08/09 2p - Chiefs & Will Smith, Fanning's Notes, O/U in AFC West, Gimme a Minute

The Drive
Thursday, August 9th
We compare tonight to a Will Smith movie, Fanning's pre-game notes, new over/unders are released plus Gimme a Minute 

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Let's do this another day another dollar another addition of the drive kids here's senior hash tag lies hash tag olds back. Stephen Spector produced in this thing and wearing it seems that today is if you got drafted in the sixth round by your favorite football team the one the only bad thing I don't think. Good man not just any cheese heads Eric Harris and this that my friend was given an awareness of dollars Steve inspector today is that was given to me it happens to be the very. She said that one Alex Smith wore during his media availability on analyze not your feet just smelled like garbage had smells like are as well mishap awards is for you today it's back. Yeah appreciate. We got a lot again in two in today's show I'm pretty sure you heard. Both football season has officially arrive. York city genes play an actual living breathing tackle football. Game against another living breathing football team today. Aero side. Parking problems notwithstanding we'll talk about that throughout the course of the show coming up to thirty. They have hated the over under is in the NFL we will take a trip around the AFC west let you know we'd what we think about the other teams in the division coming up at 3 o'clock. Longtime royals broadcaster Rex Butler. Any media tell you. That if you are not. Watching the royals currently you are not age room royals. And we'll talk the republic about that coming up at 3 o'clock. We got a lot of football. Seagate in two. In today's show like our show today by saying. Happy birthday to my sister she turns sixteen today the big 16 I remember when I was sixteen play halo with my friends in my. Parents als she is having a sweet sixteen party that is much bigger the party Avraham I was that's. Think that would that the that is treating them like would even graduate when he got to kindergarten didn't graduate got a grade school. We did that sweet sixteen party you gotta take it a couple against you call a good and out. You got a blow out. About the thousandth concert got to the tee there all the stuff yeah. Mean I had to pay for photographer for her party so it is it is going to be hit one big gala right out giving you a chance to win that a pair of royals and cardinals the inspector always gets on me about promoting it. I told people run radio they wanna chance the royals and cardinals to get this weekend if you wanna see. This week right here call they'd be caller respects. The 9135767. At 610. You ask you two things actually if you wanna when it's August and number one is prospects are needed because that's steer you any prize here and Wear blue. They're not there is going to be a whole lot of their other than the seats so somebody needs to Wear blue at the game because they're gonna think it's that she's game analogy yeah it is going to be a Spain's so you have to think you have to wearable into the game. And you have to call Specter an idiot that's the only ones that I have called more pedestrians out okay when Europe. Can you do this at yesterday's however you think is the best way to help people. Win that tickets. Our. You know I'm the master now and I am the master of relationship analogies well to win that. Titles of his self and it was it was given to me just after a long. And you was grind here on sixth and portrayed got so in my opinion the great romantic comedy ever created movie it. If you have not seen the movie hits to break it down for you Wilson at. He is big date doctor name Alex hits and he is trying to help Kevin James the King of Queens he's trying to help them with. Allegra Cole who is this like big socialite IL ITR two Agricole is in the movie to her real life compares some great so. Alex kitchens. Help Kevin James this date with electrical. And then they're talking about a first kiss and he says something that forever changed the life of one Kevin James and this is now all she's been of the feeling today. Eight at a time when we believe that the first kiss we'll tell them everything they need to know about the relationship. And believe me she has definitely thought about. She is of course that she's gonna act of do. It's a big deal with the big deal. You. Aren't let's. You wrap your head around this. Tomorrow night. Allegra coal. Could have relaxed. First case. So tonight she Spain's. Aero head. At 730. All I believe it's KCT 85. This could be for the next fifteen years you'll. Asked pre season game in which you see your new franchise quarterback because look this up by that a little bit of Google's today on the Google Google machine. Nine out of the current thirteen arts degree 32 teams in the NFL they have already found their forever quarterback. Whether it's agreement Packers in the air rotten weather with the New England Patriots and Tom Brady whether it is the New York giant Eli Manning. It has been done before where it seemed at the exact same thing that you did. Draft a quarterback develop them put the resources into and it had that quarterback for the last ten seasons we have seen teams like the Seattle Seahawks who have found their forever quarterback the San Francisco 49ers who believe they have found a widget Rob Lowe. The Eagles that feel they have found them with Carson wins the lawsuit does rampant with your golf. I'm telling you that's happened before so today could be the last time that you ever feel this way about a quarterback at least for the next ten to fifteen years. You could potentially found your forever quarterback. Tonight could be your last first kiss with Patrick a home. It features an eight and what are the chances that Holmes is around here for fifteen years and that's pretty slim that again quarterbacks that are stuck around outlawed Tom Brady. Who uttered I not yet overall it. It Philip Rivers is up there have been Robert Berger. But Matt Ryan I guess needs to be and I caddie and I mean Eli Manning Russell Wilson what you're Xeon right now he's like eight he's like a Camden the same thing. Right now it's nine of the thirty teams so it's not in out of tickets bought it it's not possible. I'm saying is