08/19 Bink's Postgame Show

Sunday, August 19th
In today's edition of Bink's Postgame Show, Jay Binkley talks about Heath Fillmyer blowing a 6 run lead, defends Dayton Moore's honor from a caller, and updates you on the goings-on in the minor leagues

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This city pier six. Insider. Royals vault in the windy city today 76. Erupting between do. See you would decide series well it didn't go to keep city royals' way there now 530 and five. In the forty series they played this year a record drops thirty need six. 48 games under 500 watermark in 2005. And finished the season fifty games under 500 awarded today they were eleven. In series deciding game. Add to twelve to twelve now in series deciding games this one was pressuring. There was so much glued to think about especially. When you get to the second inning the royals hit three home runs look like the offense has come alive the rules at 96 run cushion. Preheat film iron to get the job done and he Omar cruising gave up one hit the first three innings. Been here came the fourth and here comes the fourth inning the White Sox to a yard three times in that both teams had three three Holmgren innings. In the White Sox tied at six it would pull up with another on the following inning in the fifth. But he Phil Meyer but just did not have its bit concerning with the on the last out the hand was back against Toronto. It was five innings he can work with that. But the five strike but she's the five walks but he had back against Toronto. But today his worst performance. As the Kansas City Royals a major leader six earned runs and 8323 innings seven hits six runs. Six earned one walk three strikeouts and eight read Omar. He'd also given up a foreign groans that performance could Tron was known about squirrels out his best outing. Against the cubs the last homestand today yet though Meyer just did not have the command and he's been much better home. Been he's been on the road that's been heaped Omar's problem is when he gets away from Kauffman Stadium he just doesn't have. At home get a 277 ERA opponents hitting 743. Home runs on the entire season. Excuse me one home run. Given up their coffins they be in the entire season opponents in 211 to 770 rate on the road team in the day 496 ERA opponents that he exhibited for. Three home runs total in and other three. Home runs today but the Chicago White Sox. Chicago's but it bubble well against the royals they're really and the royals are six and can record now against Chicago they hit 31 home runs. Against the royals this year the war royals went sixteen. Against the White Sox at 3116. It difference team rector of the of the whales. In the state and sober for churning Il central team that's. Starting to go that direction. Bring in guys up Michael Cooper at the twelfth the best prospect of Major League Baseball starts tomorrow. For the Chicago White Sox. Offensively today Gordon homers for the second straight game Whitner filled extends his hitting streak to eight games. Now leading 4613. For 22. In that clip Bonnie bony starter come around three units up for him today supper it. He'd come in swinging the bat well that affect it to 79. After the all star break just 241 before the all strawberry. Supper is ready for straight game. Well that would mean he never had 85 strikeout he neither it's opera's struck out five times like when I was the guy. 176. Case he he's a couple of times and he's the Major League leader aid over Joey Gallo. In first place a phone number 91357676. And 91357676. In the projects rural. Venus filly excellent 69. Rios six and again I was looking forward the series. Against the White Sox rules now played the nine. Of the last 31 games. The rules to not play the White Sox forced 92 games of the season. The band we see a lot of Chicago White Sox three's better effect royals one series. In Chicago last time. They were on the road tripping up in Chicago. We see in way too much of the White Sox this year rules have more losses against the Chicago White Sox the team this year in the fall. Six in ten. Against the White Sox White Sox not a stellar record themselves of 46 and 77 now is the royals 386. Forty games under 500. In what looked promising Friday night. You lost begging for 21. It looked promising yesterday Brad Keller that's the earth she's 9393. Friday. Yesterday was promising Brad Keller. Nice 31 win a thoroughbred killer was exceptional and today. He Phil margins did have a look at fort series and Judas Keller who is he film where these three fixtures. For the future once again the royals thirty pitcher 49 years and younger that streak now. At 29 street teams for the royals that affect everybody in this rotation is twenty sixer under since the need to feed. Is on the deal we Selby and street starting shortstop today. For Alberto Mondesi. So I guess now it is finally. Thing I money you play shortstop or something this good sorry he had done this at all. This year he's been for around second base here in their bid to attend street starts at shortstop for Alberto Mondesi. Brian Flynn came in to help out Heath Bill Maher he filler game goes three innings Brad Flynn pitched three innings himself to me it's one run. One earned two walks to strikeouts rim. Jason Hammel ought that was really good in two innings for him Porsche right counts a strike outs were the thing today the White Sox forgotten nine times. The royals. On the other hand struck out