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The Drive
Friday, August 17th
We bring you the biggest stories of the day in The Hits. Plus, we give you some things to look for in tonight's game against the Falcons & we end the show with Ask Us Anything. 

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The first cell phone I ever had. This itself if there's plus this victory. I don't even though it was but you guys in the river like don't think you'd have a different words it was a fungus was bumped. First why are you figuring out as one of those like Nokia's you know document. I want those little most Motorola's my phone was so bad my friends they said I didn't have a Blackberry ahead of poisoned injury excellent release of a month so today's the make fun of you for having as little phones for. I'm baffled or very very long time it held me Peru on someone's always come in and ruin the fun on the tax bill that. Come on guys it's Kansas City we share. Let's not have a swinging contents about whose side is better. It's great on both sides which is happy to have a state lined the route we should all be working together. 913 I mean come on. On glad you sense that it's of tomorrow. I mean I I certainly understand why they can't decide it was cheered. You have the worst side it's her own ideas they like you wanna share you know vote pro sports teams I told. Because getting on the tax on the. I mean that we'll be fired now apparently got a he also isn't it's yesterday and it was six. 16 that is my booty call use for sports in the plaza in downtown that's it and I go back of the title. Nice peaceful area. And Johnson County yeah. Normal that's. Oh analogy but there are actually it makes a lot of sense to use and yeah I mean. I didn't know. And I know that you know you were spending a lot of time and money with the with the recall I don't know what's your -- it's pretty easily I didn't know that was part of today honestly obviously backed you know when you play the game with a different game that a lot of these new cats around here lately so a lot of time and money. On something I don't care about but that's neither here nor there are coming up in thirty minutes. We'll get into your chance to a thousand bucks or national cast on just lost in the show with ask us anything and led by two guys from the aero at pride tell gate to come in studio. Talking a lot of cheese to get you ready for the preceding game tonight gets let's get these other big stories of the day eighteen city. I've been waiting at home. And all my life. We talk about that every day at 5 o'clock. Hit number one today is. Today is a really really good tuneup for your Kansas City Chiefs at Lyonnais a team that is very solid defensively the team. That is going to really challenging last year they were eighth in points for games allow there were ninth in yards allowed twelfth against the run are skewed twelve against the pass and ninth against the run. Atlanta is they've really really solid team defensively certainly going to be a really good test. For your offense on defense. Atlanta has won the last five best offensive teams in the NFL they got a really good quarterback one of the best running back do those in the NFL in a really good wide receiver trio and a decent tied in and Austin who for this like if you could pick a point to go up against in the pre season to really test yourself. I'm a you can pick a better one the only. Found not like the fact that it's in week two because of course we don't see the stars much at all in week one. Now beautiful out tonight yeah with the stars against against the Atlanta Falcons I agree with the other percent seed. And the falcons can run the football one of the questions we have about geez can't they stop the run. The falcons can throw the football got Matt Ryan and Matt Ryan excuse the in my college to do. They get the rookie Calvin Ridley and of course it Julio Jones of tied in and I'm really on. Gosh it was so. The pass defense has got to conserve our I think we'll find out and idle little bit about our football team so I agree with you. 148%. On this man what a great matchup in week you'll find out about achieves that. Yeah we certainly will find out about him that again I don't know if you're gonna really have some major take away from deciding game of the pre season. I does look I do think these games are somewhat measuring sticks like yesterday if you're watching it I mean the Patriots offense and I week seven though they were going down the field Brady played really well. And I think you're you're certainly trying to get yourself ready for the season I think if you're going to try to get yourself ready for the season you wanna go up against a team that you feel is kind of you were equal Atlanta feels like one of those teams that is very very similar to achieve. Yeah I agree 100% that's a great marriage of form you know because they get to find out what they're up. At what think you do it's a really really good football team is it's it's essentially this half. And then the next half in the third quarter potentially of game three and that tell you find out what you got ahead in the regular season does not played a down in the in that. In the filed pre season game of the year. If you guys miss it earlier today cats you can fade the music down does what he likes Florio had to say about the Toledo Mac situation with the Oakland Raiders. That the raiders made a run at trying to sign Mac back in February and remember the mindset and John gruden back in February he was upset he was ticked off now he's all always. Upset tech dot out of these happy unless he's upset. He was upset because he couldn't do any work with his players who could bring the man he wanted to get ready and I think he wanted to do something tangible is something very tangible would have been to get Cleo Mac side. And when there was a clear impasse between what the raiders were willing to pay one Mac wanted. I believe at that point gruden said. Let's just spend that money on other players and spend that money they did some 55000000 and 2018 dollars devoted to others that. Could have been part of the DOD get Mac done and once that money was spent. The budget's not bear the money's not