08/09 3p - Uncle Hud, Make Preseason Free, Bold Predictions Goes Wrong

The Drive
Thursday, August 9th
Uncle Hud joins the show, we need to make a drastic change with preseason plus a bold predictions segment goes off the rails 

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We got a lot to get into. These 3 o'clock hour coming up in fifteen minutes. Specter had to take about how the NFL's it handled the pre season we'll get into that. Coming up at 330 a little bold predictions if it's ready for the start of this season. And we'll look at that holds the fantasy perspective. All that coming up in the 3 o'clock hour in will be teaching someone a thousand bucks in our national cash contest coming up in thirty minutes. But we're gonna sell you the winner of today's pop quiz the Bob please look present about Big Three Chrysler dodge Jeep rammed the winner got eight. Pair of tickets of the World War I museum spec what was today's move. Today it was life Bernie Mac unfortunately passed ago passed away ten years ago today August 9 2008. At. The age of fifty on too soon for Bernie Mac. Those ten years I know crazy isn't it. Is the ocean's eleven it's terrific and buries us like affairs in a comedian and he should Thelma huge argument for running back as all of the show I still watch the show on Netflix it was on Netflix for awhile I'll watch it on another. Once I've been I've on the big Bernie Mac's and I'm a huge sand. Of the Bernie Mac show look at some Rex Butler here momentarily you came in today fired up about seeing the city removes. I did because I think what what's the one thing you want you said he wanted for a long time CC in the young absolutely what we should. Right now the young guys out of myrtle Mondesi hit a three run shot last night in the fountains he Phil Myers 44 years old get his first Major League win and I think we're start to see maybe. You know the beginnings of potentially some of those guys that are going to be in the roster and Jay Jonas and 22 year old Brad Keller 44 year old he Phil Meyer. You know we're seeing in modesty it what to sixty right now in a bomb last night against the cubs blew the game open hundreds coaches out their rosy Guerrero. We're starting to see some guys in and end I'm wondering royals fans are getting what they. Four so we watch because the future royals then. I saw yesterday that it was the it was the seventh time this season they have ended a six game losing streak of over Kauffman Stadium has listened to being post game show. And I heard that stand today you came and fired up somebody else who was also fired up about the royals he's a long time royals broadcaster friend of the show. Rec solar budget there. What court should admired their. How about credibility to that particular were Tuesday while the other two with a good attitude that's important. But where in the and to ensure your ego date we have a long time. Broadcaster come out of that of any year or thought about rock and he's Stewart. How long time should he got Walt time and your lot. It's a long time I'm short. And hopefully. I'll get here which is separate open lock on what it's a no talent. Here in the states. Well. I am really happy to be able to decode all market site to talk about to go that little. Not take too long at. One flat. He's real time about my love for the royals Zenyatta be watching these young talent in public this cubs series gather lost one game. The 11 game in the fifth inning in a tightly and that rain delay game and they bloom in game three to me. And we are crazy here maybe is about royals colored glasses on looking through but don't seem. I take that back I see some light at the end of the tunnel like crazy here now. Well we're seeing here who will look at it a long term cure which is not only 930 year where culture it's. We have we have. More. The Hooper. She knows how to do recorder. You know he's rebuilding its forms sensible actually Arctic patrol caught it's that you. These were CU where we've got the most still. In the market received that in but he may call it's your turn around. But you'll we go to. Those fiber optics how to get those guys who it. They'll figure it all good pieces they're developing their old it is rare. Euro paper it out. Peace partner can't let it gain nothing happens overnight unfortunately we want cute but we're. Got out was locked up oh. The first and that would cheer came along we support you but look here it myself. A little frustrated going all in between commercial like that out such a what is it. A little bit of the world mentality that we gain year. I'll. Back there. And more all. It's beautiful older. But let me ask you this looks like to have a little bit more fun than they were early in the season do you notice that tila I really noticed it was Brad Phillips at the triple last night. And I get about the guys in the dugout just looks like the addition of like Pereira. Rose gallery there and and Brad Phillips and guys like that in the fall again. Yet we talk about energy a lot because it's it's a true. It. Singletary. Got a cute it's legal active cougars obviously either players