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Tuesday, August 21st
We've got really low stanadards as Chiefs fan and we need to talk about it. We came up with a brilliant idea to utilize Pat's weekly press conferences. Steve Nelson needs an apology from the Show. Pete pops in to defend all Pete's everywhere as Vern inexplicably hates Peters Schraeger. Seriously how the hell is Deanthony Thomas still on this team?

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This is still could learn. I've run the show usually that is very near the beautiful. There in lovely. View of the arched eyebrows because there is in the build. Proud. Yeah. Someone's dissidents with fake news student numbers that we provided it did respond to. Go look comments section so anything in it. Now the negative. Robert vs the odds every have been out of there. Definitive repetitive even though the body. Part of the Yelp reviews record from Vienna. That he'll be he'll. All of us Laura erode moral that we just did you leave them. Anyhow. Thank you for for jumping in here in about three minutes we're going to attempt to do this every week. With Patrick Holmes way to hear his wrist references. Even different from the way you heard the addition. Look meant something that. You kind of changed my thought process when we talk through this this morning and are beating there. Is I get the feeling like in that and this comes from because I think there are a lot of people would feel this way too. That would you speak about things that you hit concerns about with a team like for me the second of the past. The offensive line. Like when you speak to things you have concerns. People will they kind of look you. And use its attraction team and all of this. I thought is. I felt like our city with the way we look at our teams kind of kinda lax. They could stretch to expect at some of that you've got to have standards. Or your T. And the Internet standards that makes sense for UT I think it sets up your life existing standards are a little. They are not being honest about what Patrick Holmes can be they think this team go to the player. And I eager and they ran Alex Smith now because they were sick of division I guess. That I would be at some I think it image and the thought are standards are ms. Knight. Like to me if you think this team has to go to kids a chance to go to the playoffs. It has a chance to win. And you (%expletive) and of course have a chance David retreat they have a chance. Football who. I mean it's the last thing we had a chance to really win in the playoffs are let me specify. A chance of all the playoffs it changed and really win the place to do better than they did last year do better when that they did win out. They used to have a higher standard for what they've done with that second. Like your standard should be higher than. We are in catastrophic. Helen and ask you this Stephen Nelson ghosting. We've had to sign Orlando Scandrick by the way he's not better than. Rashad reed and and he's a free agent Greg Abbott paid enough money to do like you should have. A higher standard for. We've spent 161000030. Plus billion guarantee on a wide receiver who's been. Inconsistent and not paid like that and not being like a number one receiver. But. You know we don't have a competent pastors really. Mean some people think just in Houston ready to roll maybe that's where idea but I just think you should have. Apart. It's a part of it will put the right. But it is disappointed that some of the fan base. Is just isn't going to a point where you're like hey we've just been competitive. Year in year out on the World Series in a row. Like. It's about heat on the wrong I'll be honest I thought it's heat from the fan base their ruling Obama and because. We should have a standard of winning. I think I think we're also living in the real world I know how to begin here like I feel like we should have a hires its own Alec gadget itself. Like this standard you want she's fans to have his perfection. You should always that's that you can't miss stock every signing it every drafted in had a neighbor that what you said I didn't say it. You got what was forthcoming with the royals. Well this was comment but it and they. I loved how long ago did you know that this was a result we saw look at it happened after fifty as the outstanding renewed by eighteen was going to be a third I didn't. Think that they I thought it would be pathetic this year and they are not if you're watching that rose to their errors. Northern rock is watching them on the field or not a pathetic that pathetic bullpen in the that it record. It is not accredited said bird watching it's I just say just watching them up there they're not booting the ball all over the field and that it ballclub. And achieves as far as the standard what is. What's what should the standard. I immediately if you could advise someone here's what you should here's your standard here's what you should feel. About this team the 2018 what does that stand out as a lot of them have like playoffs playoffs or bots that's the NF. Citizens like the standard ms. guy I'd like to me if you have played out for us the you you cannot be. Happy with what the organization is done with they've put themselves in this position in the second year. Bet if