08/21 2p - Chief Worry, Mahomes/Reid, Jamie Quirk, Minute

The Drive
Tuesday, August 21st
Carrington says don't worry, hear from Andy & Pat, Jamie Quirk joins us in studio plus Gimme a Minute 

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Let's it's another day. A day older. Now that I turned third I have wisdom that I didn't have before and now I'm no longer wanted you millennial twenty somethings. It is still millennium and like you don't you don't generation doesn't change is beat them because you become thirty. I mean I still stuck in a generation rocket about propeller heads you spent weeny that's still in the basement your mom's house. Still use Juno Internet. I'm not one view anymore yeah I have a new outlook on life and now I am thirty years old and it's excited already trying to get me out of Orlando's scanner will go down as the best cheese quarter to Wear number 22 this is what I miss yesterday. This is what I miss this what was going down yesterday. Doesn't have a good handle on this I was gone. The Goodell has the best number 22. Another day another dollar another edition of the drive I'm very happy to be your kids and here's senior hash tag new highs has tech old specs the inspector here. And the one the only red thing I don't anemic. That eagle emergency all right man did you. Is Kelly under a blank yesterday if you turn thirty readout depressed like on your bank is all eyes and I was in the press by just has some time of self reflection of the same reflecting unwise I was ahead of you know I feel very reflected. Well I feel very refreshed and fired up to do the show to what was it like to wake up this morning nets put a big boy pants that you thirty. It felt exact same as if there a couple of weeks ago I was only nine years old it's got it definitely didn't feel any different but again I am very very blunt is very happy year would you actually be honest if you really did sort of have like a moment like holy crap I'm thirty was even would you. Being truthful about that yet nothing like that. Not at all OK that's that I haven't I haven't had that moment if I had I certainly would share with you guys have certainly sure enough over my time doing this beyond this I would definitely share with you a lot to get into in today's show. Jamie quirk is gonna join us in thirty minutes. We have Alley trolls she's the editor at arrowhead pride she will be in studio today as we normally do when of their royals. The lead into our show. Three strikes today is at 330 it is your chance to win a pair of royals tickets. In you know what I'm going to be mostly positive today and I'm an agreement today. I know you guys like to call me buzz Killington but your date eat away at the start of football there's actually living breathing college football that matters this Saturday on television I'm so excited sport. Simon a great today speaking at a great let me give you chance to win a prize golf is 691357676. Pay and yes the winner gets a pair of royals and Indians tickets. And all you gotta do is to. Actually. It'll be called over six tonight on 35767610. Numbered so tell one person that you know to listen at 2 o'clock. And in or eat you know maybe the most important rule. Specter. You already eighty so much that positive in wisdom after the age of thirty had to do all of those they. The dodge people change for the better as the into the thirties now it's a really great decade lived in little little element ash. Available more mature and not see god nothing is change that's. Even Specter. You are an idiot that's how you win the prize we do this album for a bit of breaking them is because the curse continues. With the Los Angeles aren't. From saint to Los Angeles with got to exercise. The demons that has not happened for the Los Angeles chargers. Charters cornerback Casey Hayward pulled up and grabbed his hand spurring covering Mike Williams why don't you well. He went into the medical said the medical sids for the Los Angeles chargers have that like it triage unit. Every single day one of their key members I don't know how well rivers have avoided the injuries we've been associated with that organization. Put this off season. We've seen hunter Henry. We seen Jason we're. We see Joseph blogs ago doubt we've seen Casey Hayward who now with it and see what happens if he comes back I I expected to come back it doesn't sound that seriously but every single day or targets and you've got to watch your step. This yesterday to see that and hours and yet. ACL. He's done Don hunter Henry as you mentioned done that they see Ellen may Ricky that in Austin Roberts Fidelity's you know the first retraining and Jason Brett. Out ski Chile blows in with a foot injury and now today with Casey Hayward. Clark does have that Healy chargers food oodles and I think that's what I am like across the across the city that they just do one. Because they want they want the entire city for the so that works like any team in the world. Techs are making a good point that is the new Mike Williams not old Mike yes I think you know Alan I'm gonna get all I forget the debate here spread positive today. I listened to sports talk yesterday and I hear everybody wore read about the defense. And you shipping the chief defense is gonna be great. Well he's seen so far this pre season into a little bit. Up contacts if he had at least right now. And most important chiefs defensive player. We agree Reggie on the list others like it augment and he's. It would be that and yet he's an opera. How many snaps at play combined the two preceding games achieves a bad is it the same as the accused the inspector zero. We've seen zero threes snaps from Reggie rightly zero. And zero. Barely. He's first team all hell yeah. They