sixteen times. Against the Chicago White Sox and I thought Sany Argo they came in after Lopez went two innings. But see any dog actor Sydney Argo about great did you speak and talk about payment for game four innings for him to hits. Two walks with six strikeouts. Are standing on the royals. Jews couldn't figure him out but a game MVP today of course it always goes to a royal. Even though you could. Make an argument for the so mercy of the White Sox from Walt Whitman in field he's the game in BP two for five video runs scored three RBI. Drove in more than anybody can it's the world's plus he picked up his 27 stolen base. Which ties. Jose Ramirez melt Malloch Smith for the American League leads the noble mere filled at one the American League stolen base colonel 34 last year. He's now in league nice double steal. By him and outscored their. In the fourth inning with 47 stolen bases fourth with now it is his tenth stolen base. After the all strawberry keeps its Bernal baseball modest lead or not is number one. Since the all star break so Whitner filled in like this that things are born well double steals show that aggressiveness on the base path. This series the real sold at sixteen streets were listening or sixteen straits is being streak snapped 153 innings S mores. There. Yesterday but today. It's about Whitner feel these are game MVP presented by ENDP electric heating and cooling relax it's in BP is eight homers on the year drove in three. And really it sickening that art is the royals game they're finally going to win and in series deciding game they have won a series deciding game. Since all the way back on May thirty. Against the Minnesota Twins think about that the whole summer has come and go your kids are probably still in school. On May thirtieth a big problem earlier in its abilities this year. In that party back in school lest from the royals won a series deciding game. What their nagged at six innings for the White Sox and Annika. Here we go again it's gonna put this open to the test the White Sox actually emptied out their bull in these seven pitchers on the day the royals just three. Phil Meyer plan. In Hamel. Did yeah did the work for the Kansas City Royals will get a phone number 913 fives and six. 76 then we come back inside that clubhouse. 124. We're quite jaguar Americans and aristocrats who. Green valley trail side RV and Wesley ace hardware. Thanks visit every day on the drive you need to be listening right at 2 o'clock because we're giving away a prize that's right she got royals didn't. You've charged your favorite restaurants free passes through traction golfer Casey and more to do as a favorite tell 1 religion at 2 o'clock every day of they can win a prize we start the show at 2 o'clock every day not to a 59208. Like other shows out there so make sure you get your car more tuned into the radio dot com am right at 2 o'clock the chance to win on the drive. Weeks post game show. Built by the electrical workers local 124. I seventh street casino. EC route Randy electrical. Use this reaches its. A swing and a high drive deep to update that's no way back and back is not our. Paul brought what barracks built on 832 count and the royals lead at five. Nothing that's the Bob Hamilton plumbing heating Stacy Ritter and electrical play of the game this is playing join us on vesco the morning tomorrow at 745 tell us who was part of the life and you'll wind keeps up from toppers now back to bank. Is it pretty good deal when some pizza tomorrow seven 45 in the morning that played the game. Which merit to it. In X three run shot of course he had the stolen bases will number 27 on the year but that three run home run by Whitner Phil who has said on a streak. Lest they be thirteen for 32 in the world six. Got up besides sport 33 before via final out that he had to play out to right field. In the seventh but a bad date between city royals will look like it was going to be a good day. For a gloomy and rainy Kansas City six dumping her phone number nine when 3576. And sixty and other critical wants. Chris that officers we got to hand so that everybody Kohl wants. We appreciate that. If you talk about catcher all of sixty are drove it beautiful beautiful thing party document are Richard Holmes you can do all day long tomorrow I'm sure they're gonna beat about the role. Beginning with the school in the morning at 550. And particles into the drive. Street opportunity to be given out special prices. When you listen at 2 o'clock or include the on demand section six in sports that count listen to the said mr. consular had proposed he'd show. Did so on their repeat Pete's when he Mike we cute in that it's once they talked a lot about the war. Or see entire time up and why would you park but the throw was incredible. Pierce through that nobody threw a four last season the PNC royals did that the global. Well today our phone number once in 91357676. Kids that inside that clubhouse. Right now delivered by rig were real kids that he's best look skill neighbor heard rule. Here's the birthday boy may view of what we've seen Bill Maher afford. I just couldn't exit. Leading fitness in a second time around they kind of got. When the bad pitch Garcia. From that point on just snowballed. And other pitches. It just. Goes out there trying to get the bleeding. After the homer from Garcia closely were you monitoring that I mean Boggs who wanted to get him through that inning. Of course gadgets work and after that there