Daniel source and goes down Ed Stephen Nelson goes down you're SO. Like that can't be good enough. And the same thing with the pass rush you've known this or why now what the pastor like to me it. You're also aware of that cap. Issues right now and there. Did they know it's difficult to improve all that much when your pain too banged up foods. More than twelve million dollars a piece but then you get sixteen to send it locked and you get 92 inside line. I do get nine billion this year to Tony it is it's a top five. To speak to Sammy lock it like to me I'd I'd like to have better standards in position that matter more. And like you're right the standards are high when it comes to this team in the playoff and Patrick my home. But to me you look at that secondary did you just say to yourself. This is that this is a good. This is and it and it shouldn't be huge crashing the team were born on this should be we have higher we should have higher standards than to be stuck with this as a second. We ship our standards are little injured could start. What I like to imagine with the Orlando Scandrick can feel that they've put our labor contract for one year one and a half million he said in that word. Guys. You know I'm well that. I remembered the Denver Broncos and I've ever the Denver Broncos. When Tim Tebow was here. I thought we could. I show. We can do Bentley is what it is it obviously didn't even though you've lived your entire life and I have let me explain it to you real quick about these standards you're so upset by the standards that you see there this guy. All these people want it was their own quarterback. That's it there just one of their own quarterback and they got him. And that is what this as far as the standards perspective. Reason. I don't think any of that dawns on Kansas city's football fan until. Week five weeks six men this is all honeymoon that we got our guy finally. Come here let me hug them let me chasm let me talk about how cute his voices that's what this is about. So everything that you're trying to. But still upon the chiefs fans in this city and not hear any of it is the secondary that yet. Yeah I do we have a passer is probably not. Offensive line questionable no doubt. And you see fifty. And I got our head man and I don't think them I don't think the oh I think at least I did I think I did think the majority of them yes I think I think that. This is that I've said this I think this is a very very knowledgeable fan base. And I guess that's the part that's it enemy. Is this is a knowledgeable fan base. And I. I get that you're happy about the quarterback. Put there blinded by right now. Many people are but it's the same show it's the same thing that you mentioned when you word. Pontificating from on high telling everyone I told you I told you this about pack. We we daddy had a strong are also knew they would make a few rookie mistakes. You know in your heart of hearts would most chiefs fans took from that falcons game. It wasn't the mistakes. It wasn't at his inability to look off that saved him forcing it in the back at the end of dissent you want it banned all of that is forgotten about. And like certain told us over the weekend and she's fans wouldn't care Patrick Holmes didn't play another down in the pre season. I just as a yard touchdown passes all they need less that you're not listen Madeleine earned just pick and talk about Spain's. Listen if you it's okay if you're pissed up about that. It's okay it's not got a lot that it ND Rihanna Clark on what opt out not talk about him but if you're pissed off about the fact that he's still here. It's okay you're not stretching yeah higher standards. You're not happy about the secondary you're not resting get higher standard. And higher standards. And it's OK to have those it. And I think Dayton he's pissed off about the year I don't think date is after about 38 wins used you guys they had. Won a championship three years ago that. Coming up. Patrick Holmes is press conference in a way yet never he'd heard. Studios. Coming up in about fifteen minutes college he's earned his right. Yeah I've apologized earned. So that's coming up here at 130. Where. We wanted to ahead we had this idea to start doing this because. We're talking about that in his police as I told them turn the corner I wanna stop making fun what. You usually insist on doing. But I wanna stunning development. Youth and I do like you do with the solace. You feel bad about it. Because you search for things that you. And hitting. Young men that are really get. Plus I got an overhead. Not. Just janitor in the league you're now. But someone said to us on the text line that they'd pay. I think his voice and six right BC. I don't know I you get but more power to. Close it out. We had that done. We want to in his breast. There is always we've. You know you move a baby making music made you make just. His. That could really made Altman to discuss that I wanted most of it probably will be made it. But we wanted to paired up with in its music. Have the dance party equipment headphones. You know this as. My. It's. Again it all right you noticed but it does not that big a at some of course X. Yeah they'll play. Yeah I haven't watched and he wants to doesn't address plus yeah and he knows guys that you. Then the