08/09 - Chiefs Preseason is a Classic Will Smith Movie

The Drive
Thursday, August 9th
So, which Will Smith movie are we going with???????

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You know that I'm the master of analogies of and I am the master of relationship analogies well to win that. That title so where does that self given it was it was given to me just after a long. They knew was grind here on six cents portrayed got so in my opinion the great romantic comedy ever created movie which. If you have not seen the movie hits to break it down for you Wilson at. He is a date doctor name Alex it's me is trying to help Kevin James the King of Queens he's trying to help them with. Allegra Cole who is this like big socialite IL ITR two Agricole is in the movie who her real life compares some bait so. Alex kitchens help Kevin James this date with electrical. And then they're talking about a first kiss and he says something that forever changed the life of one Kevin James and this is now all she's being the feeling today. Eight at a time when we believe that the first kiss we'll tell them everything they need to know about the relationship. And believe me he has definitely thought about. She is out of course that she's gonna act. Do. Spoke to deal with the big deal. If you'll pardon list. To wrap your head around this. Tomorrow night. Allegra coal. Could have her relaxed. First kids. So tonight she Spain's. Aero head. At 730. All I believe it's Casey to 85. This could be for the next fifteen years you'll. Just pre season game in which you see your new franchise quarterback because look this up by that a little bit of Google's today on the Google Google machine. Nine out of the current thirteen arts degree 32 teams in the NFL they have already found their forever quarterback. Whether it's agreement Packers in the air rotten weather with the New England Patriots and Tom Brady whether it is the New York giant Eli may. It has been done before where it seemed that the exact same thing that you did. -- quarterback develop them put the resources into and it had that quarterback for the last in seasons we have seen teams like the Seattle Seahawks who have found their forever quarterback the San Francisco 49ers who believe they have found Jimmy Rob Lowe. The Eagles that feel they have found them with Carson wins the lawsuit does rampant with your golf. I'm telling you that's happened before so today could be the last time that you ever feel this way about a quarterback at least for the next ten to fifteen years. You could potentially found or forever quarterback tonight could be your last first kiss with Patrick a home. It means there's eight. And what are the chances that Holmes is around here for fifteen and that's pretty slim that again quarterbacks and stuck around outlawed Tom Brady. My daughter and I nodded at the overall it. You're Philip Rivers is up there have been Robert Berger. Up Matt Ryan I guess needs to be in that had a lime in Eli Manning Russell Wilson what you're Xeon right now he's like eight he's like a Camden the same thing I. Right now it's nine of the thirty teams so it's not him out of tickets. It it's not impossible. I'm saying is many of you listening right now and you brat and when they Holmes had a chance to be a great. Quarterback Adam today is he really step one I know last year saying is this is now his team is not some spot starter in week seventeen that doesn't really matter that we just all feel good about it. This is day one of them homes era officially in Kansas City. I'm not saying he is I'm not saying he isn't or forever quarterback I'm saying is based oil and the current landscape of the NFL. You could be in the same class of these teams again nine of the 32 teams in the NFL. Have had their current quarterback for at least ten years and that's not kind of a guy like Russell Wilson who we agree is gonna be at the Seahawks quarterback with in the next two years that's not counting Angela what it is gonna be an old quarterback for awhile. So today could be the first day. That we could have these conversation about home for the next twelve to fifteen years if he is as good as people think he could does that color. He could be Christian Ponder he could be a bust but there's also the chance that you grabbed one of the most rape or things to find in sports which is they truly living breathing franchise quarterback. You know it's crazy about it to the seat like I woke up anything and be completely gassed. To be so excited I can't wait to get out of that McKinley to you know watch TV and it would seem all due respect. I think the difference now. In this pre season games were vs maybe some of those other guys that made either pre season game like you know as a starting quarterback rookies we've seen him play before. Today I was gonna wake up and it was going to be. Man this is one of the greatest days of my life because we seem homes starting quarterback we've seen you know we practice in a way. Which group because we simply the pre season. You know we've seen them play a regular season game. Wake up today I thought they would be a lot more special that it really was by Marty. 