can cover just eaten you don't think TP. These breezy and maybe in just a little bit differently about I was on the field. Houston pass rush is their 40 yeah I couldn't. Important skill to be able to it at quarterback it certainly makes our secondary look a lot better get after the quarterback I've always heard that the quarterback must get animals go to hard. Anthony Mitchell. Eric bearing Justin Houston they have gotten well pre season. That you guys guys. I'm not gonna put lipstick on a figure that she's defense has looked very but I do think it's color it's being Ashford and a big cat. Okay we are not seeing the chief Steve I don't know what kind of defense were so I take note that's what we're seeing for the most part yeah but we're not seeing the chief Stevens. This weekend against Chicago Bears. Where in you read it will play a prettier momentarily said that he expects write it since the play Woolsey what happened but they are there and I expect doesn't use a play a little bit more. Actually see that she's the expense but seeing Reggie rat but no it's still bears and just use the twelve snaps and not seeing the actual chief. See the preacher on the choir my friend it's exactly what I was trying to spills the inspector yesterday was an avid anti. Again please tell me is the respect agreement that totality he would you like it was a buzz Killington. That speaks does try to make the judge is defense you have best players on the field and it's ridiculous. And the only your best players on the field on the on the defense at least the ones that are doctors starters I don't play an entire game so. Yeah that's ridiculous it was defensive overreaction Monday yesterday I'm with the glad that you're still and as somebody wanted to talk about is. Is it kept trying to educate the man yesterday while you're gone and it was Orkut. But nothing worked yesterday. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have any level of concern for the chiefs defense with how bad they were last year. I'm simply saying it is impossible to evaluate its when he eighteen she's defense if we haven't seen. Haven't seen it yet. It goes out of his bears game because I expect those two guys the play all four of the highway in the week one of the NFL season when they go into my opinion of the top it off it's in the NFL but when I haven't seen at the two biggest things whether rush defense and arguably their best defensive player and your argument certainly yeah I just in Houston played twelve snaps. And scenes I most important defensive player it's just not fair to about way to achieve the that's where that that's not the case law and stick out about the offense. If you didn't have Kareem look for any of these games every kill or else he's review of these fed gets it up to look hold. She saw Red Sox have played chase lead and he's not a course. At some point she's fans have to use common sense on so guy. Please do because it is that you guys are part of the cheese defense of social media the other night Richard which is ridiculous and it's an if the falcons were doing as well. Mean sockets fans there's the falcons were called employee. They just they stop the rockets at 24 down plays and actually get stuff done that on that. Big quit the tide and and Austin Hooper that did. The chiefs forced Matt Ryan out of pocket and it provides that Austin after that it plays great defense you know and in the end zone that big. Again you can't freak out about the defense in the pre season when your best players on the field that's that that's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard my tire. All right well there is one thing that I think you should three judges a little bit when it comes to the chief Steve that does I am a firm believer. That normally address tells the story like just selling college recruiting if you wanna see how good a programming as you look at rivals if if you want to see why it organizational life franchise is the way they are look at the draft over the last 56 years you probably haven't really good indication. We looked up every corner and every safety that she's the draft since 2009. We agreed decent sample size not the last three years. Guys we can evaluate. This is on that she's a drafted at the positions. It O nine they got Donald Washington in 2000 tape aired they're still on the team Javier Arenas Kendrick Lewis and 2011 Toledo brown why hurt a little girl and 2012. Dequan Minsk group. In 2013. Sanders coming does he give us plans and rags like might still be on the IR for the chiefs this when he fourteen Philip date all water in when he fifteen mark is Peters and Stephen Nelson. In 2016 of art Russell aired Murray D. J. White when he seventeen Leon McQuay when he eighteen last season. They got our money wisely also got a month Smith in the sixth round. Your whole lot of hits there. Yeah you got a lot of hits when it came to the second or two corners they drafted one corner in the last ten with inmates. That explains why did she secondary is the way it is like the proof is in the pudding when it comes in the NFL draft. You drafted very poorly quarterback wise indefensible eyes over the last ten years for the most part bust when it comes secondary pieces. That's why they're picking up Orlando's Erica one year incentive late in deals portly and a standard might be a nominal increase over David gamers. What would you admit David Emerson experience is probably gonna go see our got about David Emerson over it is inappropriate not just. Overreacting the first two pre season games he's not going to be big solid quarter for the chiefs he's got to get cooked. For concede all it early when it comes begins each he's not optimistic about an awful. Able see what happens with