08/09 - Looking Back at the Decision of 2017

The Drive
Thursday, August 9th
Any buyers remorse with Deshaun Watson coming into town tonight? 

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Maybe that's why you called a hater because. You guys might remember us. But there was a time. Before many of us knew Patrick Holmes Watson there was a time that there was eight another quarterback that you desperately wanted Ira. Amber what geno Smith back and I remember there was somebody in I'm not gonna say hello. Wrote a blog post about how this guy was a winner and how Kansas City need to go. And I remember watching as quarterback play in the national championship game multiple times against Alabama who's really really good at all right yeah. Watch as quarterback multiple times against Alabama. And I remember picky and you know what I had the chance to be really really good NFL player. And I remember the realistic. Up thinking you know. The cheese could potentially have a chance at said quarterback because it was very obvious that the chiefs were gonna draft a quarterback after that she Steelers game. It was clear that she's gonna go any different direction and in the unthinkable. The chiefs were 27 and then they jumped all the way up the San. And this quarterback was available this quarterback was on the board in the she's had a choice new with the red and the blue pill they had a choice at what they wanted to do. And they chose Patrick alt the quarterback I'm talking about is Du'Shon Watson. You are pretty used to accidentally or quarterback leads John wants so well. Can we be honest Kansas City it would be a spam here with the eight of you listening. Is little buyer remorse is there don't want it because I know it exists with Maine. I don't know I watched Shawn Watson last year in the NFL. And C member when they went to new England and how well he played in that game jump Watson threw nineteen. Touchdown passes last year an injury shortened season but he. And he really really really good season last year but I am wondering you cheeks fans I know you'd think homes the second coming. I wonder if there's a little bit what it if there's a little bit of buyer's remorse now that you've seen how good show on wanting him. From there's not. An and I wanted to shot lots coming out I was I was with rock. Not what I was I wanted to shot lots of other team's going to be gotten is I saw a lot more about what it was terrific in the way competed against Alabama won a national championship. I thought he was the that's the guy that I wanted an Izod. And found out and learn a little bit more about Patrick Holmes Anne and no I don't have buyer's remorse I think it. Lots of good but he feels. And that is the back affairs and he feels a little bit like RG three to me. Yet any injury ecology correct in college correct yeah okay and now he's got another one. So there's too many injuries. And he has the ability in Italy each year he seems like. He is the he could potentially be. A little injury prone now is he talent can run all over the RT sling it absolutely and he's gonna be really really good quarterback and stay healthy I don't elected that would. And it happens in warlord about Patrick bombs the more solidly in the pre season what does salt do in Denver. And what I think he's going to be able to be in this league to hold them happier would that. Sex line 69306. A lot of people on the same can't beat you. Watson is RG three homes is bar with a permit voice another person yet paper means another person no none at all C dot. I just asked the question because we all were in Kansas City Specter you Wear your fitting you Riordan. If we get done this exact same poll January 1. When he 161. Quarterback do you want to shout want to get reliable solid blocks of wood short. You pick to shell won a lot reported and that brought a lot to its sure gonna be great quarterback. The tests so. I can Foley's here and say that I think that was wrong in wanting to show on what if we do this after the come out and say you're wrong you get all this Watson play in the NFL so for grain it it was six games yet we saw play. He completed 60% of his passes he had nineteen touchdown passes and eight interceptions. In an eight point three yards per attempt is not like to show lots and was okay. Michelle it was really really really good at what bogeys and what is this though like what what's one of the things that makes him so dangerous. To be at his mobility and the fact get away from guys and run. Sec knee injury that concerns me a little bit and that's why draw the RG three compares. I mean a lot of people are making that same comparison I think it's good he's black so I think he's easier made that compares with regard to reason through Debbie what he's built like into and he's more to slander guy. Normal to me is a little bit more stout in in on that that's all once and a lot of people haven't as fears about. About personal it's just torn ACL as well a double teams that would concern me to New York one ACLU get another one sort or at I just look at Michelle wants it and I. Maybe I am the only persons present Linksys I will always link homes and Michelle wants to visit she had a choice it's not like to shop it. It's not like Mitch for this. Look at what if we would introduce you get the cheese were never going to get hitched up his yeah with our overall the chief or not 127 to three but the chief of 27 to team and we all wanted to take a quarterback. They took a quarter. They took Patrick Holmes over to shout outs and Megan and being a 100% correct Ganassi with did you spar both teams. We'll see what happens but they had a choice of what goes all want to be the next the young. In my whole it being 08 and it looks at the and they miss yet. If he goes at eagle at the end up being an argument the right decision by don't know how you can see