that are. There are bakers and their players that are here were so bluntly saying. But more guys that of course have chocolate but it has room. If you look at leaders step. Well aware of when the field this year look at this guy you know from Cincinnati at. Go out there but minor minor league later in more than a guard like. Lured out of appreciation for the short ball and pick the check out to right field. For all the feel like. You know you know that's an odd it is that they should it look good and then next thing you know on the race out on the field you know. You know life. Lag energy. That you got to find those those out there and to keep it and I know all holes here though. Bought it there it can't get older we look arch I'll start at the picnic art believe he will. Everyone has their own timetable pretty stupid and the there's two of doctor them. It is tickets at RH book to get rid of some of the things got a lot of active that so you know you can't give up so. But you can't really go out saying he's got. And Brad are on that basis. Attempting to watch yet a style change bill that you bloody war is good especially. All the double doubles it is for you to all of it you'll start ball the water sport you know I mean you're up at bat in the Arctic life but I hear about about how. How you can get out all of it and their euros those you'd like more like now. Give me a little city still pictures still are acutely through. Is inning and that we are confident that these guys go police the Biggio. Start getting. That's really impressive and they'll couple all there at annual or your start in September. A lot but still they're locked up here before you do these. Right now we're talking to royals broadcaster Rex Butler on speaking of those young guys yesterday he Sylmar was maybe the best start we've seen from royals guys so far. Training is really excited about the potential young rotation that they have with Brad Keller Jacobs units in Heath Phil Myers looking for reasons to be optimistic those guys might be. At the top of that list. That's why they will talk about bit and in that duke job shall guard Carl Albert or secure. Coach in the majors. And every single role his long career Major League career he's done it all started clothes and leave reliever. She's doing a nice job of young guys. War all your work with them. Able to communicate big thing obviously cal really outstanding. You work while I'm very of its coaches that people worry over Kerry Bradshaw who it. Prayer Asia this year in his first year walking guards struggle early but now. Alex Gordon what are read them out if a worker anyway out with a bout the revelatory about it yet help with. We jokes starting pitchers are all look forward. That would you ever eat that but he gets the ball that's going to be the key moving forward out into the defense and that's the 40. It's. Been a couple of days and partly at the rabbits ill will back you up. Competing in this market take that law. And that's our guy erect subtler hug go enjoy the Austin man. Start. Well chances pop alternate sort of a lot but it's great to be what it he thought I was so probably you'll buckle you seat hypocritical to myself. But lower rate would break while. But but he got way to go figure what you or other outfit like guy it's not what we do for ourselves. No but I appreciate it my mom she was really happy for all the nice things you said about us on TV. Our. Problem there that we can see got the call at Q. Don't want your that you're. Hopeful. That's our direct seller not always gets out of these are. That's our guy even as honey do list and yeah you don't gotta you gotta have all honey do list speaking of the royals and speaking of greats. You remember I was telling you guys about how on the team the city star they were trying to find the best player every position yeah. Today they have moved to third baseman. Right now and achieve the city dot com you can vote for the third best RC's meet the best third baseman. In the royals' fifty c.s in history as part of the all time team the option you have. Our dairy die anti who won a silver slugger award in in the last of his three season but the way he played three seasons that the royals he had 61 old Rollins he finished tenth in the MVP voting no one sees you can vote for him. Also hope for Mike we stock is to tell alls I gotta tell you guys buy him. You can also vote for the Joker Joseph Brandon played for the royals two different times now eight seasons. But I kept alum and he wasn't old enough to vote for him you also over a bull for Kevin Sites that are really was an all star and his second in rookie of the year and the other guy do before. Although George Brett a member of the baseball league hall of fame Brett won a batting title in three different decades one alien VP thirteen time all our ALCS MVP. And you don't. Help the royals little World Series also has over 3000 hits a gold glove in three silver sluggers so you can votes yet. Between then she asked Jerry guy and he might stock is Joseph Randy and Kevin Sites there. On who the greatest third baseman and royals history really