08/09 4p - Mahomes & Watson, Tomorrow for the Chiefs, Positional Preview

The Drive
Thursday, August 9th
A look back at the decision between Mahomes & Watson, what C-Dot is looking for tonight plus a quick positional preview before the preseason begins 

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On the pet projects growth and income tax on C dot is that Patrick Holmes here. I have said anything yet about Patrick long haul flight eight fax or bigger buzz kill when bonds Killington I'm. Legitimately. Get a segment today. Don't fight now what makes me a mall homes Nader gets in the run this it's like night since I am calling a lot of sad though we did we took under the rug out. Inaudible you tell me it's not about this that see it's about the intent it's a debate and you can't see I'm calling it probable. I just wanna know what makes me a pat almost like I legitimately. In Virginia will we do not understand. I'll give you guys that we could figured out enterprise is what you. Black box Barbeque. Movie passes. What delegates you tell me I'd I know what makes me animal hater. I keep saying I think he's going to be Matt Stafford and a better situation. I keep saying yeah. I called hater donors and I'll try to do my best for you guys every single day this you taught that digital think he's you know the six touchdown pass that you hate Patrick ball who heard this makes complete sense or is it hurts my heart maybe that's why you called hater. Because. You guys might remember us. But there was a time before many of us knew Patrick Holmes then there was a time that there was eight another quarterback that you desperately wanted. I remember what geno Smith back and I remember there was somebody in I'm not gonna say. Wrote a blog post about how this guy was a winner now Kansas City need to go. And I remember lots as quarterback play and an legit which of game multiple times against Alabama who's really really good at all right yeah. Watch as quarterback multiple times against Alabama. And I remember picky and what I had the chance to be really really good NFL player. And remember the realistic. Up thinking you know. That sheets could potentially have a chance etc. quarterback because it was very obvious that the chiefs were gonna draft a quarterback after that she Steelers game. It was clear that she's gonna go in a different direction and in the unthinkable the chiefs were 27 and then they jump all the way the same. And this quarterback was available this quarterback was on the board in the she had a choice new with the red and the blue pill they had a choice in what they wanted to do. And they chose Patrick Holmes the quarterback I'm talking about is dish John Watson. There are pretty used to accidentally or quarterback leads John wants so well. Can we be honest Kansas City it would be spam here with the aid of you listening. I don't know I watched Michelle Watson last year in the NFL. And C member when they went to new England and how well he played that game jump up and threw nineteen. Touchdown passes last year an injury shortened season but he. And he really really really really good season last year but I am wondering you cheese fans that I know you'd think homes the second coming. I wonder if there's a little bit what it if there's a little bit buyer's remorse now that you've seen how good show on wanting him. For non. And wanted to shot Watson coming out I was out of rock. In Iowa I was I wanted to shot lots of other team's going to be gotten is I saw a lot more than I thought it was terrific in the way competed against Alabama won a national championship. I thought he was the that's the guy that I wanted and I sobbed and and found out and learn a little bit more about Patrick Holmes Anne and no I don't have buyer's remorse I think. Lot's gonna get but he he feels. And that is the back repairs and that he feels a little bit like RG three to me. Yet a knee injury ecology correct in college correct yeah okay and now he's got another one who's to any injuries and he has the ability in it the league year he seems like. He is he he could potentially be. A little injury prone now is he talent can run all over the RT sling it absolutely and he's gonna be really really good quarterback and stay healthy I don't elected that would. And it happens in warlord about Patrick Baltimore solved when the pre season weighs on doing Denver. And what I think he's going to be able to be in this league I'll take hold them happy would that. Sex line 69306. A lot of people on the same can't beat you. Watson is RG three homes as far with a permit voice another person yet paper means another person no none at all C dot. I just asked the question because we all were in Kansas City Specter you Wear your fitting you rewritten. If we get done this exact same poll January 1. When he sixteen. Quarterback do you want to shout want to get an awful lot of lots of wood short. You picked shall one allow the sordid and have been brought a lot though it's sure gonna be great quarterback. The tests so. I can Foley's here and say that I think I was wrong in wanting to Sean if we do this after the come out and say you're wrong you get all the somewhat in play in the NFL so for grain it it was six games yeah we saw play. He completed 60% of his passes he had nineteen touchdown passes and eight interceptions in an eight point three yards per attempt. It's not like to shell Watson was okay. Michelle wants him. Is really really really good at what bogeys and what is this though like what's one of the things that makes him so