there to cash isn't there to give Mac the kind of contract he's looking for in large part because. He's gonna want full guarantees two or three years out. Money's gonna have to be put in escrow they just can't do it because it already spent their money on other pliers that's what I believe I don't know that that's what I believe. I think Mike Florio has a really good theory on what's happening with we'll Max I just don't like the logic behind it. Mac is the most important ports all of your team you don't look at other places and spend all the available money and now the Leo Max ready to get to deal done you're like well we're out of money. No need to make a mad party number. And you need to let it be known throughout the organization will deal with you right now we're taking care of him. Or if you don't do what you're gonna find yourself in the situation at the raiders have found themselves in. I mean veer accuracy what happened with Lil Mac as we get closer to the season because in 99%. Of these situations. The player always caves in the player always shows up to work but. What if he's Earl Thomas what do these came chancellor what does he is the 1% a player that is not going to show up. The raiders cannot make the playoffs they cannot accomplish the goals of which they won accomplished without having their best defensive player in my opinion he's not Earl Thomas. As the world Toms is told it's already has deals made 47 million in the game. And the raiders know that Jon Gruden knows that they also know that he's gonna make 800000 dollars per game and he's and thirteen point 84 million this season though. It will we go you know it's gonna sit out to see it's about fourteen million dollars as first really really big payday because. Because it franchise now. I'm with you on this part. Would you want your best players on your team you got a tree in the right way you got to take care of him because the oil back is that guy. But I also see from the team's standpoint. You know like unemployed for thirteen point 84 million set out we ought to pay that and you'll pay to play. Because they know he's gonna show up still got to treat it the right way because. That's a depressed like come to Oakland yeah performer contract in the trees like this is gonna want to go there opens a mass anymore. And I went to me there's some players you can't have that hardline stance for little Mac would be one of them uniquely human. Like the leverage to me a little bit appears to be on both sides now the team is always gonna have the leverage is the billionaire team against the millionaire athlete summit if we're talking dollars in the team's always going to win. But again you need to we'll match this season this isn't a luxury p.s this big player that you needed it to me it would. It would show a lot of good faith that you try to meet the middle with the American to try to have him and him. I agree in the gravel they're very just use your kids city. When the chiefs try to play hard ball for the franchise tag got their make him wait make them wake him and make them wait just easiest point two sacks. Clark Hunt got to step and get the deal though there are there and put him salary capital because that way. They waited too long at a cost him held a lot more than shoot them ends of the raiders don't take care of them then they're facing that potentially as well. If you guys mystic ESPN announced they are not going to show the National Anthem prior to Monday Night Football is yet president communicated this to the NFL and they wanted to let them know as courtesy of good partners. Is being quote a senior VP told Richard writes quote. New old dictate whether or not we will show the at the we have seen the data fans want the game. This seems like a very very simple fix to a problem that the NFL's Leno has let Golan for far too long. Tell ABC. Tell NBC. Tell fox telling me tell everybody stop showing the nationally them. So here's the and stop telling your writers to keep tabs on who's pro testing and who's not protesting during the games. Like it just seems like part of the backlash from part of the storm has been the NFL they want a midnight. They have certainly highlight who was participating in who's not participating don't let them that spans for the most part wanna see the game and they don't want this to be an issue. Then stop making issues stop showing it on television know when all was gonna do that moment I've missed the National Anthem. Everybody will be perfectly fine he's been as making the right decision when it comes how to handle the anthem at least volatility. And respect what they network's live on what you think they want how to make them ratings. Ratings are down a little bit for the NFL and for some people it's because of the National Anthem ESPN's do it simply to protect ratings. You know satellites that networks that August figured out and I understand that some of them are actually all of them. Our news gathering agencies or at least 7 NEWS gathering wing to their networks and ESP and certainly does ABC CBS NBC they all have it. So that they feel like get a report what's going on during the game. The bottom line is this they want ratings more than anything to super and held a lot of life of those games. It's a techies ratings up little talk about the ads avail Sheila you're damn right to get it do I get is the right because the issue goes away. Tex signs 69306. Not showing it doesn't help as soon as they come back the announcers mention how many people are Neil should just be in the NFL stop. Mean the NFL doesn't acknowledge gambling on my trying to equate what's happening during the anthem to gambling but I'm saying is NFL employees they don't talk about gambling like. I know they might I can't can't edit but they don't openly talk about it so it was a message from the NFL we don't discuss this. Make this the exact same thing when it comes to I just don't understand why they've allowed a two goal line. For as long as it has and that includes the hits for today I'm excited for today's game understands football being backed. As we talked about during the hits does really look at the Atlanta Falcons as being a really really good test for the chiefs. If you could ask for a pre