came city ducked down really important question because I want people to go public in any idea how much time we have left to vote that's not I'm not sure there's 500 into votes in so far gonna vote for Joseph rained and see if I'm the first reasonable for Georgia and Jose entities that actually played third base for the royals in 2004. George Brett has 90% of the vote my stock is has 5% a little going to be successful Joseph and I has 2% Kevin Sites or has won at up there so you. Coming in the voting for the other I don't know if there any right now I feel good reporter for the guy he's so I think Billy Joseph mcewing your Gregg Jefferies her. Or Craig park entered dean Paul I can get those guys and that doesn't the other you if you would like to put those people only Melville peninsula and to. All coming up twenty minutes we'll give you a chance to 1000 bucks an international cast contest all you got to do was keep it locked in right here on sixth and Sports Radio coming up. Specter who does have very many good ideas. Maybe his best idea yet we'll tell you what it is coming up to draft. It's 1000 bucks in our national cash. Contest right now we got a little bit of breaking. Coach Bill Snyder has agreed to a new five year contract and can't the state power source this is courtesy of Jake Trotter Bill Snyder who is. 78. Years old. Will make 3.4. Five million dollars this year. With 300000. Dollar increases for the next two years to be determined. After that I think more than anything with Bill Snyder this is just semantics of if you're gonna recruiting college athletics you need at least a four year contract to make recruits feel he can he's going there and say I'll be here all four years I don't think anyone thinks that Bill Snyder at 78 you can commit to doing something for the next five years it's always going to be a year to year thing with Bill Snyder but you at least have to sign something that is at least forty years in college. And he's seventy years old and that the question I was asked about was apparent it was gonna send my kid applicable K state coach telling you get the Iraq he told tells Providence from Wichita eagle I guess. Earlier this week he said quote I can go on for quite some time if I don't get fired keep Avant. An impact on the players in my program my fear is comfortable with that I don't see any particular site I've always said this I think bill Snyder's one of those guys. What he's done he's done an and his health probably Tearrius and that's what he lives for ride is coaching football. But yet. The first question that I would have to follows recruiting gets bill Schneider. I would say the same thing listen coach Schneider seventy don't know how he's gonna be there once accomplish our program because we're going to be here for 56 were builds so what you're probably right. See that it you know pay the man in the contract. Do all that stuff and and we may hear an abrupt resignation that at some point but it doesn't sell it's going to be for a couple years. Pre season topics that's yet the dust off every single year. I told Specter today were not gonna talk about should Korea on playing the game gazette that interest me you're not. By acting inspector had a really really good idea of how people should handle the pre season will get to that moment here. But I think that the pre season as we currently know what these four games. Is not going to be around very long I think whenever there is a new CB day in the NFL I think there's some big things that are going to change. Number one I think the pre season is going to change. I don't think the players well for preceding games and I think in exchange for lowering the pre season because lets be honest here. NFL owners are not giving any money back what it will agreed to do. Aides. I think the new receive the structure is going to be as follows I think that every team in the NFL's gonna play two preceding game one home one road aside from the team that plays in the hall of fame game they'll play three pre season games. I think in exchange for doing that the players will agree to play one more regular season game to make it seventeen. And there'll be two by two weeks every team will play on Thursday night I think that as the clear evolution of the NFL schedule. They're not getting rid of pre season they charge you full price for it they're making money off of it and you America you'd like pre season. More people watched the hall of fame game that wants the last game of the NHL season more people want pre season the real actual baseball games with a pre season is not going anywhere I think they're drastically going to change. I think this thing is that see that we carefully asked for a few players because and a Major League Baseball they wanted shifts in the locker room they wanted more room on on flights in and things like that. You start. You gotta be careful with that because several later. Like okay you want a fight over all this other stuff that takes some other stuff we too and also you wake up you know as much power he did because you didn't you wanted some of these things that. And