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Tuesday, August 21st
We think we finally found something we can really celebrate that everyone will get behind. Vern needs you to chill about the defense and we've been right about these Chiefs all along. Our good friend Rex Hudler joins the show for his weekly conversation. We're curious why the NFL, one of the most powerful organizations in sports is so scared of conflict. 

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Okay. I mean. You are Shaq. Too well. Stolen. This is on this. Side was just burners that sort of producing is. And this is the best hour of show and learn hello line. Coming up at 1230 bricks that would be ready for that uncle and he hits them you could deal that accidentally list and and lose with you know the now though I mean I wouldn't know from the professional you're now. And lose weight and just about anything to do so I mean exit. Would you say that I am. One of the more polarized. He. Here at the state but that would be sure yet. I would I would I would I take that on people either love view or they hate you with a passion some of that is in the middle. It lover. A bit those people having an affair. This all week. I hope you listen additive is good although it imagine if he's in his car sounds like we talked about half about it did you imagine that. The now that. I am polarizing. I bet you right now when I read this statement. And that could be some people who could see this as this tasteless. But not that you a 100% of people will. Agree with me. You aren't you a 100% of people you don't believes that. What could be that everybody agrees on in today's society. I just can't be pacers ball is coming politics we disagree on every even coming for me like people love you burned I don't know why I could tie but I got a few reasons why but like you could say something like I believe. You know. Now the product that was a crazy that you will still you'll still. They all said he 5% of ours at and right when you open their your mouth people are already I don't know yet. Cast as a do racing everybody if I've read this. That day when I was at the PGA that was. If ivory right now policy. How many people disagree with the because I'm very happy in gleeful to reap. And I would like a little music to come behind after I finish this statement. Jackson remote from prison after allegedly being assault. Assaulted what do you think that means we're. I. Celebration. Hundreds of young lady. There have been fifty news lawsuits against cancer and original settlement. This guy is that the biggest monster. The bill. But seriously that's. Begin as soon. Hopelessness there may not be a there's no forgiveness here and it. Expertise and he even danced oh. Every Thomas that's a little bit to see not was good cop. Yeah but it makes sense. 816 this news. They've come out it's. It's pain keep rolling. Yeah. Persons. The gift of after he tried. It's still beating heart out of what was said. This night it. You like I did I. We did give one. Ahmanson and and I've and I. Respect. That was the best news that song right there and the stupid little 11 thing here now this is of one on it and never know you know. On. Someone as someone who has worked with young worked well angered that someone who has worked with young girls have had. Situations like that from one person. It is hard for me to a lick of compassion. Not a stitch. We look ended there. I. About our. You are talking UK. I'm like I'm still seeing this. Still I immediately thought of you when Nelson went down even told my wife. You personals I'd fumble and a man are you just need to accept that. That just goes back to your vendetta towards Steve Nelson. Were you eat eat eat your again it goes back to the whole page you'd philosophy. Where look you need to understand. Mom's gone Yoko Ono was here to stay markets Peters has gone Stevie Nelson here just because he missed market doesn't mean you have to hate Steve. Because you want your mom doesn't mean other hate OK okay. It's really towards change they put it in a position that's been taken that hit was not my fault that that you're not gonna put a needle I have a little. On this team if something happens to emit so let me finish here. I take a ticket that happens aired out. I've I'll take on. But let's odd I've not made any other like just in Houston that would not something happens that's used to that's not on I'd. That is not on some people will try to place it on me is now known me. Erik Fisher Steve Nelson. And but the about it I think naturally only and data this had happened there on the chiefs Eric is for our guys that it and again I think dots on idol not root against him I hope Steven Nelson's sets me up from mineral. I'll come every every. A common every Monday if he had a big time game at sixty mills and that's it. That's it maybe you were the bulls today. You were it. Is the Anthony Thomas on me. No question he's just cut it. It's hit so we'll we will lose the that we do appraise day it's it's the FAM makes the team. Appraised break Hewitt that phrase break in the end they makes the team into an every want and I'll go home and show can be yours day Anthony Thomas makes it. I can't wait. Can we. We had eight earned we have a lot of people this week it had their Oprah. Moments and I'm sorry. I know you hate to hear that we tried to tell you we try. The studio. Team minutes. Wrecks other voices of the royals television was for the royals and we'll have some foam bricks and a beard. At 1230. Time. So he's got to show. Incredible he had three guys around reverses and eventually. In this. That was. The chiefs television network. And that was that the play that everyone's talking about. These seventy. Yard touchdown. And 69 and 68 points. 