08/21 - 11 am - Where the Hell is Orlando Scandrick?

Show & Vern
Tuesday, August 21st
We've been waiting around to hear from new Chiefs CB Orlando Scandrick but we don't know where the hell he is. Vern has to get a take off about the defense after the second preseason contest. For some reason Ron is in love with Dat and can we please stop talking about Peter lame ass Schraeger. Ron is taking little league to serious and he hurt Steve Nelson. 

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That's a great. You. Inserted is doing teeth investigation. On Richie he'd play world that Alan today. He get them by. Funeral home it anyway. Family members it has become dalliances. It. Land those entry I believe is that all. Oh mobile mobile mobile mobile. I guess. It was his father's. It was his father's death but I've seen it I mean you know guys bought by at a funeral of he got a fight at a funeral funeral home by it he was there because of his spot his father passed away we you know we know that these tales of why he's. Why did you ever correct and then sort of we do what he's pads and then you did little bit lucky. But is it. Guy. A phase them. Now ice now like Dubai. But he with them with. That and build up. I. And well I know it's a completely is Albert still he would die without birds showed that they ride that upwards of woods nobody. Paralyzed yeah it. As it. The Google and it. An active proud spell on now you know it is about. We've read in the Orlando's injury. As is at some interest in the real quick what he thinks of the questions were going to land. What's your favorite barbecue. Let's look. At added yeah what major where 22. And everybody's else's assets that blacklisted babies who suck with. Why didn't work out that I bet someone I Betsy sort of some what's going to make the mistake. And and asked the question what was it like playing with Kindle Fuller even though he never played with Kindle Fuller. Because these beautiful and already been treated to the chief's alleged candle Fuller being other. Let's bring my alma out of this that I will by a line if no one says. Buy lunch for who you all how old pilots if no I bet I bet you someone's going to. Did you notice that neither senator nor I flinched when you said that because not one of us believe you're gonna violence easing is just 10 here alone here your flip rabbani's by hitting radio USANA not good for buying meals for you guys. You kidding me. That's a you can say a lot of things about heavy I'd. Read coordinate on the riddler in as well alive. You know by air that is terrible night you three Ed. And don't. Sometimes that you questionable parenting thing. But saying that I will pick up the tab or pay. I brought you guys those bagels the kinds of my heart is is rule I now I've picked it up. Now tell that someone is going to make the mistake. Kendall Kendall Fuller. You recruit yeah. That he bring you what was it like in like you've seen in different in the awful coming here make you an airplane would you recognize Sammy Watkins about to add. Oh yeah. And if somebody calls them all. Land. It. I want to Orlando it's it's in the guys who would be caught late refute because they did it exceed it out that he missed it missed it. Miss that trip to Atlanta or maybe that's the trip that sealed the deal that there after it. Have you ever better rounded team more excited about a fourth cornerback signing. As age eight he's better than others. What are you basing that off. In the last hour biopsy now will that's like three years ago I saw him last year. He was eight eased personally can play corner. Well but I I every corner and safety but I think he's better than they've ever I was reading up about them on air pride and agree he's done by the great Pete Sweeney of pride and as numbers say that he is. Worse that. A lot worse than Steve Nelson a lot worse than Everest and obviously not even half the player that does feel Fuller this is a good point eight once it shows that he always does a bit is this bidding. We'll be picking out lines that bidding. No because you don't get anything but I. I don't want anything from getting a couple of shows that that that is a bit that's a good that's a good call they went six that. It's not that you are stepping down off on it. As it. Educating. We just tease people where Casey asserted saying we can't find Orlando it's came up behind him it's beats France gallery eagle. The studio. Right now weird scenario like we didn't really get we need it the bottom of this right now eight rat now that need right now. What the hell we cannot buy an Orlando Scandrick. Have you been talkative either. What is the need to do stuff that we can't bottom line goes into it. I had the first thing is track we'll see that that. What in talkative breaks that you do believe that. Also not having him in the games right they really. The subject that heard this the I think Orlando Scandrick that is using the BI. You're not ready to don't not having Reggie Bragman and Anthony it's in the airy fairy and only having Justin