many of you listening right now. And you Brad Pitt and think that Holmes had a chance to be a great. Quarterback Adam today is he really step one I know last year saying is this is now his team. This is not some spots are week seventeen that doesn't really matter that we just all feel good about it. This is date one of them homes era officially in Kansas City. I'm not saying he is I'm not saying he isn't north Revver quarterback I'm saying is based oil and the current landscape of the NFL. You could be in the same class of these teams again nine of the 32 teams in the NFL. Have had their current quarterback for at least ten years and that's not kind of a guy like Russell Wilson who we agree is going to be it but the ducks quarterback with in the next two years that's not counting Angela why I think it's gonna be an old quarterback for awhile. So today could be the first day. That we can have these conversations bubble home for the next twelve to fifteen years if he's as good as people think he could does that color. He could be Christian Ponder it could be a bust but there's also the chance that you have one of the most ray or things to find in sports which is they truly living breathing franchise quarterback. You know it's crazy about it to the seat like I woke up anything and be completely jackass. To be so excited I can't wait to get out of that McKinley to you know watch TV and it it would seem won't do his thing. I think the difference now. In this preceding Denver vs maybe some of those other guys that made either receive ended like you know as a starting quarterback rookies we've seen him play before. Today I was gonna wake up and it was going to be. Man this is one of the greatest days in my life because we seem homes starting quarterback we've seen you know we practice in a way. Which group because we simply the pre season. You know we've seen them play a regular season game. Wake up today I thought they would be a lot more special that it really was but I Marty. 56 dates end of that relationship with homes verses out of the first kiss has really surprised because I don't you said that this game was bigger than we seven. It is and that's the surprise surprise when I woke up and taken. OK today it could be one of the greatest days in the history my chiefs and the life. And I woke up and just felt like another day in the more I started that about a today it was basically just because we seem to get a pretty good feel. For for what he can do is to recover from because maybe you know we won't go into another recent game for the next decade. You know wondering who are starting quarterback is going to be what you questions about are you surprised that the wistful today to woke up you know like it's like. You wake up it's game seven of the world seers nightmare is going to be that special man in Tuesday's going to be absolutely remarkable unbelievable electronic compared. They'll August football OK I know them and that's an extreme example but what I'm saying is like I thought I felt like I was gonna wake up today it was going to be like. You know this amazing crazy sports amazing game Kansas City and a little bit surprised that I didn't feel. I'm just really surprising news and it has given the fact that you think this game is bigger than the game and that is the rock orgasms Jimmie certainly important I think why the game is really important today and why it is going to resonate with a lot of people lose for the first time in many people's lifetime for the second time in your life where I barely remember 83 they had a hundred or sick yet he's over what that's all I'm not saying it was going to happen. Agree that they change it but Alex Smith came back after that week seventeen that chance if they win that game against Tennessee who knows what happened the next week if they do if he goes the anti ship to game last year which a couple things bounced their way they goaded him to game. I don't think we are having this conversations and epic we added completely different one yeah I think Alex Smith is back last season parts needed for the C. So the conversation this time is completely different there's no safety net here there is no if it doesn't work out your going to Chad Haney there's no if it doesn't work out they're going to map global. No this is if it doesn't. Work out for the next three to four years we know definitively what you have. Someone is getting fired Brooke speech is getting fired Andy Reid is retiring it in stepping aside. You were going to have a completely different regime if you follow the rest of the NFL and you see it. Quarterbacks like Holmes failed you don't get other chances to draft another one. If if you worked out like Matt nagging you get hired solely with the with the intention of coaching it sure does and he's thinks. You were not getting another quarterback they're firing you at the end of this so to me the difference of it is last year felt like a little bit of a taste in a preview of what was the column today. Is the first this is that this is Patrick team this tally this is seeing how you leave the office is as you well there. In every day is building towards us getting more more information on finding out right now. Everybody's doing justice work you think he's hair rod I think he's that's Baffert. Suspecting he's brought for us know via tentatively network find out I would say over the next what twelve months eighteen months it's they stepped. One of that process to Daschle book lovers in a way to me we just got through theater production. We read a book. And now it's time for page one chapter one of patter ball I think that's the part to me is pretty exciting night. But it's just the first page of the first chapter of what he can Betty. You know I think it's a really big cheese heads to the report this and we just saw and their cars lined up all the way down. You know if you go up that hill right by the she's practice facility already lined up to six hours of game time. He's that was in the picture that I saw on Twitter may be fired up they would see this kid play it would seem that. You know be the starter in in the point you made a really good when there's no more safety net anymore there's no more record over the silent hill as would you see. Well he's the guy now. He's got an end in sight is. It is a big that I'm