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Thursday, August 9th
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He regulates. Tonight at five we're gonna talk sheets the entire 5 o'clock hour to block him right here on sixth and Sports Radio if you would indulge me for just the big. So it is cycle or you're just getting in your car. We replaying the number one song in the country the last time that she started there'll first round quarterback in a pre season game. Inspector called this I'll be watching you which is the name of the big east zone. For the puppy song after big he was shot and killed they did a song called up watching. Text I was very upset because I like the I don't know the name of the original song. It's every breath you take Tex lines very upset Specter that would on the saying. That that's the better song and I'll be watching you and the text line and very ups that. Between specs views on movies and music you probably eat cereal with a fork in something else that I cannot say on the radio like some police tape is now shot. Expect. You are innately. I'm point five in vacation is one of my favorite movies and in the farthest thing from over rated your legs are trashed my friend. Over the beauty like the all the best another tax spec. So don't. And short sweet and opponents always use negative about the inspector will read. I related we talked. About the chiefs did you say that Specter all your oil takes double stopped everything we're doing a re like we don't have any Mosul and ago. You know we don't have media rules on the show but that's that's one as well let's get to the biggest or is thinking this idiot that's that's either. Of the biggest stories of the day game city I've been very. That moment all my life we talk about them every day and bottled. It play out of the missing you is the Bedford at number one that you folks don't deserve it out there. Think it's a rusty by the Broadway Delhi mostly Jewish delivery mostly not Jewish city now open in the crossroads and the official tally of 610. Sports Radio cheese and Texans tonight. A 730. Kicked the arrowhead pride tailgate show starting right after us at 6 o'clock with Pete Sweeney and Mike wicket. He keeps two and a half point favorites and over under 35 for Patrick Holmes. First start in the pre season and people time chiefs quarterback. On a scale of one to ten your excitement level fort tonight is. It's probably eight it is still preceded a football field in Tennessee Patrick all for two series three at the absolute most. I excitement level is it eight or today's pre season opener. As the chiefs take on the Houston Texas who else motivates you I think it's about pride in his regular season games we want to take the charges at LA. Them on the probably a fourteen but right now dominated a look at her two things that really for man. I wanted to be efficient order to make that decision because I know he's athletic you know it's got a cancer can be officially can't make good decisions. Wrote a lately needs to those things up in the. And down the Manhattan we go Bill Snyder has agreed to a new five year deal at K state for a source. Snyder is 78 years old is going to make 3.4 five million dollars this year. And then you'll see it 300000. Dollar increase over the next two years. Final three years or to be determined. Last week he told Ellis Robinette. Quote I could go on. For quite some time I don't get fired and having an impact on the players in my program. And Mike Italy's comfortable with that I don't see any particular end in sight for Bill Snyder. This the right move by K state signing him to a five year deal. They don't believe having choice and McCain's statement committed to having your quarter are your head coach Hughes who committed to having him beat your head coach you have to give him make contract that at least he can go into a living room of a recruit. And say I'm gonna be years before yours that you go to college. I said it I don't know how many planes making five years in advance at a high stressful situation in the labels matter chooses to work. But you have to be able to do that I think this is they not stolen but it is it dead period. Sort of that he signed her coach too expensive football's matter it's always going to be your your thing make of the silence with him here since they have my take is going to be the exact same. As long as those matters the head coach at Kansas State it's always going to be game you're you're saying that continue to see how he sees. I mean recruiting is cutthroat you did he possibly can't get it isn't it's the laws. Of side there. Teams that were previously stated his age as a reason for it not to go to his game is that fair to the kid's going to be sort of play college ball. What they dollar that was the coach gonna be there. And how long is gonna be there and it matters so. Will bill Schneider either five years from now he'll I don't know but at least yet. Eagle to see that said go to later until Bob Ellis that sent a five year deal I'm planning on being here on the here for a long time it had happened that. They had asked for a couple of different reasons first off the parents the other part. Other coaches that enabled it really elegantly stated goals does a great coach of 78 eligibility to be there this contract at least. Give something to put in front of the pants he's Vermont. We'll get it achieves here momentarily on the pet projects growth famous Philly it's excellent people are taking the if you say something negative about Specter will read your tax. On the year. I'd expect can't tell the difference between KFC in coach week ago. Specter's takes our worst when the drive through messes up your order which is always a better frustrating situations worse Specter your segment should beast us sponsored by death in law. Had tank traps us pretty spectacular people likable. They've been gone from the studio. Suspect plays base with the pick and Michael I don't know what that means. Specter is a