08/09 - 9 am - Headed to KC?

Fescoe In The Morning
Thursday, August 9th
Stop us if you've heard this one, but Chiefs fans are clamoring for the team to sign someone. Plus, we share a truly inspirational story, another edition of Beers With The Boys, and there is gonna be football tonight.

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A thousand bucks you listen to the key word coming up. In 25. Minutes. We talked with Pete Sweeney Vera had tied a little bit earlier in the shell and puzzled hole they had an arrowhead pride which. Doesn't surprise me but. Kinda surprises me every time that there's an injury involving any team in any market share certainly see a lot here there's an injury or there's somebody cut. We always want to write all absolutely right you recognize the name it doesn't matter how old back guy is the fact that he's not on a team we wanna you wanna. That it's pretty it's pretty natural thing we we love to do it here. Kansas and OpenId as oh by the way Tiger Woods plus three through tool that's not gonna he's a pattern there goes their greatest moment in Saint Louis sports his record out the window. But the that she's suffering an injury. You Daniel Sorensen. So instead of just. Looking with the end in bringing somewhat but in your your lineup and Al Elvin however you gotta go star what's out there sure so there was a lot of the chiefs need to sign Eric read that. My first thought was of course. Protestor right. Not having cancer. Not happening for this organization they treated are not being leaders part of the reason why protest arrowhead pride rentable. Majority that poll said. No gear every 78%. Point over 3000 old sorely kogan creek and we also at least now naturally fast that. Most chiefs fans want to sign every video thanks for listening we literally just a bit powerless twinkies and polish is did you go to Brandon had taken but it top idol. It. That's why while that's true it's also true at least we've heard from a number there were somatic markets Peter's right. I think at. I think I wanted Marcus I'm still mad bomber dispute betrayed you or some of that but there are plenty of people that are good. And I think they listen to you in the air markets Peterson though. When I saw that embryonic while. Reid we saw what happened right attitude they're gonna do it's likely that this is not. Not very high at all doesn't benefit the mold of what the chiefs as an organisms are looking for answer these document not protest we asked Pete's way about it. I yell and partly because. That Peters thing you know Ronald sneakers you'll see a lot. On the key data entry Peters because of the you know am I agree with that accent I think there are a lot in particular but it would that would not the year percentage needing and it was 1% you know particular something that your position. And eat eat big banner reading and we'll let it and it lightweight that regarding. It talks with Clark on lightweight animated scene like. Not at that it was that he'll play. Clark is doing things financially to back program in the city and as part of that way about Butler which equals accident that push. Inside the urgency to get these guys standing up Eric Reed obviously. Because these are taking in the perk that you know medals standards that happened I don't think the chiefs would open up endorsed our. When it comes down to it and regret the NFL in the B file suit which is unfortunate but it is what it is at this point and I think. You wish it everything just kind of go away. Not when it comes to figure that about a Kirk jets the jets it's actually being taken away from them and then thought well well. And that's that's threes here are signing him there. Protests and no question yeah I mean if they if if they do sign here at city it's would act let's get right. How mad are you to be more. About the markets Peter straight if they go out sign Eric Reid because. Number one boy I'd like to see Eric remarks Peters played together. But you're telling me backpack in February you were of that mattered opinions were that upset with Marcus Peters kneeling traded him away to the Los Angeles rams but now here we are in August you're going out signing a guy who was even worse when McCain to the protest in the markets Peter Willis. I I I just don't think unless they don't care about being seen as hypocrites at hypocritical and really opening up a pandora's box here. I don't think the key to see each piece in the marketplace to sign or create plus they've got a lot of young guys on their roster that they want to take a look at they drafted guys at that position right. And so to me Burgess only practicing dull you can't sign this guy but if they did if they signed Eric Reed. That would definitely to be take the markets Peter straight to a different level and I would be even more livid that I was the day that the trademark speeders Sweeney. Alludes to carry. League Wade's comments earlier in the week and basically said hey. In others thought. Basically. What sounded like tinian came across to keep that weighed that would give me a liar was. It compromised right they did the chiefs