Stephen Nelson who I need to be overly optimistic about a yeah but to meet this is day. But she's got an opportunity to see David Emerson and they'd seen a close. They realized what I realize it's gonna be a long season a deposition. Anyone out there and they did the best they could with the bad situation he picked or labor standards for death. All that to anticipate you're gonna lose somebody but it you wanna look at that she secondary wise is look at the last an NFL draft. They drafted one corner. In ten years and they traded him for peanuts that explains by the chiefs secondary is the weight. That an in your ads that you have to guys like Terrelle Revis to Maine and he favors so desperate last year I don't know if the chiefs is don't know how to draft good corners. Because markets Peters has got I think he was a high first round talent jeez and I'd get them to get some baggage to get it up as it is college team. But I mean look at that in 2000 sixteenths. Mean did you like that around any longer he was a sixth round pick or Russell a third round pick out of Notre Dame every made at a camp. Stephen Nelson. We're nickel cornerback as is our second. He's out of concussion Philippines can stay healthy Sanders Cummings was terrible Kwon men's he wears he had no idea Julio browser average that's. I'll be Arenas nothing Kendrick Lewis. It's spectacular avenue yesterday that skewered in Newark and it went in that in that play a game in the dollar wash it was a tweeters using he was barely nickel back more special team. I think this and I think. This is one of the things that Britain usually measured spec what we say we'll Kennelly is the NFL we talked about yesterday. Surprisingly yes OK meet the PG need to defend it correct. And that she's to this point very important don't don't seem to know how to draft and with the exception of one god they had to get randomly got the first round. All the problem. Or you either don't draft well or you don't develop the well if you can't say they don't take chances corner and most undertaken she into the corners and safeties. But she just never seemed it'll look. And one quarter in the last eight years that explains the pass secondary the way it is right now. If you haven't hit on a safety since Eric Berry in 2008 ADV in one corner in the last seniors and it's markets Peters. Eric Bayer is coming off injury market energy trader for a fourth round safety Armani watts. And a pick next to that hasn't helped you yet this explains why other secondary is the waiting is it explains what you gotta go get David and personal one year deal explains what you got to pick or in a scare a one year deals it explains why Stephen Nelson all hoping for the best with Stephen Nelson which I think is not to know it is what you shake your results are not saying that she secondary won't show when he promised but I don't think we've seen enough to know they're going to get picked one time I. Mediocre receivers we saw last year we're going to see the exact same thing this year the Atlanta Skinner was that just admitting publicly. We failed corner over the last couple seasons we've got to do something to try to salvage this year. I think it's pretty clear of what they were trying to do I think it 2016 they thought there were probably gonna be covered with Russell marine D. J. White and didn't work. Am not least double those guys on the team now it's 2018 and those guys even around after they got drafted in 2060. It needs to be moral focus every draft and that if you're gonna go after you know big time skill players your level linemen like Andy Reid is you better figure out a way to be at levels quarterbacks as well Roush gonna keep getting to a. Text are 69306. Brain of flowers and actually drafted not the last two years old how long it's been the sheets have drafted a really good quarter that stayed with the team for a while coming up on the other side will get to the best of any impact home that they spoke with the media earlier today talk football right here on the drive. I'm coming up in the fifteen minutes so it's it's a Virginia court he would join us in studio talk a little bit of royals. Baseball. Earlier today. Andy Reid talked about the connection between Sammy Watkins in one Patrick will hold its. I don't come. Center is still working through the office. And and dispute. I loved I loved his intensity and learning old little small things you were moved him everywhere we've seen that we've government all different spots and we haven't seen any game we've seen him practice. And and practice they've done and had some good things. Now. Glove and his intensity I'm learning. Exactly what he's got to do all the different sponsors just a little intricacies of these other guys have an opportunity and he's he's working through that. I wanna ask a question I don't want everybody to freak out. Is there any concern for Sammy Watkins. I think I'm the only person that's a little bit concerned about Sammy Watkins read as meaning quite a bit who read as many catchers in the game as inspector did. Yeah and fourteen million dollars. Had zero catches. I talk I'm still hearing conversations about chemistry two weeks from the star season I'm just simply asking if anybody is concerned. Up now. Sandy lot Europe bigger buzz kill them buzz Killington I'm a little bit concerned. Like on a scale from one that's in like a haven't had a lot. We worry about Sammy Watkins. I is when asked if anybody Els is Patrick Holmes talked about the connection he has with Sammy Watkins earlier today at she's practice. Yeah I mean happiness comes in roads many keys are here's cargo. Where every single position aren't on this offense I mean he's. It's up to raise our office to learn and understand