radio what Alex Smith is the football trash. Texas kind 693 out of it and it's most hurtful thing I've ever been. Ever heard Specter is lame because he's probably from Ohio or some stupid plays like. It's an inspector hamsters single wide does that weigh in on things is to be different but if it and all right that he would love us on this never the eggs that Specter slander to line up as islet like the police on instinct the big ones better is always welcome on the show. I you know I was thinking this today. As I was getting ready for the should. I am a firm believer that the greatest romantic comedy ever made was pitched. If you've never seen the movie hits the concept of the movie hits his Wilson record heat he is the date doctor name's Alex tensions. Any hooks these guys that they don't have the best game that the best looking guys at the smoothest with the ladies and he helps them. Didn't into relationship or at least have a chance with a woman of their dreams Kevin James that you see him losing King of Queens and I think about it at that story. In the movie his name's Kevin James and he's basically a bigger birds and a bit Chrysler that's cool that's a name's Albert right at an idea that our all the remote. And he likes select Cole who was like this is that you were like hundreds of millions of they've really wants he thinks he'll be a good person for. So all. They go all day and it goes really really well on the back to go to second date to a knicks game and it Will Smith. Holes album Brennaman. He sells him some excellent. Knowledge. All play for you really quickly what are each hole one Albert Brennaman. Eight at a time when we believe that the first case we'll tell them everything they need to know about a relationship. And believe me she has definitely thought about. She is well of course I'm not she's black actor. Do. It's a big deal with the big deal. Oh you'll aren't let's. You're wrecking that are around us. Tomorrow night. Allegra coal. Could have her relaxed. First case. Today as that she Spain this could be your last first kiss for awhile you're look at it seemed like the Cleveland Browns the NL. First instance whether it was the issue is bigger mayfield whether it was Tim Couch whether it is your failed quarterback the meaning they'll just is an opportunity. To look at it's my deal. They'd try to try to quarterback they've gotten all time and time again we'll see if they've gotten it right do your part to see who's looking to bounce back. We can go through the history of some of these other teams that tried in the first round and failed now that had been very successful some of them have failed. Many of you think if your driving out to air it today or heading home goods company eager to kids ready in Britain a lock in and watch the first chief's game 2018. This is the last time we have some of the conversations we had about half homes but the next ten years a look at some today and I was really really curious. Nine the quarterbacks currently in the NFL. The 32 NFL teams had been what they're team at the starting quarterback for seniors. You could beat team coming up here. As the old guard slides dislike allow as big problem burgers are the ages Tom Brady starts the agent Drew Brees starts to age is Philip Rivers are the eight. We're looking for the new crop of quarterbacks to carry the NFL forward. So teens feel like they have that guy whether it Seattle's Russell Wilson whether it's a Francisco Jimmy problem whether it's Philadelphia parcel it's. Some teams are you feel like they have. Today is step one in my opinion of figuring out do you. Because many of us think that she's out there quarterback. I think they have their staff I think they have a guy that's gonna put a lot of numbers in it indicated very depend on the situation yet around. Which I think what Andy Reid as some of the party's always gonna have a good situation. But this could be your last first kiss many of you don't wanna go. Don't wanna go the heartbreak of doing this again in four years some people are gonna go this get a four years errors or a Michael and his gains seemed Arnold at the jets might go to this again you are hoping this is the last time we have these conversations about homes. For the next ten years you were hoping that we evolved to a point like Green Day. Every year we are talking about Green Bay dairy suitable containers along with air rockers healthy for the last ten years. What year yeah if Aaron Rodgers is healthy you got to show that a chance to win a Super Bowl. That could be the conversation in Kansas City as early as next year. It will Holmes doesn't mean you you think he can do go out there are over 4000 yards thirty touchdown passes. Thirteen interceptions we can be having the Philadelphia Eagles argue where you thought you that your quarterback and we're not talking about if he's the guy. It's talking about how much it's going to cost never it's time to pay. I'm so she's made this could be your last first kiss. Tomorrow night. Of Agricole. Could have her relax. Birds. Look this analogy for couple of reasons you talked about the browns picked the wrong right that's like the girl that always picks the wrong. That's the browns right. At the chiefs are. The chaser commitment votes that's really what she says I've been for the last 34 years they get burned at -- relationship with Todd language. So they just deciding on the date and the spacing on my commitment to quarterback Matt and while we're California. So she's finally decided you know what. I've come to a point in my life. In the history this franchise were it's time actually commit. And that's what that she's done the chiefs are gambler willing to put aside their fears of blowing it with a quarterback drafted in the first round. And now they are married themselves to one Patrick alms. Will work don't know. I would imagine quarterbacks working in the NFL that divorce rate is actually higher than the actual divorce rate it's out there that typically doesn't work. But