season opponent to go up against are gonna take someone that you think is what coach. You're gonna take a team that you think really challenges some of your weaknesses a team to run the football effectively to really challenge a run defense a team that can throw the ball really effectively. A team can score a lot of points in a team that's very solid defensively to challenger young quarterback but you can't like if we're making a checklist of the kind of opponent you'd like to see that she's playing in the pre season. You probably create the aliens. Idol and we to are we 32 analysts see the falcons in week four idol. Policy would we want either mail out Smith made his. Pre season debut last night for the Redskins team play the first week. But I think she's guys didn't play in week one because of injury were as a lever and Lindsay resurrect literate that he catches last week we didn't see Eric Berry. Which you guys and we wondered if they did plated played much so in week to week week three against teams like the Atlanta Falcons and she said the bears next week I'll be curious to see. What that looks like with a baton Aggies head coach in an extra boost user quarterback I'm curious about that. But we too when your starters are plentiful and an and it's not ordinarily it's on the road against a really good team too perfect week to. Are coming up we'll give you a chance of 1000 mugs and our national cast on says and there're some players to keep an eye on it tonight's game I'll tell you they are coming up next drive. MVP electric heating. Rod presented by. You got today. The it drops a senior chats here creating your take you up until 5 o'clock coming up about thirty minutes we'll welcome in the the guys from the arrowhead pride tailgate to get you ready for tonight's pre season game as the chiefs. Head to aliens or entities who take Poland and the Atlanta. Now I got a list. Of four players that I think you should keep and I Poland in tonight's game number one. I'm very curious to see that Marcus Robinson with the first team today. I think the markets Robinson has made a little bit of a name for himself having really big game in the second half a pre season games. What's really nice and a touchdown for touchdown the pre season and I hate in my gonna take it away from you but. I think the market promising you want to prove maybe see yourself to the guys on the team is really into the fan base that your guy that can perform when the homes on the field in the first half. I mean I expect to see the mark Robinson out there with the first team I expect to see Chris Connolly out there with the first team who gets the targets with the first team offense. In this game if -- Holmes is playing the whole first half their horns playing the whole first half health he's playing all percent your guys are playing a whole first half. Mark Roberts I'm giving a lot of credit for a fourth quarter touchdowns and yes with. You edit she has to really make a name for yourself and really prove it in the first half going up against the first team defense. And really showing that read trust enough to Roma the first team offense the market Robinson is going to be a guy on Q2 mile and as somebody I think who can make eight. Decent impact on this team are you gaining snaps argue hitting targets with the first team offense I'm I'm gonna have eyes today on the market dropped. And I but it will to calories you quote that Steve search easy says the Atlanta offensive coordinator that I think really kind of tells the story. Of what coaches wanna see in pre season games these turkeys you said this he said we need to see L player response in certain situations. We we try to put that as many as stressful situations as we can put tournament so so we get more information. You know what you got a Travis Kelsey right. You know what she got into that retail Sammy Watkins different would nineteen and it what you have to Marcus Robinson. So we really surprised if if he doesn't get some targets in this idiot double Chelsea a couple of times maybe not now she would to Marcus Robinson can do. We know these other guys can do for the most part. So what's the other percent C dot I'll I'll need to seek to Marcus Robinson. Don't don't that whatever touchdown celebration he did in the fourth quarter last week when he got to. Visit with on the with a handy that the only touchdown Massey chase when I can't remember. What these seat I'm curious and the cool thing about these recent games too was is really where we start to understand. What coaches think of these guys. Depending on where they put him in the game we should market's problems that a lot of first Apatow is that they currently at or or they wanna find out more information but put into the situation Seattle respond. Yeah I mean I'm really going to be looking at one thing in the box score coming out over the weekend is the snap count in three wide receiver sets maybe that's like super nerdy football. And the chiefs are a very obvious passing down. What's the word innate. Who's on there you could almost feel. It's just going to be your two wide receivers and Travis Kelsey argue points at three wide receiver sets and having Chelsea and are you going to running back that's like. Who is on the field on third down an obvious passing down that's the money because I think that she's not my singer treatments of utmost importance is deciding game of the pre season. I think without the author of the line look last week now the authors looked a little bit but she's would like to put a couple of good drives together. Mean you're playing in tiger for staff the off and at least what they're saying yeah. This team could change the plane. What they come out the first quarter real quick pop up two quick drive fourteen points in the first quarter and done we saw enough mobile we need to see some are saying they're gonna play the full. But we at least know if there's not a rhythm giving you could see 45. Ceres from this offense in the first half who's on the field in. Obvious passing down second and twelve obvious passing down who's gonna be on the field. I think that's what really tell you maybe the hierarchy of and who reads trusted really like with the other key parts on this