from last year but I mean he's taking it really really well for how much rested him and I decided. For for him going along for him to know all those different routes ineligible musicians there's an hope spray and open a often seem to a new level. We go around the room specs and you call me buzz Killington. What's the level of concern right now is Sammy Watkins I'm putting mine at five and a half Yemen provided two and a half and he's had three balls thrown to him. To what was intercepted the other when should have been intercepted the rules on his back yet so I'm I'm not I'm on the nothing right now and let's not forget he had somewhat of other hip injury. A sore hip in in campus wells on the concern at all yet. Back I was at a four yesterday I'm sticking with a four non conference I just hear him talk about they don't have the connection in the chemistry the scenes about just I'm just and it started practicing three and a half months ago I'm ready I'm does iMac when Sammy Watkins was helping. That that part does concern me a little bit but it's but it he's had a sore hip right in the balls that holds the rumored to terrible either awful. What should have been picked in the hands on the what was in the what are the worst interceptions have ever seen and the other was on his back hip level drag route so that part doesn't concern me now. We see some of the same stuff. This week he gets the bears OK I got my intentional. Andy Reid talks about Patrick Holmes learning from his mistakes. What's important it's important because they're going to be hiccups as we he's a young guys seeing things for the first time. Many cases with with different secondary is they tortured different places. And I'll continue a kind of continues in the first year and they see did you work through them in that you can be successful again can't win games all as a with them. Yeah its it's important that it. You don't cut you see it again that you know makes us. That's where. I can be a problem well core American and he's. He's very good that he's very good and a I do the same thing. I think you sought in the first half of the game against the Atlanta Falcons I think the most simplistic way of breaking down Patrick Holmes. He will make some plays and you'll do some things that very few human beings walking the face of yours can do consistently. I took drove it he made a tie retail they are not many people walking the face your back into. So it's especially not consistently yeah I think like full of people walking the face of the earth can do what he did consistently. You all do some things that will make you absolutely pull your hair out like this absolutely poitier Al Alex but never did like the first intercept any group that Alex Smith never makes an undersized or very rarely makes that are set so sometimes you will get the death sometimes you'll get the curtain back from homes in this it is an experience we've all signed up for disease. But I notified of any right and you regret about this and I trusted you read on this based on his history quarterbacks. But let's see if he does if he does it make those mistakes again like that's what Ellis in the bears game that's relishing in the regular season he's still the same thing over over over. All this is the definition of insanity you've got to be able to correct mistakes and he throws another crummy interception this week similar to the one that he did. And I'll be concerned but it is set I. And I as I've out of this and yesterday TC you are here like to me it's about decision making another bad decision. Made two bad decisions on it specifically and both were to sandy Lockett one of the ends of the interceptions of you can. In Sicily make your. When your worst becomes better that you're getting somewhere outlets find out. If you read said that he doesn't like the same mistake twice very often lets both speaking about this what he said earlier today about one. He does he doesn't make the same mistake twice normally that's that's a positive things were different coaches. You saw him throw him it tells syndrome. They threw celts last week it was three or shop. And this one right there so they worked on it. Between games. And paid off that so. Com those kind of things yeah you can check those off and it it's something keep track. He's gonna make some small they've armies can get away doing his whole career I'll so. A long ways to come up. But those intermediate. Starts of five. Belgium. And composer that's important that possession throws short intermediate throws it can't keep the change movement. Ours it is important abortion. That so. Maybe I took his statement wage to Earle Mack and admit that don't all people make them a saint the same mistake multiple times. Like my Holmes is going to make the same mistake multiple times like the throw we have on the interception was safety comes underneath the picks the ball off. That's going to happen again in the NFL multiples as that happens all the time to every quarterback in the unit and I'm so it yeah Bette wait too literal. I just that's not realistic to me that he doesn't make the same mistake twice no windows. I think well in May easily reach and we re between the lines of this a little bit I mean that was a really bad throat to. Let you know that was a floater up there. I mean I mean who safeties and two quarters and you know they're picked up pass out doubles in the air that August and lock it. So I think what he's saying is maybe either don't make that throw or make it different growth wrote on the other side a lot. Maybe that's what he's saying I don't know your I guess if he's gonna pick up quarterback that's gonna happen. That you sent over over over to repeatedly making the same mistake is