are going to be active in. Your. Community work I Clark any hunter cramped it's okay here's chip right. Ending the year on O'Neal right. That's a fair compromise short answer because there are compromises players agree to it right there whom I'd say that right now they should do that I if if that that. If they are getting what they need for their causes. And the team is getting away from I guess controversy or her whatever. Of of players taking any. And they compromise I might say that right that that's author of the right way to go about it I just think that. Has again that's it's not an issue that affects you if if if these two sides get room they compromises what they I think the chiefs want their players to stand so you think and it and so the way they're doing it is. We're gonna help we're gonna help your your costs right where we we employers to be involved with causes of the community we will have your back a plot. You'll stand. But but also found the players have saying that you also have to make it known what my closet so failed to get on board with this too because I'm I'm sure there are some fans out there that would like to get involved with some of the causes that the chiefs players are involved in and you know we saw how the city rallied around Danny Duffy an air Cosmo would know his biggest project what why can't we get like. You know the these causes going big again as I said on on Monday or Tuesday. That's all great well and good that the chiefs are saying just that they wanna do all this kind of stuff but now we need to see action we need those banners back a bit at Arrowhead Stadium to let everybody know what charities these guys are supporting and what they're involved in what their efforts are so if I'm at the game I'm watching at home on TV you're rom you know perusing you know whatever it is I see a banner. Oh liking get familiar with back and maybe that takes there. Kind of you know their their their charity to the next level were faced marketing and also I think he can be a great thing but it has to be done in the right way I don't necessarily trust the chiefs will do it differently because they do a lot of things in the business at the wrong and and and and don't kick it out of their own way this is a no brainer a passer had a flyer or mail or something. That lets everybody know what their guys are involved hey if you want to help the community heroes were our players are helping here's what our players are doing. And here's how you can get involved and make it easy for everybody and set a PayPal accounts set up all kinds of things people can just go on their click a link. And donate to that charity makes this a seamless link put it on your website I mean there's so many avenues in ways you can do it that I just created in 35 seconds that if they actually gave it some thought over there at Merrill had they can take this to a different bush great push. Our great challenge each other challenged players who's who can raise the most money and you know have a contest there. They couldn't make it fun make it interactive right but. I would be shocked designer. And done nothing in nothing to do with the football now and you can debate if if if you think he'd be. A better. Safety upgrade. For somebody you believe it levity yes you can you can have better but I think it's moot but did you here's the other thing they're football part of its. It's not about football decision and it just like the Marcus Peter straight wasn't a football decision no matter how many times I tell us it was not a football this is because of a football decision. Peters would still beat you if it's a football decision and Eric greens on the next flight to Kansas City get pork out. A great moment happened at a recent royals game we chat with one of those involves next. Let's go in the morning powered by the Jewish community center. 610 Sports Radio. Thirteen minutes chancellor and a thousand bucks dealers that he. Birdie. Also another edition appears of the boy's future. We should do beer to think about it out of the the deck watching watching the game tonight right. Obviously the boys coming up at 930 that a very special guest of us in studio really cool moment happen. Vasco at a recent royals game that we wanted to chat about. Yes it is it is you have been following the story of KC Mo police officer Sara Olson you need to start following the story because it is and it is it really is an incredible story she's in studio with us good morning how orient thanks cumin and I'm good I'm a little tired from last aria is thrown that first pitch how fun was freed last yeah of course Sarah if you don't known if you have been following the story was diagnosed with a LS at the end of may -- for at the at the end of may and since then you've been kind of just living like your dream be your last day in uniform got to be in the dugout at Kauffman Stadium which is always something you wanted to do and my friend Aaron Ivey did that job for years so I don't know exactly how. Fund that jobs can be and how awesome it can be and and obviously when when something bad happened you try to make