you're right he got this could be your last for his role that you experience and this can be the quarterback of the future for the next ten to fifteen years. It really cool and in the chiefs have been afraid to pull the trigger on this on something like this for thirty. Well. Deliberately set and considered black box barbecue there on Tuesday about tonight's game is gonna be more important week seventeen for Patrick. The more I think about the world's probably wrong because I want when I woke up this morning. I thought I would. I was gonna be in a lot racket over flower pots I was in such a great mood and bouncing around and go crazy because Holmes is gonna be the guy and in this the first time we get to see him. And I woke up today and much has seen for three series tonight. Your point about the relationship thing is exactly right the chiefs have finally decided. To commit to a quarterback. And I hope it appears my fear I fear is. A work ethic and can be fun although he's going to be terrific. Of what you variables out their gets her ever so but they. I feel really really good about him being my biggest fear is if it doesn't work I wanna go another 34 years with a bunch core boxing Craig's and and photos and drains in and outs service. For for another 34 years after he doesn't work wanted to keep doing what they do. You're right I don't really think about that at this point when it comes and I think that was just different philosophies is a different NFL you just can't you can't win with the strategy that that she tried to employ four relive all time. I think the relationship analogy with Holmes is spot only in a lot of different ways and the reason I think it is released by colonies. I still think the chiefs when it comes to homes they are still very much in the honeymoon phase him it's like when you start a new relationship and everything is really really fun like I. Block the relationships. They don't start until your first fight at that particular ship it's always great you go on dates all the time. You just hang out I was I was really. Should doesn't really start until you've had eight fight and you have to figure route assaults and by. I think she's fade as someone that does this for a living talks about sports would be excited to see out here is that you've got to go through the ups and downs of adding a quarterback. Because one thing to watch other teams develop their quarterback and see it before and think man we really want that. It's a long time since the chiefs have had a young quarterback goes out there he is the sole reason why you lose a game to see what the criticism and what the conversation is going to eight. Because we can agree at some point this season that is going to happen at that old yet at one point oh this season. It's got to be exact flip side at some point this season I don't know when the game's going to be. Don't get it over 350 yard three touchdown pass it everyone is going to be on fire and think that is the guy. He's too talented it too much talent around them they bit bigger they are too well coach. The chief said to me any advantages for either scenario to not work. My home is going to be a rookie at some point like many rookies he's got to make mistakes and make you scratch your head and make you question if he is the guy like. Any young quarterback it's gonna happen he's also gonna have some things that make you say while I understand and forget it when it hit me last year with homes. The passing through to the market Robinson in the game against the Tennessee Titans tree legitimately was thinking. How many people in the NFL. How many people in the war can do that. More holes we'll do things that not many human beings currently living can do. Because how many people that we can play NFL quarterback in high level what's the answer when he. Yeah. High level the eagle eye level I mean I'm sick daughter of the play leads into the play. I mean do you like Kirk cousins I got an electrical win break that what NFL quarterback aha I don't what. Ours last year's yeah he's good NFL quarterback. Funny people maybe 25 absolute tops they can do that. How many people can make that road to the mark Robinson last year in the preceding an exit titans Aaron Rodgers connected. We. You can't make at the right now not more can now get a Brady came and the threats like six people like you do like legitimately six people currently locked in the face they can do more homes is going to have those moments that excite you and makes you understand why. There was a time in the NFL draft that he was the talk of a team went from 27 to gain to go get. 47 detained because they know. If they don't attend they were not getting. He what you. He was not gonna be there are eleven he was not gonna be there at twelve and thirteen there was no getting hold you pick fifteen. You had to go up to number indigo had to go draft Holmes so if anything to Maine. Today should be a celebration of with the first time in my lifetime Specter for the first time in your lifetime the chiefs have 100%. Hit the keys over to a young player. Alex is not a young player when they got for agreeing with not a young player when they got Elvis bought at a young player Joseph Montana did you pick the quarterback over the last twenty years 25 years. This the first time I can never think of 100%. No fail safe no backup option if Holmes doesn't or somebody's getting fired. If he's good. If he's not the quarterback you project him to be if you UN Kansas City are unhappy with who you got a quarterback Andy Reid is getting fired forward. Brett beach is getting fired and we are starting this whole process so urgent. So they hitch analogy makes sense to me this could literally be your last first kiss only to be doing its exact same song and it's in five years yet to be as exact same song and it's org you can get right like nine of the 32 teams currently in the lead. And that doesn't count Seattle but doesn't tell Philadelphia and thinks they got their quarterback doesn't