68 points and six in yards and who and who gives. Everybody. He. You did. Once it. It hurts many people. It felt like Evan moment. We had some time off yesterday off. Whatever reason. And we're glad to be bad bad bad. We're optimistic that we were off yesterday for whatever reason we hit. And I was able to listen in and remember even Friday through the week in reading a lot of stuff about people it seems like people. Had I wow moment. I moments about the secondary. I had aha moments about the defensive line it was like Oprah everywhere. Aha moments about Patrick Holmes it is to apply or even argue that. Who follow us. Up after this with care engine perspective of birthday which is that the draft about it too Brett Manning said yesterday. Bet the interception he through on the deep ball to Sammy Watkins were didn't look up the safety. Put it in his mind. To change. The win total that he believes the chief will have dude that play and I say this. So mania I'm moments where. Everything about decade. Was consistent to what you should audit would be nothing about it gain should have been surprised. Everything about about what this team is and I think that it causes some people get a little crazy. And an end to a very very knowledgeable and days to forget about football and what you should have been shocked by that second. You should have been shocked by the defense sublime pass for a what the debt. You should have been shot by Sammy Watkins is let's say it will it is well. He's got this bad but this is he's been inconsistent he's not a number one guy you should have been shot by the long. Amazing arm talent to throw that may be only Rogers of Stanford could make or in the lead of Tyreke he will order the fact that the now hunt is ready to be dollars and he was a heavily involved. And the inconsistencies of the offensive line. Everything that happened at the gain. Should not come as a shock but permit like so many people have moments which. We told you about the second here at the tip them. We told you about the defensive line. But we told you about in about. Patrick Holmes he's the one source people like a lot of people agree with Brandt like they're nervous about how bad editors at it was a that's where you'll quarterbacks. That's how we chat and he's committed and that's why it's the most difficult position in sports is because you don't happen at all. Not a second pre season game you're good in the year he's not coming in means that. He's going to make those mistakes I came awaiting its veto by him. And the lakers and I had handled the team handle blitzes I can't wait or something off hobbled it's about stuff that should have been absolutely. Noticeable at home or at the back. I was saying on Friday where I still believe the expectations for this team for the as quarterback and come back down to reasonable level. Because we don't let it. Heading into training camp then pack heading into the second pre season game now heading into the third pre season game coming up on Saturday some people's expectations for the chiefs. Some people's expectations for Patrick Holmes are inflated. For a team with that suspect defense. And that inexperienced quarterback. All. We were trying to do in and unfortunately you've been labeled as you know hater of the show even now we're saying. Most part a lot of the same things. Tried to utilized perspective it was something I always tried to do when I was covered that we do it here. As we get ready for eight rookie quarterback. And the defense that was 28 did well last year that lost market Peters. All we're doing it will continue to do. Is present perspective now if you need to see it to believe it five I guess you're gonna have to wait. Through these final two pre season games that will all meet you back in reality before we want against the charge yet it's just but it just seemed like the homes at home like it to me. Coming in today came at him throwing that bad interception and the other interception. That he should have thrown in zone. Those are carbon copies please they young players. That's my entire childhood of watching the lions' first round draft pick quarterbacks. Like it it one after another making those same mistakes but you understand that you're giving an investment in that this player you'll give him a year and hopefully come out of it by a year to. You should be encouraged like you mentioned should be Kirch. With what you saw from Patrick behold because look he has all of the the things you can't teach the big arm the happiness. That maturity. But Andy Reid being the offensive mind that he is should be able to harness. Be mistakes made by a rookie should be able to teach Patrick Holmes about looking off the safety abouts. You know staring down a Sammy Watkins to the back at the end zone. The marriage of Patrick Holmes and Andy Reid is one of the main reasons why so many people are excited about. My homes and his future. So with everything that you've seen the good and the battle for the first two pre season games meant extrapolate that over seventeen weeks of an NFL season and imagine what does it look like. Week one of 2019. That's why I'm encouraged and I think that's why we should all encouraged but. We need to utilized perspective as we. Start to set our expectations for this upcoming scene it. The shocking a lot of his decision making with the