the most out of and so far you've been doing that they'd be an out there on the field in the dugout in uniform and and brought out the first pitch last night escorted by George Brett what was that like for. It was unbelievable George set and dollop into appears everything and then. I had to throw it to sound in the south is prone in my favorite player on the royals announced yes it was. It was crazy. I was with George yesterday taping one of my podcast and he was saying he was ready to go out to the stadium and hang out with you in and you know to throw out the first pitch with the as a that is fantastic has also been beat and George has been involved they'll last for very long time in this town and obviously he's what he's one of the guys that has been a bit big promoters tell them to find cures and treatments and whatnot frail lesson. And he was I could just tell how excited he was to go out there and hang out with you and weigh in when you hear like may have. Why sec I played act as a hall of Famer he's excited to go hang out with me that's kind of puts it a great spot that bit. Yeah he's been talking avail us association about me he's been talking obviously on your as a show. I just a song when I'm that the president used tuchman Josh only about me. Yeah he yeah he did bring that up piece I was with wins with the president trump any city can excite you out of the corner of your body in and instead of my guys say or is there as well for this that he was like. Thrilled that you got that opportunity is wealth was pretty cool I I think he'd be the president would be the most awesome thing in the world. I was more excited about George but yet. I can happen. Yeah I definitely could Zia back and you were you working that day. I present is that it I wasn't really working that. That was our workday. Was not there yet president so that's pretty cool what settlement in. While he told me I was pretty. He's said thank you for your service though. You know I. I had another for buddy's house that said the exact same thing no I'm not Cubans started that he's sort of a bat he might hide my friend and I I don't know that she can rename away but she knows who she is she called me she goes I got to meet president trump I said oh yeah what did but he say he said he looked because there's many beautiful people here in Kansas City step. He stated to you as well ipads outstanding. What did you respond. I said thank you. So take with a value of giving a talk to George Brett now yeah. Georgia is more important right now for me but take into the night the dugout would you do how did you handle that name and what's your favorite memory from. It's neat I got to meet so many of the players that and I talked. Men Dayton. Salvi yeah I wish all of them let's take pictures with them. And then I'll invest part of all of it was George came down from his sweeter Ares it's. Came and had probably ten or fifteen minute conversation with me in his phone number and we've talkers and yeah what do you tell me. Says anything and everything and I mean just reach out and make sure it happens and just to keep smiling and hang in there. Yeah that's got to do right I mean you got to keep smiling got to keep living I think I read a quote from me that said the you know have found a cure for yet why can't I be the first one and I think having that mindset is. You know as we we you know went to the World Series Emmy people were fighting things and he's the royals keep themselves motivated. You pick up positive attitude that it can it can really do amazing things if you think positively can lead you that right direction and who knows what can. And you know. That's right so it was. Crichton. Unbelievable. Diagnosis and that's just. I grabbed hold it from the very beginning irritate me taken that it would you sound like what what made you going to get tested first double. I had a lot of weakness going nice to be competitive bodybuilder and so. It's very very strong for a little hand and weaker and weaker losing muscle in my neck and couldn't do simple Xbox set ups and so. I went to a doctor in October and making it. Hour now and back in February now on some stairs. And so I knew we needed to start funds there. The and then in the doctor's office was there at my mom and or she's a mess and made me and my five minutes and tears and at certain. What's next. So what is next what what you do what what happens I do daily infusions that's an indication as an approved. In March. And so I do this for fourteen days off for fourteen days and I take a pill that occasion. Just right Nancy would that make the best of it there's different stuff stem cells are looking real promising that and fortunately US hasn't. Early adopted too much in its of the challenges and. I was just ask you if you're willing to do next in a Lotta Lotta people more morally and get the hell out of here I'm going to places that have cures and and an attempt secures for things that we don't have a the United States right now yeah we're just eureka and Israel both argument in. You're seeing huge results forums really yeah. That's fantastic because that that's