team yet I'll be surprised we don't see a bunch of the markets routes and with that's got a lot and got. Have a my list like four players a lot the first guy was the mark Robinson is our money watts are money lots last alas we played 48 snaps he played over us 68% of the snaps. A end was on the field fifteen snaps more than second place which was briefed and speaks. I think that she's really like what they have and ramadi watts in really wanna highland and you've got Robert Bolden. So to me. Eric Berry and Armani watts and some show improvements to really show which you can do the chiefs at least to this point haven't sent out any signals that they don't like their safety position. And maybe wanna go and bring in a veteran free agent safety. They seem like they're all they're bearing. Eric weary in our money lots what does the rookie look like in this situation giving getting extend its national the first team or its air Murray. What do you look like yet. But as animal and I make you change a little bit because I don't expect Eric Berry to play yeah I mean so we could be seeing a lot of situations with Eric Marie and our money lots on the field at the same time. Who got a it shines. This game SE you basically have a second team and a fourteen saved dia met answered yet because nobody wants cut if they'll get all the snaps the ball down the depth chart a little bit. So I need to and that's that's it that's a curious spot for me because sorts it out. For probably what the first 56 weeks of the season. So that's probably going to be or are filled in for him when bear is in there are money lots and it's time and there's I'm curious to me and LaMont wants is another got a lot he's got that I was on. You know and you know that's the pick that they got from the rams they traded markets Peters too and actually took our money lots he's got that I'm really really high on. So he needs to come out is great opportunities I mean how many rookies really get to tell their star. You know a money watch maybe one of those guys regular job. So I'm making a list right now the sport guys are really looking at with a closer I'll one and today's game aside from the -- he's got there about gonna have a I'm home everybody's have and I am certain individual players and giving is maybe some second tier guys number one was the mark Robinson number two was our money watts. Number for me is going to be David Amber's. You liked the 48 team recipient of air Warfield world. Like the cooler that she's Twitter was gonna hate the most like the guy that was gonna back hapless leading 3 o'clock segments during football season with Spain complaints about David Emerson because Philip games award and is it too early to put his fellow gains on AME. I mean that. He'll look like a guide to me that ahead at first team ball. Eric Warfield William RT Kendrick Lewis is guys that frustrate you in the secondary were Dave Emerson. He was getting cooked. He was didn't sought aid he has given up penalties it was not a good first impression for one David Emerson today and you're going up against Mohamed to new Calvin Ridley. Matt Ryan on the other side this could be a law on the first half for one David name. Give it percent chance he gets for concede. 8585. We say it looks like I'm thinking you're cooked and I can barbecue cooked in swelled to well that's a really bad game. Yeah it really that again remember we're. He's he'll he's first you'll training camp all right because remember all the exe and. David David Anderson economic caddie bones and David Emerson modular that we think we save of the game. Break it hanky fest out there. And she'll flags flying all over yeah I mean David Emerson Jimmy is on my list of guys look forcible Marcus Robinson our money wise David Emerson got Damian Williams. I think that this one of those games when it comes to running back. Ma'am arguments on my gimmickry and on a lot of care is almost there. I've gimmicks auriemma like four players five maybe at the absolute most of them like Fremont in his game I would necessarily that disappoint I don't really think as a running back you need a lot of carries to get ready for the season. Maybe you're holding three month off until the sinking in ours in the third game of the pre season and that's when you wanna unleash them a little bit. But this is one of those games if I saw a three month over their street clothes are not be very upset or disappointed about it. Damian Williams got five carries in the first game got twenty yards for a secured. This again I wouldn't mind you didn't 68 Carrey's didn't hate that thing care is tonight Damian Williams I think really at the opportunity got to prove himself in this games my four guys are to mark Robinson. Our money watts David Emerson and Damian Williams my four guys look for in tonight's game. You throw Spencer where they're a little too right we didn't see him on the field is coming up the knee injury. Restructured his deal to ensure himself a roster spot on this team I'd like to see what he looks like to be honest with. As far as dream goes on with a 100% on that site there's no reason right amount they're more than half you. Chemical care is get a little sweat and take them out. You know but. Who's going to be number two and number three your candor was as the concussion. Decent chance he gets cut. Who's the number two and who's number three situations in the field last week for precautionary reasons because that means like she Spencer tonight at night. Not salute him especially off the injury and yeah it's I think the chiefs and kind of let you know that they're gonna bring those guys back released slowly. The guys are coming off injury certainly be nice to see Spencer where get out there. Employ a little bit today are coming up just a bit will give me a chance to win a thousand bucks and our national cast on says. And all eyes are going to be impacted my home what are we looking for today from the quarterback will get into a nexus to drive. Right now it is George C so when a thousand bucks and national cancer contests and text word. PR OD. UCT. Products he 7081. Maybe 2000 dollar cash winner in the national dance contest extant porphyry. Is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City give your chance of the 121000 miles each weekday all you gotta do as an animal 3787. In one hour complete rules and listings over six cents or stacked now one more time for those in the bank. Harder here product PR OT UC ET product ER OEUUCT. 