football blows it for me with people wish Bob would you be shocked the shocking thought of Sammy Watkins having issues and running routes and being in the places should be that shouldn't be shocking. And the shocking thought of all men I'm really worried about this defensive line and secondary that should not have just fiction. For the first time in this. Like these are things going to the season going into that game that you shouldn't have been aware. Those flipped. Sir does a news flash. Content on. Errors tea company out well I guess we've hired seamy picture baker mayfield. Sitting against a role in Croatia McCain would make tiger. In the picture. Fiat company that he's apparently modeling or the underwear company it's owned by tiger a year being Jimmy Butler Chandler Parsons and marched on planes. Picture was you. Signified he picked up from baker mayfield underwear lines of the company. Baker mayfield agent Patrick and Haiti's. Says that not only is the tiger in the picture real it's the tiger from the hangover. Mark Johnston only ones that list that one associated. And Baker's not handsome enough to take that picture you know it. I I think we do. I. I mean look at that photo. Vick has not name and he's like me I'm not saying he's ugly about it and I am actually Barack advantage leverage its. I mean he's bright he's averaged. Things I was a love letter word in the Armenia not seen anything from that spot but we reprise. Now you dealt with. He's not handsome enough of to pull that off. Put all you've got a handsome. Powell's at all. That's not. Area he's enough of them look. He's on par with Matthew Stafford. He's been able you always let me you're out of your mind. He's better looking at all he slept in his battered areas making red. That is low is better looking. He's much. He's notebooks that your buddies but no he's he's sort of in love with the grounds that's why he continues to. Ruined he's not Tyrod Taylor but he's I mean he's there. In. Better looking than Jason white in that. Going into the caesar's palace sports book. There are more bets on the grounds to win the AFC north and the other three teams combined. Only the raiders in the Steelers had more bets on them apparently to win the AFC do you ever wonder why the casinos so. That's why. It's people just deposit money into sports book at the raiders and and beat the raiders Steelers and browns right now has more bets placed on them to win the AFC in the Pate tree state that's just a bad Batman and the Patriot Act exactly. They browns Steelers interest. Raiders at the Smart. And I'm right now. Mean if you're going to back you don't want of that other favorite and I hate Atlanta Indiana I'm not a gambler knows what live. Fire the readers that good it feels like the Steelers and do them. Maybe this deal I don't know what the odds are. But the odds are a lot. Worse that the raiders are going to win the AFC and the patriots for the patriots would probably have to bat like 200 dollars to win a hundred yeah. But the raiders if you bet a hundred probably get like 7800 dollars and respect. Speaking of what kind of makes. I need to start making money elicited. I want. The yeah yeah. It took it into the great. But is. Not not not this year but I. It says that it either group there. Don't think that it's backed Arab I usually this man like I don't gamble that what I can't lose. And everything else. It's gonna Wear the same shoes and respond with but you do get ashes at. We do people think it's say thank you. Angela is some tension left the rough. But I look at Angeles I think. The studio. Coming release. Overseas we had a meeting about the inevitability. Numbers. In about. Fifteen minutes but we are going to. By our brand. Ex Butler and Rex I saw a pitcher that I I saw a picture of you last night on Twitter and I almost feel. Motivated by this doubtless they help me out like it is seem likely to yield that you like yeah nice work out with the yield. The other day Ed and I need some help. I'll probably you know five into Sydney between 278 Rio. What. Wondering could you could be a real big help to me it do you think limber enough to be able to pull it off. All of you hitting. Paul. What are all your life. You know if you work. At all. He's got. Hacked to death yet disciplined itself the whole. You know what I want to buy land itself or. It was so awesome yeah I've got to hit myself. I think about somebody else besides myself. When did you know if you. I just I am broke report hot. I don't know if you heard him exactly so at 510. About 280 out a little head like hit like Mitt at midnight that I IQ I did I. 800 aggressive Nacchio did you look like you were slippery did not look like I need to split. I get tired have witnessed it I just want like why is this this is this up I can hang in to do. Yet little by little. But important. News. All of the whole goal is to stay in the group. You know you can't do that well it's not so they're not big news certain. Little 21 years and so I don't need a pretty hard. Along talent or am I signaling some major so aren't often answered them all. And you know it's things like that on slightly off a war dog an outlook that. Oh. Author called and you do it's very important it is walks of work. Well we only body if you and if you don't put in the border and it quoted an exit perhaps senator better. And more reasonable. When you're certainly qualified. But look or are we don't give up when you do do know that there's you want him to certain coworker you know. Or. Not work. That's a lot I think I'm actually gonna