count Minnesota who thinks they have their quarterback doesn't count a lot of team that think they have. She's scenes very rarely in your life do you feel like you've had your quarterback. Makes you feel like you gotta. I've never felt in my lifetime and I was here and I was thirteen in 1983 addressed that Todd black which. Not once have ever seen in the early nineties when the she started to good again. It was a huge Stephen burger because that's when the chiefs to me I could benefit because you guys after a member of the seventies and the eighties and the chiefs were awful. McCarron chiefs of baseball to. Then the left wants and what 1987 I think the John Mack of it is their head coach and that was it nobody cared about. So this to me is a new feeling for me at 48 years old in this city or is little left you know Rivera good Lenny Dawson and l.s instant when so. I think the coolest thing about tonight. And you talk about the markets rout throw that was a great throw but the moment when I knew. Homes is gonna be something different was in the pre season last year how many times have received a player broke down that was near the goal line announcement was rolling to his right. How many times we just sort of tense up Michael got something bad but remember that awful interception threw in Green Bay Packers. Near the goal line. I ice was fearless I would tense up because I knew this probably wasn't good and well. When the hosted the pre season last year I'm like OK this is going to be fun and he made the throw if I remember correctly I think was a touchdown pass to mark his camp. In the pre she's and that that's the difference what you feel like no matter what happens it'll play. No matter how bad breaks down how bad they scrambled out you know try to figure out you feel like something exciting is going to happen now to get a decent not so happy endings. Display agree and that's why security got a chip and I. I agree but to me that's part of the relationship love we haven't had the first fight you know Cher like what like what state easing from homes one bad world. It seemed that the bag not to keep it that great in the Broncos game I would say he plate and in the game grows it he he played right need to have a full complement of weapons. Like and there's going to be some ups and downs that I had it with ball homes right now because everybody's so excited we all make he's really big save about homes just like such little spot. We've seen homes though fifty passes in the NFL like. We're about to give it a crass or specially with their schedule in the first Sox games they're going to give it. We're we're going to get a crash course I'll play this where you really quickly this is Matthew Baird and got the biggest fan as he got in the world. But a place where you what he said about Patrick Holmes and what it means about Andy Reid and I had no clue this was the case is as nasty bitter irony is being. It most fantasy quarterback points over the past decade under Andy Reid and so Patrick Holmes who is mobile was a big arm and obviously has a lot of weapons and guys like Kelsey and Watkins and hunting and you know armed might and for its Irish kill. For me yet give me some Patrick my homes I'm not worried about that I'm Roland when my home race. So Matt Berry today on ESP inspecting got the full thing with the crowd explain it all over the last ten years. If you read quarterbacks have had the full outs in the fifth most basic points in all of the NFL. A big reason why acting so many people are happy and optimistic about homes any reason why people believe he had the chances. You cannot ask for better situation when he currently has been drafted into. You'd be giving a coach like firmly believed to maximize his abilities and skills and put him in situation to succeed. Because we've seen time and time again so much about quarterback is nurture it's obviously about talent you gotta have ended in the mental make up and all that. It sometime do is address into a situation and makes a horde for you to succeed. If you were timed out. I have no clue on your career goes did you get drafted by Green Bay or by Seattle or by the dolphins but you have the browns but it really do a good job draft. If you're David Carr Derek older brother you got drafted by an expansion team and you were the most sacked quarterback in the first three years in the history of the league. And it wasn't a good situation for you to grow no tiger career could have gone if you're drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles at that time or another franchise but so much of the excitement about homes it is. And drafted by take a coach that will completely. Maximize your ability. And trapped by a fan base let's be honest that will make all his cues in the world if you fail it will completely wrapped their arms around you at least early oh. Oh mobile will be given at least two years of completely way help outscored it was 200 and we make excuses for for for. Gordon also got a world where he should bring in and it went the most iconic home runs in the franchise's is a great but I'm saying is when it got really really bad yet instead the same page so hot outscored it was an homo was really great now that formal home you'll be given an incredibly long Leach. It gave the city because people haven't seen for a long time. So you'll be given time but within days you'll be given time with the head coach you'll be given the best or some of the best coaching that you could get. And this can't be drafted into a better situation offensively the one that he's. You've been giving Korean Mathieu be given time every Killian and give its annual locking you being given Travis Kelsey. And this can't beat you to you is impossible to be selected into a better situation than the one Holmes is that's reason number one to be optimistic if it in my opening to. Things talent situation he's got both got both goals for me really does in you brought up the situation really good quarterbacks drafted