let's be honest how many how many pre these pre season it really affect the stars all that much. I mean the dude you really the mean the chiefs are gonna play for a quarter tonight. The play for one quarter maybe in game two of the three quarters in game three and they said that game four and is a really effective all that much. It's possible to hurt her in the as I mean I mean we see it happen every year in the pre season. One team right now on the NFL is going to lose they starter pre season it happens every scene so it's I think more than anything what they did it with a lassie get with practices they're trying to avoid. Any possibility if you getting into a week and it. That the contracts are guaranteed so every time you played football it'd they've raised I helped him losing money that I just think the players. 222 picks up and you're going to have to give some of the players are fewer pre season games which I think is a reasonable states patent and they want less training time and all of the because they don't need it the same way that players may be needed in the fifties and sixties when asked to give something in return. You're gonna have to give up one week of the season is now going to be a regular season game that's how you offset it. And the players you are the others shouldn't come out topic is gonna make more money at a regular season game than they would with one more pre season all day. In employers are gonna make more money because now you ask beautifully seventeen regular season games and in neck games now where Bible so contracts are gonna go get TV wise and Angela is. The players it was money out of this thing because it try to negotiate things that are inconvenient for them is I think it's who were seen in baseball that's leveled the players to do. All of the players like simulate please pre season games really give you this and it is a colossal money and yet that's what fearful. Suspect has a really really good idea of pre season that I think means well. Specter what is your idea for how the NFL should handle pre season. Pre season needs to be free. And the tickets need to go to people who cannot normally afford to go to a game from September to December. Because. The NFL. Still widely popular still the most popular begin in America. Has taken eight PR hit. For the last couple years. A good way to get some. Clout with bands in secondary stands. Is to make the pre season free because going to regular season game at September October November is gonna cost you. 200 dollars parking. Tickets. Concessions. It's also five or six hours to really be out there. There are a lot of kids out there. Boys and Girls Club there are a lot of people that cannot afford to go to regular season team that I think it would be great to take their kids and their family to. Now I don't know how you can select who can go and who cannot go. But the NFL. Which had taken a PR hit over the last couple years could make a great impact on people and every city it has NFL team by giving away. 33. Season tickets you fill a stadium. You give it to people who normally couldn't go you give it to charities who can give it to wait to be your constituents. I think it's a win win for everybody. And again. The tees are charging knew what 33 dollars to park tonight for a team where you're gonna see Patrick Holmes for maybe eight minutes on the field. It's not fair also up charging your season ticket holders because this is part of your package you get pre season tickets not fair. May pre season free for everybody. It can go to those teams who could not normally go and it's a win win for not only the NFL but some members of the of the pin basic and not normally afford the 250 dollars to 300 dollars to go during the race. I mean there's no chance I think that the NFL or release any businesses is giving my anyways I don't think they're going to make your furry I don't think we could see the financial model just change a little bit that maybe they go closer to these being like open scrimmage is where they charge you twenty bucks. Does think we can see that the pre season is this going to be outdated idea if the players. If it's the NFL is so important about player safety the way they continue to tells that they are. How can you continued asking a foul play is a place for pre season games that don't matter and don't count and that's her fans at least the buying public. It's gonna be what 40000 people at arrowhead tonight I gonna be a sold out across going to be great atmosphere it's gonna be casual for the most part. The II does think the pre season model the way that we know with four games is going to die sooner rather than later. At Ticketmaster right now speculates that you get and for eleven outs but parking is 33 Hamlet and sing it beats me aren't you get rain I don't. It's out of probable that either I do that needs to be more affordable for people to go in there. The thing is though we say for pre season games or not that's not completely accurate in terms aware Gerald players and they're gonna play what five quarters maybe. Over the course the pre season starters. It's like