tried. I think I'm actually gonna try this race and hot yoga the hot duke can I keep my third on bricks. Yeah yeah UK and the club that ought to send their. One result locker there Mets who were. So. Let's it's. You are different yeah. You mean quote in which a while because I think he ever built on this trip that quote I like it. You guys who are only 2% when you walk on who. Kicking that you're in. The states. A lot of but look. Mark of the father and this is the first that well and grow well and if you don't know what you. We're. Great to be around I'm in Iran at the ballpark in doubles partner so much. Thought we were we were referring to that picture is Ron is currently on the floor trying oh whatever the was the name of the Posey were doing in that picture with Tony's spot ahead. Well I don't know that ended with a board but it's good for the kind of normal. And when we were you. Well it's not like they're what you are so it's it's also possible with the world if you haven't you find that helped you back. You have healthy life. Big round might wanna go for a run before he he swings by that. That hot yoga. What I saw that sweet pondered that I was wondering because. I've got to know you somewhat and I know when that team is out on the road they're normally needs to be someone. Making sure you get to the ballpark in time and I was wondering if now. Hold C and the fellas have put bodies Bobble head in charge of that. Martin who intelligible. But you know you know on that took her or do we do. You know even though if he does not happen to see that as everyone expected him to be another quote of the 500. It's still a real player let's go to the all part. He quoted at the top of students that we know can you game that you refrain you hear them talk all important Democrat. We know. It's Merkel mentioned. You know watching young player do it here. The bulk water to keep it simple fact that it's out there every day in the silent partner. Arm and water and there's obviously here they're this or they're very difficult. That would in the apartment that all of these. But we were talking about Salvador pariahs last week on the show and the numbers when it comes to trying to run on Salvador pariahs the numbers have been remarkable he's throwing out more than half of would be. Stolen base attempts. Look I understand other gold gloves he already has is this the best defensive season that Selby is had whether it's. Natalie blackened walls and throw out runners but it training as well. It over. Bring with you out. Of the but look who is the premiere that's what certain I would simply there well in the court. Cool cool little. Talking to him there and eaten this year on animal that that all of the optical. Certain that you're certain. I didn't have of those who did this and let all know it could hurt them. It and so that would not for himself a personal goal you know where you could do well. Let's you know I'll never know after Auckland did you polymer. You know. There were parts ball but he is not in the computer we want it. So quit. With that with the transfer of the corporate and we are. Seeing it no longer important part. All one or whatever they're all right what went to a group before you. Know a lot more that that would open a lover in the it all the world and you move the court. Quickly so he has an accurate and so we're we may be in practice now. The great Rex Butler brought to violate the Ford Lincoln home of the world's happy yes customers Todd were always happy when you join us. I enjoy the contest tonight thank you very much. Rural part about it. This toddler again only the Ford Lincoln home of the world's happy discussed. First down the right side. And loans saw 101 up big athletic tight end one Desmond Trufant is shorter corners. That was it's huge television network com. That to me. Was the play that I came out really really excited about really impressed about with Patrick home. A lot of people kept talking about the except New York play. And it was amazed. I think that's amazing is. There's only a few people in the league say Rogers at Stanford they can really make that. I just that they be Cam Newton does not a lot of guys in the league that can make it grow and it's amazing. But there's not really think about. It just step up there was a little pressure and you just let it Ratko game. Which is something he's done his whole life he can do now a lot of thinking that this you just played. That's the benefit third lab that's the NFL that's what quarterbacks get paid for to make though most place. Third down and eleven. Believe it's blitz is coming you've got to know from your blind side at the blitz is coming you've got to know how much time it is you've got to feel the pressure. And then throw the ball to the other side of the field. While being pressured seeking now your guy. I was one of my complaints about Alex Smith is that many times when there were picked third down. He's not looking or is this guy he would throw it out wills that he'll sometimes as the or as we mentioned earlier the Anthony Thomas this time he saw his guy. Got it under pressure. In tight coverage on the sideline. That is football that is what makes quarterbacks great pick and he could make that said New York throat Tom Brady can't make that said New York wrote that. Rates can Joseph Montana can make that said New York wrote. But they make those. And then make those girls on the sideline. Big third down that's what you're going to see consistently. That. Scenarios would ended the chiefs' season against the titans. Third down