dangerous. To be at his mobility and the fact get away from guys Enron. So knee injury that concerns me a little bit and that's why drop the RG three compares. I mean a lot of people making that same comparison think it's good he's black like it is easier made the containers and argued the reason to be what he's got a bill like into and he's more slender guy. Normal to me is a little bit more stout in in on that excellence. And a lot of people haven't as fears about. About personal it's just torn ACL as well yeah. Little kids that would concern me to New York one ACLU get another one sort or. I just look at Michelle wants it and I. Maybe I am the only persons present Linksys I will always link homes and Michelle wants and there's the chiefs have a choice it's not like to shop it. It's not like Mitch for this. Look at what if we would introduce it gets the cheese were never going to get hitched up his yeah with our overall that she's not 127 to three by the chief of 27 to team and we all wanted to take a quarterback. They took a quarterback. They took Patrick ball over to shout outs and Megan and being a 100% correct policy with the transportable teams. We'll see what happens but they had a choice of what goes on to be the next Ron Amadon. In my whole into being 08 yet that doesn't that they miss or. If he goes a big goal at the end up being an argument the right decision I don't know how you can see how good shall Watson is think about most educated Citi won the chiefs' draft shall Watson. And in my home became the flavor of the week a lot of people fell in love with them that she's what are you only team. The giants with a light in the saints would like it is like it was just the chief that would have missed on the homes by just I don't know how cute the cities can't think of what if for a quarterback that game at the very beginning of the drafting process. Everybody wanted to show her I would say after the lines still majority of people wanted to shout want to give this city didn't really normal homes until Andy Reid really wanted moment because you say this it was obviously. Everybody would wanted to shout once he seemed perfect for the chief's office PC like somebody you could instantly plugin that she's often abused or from day one. And he was just order from day one with what we saw last year is always gonna have what it shall want to at least this early on in their. Wall and I guess the only time that I'll probably sit back and link those two is it more problems really good one of them really bad and I hope it's Watson that's not to go to. You know because it if we go back and Houston Texans go on and probably it's not a Angeles who ruled the shot Watson and Holmes turns out to be just average. Then yet that only and I'll think about the what is. Especially had a chance to get that I'd well. She's got a really quarterback Philip they have got its gonna be really special I understand that. I just don't wanna go Russians and while this is like the class of 1983. Or this is the big band class were out where it was in the Eli. Like him who builder and Philip Rivers that lasts so. I'm not ready to go there yet to suit their careers. And sing about missing his right. I mean they're at the very beginning of the career we at least got we got a much bigger sample of what shall wants them look like. Able to gather to be a top ten quarterback in the league a much bigger sample what we got what are in the date and he started the second half of that game number that game at Cincinnati on the road this. There are an ugly game for him to date yet but still he made that one really big play he did that in the game like he did. Lot of people like the intangibles that winners yes all while this seems to have a lot goes into it was no targeted big difference to me was RG three aside from the injury thing is his team racing a light. The teammates RG three never released to be big fans never releasing about even which is a big part of playing quarterback specially as a young. Yeah until I mean RG three was doing subway commercial before every day and you know I mean he can't do that yet about their plan if you get a debt and all the respect and more from John Watson what he did in college. I mean talk about the ultimate competitors Europe yet it was terrific doesn't win football games so. If I don't know it's going to be fun to see both these views on the on the field for the first court. Run this. Story by you guys from the big league big we won the more popular sports blogs in the country. I didn't wondering this question normal homes and maybe it is impossible to get a correct answer just given where we are. Because I think theories a huge gap in a divide of what everybody outside of eight point six tonight on 3785. Think about homes. It everybody inside of the big leads and going there every single day and they did a story Jason was doubt I'll have a lot of respect for lives in the McNabb won't want to. He ranked the top fifty quarterbacks in the NFL he had a shot wants are cheating yet Patrick Holmes 21. The only full time quarterbacks that he had on on the homes and a was case keynote. Eli Manning matured this too late morals eighty Dalton Tyrod Taylor Joseph Flacco. And ranking those the only full time quarterback everybody else was like a strange guy rookie of the body like Rosen somebody like Arnold's like baker mayfield includes art and could not sparked a talkative guys we know we're gonna be the stars. There appears to be a very big divide and Howard showed today they did the other pro football focus