and battled him never talked about. Are we still don't uses for an excuse for a smooth anymore he was drafted into an awful situation in San Francisco. Was terrible multiply that coaches crummy coordinators that football team once that they solidified entered into a pretty decent quarterback look what he's doing now. And it is your opinions about outs that we think about what he didn't he adds that lets them but they just think about how the 49ers word how much it. How chaotic that was out for number one overall draft that you won multiple multiple. That you'll multiple head coaches in multiple coordinators all of us. Doesn't have any of that. Mean he's got a new coordinator Eric the enemy but let's not let's outline new ourselves in any reason cord injuries the plate he's the dude. He's got finals say that everything that goes on he has the absolute. Perfect situation. To come out it its. That's original I think everybody is. So excited. They should be unique eulogy should be excited about this and inspect I talked about this you know we talked about how do you know he's got some just know. You know like we do we Alex Smith wasn't I wanted to be the guy I want him to be applied you know wanted to be my forever first last kiss in Kansas City the quarterback we. You know I think with home. But the other like that that's opposite Alex with a little bit. It was exactly what I thought it was going to be. Alex Smith if put in a really good situation given the tools to Diego quarterback I mean you want them to get to a suitable two days game. Take this franchise to where it hasn't been in my lifetime. I just don't know that Yahoo! home I I just media firstly may I make Bill Hader. Makes you realistic did it I just don't know how anyone has seen enough to know that he is going to be. I just don't understand. That same game that does he owns I don't understand how we've come to that conclusion as early. I'm excited to see the edge a bit of what happens with a guy like well we'll see if we can make those kind of proclamations he seemed like he could be it easily could be the guy. Isn't seen enough with homes and that's why excellent idea now a couple days when a bottom and really really good analogy about being a proud parent who. I think that's what alms and value couple days ago I think mobile homes now like every first we get really excited because it's the first time for everything with the Zurich on some home. I think part of it is important weapons of you are for him into admitting that managing expectations is. We just blow every good thing he does. Also blow up every bad thing that he does that's different and Alex Smith he was steady as a rock even when he killed sever Cisco I felt like I knew exactly what he was. The thing is different everybody thinks he is an. What he's not say what if he's still really good but what he's got eight that's a different level of expectation to deal with the. That compares notes and we look at it from this perspective were basically didn't. We're adopting Patrick I mean we got back home is located right many dollars he's are little puppy. With Alex Smith it's like you know he adopted adult you know it's 37 years old or you know he has evolved we don't sit here every first thing is a really big deal for him. Because he's not like Alex Smith is not like Trent green is not like any of those guys that are veteran quarterbacks that we see play at launch. We knew that you wield the ceiling was vetoed the bats that we really about new awards viewed itself into all that stuff will Holmes is all we just got a new puppy. So yes every time he he does suck that were all we're gonna go crazy over again. This before he's ours it's the first show that young quarterback in Kansas City you know in. A lot of people lifetime so that's completely different than any other quarterback. Are coming up next we'll get a chance of 1000 bucks and our national cast contest and we'll let you know what we're looking for today in the she's game. And we just got a little bit of breaking news here we're gonna need it shares it was a royals and cardinals tickets in the commercial where expect. Really upset of attacks like three and trying to win back some favor with the listeners out whenever you as dropped. Now my computer all in the zone could see that I did you have any about. Don't believe some things never change ready to go or during the commercial break. Beat cholera 691357676. Date. And we'll give you a chance to Wear a win a prize coming up giving you jazzed about the buzz and talk and she's coming up this drug. It's sort she's. The bugs and our national hands. It's. Sex or your group what. Day eight TE date to 72881. That's date and you can be thousand dollar cash winner in the national cache content six cents forgery. Is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving UA chancellor of the 121000 dollars each weekday. All you gotta do this in on the 378 to seventy. During next season when it's coming up in one hour during the arrowhead pride tailgate and I go and win right now complete rules and listings over at sixth and sports that count. One more time for those in the back part of your. Date DA TE date to 72881. I had no clue you're Rick Ross there if we're closet at the Dwayne Bowe but yeah I didn't know I don't really know what sound though wasn't Hewitt has Macon sounded very on Rossi and to me. Mom so. You have compiled a list today of the guys you're looking forward to seeing played and I never not Patrick. Homes such correctly so it was what the other is gonna be a lot more things going on tonight's game of the Patrick Holmes played two or three series the first quarter seat. Did it wanes as a guy that I'm really series to seize a running back. That I think has a chance to be the number two running back in and and not Spencer ware had other Bradley still McKenzie started this. He was in our backups that and I'm like this guys in the back and he's a borderline situation starter Pete said this guy's pretty