you've got. It's like Tom Brady's played for pre season dealer. I I agree with you that leads to law and get it accomplished two games I completely agree with that. It's not like that studs of the league Antonio browns played four games in three seasons is point three as you put five quarters. Right they'll play one quarter tonight and first game one court the next three quarters that says that after the that you can get tackled and you can. Can you did you conserve definitely shape or does the the NFL playing fought off four games that's not completely accurate and get their support. But the the best players in a phone see the field in the fourth game which makes it even more ridiculous the you have. Coming up we'll give you a chance of 1000 bucks on national cast contest I got to do is keep it locked in right here on sixth and Sports Radio coming up we give some bold predictions as we get closer and closer to the spar the NFL season all that coming up next this drive. It's shorts and a thousand. Ask don't ask contest text the more variety the JR I ET live for rides CT seven to 81 that's right C. And you can be 2000 dollar cash winner in the national cast now says six cents forgery. Is the ill Sports Radio station in Kansas City you'd be witching is when a 121000 dollars each weekday. Very simple you got to do was keep it locked in right here on six and Sports Radio all the thirties and 78 is seventy your next is the wind is coming up in one hour. Why not go ahead and win right now complete rules and listings. Over its sixth in sports back out and we've already seen winners in the national cast contest was an assistant sports radio and you could be the third. One more time for those you in the back there part of your life. Variety VA RI ET wide variety 272881. Variety. T 72881. We had an email and our job to do the behind the scenes. Whenever the person won the second time our boss saying hey the next final winner happens every one is new on the shall get a gift card. Upset that they can. What are and Rondo and reading the words differently that what we're doing yet to work like. What we all have the same chance of wood in the national ads as I don't like I'm doing anything special. He gets you to win they add some I could to help you with a thousand bucks. I would do to help you wait it would help me if more people wander into his ex. The best I can't help you guys when I think you don't find and a this bill or one time though tired and we don't that are good I didn't really under the bush aren't going to help us try to show holes they were how to do it of the black box barbecuing like if we're doing our best to try to help people wanted to have gone out a little. Extra cash instead of just promise me is that you went about the books they'll pick us all hundredth he still look and that's where you've still got seven Soledad. And you can see yeah it's back images mean the team you're expected 300 dollars and you keep dissent. And you know you can take care taxes it was obvious good when it comes of that us today we were scouring. The Internet we're on there deprived friends of the station you'd also checked their aero hate arrowhead pride tailgate show coming up at 6 o'clock. Eight and the only radio station giving you an official call in today I mean it this way about how the priciest go. Call it. Halftime right here on sixty B average and nobody else did you decades they'll probably play those calls on the show tomorrow nobody else give you the ability to call in during halftime that she's pre season game. Number one. So Spector is found some bold predictions that you she's been these enough mosque and making of these. These little bold predictions made by the main suspect there is going to read does his hottest takes and we're gonna pick the one that we most agree with solid play. And since this. What happened on Twitter this is what happens for first pre season game I got for them. Number one it jeetz went eight home playoff team it is easier. Number two. On sat there and I don't know on his nose so I'm gonna get the home advantage in the playoffs in the the geez don't lose especially games at night and all over the place there bullet utility. That it's possible. To win your division. And Dave. In the additional games they gave you to determine who was gonna win the Super Bowl. You can win that game that's what you're telling me. And that's a lot of c.'s playoff games it doesn't feel like they understand the objective of the home playoff game is like a point of being whole in the playoff games is to have the at AT&T. The point of being the home team is you've worked so hard through the regular season you can sleeping your own bed. You don't have to travel. You're comfortable you're familiar the cheats did it comes to what it means well and the Steelers Indianapolis Colts super familiar with arrowhead. So I don't know what this will hold a playoff game is out of even though it's possible where you need. Born the last time you are like three more years old you are. Ninety with Montana ninety play elegant that was the they were there are other uses it with