with the top quarterbacks homes not in the top twenty. There appears to be a pretty big divide between what people in town think about all think he can get top quarterback that you could go for Downey are speaking at a thirty touchdowns. What people outside the air you really think about homes they come to raking him compared whose contemporary. It's I think it's fair to put it it's point one we have seen enough of them have to really know he has gone out there and done and I mean I think. You out if were ranked on potential maybe this was is completely different Mercedes 21 best quarterback in the league he's played one game. You know and he's he's above Joseph Flacco. I gotta seem homes lightbulbs guys can shoot up at least an artery once she gets halfway through the season forty a year into the league I think oh shoot you know. I think he'll be a top ten guy I really believe that he can't break in the and that is played one game and it's again it didn't matter in week seventeen and a good he won that game. You know he did enough to win the football game we obviously nobody is the potential to make some throws a lot of guys can't. At the ability to escape and make plays into all those things it's a fair ranking isn't. Because we see and one regular season game I understand it. I don't know if this is high taker announcement Uga players sounder if you I think homes today is a better quarterback Andrew Flacco idea I just like on ID just like it was absolutely. On the east good quarterback I would want. And it's at right now rather have. Even if we eliminate the contract money perspective more homes are Joseph Flacco. The ad passable by the angels like it was absolutely walk out at home since I'm close coming up in twenty minutes we'll give you a chance to a thousand bucks on national cast contest the first. Will tell you what we're looking for today and that she's first preceding game when he eighteen coming up as a drive. You guys seen Specter in the cameras coming up fifteen minutes we'll give you chances 1000 bucks and ask ask God's. Spec was saying guys do you believe that she's had two and a half point favorites today over the Texans. I gotta take some action footballs back. But when you don't you got a problem on the over under again. Mean I mean for the she's eighteen and asked who wah video over I mean with this high power offense adding melody over eighteen and I didn't manage to find out whether it. You don't think that would Lloyd's gonna go there in the fourth quarter and tap a grind it's yeah. Chase what he's been lighting it up. It was chase Lindsay our team did is he chief yes the fourth string after the royals fifth starter Ryo if if if if the eyes of a long profile guy. Arts through the wrestlers now is very. Actually 40% of the rotation is it. So if you were thinking about placing a wager on the chiefs solely for entertainment purposes. Teaser two and a half point favorite today over the Texans them homes after it being only being home is definitely giving units and have you got that advantage of Clinton I can't lights Iran moments ago in the Texas out of a chance to come and aironet in ninety Toledo with a victory especially you can use that's an apple. Especially the playoffs and either in a ms. it was a plant in the text them change that she's over under today on points is eighteen and had ceased being first ring office might at fourteen I mean. All but be it for two series mean. It scored two touchdowns in the first teaser beat those David Rice it's over. And I don't really know what there's takeaways this game other than that she's going to on the field backpack. Scoring touchdowns. All month. There's something it all you'll be talking about tomorrow regarding teensy she's will get into that momentarily but. I called with a list of very shortly on a digital Melissa great. About what people will be talking about tomorrow. As we get ready for word. Receiving an important. Number one. I think there is a little bit of a running back controversy. From the back of going to be spritz or where you know hasn't been getting all the second team reps are catered west is out. I think today we conceded she's taken Eckstein didn't look at Damien will say hearing I can see him giving teams a living here is that really try to get an extended look. I think it's aware is going to make the team but I think of who the number two running back for the physique he says is very much up for grabs between Damian Williams. And Spencer where I think that's gonna be something people are talking about tomorrow second thing is we spent a lot of time talking about three quarters on the team. We spent a lot of time talking about Kindle Fuller is an a lot of time talking about David Emerson we spent a lot of time talking must even those who. We're going to need more quarters of that throughout the course of the season so I'm curious to see who emerges from a second quarter Vermont Smith. A guy that you really like this season are we talking about him from a playing the quarterback position artistic kick return guy as he got it in your fourth quarter. Quarterback itself and I'm going to be taking a look at in the game especially when it's obvious passing downs. Who's in who's in the corner back reps at something a think's gonna be a big deal alongside that nickel and dime situations. Maybe you had a guy like. Daniel Sorensen in years past. Is that a spot predict for the door you know being got a spot Armani want to getting in the situation I'm talking first team that felt like a third or fourth. Quarter