in 89 plus. You couldn't get into that to me is what people should be impressed and excited about and that one play. I remember it happening in the first quarter that one played burn. Had me from the group about that if we're building the perfect. Quarterback he is tall in stature and nimble like. Patrick behold he has a cannon for an arm like Patrick Holmes and he also has the touch. To throw that big third and eleven pass like we saw from Patrick Holmes also shows the pettiness to be willing to take the check down did not always. Look deep downfield and try to force the action too much which is something that Patrick alt acknowledged after the game that he can't. Try and go downfield those things will take care of themselves will things will present themselves. When the time is right so we're building the perfect quarterback. Patrick Holmes has all the attributes not take that quarterback and you bury them with an offensive mind like Andy Reid. And now Andy Reid gets sixteen games. To do what he wants with this young man. It has to excite you for what this could mean for 2019 because. There's also going to be the interception we saw when he tried to. Force it or should have been interception when he tried to force it Indians Otis and pocket the one where he doesn't look up the safety. Andy Reid in the marriage with Patrick behold that's strong arm and his touch that we saw against the falcons. Has it all. But he also has inexperience. In experience that will hopefully leave him. By the end of the season which could culminate into the best quarterback we've ever seen Kansas City come 2090. I just think burned you've got it and she's fans and you follow this team. Cheese fans out there riding right now are answered this. Think about times on third down seven. To fifteen. Yards needed to gain. How confident it will was your confidence level when Alex Smith was dropping bit. I thought it would completed but it would be two yards short out like it can cost up to for me I was never. On third and long I I ended up being surprised. When they got. I've probably felt more comfortable that he can be able to get the yard with his legs that he did with his own. Now what Patrick Holmes plays like that I would imagine most people even though he's not completely ready yet this year. Most people will have a different feeling when he dropped. Coming up. Currently we had a really good conversation in our. VD this might be the best topic of the day that we have because I think we really into this the NFL numbers really confuse us alive. Why they are reacting to help people are consuming its. Share. The studio. Are coming up here on the clock. In about thirteen minutes or so I want. He'll likely need to really address the standards. As a fan base this. But burns you. Get a really good yeah this addressed warning that we talked about Italy to explain beautifully and then you. The risk groups all the but the NFL is steadily as the numbers. That's right on the numbers guy and it did make it it did exits. To what everything that's been portrayed with it because I don't people live people in my family that have turned their back on the NFL because of the protest because. Just wait too much. Politics crossing into their football they just wanna be entertainment wanna forget about everything that's going on the wanna watch the game on Sunday so. Again I know a lot of people. That share that sent. Therefore because you know I have legible evidence of people turning back on the Fallon I thought some numbers would refer. Why don't people that are turning to back on the NFL but the NFL has responded to those people. Whether it's my family members of other people that live in certain areas or other people that feels certain ways the and a foul and you know I CE SPN over the weekend says we are not or last week experiences were not going to air at the National Anthem. ESPN's new president has come out and said I do not want my on air hosts or mine on air analysts. Delving into anything political because people just want their sports. So I hear that a OK I mean it's still business and an ESPN's trying to get back in the good graces of the NFL. So the NFL stop giving them such dog Monday Night Football. To what makes sense to me I understand businesses all you know at the pump it's all about the bottom line. And if I know people that are turning away from the NFL OK I guess that makes. But menu diet and the numbers. By the Nielsen ratings. Last year 201771. Of the top 100 television programs. Were produced by the and a file work and have filed. 71 of the top 100 television shows of 2017. NFL game. OK but what used to be up. You go back ten years ago go back to 200822. Of the top 100 television shows in 2008. Where the F now. So that's three times as many basically three times more than three times as many. A decade later even though we are bold and people I know believe that the NFL literally hemorrhaging viewers and money and what not last year because of their dive into the politics. But then the mud. There isn't factual basis for that. Because the Green Bay Packers have to show their books and they brought in 255. Million dollars. Via national revenue. The NFL brought in eight billion dollars up 5% from 2060. They brought in more money last year from those television contract that says television and mainly television contracts there's other things involved but it's eight billion dollars a 5%. Growth. For 2016. So people are still watching just as much if not more than they used to. And the leagues and the owners are making