not saying it's not I was just surprised and I'm curious how that she's fans felt about that I think it is going to be the greatest days ever in the just like another normal day. And I guess what what what really excited about today inspect I know we're up against that is. They have for the last six months last seven months all any of us have done in Kansas City is debate hypotheticals. Not saying this at the end all be all this new blog this football game and beat one of the preceded it will seem home -- hopefully 23 times throughout the course of the season if this team goes on the run in the playoffs menace the first time a long time to get real things to about it we're in real things to talk about homes no more would you rather games no more going back to what happened in week seventeen this is Axl Rose this is was that a good decision we get real things you sit here and digest what Patrick Holmes I'm excited to gain. Everybody gets hyped homes up in a different kind of way. This is just step one in the process of finding out if they have their quarterback many people think they have their quarterback not many people know that she's out there quarterback coming up on the other side did you ready for tonight thinning this crafted a list of guys to watch. That don't include the quarterback we'll tell you they are coming up is the drive you're chancellor a thousand bucks and the national cast contest coming up to twenty minutes it's six cents portrait. Back in on the drive getting you ready for tonight's pre season game. And today could be your last first kiss when it comes with a franchise quarterback. Tomorrow night. Allegra coal. Could have her relaxed. First kids. I'm excited about today because you're starting to into the category of finding out about Patrick Holmes we have all argued hypotheticals. We've all had debates really about 35 passes we've seen from Patrick Holmes. Today step one today is this is your football team how do you command the offense. How do you guys respect you today is all normal homes last year you always have the safety net. It didn't matter that she's won or lost in week seventeen they were already got to make the playoffs fully understanding this is week one of the pre season and no one is. Going to take some major take away from what happens today. But if you look at the current landscape of the NFL nine of the current 32 teams in the league have had their quarterback for at least ten years. You could be starting that process today at arrowhead you could be having a quarterback for the next team in the next well the next fifteen years. And seen major success last year was Alex missed that our team. And Patrick Holmes got a chance that apple spots are. This is made every step forward is going to be evaluated in scrutinized heavy is that a head that wears the crown of playing quarterback in the NFL. Especially in a city that is as rain for a franchise quarterback. The way teams and cities today is a big day in the life of Patrick Holmes he's gonna have a lot bigger but today in terms of like Denny chased CM BJC and started seeing Ali let's put this into the renovated office and maybe all but in this might be the best ball is they've had on paper in the last fifteen years this state. 88 on important day and she says. I do your talking about teams and other quarterbacks throw reject god a lot of those teams and one suitable. You know I mean the budgets of rubles wrap of the teams that quarterbacks for ten years of war and I'd stick around if there. If they're not good with but it definitely so if if if this is the beginning. Then a of the ten year twelve you're running Kansas City more than likely would over the years championship receivable. Explain I don't know if you guys are aware that if you don't expect. But it's like mojo thing. So are you gonna hide the ball yeah I I don't even know they don't like totally I did I know it's like 111 it's not like well. Going it's anybody else I can what was the guys to watch whether or not impact your homes and in no particular order what. Dick Williams is a guy that Breton regional circuit city star in the back of stacked up like this guy is in the back of the war like situation starter. Got pretty good. Anyway in this and I had a chance to lock himself up a roster spot pitcher can't request on. You know how the discussion right now I think gain in ways of running back and earn himself the job of the relievers did pre season. They're very the other way. Can't Sorenson out with after Ebenezer is going to be operate monsters in eight weeks. So Eric Berry has a chance to earn himself a starting spot in the same strategies that she is this. If they need to cut swords and it's a five point three million bucks really speaks duo dock bundle out right now because all it's all the homes all the time against city. But he's number two on the depth chart behind these forward and I can't wait to see what he does tonight for months that the kick returner. So people say is almost as fast as as the chief himself for months there's going to be returning kick state hopes it. He's the politics is excited the most about seeing this guy. Like Tron Smith has a little bit of first team all treated different or he might he might. He has a lot of money team all treated you never know light and I certainly hope he has success that is saying of this he could be as fast as I read Jill Scott. I instead each training tables. They're out there output policy at Richard Nixon if that's the case. We got that got it speed returning kicks look at said he wanted to get fortunately it is worthless butt out tonight and of course I didn't. What training camp brushing up. I summer fling just learned his name a week ago Blake back those who is you know it's and then look at look at that. The played lights didn't Arkansas State numbered it number 88 U program liberal in my heart he was Albert play a lot of definitely he's been on the pro. The receiver where a number eighty now these are drugs he is like any fault it's littered it is this guy's big he's physical decorated. Sperry top league match 5753. Followers on Twitter that gets slaughtered like that problem. Not collapse of one we'll. Animals that I outlets. Some of these guys Damian Williams about made a very very good point about where he sits in the running back battle. I