of this game. How they handle nickel and again obvious passing downs without the veteran leadership that would be a source and a guy who knows the system whose get those obvious passing down ramps. Is gonna be something I'm gonna be looking forward to and last thing for me when it comes to be authentic back home. Who was in with a home is it the mark Robinson are first come. Like who's getting those first team reps to try to build those continuity or when Chris Colleen is he in when it's a backup quarterback. I think that's gonna be something a lot is it Chris Connelly get to passes from a home by detective who Chad Haney. Let's get you some and I'll be looking for this year and deceit with Chris Connelly if he explosiveness is still there. He was out the Achilles injury I kind of agree. Him along slow. This is a game to see how I'm bald he's going to be at least early on in the off I would use to Marcus Robinson right now I mean he's coming off an Achilles in Conley is so. As if it's me and it's my decision. I'm on the to bring him a maverick cop comedy long slow and ease him into it over the course the pre season it's Marcus Robinson out there because I felt like. You know he in the homes you know somewhat of a connection and in the pre season last year right so I would my guess at least at this point is probably two markets dropped. Yeah I would guess it's the Marcus Robinson as well but you never know until you actually see Immelman feels today but I'd been bagel and a Marcus Robinson at least think he's going to be involved in the unveils mean being involved in the offense is playing in the first quarter of game yeah being of all the the offense they play in the third quarter were chased like important aspect that's not making the team or yeah is he's a practice squad for spring got a guy. Being with the first team seeing how they use you are involved in the often argue part of the airplane and I think is a very very important thing. Spec I don't know he had a pulled up for not on the hot keys but I would levee tossup because. There's some things that we argue about once a year or some things we talk about once a year. I mean to America well the plans are for there's some things that come around you and I. When it comes the play cards and you talk about we argue that the plans are we as a city RO about it there. What's going to be the bigger deal today that ticket changes one or parking. Because of your un aware of what the NFL is doing there are no hard tickets this season. There are no physical chiefs tickets. You can even print them all anymore there's no option for units or work computer and immediate you do that I do that sometimes you got a chance to do so that I corporate profit at work you can take it in their hand the ticket taker ticket taker. A sheet of paper she stands at you walking yet that is not an option anymore. The option for you to receive tickets is either I see in June the tickets digitally on the computer or via an act. That is going to be a problem today you know anytime something is new and not traditional and not conventional. It is going to be a problem at the window and we all know getting into chiefs games if not the quickest up process. Right now your phone guys how are you getting into the game I give up your it's okay have a good time. And your phone guys which happens sometimes how are you getting into the game that's the only way to recover your ticket is when your phone. That is going to be a problem there's going to be a KC TV five news story can legally box for the story yet there is 100%. Going to be a thing in this is not just they chief rule yet is an NFL will they are trying to trying to do away with physical tickets. But she sat at this season it is going to be a big time. I'm talking point tomorrow almost what do you what do you lose your phone to me that you're that you're completely screw colonials and I hit. And what the people don't have Smartphones I mean that's the thing too and her on is my dad is an example knowledge he's gonna Gucci's games of Oregon. But he's got one of those little flip flop flip phone for you know emergency purposes. So how do you get. Like like what you option if you don't have a Smartphone. They're exactly that she's sort of senseless and when it was to me is kind of ridiculous you've got to have a bad there's got to be back. We get the draw your station and I want to tickets for the game tonight and parking them like carpet that was that that's the first time that I figured it out. Might get in on okay gonna download the aptly editing this that and it's going to be him. But tax on 69306. Season ticket holders got physical plastic cards in addition to the phone. I'm not a season ticket holder yeah a lot of you're not season ticket holders but you go to chiefs games. That it's going to be an issue I know people who say did you somebody else's phone degree are. You think today it's gonna be a smooth ride to get everybody and ending towards what your season ticket. I'm not gonna lie to I don't know how these cars were never be yes I I like I. And we didn't lash I don't bouncing it's you can't just physically hand that card to another person like if I'm going again I think I'd give you Mike yes that's what the problem with this season and last year to a rate which it did in the basically credit cards it's like you and it's an attitude and ego. Which you know they scam is give back to him he's got in and yet that's what that was like that parties I think the things going to be trainer in the acting is going to be absolutely terrible and we know. Day every single game for the chiefs not his pre season games parking is always issues people always complain about always the worst you'll always complain about it. It's what watching the game on TV and he you're Trent. To try to get people into the stadium's right and it's negative wipe out the portion of the population that does have a Smartphone to get and so they can't get. And and now the parking thing is an absolute train wreck out there and it did they paid a bunch of money to do this big. That assessment however the illegitimate she'll have to go one way around and it makes it absolutely worked. A night games you don't Nike like money I gives the Thursday games seven games it's a mess trying to get in and out there. Tex signs 69306. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard they really don't want people at the game do today. I think more than anything you want my hypothesis on why the NFL is doing mrs. A lot of you have been burned by paper tickets then it's not that caller. To you print off the ticket or game it's the paper copy I have the actual one. And I stand a bunch of those tickets it's basically a race to see who gets to the yeah and they did you get a ticket scanned first door to its work in your good. But I sold these tickets to twelve other people now that are trying to as the game. You go again issued a paper it doesn't work so they'll like me I spit to order out a sheet of paper now it doesn't work and now is the chief problem so that's I think the NFL is trying to do I would generally don't think they're trying to make it harder for you go to the game. I think they're trying to stop fraud and stop people from just replicating paper tickets. And this is the best solution I think they feel like they have out. I don't know how this works or maybe I'm maybe I'm wrong here but is another way to gather information QB Jeff download apps and of course it's a than what they can do that information on that information about you they wanna find out what you like what you want there to try to sell you more stuff on as. As cities go up to take a window and said hey listen if he two seats section 314. Suite here yelled thanks manager of the game. So it's Jimmy hit it it makes it more complicated unstable to doing it and eventually it's all gonna go to that. You know but not everybody has a Smartphone not everybody can cough up what ninety bucks a month for an unlimited plan have a great iPhone. That's I just think they're eliminating a portion of their fan base and they do it. We say that dog mean what's that mean I I don't have the numbers I'm sure that she's have the number I'd love to know the portion of fame that go chew chiefs gave the don't have Smartphones. I don't know if it's a really huge percent I mean I mean if it's 3% of your intended audience like. Nazis and a billion dollar company you do these studies here at all people that attended chiefs game last year only 3% of them don't have Smartphones are you really catering a rule for the 3% when oppose the other ninety some percent like me I mean this isn't a big deal for me but I'm also protects out out of apple. Not everyone is that tech savvy but they also have Smartphones that it. It is just going to be a very big education process for a lot of people. Yet it's a big time change change is difficult for some people let me go I get boosting its last night at at the link emailed to them like a camera to print these things off like at home and a much. We don't and I can't do that because I was even aware that it's going all. And and and don't bring in a sporting Kansas City has been using digital tickets only for all. I've been given physical tickets is born again there are no physical tickets for the cheat is completely different the most rewarding is lunch I've I've had physical tickets to sporting. The chiefs are no physical tickets this year. Odd coming it was suspect I apologize for being late will give you a chance to win a thousand bucks national gas contest all the coming up to drive. The chance. As Scott says extort say yes 883. Shave. As in the Steve inspector always throw shade toward Catholics are meant to seven to 81 that Shea yeah. You be the thousand dollar casually in the national gas cuts us six enforce these deals Sports Radio station in Kansas City Gaby would chancellor of the 121000 dollars each week day all you gotta do. The cinema 378 at seven. 530. Complete rules and listings over six and sports dot com we'll go and win right now. One more time for those of you in the back the heart of your why. Shade SH ADE. Shade. 272881. The code word is shade coming up in 45. At four point five skis and we put into context how long is Vince's that she says started their own quarterback they drafted. In pre season today's happy homes Daytona 5 o'clock will get to the biggest stories in Kansas City in if you were getting ready for the chiefs game heading out there. I would keep it locked in right here oil and 610 Sports Radio. Right now. We're gonna take a trip around the aero head over to answer a question based on every position group. On this are that go on record. Before the pre season begins. In the regular season how many touchdowns both Patrick well homes initially it. Put me down for twenties. Who read. Brad at feels about right in the twenties I was six point seven which is exactly Alex Smith last. How big a factor will Spencer will be coming off an injury to really really good question. We sing and yards as wanna I wanna correctly it's your question. I'm not