car my own little need CNN meeting you've seen them all around the the draft process. This. Guy's. Argue hard. Oh yeah. It it helps to have. I don't quite simply. The bill that I like bend. Yeah. Yeah evidently. After. Crowd. But I. Toward the middle of the I mean yeah I mean an important one of them all scored touchdowns out great job and I have learned from. Not a lot of matches I think everybody else that's. This makes. Him or not. I mean yeah innocence that for me it's all about astronomy mission and scores are struggling games. Yeah I'm obviously. Those are it didn't help. Heidi Collins of the had I not have. I've. I mean yeah I mean had a Corvette one of the other loose ball and scored touchdowns out of a great job of it and adds up now learn from them. Yeah watching you want guys. Read by it. Then they're all my things. Him. I'm all around yeah in the draft process. Am fortunate to be. On the practice after practice whatever we're doing enough but we'll translate into the season. Hey pat Sullivan was your pocket because we do this area let's get it fluent and and interviews there. And that puts the next over the weeks and next week as we speak everything up. Is part of back. Yeah I definitely watch them eat what you guys bad guys in any of those guys yeah in the compound with the you know meeting you see them all around the through that process. Let's take place. That's enough. Innocent for me it's all about music. Sports I suddenly gain. Wildly. Then the somebody just sent this shows kind of wing. Yeah I was going to forget. That. Oh. After. What's next the next I think that this. Really don't help that the homes sell bit. Love you witness. Now coming out innocents. For me it's all about this economy efficient and scores are struggling games. That may gals on. Only. Now just rest just run it about right now is we got several weeks. Every week. It this Keith sweat on. You know Ottawa out on Saturday I don't care if he's certainly somehow you make opposed. In the week and we'll take some suggested. Some zone slam from 112 on what he's got some six you know guys gonna slip in there. I think obviously there's a cable bills on this and this is ready row and it. On Sunday morning. From I don't know things Malia and you know like in Italy well he called hail well of course now amber heard. This is what it says in the room immediate means of Leah KO. About about this epidemic Gail. Casey until tonight Kate Johjima excellent coach Otis if that's what those in case you just and right. And with. They. That it really it is makes me. But. He. But look here at home slow later hall that there. It'd take it would take an in that we can ultimately do it. This cell up better with hello. Let's to sort of news. Served as an end. Talk about the round when you called service and we just let. It. 'cause that's what it was always supposed to be. At least that we in this little. Bad rap was pregnant was asked by the media about jailed Ramsey's comments and is featured in GQ. I don't know. And magazine articles and he's he's been invested. Let's go zone also favorites country have been afternoons I think and that's football players. They would play at some point you know if the vessel was last year so this is very soon. I eventually go to bed. I was they would expect saying listen my com. Real quick before we get out the segment. Supposedly via nationals. And the middle of the fire sale finalizing multiple trades the first one this official. Three time all star second baseman Daniel Murphy is going to. Stats. Who. They got a million different interchangeable parts. Hot guy. Oh well yeah right isn't there are so obvious place there right. But so there's in the outfield. So Matt Adams to be cardinals fans they've back to the court and Daniel Markey a hitter that he wants to royals this game. We did you play. But what an ability I got like to hear about. This they'll do that then why is it a benefit on path. What we call this. It's been in the homes accident because they homes and that would bring it home they knew that if I let's make my home city sponsored. Of pay college football coach recently told Dick saved in the most overrated coach in the game. And added anonymously to CBS sports world Baghdad that got mark Mike Greenberg pretty fired up. Number one if he's out recruiting you that's his job. The most important and a college football coach does. Is recruit players early voting that better than anybody else about the gel that's not a criticism back and to. If you're gonna accused Nick Saban of cheating under the cloak of anonymity. To whichever coach it is that saying this. You already the panic chicken that's what you want on our you're pathetic coward. Wallace and I that's big for my green to save them. To go after them anonymous quotes sets David is overrated that's taken a back up. And really equality in the chickens. Let Victor. I did today don't want to spell out his problems and it is anything but you know I agree I do not think it says it is operated out. I think exhibit straight as I did say the other day. You have to wonder what he has made history that a quarter. Out of date here there's I was titles as out of the that's one of the board dumbest things about it that's now. That was just out of it and just nothing but bad at least one. But