what. And I guess to me I mean just over valuing your arm and going a duck throw the way that he did is just going to happen all the time possesses it sometimes it's going to be beautiful elected like touchdown completion to tie retail and not many people can do that. Lot of people can do that role with a with a safety comes underneath the picks it off like that's just a standard and reception bad did you miss that I waited you under the what did you get picked off cited again maybe I'm taking it too literal yes that's just not realistic expectation for your quarter. One of the things that evolves and after the game to that concerned me a little bit as an add admit it would throw the deep ball yet. Which is why he took a stab at that throw to Sammy Watkins I think that's part of the problem. With that we're gonna face with Holmes he is you can't do and isn't Texas Tech Maynard played in public you know apple and rice. You know I mean your place NFL safeties and NFL corners are big time court is that it come out there they're gonna try to break into some stuff. He had been able to throw the deep ball to that point and he wanted to do it and he made the decision to do it and it got that doctors are allowed to throw. And when he should've made so that that's all of San right there I think making the same mistake quite getting greedy want to throw deep ball when you should. Coming up in about thirty minutes or so will all take a minute but first Jamie quirk royals insider will join us in studio Jamie Court next on the drug. Guys about something cool. All we are having lots party for the season opener winning streaks inside here is casino. All on September. 9 we are gonna have six dollar and ten cents specials and you'll also feel a trip. For Denver. For the Monday night game so be sure but there right now in your foam save it as a reminder winning streaks September 9 for the season. Opener. Come stop by hang out with your favorite people over here at six cents portrait right now welcome into the studio art. Play in the major leagues rover team coached in the minor league star guy Jimmy or Jamie I don't. Good guys good decision yet been awhile gives you got it stadium at this we're live there like much right at you and George Ryan. Did you like then it was really good I'll at least in the wings really excellent the attitudes. To well kept secret hope we and people more more people know about it all football season kicked around like ray patio there's going to be great I I still. All of the fact that George wanted to fight Willie Randolph if you locked in blind that it's still instinct he still must throw hands and he's in his sixties now I love that stuff is that that's at the royals yankees I've known George for. But you don't 4550. Years I never new data really were an ultimate risk that if it. Jamie we have been trying to figure something that we've been doing some drive investigative reporting. He's Glenn sparking a real person because I don't think that's the rehearse like if I had asked you January 1. Glitz apartment he owns player or royals player no right answer all England's apartment is the real person. Ya actually I had him in Wilmington for a short period he was he was injured in May rehabbing his way back through reed and Nottingham in Wilmington for. You know to start Sunni with a double and triple and so yeah he is a real person. With. Should it's all these guys that and and that you could if we don't you have to watch tonight and he's pitching yes I think that's yet sparked other nice. I think more than anything we kind of go back and the like. Well you learn about the 2018 Wales I Hitler in the wit mare's field is a 100% for I think there were some questions about last year that he and and I think the royals are at least trying to build a future rotation. And Oakland spartans going to be in it but you have June this you have teller. Except some foundations have a good rotation for its when he nineteen India. Well I agree we found no would Mara frozen bonafide Major League player. He could play a lot of different places he's gonna lead off for he is a guy you played every single day in and glad I didn't trade him I think you wanna right here when you win and if you ever did good against. Rotation wise I hit Keller is in there the rest Junius. Jews is gonna get better from. He's a little bump in the road now for its lasted too long. I think if they were better team you might not be in the rotation but it's easy to be in the rotation on this ballclub right now so. Keller Keller I I am I have faith and belief in. June this is giving a lot of starts because they don't have anybody else but I think he's got to get better and the rest of immoral flip the court. Ito he felt like there possibly ever eaten he blossomed the rose six of the lead on the White Sox over the weekend in and get beat 76. He film I give him a shot to potentially well. You know bread if you're if you're planning an Ambien last placed team yet he's in your rotation. But if you're planning an Ambien better I don't think you need better than that. A lot of guys are getting starts right now and and playing time because of where they are and what's happening but. If you if you really want. So you're gonna beat Cleveland Indians someday you better you better have better than what they're thrown out there. They think that the fears of the broadcast last night nine pitchers have made their Major League debut. For the royals and an and spektr's make it funny today's ozone Jake Newberry PH class because that's not a real person if as a that Iraq that's a really good point and that's something that we ought to look at it if if you wanna be good and some of the you do. Yet his life is like somebody has to