looking for a number. Give me an eye test they got a deal on how much he will be a factor in the T stuff that's I think that she's really like them. I think it is in his best interest never really good season because of the restructure. There are a lot of incentives. I think that she's did that to give him very very manageable goals and if you're Spencer ware and you're running back in his net scenes we get paid by your last scenes to get paid. As we get further further away from the injury I didn't expect prints of where to be a part of this offense I like sprints where let's see if he can be got Damian Williams in in solidified himself as the second best running back on this team. If you asked me right now. I'd say 700 yards rushing for Sprint's aware because I think. I think that three month takes a little bit step back are they seven yards three touchdowns on top of my head right now. Spencer would get up he's going to be a big factor overall over the course of the season I think eleven game. Or half. In a big game they have reason really really big deal and sales teams chief sat as a big. As a big game as a big half that it leads into victory but. Overall I don't think he's he's gonna be big factor at all he's going to be number three running back and looking for a yes or no answer Sammy Watkins has missed an average of four games the last three seasons. We'll Sammy Watkins played more than thirteen games in 2018. The best indicator of future injury and is one. Ask injury while ago with no it's like how many words have the answer this one yes. Are trying to Google but the explanation can be inflated. To better not. It's a really push on to say that and if it rains that range and he played it adds that he has a sore hip he should be playing anyway now they Soledad but based isolated tweet during. That would be amazed what that the ball might. I don't know at the fine you for tweeting irrigate your NFL player probably insipid piece of dead a midshipman is him walking the fine pot. To the offensive line is he improving the answer at left guard you like talking about camera. You should answer this was the first time I've mentioned his name on the air. Baiting doesn't always do you guys are you guys are overlooked in this offensive line you basically turned and you can highlight offense a blog called the ball the no you inches questions I elements are you tell me canyon community at Irving being clearly not Parker anger. They had hammering it safe first round pick albeit of the Cleveland Browns but. This is what Andy Reid loves personal guys you can play three positions they figured out left guard the last three years. That's the biggest deal but it's a former failed. First round pick so these are starting left guard as of right now giants of the question are now chair audience who sent you hate when I say it right. I don't know the reason I say that Lindsay and he's got team three right. So first round pick by the brass into a thought into the building to get from the bills now. And he trading your directly from the big brown a first round tickets are even Trace out the same team he's ultimately what a couple of years weird. I hope so that'll feel really I don't feel confident of that. And defensive side of the ball Spezza was so upset with an answer the dollar anyway. The results I'm at all he did it yeah it. You'd like you know to give you an honest answer is simply hammering down left guard you know me there that are. Camera feel like he's a fine player he's not a very good receiver but much of reducing yeah you have agreed that you said it. The home would I don't know and advocates say I have a down it's. I remember satellite entered 315 in a while don't worry about it. It depends on the side of the era immigrants don't bulls go police officers that kind of thing of the past. Chris Jones year three is he going to take pictures that. You're three lead then a lot of those expects I actually think so I think Chris Jones is only costs all. Relatively shortly comes defensive line players I think he's had a really good too for seasons. This is the you to take a big step forward with a healthy Justin Houston with a healthy aired beer with better run stopping the linebackers behind. I think this the year we start to notice Chris Jones I'm gonna say yes and taking a leap in your three I agree I think I think this is easier. I think he's gonna blow up that really deal I think Chris Jones going to be phenomenal a lot of as a rookie. So sold last year but year three is the Carrington likes numbers will Justin Houston and 2018 got things. The Ford could have fourteen sacks by itself I don't think he's gonna have fourteen and I certainly think he's gonna do his part I mean the question really should be is just news we've got to stay healthy. Because deep boards give it 77 and a half sacks this year and a contract year. The question is do you think it's just the news got to remain upright. But he's big he's got to remain upright in yes they're gonna combined for sixteen sacks I'm telling you contract year do you Ford is gonna be a monster. It's got to be like Cameron Wake this year when people. How many ambulances just used to play this year you. Is gonna get fifteen which means these boards getting a yes the answer is that they won't they won't get more. Keep let me just used to roll with the solid Plano one leg last year. You just because last year was the gaudy years that night it's not a good reads well and if if I did that last room. That's what I could do now fully LP I client does not play well