Houston out there for. One series not having Allen Bailey I think that mattered a little bit more and even though. Orlando Scandrick. Look I don't think that if you put Reggie Bragman an entity kitchens and Justin Houston and airy fairy and Allen Bailey even if they're all out there on the field not a book in my mind our game breakers not have a mark gained changing defenders. But it at least gives this defense to have. Its at least. Not one of the five worst. Because that defense that we've watched in the first two pre season games that's lining up to be one of the five worst offenses in the NFL now. I don't believe that when you have your full. Lament of defenders on the field that you are and is lost. And void of talent as the defense has looked in these first two pre season games that's why. Sort of if you open up the shell out you know told that this. Whole. Jet. That Patrick Holmes. We are right about a lot of things that I think we're going to be right about. This team is predicated on its offense they're gonna have to out score people a defense is it winning you a game. This year Patrick behold to be offered to beat the reason why you win 78. Or nine games but the defense. In my mind isn't as bad as they've shown in the first two pre season game just her weight too many people on and a really watch that falcons game and you know why I'm start to get worried about the defense made you can't take anything from that falcons game the I like. I'm with I think you would be a fool to say they would be better with average redolent Tony it. Allen. And game of just and he's just in Houston area an area airy fairy yeah I'm not saying. All right I think I I think they will be better than what they've shown. But that they'll pass rush and we already know the secondary is suspect. So like something from these linebackers to try and help this suspect secondary the court. That the issue it is with this defense in the issue that we have stated it's going to be a problem is their pass rush. In the quarters. All right and and joke and really pass rush they're not Basel and solemn do you have like maybe this is where we differ. And I think a lot of people's Macy. My idol I think this deep instead the average like you're saying. I memory they were 28 lands the average talked in fifteen. To. Twentieth to handle it they were 28 last year like I. I don't I think deep or incest and used it and Chris Jones and on own ass and you know. Had to be special. To help their quarters out pork and special up the middle. Eliminate the run and force the opposite of the you know there long if you know but that might be a positive thing for the team to throw less it liked. I like I have I have concerns about their past us and I think there's that. But man. Bet Andy you could say all you want to David David Emerson is not going to be we're Steve Mills it's not going anywhere they can just take advantage of that wasn't legal Jones out there. Getting it that was in the pocket like that's not change. Those guys all that all of the perimeter of the corners that's going to be raw Eric Berry can't cover everybody there there it can't help. Both Stephen Nelson and help David Emerson at the same time and help up or stop the run and I. He is amazing. And even if he is at the level which we don't think he will be is he was two years ago when I thought he could have been the defensive MVP. Still he can't do it all. Like this I mean. They eat the fade ups corners in the secondary is an amazing passed. Ed I have. Concerns about that she's having bet those guys up front need to be. Okay and you could have concerns. I am not going to disagree because. Justin Houston is that the 22 sacked I am with Eric Berry is that the defensive player you're I agree with all of that. It's just let's. Just called them back when as we early because I feel like you seem like it's too early what is it when it went to and winking you start ticket seller after the chargers game. So the first ranked. When it matters when you have your full compliment of players or when we find out that Eric Aires now plane we want. When something that is it practice happen so you think you think is really almost silly to have concerns. We have seen. And you can prepare yourself for things we we can talk about how talent wise and depth wise this defense doesn't appear to have a playmaker. I think that's. A legit concern and again this is coming from a guy. The believes there are 78 win ballclub because the offense can't be. Responsible basically a rookie under center the dolphins can't be responsible single handedly win you every single game and that's what it's going to be because again. This is an average to below average defense I don't think it's an awful defense. And what we witnessed the first two weeks of the pre season and an awful defense bludgeoned by Iran in week one and that absolutely. No pass rush and whatever quarterback was under center for the falcons was able to do what he wanted that second. They'll be better minds like some of those two and some of