08/06 - You First

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, August 6th
Bob has a suggestion for getting politics out of sports, and it starts with getting sports out of politics. 

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Last week Quinn. Donald are not trump when LeBron James commence at Donald Trump does he's exports to Dubai which is an an and I acting EU really have a tough time arguing the other side of that. I mean you could you be so the players started as but you know using adults that they should they don't continued things to rob steelmaker right society. In which we live and I'm not saying anybody's wrong anybody's right on just using it as an example he could on your clues yet as you say. Wrong or right but there's there's some it won't finish yet they're seven it was nice likely some people just won't let things get IKEA the Donald Trump happens to be one yet likes and he likes to get the last word he he really unbelievable and so so last week when when LeBron James said that which which is using sports when you get up they are in and you say wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners would somebody just respects our flag as they get that sort of a bleep off the field right now he's fired he's hired me. That that to me is that your continuing an odd your continued to use sports to divide because that was a divisive speech that he gave last September down in. Alabama and every time he speaks on the National Anthem it divides us even further to bet that's a fact I mean it it forces people to pick a side. When you force people to pick a side you're dividing you're not uniting in politics of leaders are supposed to unite they're not supposed to divided nation divided will not stand I think is what you think you'd set right in my right was able economic my attributing that to the right person nation divided we will not stand. Well we're by the nation right now and there's a lot of things you can divide pod divide on politics and about on money divided on wealth all that stuff. You don't need to be dividing when it comes to sports and it happened began over the weekend with our president and his you know his Twitter at 10301045. Night East Coast I'm. Where he's fire and out tweets of about LeBron James and Don lemon saying. LeBron James is just interviewed by the dumbest man on television Don lemon he made LeBron looks Smart which isn't easy to do. I like Mike and Andy like bat that. Right there that's the tweak some of that child stat that's something that you know somebody who's not the most powerful man in the word world. Tweets that something that somebody who is on where known as a troll tweets out. Somebody who's in office who's an elected official who's supposed to be guiding the Asian bringing everybody together. And trying to you know make things good in this country trying to you know tried tried to bring people together not try to divide that's a divisive tweet that's using sports and so. Last week I received an email from somebody just that said. You know I I can't believe you're your talking politics blaming Donald Trump moral of this stick to sports and you know as much as I would love to sit here and just stick to sports. We'd we spot now work that's no longer possible and it's no longer possible because of that quote because of that you know date they should fire the SOB and and so. When when that happened and when that went down on that Friday night in September to meet the Christ that sports is no longer possible I can't sit here and stick to sports. Because sports now transcends in the politics sports transcends in the light. Politics transcends in the sports life transcends the sport it's all become one big thing right now and as we had that beauty for a long long time we worked to escape. Right blah blah blah writes it's it's it's now it's just part of the saudis and being part of your every dollar write and social media YouTube with the Internet expanding the way that it has over the last you know two decades or so. We're now in an arrow where we know everything about our athletes media was better in the 1950s when you do you know making mental boost up on the train and passes out left fielder whatever he was due and Babe Ruth was drunk or you know some of these guys or plane back and they did know what went on you didn't care what went on their personal lives right it's like. You know you just didn't know you just you you you watched them play the game they played for nine innings played for four quarters and boom they were on what their lives you were on with yours and we were able to keep things separate. But that's not the case anymore we've evolved as a society we've evolved as. You don't country to to the point now where we'd like to see what our athletes to we'd like to get to know our athletes we like to know them off the field. While sometimes you get to know things may be about you were athletes in your politicians you don't want to know about. But that's part of the deal you have to take everything into account when you say you wanna know more about your athletes and so when they stand up for certain clauses when they you know when he champion certain clauses that's going to be one of those deals aegis. Have to accept and if you're the president in the United States I mean that to be attacking. LeBron James at this point in time makes absolutely no sense and a few days after he opened this school in Akron Ohio for 240 students that's going to provide free to wish him it's going to provide free breakfast and lunch and snacks free transportation. A free bicycle and helmet access to a food entry for them of their family. Guaranteed tuition for all graduates to go to the universe is back on me like what LeBron James did last week is one of the most spectacular stellar things of all time. And the president of our country's praising LeBron James are trying to help kids break the cycle. Is that you're taking shots that he stupid and that's how he likes Michael Jordan did not. I mean how could you possibly fine fall I know LeBron is no saint either he's attacked the president is well they add they're kind of peeing match is back and forth over the last years so. But woods' eagle was a school for 240 kids. In in in an underserved. Area of Akron Ohio. To help kids tried to break the cycle so they can you know be set up for success in life the president should be raising an person not out there are saying that he's dumb and Don lemon made him look Smart and that's not easy to do I like Mike. I could just it it doesn't make any sense to me to have a reaction had between my dad my mother always says you got nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. I think is an answer to follow that situated in bed with this one that's no that's no longer believe there really isn't now not at all not at all. 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