08/09 - Bold Predictions Gone Wrong Part I

The Drive
Thursday, August 9th
It started like a normal segment, then Spec cracked the mic to talk about Travis Kelce 

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Spector is found some bold predictions that you she's been these enough mosque and making of these. These bold predictions made by you the main suspect there is going to read does his hottest takes and we're gonna pick the one that we most degree with Celek blend. The sense of what happened on Twitter this is what happens for first pre season game I got or. Number one it jeetz went eight home playoff team this he said. Number. On stuff I don't know on his nose so I thought at the home advantage in the playoffs in the but the geez don't lose especially games at night at all over the place these bullet utility. That it's possible. To win your division. And maybe. In the additional games they gave you to determine who was gonna win the suitable. You can win that game that's what you're telling me. And that's a lot of these playoff games it doesn't feels like they understand the objective of the home playoff game is like a point of being all of these playoff games is to have the at AT&T. The point of being the home team is you've worked so hard the regular season you can sleeping your own bed you'll have to scramble. You're comfortable you're familiar. That she is comfortable that he's well and the Steelers Indianapolis Colts super familiar with arrowhead. So I don't know what this little hole playoff game is out of even though it's possible where you need. Born the last time you are like every four years old yellow or 1990. Montana and 91 play elegant that was the they were there other uses it with the buffalo. Home playoff wouldn't believe it didn't need any chance that I'll apple normally expert here until towers of four and Pokemon. We'll play it along time. But repeated a note that is gonna keep it but they did struggle and I mean that's what hold up when you about what is that's at all I don't mind know that they did play in January 1994 you'll like it either. Forrest Gump wasn't even in your personal ugly when Selena as the number one movie in America. So it's only eleven alive the last time it was very true as well Patrick most homes will finish in the top five of MVP voting. Lobbies and Patrick and I'll shine treated that's not half of the keys sings you. If that is in the top five that the Tivo TV's top think you've got us. I don't think I don't I would love to be the case but I don't see that number story. Travis hills seat tied me killed Sammy Watkins. All sleep eat plus TD catches. It's possible. That's really pops I really like that. The result of all the bold predictions that you've given that when makes good sense that we have a leader in the clubhouse through the playoffs and that's not possible never heard of it not even thought I'm not familiar also don't plane AF IT team and at home playoff game they should be getting the this is Beck is it possible to win the division get home playoff game defer just on the road again. And better gets to the Jesus did say he'll work. It will certainly do a lot of road play well. Thirty years and use it they scored like fifty and it went up from wants back that it went a whole lot of playoff games your old rotor yes. The ravens are also very comfortable here very comfortable very that was apaches team that a crime division yeah. Bottled wine cheese happy talk ten deep and what a healthy Eric Berry and just at least it's just this is the biggest boldest bill as productive or bold predictions they went home playoff game. Patrick a home we'll finish top five in the MVP voting. Travis Kelsey Tyreke kills any Watkins with eight plus touchdown catches and achieves heavy top ten deep ends with a healthy Eric Berry in Justin Houston. What is the hottest day of. Those four I thought of these talented defense because you're a toll to head thing. Emphasize. There's too many unknowns here mark is Peters is here. We don't elect him hopeful we think he's gonna be really give Reggie also got a puppy the advantage and can't get on the field dirty Dantzler. Got a bunch of rookies that there's no way it's going to be tough to. Definitely telling dirty game and while I don't think concedes that you targeted yet that is an area as BYU that follow mobile. All of these the most realistic what is Kelsey mile Watkins catching eight plus touchdown pass this year. If you think home's gonna have a very good season and need you think he's gonna have a good season. You probably got to throw thirty touchdown and a front of that he feasible and pay for those three guys to have at least 24 touchdown pass it go to the touchdown pass somebody else. Majors there's gonna have want to mark Travis gonna have to. Crete and it's gonna have to touch him. Please don't throw. Yeah it's. Realistic if you think Holmes is going to have a really really good rookie season I think that's most realistic them before bold predictions you just told me. Kelsey Hill lock in all having eight plus touchdown catches me great here for Chelsea who is it really someone that eats into the end zone hole. Yeah I agree it's kills eight touchdown passes. That he's going to be underneath and the accuracy and lock in a lot more you know inside the ten yard line he thought the same he catches got a big body. Back to me is the most realistic one. Of all four of those bold prediction Travis Kelsey and eleven touchdowns this year. One. Under I have always right now to me I think traps tells he's gonna have been monster to I don't. I don't know. Don't walk back out walking do I don't use tractors Kelsey is gonna have eleven plus touchdowns this year okay we will put on that. Burrito I mean he said well the last two seasons if you add but you didn't let it tracts of old guy all right. I ask you a utility that's so you're excited calcium double digit eligible typically want I want a eleven plus. Does help level wasn't such that your skills yet last year for the before that fives and playing with Chad. Adding he had those numbers Chad Pennington was never achieve its outline their program. A national side we've had we've been two days without a bet you're in now two days ago said that. The markets Robinson will have an Albert Wilson type team this year that's that's a re a bowl prediction that predicting the future he's. DiMarco it's gonna happen one day that we Kabul radio say that the market Robinson was one of the biggest reason why they won the game I had 100%. The what the hell are you talking about Rollins founder know like a 100% believe it's going to be one game. But he has four catches for 72 yard touchdown and he's one of the reasons that Albert had a much better game against the Broncos and the problem isn't a real game out the and it's not out talking about the gaming is that lane and member Albert Wilson had that big special teams touchdown only reason why he was every two years ago. Pontes. It's so let's talk about the telling me that old enough speak Paula those special teams touchdowns and office two touchdowns both got the six point bright eyes and says that's not what you said. I said he's going to have a game which he is one of the biggest reasons. I don't care how you score a touchdown you do you could be one to catch it changed a little bit of your opinion. So wide receiver I know we are putting dogs and Coke but on the field and having an. Albert Wilson type team okay all right now now. Just like August got a on the field for the market's problem navigating an example went out Lawson was the big reason why that she's won big he scored a touchdown on special teams wise the C which is now we seventeen. Know that there's a bigger game and they Houston Texans playoffs they're okay all right I don't wanna talk the about that game. Literally ever did. What we actually spark of holds era and two or hours ought to be about the chiefs at Texans game in the playoffs until it I never wanna hear you talk about it did.