those guys will have to play. Which is also something that maybe you don't think you should really concern yourself with I hands ice the idea and I that exists. It's just hard for me to see how you change was Colin on the perimeter but what's with that rests in the past in a. What you said to open up the show about nothing that happened against the falcons on Friday should surprise you know what's shocking nothing. Right so why don't feel as if you can have any true take away especially from the defense of lot of things. Now offensively Holmes yeah okay maybe that encourage you. With his touch. His. Feel in the pocket his ability to make Natalie the deep throw but also the short intermediate route that Alex arrived. In those little dump off pass you know. There was plenty to be encouraged by. With what you saw from Patrick might hold but defensively. You need to take it for what it was the that was just a practice without a lot of the big. Named guys although that dog don't confuse. The fact that. You don't have the fact that I was surprised by anything that there should be senator. That's because I was surprised just means that I expected that. Even though I expect that acted to happen doesn't mean that I don't have to answer. Because those those were there were some starters missing that at the last inning and now it would make them better they will there's no there's no doubt there will be better. But there was some others spots. Like they had those for the guys wanna play on the outside corner. And that's a problem. And and we're hoping that just in Houston is back. At a time and asking the twenty Tuesday ideas in is this a guy who can consistently get pressure but. I hope that will help but they need all the help they can get hopefuls and all EU. I don't know how much we disagree on this spot. How long can you be concerned about something and you'd just acknowledge that's how it's going to be. I'm not gonna spend all CNN and I did secondary and maybe that's word they just brought in August Scandrick yourself. Maybe at that it is it is did you ultimately you know concern if you think this team has a chance to win I don't. I mean they could fall ass backwards and nine and seven. Right because I think there has gone out the winner of the of the David is that the news comes back to you feel. But I don't seven could have yeah calling ass backwards in the division thought it could be as a play here played their turn to seven team to a 97 ball. Let's let's stay on schedule for Orlando's injury comes two bad note I wanted nearly lost it made me wait long enough of about Hoover's. Coming up. Listen this is this tape and I'm sure missed most of you will disagree with me and I. I don't think it's even bad reason it. Assertive about them down my throat with confusion. Well it's just something about this guy can help. The studio. I beg inning. I. But they. In about five minutes. Peter Schrager reminded me. Peter Schrager. Let's say that like people know that how it is he's a champion for rent homes he reminded me three with people filming us on this. That's in about in. So I. I was driving this morning and I was thinking about the roster for some reason it. And. Like I'm going to preface this by saying I know that this is going to sound released. Saint. You're about the safety group that chose Clifford instinct and I don't. I just but I don't know why kids like. It is hard for me to give up on. I don't know line. And there's different there's no reason that there's nothing that says that he she is he's not a productive. Who is not good productive and upped the ante up. He's not he broke his leg last year against Denver in the last game. For me well in the NFL it is hard to find. It is not easy to find game Rakers that as soon as they touched the ball they can school. And. And we're talking about the bottom of the roster someone who could potentially help in the kicking game. And someone who has big play threat ability like he did as he ran a kickoff back let's hear it might have been three season as the as he had a huge touchdown G four over fifty yards against the Steelers currently operated natively is currently on the team I'm on anything in the precincts now. I don't even know if he's has he suited up. Coaching I don't know I don't know I don't think I don't remember him playing well I'm. I'm looking and I think it at the bottom of the roster we're talking about you know with guys like. Dieter. And campers off that there's some about you know that is part repeated his give up idiot now. And I don't expect it but for some reason like it would if he would go to another team but come up short. This is the streets. To. Put us they. I had badly for the vikings on Percy horrors that yet because the work of the poor man's purse to orbit where it helps the team in the kicking game. Ed and does trick plays is that it. That scared me this off. I outline ideas I'd seen this act hit you. It. Is a sucker about as big play ability that act is like I. I don't they had Tyreke they have. It is just talk about