always been my my grandmother passed mail us at and so I you know it's like it's it's the worst thing to watch happened because eat your your brains find right entities that you can't do anything and so you can go get the stem cell treatments and all that kind of stuff. I'm with you me and there's no stone it's gonna go on turn to some might that happen to me or my family were worried it took to win in Alan and I I sense that's the way you're going to be with this too. Yeah anything that anything and everything that can help. We're going to be either we're gonna do it. That was pretty pumped up to be used to what he said he is we he we have money every Wednesday at nine he's obviously friend of the show for years now and and I always get excited when I talk to be honest it's been a good mood I'm sure he did the same formula. I had to sit in the dugout last night and I talked to them and George for a while islands have been on the bench with the man he was just asking what's next has the treatment patty field. What can we do. Just very very helpful wanted to know and as our memory iron and that again in as a good time. When somebody says what can we do what do you tell them. There's not a whole lot like right now on very self sufficient like India on my own like in Georgia has been and then as a loan throat first pitch. And so I got to do it last night it adds another is not. I don't ask for a mullah as people who make me laugh and Smartphone. Happens every day. It is. Does that get you through a lot of stuff laugh and smile and very important so people don't how to do that you know he got a smile you gotta laugh I think it was a development IRA Lafayette smiled cry every day or whatever was. But that laughing and smiling sold so so important initially people. The take things so seriously like and our business equity you do get mad when you say some wrong about the royals is slightly roll off your back and there's a lot of things in light peeking get upset about. Smile over sports smile over stuff like that if you get the opportunity to wake up every day's final lap that's pretty damn good day you know. So what is next for you what you wanna do next. A trip to Mexico and urban outside the country so that's coming up in September and then we go on. Kinchen ice dance to senators or my sister and her friend. And then. Back to the east as well as in no plans CDH so he sent forward. Open heart surgeries and that are off road and I'm going out there for his walk and he's coming here from my analyst says when is the LS walk. October 6 at Kauffman Stadium nice okay. How can people sign up via the team yet yet there's team on analysts associations page and it's Anderson there's soldiers. I think there's X 60% of people are you registered cool it down so that's awesome there's a lot of support again makes it easy. What player was the coolest cell Victoria. From. Known Ed talking and it was pretty cool tooth. It in any given it its its awesome win. You meet the guys that you idolize like that and they're really cool like there's a divorce and being somebody you love it they're literally like a home I'd take a disappointment you know and has cell he's the best and hugs from south we could hear everything Cambodia. It was awesome everybody always asked and you understand at least you can understand ammonia that it. And then nine I had a good conversation ref and again it's and yeah he says he's online. Lives a year and you. On NC grammys like opens productive that you'd have to answer that I'd settle for Evans provide up is that yours does give. He's fantastic we had him on last week for about fifteen minutes I can talk to for the next hour I can't answer in that he's got so much to say and I think he's going to be a fan favorite here for a lot of people and it is I think it's just like you are right now. Mr. Sarah we appreciate it may keep on fight the good fight you know keep on smiling keep on laugh and keep on saying you're gonna keep this thing's button and I'll be there with. Absolutely thank you got to see lavender is that are now now he's back at a you may need a new beer all watching the on the decks and I were a solid pierce of the boys comes your way next. That's still in the morning empowered by the. This is news today June text the word well. 272881. Pro GR OW grow you could be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national contest messaging data rates apply. If you like sports and money six and Sports Radio the only place give you the chance to win of the 121000 bucks every weekday. Listen on the thirties your next chance to win at 1030. Rules it's extends sports dot com that's grow GR OW 272. 