he's not a thanks for the Gillis was trying to figure out what does that also once they went six run this sort of stuff that be the name of the that's a good one incidence and guys that. The leader did. They. Burned woods Ferraro was right about them the pride day that I had that bit about did Stevens know. Studio. Yeah. And AMP and he's. He's not exactly MB EE. Remember. You can't still win. Violent. Last night on the shirts and it's instant win. A gift card to buy it and coming up here in about. Fifteen minutes. I got a technical. Right. About that they that apple. Because I don't think. That I think. Probably guess how long they'll be the last. Like them. Return music. Didn't even fade out before you rescinded let's head to his speech yes. I just I don't I'm not saying it's a full apology because I'd never disputed which you see it I never should you roll. It I will ever in in us talking about. Erik Fisher. You were bringing it up a secondary point. Hey. It's. Everybody's. In on in terms of depth on this team is a struggle. And nothing made more sense it'd if you look at the fact that this team. Everything that occurred that we watched in the game Friday. Following the injury and did everything that happened afterwards. You gave it. To a point where you're at a catastrophic place as a football team yourself. If Stephen Nelson. And you saw the the that the players. The leaked beneath him or worse David Emerson so bad that any opponent pick on the guy that he placed them. They still just kept thought that David hammers and and whoever thought you commented this season saying man this team would be SO second of Steven. And that goes to the point that you may. That debt overall this team is its drug. Misch gavel when you go on to make the big deal about Eric Fisher and all boy did they can afford to lose Eric fishermen take. Who can't afford to lose. Camera being. Apologies to scam they can OK there's one. Were used. Building can't. Human language in there. Yeah I was there at that position uses. Terence Smith. You want him and as I mean I'm not saying they would it I'm hoping that Tony it's I don't have as I know this I don't I'm not saying that that position is that is. Deadly it's. You're starting off I was behind saw what whoever the Texans running back ones did. This method alike in the opener right of the pre season. You saw what. Derek cannery was able to do. Indy playoff game last year that's what. I mean most most in more control concerned with. Okay in this league so I'm not saying that it's added the rating board. Who just in Houston at Princeton. Chris Jones thinks it Christians Xavier William Jones is right at Xavier role on this team as it. Has dared not your sure that he could hold it down you don't need gap at the position where you need to be rotating guys in there at the nose I do not gotten more I understand it will be a loss I think that's about think. Xavier Williams is not as big a loss is Kimberly votes and it Steve Mills. I have a feeling that three days from now ambulance heard a lot more thought about it or bubbles if you're ugly thing and would have that would I would never hit it looks like I've lies 48 hours ago you're just missing the point. And out game they'll half hearted apology or you're out quick outlet to finish on you but here. I did that I did not prove your point on pride. I did not see your point about. The tax ID to get old you always do and that's the attacks against right I just I just bulldozed over. Erik Fisher of the 22 starters. Next. Patrick Holmes is obviously number one. Fourteenth fifteenth at the other 21. That you don't have replacements for them. So save BS apology because I also see through that wasn't until you try. That out when you know you just heard Steve Nelson. I did. Don't but I did not curse this is that it oh at balls in falls in line is but I arrests in this. It falls in line way I don't believe that our ignorance or get it. Feel like Britney just. It took about a aren't. And mark I could think of the guys and whoever got hurt before Stevie Nelson got her. I don't regret it developed his line. When spark and it. Good sport that is built Patrick a home that. Yeah that beauty deputy are. Bob I have added. Can lob. Need to learn do they call me. Even game. Summer that man orgasm being on television was Peter Schrager. Of the NFL network. Who in an energy trader. Rob to show you. Apparently knows all about. So act like you know Peter sure if I'm not in his honor and we was when you said this I'm not consider and act like people are body it's bill Peter Schrager. And I'm not saying that either bush. The thing that minimum island unsolved got wonderful hair into the thing that into my mom and I saw this was. This feels like a person. Who if if I'm a cease and I look at this and I wonder I wonder how many she's giving themselves. Fired. Outlook that he sees the agency. Yeah Italian loans as of beauty that. But no wonder how many people out there hearing Vick that somebody from the national media. Unit that. Call me. I don't know I don't know what you guys have against eaters I mean I think Peter proven that we can step up. Wondered their call and you. Can make it simple it. Pete Sweeney of arrowhead pride joining us here on shell and burn. You guys are jerks I am a