272881. We've got a little bit of breaking news right now in the war. Sports Ohio State. Announces that they will be done with their investigation. Fallen son day. Let's go around the room. What do we think is going to happen at 21 urban mine here. That he survives I think you survives and I think he did it. The bare minimum to survive because he went out he went on the offensive on that Friday is set up that blog Twitter message saying that he. And he took he took responsibility for line of the media Big Ten media days which was cattle and excuse that he gave. They also said that he did report the incident and he did the bare minimum to cover is as legally and survive. So Ohio State announced that the investigation into head coach Urban Meyer will be concluded on Sunday with the decision to be announced next week. And we only if we don't hear the decision on Monday that intelligent he's keeping his job that you fired him. You'll announce it earlier in the week the later we get in the week. This just feels like a Friday at 3 o'clock this house that Urban Meyer continues to be the head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes this just feels very very. Very obvious what's gonna happen here. I mean I don't wanna go out rain a percentage is I don't have enough information on its in Knoll. Enough to go a percentage on it while I hear somebody like Bruce Feldman who I trust. Very much when it comes to college football reporting when I hear him say this. I think from talking to people around this story and again it's not people who were investigating the people around it. I think there's a lot of people who feel like there is an increasing op increasing chance that he's gonna retain his job. That debt a lot of people are gonna say hey look did he do the right thing technically he'd technically he did now. The party investigation as to find out. What did he know when he knew about and then what did he do about it. That's certainly sounds like a means by the keep his job me and I do think it's fair to note this was not an external investigation. This was an internal investigation. I don't think Ohio State is looking for reasons to fire Urban Meyer I think the other to look at the reasons to not fire Urban Meyer so I'm expecting. Ohio State their first game I don't know who it is that's out of my head. I think that over Meyer will now be the head coach at Ohio State I think seven. He's gonna get fired over the Steele is going to be the AD but I would imagine that it there and pass the buck mode. And the Ohio state athletic department right now because her and says he reported the incident in 2015 about assistant coach it. Was arrested for domestic domestic violence he says he did the right thing. And he was doing that to pass the buck over the AD or the athletic department. So somebody's going down for this is not the idea in the eighties and pass the buck and somebody inside of his office that didn't do their jobs and get fired somebody it's fire I don't think it's her. Has been a lot of time talking about this aspect of it's I don't really think it's that big of a deal. But the hype and buzz going into this home sparred doesn't feel anything like the last one yet even though I think if you look at how the pre season progresses. There's no reason to really be excited about the last time and all it was wasn't going to be out there are a whole lot wasn't schedule Lott wasn't a whole lot of past now it's possible in the two. Possessions they had out there that could went down appealed to a touchdown but here's what they. Got to get enough wrestling and get the opportunities he wasn't gonna be utilized enough that is gonna sound weird I know obviously it's a very small sample size. The city's second biggest test we've seen so far back from home he's got to play an entire half. Against big teams in number one defense we've only seen that one time and our entire lives when it comes the wolves that was last year week seventeen against the Denver Broncos so we're breaking test. And difficulty of tests we've seen so far back from homes tonight is the second toughest test that we've seen so far like I'm really in arrests and about problems is gonna look against the defense with that Lena. It just doesn't elect the same buzz in anticipation as there and I did it this is the second time and not the first time British we wave our side about washing homes like today. If you are rushing home to watch the chiefs today. You can realistically go home just to watch behold he's gonna get enough of an opportunity he was never gonna get enough of an opportunity in the first receiving immigrants use. I've left after that first pre season game it enough if that makes it I think he's baiting did. They get the tubes at three possessions may be and long drives you know they're on the side so I. This is the what you should be pumped about you say the boat of the most important was on the Denver yet but do that now a full happy it's them against the falcons. May not think so I mean if you look at me I mean he started the fourth game of the pre season last year I mean that's kind of always game but yeah. This is say I'm not saying it's it's close to a regular season game as you can be of ambassador pre season game but still pre season. Just this is a nice test I wanna see how you look up there I wanna see if you're challenging teams downfield I wanna see what you look like in this game. I gotta come here make some big decree on Monday whether it goes right or wrong but this is a good litmus test of where we are in the development of one patrimony. Hit close to start the matter absolute yet so that and that's the really big part of it. What puzzles for me tonight I get a seat its decision I mean that's the thing that I wanna see the most is we know he's athletic Buick at least in place you know he's got a can't. Hit it the right decision to make the right protection calls things like that because of the things that really really good