could see them maybe putting charge him or west on I'll RT gained about a concussion protocol really are really quickly. Having the ability to bring him back at the middle part of the season and seeing what you get from Damian Williams. I think they really like short in the west I think its creditors some guys they really really liked. Whether it be impasse blocking situations like it was last year with Turkey under west helping a special teams are doing other things I think they would look for a reason to keep charts and request. But if you're not healthy you're gonna have to do something at the very beginning of the season I could see him starting the year on IR hit it in the giving Damian Williams at least some poor running backs out of bigger really than use a whole lot in his office. But without injuries happen in the NFL means sometimes being that third string running back up an app Sprint's where's your instantly the backup in the NFL. At church ever makes a little over two million bucks twosome and there's that to think about right anyway Anke said what last week they got about eight million. Under the cap right and he and I think they're gonna free up some money before the deterrent it with. Eric Marie I would be very curious today if he plays well. Because I think she is title and then it. Oh lying. If he plays really portly these first two games I can see that she's at least bringing in somebody like Eric Reed at least four worked out when he's maybe just put a little fear and air worry hate you're not. We're not getting what we'd like for you wanna see a little bit more I. Wouldn't say he has that spot locked up I would take it also works at that spot I don't think so he did you got available say to like your read the same thing we saw what the tightly brought in to any Vicario and they brought an air agreed. To me peace bring him in all work outs if he has something you see if he's the guy that you can add on your roster. I like your Murray he was one of the guys I was expecting to be a training camps are coming into have a whole lot about him I think that's to be expected with much bigger story lines at least on the teams of well I think. You know thing with. You know in the geez can't get out so more than likely source it's going to be. I mean he's got a free agent until 2020 wanna keep it out of his field of animal fighting IR I mean he's he get in and he's got two bad things don't form. He's what 248 or nine years old Unix five point three million and her right to back problem out of here. We did a source is just going to be on I had to reload on once he got injuries he's on injured reserve list of other little Britain speaks we have heard much about him in camp but you know he's number two on the depth chart. He's he's I think he got on you know behind Justin Houston doctors steel used in tonight because you know get to the quarterback is a thing that we talked about. Yeah I see some personal. It speaks I don't mean. I don't know how much she's going to be in the game today is what's really Arctic on an army if any if he's gonna play happened solely going to be good but as you'd think Bruins beat had a chance to be a legitimate spar the way I think the chiefs do with pre who speaks. Not at scene maybe being in two series I don't know if he's somebody is gonna be in enough to really get a good understanding. Aborted is more than anything maybe from a some of those other guys wait to check in the game is really import and telling us what they think about a guy like Tonto past you know. Are you and what's as far as the first quarter argue part of that rotation are you played in the fourth quarter of the pre season game. That's not where you wanna before god that many of us are expecting to get some contributions from the season Alec really speaks are you playing in the second half of this game. I think wait and how they use guys if or how long they use guys we need to tell us if they're really trying to get a good look at guys or maybe where they're stating is with the team. Yeah I would imagine if it is the depth chart is accurate with what were look at I don't even look at that as being well. Say where they are right where the you know and breathe and speaks is just the second team right now that's the case I would expect the same in the second quarter two quite a bit of. Got likes bonds met again I I really feel like he has first team all training to Everett no room yet. Six around quarter guy they've really lie really fans will see if he can make the adjustments amok and it cellular guys really good really bad yeah Brady can't I don't know if you can really body weight quarterback play a whole lot in training camp Woolsey today how we used if you can stand up and a couple plays. He says for Steve Walsh rainy keep in Britain over I feel like every year there's a guy like yeah every year there's a guy like two months met. A mid round draft pick small school really fast god judges really gets talked about nineteenth let's see if he can vault NC if you got a breakdown mall whether. That brought him up had nothing do with him playing quarter ice special teams as me. Excited about him and no idea that he Tom's got a guest later Wright matter return kicks policy which are months that can and if he turns out to be. A speedy guy that can return kicks in place special teams. And I'm looking a little bit forward here maybe this is a little bit too much too early but if he becomes that cavity takes and where terror attack regular not put it in the parking meter. Yeah I don't think salon Smith I mean. I haven't seen a lot of trauma snippets I've seen him aside from the few days and a B team but do you have a truly special player maybe the best punt returner in the NFL entire retail. I don't know two months but does that special kind of player he can certainly help in the kick return somebody else is going to have to do it I'd just think the chiefs seem to have with guys like short hitter was when he was healthy with -- -- at the Thomas and what this team that gave told ads in with ticker charges are as important aren't as valuable as they used to be. But that's really your best chance the make the team is to show some value and special teams and just BA do anything kind of guy got the can really stand out old film was it two months ago I certainly