make deals thirteen remote somebody has to start from you know yes so that that's where they are a number when you get to the point where. You you're gonna win yeah yeah hopefully they've got other people and then better people. Right now we're talking to Jamie quirk former Major League player also coached in the minor leagues for the royals aren't we got a couple of quick fire rapid fire questions you wanna ask you. Who is the player in the organization right now with the best chance of being a multiple time all star. I would say wit and I'll tell you why because. Somebody has to go from the royals. Into the you know. And that's the rule yeah and I think he should've gone this year he didn't you know god I'd get screwed but yeah I grandfather's grandfather of bright and is so I think right now for the next few years I think where it is you guys. Will be a multi. Earl Starr a position player that you would signed to a long term contract today. While you I'm. Because wit it is a little bit different this piece based news age now 29 years old yard got a lot to long term and I don't really see the benefit or value in signing him to a long term deal. I mean I could see you may be a two year deal when he's not gonna do it to your view because it doesn't is no benefit to him but. In the in the organization. I don't. You know I'm not trying to cop but I don't see one that I would give more than a three year deal to. This position otherwise and he Guerrero you know. Dozier no control honestly you don't have to you controls and he doesn't Dunning things don't. Seoul potentially good to see enough from Bryant you know he was just start new and you know hit homers inducing stuff and many got hurt so. He's missed the past few years so. Know that you don't you don't wanna do that you were solely or being injury pro. A little bit. But. He was start new show that he he's gotten a bonafide power he was cut this strikeouts down. I thought he was starting to be a better player this year so it was gonna disappoint you uttered a cost and you know 300 at bats and a lot can happen in three and a bad. I think the last I saw him his enough elevator boot that was about two and a half weeks ago the big city states of early work they're catch supplies so fluids in September I don't know right. Another question if you only have one for the next five years pretzels or basal layer who do you think ends up being a better place. From what I've seen of Philip some have to go solar just because he's he's got a little proven Major League title. Phillips is in that young mood strike cannot wait too much way to I think it's almost 50% right now. He he plays pretty. I feel wise very nice good arm senator field can do it. And I say please please pretty got a nice swing but I've seen a lot of guys are nice swings that. Done resulted. I got a nicely ultimately that music that resulted in net either Clemens and you're talking about he's got to be better in this you know or is it is. Was starting to prove. Prove his worth side would say solera. Who is the prospect that intrigues you the most that'll be in twenty. I'm an ominously to I really like Richard love lady. Left handed relief pitcher and in home law like he might even be up in September this year I don't know. And then I'm I'm still on Mickey Oprah as a shortstop in in in Oman this kid's baseball player or this in September. Currently no I don't think they wanna get his clock started yet you know that's it's all about Major League time and you gotta you look you know you can have them the next two year if you keep them. You know you don't have to put them on the roster yet so my guess is that he won't yet but. You won't be here in September. But he's a guy that. I think will be here at some point nineteen. How does it suck your players in your guy like that you Lopez and you've got a team that has obvious needs. But the team like in I don't think so because we only get that six years service clock started and bring him up that's got to drive a player absolutely crazy. Yeah out there it's like. It's like being that guy that hasn't. An option left and he goes up and down you know whenever you make a move and he union hasn't done anything wrong to teams are playing well. He's a winner goes because you got options here outside that. Let's tell us that with their field beginning last year right there what they decide to break him with Bob similar with the miners and we saw our right exactly you know. But as soon crime and I served lovely view I think yeah I think you'll all enjoy when you see him man and I'm still on Mickey don't. That's but I kind of think a comic to go to Brad pointed. It sometimes to me stop you from putting the best roster out on the field because. I'm not near the baseball evaluated that Timorese are jaded hello I just don't know how it's beginning of when he eighteen you can watch with mayors he'll play baseball and watch rob rom Odyssey at the time play baseball and come away with the inclusion of modesty was better like I just I don't know how you could see us all bulls played a Major League level it was clear who was a Major League player who was. So if the fear was I don't wanna start his clock specially in a year and Tony seventeen with the royals were trying to be all they go to the playoffs but you made the wrong decision last year. Yeah and it. Into the reason they you know money seekers addicted activated during the World Series and yes so they got his goal and already you know. If he was not put on the roster in the World Series which then I have no problem with the goods and they're trying to win if you can help you win. An inning of game yeah been your fine. But he was already there. And all those surroundings with them