more money. If not. A lot more than they made in years previous so I guess. I'm just kind of confused of what's the underlying reason as to why the NFL ESP yen. And I guess we could just focus on the NFL because he is pianist said they're doing it to appease the NFL. Com why is it that the NFL seems so opposed. To Lally itty political or social commentary. To infiltrate its sport what obviously people save that they care. But the numbers bear it out that they really don't they are still there every Sunday glued to the screen for the dozens hundreds that you've lost. There's thousands flooding and take their spot why is the NS EO is. That this product. That you can have been television. OK it is it is the best product because. In an I don't think you can dispute it. I think that it doesn't need. Extra conflict. Would is it something crazy when the Steelers and the ravens get into it they don't like each other of the chiefs of the raiders that you build rivalries. Out. Or Jalen Ramsey comes out and starts yet jumping on people people we're gonna watch any. Because well. The product the amount of gains to be in only sixteen of them they're only playing once a week. Sundays is just become. Anything in our country were we all just watch football and the biggest. Thing for all sports 'cause I think we'll look at how much conflict helps the NBA right and how much the baseball and wished they had needs something like. We all calls seed. I've always the ones sport. An old favorite sport entity that does not need that conflict because it's game all ready brings them. Casual thing its gains this year to be the amount of gains that Sunday at Augusta National. It already brings and the audience it needs soul when it even though it's numbers aren't changing. What happens is it starts to do is it negativity and the thing is that I'm getting the numbers already. While one ahead negativity and why don't want to bring the president in Ellis Matsui what. I've always I've not who understand one in that bill. Doesn't one. But the implement all of this though to be talked about. I've hit because the negativity it's not because they're just gonna lose money they're gonna get. And people then would let me ask you best practices like I just it's not get this up I think the causes great rectitude that I've always stated what they don't. You make a good point as the NFL is Cain we don't need any other reason for people would tune in all already watching. But then what edict from Roger Goodell. Just stop follow in line with Clark content or say anything you need to just be. Gold. You show for pre season game you do your interview but I think that's how not to England on hand I think that's the way Roger would love it to be him. But there but it is it is clear they're not all. Robert crashed and speak like Robert that does talk about it it's this. Is Jerry's not how open because of the numbers aren't great but series that's an O'Brien. Does not even open now. Himself but he doesn't touch area understands that they're not losing money. Beijing understands these numbers out you just yet though dogs and I'm just telling the reason why the NFL. Does not want the political portion of it or the president talking about it because the president that's an independent deposit. In the negative. They don't need. They don't need that because they own me texture. You think about it BA we use here conflict. And stuff like that outside the sport it makes you go to the television I told your plan against one another fare all in this case against Ross I'm with or even loved rock. I and got into it with the president. That drama and conflict if you didn't get there because TT's gonna talk about it excuse to get the vehicle doesn't need that. This sport already two rigs idiot that does it need to help so why would one any negativity it's. There's there's no disagreement that I think it is today I mean it is. If the sound pointing your right. I just was surprised and maybe that's on me. I was surprised that across the board both television and rapid OK I believe that the revenue was still coming in football still. But the television rights. 71 of the top 100 programs last year work. NFL productions. That's in the is still surprise him maybe it's because I do have people within a phone all of means that I know do not watch the NFL anymore because so. Said protests. The so maybe that's it that's where my A questions come from my surprise comes from his. And I thought those people were making more of a difference I thought we had more people to. People have been now. And I never I never really I'm not gonna say that people didn't but it was never anything to spec numbers. Wasn't going to be in effect I just think if you can you can turn out these numbers. Whether it whether you're getting negative press a positive race and it's not going to change while would you want to am indeed make their wrists while what you want. The president have to be talking about or other political leaders to be talking about it or other celebrities to be talking about it in the negative way. It's let's play on the field. Everyone like the NFL is the only sport that hates the offseason. Why because when the season starts it's about the games and that's and they're the only sport that that Iraq. All right get out conversation coming up. I just wanna say the people out there you're okay. If you look at some parts of the chiefs in U. Aren't the real I don't think it makes you a bad and if you question that held it in an upset about that. A bigamy you have spent. Studio.