the buffalo. Hole playoff when they only 58 and I can't say eligible I normally expert here until ten hours of four and Pokemon. We'll play it along time. But repeated a note that is. God he keeps building did struggle and I mean that's what hold up when you about what is that's at all but don't mind know that they did win in January 1994 you'll want to get him. Forrest Gump wasn't even into your crystal and when Selena was the number one movie in America. The eleven alive the last time it was very true as well Patrick my holders will finish in the top five of MVP voting. Isn't that your home and I'll shine treated that's not he's taught things you. Is that he's in the top five that the Tivo if he's talked to you guys. I don't think I don't I would love to be the case that number three. Travis he'll seek tightly killed Sammy Watkins. All we eat plus TD catches. It's possible. That's really pops I really like them. The result of all the bold predictions that you've given that when makes good sense that we have a leader in the clubhouse for the playoffs that's not possible I never heard of it not even pot I'm not familiar also don't plane AF IT team and at home playoff game they should be getting. Suspect is it possible to win the divisional playoff game defer just on the road again. And a better gets to the Jesus did say he'll work. And we'll certainly do a lot of road play well. Thirty years and use and they scored 150. And it went out c'mon it's that bad it went a whole lot of playoff games your old rotor yes. The ravens are also very comfortable here very comfortable very that was a bad cheese scene of the crime division yeah. Bottom line tees have a top ten deep and with a healthy Eric Berry and just at least it's just this is the biggest boldest bill desperate for bold predictions they went home playoff game. Patrick a home we'll finish top five in the MVP voting. Travis Kelsey Tyreke Gil Sammy Watkins with eight plus touchdown catches. And that she's heavy top ten defense with a healthy Eric Berry in just in Houston with what is the hottest day of. Those four I hate bush of these talented defense because you're a totally content and I am. Emphasize. Whose tomb of the unknowns here Marcus Spears is here. We don't elect him hopeful we think he's gonna be really good Roger Vinson got to puffy he had managed to get on the field dirty dance that are. Got a bunch of rookies now there's no way it's going to be tough to. Definitely telling dirty game and while that seems to be interrupted him and that is very well as BYU that follow among. All of these the most realistic what is Kelsey Hill blocking and catching eight plus touchdown pass this year. If you think my home's gonna have a very good season and need you think he's gonna have a good season. You've probably got to throw thirty touchdown pass out front for that he feasible and pray for those three guys to have at least 24 touchdown passes you're gonna go touchdown pass to somebody else. Majors hairs is gonna have want to Mark Roberts is gonna have to. Crete and it's gonna have to touch him. Please throw. Yeah that's realistic if you think Holmes is going to have a really really good rookie season I think that's most realistic them before bold predictions you just told me. Kelsey Hill lock in all having eight plus touchdown catches it great your for Chelsea who isn't really someone that gates into the end zone hole. Yeah I agree it is kills eight touchdown passes eat that he's going to be underneath guy and you're gonna say and Lockett a lot more you know inside the ten yard line towards him he catches got a big body. Back to me is the most realistic one. Of all for those bold prediction Travis Kelsey in an eleven touchdowns this year. One. Under I have always right now team I think traps tells he's gonna have been monster time no no don't don't. I don't you don't walk back out walking I don't use tractors Kelsey is gonna have eleven plus touchdowns this year OK we will put them. Burrito I mean he said well the last two seasons that you add bogey and went with Brad Smith oh all right. I'm asking you a utility got hot so your exit is Kelsey double digit eligible broadly want to I want a eleven plus. Greg is a level wasn't us that's that's your skills yet last year for the before that five of the platelets that. Heading and he had those numbers Chad Pennington was never achieve the outline it broke that. You. Actually side we've had we've been two days without a bet Carrington now two days ago said that. The markets Robinson will have an Albert Wilson type team this year that's best re a bowl prediction that's predicting the future peace. DiMarco it's gonna happen one day that we Kabul radio say that the market Robinson was one of the biggest reason why they won the game I had hundred resemble. What the hell you're talking about Ron sounder know why a 100% believe it's gonna be one game. That is four catches for 72 yards a touchdown and he's one of the reasons that Albert had a much better game against the Broncos and the problem is not a real game I think all the and it's not out talking about the gaming