08/09 - Bold Predictions Gone Very Wrong Part II

The Drive
Thursday, August 9th
The bickering continued through the break, here is what unfolded 

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The on the show continues for the very. We found some bold predictions on arm. Are they our sister station at our sister companies grain calling your bride wore. Our team we're team were part and aren't sick here at practice it Taliban I don't know what the official term what's the report. Their enterprise. Love the folks over there are prime. We had some bold predictions that we found on the web site. Went home playoff game which I don't Obey them in the final the idea of the of that I don't know at any clue what that is. Patrick Holmes will finish top five to MVP voting. Travis Kelsey Tyree till it's any lock in all had eight plus touchdown catches. Or that she's had eight top in defense with a healthy Eric vary in Justin Houston. Wolves being laughed at top defense. Did we all laughed at home playoff game that was Joseph this year so we think the most likely would have of these four is the Kelsey Hill unlocking eight. Plus touchdown catches on the season. In the courts and having conversations the inspector. Who loves to write down our predictions not a mock us with a little legal pad and document. He then wrote down one or himself keeping track is Kelsey. Have a chance to add eleven plus touchdown catches this season Specter can you please inform the people Al. On an offense that is going to be really dynamic gonna have a lot of people clamoring for their touch is in their shine I think Kelsey is gonna have his best touchdown season of the. Because I think when they get into the red zone or not gonna kick field goals. Who led the NFL last season in the field goals and Google attempts against the chiefs it was Anderson but there are some barker who is your quarterback last year Alex Smith Brad Smith Obama. So you're you'll gold numbers I think are going to go to go down. I think you're touchdown numbers are going to go up in my catalog makes you laugh when it's a stress but like analog so I the only person receives city last and is does that lives if I'd be kind of humor until 138 from the six yard line or whatever it is whatever you wanna say it is. Instead of outs of throwing the ball out of balance and playing for the field goal there to throw the ball into the end zone this year to trap skills in his gavel plus touchdowns. He had eight. Eight to eleven is not that big a leap in the NFL. I disagree with you because they are going to be looking for sale at Travis doesn't have a bunch underneath. He's got two birds on the outside. They're gonna need safety help over the top because. You know any two guys and Tyreke you'll probably the same of Sammy Watkins I think I think Travis on deep balls though not just you've got to protect yourself from those guys don't edit everything underneath can be Travis tells you to. Gonna try to get imaginable linebacker every single time but you can't go deep when the ten yard line islands saying and that's why didn't I don't think Travis Kelsey is great in that area. What if it throw it to Dimitris Harris all the time because. Traps it stinks at his job simply want kids that speck is all about I think him to lock in that position and the rest is. And you. Yeah so that's untried it's a sandy lot number and Travis Carroll sees number. I think it's easy. Does it get the majority those you'd think I'd want in them more touchdowns and traps Els I do laps or. Those. Are embryo as well it was just the standard statement yesterday you don't. Britney. Though yeah yeah you can make that. I think Travis Kelsey doable predation drugs kills them 12100 yards receiving fewer touchdowns than he had last. For the same reason that you said. Spec how many players in the NFL you think handle more than eleven touchdowns last year during 100. Please say it's not that big of a jump from 811. Yes it is and how many players had eight touchdown catches last year. AJ green Travis Kelsey Michael Crabtree Sammy Watkins Powell lost the fun digs Robert cows eat. Zach hurts Nelson at the lord Doug Baldwin Devin functions you're not is that double digit touchdown catches last year the other Hopkins by Andre Adams Jimmy Graham that's the list what was the name of Satan we just did. Bolt told predictions I went are we doing rational prediction is hey I'm just. You sets up all the radio I right now talking about what you said LeRoy you silly waste that's it number why don't you say what you set and break contract yours before. Seven plus. Plus. LIT. Eighty days is or expect to really back about why I don't hear him enough for me yes. Finest like I did I went on nfl.com. And he has been knocked out if I suspected this room you're raising. 51 this group mine. I was telling you that we all believe in the contract year I saw last year Eric Hosmer hit 328 bit from. I had never seen before he got paid now he's at 215. At ten. Runs but soaking up the same Diego Asad how it's not that we see and it L player or baseball player or basketball player he would net contract year. All my goodness they've put a big put it seat together. And then they hoodwinked and bamboozled another team. Rating car when he but nest the cowboys for five years 55 million dollars we can find super examples. Upset saying. I'm telling you that sounds like the Ford to me he's gonna put together this one season he's gonna have. Have seven and a half sacks no he's got a true. He's gonna trick the bears and a four years forty million dollars. It's being guaranteed and all publicly says that's not all critics have more sex in games played in 2016. Yes 2017 excuse me. Because just used to really plan to answer I mean what does this site called it's called rational. Pretty excited multiple it. I want to note the double standard that's all I want to look like I can read this text of my what you want to add that it does deletes excellent rational prediction should be a segment is I did call hater every time we do. Every time we do rational prediction I called okay you got so we do that segment it's called the dry. Spent two to six that you got the order adding. You ready for the Florida. Patrick will let the six touchdown pass game. You I may I did it freak and right Fitzpatrick did it look as they got. Against anyone can they get Tyree Gilligan Travis Kelsey. You can't get anybody more he gave a look at receiver anymore. How many how many TDs you'll have a Iditarod it down you'll have a six touchdown. Patrick all of those six touchdown passes in one game this is probably more than I thought I'd love. That it federal without an old self and not go on seven I would hope not be the record yet be crazy so I mean it if Ryan Fitzpatrick can do it. Some of the dudes that are on here can do it if you like you do it. I think I'd I think Paul is getting out he may have a four interception game but I think he's gonna have a game with a six well. Yeah of about you and Holmes is like whenever the question was my home's a finished top five and indeed Peabody holds. Have a four interception game I mean it's going to be but he's gonna go off the charts amazing what week that he's got a game that he'd do but I think you'll say it will be a good night best quarterback in the NFL this year about one game where is six thuds down. Leave this up about hold a little. Afraid about dropping all need to go. Go to it was one of the biggest game in the history of Kansas transports today it happened like you know what it is the normal day and I thought I thought I would take you public. UK more fired up about about if you felt that Patrick behold I be back tomorrow I am I. Mark got eaten there you know. Largely for show last night seven strong and does tell it. Statement today more fired about he felt the only sending kids anymore fine but he's still mired Dave I think badly as we are slob attacks about him believe me. Through big today Brinkley's more I don't watch film are good of football that's coming I don't pretty well deep pockets though Meyer. The way he does have helped Patrick book although it's expected that adapts to go that's true post up. Talk about the map to bury my home to take calls on rational prediction. It predicts advocate rats in the predicted. I'm just telling you. That's good fraud we do rational prediction all the time. And you play the Debbie downer drop like your fingers about the bright everytime I hear that I went they went out the window real quick if you have a bills to pay it. The month as well I don't like that is that. I'm city Wednesday onion and tell you as a fourteen by its own ailments though and I'll bearing under the brings up Ellis Island positively Wednesday and I'll up in my hand nineteen dollar up in my hand. Ran up a little odd coming up two minutes we'll give you a chance to listen to the show actually does know she is a 1000 bucks in two minutes you keep listening. Pumped into minutes.