good I think Damian Williams has chance to back up. Running back spent two hours coming up the than the injury. Chart hit requests still dealing with a concussion auditors to see if at all he plays tonight. I don't know if he's been ruled out or not a majority have the other ones Erich Maria these tremendous opportunity for Eric. I just wanna go back with something Brett Dietz said he says this guy is in a back up he's a borderline situation is smarter bet sounds like a really dries up selling it back to back up in the game plan. That doesn't that's about it. Like let's come on now let's all the fanfare this guy isn't a back up he's not even essential to explore the boards these. Lines until winds I don't I think it goes sought I think it goes starter. Borderline situation will starter then back I think is what bread each extra eyes and Damian Williams that he certainly has a role on this team yeah. But you're not gonna convince me a guy who was played for NFL seasons and they went as followed. 122. Yards rushing 59 yards rushing 115. And 181. Who scored three touchdowns in his career and has 477. Yards. Yeah and I don't know this in the media as it's obvious who to back it up though where was his claim a focus of who he was he'd been energized when you dad's idea border illegally is coming back. I'm being a good solid number two running back Rory situation on number. So I compared him to this but we're priest priest told Holmes came here he was a back mean. Others guys like that that maybe don't get their opportunities and Rouse did anyways is that I'm guessing not films. That's not prepared him well and sends it really good players don't get the shot somewhere else they do I don't know enough about this guy I don't know if he's he's going to be a big deal or not. But I am looking forward to seeing him as one might not alms guys Eric Berry to me as a golden opportunity tonight in the rest it is breezy. Would dance swords and go daddy's gonna be a waste yes that knee surgery Eric Berry has a golden opportunity lockdown that starting safety position decider. Mean I that's the guy that I think our money lots has an opportunity it's in some. So Thomas the ones wells or Mario mine wants you to guys to keep and I see brains basically to. You know he was he's number to a jet depth chart behind. You know he was the chiefs' top draft pick this year for reason was to bring its fixed dude is getting the quarterback as a problem said he wanted it is gonna play and we see that. I don't see any place that hip. At all I don't think he's going to haven't seen anything just yet but I'll be surprised if she's in lock is that we do what's in an initiation form vegetables from Patrick Holmes a game. I'm really surprises and log easily elicits given the fact that there's nothing there's nothing good said he wanted to do this priceless I only bad until the coliseum all of us in there with the ones I want to get a glimpse of his office can be that's Hillary's and so I mean I'm not saying this anyone it's king got their make you really good catch but. At the end of the pre season we're talking a lot about saving lock in the pre season that means he's. I mean something really bad apple was anyone's surprise this compares guys you have an illicit Damian Williams Erik wary two months been Bruce Beasley a go to guys trying to find themselves the only guys that have a wide range of what they can do at the Austin I thought I know exactly was in Watkins is on the scene. Is it chiefs fan I want to see the shiny new free agents or there's been at fourteen million dollars on a year. Ominously amount of this office to see we can do if he's out there tonight I don't know if he's going to be or not and got coarseness and mrs. As my god I. And in policy Lisa Blake Mac OT number 88 there's my duties when you're officially give me about how he does give mile and he's like training camp crush small school kid. Played tight and markets us. You know his name until my. I thought it was Alex on Monday that corrected it late actually be your problem he is now a meaningful that I hearty and ends look at Versailles with him late on Monday you were Colin Alex Mack Tuesday all the Alvin Mack from the program's doing. Or Cheney could get any can't rush my summer flick. Now you followed me on Twitter today. He's might do. I can tell you seem like a big fan I'm. She got it ever in the third like that she's amazing like that's never happened actually tonight lifeline a little bit of Sylvia Woods is that ruins my story. Any anybody there was a third day we didn't really get to the third day this was this isn't working on either side of mistreated his dues unveils a lot like I think we could. Beat two great people but independently. Always just acts of Brooklyn the only thing is that what I'm sorry I just I don't get more Blake Matt I don't know. In all seriousness I do think he's got an intriguing play he's really big is like six. 636 forced by some like that big dude. Lake tied it and in in college and it was a receiver sounds like to major's ears let's put it should be back that it does that play basketball is actually played football. That I am intrigued by him and I think there's some of those guys out there. That I'm really really yours deceit from incidents in other guy gets it return. I wrote down gaining in the something I'm looking forward to because. I think right now I think. Espresso wears or number two running back I think I think it today they had to play an actual game I think that's prince aware began the second most carries on the team but. He's coming off injury they've been slow to bring him along this is the time that you prove yourself you're Damian Williams like today I think that Dana Williams will be the most carries on the team I think tomorrow we're talking about Damian Williams. So he gets 1011 Carrey's as you look yeah. Does he break one. Is he averaged five yards care like he could be a guy that we're talking about tomorrow and at least puts himself in the