesn't when you set yet. I think it's really weak we really have. To have the potential. To be very. Hats. Really do yeah three. Just in his he's he's. Really old actor's when he comes back. Yeah you know guy so. You know we we really have. We have an opportunity to be they accidentally. We have that they did it. So deep forward who clearly is not bias and a when it comes to this says that we're gonna see that 22 sacked Tony fourteen just used in the guided chiefs gave a six year one under one million dollar contract to. Forty million dollars antique. Basic comfort twelve and then I've not told you about. Reggie ran it needs and Eric beard Justin Houston. We've seen them. Play. Well snaps. We've seen a place. So far it would agree that's a big part of the chiefs' defense if anything the chief defense has shown me over the first two pre season games overseas. They cannot deal with any significant injury to act now know I it took a week don't and so they would that. The diseases that at least at this point Stephen Nelson concussion. Is basically is significant injury that these I don't know because the scheme record I I kind of think that's a little bit of them what you think at least those two it's a little bit of lodge. I don't think we can say. They've made a improvements on the run deepens where you can't have Anthony kitchens or Reggie. I mean if you were alarmed at what happened wants Friday night. Falcons really good office falcons put a lot of others are Ryan plates having Colvin played in Ridley was out here. Blame oil and David Emerson went out and Ridley was moved Real Madrid in the game I see what any of you felt some kind of way about defense. I just want you to keep it and some bit of context. That Reggie Bragman has not stepped on the field yet into pre season its intentions were you gave a boatload of money to this off season. Has not seen the field Eric Berry meet your biggest addition in the whole soul your team leader mean you'd think the borderline hall of Famer has not seen the field. So your six defensive players have so far just keep adamantly. Now against the Bayer's. We're Andy Reid said that he thinks it's a rat when they're gonna play. Conversation yet I seem extra base or to recalling go to on the field and score easily deepened the couple times. Conversation but I don't think they're they're he's gonna play. I expect just leaves in the play sparingly because they're no reason played Justin Houston pull out the pre season if you think he's healthy. Their run defense looks like with Reggie rag I mean it's because we haven't -- that's a 48 it that big claim to fame with. With with beach up I gotta get it deepens younger the defense has actually gotten more aggressive into the major clubs that plates of. I bridges and that's who we touched on yesterday said yesterday it was defensive re overreaction Monday because we haven't seen now. To your point about we can't have a significant injury and his defense threat at a 100% agree with because what we did seem. It when he got to throw him he'll likely in there and Terence Smith treasure two linebackers now you got problems and it is watched what those guys did. And there about the size of Daniel Sorensen. And they over pursue or under pursue that to block that they can't shed blockers. And it would problems that if Bragman and kitchens are going to be an that's the only that's my biggest take away. From all of that stuff but you can't judge what this defense is going to be in the regular season we don't have your best players. I was trying to tell people which is cool all right score on how do you think his defense is when you're not even seeing your start up. Our attacks on 69306. Brett beach is terrible thing that I think that Brett beach what it's really offseason with the plane and when you've been the general manager first seemingly one offseason yeah like last year when they hired in the heart of at the end of the summer so you can get a chance to make the moves that she wanted to an eight. This your first round that's your first free agency Peter and I think he clearly tried to address it. Now will see if it works but when you spend sixty your first seven draft picks on defensive players and when you in free agency go out you pick up in the hits and you can say that she's haven't tried to address the media it's you can say they haven't tried to address so let's. See them with all their parts addressed the defense. To make any Bain Graham proclamations about the defense because we just haven't seen the parts it either we haven't seen the parts are the parts are too young and a guy like our money watts but we just need more about it weigh in I'm not going to freak out of. Just to receipt and say that Brett beach is terrible is that that's that's an awful tax the reason why we talked about this WTO. Of the fifteen defensive players that John Dorsey drafted three of a week we deemed as as really good players right so how is Brett beach. I guess maybe a little bit is he's pushing for some of those guys behind the scenes the door she's got pulled the trigger. So I'm ready to sit Brett beached it trapped. Defensive guys I will say that she's that held a hard time draft in the right quarters of the last ten years which is what we talked about earlier in the show they got one good one. Out of the out of the last ten years and that those markets Peters and he's gone. So I mean that they're drafting guys like of our rob salute their rent a minority leader make it up camp. You know why's it so that part of it's ridiculous but in terms of judging this defense it's way too early. Stop freak and a let's watch the bears game the play three quarters and it all dudes there they still get smoke skewered Africa's seed everyone occult sought aid. I see it to perfection then we got there we got some talk. Now to me is the very fair tax and number got a nor against it. This team spent six of the seven first picks on defense you don't have a singles order expire at I think that's gonna be very fair because I think that part of the problem would Dorsey is due. Be able to in the modern day NFL drag somebody be it would instantly plugged it means you rented that office Tyreke hill. Take a whole Lotta time for tiger killed could be acclimated to the offense every joke talented enough. You could play from day one people bring an outbreak of flowers and they're Clark and drafted Brandon Flowers over ten years ago deer car over two years ago branded cards that that's what you Howell. Long it's pain they attracted one legitimate good enough though Warner. In the last ten years and its market Peter that you traded him this team just asked to be better at one of the most important position in the NFL but they're trying to win a suitable. With Patrick Holmes quarterback owners rookie contract coming up to two minutes we'll get to the top stories of the Dane king of the city an hour earlier because of the royals it's it's on the draft.