56 dates end of that relationship with homes vs out of the first kiss I was really surprised because I don't you said that this game was bigger than we seven. It is and that's the surprise. Surprise when I woke up and taken. Okay today's going to be one of the greatest days in the history my chiefs and the life. And I woke up and I just felt like another be in the ones started that about a today it was basically just because we seem to get a pretty good feel. For for what he can do understand where your coming from because maybe you know we won't go into another recent game for the next decade. You know wondering who are starting quarterback is gonna be public questions about are you surprised that the wistful today to walk you know like it's like. You wake up it's game seven of the world's years not mentally is going to be that special and in his days going to be absolutely remarkable unbelievable electronic compared. I don't know August football game I tell them and that's an extreme example but what I'm saying is like I thought I felt like I was gonna wake up today it was gonna be like. You know this amazing crazy sports amazing game Kansas City and a little bit surprised that I didn't feel. I'm just really surprising news and it has given the fact that you think this game is bigger than the game and that is the rock orgasms Jimmie certainly important. I think why the game is really important today and why it is going to resonate with a lot of people lose for the first time in many people's lifetime for the second time in your life and I barely remember 83 they had a hundred or sit here that he's over what that's all I'm not saying it was going to happen. Agreed with eight shooting at the Alex Smith came back after that week seventeen that giants if they win that game against Tennessee who knows what happens the next week if they do if testing goes the anti ship to game last year which a couple things bounced their way they go the gym to game. I don't think we are having this conversation is an epic reality completely different one yeah acting Alex Smith is back last season our TV for the C. So the conversation this time it's completely different there's no safety net here there's no if it doesn't work out your going to shed any there's no if it doesn't work out they're going to map global. No this is if it doesn't. Work out for the next three to four years we know definitively what you have someone is doing fire broke beach is getting fired Andy Reid is retiring it in stepping aside. You were going to have a completely different regime if you follow the rest of the NFL and you see it. Quarterbacks like wolves that failed you don't get other chances to draft another went. If if you worked out like that nagging you get hired solely with the with the intention of coaching the extra days. And he stinks. You're not getting another quarterback they're firing you at the end of this so to me the difference of it is last year felt like a little bit of a taste in a preview of what was the column today. Is the first this is that this is Patrick team this tally this is seeing how you leave the office is due out there. In every day is building towards us getting more more information on finding out right now. Everybody's doing just work you think he's hair rod I think he's Matt Stafford spec thinks he's brought for. Let us know via tentatively network find out I would say over the next twelve months eighteen months into stuff. One of that process to Daschle book lovers they way to me we just got through theater production. We read a book. And now it's time for page one chapter one of that your ball I think that's the part to me is pretty exciting night. But it's just the first page of the first chapter of what he can Betty. You know I think it's a really big cheese heads to enforce this and we just saw. And their cars lined up all the way down. You know if you go up that hill right by the she's practice facility already lined up to six dollars a game to. He's that was the picture that I saw on Twitter may be fired up they would see this kid play and it would seem that. You know be the starter and in the point you made is a really good when there's no more safety net anymore. There's no more record over the silent Alice would you see. Well he's the guy now he's got an end in sight is. It is a big that I'm not saying it's not I was just surprised and I'm curious how she's fans felt about that I think it is the greatest days ever and it just felt like another normal day. And I guess what what what really excited about today spec I know we're up against it is. If for the last six months last seven months all of us have done in Kansas City is debate hypotheticals. Now saying this at the end all be all this blog is football game and beat one of the preceded it will seem home plate hopefully 23 times throughout the course of the season if this team goes on the run in the playoffs. It's the first time a long time to get real things to about it we're in real things that talk about homes no more would you rather games no more going back to what happened in week seventeen this is Axl Rose this is was that a good decision we get real things you sit here and digest what Patrick Holmes I'm excited to gain. Everybody gets high homes up in a different kind of way. This is just step one in the process of finding out if they have their quarterback many people think they have their quarterback not many people know that she's at their quarterback.