how good shall Watson is think about most educated Citi won the chiefs' draft shall Watson. And the in my home became the flavor of the week a lot of people fell in love with them that she's what are you only team. The giants like in the saints would like about it is like it was just the chief that would have missed a home homes by just I don't know how cute and cities can't think of what if for a quarterback in the game. At the very beginning of the drafting process. Everybody wanted to tell her I would say after the mine still majority of people wanted to show want to give this city didn't really want homes until Andy Reid really won it because you say this it was obviously. Everybody would wanted to shout once he seemed perfect for the chiefs' offense he seem like somebody you could instantly plugin that she's often abused or from day one. He was spore from day one with what we saw last year is always gonna have what it shall wants at least this early on in their. All it I guess the only time that I'll probably sit back and link those two as if what albums really good one of them really bad and I hope it's Watson that's not to go to. You know because it if we go back in the east Texas dog a couple is not a Angeles who ruled the shot Watson and Holmes turns out to be just average. Then yet that Ali and I'll think about the what ifs. Especially had a chance to get that but. She's got a really quarterback Philip they have got its gonna be really special I understand that. I just don't go Russians and while this is like the class in 1983. Or this is the Big Bang class where out where it was Hannah Ely who builder and Philip Rivers that last so. I'm not ready to go there yet to suit their careers. Mean saying god is saying is right I mean they're the very beginning of the career we will he's got we got a much bigger sample of what shall wants them look like. Able to gather to be a top ten quarterback in the league a much bigger sample what we got what are in the date and he started what the second half of that game number that game at Cincinnati on the road yet. There are an ugly game for him to date yet but still you may that one really big play he did that in the game like Edith. Lot of people like the intangibles that winners yes all while this seems to have a lot of those contained no targeted a big difference to me would RG three is not an injury thing is his team facing a light. The teammates RG three never released to be big fans never releasing it even in which is a big part of playing quarterback especially the young. Yeah until I mean RG three was doing subway commercial before every day and you know I mean he can't do that yet about their plan if you get a debt and all the respect the world for the shot Watson what he did in college. I mean talk about the ultimate competitors Europe yet it was terrific doesn't win football games so. If I don't know it's going to be fun to see both these views on the on the field for the first court. Run this. Story by you guys from the big league between one of the more popular sports blogs in the country. I didn't wondering this question on the homes of maybe it is impossible to get a correct answer just given where we are. Because I think theories a huge gap in a divide of what everybody outside of eight point 6913785. Think about homes. Everybody inside of the Donald big leads and going there every single day and they did a story Jason was doubt I'll have a lot of respect for lives in the McNabb won't want to. He ranked the top fifty quarterbacks in the NFL he had a shot wants RC he had Patrick Holmes won he won. The only full time quarterbacks that he had on on the homes that was case keynote. Eli Manning matured this key late portals eighty Dalton Tyrod Taylor Joseph Flacco. And ranking those the only full time quarterback everybody else was like a strange guy rookie of the body like Rosen somebody like Arnold's like baker mayfield who could spark and could not start a talking of guys we know we're gonna be the stars. There appears to be a very big divide and Howard showed today they did the pro football focus with the top quarterbacks homes not in the top twenty. There appears to be a pretty big divide between what people in town think double think he can get top quarterback that you could go for badly are speaking at a thirty touchdowns. What people outside the air you really think about homes when it comes to raking him compared with contemporary. It's fair I think it's fair to put it it's point one we had seen enough of them have to really know hasn't gone out there and done and I mean I think. You out for rank on potential maybe this was is completely different Mercedes 21 best quarterback Italy he's played one game. You know and he's he's above Joseph Flacco. Got to see my home I palms against issued at least an artery once she gets halfway through the season or get a year into the league I think oh shoot you know. I think you'll be a top ten guy I really believe that he can't break and he had that he's played one game and it's a game that did matter in week seventeen and a good he won that game. You know he did enough to win the football game we obviously nobody has the potential makes throws a lot of guys can't. At the ability to escape and get that make plays into all those things it's a fair ranking isn't. Because we see and one regular season game I understand it. I don't know if this is high taker announcement you could play a sounder few I think homes today is a better quarterback Joseph Flacco I think yeah I just like a stone I think Joseph Flacco was absolutely don't. On the east good quarterback and I would want. And it's at right now I rather have. Even if we eliminate the contract money perspective more homes are Joseph Flacco and the add pressure although I think Joseph Flacco was absolutely walk out and homes to the same clothes.