yeah they. We got one leg and I. That this is not like 300 at the 600 Bible Clinton I fully understand and relate to. Would just in Houston don't you also can relate to as you get older you're not eating healthier that I get a slightly can relate like. In four months it's not like that I feel like I'm Tony I'd go and I you know we all. And you shouldn't be blamed baseball that's point Johnny I like my wife. Buckley that no other ball in his eye and tell it's right in and out of Venezuela when a ball I. The World Series again I'm just telling you sign it title at that and Els the back that album science to questions left. Nobody better in the NFL and creating turnovers and one markets Peters he is now a ram is this secondary going to pretty turnovers. In absence of said Marcus theatres and those well I don't go there at all there obviously not gonna create in the same way they have been created them in years past. I think we see that she's take a dip to middle of the pack and forcing turnovers this year you just don't lose somebody like mark is Peter isn't the right of it. And continue to be one of the elite team that the F felon doing if we're saying. Are they going to create turnovers at the same pace that seems at odds if you're asking a top ten teams. An essay now. We're at second there we think they're the only guys that forced an interception that it it's it's because of their blades secondary that's the only reason there's an interception. Mean what's the that the best place we see saw last year when just he's been through it Philip Rivers album rob marking down with a pitch. If I could tell you sit there and tell you that I think just used that it tends to act before and have a that means I think they're gonna get the quarterback which means they are forced error. I say yes because I think this chiefs team is gonna get to the quarterback a lot more. Made a lot of talented baseball the steel and on the catcher's deal on the pitcher who was who achieves like. You don't believe in deep and visitors who who who is into an inning people on stand. That's why so I think deep force could get it because just used to levity here I don't know you that Ohio before on the Justin you can't block everybody. It's honest that's because Justin he's gonna have a levee here you have would do it three guys. Final question put on your game to hold pat. How much are using Tyreke hill in the return game sporadically. Big situations. I think tax every kill is at the point. I'm not a safety Antonio Brown has not. But Antonio Brown you only use of a punt returns and big situation and you feel like you need a score he's too valuable as a receiver to that a special team that was okay thing to do as a rookie. But now his third year when you're expecting him to take a big step forward as the dolphins could be more dynamic he's not somebody they can you ever read down punt returner. Why the Anthony Thomas on the TV but not the return punts. What's the fifty dollars as role on this team is eager are. Wide receivers to your fourth wide receiver as well. He's returning kicks punts elicited he's gonna give Jeter made on the roster what's target request role on this roster what salons in this role on this roster. I'm not saying I would never use time mutual pot returns. It would just be sporadic in big time situations. When I did you start retiring Q. I think he's going to be huge back from the complete opposite side of that because it developed kicked him he can make a big play can break one. I think the majority of the time team's gonna be Smart enough to kick it away from which means they kick out of bounds and jeez you better field position you can be a factor that actually fielding upon. And I think that's elegant they plan on using Tyree killed they're gonna put it back and Dave told said this he's a punt returner. He's our he's 81 returner he's the guy I think the plan is and the hope is they'll kick it to them a whole lot so they don't do that be great field position because of it. And because of that I think that makes him a huge factor. Coming up we put in a context how long it's been since the chiefs are doing exactly what they're doing tonight it's a drive. Jordan let me read you guys went. That is the only team to present the surprise she knew about laughs she tweets and ask Bob. He's helped a bit and finally met up to talk on the field in my binoculars I didn't see any smiling. KB shrugs him off mid sentence and started to walk away and then Kim do appear to make a bite the motion with his knee and did not appear to go well. Can't speak for what was said if you are keeping up. Kelvin Benjamin. Basically they blame Cam Newton for what his career hasn't been so hot in the NFL. And said that things would go a lot differently if he even drafted by eighteen who had a more accurate quarterback Mike Ben Roethlisberger or you live mating sorely understand like he had Newt is not too thrilled to catch up with Kelvin Benjamin is their games and I. We talk about receiver numbers all the time and Howard and a great mother numbers in the catches and yards while it's up and they got a crummy quarterback your I mean. I don't know if that's the right I don't think if you're Kelvin Benjamin commodities are thought quarterback on the bus it's a bad look on you. But he's probably right to at least some extent Cam Newton not the most accurate passer. No Kelvin management immediately catchy solitaire on the docket if I can't do I would say what is aligned that accurate as your kid that's. But that's the latest between the beef