quarterbacks do it he's a much sees it needs to be perfect night but. You know if he makes the right decisions and throws the football away when he noses out there that I'm like okay we're Sumner is this Texas Tech. You know I mean this is this the NFL in their and the plane is landing it's pretty good team. Did he make the right decisions that's all Alicea and his team from a team aspect offensively of 110 points or no turnovers and three penalties. And no bad turnovers maybe the better way to say give me those three things on offense of the first half of the game. I'll be happy. I just wanna see overall efficiency from the offense I don't think that the offense was very efficient or very flew it in the first game against Houston Texans. That's kind of what I'm looking for today out his policy outfits that they are up fluid they are. And they put together really good drives I don't know how many you watch the Washington Redskins yesterday but. The first drives the Redskins like the same Alex Smith drive I've seen hundreds of times here in Kansas City got laid out on his first passed him he got smoked I mean they ran the ball pretty effectively he threw the ball really well he made a couple plays on on first down. He made a couple plays on third down with a speed data to stability in the drive that was the date for Alex Smith liked. It was a typical the same outset that you've seen him sitting over the last five years and that's exactly what you look like last night in Washington but I got to look at it after mulled though. Let's see the same thing how do you look at your first drive in the amount you're not saying they're gonna do a whole lot of game planning. But I wouldn't mind seeing one really fluid one really easy drive the kind of exhale a little bit and kind of get a glimpse of what the chiefs' offense is gonna look like I agree. And a percent Nancy Pelosi had to all of us feel like I wanna I wanna look at homes that okay he can beat. But he looks comfortable. You know he looks like he's he's in good rhythm he's fine but there may place his doubts that I watched a little bit ridiculous does first drive. Psyche did and he was smooth and better that has been legal long time I'll get at least some of that vibe from homes than we do that are pretty. And if anything it just would really easy yep and I wanna see the guys look like I'm not comparing the chiefs' offense of the Patriots offense but if you watch the two Brady drives yesterday as you know so it look easy yesterday I did look very easy. Very nonchalant just where the patriots we go to on the field we score on a minute complete 80% of my assets because you guys are what's become his pre season. We're gonna scored two touchdowns here I'm gonna go sit and I'm gonna go get ready for the regular season. We think that she's often have a chance to be very very dynamic show me dynamic. I don't see any dynamic in the game against Houston Texans are it's one pre season game. You're playing a past year I can't see one drive that makes me think all right that's the offense I think at the chance to be top five maybe the best offense in the NFL. Does ask for one drop like that unless and you gotta give me a whole half a disaster for one drive that makes you think this is the chief's office we've been talking so much about unpaid. How does she won't get a touchdown pass and because I need to see it touched out of this office. I just wanted to give it get it out of the way his first touchdown passes star he can move on I mean how many times we've seen it. You know for ball players like a lot for the Myers and men don't that first hit for a couple games and then the pressure mounts in the pressure mounts would you get that first hit. Get a little way so we can can relax and go out there play and not so policy form and it. I got this tinge of not being quite as confident this week for some of the stuff that I heard said and that starts to scare me a little bit and that's what once you never really good drive from the profits of one perspective is that other killed. After last week's game against the Texans. I need those guys get a rhythm too because they did do very good job last week salt see those guys ignorant to protect. And coming up will catch up with the guys from arrowhead pride tailgate but it is the segment that you controlled texting your questions Tex lines 69306. Working are ready for that she's preceding it with a little cheese ask us anything with the guys aren't pride coming up nexus drive. MVP electric heating. Drive presented. Today. You want answers I mean I think I'm entitled to. There's I want the truth that would be anonymous strategist at Jack Nicholson at least this would have been a lot better that you. Handle the truth. We welcome me and the guys on the air and my AOK if they join us live in studio package ready for. The cheese and bout is tonight with a little different addition. Ask us. Anything texting your questions Tex lines 69306. If you've got to cease question art she's experts will answer them like calling you both chiefs experts. The though we're around lightly but. Tickets and I don't know if you can itchy expert like 23 years old life. If you don't remember Watson Dudley Nellie gave I don't know if you can be considered a cheese expert but I mean you know you work at prides he got in expert in something Galena league it was actually one of my first chiefs memories of my lifetime I kid you not mean more U 67. Like I think it might threaten the worst memories that are fine. You know it started off with a start off with a bank. Us well text your questions tax 69306. We will answer them over the next. Ten minutes first what do you think about the distribution a pack some homes do you expect him to get 4000 yards who do you think at least it's 1000 yard. I do expect Patrick Holmes to kind of be around that 4000 yard range I'm not sure. That's. I'm not sure that it's going to be the prettiest all the time I think he might have a higher turn everything you expect and in trips tells the I think he he's a thousand yard receiver this year. Yeah I think Travis Kelsey is going to be the go to guy from homes that I look at Travis Kelsey viewers like who's the most important weapon on this