and where it is never had the surroundings all's we had to do is going to prove his worth every time. That's you know but you're right if you're really goal would miss 25 man roster which doesn't always happen. Last question here Jamie will get you out of year. Oh what does a percentage that we see Bubba starling. And royals uniform appointments and injured a September call ups maybe they try to do some the last two weeks last three weeks what does a percentage change you think we see a mentally. Zero I don't think he's playing January's not even an Arizona plane and from what I understand so he he is not. Playing baseball games so that means you must still be injured so I would have to say 0% chance easy that it royals uniform of spring training starts to. The O yeah out not the only way that would happen would be they decide to take them off the roster I don't think there's going to be trade available for a moment. They would have to just say we're cutting ties and you'd be a free agent to go somewhere else. Somebody you don't somebody's still gonna believe minimum probably you know wait till spring and get him through spring get a melt the you know maybe he'll go to winter ball and open some eyes I don't know you know we talked about that once he's never done that so I think he needs to go get some at bats somewhere. That's our guy former oil former royal coach Jamie Court Daniel was gonna having is to go as the taught him baseball at the thanks guys pressured TJ coming up on the other side will all take a minute and I remember I had a million dollar idea. That may finally be legalized in Missouri that might cause me to quit this job. And make six figures here in the next three weeks that a driver's Ed school for Missouri drivers know. Something even better odds they would it is coming up next draft. See you tomorrow especially on the clock. We muscle was commuted through the next. I had a million dollar idea. A couple of years ago on the show meaning that you last in my idea. Now I'm about to quit this job and about to pursue my dream. I'll say what that is momentarily. There is a very funny piece of Adio about currently the best show on television will play that coming up here momentarily. But right now aspect. Gimme a minute. I'm not want to make big time proclamations off the recede but I still ready good. Regard. The mark Jackson's night where opinion though that it hurts me to say that but I gotta keep the bus with you guys. Mark Jackson let me read to use his stance so far this priest. Eighteen for 434200. In one yards passing. He has completed 41 point. Percent of his passes. I don't think you can make someone who is not accurate the way Lamar Jackson is in or into an accurate quarterback. He can certainly do a lot of things athletically. And the ravens are going to continue to do that I watched just about every snap of him yesterday. And I'm telling you it's not go to war. Now he is incredibly athletic but I'm telling you you can book it spec Uga right now it is not going to work Lamar Jack. And because somebody with his accuracy issues you can not just automatically turn it on it is not a light switch the Lamar Jackson Experian is going to be a failed one. In Baltimore I've learned that watching all three of his preceding game so far in the NF. Speculate that a place. Dreams do come true people. It's that got it Chris Thompson PGA tour rookie. The thing is Chris tops it is 42 years old. The two time all American at the University of Kansas finished in third place at the Casey golf classic the Web.Com tour event that Georgia's wrapped up. And because Chris Thompson at the age of 42. Finished in the top 45 on the money was on the Web.Com tour he is about to be a 42 year old rookie. On the PGA tour it is due. Traveled the mini tour. Stated awful hotels. Packed his car hit the world. Driving all night to get a beds and finally. At the age of 42 Chris Thompson is going to be a rookie on the PGA tour absolutely love that story. I cover the 2003 US senior open was at Inverness club it's Aaliyah. Colors to a story about a guy that had a hard time hit that point in his life he was 52 years old game of robbery. And he was used cars at a salesman in park city Oklahoma and qualified for that event. So stock into what the southern drawl he said to me as a brand. Not ever Biden beat Tiger Woods somebody's gotta be me. Well somebody's gotta be Kristiansen to and his men at 42 years old. Had a dream come true and now he's going to be a rookie on the PGA tour needs Kansas Jack I just love that story a story of perseverance. Boston your ass and standpoint alone. I take a minute. Now. Yesterday we discuss this. That Missouri drivers are apparently worsened Kansas drivers. Brad. Seems to like to pick and choose which stats pass. Sitting on the show I'm just saved us a Smart ass at about part of problems our website that resist it. Saint Louis drive by shootings but there's Missouri. And then their Saint Louis. So loud yes Missouri ranks and barely four in driver rankings. At home. Absolve Saint Louis but not this side of the state that's not downtown KC no that's not grand view. Lee's summit blue springs. I'm sorry but at Saint Louis. Don't lump Kansas City with. Saint Louis you can even through the Ozarks in there if you want to probably a lot of accidents down there alcohol related I'm guessing. But how dare you judge are cited state violence comes to drive because there's no competition he Casey know. Is that a state like Kansas that's my minute payments gasoline tires stores and try to take the entire town you know the guide says because drugs and. Statistics analytics. IE was trying to into my birthday yesterday and plenty of people tried to send you this breaking news