conversation. To be that she's back I don't think he's going to be big and he's put himself in the conversation. We all talk about two corners on the chiefs are needed three quarters on the chiefs. Beam and then right yeah like all we talk about let's get a Fuller all we talk about is Stephen Nelson David Emerson you need more than yeah. Or are the who's the fourth. Quarter with a fifth corner those guys got to merge those guys have to prove something we talk about two months met all the talk about is that he's that's just about anything else which amounts met. Today army coming out of this game talking about somebody else and I really surprised me is another quarter maybe he can compete for that. But inside slot for that nickel worse but that's a conversation I wanna be having in talking about the round tomorrow show. I'm curious what they do in nickel and dime situations. That was going to be a guy like being a source and a guy that does he could play in the boxer got to play back Kenedy door in a big idea what the big things that the chiefs really touted this off season was his. Flexibility his versatility his ability to play linebacker and safety for his ability to play. Three yards deep or his ability to play in the box do we get a chance to see that today is he somebody that's in the game in obvious passing downs. It's something I wanna see would Torino Daniel. I'm really curious to me from an offensive perspective because that. On the offense we know like 90% of what they're going to be off since we met a couple positions a guy like Sam. Kimberly maybe we don't know but the other position I'm really pitchers not a star wide receiver. I think that could be DiMarco promise I think it can be Chris Connelly not record I think that bad to Marcus Robinson is going to have a game in which he has won the more important players on the team. I think he's gonna have a game which he has four catches 72 yards a touchdown because it is continuity with almost any ends up winning you a game. But I'm curious today whenever my home is in who's getting those or wide receiver wraps is it going to be to Marcus Robinson is it gonna be Chris Connelly is the going to be markets can't. Is going to be Brian paint Pringle who I know they really really like that each Bryant today on the field with Watkins with more homes with hill with everybody. Is it gonna be the mark Robinson. Doug it was a little insight to how they really feel about is that going to be Chris Connelly. If it's Chris got what they feel really good about his health his ability to kind of stick on this team so those things and I'm looking for. Damian Williams I think he's gonna have the most carries today are we talking about any corners outside of the Big Three what do they do in nickel and dime situations when it comes with a safety. And who's that our receivers Nate is it the Marcus Robinson workers come Al. Your questions other guy too we did talk about dare not the other deal lies and Edwards see a lot of him tonight Tim and we rotate. Derrick not he's a rookie he's a draft picks so he's looking for really see these defensive rookies. And what did you have a lot of these guys will be until what maybe the second quarter I think. There's quite a lot for once home leaves a game that's bull pointer. Coming up hope you're driving out to the stadium today or you are getting ready to head home and watch the game. Like we are coming up next we abide and the arrowhead pride tailgate show. They get ready to take you up until 730 kick off today at aero and their pride till eight pregame show coming up nexus drugs. A studio. She is sold for we've got three people on the preview and Russia are mean. Anytime you can get three skinny guys that I never play in the NFL together her softly. So pulled an opportunity presents than Sports Radio C got you make four. Does not apply the answer hell yeah they're like you need to diversity of its of the items like. The daily news ability to Neil Smith I'm not when he's yet on the brigades. Half the time it will be Shawn Barber. He him for home games is also a uniform inspector it's on the MM yeah. So he's a happily answer for away game Shawn Barber who in your own games of the Cannes who would you put two counts well yet it. Not well not only does exist out there is actually defense you know I mean actually played doesn't college ball two on it was all NCAA football I'll answer. At least I was state. Matt Stafford and it went maybe you should be and I was until it was fantastic with the Stafford and it comes to that notion on Marino was sentenced to cover college football does that count when I was about how does that work. Right now welcome and the guys from the arrowhead pride tailgate to my left is Pete swinging in the middle like wicket who normally. I just picked the politics. The it's Watson on the other two of the three of them working at pride Mike wicket you know I'd like to see its like 989 EA line I don't I don't know those reports and I don't know where you work it's easy that wall it on the others. All I. I don't really know you guys got a window in here for Simon yeah because that's what we gotta have. Other is going to do things look forward to today Al run remind you guys. I look deported Amy Williams today I think he could have the most series today. I'm curious to see what it does with that cares I did see a map like eleven carries an 812 carries today does he get forty to the it sixty yards of those carries let's see what he does. We only talk about three corners on this team. Any other quarterback certainly more than three decent corners throughout the course of an NFL season I'm curious what they do in nickel and dime situations because of the injury needing a source and and I'm juries in death or wide receiver is is with my Holmes that's the one they're really trying to build continuity and chemistry with. Is there anything that one of you three wood and on what people should be looking for today's. Heading out the stadium the I think