team to its Kelsey because it does no one like him in the NFL other than ground. I can't stand the field. Thinks that. Why it's gonna get double as the touchdowns issue you guys are. Is close I mean that's part of the reason that he's here he's going to be a great red zone threat and I think he's. He's able to kind of balance that feel he's gonna get opportunities over there people are paying too much attention Travis policy I think he could I don't think he's been over a thousand are proceeding but I do you think you'll score lots of ads. Exactly happens and because I think that's one of the reason Rodham and your reasoning you sort of zapped Tyreke hills superpowers when you get him. Inside the red zone disease tiny and he can't get a whole lot of space over there. Instead what it's last year at fifteen or it was eleven targets select and so the red zone seven album were ahead. Seven touchdowns like crazy to eat I have to say by the way I locate loved to see anyone that gains drive music I love I love the heart the hard work between us and you have allowed. At training camp as I expected him to be but I think he'll be a red zone threat yeah I think so too and I think that's one of the reason what brought them here because of an egg is targeted Albert Wilson a bunch in in the red zone last year he's gone so. Maybe I am hater. Might pick it feels like Robert Wood Sammy. It kind of feels like a guy that's gonna have like 750 yards and five touchdowns this season IE does count as their fields me that I reeks gonna eat. Because he's just a more dynamic player that he is. Congress Kelsey obviously is going to eat it like I think a lot of the predictions about the chiefs are so based on last year in what they got from the corner position. Does think they're gonna you bore us from a numbers perspective at quarterback. It would you take away like opportunities now by the people aren't just not a tiles and Watkins with other people are really high. I ask Sammy Watkins right away with that with a cut off Harrison is it a different year for you when he answered real passively he's like I kind of like this role of not having to be the guy and so he might just. More rain into that role of you know maybe not having as much production as people expect us is like a solar weird being something enemy he wasn't that an analyst Ellen yeah relatively. I had begun and the reptilian part our techs like 69306. It's a question them and Arnold she's ask us anything. Over under Justin Houston sacks thirteen and a and a. I would go under. Without I think he had nine and a half last year I think there's going to be other chiefs that are getting sacks Chris Jones seems like he's real honored energized and determined and I think there may be some more rotations with the outside linebackers especially if speaks. Antenna can show at K we can be on the field as young yes I do you think thirteen hassle little too ambitious for me that the high over under I would say double digits is still fairly low double digits maybe 1011. I think your over under is more like ten and a half inch than the team I think he's gonna get doubled this pressure on me. He says he's healthy this year an unbelievable. You have got nine and a half on one leg you tell me kid eleven or twelve. And on with that with a healthy in the I think we under sell that his fans and his media people we don't fully understand what it's like to be an outside edge rusher. With a with a shredded knee you know I think it takes awhile to come back and and he's not a guy who talks the F word has socked in the past and really not follow through when Justin Houston talks usually means when he says. I think thirteen and a half is like really optimistic and like us best case scenario formed Obama saying he can't do it put like. The numbers are normally in the skeptics favour of your underperform ordeal injured throughout the course of the season I would take the Unger by the we all agree I would take. To me nine and a half this problem it's added I feel really good about the overly tent and asked. Thirteen you have to mile ignite your estimate of 1450. To comfortably at the over. I would take the under if those are my two scenario and the team guys last year that got double digit sacks in the so I think Justin used to do that he's gonna its monopoly. Politics and has a really good question the question we're gonna talk about why are we paying Sammy lock in sixteen million dollars a year if he's not going to be dug guy. I got a big receiving what does it justify the contract he has to have the touchdown numbers you guys think he's gonna have like. If you don't think he's get a thousand or the U wanna be thing no. Any doesn't hit nine touchdowns or ten touchdowns this season that's a really bad contract for the chiefs. Super underrated part of this offense to mean hammer yes because of injuries and things like that that Sammy Watkins is really the only Britain beach guy in this office and selling it back in itself you want him to produce for you GM up every other guys that Dorsey guy look yeah and he's a basket chairman they're gonna throw in the fact. But it's here he's relentless. One you know one target and that's part of the reason you know I do think that's Jamie Walker is gonna be third in the pecking order when it comes targets but I think his value to your point I think it's going to be some value in the red zone. I think he balances the few nights harder it's gonna be harder for them to pay attention to Tyree kill and Travis Kelsey they've got a lot of threats. On various spots in the field it's gonna still be beneficial b.s can be beneficial for this offense regardless of he's overprotective draws attention yup. But sex 69306. Do you think Brian Pringle is going to make the roster. I don't I think he's a great practice squad candidate and he's showed out a bit in training camp this is too many wide receivers it's crazy we're just a few years off of the no wide receiver having a touchdown but this is a deeper room now and and they can make it. It's going to be hard for him to make this roster but he has shown a lot each a lot of improvement. During training camp. I definitely should be on the practice squad when it's also I think there's