881. And get through that. Bob officially get that. To move on here well okay I got you okay I got half a technical. Yes it is there's a good Josh for a table high standard ever it's. And TW pitchers brewing in today Roger Williams is that a of those before the brand ambassador Iowa and again one of the fabulous titles and it comes to beer and one of the best voices in beer to TW pitchers is in with us can morning Autry. It worn those like you see us and yes. You talk about great narrator yeah earlier boss got mad too wasting time you can be one of the great mayor readers of all time on thank you again in the face for radio you do so we all that that's why we're sitting here behind the microphone but EA got a great great voice and a great beard or drinking here this pop couple pop pop top wheat that we have right now. And it is delicious may as a great summer beer. They spend a solo and try to do it should be pitchers makers and easily accessible and well crushing yet. This first can you say that. Again police corruption bull are you listening Ryan say it again I know smoking is because I use the term crushed when those who uses that term public a lot of I am pretty sure. Are treated the first thing isn't I think he did that. A little help there we have some. As spreading some of our literature for a slogan get to benefit. Yeah but it would explain this one because easy it is crushing will be ready for another well with the bull does. Well the with this beer we have to put in on both are weak and we added I'm gonna eliminated and that made it very ball bounced spears has it extremely crispy clean finish with a and our whole goal our whole company's based on making sure Andy's which is you know beer that's been rooted with it's Jews and Jews. We're all vegetarian some reviewers are obedient and to the hole. Craft beer thing pretty seriously there's no funny business with the appear. Pretty proud of a problem. That's pretty cool your begin and vegetarian NC cater to a lot of people which is kind of analysts say growing trade like that everybody's becoming deacon my butt buddy Mike is begin but he wears leather shoes of these kind of like half past begin in all this so this would kind of be like right up his Alley but fortunately it's not gluten free. If it's for that's okay but it's now it's really gonna like I I love that that combination you guys come up with. In the beer industry it's like you guys to sit around and drink and think about the the most random stuff it's awesome will be. The beer business is crazy man there are some 7000 Bruce in the US and the pod isn't getting bigger you have to actually make an effort to make yours last upon markers so Camille Nevada products. What do you flavors and evidently clear mission with your brewery is important for the growth factor this year. So we have popped top. American wheat ale with pomegranate lemonade fantastic what is this what is the cycle. The second one is sort of part forever storm we've been able to distance on and it's a fantastic here it's called radler. Which is a German style. Are you sure that's a beer absolutely it's bipolar maybe being so. We have been really lucky if successful despair. It's got a great offered blue and orange shoes as Houston and beer and the thought that it. Seriously guidance to the Missouri market so that's been fantastic this summer it's great time for the peer. And totally blows to be here with appear. In market. Where you guys out there and discuss California okay although on him awards pass right allotment driving interest in certain breast. When shall audio books I was tortured but yeah. How. How was the spread. Getting from San Francisco now to two to these parts Allen did he come to Canada to make that move well the company's been around for about four years at this point and we've kind of done with and were followed. Well investment and we also followed. Just like you know. The Memorial Day so in California for example it's really really difficult because of the sheer number of her race under her dupers. Where is less competitive here and it was so wide open market and McCain. I've had great success in this market. Only a season. As our us is that archer Williams with that TW pitchers in the have their radler with us to David radler. Logger with grapefruit and blood orange and test vote these do or at least in Venice is actually fantastic and as you mentioned at. She goes out on the ABB's note no doubt about it but I think it's funny because Ryan came in here because I want that I PAC doesn't and other stuff as well in your packet some good stuff over the. Are absolutely and leaving goodies for people learn when a split. And we period IPA as well it's passion fruit the chief fruit citron's cops. And also to us they. A logger with apple cider. And with Fuji and delicious apples and should not in very. On do of course the yen and we we gotta have samples and people can get the ball on both sides of state line absolutely that was the biggest and happy first of Summers crossings dateline and Missouri now. And it's it's going really well and it to the two founders were baseball players certainly Tom and Wilson agreed dudes. They played baseball together at Williams College so the number of companies team that pitchers so it's either. Tom in Wilson pitchers right or word to Williams pitchers. And they origin of the name and that they're great guys fortunately work. That's in no doubt sounds like a lot of fun to do to be working for a company I'll absolutely and I got to do this major mr. college. Just like this yeah. I. Ask