the. Aaron. I don't know where to begin with. Listen I it's it's it it sounds stupid there's nothing that says there's a lot Baxter McCluster back to my. Don't. Well that's something the bottom of the rocks that this is I would rather have an extra offensive lineman or defensive linemen are secondary. Personnel. For that final spot in the roster how in the world in your mind you place. With all. Act it reads disposal. Are you think you need a while wanna get the ball. Act. Listen I'm not talking about. Him being a focal point of the off. I didn't sit. How you get to a place three you'd know who I want to touch the ball at the he's got a that's what he's a field still people looking at here but I lilies of the field. Still still people like every time he used a couple of poor people would just like okay we're his worries. I'm not saying he's tired rehill rating those things but I'd just say it is still typical. A five game Brinker breakers guys as soon as they touched it and there's you don't Els or else find. Hard to find the game breaker. Weren and number thirteen Jersey for the chief because he's not. I can't have a difficult rob he's not want me I just it's like but it would Duffy. It's like what's up people up words like he's lip and here he throws and I just they are hoping that bind it would somebody that's like 45. Yes he's a young. It's. All day. To explain. Got it might take one back who watched him at Oregon thinks that. I don't think so what just aren't right. I get to pack up and out of Oregon right I called in the black bottom and it's an underdog all those driving on the proper. And the comfort now that Ryan is making a good point I'm sick. Staff. I tell me and I know it's only act ideas. I just low. So I don't love it's just something about it it is is it. Patrick Malone that thing of beauty that. FDR and Friday at. Can lob. Need to learn do they call me. If I looked there was a pretty even game. Are you kidding me. And yelled get on Ron's case. You're here with that reminded of from the NFL network for morning show that's one of the host Peter Schrager. Here's what when I hear it because. I get the question of when you hear that played it won't work. Patrick Malone the thing of beauty deputy are. And Friday at. I can live. Data. You've been on the. I looked better it was a pretty even game. Summer at a problem like God's gift to me that's and that's reserved only lots of well. What I hear that I wonder how meaty. How many she's Spain's listen to that and get themselves fired. I haven't usage yeah. I ask you this morning saying but this is this is like finally someone in the national media but the flag war you know it sees player out. How many like people here that they get themselves going. What it reminded me of Ernie is. Listen I love must. I'm of the ocean. And I think is an intelligent. There will be people sometimes will go over the top. With me about all that. Ronald is so Smart like Ronald is well it's not like it's these acts like all the top two were up like all. This that was drinking his dirty at last night I noticed related team like this is a hobby this. Raised right now like me but I'd add he's Smart this visit. The the guy from the Smart guy is going to be in high school at nine like listen I know it's mark but come on now. Even I know you're taking this over the top but listen. Or may yet it was I. Like you need to accepts he. But I know that Patrick has great ability. But even even. And here is it off like that right but what is outside as a that's a little over the dia. I talk to him and I know Patrick who it has to be really good like slogan no one's losing it like this I got it may elect. I I. Don't like when we all flocked to a and everyone in the city because it does fit into that. As I remember this with the royals and even before that fifth. Achieves them. And the only time sports owner ever plays the chiefs of the royals is when their booze or will we ever get any love from the national media Lan. What it's warranted you do you do get love from the national media Alex Smith got plenty of love early on last year when he was Indian BP category. Other royals got plenty of love when they were vying for division titles and World Series championships. Now maybe this is me being part of the problem here. But what I hear someone lose it like that and add their name is Peter Schrager. No he's just another guy. It's just like me know if I lose my mind overpass. My home wouldn't matter. If it's my opinion and a you know the name of the show on TV years so why it's like he's a big better now that I got there about stops but they're big. It has nothing to do with it. You're listening right now. Patrick Holmes and this guy out if this is Ron Amadon oh. Talk as Nate Burleson on the same show OK but it knows what he's looking for but the ports to expand. Noble or about Patrick Holmes then. Peter Schrager. For him congratulating you know anything about Peter I don't. I don't know anything about this buries these are no it's not this is sure Mary's these