just too deep at receiver I mean I think that's which is a great problems that she's bracket for buyer for. Column attacks on societies are six subsidy was only to ask. All eyes Dez Bryant not getting much interest do you think you'd be a good fit with the sheets. Now now I just. There's such an emphasis with the chiefs now I think on character guys I think they're trying to do this thing in the locker room when there's no selfish do's and that's the anti selfish community and I think we'll end up in Cleveland when it's all said and done and how he handled the role of a fourth target. I mean he's so what he's gonna be down in the pecking order if he's if he's here that it's not happening. Odd Tex on six that these are six techs has some really good questions which Williams back to DC it will be the most productive. By what everyone has been saying it looks like. Damian and Jamie and some nice job and training camp showing all aspects of the running back position and that's what you need to do when there's so many running backs going at it. I think Darrell Williams is interesting that he might be just a little bit too young now I think he's on the practice squad candidate incur when it's cut. Damian has a role he is carved a role for himself he's going to be more of your pass catching. Third down kind of guy and I think he's gonna have agree here. This is they questions from cared enough and it's excellent. Good question isn't it I mean that's you know that's that's why you pay the big boys our guys know that you guys do in the tailgate. And ethics this. I do only at. If you greatly two you know the middle of the Las Vegas desert you put it on the planet probably save as and it was breaking bad. Real I'd probably say it doesn't make the team if it really comes Anna which is said to me because he's such a good dude and again. I think. He's he cut it in to save the salary there's little under two million dollars in savings if you Legos for candor quest there's a ton a town running backroom. I don't think he now contains. The viable you'll notice the thing and that's the good thing. Does a fair question does the sword today if they let him go we can't let that spotless five point three what they do I think with the IR rules now that you can come back if he's having complications and he's not healthy jumps on the ire is a clear hierarchy and you can bring it back now later in the season if he's healthy and ready to go but this is a lot of money for it's not that great save our injury guy Ahrens and medical expert Aaron Morgan he has said you don't really come back a 100% from such an interesting thing to watch with this case yeah I think this is his last year in Kansas City regardless I think they would cut them by now if they had planned on kind of movement on these days do though right BYU guys if you read love story was this great school and the eyes and excellent six 306. Do you think there's any Robles sleeper on the defense. Roll bull sleep on that what's let's go with Reggie rag I think he's got it seems to be a extremely productive player this year the chiefs love them they're gonna give them opportunities he's gonna stay on the field longer than people expect. And more situations. He's a guy I think can have a really nice here. I actually think they were asking the question of guys that will like. Actually made the Pro Bowl not guys that after like eighteen people say aren't I'm not gonna go and they just asked that goes through the back because we don't let my like like a quarterback that would Liza with a with a dare car. Decline. That you Opel because I 40% of the NFL makes a horrible I don't think there's any real sleepers but I think Kendall Fuller might have a shot he's impressed me camp I think he's legit player. All attacks 6906. If you let guests do the chiefs sign another quarter. Now I just don't think they have the money in knowing if it it just comes down to the money I just think they're against out against the cap right now and I don't think they're gonna be able to afford one of these guys is gonna get offers now. Thank you see the injuries across the leading BC to be too expensive and they've shown them and they're young guys that have really kind of shown a little bit recently the Montrae way to aryan springs. In two months Smith I think people like those guys I think at least two of them end up on the 53 when it's also and a vicious between some of that was really interesting because I think that the number that's been out there cap space it's available like eight million dollars each week. What was definitely look at that number is that right. I find that. Yeah I mean who would with the way it works is if if year more like more than likely suit to reach that that incentive. It counts against her captor this year it's is that not all of those things are public. So you you may be a lot closer to the cat and you realize in that these web sites realize they may be clustered like three or four million left an 891000. Last question here if you could Mike got any cheese player. Who would you pick. Oh Chris Jones Baghdad is fascinating I would love to hear him Mike de. I would say. Tyree killed I think Terry keel is into staying in and I think he he talks a little more smack than people realize. I actually kind of warm homes Mike's of deceit or use it come on guys I need to see just the whole time through our program I felt like sometimes would you like. They do that I've never once have they might dump LeBron I'm like LeBron beside you did your teammates. Fired up ready to pledge to give the worst pregame speeches ever. Just loved Dijjer what Holmes everybody fired up and rah rah speeches of the tells me it would be very very funny. Tell us what you guys have coming up in the pregame Eisen is up. The chiefs we'll be talking about achieved so much playing time you can expect will be talking about the defense the offense the offensive line is it too big of a problem won't let him get on to that and will be leading you right up to game time at 6 o'clock. We'll keep locked in right here on six and Sports Radio for the air ahead pride tailgate show Ericsson for Fannie. For cats took the podcast basics and sports dot com it'll say please drive.