expect him to be on the team will see what happens in entity is being downed trees out. Like our precinct to let you know special teams to appreciate and is one of my favorite things to watch other. Because due to build up their fight for jobs or go to their head on their own utterly lick on somebody. And special teams you can really get some pretty violent pretty you know pretty intense it's on some of these plays a guy you never heard before. Coming up we'll give you a chance to 1000 bucks our national gas contest and the over under is in the NFL have been update that we see where we stand on the AFC west. Plus we put our money where our mouth is mostly what I mean coming up its drive. And so a thousand bucks and on national cast contests text the word here. HT ERE. Here 272881. Next year. And you can be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national Gaston says six since portrayed is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City give you would chancellor to 121000 dollars each week day all you gotta do this and on the 378 to seventy your next seized the wind is coming up in one hour why not go ahead when right now. Complete rules and listings over at sixth and sports dot com one more time for those in the back their heart of yours or I. Here HER. Eat here HE RE. 272881. That is the national cash contest code word for 230 coming up in thirty minutes we will catch up with longtime royals broadcaster. Greg seller in about fifteen minutes we will all take a minute well. A solace tweeted out today from RJ Vegas. The updated NFL's season when polls I wanna do this before the pre season really gets going. Because we haven't seen any team in the AFC west. I wanna do this after the pre season will we know all the injuries the rosters are pretty much set. And it will all see what we stand at the other teams in the AFC west that sounded everybody does it fare all right. The chargers sit at nine and a half right now in Vegas do you think the chartered win more or less than nine and a half game. I'll take the under that at some is. How is it wants to it grosses out with a foot foot injury had a is that rents out. The charges to the charge that they are still the shark yeah I don't think in the end. Like the chargers this year I think on paper I really think that short the second best team in the AFC it doesn't our city in the AFC west is it doesn't sell I've enjoyed mostly injury was that cedars over what we heard a couple of days ago. Really hasn't been any news but the Jason rat he's been banged up the whole time it just so happen but it is going to be a major loss yeah but the big thing is going to be if you keep Q now I think he announced the five best wide receivers in the AFC and I like the chargers over at night and half not a whole lot over. I think the charter would double digit gains this year I'd really like the charges. Yeah. Next stop in the over under is with the AFC. York Kansas City Chiefs at eight and a half. They do you think they went more or less than eight and a half games. It's a really tough. I'm gonna take you over I'll take the over the trees that's not that's that's a diet seven cents exposed. So I got to take the over and that's really optimistic I do I I'd think well is going to be the guy if I really firmly believe that. Then I've got to take field even a little bit wishy washy on eight that's a perfect life is set to achieve. Because. I could see him go eight day I could see him go 79 but I can also see him go intent six on the go the optimism that imitate. If pumped about the chargers on grunting that she's hello this gets. Hole really is difficult to answer the very beginning of and it really is alike at the second half of the season and the first six games for the chiefs are as follows. At Los Angeles at Pittsburg home against the San Francisco 49ers at Denver home against the Jacksonville Jaguars in at New England. Was four playoff teams this spot potential playoff teams right there in the first five dollars in the first six weeks of the season. It really opens up a little bit at the second half of the season they have their biweekly twelve. And they play at Oakland you know I'm not very high on the raiders' home against Baltimore this disaster hoping it's the charters who you all at Seattle yeah like they could be one of the bigger disappointing teams in the league this year just given where people think that C ultimately our and then home against Oakland to in the season. So as typical as the first half of the schedule is. It's certainly evens up in the biggest thing for me is. Andy Reid. They just fallen in nine in seven with them all take the over eight and a half I think they'll be a better team than 88 this year but I agree with you I think the line is perfectly set that she's an aide has yet. You and that's woman particular is I think the chargers I don't I think they're gonna under achieved because that's what they do and the fight with some injuries right now and and it. It was the seventh with three games in December and it at home the chiefs do yes yes craziness of it. December in Kansas City teams coming here at alike and and the raiders have them hear what they won twice last that last month the last I would last season yet grace so got a good deal. Moving on down we go to the Oakland Raiders were firmly set right at eight. Do you think the raiders went more or less than eight games and sees what what he's saying last week about the raiders with a beating him 4 to 12 o'clock and eleven a word the appears to Andy won Oakland Raiders again that this team's and that means we'll back there and no he's not in so he's got and the jagr shot under any radio video in Oakland. Zealous go out there the raiders raiders. As much I love isn't Derek car it's gonna be dysfunction it's going to be a mess and they don't winning games. I just don't. Have a good feel for oak cliff at all this season. I mean you're basically asking do I think Oakland finishes with a winning record this year and the answer is no I think the chiefs in the charters or clearly to better teams than in the division. And for the most part because fourteen of the sixteen games the same. And it put some of the same typical games at the chiefs that I just. I just don't have a good few if the group and experiment is going to work. I think