leader. And I am the leader of this show at no one even checked with me about this this is ridiculous. I find also. Don't want it cares and Ron you're comfortable. Out under a moment future should. We your hair looks like you're in the nineties. IQ list you know Smashing Pumpkins do. On oh with the interviews to come on now if a bird really test him. In exiting their better than that. Let me tell you what happened that element there. We're told and period. Five or ten minutes bartender that's like. Toward that training camp exaggerated. Almost like popping out of a cake. Just walked into the room and that's like it is really to hold the microphone. Bill that would like. And then I believe a little bit better burger Patrick model thank goodness street yes. Do we ever thought. Do ever signed Scandrick by the way. We did it without Orlando who worked it out eat it did you know that he's wearing number 28 you're the chief this year. We're doing here. He. That he would fit in number. And if they're trying to get it. Well although time out time. Well. We use it that he just sit by the politics that he was is given that number. Yet class at the press conference Walt white number 22. And he said that that number that he was given. They're really trying to push this is a markets beat this thing right out of their did they personally pick the number reported finding a way. Yeah I think I mean he hit it says in the Canadian. I I you know it's great that Neiman. Never get sick we haven't 91 on the scene there not and now number 22 bullet as standard. Let me answer a question can I get it get a timeout or I'd. That are really good job in the I do thanks so our son is playing a baseball game tonight. The first game we play. He got screwed over by the team their four and five years oh it's coach is it. He got screwed over by the team because they would move their players they kept playing the same aides at first base third base and they. They really just put the cute cute at first base in Cuba the best on Saturday through several markets out. We look at the game plan to have art it's all different businesses. Because we want the duller. How. To wanting to win. Mean the other coaches that talked this over and were really contemplating should we keep trying to teach all the kids think this is different positions. There's that we just try to win. You gotta go out there internally game. 08 net. That was burned. So I thought I hung up now so all of arts sorts of things that. This is not even a question we should just be trying to help the kids learn it at certain really believes we should go for the dot. I think all the kids to learn the positions beat. I felt bad when those kids running on back they are grown now by shortstop. At all. Why do you play. You put it in the game. But. It's an island in a separate themselves every I mean prepare them now. The white adult attention generated. You don't. I'm hanging up on you how's that for sunshine and good guy. Time out he OP sprain your ankle to. All the he was great to. What is your deal is this. It campaign have become very good friend that no one believes that you have become very different. It. Is there although some of that's excellent and his execs to brown would you please just say coach pitch in the coach if it is that at Rome. There's multiple coaches and pit. Bull work it all right. Islam at it that. If I still don't understand I don't understand why people who cares what it's still to hang a couple of feet. Eight. It's like you the didn't like wrote battles coming up your chance to win it. If card to Biron on the bottom as that's wrong. Is that wrong at the constant men's sports shirt it's. The studio. Welcome back in two days ago and a. Unfortunately just cruise even so there is that is this. Luckily stumbled. Coming. Arrington is back. And read any good drive. This these inspectors world. These guys coming at 2 o'clock right behind us thirty year old it. A thirty year old days. I think it between games and it I remember when you. Well. Natalie did that again. But this act of it up there when it. But six caller right now tonight on 357676. Genuine gift card for a free custom men's sports shirt. Courtesy of Biron on the plaza. Your style your fabric and most importantly. Your perfect. Six caller right now 91357676. And when that gift card for free custom made millions tortured and then I. Until. You bigoted and get a guy they get in and now. You know the numbers also does that give you could use that two outs you know put us out. I'll I'll let it go in there I'm going theirs if they can do anything persuade. That they can help via the though with some sort of mr. materials. And that. Is there. So listen and I or I had Nat. Boundary and I think a lot of people are gonna end. Not the problem with this tape but I'd let you know right now I don't know why it feels personal. But it is personal or something it's just something about this kid might. Nothing I'm saying is going to have really anything. To back into. I had the grades that that is too because it is just that they but I was about there at the bottom of the rough. Ed it is hard for being burned and give our audience and now it is just I don't know why. Like nothing exits he has not really been that productive. I I remember last year the only