you this question well a lot times this albeit mr. Earl hit it straighter and a cell here you can just explained that the spirit and yeah are you the old guy like in his area that bench that's new pollution is feeling this is your baby. Oh absolutely I'm responsible for the and mr. Nebraska but we're really fortunate to have great hope for standard and yours. As well so. It is my responsibility put them or alone we have tons of like really qualified monitors have people openness to how much growth have you guys seen in this market. Oh since the first turn into a double triple. Botnets is uniting and territories being aggressive. Finding new places to place the beard move through to an offense doing here festivals. Or demos out of pocket. It's so grass roots cyclic people don't get it when it comes to the beer industry you geysers grassroots as it gets man is like old school. Well sure if you're not one of the bigger players it's really hard to compete with that level of advertising so I shake hands and tell jokes. And do lots of tastings it's it's just anti business to me considering it is something got to do it that's justices. And now available on both sides say on some of lute. He's and so. Total self this lion courage Alan. Hello Apple's control hot Arthur Williams brand ambassador for TW pitchers. Checked about. I'll get on both sides of the est line available and we have the indie pop top wheat today and the radler very fantastic terrific tasting of beverages and it's brought to you by asked hitter ever beverage and TW pitchers brewing. Country thinks are confident that those thank you look for my next trip with a body EL. We couldn't MR SATA for the star football tonight made dozen counts. There's nothing on the line and we couldn't be more ready for it that she's opener will talk more about it next. Let's go in the morning powered by the Jewish communities that are. And Sports Radio. Publishers Simon you guys standing and I'm jiggy with snake I know we're here TW pitchers. Ryan Chad and beer it's rocket as well as he's done in three years in the segment that we do the Beers. I told you guys who we get a six spectacular that should be the Indian bit right just. Killed a six pack. And yet you have an act of opinion I. It'll definitely feel that's something to say about that. I can't on Thursday. Asked the morning along the pop ESCO arrive accounts young Josh there. Eagles calling right now I'm sure yet even Colombo Friday ten. Cry terrible idea sat out games after we've mentioned legal. And now they know our names. Pre season opener tonight. She's in Texas couldn't be more excited for game hasn't every that first game is so exciting. And right now CBS chief tweeted out the tonight will be the first time Patrick Holmes takes the field as the chief starting quarterback and when he. They didn't. It's 100% what they just went. Through retreat if it was in the big. Saint they picture I can't say ER from acts chiefs on Twitter. Two night marks the first time Patrick Holmes takes the field is that she's starting quarterback and what he's eight diesel and then tonight yes and then they have a and I may have a story like your game previews. That's me and was raised as wizard started the first. Time now is here when seventy write this this first heard when he when he AT bet that that's invesco tweedle you know. While their evolving the truth. The chaser volleying that is weaker icicle and out today with the Danny Duffy podcast on any Duffy eight wives. My daily Duffy told us he ate something in the minor leagues that I don't even know that you would've beaten college. Like these guys have no money in the minor leagues would he only what they were eating. So it's got to be kidding me. Robin before right you were. Still they don't like last week right elements and as I guess I'm never stopper so there goes round and being brought Romany parameters as in being this. I think I took things. Around and seeing. I. We added the damage itself so he's only what they used to eat the minor leagues and I was like almost vomiting vomiting. Over what he was telling me they ate in the minor league so you can check that out. At the at the Casey about cast of sixty in sports that come I'd be interested to know if you have eight there's an Iowa Ryan you've ever eaten as of Missouri or anybody Kansas is ever. In Missouri and some far off like I said Iowa. And Missouri teens need at least eight and represented in the distant land of Iowa if you. Got to us and it hasn't quite arrive wells that indoor plumbing you guys that this means sandwiched in there made right we have weeds in just the sounds not good but apparently it is you like them. And the like with burger from that. I never had a a a wish her a burger promote. Its that I just work. Spoke like. That I was embarrassed at. You never had a with burglary days like that act now it is a way it is like. The common thing. Under. Her Sarah did shrewd about it Mickey and Starr excellent thing she's an acre and she's cold. Or ridiculously it's. It got to be here right now in England is. I'll lose control your everybody has an inch. Which