homer Garcia. News and no more closely monitor anything and FaceBook and you know you get up a three run home. My mindset is okay 63 go ahead. On the elevator make some pitches against India and 63. There were all just quit starting them so you know it and found an offensive attack was boom boom boom. And if you get somebody out. It's. India and start obviously wanted to were changed it. Today yeah today she threw the ball really well Canon shuts down. From that point change speeds on us really really love it you have to count and then down on weight change please do us. Don't know what what we couldn't do it now we're at and what it Lopez couldn't do on the second stop the police so. We salute but I haven't. We had three homers they hit three we score six of these incidents. This. Good thing was when they scored. They're the morning nice presentation. Of Maurizio so. First. Let you know where it scored a sort of a little body. You know. Prius think of what. She. Industry. Named over and our. I think four homers in twelve games he's not putting it all together as a player right now but. It is giving you many elements to build the line. What are they don't find it in news. You know I have issue is that it's made us think get a have a setback when and that's. Not a very not one. Life is at bats and four homers surplus is a guy that is are in spring training Bob. It's. There's very. We'll iron. Well. Let's the first three games. Yeah it was a problem for him for me now in the second concern. The one right back out in the bottom of the second and got through it especially on the attack. Same thing in the third you know whatever fourth day now. As he keeps this up hopefully they'll even get us through at least seven solvable well. Yeah yeah yeah. There's the birthday boy Ned Yost in the windy city swinging for the irks me and said about by red door real kids that he's best. Little upscale. Neighborhood grill and you're right he's right. Over oral runs and 37 at bats for an hour and he's got some pop he's looked okay the daily average actor he's got pop. Today. This team ever get to the bench clearing brawl. Were learned. He's 63 it says he's 200 he's bigger than that he would see 201 bright earned. Big Fella could be adjusting and these days he's get Canada. Disposition about and he's all business is all. Eight lawns noble work guy that is Ryan earns so insider somebody wrote him because he will. Charge them around her I should be I shouldn't be talking about that is that is not blue world were urged that don't need to talk about that would swing for the fence. Here's swinging. The fences. The choice swinging for the fences dire it's just make sense to get a hair bands. We have an hour just probably outlawed this segment will take. Got off to a great start right now heard two run shot his fourth home run second inning 400. Being uttered toward off that it was witness filled. Hope what a great second hitting a three run shot 3851. Of 2.3 off the bat there was court. His 169. For home run but besides how much break forceful. With the Kansas City Royals I was able to get in the second inning he was all run lose them we'll in the second inning 309 feet 103 point one. Off bad. Bentley hit the media or for the Chicago White Sox and so Garcia who got bit stumped according to exit the hassle it was basically get them replaced by illusory Garcia he had his fourteenth the report. Port bidding up Omar. 389. Feet for him commanders. Number sixteen for him 355. Feet in the fourth inning. Been or are thereby. 370. His sixth home run off season. So the royals three big flies in the second in the White Sox three home runs in the fourth inning but it is for silver lining. Get on the far side it is for the Storm Chasers Republicans lose 65. Collins brings us and it looked good as a matter frank good news that matters he's homered twice. Right get what it was involved it's all trade with the royals in the national's back her brain Goodwin had a cup of coffee kids and four got hurt New York. Played five games and had eight hits bring back bring you put human out there again just like bogey needs the performed ringgit one probably going to get. He isn't that bad so that's and Mickey Lopez by the way to the world by prospect to joined us in the morning what a week or so ago. Great guy he seven. It's the seventh best prospect in oil system. He goes your attitude among 5 o'clock more of a world tour but do you hope. Was capable of that sweet for the Vince good. We've got there it just makes cents. To get a dire events that I guess the one concern that through this already is the 43 blown lead for the royals. That is for more than anybody in baseball they were knotted up the Orioles last week. The Orioles eighteen Woolsey. On this they're tones being over Labor Day weekend tutorials come to town royals and Orioles fighting for that first. First pick in major league's draft next June. So we'll see what he'll do. Will see what'll do with the Baltimore Orioles. Edible as many leads the royals the royals now 43 blown leads on the season and that is that is a bully wants to get the world's two and twelve. In a series deciding games last series deciding you've won 830. Against the twins of it's the twins in a in between Airbus for a series deciding games. Two and twelve worlds old 308640. Games. Under 500 shouldn't skip. Jackson co war or second pick pick number 33 genial lynch paired it up of Lexington or pick number 34. As the royals went five college pitchers to begin the season don't forget a lot of people of that question. Leading trade king you'd trade a possible the whales getting together idea actually. Look at Jackson towards number. Numbers in the annual which bowled them are pitching in Lexington. Both of them were taken of the royals picked 3334. Fleas. You needed aid they got some our phone number 913576. 