08/09 - Fanning's Pre-Game Notes (Non-Mahomes)

The Drive
Thursday, August 9th
Peak excitement for Chiefs preseason is today, Fanning gives you five things to watch for tonight 

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Explain I don't know if you guys are aware that if you don't expect. But it's like mojo thing. I don't know how you gonna hide the ball yeah I I don't need nobody don't Michael delete my kids I know it's not like 111 it's not like well. Going it's anybody else like you what was the guys to watch whether or not they've Patrick Holmes in. In no particular order. What did Williams is a guy that would have Britney still picket city star. You are back up stacked up like this guy is in the back of the war like situation starter. Got pretty good. Anyway in this tonight. Had a chance to lock himself up a roster spot pitcher can't request on. You know how the discussion right now I think gain in ways of running back and earn himself the job of the relievers did pre season. Eric birdie is another world. Dan Sorenson out with after avenue Easter is going to be operate monsters in eight weeks. So Eric Berry has the chance to earn himself a starting spot in the same strategies that you is that. If they need to cut swords and and save five point three million bucks really speaks duo talked about a whole lot right now because all it's all the homes all the time against city. But he's number two on the depth chart behind these forward and I can't wait to see what he does tonight for months that the kick returner so people say is almost as fast as. As the chief himself for months that's going to be returning kicks stayed till it's dead. He's the politics is excited the most about C in his god. Glad Tron Smith has a little bit of first team all training camp Renault he might. He has a lot of money team all treated to hundred no light and I saw early OP has success I just saying of this he could be as fast as I read Jill Scott. I instead each training tables. They're out there output policy at Richard Nixon if that's the case. We got that got it speed return antics. Look at Samuel he's got fortunately it is worthless butt out tonight and of course I didn't. Why trade can't brushing up. I summer fling just learned his name a week ago Blake back those who is you know it's man and a blue Mac act. The played lights didn't Arkansas State numbered it number 88 U program liberal in my heart he was Albert play a lot of definitely he's got on the pro. The receiver where a number eighty alliger drugs he is like if all that's what are today it is this guy's big he's physical decorated. Very toppling match 5750. Who followed the importers not get slaughtered like that problem. I'm not gonna lie on a more hope to. Animals that I outlets. Some of these guys Damian Williams about made a very very good point about where he sits in the running back battle. I could see them maybe putting charge him or west on I'll RT gained about a concussion protocol really are really quickly. Having the ability to bring him back at the middle part of the season and seeing what you get from Damian Williams. I think they really like short in the west I think it's that it just some guys they really really like. Whether it be impasse blocking situations like it was last year were Turkey under west helping a special teams are doing other things I think they would look for a reason to keep charts and request. But if you're not healthy you're gonna have to do something at the very beginning of the season I could see him starting the year on IR hit it in the giving Damian Williams at least some horror running backs out of bigger really than use a whole lot in his office. But without injuries happen in the NFL man sometimes being that third string running back up an app is prince where's your instantly the backup in the NFL. At church ever makes a little over two million bucks twosome and there's that to think about right anyway Anke said what last week they got about eight million. Under the cap right okay yeah and I think they're gonna free up some money before the deterrent it with. Eric Marie I would be very curious today if he plays well. Because I think he's title and then it. Oh lying. If he plays really portly these first two games I can see that she's at least bringing in somebody like Eric Reed at least for work now know he's maybe just put a little fear and air Murray hey you're not. We're not getting what we'd like for you wanna see a little bit more I wouldn't say he has that spot locked up when they get also works at that spot I don't think so either he got available state like your read the same thing we saw what the tightly brought in to any Vicario and they brought an air agreed. To be peace bring him in all work outs if he has something you see if he's the guy that you can add on your roster. I like Aaron Murray he was one of the guys I was expecting to be a training camps are coming into have a whole lot about him I think that's to be expected with much bigger story lines at least on the teams of well I think. You know things with. You know in the geez can't get out of that so more than likely swords and going to be. I mean he's got a free agent until 2020 wanna keep it out of his field of animal five IR I mean he's he get in and he's got two bad things don't form. He's what 248 or nine years old in X five point three Nellie and her right to back album out of here. We did a source of just going to be on I had to reload on once he got injuries he's on injured reserve list of other little Britain speaks that we have heard much about him in camp but you know he's number two on the depth chart. He's he's I think he got on you know behind Justin Houston of teachers steel used in tonight because you know get to the quarterback is a thing that we talked about. Yeah I see some personal. It speaks I don't mean. I don't know how much she's going to be in the game today's what's really Arctic on an army if any if he's gonna play happens only gonna be good but it's cute thing Bruins beat had a chance to be a legitimate star of the way I think the chiefs do with pre who speaks. But I did see maybe being in two series I don't know if he's somebody is gonna be in enough to really get a good understanding. Aborted is more than anything maybe from a some of those other guys wait to check in the game is really import and telling us what they think about a guy like Tonto past you know. Are you and what's as far as the first quarter argue part of that rotation are you played in the fourth quarter of the pre season game. That's not where you wanna before god that many of us are expecting to get some contribution from the season and Alec really speaks are you playing in the second half of this game. I think we're in how they use guys if or how long they use guys we need to tell us if they're really trying to get a good look at guys or maybe where they're stating is with the team. Yeah I would imagine if it is the depth chart is accurate with what we're look at I don't even look at that as being well. Is it where they are right where there and you know and breathe and speaks is just the second team right now that's the case I would expect the same in the second quarter to quit a bit of. Got lights on submit to get I I really feel like he has first team all trading camper no room yeah. Sixth round corner guy they've really lie really fans will see if he can make the adjustments amok and it cellular guys really good really bad yeah Brady can't I don't know if you can relive body weight quarterback play a whole lot in training camp Woolsey today how we used if you can stand out on a couple plays. He says first team all of training keep in Britain over I feel like every year there's a guy like that every year there's a guy like two months met. A mid round draft pick small school really fast god it is really gets talked about nineteenth let's see if he can go bald NC if you got a breakdown mall well. Reason I brought him that nothing do with the employing quarter special teams as me. Excited about him and no idea that he Thompson got a guest later Wright matter return kicks but let's she which are months that can and if he turns out to be. A speedy guy that can return kicks in place special teams. And I'm looking a little bit forward here maybe this is a little bit too much too early but if he becomes that cavity take some words are outside regular not put it in the parking meter. Yeah I don't think salons may mean. I haven't seen a lot of trauma Smith I think aside from the few days and a B team but. Do you have a truly special player maybe the best punt returner in the NFL entire retail. I don't know two months but does that special kind of player he can certainly help the kick return somebody else is going to have to do it I'd just think the chiefs seem to have with guys like short hitter was when he was healthy with guys -- at the Thomas and put this team that gave told ads in which tit for charges are as important aren't as valuable as they used to be. But that's really your best chance the make the team to show some value and special teams and just BA do anything kind of guy got the can really stand out old film was it two months ago I certainly expect him to be on the team will see what happens any entity is being downed tree out. Like our receive it talked about you know special teams to appreciate games as well my favorite things to watch other. Because due to build up their fight for jobs or go to their head on their own utterly lick on somebody. And special teams you can really get some pretty violent pretty you know pretty intense it's on some of these plays a guy you never heard.