it works a lot better and eager to were your three that it works the you're one I think there's some early kinks the kind of worked out with the Oakland Raiders. I don't think this team is having a winning record this season I've you'll really strong and one of the under the I feel most strongly about and all of the NFL. Is the Oakland Raiders under yes I'll take under eight games for the raiders. Next stop we finish with the Denver Broncos the Broncos at seven and a half this season we think the brothels even more or less than seven and a half games I. When more than seven it happened that's based on on their schedule. The road these are the rather wrote a Baltimore at the jets. The cardinals. Towards Kansas City LA. There on the road and since yet today either only really tough game out of the out of the AFC west go to San Francisco to take on the niners. So I think based on their schedule I don't believe in case even though Iran and I've been bashing gays in a forever. He's got a bunch of different opportunities and multiple teams eager quarterback in Minnesota. Bracket up to us about that I don't think he can back it up against the Broncos schedule. What really hard road game. At home they've got the Seahawks. At home they've got the rain ends at home they've got the Texans. So all these Steelers do so all the really tough. It's he was the girl home so I'm I'm noticing the over the. Rocket I liked it over for the Broncos to a sort of in the Broncos are going to be one of the surprise teams in the NFL I like the Broncos this year I think you look at their offense. I like Jason dean and I don't think you're asking case to even be Carson once they're asking him to essentially be Alex Smith. I think case Tina is more than capable of throwing Tony two touchdowns and seven interceptions this season. With a good offense to Jake but that the tide in the Michigan you have Emanuel Sanders in the Mars Thomas still one of the top what age wide receiver that those in the NFL. And I do you really like they're running backward he got Dovonte Booker you got was Freeman I sauce that today. Over the last three seasons no college running back at or 100 yard games and Royce Freeman. I think I think he's got to be the Karine behind two rookie Jordan our view that really surprised that people like the Broncos offense and I think their defense is going to be capable this season I like the Broncos to finish over 500 this year I like the Broncos are a few more than anybody else I'll take the Broncos in the over this year and seven in hands. That is our over islanders for the AFC west spectrum dedicate this to you or. I want everybody deal record with this before the pre season really gets going. You get one NFL over that you were cop and it would hit that right now jailing was legal in Missouri. Strictly for entertainment purposes you get one team that you are a 100% certain bull hit they're all this year. What team are you pick I pick Indianapolis Colts there right now at seven. Into law by himself is an eight win quarterback now that's a risk is all gambling and odds are but. I think it improved roster with Chris Bowers they're GM. In improved defense they finally get an offense of wind to protect in law they still have weapons in TY Hilton. And they played a softer division I don't think the titans selected. I think the jaguars are gonna regress I think the Texans are still an unknown with the show on Watson. I like the over for the seven. With the Indianapolis Colts now all seen a couple weeks of Angela to LT. But all reports are that he is throwing the ball ball and healthy and ready to go I take over the seven with the Indianapolis Colts being. You get one over that you are a 100% confident is gonna hit diseases early pre season share injuries obviously changing your ice he's really how the colts right now but if we see that he injured look is ready for the start of the season. Will allow you one time that change or NFL pick that's for one over 200% gonna hit this money. That's easy for me in the a surprise that didn't pick and to me mrs. Navy and this is a no brainer for the Washington Redskins because of the quarterback. Alex Smith gets out of bed in wins nineteen games right. And Alex Smith the group's first four years in the lead evidence because he had four different coaches seventeen different offensive coordinator is not you straighten you out and recorded at this time not mistaken that the kids so it's seven you know the Redskins go over more than seven games I get that through this individual that was the Philadelphia Eagles. We got a privilege other games too. So I'm taking the over the Washington Redskins at at seven. The over that I feel most confident. Of any NFL over this season. I'll take the browns. Six wins for the Cleveland Browns you know I am a firm believer of the quarterback position I think the grounds of the second best quarterback in their division. After bin rumpled burger which quarterback would you realistically have Tyrod Taylor Joe Black or eighty Dalton. Tyrod Taylor and Apple's other two guys that does he cheated Joseph Flacco consumables pretty in the play I mean he is not very good currently right now and the I'm not taking Joseph Flacco now you can find the time machine to that Joseph Flacco. That I'm with you but the but the Joseph Flacco you're talking about the last two seasons has thrown 38 touchdown passes in 28 intercepted that eighty quarterback rated yet luckily good anymore he was in 2000. Other fourteen he was trying to get paid but he is the first team all capital got a point got rich and quit tried. I'm telling you Joseph Flacco is not better than Tyrod Taylor. They're problem burgers will the best quarterback in that division no one's denying that. But I'd much rather have Tyrod Taylor and had eighty dull or Joseph Flacco and we wanna talk about scheduling road game road Cleveland not that bad. This season and ask you this in we talked about hard docks before the show right and what was the thing he told me that huge acts. I think he's a good dolphins according these are good head coach and he who's the head coach of the browser that's who is a wedding is a culture of winning is is is building this thing out. I'm with you that I think the browns get a mile battered this team that was 016 in the 131 on the last I get it got