you got. I think he had some of the get a winds one paying. That you pointed on that stuck gets me you know just gonna say is I think. The number three wide receiver is more of battle are certain to become more battle when people realize I think Chris counting to the first shot but it into Marcus Robinson is to really. Really getting camps and to me I wanna see of those two guys who looks better when it comes to other things are okay you'll be looking for some other stuff as well yeah I am I'm really insisted and in. Corner number four and five I think it doesn't really sting dudes. Fair aryan springs from on smear. They looked good the three times a day outage training camp and they're young guys there it is there's a lot of promise there I think they can build some debt there with some young guys. Moving forward. I'm looking to see if there's more people in the stands in the fourth quarter or last night's royals game in the ninth inning they that is what I wanna see people are actually gonna stick around for the end of this. The hype this is the first quarter and then as always in pre season no matter what team it is. And get home and beat the traffic is all about see in the stock it is all about seeing the number ones and Andy Reid said the dawn after the of the first quarter if they even get to that point. So to be honest the diehards argued the ones watch in the third the fourth the fifth corner of the second and third the fourth string outside linebacker. I think the big thing to win and it is is turning into an underrated topic to the big the big problem when she was the run defense and wanna see how these guys fit in with kitchens and and rag Glendon. Xavier Williams is it is that something and it's super underrated go to this game because he grew up in Kansas City and this is going to be is first time being a pre season game and I am and that the red and gold with senior rough form sure it's going to be overly emotional for him. When it comes down to he was brought in to sort of stop this run from running all over the chiefs of the palladium dollar gonna face again yeah that's gonna be huge for the chief to share. Dirk got into was another day you know that she's what do address all these guys on defense this year result defense that's that they were gonna do. I'm curious to see those guys and with it maybe is kind of hard core she's take them and that's the reason that she's got knocked out of the playoffs. And it they could not stop the rot and so they went they addressed the issue I hear everybody. Spec traction on Dallas and it's I. Tire iron or bad mistake this is why you guys all the time go to the under the too you know it off good and I hear respect traction Alex Smith and everybody wants to trash Alex Smith and it's like specs right to bandwagon of trash on Alex met yet it is not writing he's yeah he's. He's driving it over the Smart he built you know he's the time out heart attacks and have it. But it it did the defense especially the inability to stop the run weekend and week out can't mean this was the Achilles heel this team the offense was fine. Play calling was my idol people wanted to see little a little bit different more variety and Andy Smith the nectar eighty read excuse me in that game but. It's about the ability to stop the run steal. Is it it is a foundation of football teams in the NFL. Subtly. They actually. Have completely overhauled the personnel that might be on the field any third down situation like they had to close that game out against the titans. They could have as many as nine different players. That would be on the field for the same situation that they gave up that third down run to dare to dinner. So it's a it's a massive overhaul which is remarkable to me what it says it is and we were given Bob Sutton the business all offseason is that she's really believe that it was a personnel problem on about Sutton problem and they brought in. A lot of new players to do so that's why this associates have all defensive draft and tonight tonight you're gonna get to see some of those guys. Which you guys more worried about the secondary of the run defense because for me early on it was the second. But I don't feel like he can't they've ever had in the tensions in all and everybody of those two guys who talk about the key additions that they've made. And never healthy the same time at least early on so far in camp so I kind of adjusted. I'd like to secondary is gonna be better than people anticipate and maybe there's still some bit make some major questions answered opera before. Going into camp I was worried about secondary and in camp they've looked good and to me that matters because of a do nature of camp usually the offense has an advantage and be who their face it they're facing. Kelsey watched in Stillman doing well to me. I feel good about our run defense is still wary. The voices that you heard him. Repeat swinging. Mike which it can't Swanson they are the arrowhead pride tailgate show. Be elicited six taking all the way up but so tick off during halftime of the chief's game turned it to six and Sports Radio the only radio station in Kansas City giving you achieve the call and I mean look at all of those those three tasks they've been fifteen yard. Oh. Talk about. Think you'll see her on the homes and why alienate the homes. Greg we think that the hole just a little. Bit to retest at the absolute most you'll get what you asked everybody wants Seattle otsuka. But I'll tell us man hey they play. Hey that's a hell that he's the and I take the lead Denver had no thanks Brooke I just talking to someone who's watched reasons of football. Yeah. Or I just received that I tell you how it's gonna go to be a party backed up. That they might tell gates though. Drives it to the stadium charred earth policy did you take is taking care of Indian nation with a parking attendants could you note board is gonna be bad down. This low on hides those radio dot com Matt we got a lot of them to promote his draft.