08/09 - Uncle Hud!!!!

The Drive
Thursday, August 9th
Rex Hudler is a very positive individual and despite the Royals record, he's found a lot to look forward to! 

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He's a long time royals broadcaster friend of the show. Rex other budget there. What are court should MI there. How about our ability to let her get upwards to area while the other two with a good attitude that's important. But we're reluctant to ensure your update we have a long time. Brought cancer coming out of that you have any here or not that I know he's Stewart. How long time should he got what time did your lot. It's a long time I'm short. And hopefully. I'll get there which is ever open a lot of fun watching the no talent here in the state. What. And we're happy to be able to go off market site to talk about is field goal that little. Not stick to taught my. One. He's real time about my love for the royals stadium will be watching these young talent in public is cubs series lost one game. 11 game in the fifth inning in a tightly regulated and they bloom in game three to me. And the crazy year maybe is about royals glasses on looking through steam. Ticket back I see some light at the end of the tunnel micro is here. Well the rule book and a long term cure which is not only 930 your former culture is we have we have. More. Who were. She knows how to do all recorder. You know re building it forms system will actually Arctic patrol cop but figure. See we're seeing what we've got emotional. In the market received that in but he may call it's your turn around. But you'll we go to. You. Those fiber optic how great to hear those guys will it. They'll figure out all the pieces are developing their own it is rare. LOG paper it out. And so pieces that are there but it. Happened overnight unfortunately we wanna do but we're. Not a lot. Oh. 40. And it would cheer came along we export to what year it myself. A little frustrated or. In between commercial I'm like oh wait it out but you know what it's at. A little bit of boat of the world mentality that we seen near the city of it. More or. It's beautiful older. But let me ask you this looks like to have a little bit more fun than they were early in the season do you notice that Sheila I really noticed it when Brad Phillips at the trip last night. And I get about the guys in the dugout just looks like the addition of Mike Pereira. Rose gallery there and and Brad Phillips and guys like that in the fall again. Yeah we talk about energy a lot because it's it's the truth is that. Singletary. Got a cute it's illegal to Carter's office in your players that are. There are acres and their players that are here were so bluntly saying. But more guys that of course are hot chocolate but it has room. If you look in order to have well aware of what the field this year look at this guy you know from Cincinnati it. Go. Out there at the minor minor league player and more we got a garden like. Lord what it was appreciation for the game. Select all and pick the check out the right heel in Britain all the feel like. You know just. It is sad that they should look good and then next thing you know on the race him out on the field you know. You know why. Lag energy. That you are those those kind of players you keep it and I know all well as here though. But it is clear yet you get older we will darts out starting at the picnic arc believe it will everyone has their own timetable. But he stood there and apps because. There too a doctor and it is negative yardage book to get rid of some of the things got a lot of guys got so. You know you'd kick it upon himself but look you can really go out there saying RC dot Brad. Our our nightly basis. Attempting to watch that's a style change bill that you bloody war goers especially. All of the double what it does that force you to all call. It you'll start blue water sport you know I think you're up at bat in the life. But an idea about about how. How you can get out folks in and ridiculous those you'd like more like Kelly giving up its regional pitcher but so are acutely through. It inning and then that would give built competence I think he's drag a police these Biggio. Start we got gonna hit. That's really impressive until a couple more there'll be more or you'll start since September. A lot but we're still a lot out here look for these. Right now we're talking to royals broadcaster Rex toddler putts beacon of those young guys yesterday he Sylmar was maybe the best start we've seen from royals guys so far. Training is really excited about the potential young rotation that they have with Brad Keller Jacobs units into east Phil Myers looking for reasons to be optimistic those guys might be. At the top of that list. That's why they will talk about it and admit to a child shall guard AOL. Or your. Coach in the majors. Every single role his long career Major League career he's done it all started clothes and leave reliever. She's doing nice job a young guy. War all of your war with. Communicated to figure they obviously cal. Really outstanding legal work while I'm very ovitz coaches critical right over the Kerry Bradshaw it. Prayer Asia this year in its first year walking guys struggle for. But now the former how cool what are greet them now it's a worker elect. With a belt around very about it yet elsewhere. We jokes starting pitchers are all in all. Would you ever eat that but it gets the ball that's going to be the key moving forward. Into the secret and that that for the oil out. It's. Been a couple of days and then apparently hit some more steel. We're back to a competing in the market take that law. And that's our guy rec solar hug go enjoy the off Damon. Start diaper. But a chance to talk operates like a lot but it's great be what you see dot. I was so proud that you buckle your seat yet and I couldn't say myself. But order to bring down the rate model. But but you don't wait till we get what you or other outfit like guys it's not what we do for ourselves. No but I appreciate it my mom she was really happy for all the nice things you said about us on TV. Are out there that we can see are. Well. Should. No wonder your that you're. Outlook hopeful. That's our guy reg solar power always gets Odyssey is there. That's our guy even as honey do list yeah they don't gotta you gotta have all honey do list speaking of the royals speaking of greats. Remember I was telling you guys about how on the team the cities are they were trying to find the best player every position yeah. Today they have moved to third baseman. Right now and achieve the city dot com you can vote for the third best RC's meet the best third baseman. In the royals' fifty c.s in history as part of the all time team the option you have. Our dairy diet Eddie who won a silver slugger award in in the last of his three season but the way he played three seasons that the royals he had 61 old rugs he finished tenth in the MVP voting no one sees you can vote for him. Also vote for Mike we stock is to tell alls I gotta tell you guys buy him. You can also vote for the Joker Joseph Brandon played for the royals two different times now eight seasons. But I can Pelham and he wasn't old enough to vote for him you also over booked for Kevin Sites there really wasn't all starts consecutive rookie of the year and the other guy do before. Although George Brett a member of the baseball league hall of fame Brett won a batting title in three different decades one AL in BP thirteen time all our ALCS MVP. And you don't. Help the royals little World Series also has over 3000 hits a gold glove in three silver sluggers so you can vote yet. Between that she asks Jerry guy and he might stock is Joseph Randy and Kevin Sites there. On who degrade his third baseman and royals history really in the city ducked down really important question because I want people to go public in any idea how much time we have left to vote that's. I'm not sure there's 500 in two votes in so far gonna vote for Joseph arraigned and see if I'm the first person in the vote for George and Jose entities that actually played third base for the royals in 2004. George Brett has 90% of the vote my stock is has 5% a little going to be such as jewelry and adds 2% Kevin Sites or has won at up there so you aren't. Coming in the voting for the other I don't know you'll hear Eddie right now I feel good reporter for the guy he's like Billy Joseph peculiar Gregg Jefferies her. Or Craig park entered dean Paul I can get those guys and that doesn't the other if you would like to put those people only Melville peninsula into.