moment I remember is in having a fifty yard touchdown and got about when you say I don't think he's been that productive. Shop watched every snap up these two priests out of it yeah I don't know if he's even participated in recently as the men but I mean I don't remember last year the big moment in a cut and gave up a play like a fifty something yard touchdown that Alex Smith hit him on the run. Against the Steelers again that she's back into the game what else and I remember that brings these are certainly had a return kick off return in Seattle that comes in my. I don't know John Roberts there. It was it was a touchdown I don't tell us about his play making ability that. It's hard for me to let go. It it may I just it makes those states did not record a stacked against Atlanta and not one not out of he played Angelique and Riverside congratulations. On the gift card to Byron unpleasant. I don't old I don't know why there's something about. The Anthony Thomas I think it comes to there is just not it's not easy to find. Like real play makers that guys can touch the ball as soon as they touch it they have a real chance to school work I agree and he is that Condit I disagree he was. Then that happened. It is just I what is this island it's this may sound stupid too I know. It would (%expletive) me off he went somewhere became some poor me person. We're like like somebody who can just make plays. And like. Even if he would make five. Make plays a year like at the bottom. Roster we're talk about camp or talk about Gary tutored thirteen or whatever his name is like so many. It's hard for me the live camera. All of a lot. He averages about 22 touches a year that it. Tony two touches a year. And calm as a grand total of five scores. Aren't like I told him and I don't. I'm saying that anything I'm saying makes it the sick see this to me but I just have a feeling like I have a feeling that. When he's out there feels like he's gonna make a play and I maybe that's what it is all of them to hang on a Dexter McCluster. Yeah. Just feel like this is in line with how you feel about Tiger Woods. Go to. Like you'd still believe that young tigers in their because you still believe that young show is in their somewhere. Man back when you were brought in the streets. When the Anthony Thomas was it was this bothers the if he's just was lighting it up at Oregon. And you brought light it up and Casey. Things have changed though mocks. He's got to cut this out with the Anthony town. Let's as I I don't and we we've all had these kind of players were hanging on because of something that you saw half a decade and well liked any. It's perfect I tee it up I liked any of the is targeted at Harvard would relinquish that lefty who throws as hard as he came in and he sold some flash. How dare you you compare. Dates coffee. That roundabout way has the franchise record for most strikeouts in game is on pace to throw more than a 109 other issues that hold some sort of branch. Right he's the only guy that everyone listening just said simultaneously. Actually with Thomas I think it's eat if they went to Italy England and starred bawling out like us at his right. Why not let that I have a hard time letting go. And I bill. Are. It. It's what he did and that's what. Kabul and he's that's a thing as easy as that act like is that any. You say it's worse. In four years. I'm one of the years is a club so we can't explain this to me report cards though. And are quiet down like this I don't care and you're invited Andy Reid and Caribbean could make it letting go. I. It's time. You remember how mystified you were when you found out that they side to do it now is jail. Our annual free agent and you know the deal. Look at any read an error enemy and say hey guys guys guys struck shot listen. I know you know Travis Palestinians and lock in agreement on. Let's put the ball. In the Anthony thomas' hands. On kick offs. It possibly out there and our same roster spot just for a guy and not only you better be doing miles. Tyree doesn't get. And that's like two months. Note to. Hell does that mean against top money shot. The money shot what's finish of the bank. Brought to buy Broadway Delhi a mostly Jewish deli for a mostly not Jewish city it's now open across wrote it is fantastic. And it is the official tally of 610 Sports Radio show finish him off I not been true we've been talking about this with. These kids we have our coach is coaches it's game tonight. And it picks and I think that we have made the decision burn up that we're going to play these kids are the best chance they can win I cannot watch Dominique would run across the field after being thrown out of it. It tears nearly enough to give me a hot pot because they're losing and gets Trout. Welcome to the T yeah so I wanted to win I want and have played in and so I think that I'm going to posted gains that we talked this over these guys play. The position where they can display 84 year old right fielder guess what life is only going to continue network whatever. We've got to get them. You don't get to enjoy being. No we don't want anyone our enemy right now any outlook and have them audibly it was tough. I've race then lost. A poor kid in the outfield. Burden brought to you by eight absolutely. No one but broadcasting live from.