between those two so today I sauce that. And the stat says as follows and I think it is something that you either you can appreciate or maybe you won't appreciate. It has been over well. Fouls in the days. Well. Thousand. Since the last time that she started a first round quarterback in a pre season. Game to give you the exact number is 121400. Into one T. Worry that is 34 years in five days we finally reached them home times is Patrick Holmes team so. And drive fast and we whip in the Delorean. And we wanted to put in the context how long ago that's didn't. This was the number one song in the country the last time the chiefs started their own first round quarterback in a pre season game. I'll be watching you yeah. By staying in the police and was the number one song in the country and crazy songs of all time. And to deal by god this what. The number one movie in the country. The last time that she started their old first round quarterback in a pre season game was as follows. This is no longer vacation. And qwest. Qwest fun. I'm having fun and you're gonna have on world and ask them much and finally plastic surgery terrible luck and files. Vacation was the number one movie in the country the last time the chiefs started their own first round quarterback in a pre season game I've asked this question spec how much you hate do you hate vacation. I don't have a popular. Open ready it's an overrated I'll need and over rated movie. See that your thoughts. They have never seen you never see vacation with Chevy Chase Christie Brinkley the regular one that's in Christmas when I've never seen the regular image and movie it's fine it is overrated but not in popular culture and likes these movies I think this is like our generational difference but you've probably never seemed road for war. I saw parts of polite to me I'd like. Wrote so I want to fighting comedies of our. Road trip like vacation at lightning born in 1988. There vacations is what. I've seen fares Tuesday off again I've seen breakfast club I've seen a lot. How I think make excellent. I think vacations in these bed and breakfast club and I think vacation might. All time it's one of those I'll stop on every single time is that it's completely tiller is one of those movies everything goes on that one of those good like I. This case because literally everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong yet kind of I think he's automobiles and yet is that Atlanta 83 I don't know enough about that those okay yeah I've I've never syndication of war with Chevy Chase and Christie Brinkley he was probably like 43 and movement was smoking gun that movie came out you wanna know video game was. On the streets I'd I'd right now via video game had just come out of that asteroids. That's packaged foods and found out. 97 Mario games since the chief's laps in rapid and started Euro quarterback in the first round preceding game so. Slow. Oh. Since the did it trouble so I was asking is actually donkey it was a big don't. This is like they are paid. You know TV show you're watching back in 98 there really did area. If I'm gonna return right after I don't know what Hannibal I hope that grateful Murdoch did I mention we're about to prevent. We're not going to the airport BA isn't that kinda crazy if he's glad that we do it. The eight team debuted in 1983. The last time the chiefs started a first round quarterback in a pre season game. The number one song was I'll be watching you bus staying in the police the number one movie was vacation. Super Mario had just hit the streets. In the eighteen I just debuted on television. You make age joke. Long time there was then I mean I was. I was roam the halls of Mildred junior high back and that's along as my mom wasn't junior I would. I mean as a long time ago that is that it's where it's time it's realistic to really go that long without drafting a quarterback in the first round like. Actually do like. Most teams like accidentally draft a quarterback when he talked to the day I was an ownership mandate for all those years not to do after they got burned by Todd black I just can't get over the fact that Mario just come out like it did it just seems like such and another world had never grown up in a world did have super power now. The fact Mario would just come out just like very hazard trees it the president. Of the Gerald Ford was it. And then it was Jimmy Carter back then no Jimmy Carter was before that break that it was Reagan yet. Is his Jimmy Carter was around for the whole pirate hostage so that. Rate somebody says that song is called every breath you take that's not what Specter has Specter has. I'll be watching you is the end of this same thing I'd just telling you what you I I can't answer the texts now I'm almost I'm interested listeners. I'm almost positive song is. And probably does every breath I actually think I'll be Watson is the name of the big songs back at a problem and how do you watch usually is the big results of the and you called that he has been big he saw in the news this thing is it's the same exact same be just coincidence I use the better song that's as their energy level on the average Castro says he'll attack the shadow that day and just trying to help you know I don't know that I I put the better song I've. And I apologized. Are coming up in two minutes will get to the top stories that ain't Kansas City including today is a holiday in Kansas City couldn't back from homes they and a 78 year old person got a five year extension at their jobs so much talk about coming up this draft.