is that she's acknowledging that when he team will be the first serve pattern they're excited too sure I should be it should be outside is I. Dole I think I don't this offense can be we all the parts there's a lot of moving parts and out of position battles. Necessarily and that really. Care about me. At left guard tonight good luck to you all the I want him to play loves me you have but I by. Seems like he's he's the starter and you know third string running back as the early appealed to me at doing really care for the fourth wide receiver whatever not so much. I wanna see that holds like a series right. And Alessio wanna see it drive us in getting everybody involved and then scoring a touchdown and again again again adding getting over to you know you know Thursday night must CTV. And tells them doing his little his his in game interview and then being on his way and it being like you said earlier you'll be out before mark Donovan comes as correct. A by the time teachers tell me something in like this you know amid secular partners over early in shareware and third quarter of a wannabe. Well I. And yes. So there's there's well compellingly late in the game for me and right now Ryan. Leo we bought about six and sports dot com what we want to see out of tonight's game Ryan is the one that wants to actually watch the entire game I feel like I was Hillary gave a legitimate answer well yeah you'd like healthy government's help and I will tell you what happens if you are now doing all I got. The priest on both unwilling to watch a little more defensively tonight because I think there were question marks I think on publisher first team offense don't care about anything after that right. Defensively. I will probably potential bit more because I wanna see especially the secondary who's gonna factory of these do you think it is that like the first team defense plays longer tonight in the first team office. I think you have to. Yet I've probably because facility or face war art some of you know or Kerry might not right. But. Kendall full main. Maybe Pittman and Anthony Dixon's teammate a little bit longer tonight at English at all is at all and now he's price point and I Levy Williams on the defensive lineman possibly get a little loading them possibly but I mean I I I am more intrigue to watch the defense a little bit longer to check our blog. Six and sports dot com. Awesome he's watching for health. I'm watching the secondary adding that that's gonna be. Again still question marks beyond the first two quarters and certainly the who'd the second. The second safety is now is going to be a story line of this and then Bryant's right to watch for the rookies which is which is a good way to watch it because. Especially this year I already have major impact rookies are money watts might have a shot now would share with Daniel Sorenson now but he's not. Is the depth chart we saw them put out was not completely the next EMI went a little bit longer to see the rookies relent speaks and I'm excited about seeing. Love him as a personality I waves of the camera. Would love to see what. What he could be. As in how he performs this year he may pushes before away now so I think there's some there's some compelling things would be with the rookies to debate I think I just wanna see and tell us all make it up Tamar either way. He's just accused of looking it blows. Just in Houston looking explosive because he says he's ready ego he's ready to be back right. Now the proximity was Sunday at the ranks and I was Washington's Indy. And he can't sack anybody Pratt right right. But he had a couple. Eat it like your legend of my columns are Annie yeah malls well like Heatley got around those we elect our current. He's you know he's there is trying to there's seventeen major colonias in about how bad two rounds in escape the market probably. A particular. Yeah I mean I want to just you know I can Cassie I. I like does your see that tonight necessarily but but as we keep going and I haven't I big questions about just based. Big big big battle that will be able to see anything really answered until that week one game because we always get. Blind sided by the pre season either good or bad and in the regular season starts and what you see in the regular season is absolutely nothing. Like what you saw on the pre season so I'm hoping you could you see just like if just a decent it's a sack tonight. We pretty fired up about that but I hope this is one of those games where we get the end of the day. We look at each other go would you take away. Would you take and that's a good thing that's a good thing you don't need to go in there. Taken away something from this because this is just think fine tuning process for the offense and get some guys went on the defense of the Victor there's nothing that anybody's fighting for. In a game like this to a margin fifteen she's excited showed murder coming up next six and it's not about a Holmes about the entire offense right god. They'll explain. Coming up now. Browning. Or from the BP electric Keating into studio. That's still in the morning powered by the GA.