is that lane and member Albert Wilson had that big special teams touchdown that was the reason why he was a re he's two years ago. Upon. It's so it's all up. Telling me that old enough big pond to those special teams touchdowns at all but the touchdowns both up six point right by some process that's not what you said. I say he's going to have a game which he is one of the biggest reasons. I don't care how you score a touchdown we needed to be one to catch you kids a little bit of your opinion. So wide receiver I know we are putting Dustin Colquitt on the field and having it. Albert Wilson type team okay all right. Now now I just like August got a on the field for the markets Robin advocating an example went out Wilson with the big reason why that she's won big he scored a touchdown on special teams wise the C which is now we seventeen. Know that there's a bigger game and they Houston Texans playoff that okay all right I don't wanna talk the about that game. Literally ever did. Once we actually is part of a whole era you have two or hours ought to be about the chiefs at Texans game in the playoffs until it I'd never wanna hear you talk about it did odd coming up on the this will take a look at catcher Mowlds. From the fantasy perspective you know saving is fired up about that coming up its drug. The on the show continues for the very. We found some bold predictions on arm. Are they our sister station at our sister companies grain calling your bride wore. Our team we're team were part and aren't sick here at pride to it Taliban I don't know what the official term Thorpe park. Their enterprise. But the folks over there are prime. We had some bold predictions that we found on their website. Went home playoff game which I don't will be even in the Bible the idea of the of that I don't know at any clue what that is. Patrick Holmes will finish top five to MVP voting. Travis Kelsey Tyreke hill is any lot in all have eight plus touchdown catches. Or that she's had a top in defense with a healthy Eric Berry in Justin Houston. Well being able. It opted defense did we all laughed at home playoff yeah that was Joseph this year so we think the most likely one of these four is the Kelsey Hill unlocking eight. Plus touchdown catches on the season. In the courts and having conversations even Specter. Who loves to write down our predictions not a mock us with a little legal pad and document. He then wrote down one or himself keeping track Kelsey. Have a chance to add eleven plus touchdown catches this season Specter can you please inform the people out. On an offense that is going to be really dynamic gonna have a lot of people clamoring for their touch is in their shine I think Kelsey is gonna have his best touchdown season of the. As I think when they get into the red zone they're not gonna kick field goals. Who led the NFL last season in the field goals and field goal attempts against the chiefs it was Anderson bikers and barker who is your quarterback last year Alex Madras Smith Obama. So you're you'll gold numbers I think are going to have to go down. I think you're touchdown numbers are going to go up my got a lot mr. Lafley is a stress but like analog so that the only person receives city last deserves that lives if I'd be kind of humor until 138 from the six yard line or whatever it is whatever you wanna say it is. Instead of outs of throwing the ball out of balance and playing for the field goal there and throw the ball into the end zone this year to trap skills in these gavel plus touchdowns. He had eight. 82 elevenths not that big a leap in the NFL. I disagree with you because of that you're going to be looking for sale at Travis doesn't have a bunch underneath stuff he's got two birds on the outside. They're gonna need safety help over the top because. You get any two guys and Tyree killed probably disabled Sammy Watkins I think I think Travis on deep balls though not just you've got to protect yourself from those guys don't edit everything underneath can be Travis Kelsey you're. You're gonna try to get a match of a linebacker every single time but you can't go deep when the ten yard line on what I'm saying and that's why and I don't think Travis Kelsey is great in that area. What it is to Dimitris Harris all the time because. Price it stinks at his job simply want kids that speck is all about I think him to lock in that position and the rest of the is. It any. Yeah so that's been tried to send you my number and Travis Kelsey number. I think it's these. Guys can get the majority those you'd think I'd want in them more touchdowns and traps else I do laps or. Those. Are real as far as just the standard statement yesterday you agree don't. Britney. Though yeah yeah you can make that. I think Travis Kelsey durable predation drugs kills them 12100 yards receiving fewer than he had last. For the same reason that you said. Spec. How many players in the NFL you think handle more than eleven touchdowns last year during 100. Please say it's not that big of a jump from 811. Yes it is and how many players had eight touchdown catches last year. AJ green Travis Kelsey Michael Crabtree Sammy Watkins how Roth's the bond digs Robert cows eat. Zach hurts Nelson at the lord Doug Baldwin Devin functions you and Heidi is that double digit touchdown catches last year the other Hopkins by Andre Adams Jimmy Graham that's the list what was the name of Satan we just did. Bolt told predictions I what are we doing rational prediction is hey I'm just. You sets up all the radio. I right now talking about what you said on the radicals have released that's it number why don't you say what you set and break conch register before. Seven plus. Plus. LIT. Eighty days is or spec to really back about why I don't hear him enough for me yes. Find is that. Like I did I went on nfl.com. He has been back out if I suspected this room you're raising. 