08/07 - THE Rally

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, August 7th
Some Ohio State fans showed their true colors yesterday. 

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I've often. Defended the the Big Ten Conference. On the on these airwaves might my home my home conference. Point eight is they've had hard time defending themselves for the most part these days and everything it is just it just the train wreck and out. Ohio State. Fans. Some fans because they have a lot of fans and and intends of them showed up yesterday and put on the lame as rally you can imagine for supporting Urban Meyer. It. Okay okay. The to. Yeah how sad was that rally represented Tennessee Jess was organizing the Urban Meyer chance so boy what what what a great event that turned out to be yesterday Columbus. Stole. And so. It all. Wrong. I. Just lying yeah pretty bad yesterday and they showed up with just. Terrifically lame sign it yeah. Adults with signs is always a fitness and right of the mess that this was like an episode of who is America I mean it really was an end this was yet like yesterday the you know American Tony eighteen were stuffs misinterpret inner being miss the pointer right. They're they're blaming ESPN right blaming ESPN for a report through his right hand fourth of the Soriano hit a I'm. Of how they're putting ask if it isn't going after the markets well how lame and miss guided this. Bunch of fans were cool it wasn't even a bunch of fans it was tens of fans showing up to support Urban Meyer I think they had 23000 people signed their petition we get more people to sign a petition to get a horse I am from the plaza that we did to get urban Meyer's job back in Ohio state university and a stadium Eagles I 200000. Again you know her over anything yet. And they're not flocking to support him now which is good as I think that's good. We talked about yesterday how in sports you automatically get a free pass and everybody wants to look the other way but this was Matt hours or Harvey Weinstein or somebody like that. In the folds were what they're out right away but in sports we seemingly give everybody a second chance of potentially a third chance because of my god eakins or boy if they can sport they can do really good things and in and we love those guys we want to give them as many opportunities as posh south the export you do really bad thing you can usually when you really bad things can get away with -- but that rally yesterday for Urban Meyer I think maybe shows kind of a turn in it in where we are right now society because. Not a lot of people showed up to support Urban Meyer in for coach he's won a lot of games at Ohio State I think is a national championship right. At Ohio State and and really has is is probably the most important figure in Ohio State is the head football coach. He's there you know he's embattled right now and they get like fifty people to show up for a rally. And and these AC drag your blaming ESPN and ESP and really had nothing to do with the story it was reported by a reporter that they fired you posted on FaceBook and by the time ESP yet got a round of the story but the hours that Emily USA today you know -- eighties CBS sport like everybody else had the story before ESP it did but we live in an error and now we're the president of the United States is telling everybody that the media is the number one enemy of the public. And so people are taking that as fact people are taking that as truth people are believing. That the media is the number one enemy of the public because the president is telling people that and so they're out their blaming the media I love I love this error in which we live where people F up and then it's the media's fault for reporting that people F file. How about keeping your own house in order dopey dues and we will after report I mean it's it's a very simple process dopey induced you'll be on sports center it's easy and so instead of blaming the media for four you know Urban Meyer how about these Ohio State hate seeds take a look at the media eagle point. Our coaches really bad here are coach did something wrong our athletic director may have done something wrong as well we've got to see what went on here instead of immediately going out there are blaming the media and then blaming the media outlet that was late to the party I mean likely they were a day late and a dollar short that was the story on Friday and Saturday is like why yes yes it really late to the party because it was reported by guys that they fired so they didn't know what to do with the story. So so everybody was talk about how ESP and was late to this thing like the party does it matter but it was going old everybody was called in Hoover they were done for the day and here's EST no. Now and so everybody wants to an Ohio State's rally yesterday once deadly ESP at this party when they really had nothing to do with a story. A my favorite side was miss my coach. Mercy he's big he's Vista is to some people practices yes lately he's disease who practices and that's it. Exit so I didn't roll him on a golf cart doctors team right. OK art of Ellis head coach really do lately sing another really coaching assistance they they they really missed him right as a fan favorite team yet I get a team yet. Hear your head coaches is not there for practice there that could run things again picture by now but they use and that doesn't matter now that matter at this point sign I'm glad to see that nobody to answer the tally. Somebody ordered Papa John's priceless fantastic yeah which is which is right looks a nice job you guys that you're really primary challenge ahead of your Urban Meyer you gotta go boy you know Ali you know it's a good word from anybody here at my own state yeah yeah I'm good I'm good and I don't eat and it isn't what it's gonna be safe home.