show. If if if he. Opinion should carry more weight that in my opinion it does. How would Osama outlets and that is a pig he carries more weight did you just flat out there that it eat that. I'd. It doesn't know as much as I don't have her cheese and I don't know let's all politics is. What is the outlook is even on the that Patrick Holmes bid way. These big they're pretty much from the tea. What he's been hauler caloric for the 20 and I know what you had to do that so you don't need to now he's trying to be out in front in case this admits he was probably losing his mind about Ryan and Angel three years ago. Probably like nothing is Goldman it. Should in the eighty I and I understood it lies do because it was entertaining. It was entertaining sound off. This them it was you know Donna and but my thing is does that those that don't keep she's spades excited does that keep you going. To me it would be like a moment as. I bets. Kind of like those people we saw the other day. That is this there were just going out. There you just witness. Our country's. In trouble right like we you know that I get it right the breakdown where red breakfast. This couple that looked like they would be caught it. They are are sort of spotted Thursday it was just lab make this. They believe and the like like early forties it yet they lead. And their outside going into the game we did ultimately. And and quit before they went that they did let's apple way this and they should they look up the death mystery that we go to the wages. Was it and it feels like that was the figure. Was. We all talk about it buried here all the tunnels in the morning separate color Leo that's an affair that's just not to people coming together. I suppose in my wife will be that the typical. Not every week. Early morning don't have to be at the office so like 930 right kitten it. Some. As that I had to view. That was like as too much the way it was listed as like do so if you're concerned that your significant others having an affair Dallas up answer. Like what they look on. The studio. Our best to get here soon. Coming up at about thirteen minutes the best our. Radio as soon and at 12 o'clock. So they get there with the us. I think I do negated in this real quick because I emanate a bit of a dilemma as. I am one of the coaches. It's a little things. Coaches it's been a moving mountains for. This league has been like. Four to six coaches it. In our first game with side. We got a second one deny let him go to that. You be integrated into letting go in this photograph out of it did miss the practice but I did let them and go to. So this team we played Sunday. This in these joke he. A date ascended record two and you can feel the ball yet they're in because it could hit somebody in the ball low. On the ground and that's. Little balls went when he for vote here. All of that got himself with that Obama. And but then I was I was. Is out of the third base coach that started out well. This team is not doing the way we'd you know and everybody in this that do in the way that we do it every team that I thought did. They're not rotating their players to play different positions. And these kids are four and five. They're having their needs is set up shop at so they had the same first baseman off this game now it's here at the same third baseman all of because then you put that kid that can catch it first has. Its us now bolt couple times. Because they never slept in and I just noticed that about the second or third inning I just kicking plant there paste that thing in carpet all written so well. Switching all our kids around to get all our kids have a chance to learn how to play the position they're all looked at a competitive nature eight. In the middle saying I was like. Talking to change the other votes. Like I remained adamantly and equipment. Let's. It maxis and now Mexico is next maybe. It. But. Let's put down tickets at it like let's put these key aides I don't think kids named them. Oh. But let likely likes it it's look at your. All. Of birth because that was don't know that it. He says let's keep doing the way we're doing it let these kids all have a chance to play all the different positions to learn. But it up part of me wants to come in and say alone. As it is now. Thought it was about it was that it. This is off the run down sponsored by absolutely no you know what you should do stop but I just got. That predict real famously tasteless it's meant to resume those that sit out wrote to TC we continue to release isn't the question now we're stated text and I guy. The kid that made James a really ballooned this and Vic hit that huge games in yourself and all notion in right field for the full seven innings. That kid is gonna have. What awaits that kid in Little League in high school. You know rough it's gonna turn out for him as this road. Of life. Continues to unfurl in front of him and didn't have his moment at shortstop. What can't stand on the mound for a minute again once that ball go right through his legs and then right back up the