story. I'm gonna give you a little tip on how to use the Internet and twenty. If you'd never typed into these search bar the domain name don't trusted. None of you have ever typed in so mark assets that. At any point like have you ever done that before so I'm not trusting its information. But hit the city star the newspaper of record in our fine city trusted that piece on the tenth. Then they're wrong Doug and problems and stick agencies that all of if you are using this bison mark asset dot com then. You're an accurate. I use my own test I've lived in Missouri mine and there's not been a day in my entire life that I've not lived in Missouri and so. I'm telling you unequivocally. The worst drivers in the country live in Johnson County Kansas. You want to fluctuate much better. Now sure honey Lawrence is about struck a frequent they're very opted out in Manhattan and you guys drive fine but there are a lot of people there so I don't. Be a bad driver in Manhattan Kansas if you can Obey simple traffic laws you give five drivers in Manhattan Kansas but I'm telling you. Unequivocally. Right now. Where you'll. If there's somebody driving erratically. Look at their license plate I'm telling you they're going to be from audiences know I know is for a fact. Next time you're driving you see somebody pulled over on the side of the road now. Checked their license play am telling you it's going to be a Kansas driver and so I've been trying to tell you guys this for years in no one. Subscribed to the civil questions spec what what state is Saint Louis. And that some counted tornado that's not true gas flares and ultimately I believe at saint Louis Missouri right and so therefore sometimes. Partly your uncle bill like you're related to them like you don't really know him very well and they appealed to you is it's an act all cool like. It like my family. I have the same relatives what we're actually got me like comparing San Diego and Sacramento. Exactly the same statement it's not the same thing I was that's a great compared to say it's it's in the state of Missouri you can look at it. It's also an Illinois get like that and Kentucky you look at saint those losers don't talk to get out and then. That's your botanic encyclopedia with them and in your flag and I got to globe. Emotion can tell you guys the story of how misery is better than Kansas I mean I know most of your party do this but sometimes you examples. I had an idea a couple years ago cults the war. That we've all social gathering social settings were ice or you run would be your argument mixers you run out of pocket. You want somebody to goad and once the lead that happened in function to go make a store Iran so I had an idea of an cults the courtroom and that we do distort and you don't wanna do will go to the local liquor store will pick up everything you need drop off your house. Yes what misery is about to have. This audio courtesy of team does is it bad drivers in this. Alcoholic he's city Missouri could soon be as simple as picking what you want outlined. An opening your front door. This idea of having home delivery producers really excited Jonathan says he's calling it be a lot easier go out and. Have been deliberate that would contend that the proposal comes as seemingly more people are choosing the comfort of online. Orders we're trying to make sure with this ordinance that it's safe. While the same time it's something that's practical and recognized in our current economy. At local liquor stores like sell them. The pool is big enough for all of us. I just want. Cling to be fair the owner supports the idea of a point sound steep loss still keeps him from shipping alcohol to customers. Sometimes it does it hurts to have things limited to what you can do. While customers like Jonathan say there's no doubt they'd buy alcohol online initial thanks need to go well. Routes licorice like yours looks for something new in the store still weren't they'd go to learn about different products. I'm just telling you guys I saw the future along time ago that the future is having somebody deliver a six pack of boulevard we write to your front door. Can you did in the winter. When it's cold and you don't want to go outside all you've got to do was pick up your follow the same way you do with over the same way you do would lift. The same way you deal with Z trip and somebody could bring yen nice bottle it he goes right to your front door you don't have to leave. I'm telling you I have the future it's called Stoller and Missouri all the fourth. Of modern civilization. As another. Example of how aware that. Blocks and taught at. Talking galaxies ahead of the stated in galaxy you know loser did you instead this is by some asphalt fill some bottles maybe spend the money that I'd spend the time on that that. And someone on the tax on says seed you on Kansas first loser drivers like Republican birds democratic gibberish. Okay. Pop quiz yeah it's. It's right to write surprise. Viewers stuff. Provide details that are. Talking about the differences in light beaten darkly when it comes to chicken with guys at me a link of nutrition facts. But you just have taken this. The way it was asleep and people at the I didn't get it or so on. It is brought to you by victory Chrysler dodge deeper in the winter winds 25 dollars to blind box barbecue today's pop quiz of the salt. Yes the song title all right play. And they. See it this threat yeah takes great. If you know song that is college right now it's called 691357676. Stand. All numbers six and when he five dollars the blind but barbecue coming up. In a battle to. There was a story that means if you missed over the weekend and I'm telling you you don't woman will say what is coming on the ground.