judge Dorsey and notably to tell you Jackson's tiller coached him. Coach also and so I think Tyrod Taylor is a good enough quarterback to get you to 88 this season I think they're going to be really competitive but it got much but let I don't think it's fair to the browns a compared into the team that was one and 31 image drastically overhauled but that's escort it's going to be there you got Jarvis Andrews of any player they've had of the last couple years second year for miles here I think the defense is going to be better. You got your daughter quarterback you're better running back I mean you can make an order with the browns running back is better than that she Drew Brees and had to leave Russia in the NFL. I'm not saying the browns were gonna win their division and certainly not implying that are the browns are gonna be much better than people anticipate I'll take the for the browns six up my money or my mouth is when it comes to get a chance to write it because it because if Tyrod Taylor it's injured yet I feel differently baker midfielder quarterback you're one that I feel about tyra talk about quarterback wins Tyrod Taylor is that a lot of getting with a roster that have been very I have haven't been very talented and coaches that have been very talented around. Coming up we will all take aim nexus drive. You know especially on the clock it's. Coming up. Fifteen minutes we'll catch up with our guy Rex toddler. Coming up in about ten minutes we'll give you machines to win a pair of tickets of the World War I museum. In our pop quiz which is presenting each day by victory Chrysler dodge Jeep brands back without further ado about a minute please. This squall popped up on my timeline today. From Dana why. The guy has changed his life around this is his second chance he's been excellent to deal where everybody was come into contact with him since he's been what does. Has said nothing but good things about him. The guy made a mistake you're always gonna have the three that have nothing better to do and this and that in somebody has a call. The Guiding Light is talking about is ranked part. Fiscal what Greg Hardy is accused though I don't wanna take up more than my allotted minutes. I just well one time one of these commissioners what these coaches one of these people that make the hiring when it comes to people that are. Abusers the way Greg parties saying. We don't condone what he did but I got bills to pay I got now is defeated I'm trying to run a business here. Don't give me this this is about your always gonna have freaks that nothing better to do business and somebody's gonna have a caused. Pro just saying do you think he can help you make money. This is a business transaction that's all you've got to say every single time we get the same thing from all these people would anoint that's one minute for them. Speculate that please. I don't have been hard on Danny Duffy from time to time about is being up and down emotionally and this and that it. They did not allowed recent Danny Duffy but I've been tough on unrelated that I think any Duffy is now one of my heroes and here's why. He tweeted this today extremes that the analyst community as soon as some mind blowing views on the game. The lottery is Eugene baseball it's impossible to quantify playing while being in good mindset of the guys go through some stuff away from the target focus it is well. The results won't add up with the dudes lives in a bad spot trouble with the red back boiler financial struggles. Fighting substance abuse anxiety said that sick kids here jour or whatever. Forgot to lock the door locker room blood break in at the house he won't compute your projections. Thank you very much at salt is because that word out to me and I so Jason words it just retire. When these guys come down these kids for MIT or Stanford or Harvard wherever there Robin never played baseball in the life they come out and talk to us about. Shifts. Should I just bought it over there like no don't do that we don't want to do that what you did a homer. He says it's just not baseball to me. I keep telling you guys there's a whole lot more of the game in the stuff is he in the in the box score or on stat sheets or any of that stuff. Listen to pro athletes they know they play the game. So Danny Duffy Jayson Werth. Shut up you guys call up the analyst XP really quick can you go back to what you need of me understand this. He read a release put out which part the first part of the same ballpark I get the string side of it Linux community is some mind blowing views on the game camaraderie is huge baseball. It's impossible to quantify playing while being in good mindset of guys going through stuff away from the ER he can't focus as well the results won't at a if dudes lives in a bad spot trouble at the crib bad boiler financial struggles fighting substance abuse anxiety sick pets and kids. As rain shower curtains forgot to lock the door lighter in flood breaking at the house he won't compute your project is it that life. I went what Danny Duffy dissenters lights like that your idea if you play baseball professionally if you're an accounting if you're a lawyer at mcdonalds now everybody. As personal things that goal and their job it is not from work and the expectation though if you're professional whatever fuel you shoot you personally is when usual to work. There is acts expectation of you to meet set expectations. Like. Part about digging up all respects ordered any W two vet just doesn't hold way to be because that's every single adult living right now. Everybody listening right now to the show has something going on their personal life aside from work but. Part of being the voltage you put that stuff away maybe it's time to go to work is my gloves and whatever I got to do like got to go to work here so when it comes to the analytic partner in meeting production and it's like I'm so I'd like but that's the unfortunate part about life. Would you agree that tried it in 98 while our cutters a little more developing go to work and have to pay wall. I mean I'd I think it. You don't idealist of the depends on job isn't what you have to do what you have to accomplish and I think I think that's was part of it and I don't know if the analyst communities you know. All over bunch of plumbers. You know we're all over budget sales