76. And is the number the royals fall. In Chicago 766. Nothing lead. At one point in this game to douse the blue color alert the game I was like this one presented by the sheet metal workers local union number two. Canada under some guidance I'm gonna get any run tomorrow. If it's royals it's a big blow another lead it's can be distort our Jason Hammel did well much maligned Jason Hammel has been taken out of the starting rotation. Put the ball in with two innings tonight. Give up just one hit. One walk but he had four strikeouts or thing Jason Hammel look pretty good there for a couple strikeouts in a row ought to bring you in polka polka it would force sixty. Against the Kansas City Royals the season but overall by Jason Hammel did well tonight that as the blue collar are being presented by the sheet metal workers. Local union number two go to the phone lines now in Kansas City talk to organize that separately at an ice cold beverage Allison and I spoke to multiple. What would you do man. Craving great fuel pill it. A favorite in eight days. Her violence and I are good lord my early where something like. I. Only where but yeah. The patent as you don't understand it is rebuild. Narrative. As you got to me that you look okay in. We're wanted to be fired up about the guys that we traded for it does what they're gonna. Creep should. Whichever way like count you know prior. To the partners though. At shell BP and spirits reliever. Concentrated. Like that if you build for the future. Did you see it our view Souter wrote the days he's he's started getting booed on the fourth of July. It now that he's 28 point 50. And Kelvin Gutierrez out of the deal BC what Kelvin beauty here is don'ts when the royals a top prospects. He's down in. He's got a nor was or console right now in for a season killed computer Gutierrez has hit home runs 61 driven in it he's hit 282. I mean they didn't get something for her and I'll say this will. Winner gets rated you think about that night against since Betty he had given up walked since the previous September. He too and gave up a home run and the trainer came out there. I was crossing my fingers Cornel though there's one of her biggest trade pieces like Perkins became more and appealed to the royals won their rare trait. Well I will have been good in the penguins here about all of the early trade currencies want. We don't know what these guys credit that would make it right. Result is true. So all of it like it. It can become a win for us when they do it here I mean we'll look at our Bible Stalin ours our county government. A minute news and bad about it. And the and I don't. We didn't stop and think about it. I mean one. Player. Out with air field and Bonifacio. Then come up and made a difference on a consistent basis that you considered going to guide the big week where in the last five years for the lord. Tobin who. Though analysts who by the way it teams are hitting 311 all of Hillary's on the deal as unity or yeah 476 much different guy. It's tough man it we have seen guys but we can't forget guys like bread killer. That was the rule five roll the dice for the royals. Because he was in double last year ruled by guys we got to stay on the roster I think he's shown great exhibit B the biggest positive. The royals have displayed this year that shows you something. It certainly didn't work while I will figure out traded out of brutal month C. Okay yeah tidbits. Look at what the remains of their their minor league the St. Louis Cardinals and everything. Majority of those guys part of the lower court rebuke from member. They're playing great baseball. Okay they're covered up and produce whether these positions we're going to keep. The royals are not used in our production undermine. That at all. Injured and it. We haven't. And we ball stuck well Michelle. Though there are pumped and gnawed on them and well I don't know I let him walk. Back to. There and grow 2009 words. All know we're we're going all the way back there aren't we are. Eight. Two World Series in 11. Got teams like the twins in the playoffs last year in this year there Ian down their leg felt quite. Almost outspent the entire universe where they have right now in the days. You don't you Oakland a's are a team building up in the selling off Billy Beane hasn't won Kraft. But he answered he gave. An hour. And you know I'd give them credit for wouldn't. Go that way from. Okay and where I'm talking about it right there now. There. Right on and on my players. Left. Themselves open whatsoever. Now. I'm. Now when you have that it would work and E'Twaun we. Have been in the. Okay. Of well I appreciate what you're dude dude dude man. I appreciate call I appreciate your might explain things to me let you go anyway listen up will wills oracle of the straight up five left handed pitchers did included Sean and I. To get what you don't XUL. You take a hit when that happens you lose your dollar venture that was the homegrown guy came up through the system. It's fours other guys it's not going to be the pipeline kimono for mobile this year we