51 this group mine. I was telling you that we all believe in the contract year I saw last year Eric Hosmer hit 328 bit from. Like I had never seen before he got paid now he's at 215. With ten home runs but soaking up the same Diego's side. How many times that we see and it L player or baseball player or basketball player he would net contract year. All my goodness they've put a big put it seat together. And in they hoodwinked and bamboozled and other team rating car when he but nest the cowboys for five years 55 million dollars we can find super examples. Upset saying. I'm telling you that person sounds like the Ford to me he's gonna put together this one season. He's gonna have seven and a half sacks no he's got a true. He's gonna trick the bears and a four year forty million dollar. It's being guaranteed and all publicly says that's not all critics have more sex in games played in 2016. Yes 2017 excuse me. Because just used going to be plan to answer I mean what does this site called it's called rational. Pretty excited multiple takes it. I want to note the double standard that's all I want to look like I can read this text you want to add that earlier it was Billy tax line rational prediction should incitement is I did call hater every time we do. Every time we do rational prediction I called okay you got the way we do that segment it's called the dry. Spent two to six that you got the order adding. You ready for the Florida. Patrick well let the six touchdown pass game. Eli may I did break and right it's Patrick did it. Look at how they got against anyone can they get Tyree Gilligan Travis Kelsey. You can't get anybody more he gave a look at receiver anymore. How many how many TDs you'll have generated down you'll have a six touchdown. Patrick all of those six touchdown passes in one game this is probably where the auto I'd do that it federal without an old seven. Not go on seven I would hope not be the record yet be crazy so I mean it if Ryan Fitzpatrick can do it. Some of the dudes that are on here can do it if you like you do it. I think I'd I think Paul is getting out he may have a four interception game but I think he's gonna have a game with a 610 yeah. That's the other value in the Holmes. There's like whenever the question was more homes and finished top five and indeed Peabody holding. Have a four interception game I mean it's going to be but he's gonna go off the charts amazing what we do that he's got a game what now you don't but I think you'll say it'll be good. The best quarterback in the NFL this year and now one game where is six thuds down. Leave this up about holds a little. Afraid about jumping all need to go. Go to it was one of the biggest they just can't exports today it happened. Like you know what it is the normal day and I thought I thought I would do it. You public. UK and fired up about about if you felt that Patrick behold I did thank them all I. Ian I. Not eaten there can. Show us seven strong does tell it. Statement today more fired about he felt the O and it was anymore he's still mired today that they badly as we are slob attacks about it and believe me. Through big today Brinkley's more I don't watch film are good football particularly I don't. It pretty well being. You know Meyer the way he does have helped answer Buchholz expected added that that you know that's true most oh. I talk about the man Ramon I don't detect calls on rational prediction. You Brazill predicts advocate irrational predicted. I'm just telling you. That's good fraud we do rational prediction all the time and you play the Debbie downer drop like your fingers about the bright every time I did I went out and went out the window real quick if you have a bills to pay. The month I don't like just to get that. There I'm in the Wednesday onion and tell I was like fourteen but tell me how much Ohio an apparent under the brings up a much Nolan positively Wednesday and I'll I'll I'll in my hand nineteen dollar up in my hand. Hand out a little odd coming up two minutes we'll give you a chance to listen to the show actually does know chancellor about the bucks in two minutes you keep listening. The company had two minutes I keep listening to the show because if you enjoyed this nugget that we just did. You'll hate the next one because you'll call me a hater about Patrick Holmes in some capacity coming up this drug.