it is for sure but. You know some other jobs are much easier to do when he got stuff going on your life other than. You know paint the corners with a 98 hour fastball in your face in the Chicago Cubs and and I think that's what their point is what you get it's really hard to predict. What's the point on you know with a professional athlete by just using numbers. About and begin again that parks just lights and that's a job that you've signed up toward you don't like that's as well those jobs the government when I took this job somebody said you never. Wanna be called me go work at Home Depot share many wanna be held to the high standard of performance on the field that could ever professional. This. These guys say like you can't. Like the analytics part of that is ridiculous and that at least until Jason Ward don't borrow against the shift is go home about that that's ridiculous that part of stupid I'm talking about Duffy sparked it sparked a Asia's real life and someone on the tax on says. Yet but we also can't take a vacation or a sick day I also don't get four months off the weighted that you took the everybody's job is unique. But you can't tell me in baseball you know you're sick days I see plenty of mental health days Sunday getaway days and baseball again I'm not try to edit their job isn't typical I'm just saying is every adult living right now that has responsibility. Sometimes you wouldn't want the dot org or gods to kids. Social work charity drop the best we've got to sort out the ports just lightly. I don't feel bad for the professional athlete and it is baby mommy get along today. But there and play well like that duck duck when you get paid millions of dollars. I get that part of I think with the players are saying basically is like you come down here and it's and you and you spit out your equation you tell me to go do it on the field. It's not realistic at times I've worked for bosses before they actually have no clue about what happens in the field. They tell you to go do something like that she's not as a work that way that's not possible what you want to do based on what you just wrote down on this piece of paper but it's not feasible you can't do it. I think that's the players. I'll take. You have to say now I love your enthusiasm about I can I just wait for Brad I think I love your enthusiasm to go to them. Good news satellite Shackleton. And Charles boom the bigger installed Joe's book we know who really didn't Google that would championship festival and Antonio. I commercials and Jack have a lot like in nineteen different or personal in general insurance. Its general insurance Alyssa at his daughter and son just committed do you seal I would never give general insurer but I can't in good news coming down about twenty minutes ago last chance you green lit for season. Or back down at Indy so while another documentary series down in independence Kansas but. Couldn't help but think after watching episode one of hard knocks. And then also finishing last chance you. There's that episode where they team to go visit. Arrowhead. And like I can't wait to be playing here one of these days. You're not. It is so hard to meet the NFL you can do everything right you can have good grades. You can seen in good you know fade off the field you can do everything been right so not make it. These are two different worlds apart knocks and last scenes you and I love the fact we have both documentaries and both are so well done but man those are two different worlds that we are talking about. I was thinking this actually as I was watching hard knocks in getting ready for the show news. Honestly I don't hard knocks works anymore. Because I think it's sports documentaries have just a ball since then like what art. Oxford's came out it was sold in debate of the fact NFL network in HBO would come together to do something the caliber of that. Every episode every season of hard knocks is the exact same season apart knocked. Chicks and characters around you do some different things but for the most part it is the exact same season every single time there's no greater being in a hard knocks it is just itching to get us some what inside look of NFL team that we just we just we do better sports documentaries like. Talk about what our generation does better than he would superhero movies and documentaries we also of good one hour doctor bit ago Netflix wants the hell out of your documentary so documentaries I think you have to pay homage to hard knocks. Amid documentaries or does gotten substantially better since are not state. Do you think hard knocks is a documentary reality suitors because of his three years I think it evolved whether in reality more mean of the first one. And out of your watch and MTV real world was like the really the first one. Before like survivor came around outlet hello rule yet it was great and that was like legitimate reality reality TV is scripted. Like the bachelor's crap. By the bachelorette I mean it they scripted it's not reality TV and I think that's kind of where we it's probably got to watch or not any more money to go. I mean the ones that I did watch and I would imagine that that's where it's gone. Since then you've got to scripted the NFL when no other message practically everything out there for everybody to see that goes on behind on the C deterring this. It was good I mean really go behind the scenes look at mean that Jarvis leader's speech was really really good seeing you Jackson and Todd neatly disagree I mean this this first episode of hard knocks at Hogan really really good I'm excited that the rest he says that he's a little logic I want yet obvious excite I'm excited for the remaining five episodes of this season of hard knocks pop quiz. Next hop. Rights rights. Today's glances as anybody victory Chrysler dodge Jeep brand the winner gets a pair of tickets in the World War I museum I've actually never been there warming it that's their tickets. Or myself Paul at six tonight 135767610. What is this movie clip from. Maintain laser lane. Appreciate it de LA examination. Well both good cook. Man messes up. Let me. If you know what movie that is the dollar was sixth and island 357676. Dave you know the rules coming up and two minutes we'd catch up with longtime zip royal television broadcaster Rex Butler joins us next drive.