knew that. Bat well it's tapped me and Mickey Mickey Lopez witness but don't run the dates show wants them with number seven prospect for the royals. The real deals out. It's Kelvin Gutierrez. Nor was or consult the elite it's a northwest or cancel. These guys fairways off. But the main talent is guys like in. The Lexington legends had two guys go to the all star game this year in Jim lenders and smashed a rare that your. Mick product last year that one pick he's got a lot of promise he's like insulin which is leagues the minor leagues in home runs he is in Lexington. Blake Perkins became the governor rhetoric. He's that Wilmington. There is talent in this park and look at these pictures. Daniel lynch. Was he would keep you out of the University of Virginia user 34 pick. Keep in mind it will go to this Tuesday you Digg dot net or in moments Daniel lynch last night five innings. Three hits no warned runs better back. He did he gave of water in the peace corps before that zero was a report that one start before that zero he's got promise. He's a college pitcher from Virginia he'll be here sooner rather than later Jackson toe war. What if universe before they almost that was off that fifty modern when he won pitches. In the college World Series now he's in the oil system but he's been starting well for Lexington. Again the royals are a different situations. I would almost what it would talent. They roster is for more walk. Look at it and every clubhouse walls mauled woman he'd Kevin McCarty started to what was your ball right over Omaha. Albert commodity old law. But overall littered. Pitching staff. Blends are old Sparky. Omagh a bit this week I played in all this year like this chasers are white kids Eddie. It's going to be or are you accept the rebuild the care of the rules of 48 games under 38 games under. I don't care it's the process of where the world's going to keep in mind. Having a ton of talent but your infill things that you didn't think that that's why beaten were would have got John GA. Luke is rooted in some of these cats. One he brought back even moves he figured he could put them for talent. You would have Brit Phillips or worry Lopez if they mortar and bring back loose they wanna moves they wanted to. Beat Cleveland Indians great record 7152. You know helping with the game seven World Series lost that and fourteen. But the royals punched their ticket the next year. Do you think Cleveland's going to be a team that wins the ring this year they do. For Soviet. Job plea that they don't. Would they show port. Minnesota Twins almost the playoffs and 85 probably amid what else the rooms and community and pop repeat it out eighty games. Detroit Tigers might kill spit money build this team up. Miguel Cabrera makes more than the eight in the median household income in the state of Michigan every time he comes up to the play. Where there. Chicago White Sox are off sale when he got a list talent they might be good day and I think the White Sox are actually the sleeping giant in this division. But everybody's in rebuilding Cleveland's about the go through one eat it with their window closes. Which is not our way. But the royals cashed in and you dragged on I Sidney C 2015. World champions on the back of the scoreboard. They got a banner. Got a ring. Rebel to push through and dual. In goal for to get the sacrifice talent that's exactly what the royals did. We see the a's do this and believe beaten this week of cashing in the basic want of a run right now propped. King when the rate. Withering it is not a loser in Detroit. You gotta win in the ring. The twins made the playoffs lest you think there's so liberty and on the they're 59 and 6040 that he should be much better. They get to trade on a trip to. Exposure he's an ally they can keep their town can train them. I would rather be the royals the twins admit that the royals the tigers royals White Sox. Give it time will get in this counts and Lexington. Few of them are north with or and so. You got a guy. In Nikki Lopez. Up a normal. Skin promote Omaha is Jake are giving is seen him pitch yet. He was being asked that this year was our council easily pitcher he was great. Up that normal. Three and oh point 90 we are. Sixteen this extra couple walking see Newbury but yet just stop marked will be here soon. From normal in a little bit of talent there and watched a couple of weeks ago seal but in the World Cup here's what. Dayton Moore knows how to do opponent or 913576. And sixteen we come back. We will look sneak peak where the rules headed next. And our right hand. You medicine center. 610 Sports Radio is making this movie biggest football season. Sweeney. And there are all. And show billed by the international. He electrical workers local 124 of Kansas City and powered by Bob and dire offense and by all Steve. And can't simply. But there based on. Getting to the point across the owners is to roll back in time. And now there. But Chicago takes the lead on a two out base hit my old barn are biased. It's 76 Chicago. All states are you in good hands those slim Pickens today for the it really was Olympic times. In this in this road trips early road troop support the Euro or bias cut trying to stretch. He doubled the royals lose 37606. And ten against the Chicago white subs but the woman's car Chester up the Sunday Chester. And that can. Shut up. Which people can be independent and I implausible. That little dispute quick. At. An assortment. Of quick