god. You can not for five and six. Because that team is ran by an eight hole but the part. It though isn't there apart though I'm hearing about the kids they wanna win. And a limited is positioned to win it all thinking about how many cookies do my son knows school they had the school or there's his dad is. Well it's it's competitive but they have a sport or. It shows is full. That's fine. Thanks my you learn how to lose if I don't win and I'll fast shot up you're not even out we know urban. And that they wanna play that way OK fine. I am a get a team full six year olds. And and month. Someone here you put them in the best position to get a win bottom line you'd all night the three bottom played only in general. Apart is there aren't socially. Like for me. They know the answer is I don't act now I'm all I know I just sit Sosa we have. So it's that we should confront the other vote I don't know what to do that business culture came but his. I think he's kind of bush. Okay fine you have the moral high ground over that person that. That's what. On this and we got to the third inning. I was looking at those its bases. I I thought Dominic was going to take out that he would pitcher when he through about it first base that he audited between the game. There's no I've not kidding the pitcher that pitches short he caught in between. Take it. It Dhabi and pulled out the detail how bad this when this is what it did it out of the third base coach Dominic. Was running towards me right back to bits then in tears I put my handouts and it gets annoying good one it and it. He just walked right answer because he knows who you beat that you don't mean that to mr. Ron I just am an. Coach rob. Oh Ryan stacks up. I got I've I've got to come out and that was courtesy of the team's television network. I've got to come and issues. I don't think I think apologies and an omission as we were discussing on Friday Eric this year. You were making eight point that is a good point about. That. That debt is not it is an overall issues I was make the point that. Right this is. Mrs. Helen and best if you lose your patience and he's an average player he's so important. You are trying to make the when he over all day and there is bland and Donell agreed that there is nothing. That overall. Shows that to coming into the season. And it may feel like I've picked as it. Coming into the season to the to the point to put yourself in the position it is catastrophic. And you've got to go out it didn't sign people. When Steve Nelson it's. Optimistic and I think we understand what it would be an outcast that would be a Kindle polar gutter. But. Look at data and hammers that pulls the. To say well bet it would be. And how bad luck Wednesday nothing better and it's cats are they where this team would somebody. Who is as accurate or below average that's also. I gotta. Stop and shell of that right now your tail pipe I see what he's due in certain. So show presents this fifth burn. You're rights diminish what I was saying about Eric Fisher birdie was still right. About how the lack of depth on this roster is that your your round and get a unity he almost got exerted he almost putts. You're trying to praise means so I will overlook the fact that you done did it again. All this talk about Steve Nelson and and what happens in the first quarter of the game on Friday. Young man goes down with the that I did not. All you're also out of the that was not my ball. That adult like this on me we have discussed that there is no jinx with shell of showed ain't there's not that stuff. We do the royals were going to be bad that was not my fault that seldom heard don't let this I forgot about him. That is what I do on Friday builds you weigh in on Steve Nelson and I told you that you that they've had done just like started. Well no losers. But you have a vendetta against Steven Ives and that's. I just think that she's a putting in the position that is not good for their macro quite so Stephen Ellis or goes. On out back. Steve Nelson falls to the turf with an obvious concussion I send out tax to show insert. Way to go show. Stephen Nelson. And he very sarcastically. I don't remember if you had the weak UMOG and there are bonito Y what happened we promote. I didn't have the most images. I'd stick on the administered during that play. Sir I act on the wrist ineptly united but the steep nose I think it has to go on you file in. Eight long line. Salvador Reza is gonna have a rough year tick tactics I'll be falls on the 913 show you gonna have to hold this mail this come on man. It is not on me you haven't praised me once in our five weeks on the air and almost like it. There's at least some credit and then it sort of a lot I had raced you ever argue Burnett her yesterday to the big time. It's just make this about it design thing you did the same thing team. I did not even say anything about hoping Eagles an injury like you'd it. But because I'm so confused the best hour of slow burn coming up and two minutes and I don't know with the hills tees. The studio.