to. Stand up accountable. To and it happened to the capital of the implement patent. Have a good attitude and a vote in the open. And it wasn't a bit at that position and the fact that you probably. Q&A little. There in the fact that you look at it. That you wouldn't get it. Billion. We didn't like that. But we did that. It would. Yeah you. You. At the we wanted to be sure what can we went to show that you. And in the it's completely. Sure. I. And winner. Of this. I. Publishing future mr. Wilson Wilson from the excellent fill the objector open with food excellent excellent objections Bagram. From the five some three. OK if more sugita drafting Kamal what's up Allen is in double A Mabel how committed and consistent pipeline. None of the players that trigger weighs about three thinks but I admire. But that's baseball man. He's perfect. The first pick of the draft a couple of years Gordy league but the Astros pit amid it happens. It happens. Dayton Moore won a ring in Kansas City by the other small markets put rings of their fingers Biden form. Dayton Moore is getting twenty million dollar beauty countered the worst TV contract in Major League Baseball is trying to win back. He's trying to put 181000 U coming out to get. Big more Sharon whitworth. Find these small market teams that are racking up world chicks may affect the whales there'd be job. They're the appellate. Because small market it's important to kids who deals with two World Series in a port street or GM in their team and said why not us. Wipe them not us. All I ask you that. That's like 69 through six good text of your. Sneak peek out twin peaks twin peaks the ultimate sports lodge. You've been searching ports off to Tampa. Which I think is the biggest dump in Major League Baseball to play games that. There's nothing around that it is it is a disaster I cannot wait to put the renderings operatives stadium. Take advantage or were you war. By the ocean. Retractable roof open a bad boy you up doesn't rain but the trop use. It to. Norton would put balls in the ceiling or it's so quiet the royals if you they are there for game. We'll hear yeah we talk would have during the game Woolsey will hear you. Is nobody goes the game nobody goes because it's fair. It is that at its equities team and effect ranks the unit pitches tomorrow is the rays are doing an open the Padilla based pure relief pitcher to star games. Created for teamed in an attempt to counter curbing trade with ray standing by. Only would the blue Valley High School. Here in Kansas City you'll stop up or start ups that worried Lopez tomorrow Jorge Lopez came over and it might stock trade. Spent some time with the brewers in game of words this year. Did a lot of relief work in Colorado Springs are AAA affiliate royals had him in a Wyoming two storms and a moment to start. Becky Kauffman Stadium last week that a great performance get those mid ninety's or Lopez goes tomorrow Glen sport it'll Sparky. Goes on Tuesday Ned Yost had no intention of making him starter this year but due to be any doubt be going on DL he's had. He'll face Blake's bill wins Beijing Judas burst that really good pitcher being TBA to be announced for the rays Thursday the royals are TBA. In the gold and stick Tyler. Glass skills royals into a powerful force starting up that they come back to Kauffman Stadium for eight game home stadium featuring the Indians for three with tiger for two. And really the score to settle all the Baltimore Orioles more liberty weekend for three that takes into September. Before the royals go back on the road. To Cleveland sneaking a peek at twin peaks twin peaks fueled and sports laud you've been searching for the royals is key quote close out series. That good. That affect the royals though once again they had a chance they beat Chicago White Sox win two out of three. They have won a series clinching games since back in May. Against the Minnesota Twins it's been that leak for the Kansas City rules who's done. Dimon notes. Well Whitner fields in the his innings streak to me in pretty good Turkey for 32 big world six in Spain he's almost 47 based tonight. He second Elmo big league baseball fields since the Ellsbury over the monthly by the way number one. Those who receive from it miracle but it will that it real brands. Wouldn't going back to back. A good second against the royals hit three home run. Today other net a lot speak about for the city royals now into well. In series deciding game throughout 48 games under 550. Teams that 500 record back in 2000. In five of the worlds of blown forty really. Hope war now he's. What's in the same unit don't be so I just spoke and they pause. Indeed before starting tomorrow a pre game where you at 5 o'clock forget definitely bet your homes and wrote talk. 3558. Let's go in the morning to replay the game. Is would miracle home run by the way they ask you did you is that it's them upwards pizza. Very disappointed that you feel where were these pictures for the future. We sold it through yesterday big baby break killer opened for simple keep film are you ready six apparently. It was perfect for me. Not meant to be is the White Sox comeback to beat the royals 76. We'll see you guys more aid will talk but the royals 34 game series. You didn't see him. By the international brotherhood of the electrical workers local. 124. K. The city for more coverage go to big notebook at 610 sports dot com. It's our tax. 06 and Sports Radio talk radio dot com station.