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Sunday, July 23rd

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Curtis on good morning to you Kansas City for the show. It's now on you'll radios six Ted sports radio. And 610 sports dot com. With Steve insert on the sports machine show on the team will be here until noon leading up to Kansas City Royals baseball federal rules. Which again last night welcome back to all around town Kansas City. The royals hit not one not two. Not three or five home runs Mike whose stock is. It's too and he's now on pace wait for this. To hit 47. Home runs this year and royals uniform let me say that it moves is now on pace. To hit 47 home brought us to deliver but it quickly after the Sunday morning. Let's say that he gets hot for just a minute let's say moves it's two more home runs the danger he gets four in the next week all the sudden Ben moos will be on pace to hit. Fifteen home runs. Yes we're talking about it royals player hitting upwards of fifty home runs what do you weird wild twisted season this has been. And continues as the royals take on the White Sox last night and take a look at the standings. And this team still right there are 49 and 471 and a half games back. In what is by or the most average let's just call what it is worst division in all of baseball. They're now one game back in the while core standards when you look at the teams that are eventually going to end up with one of those two American League wild cards in hand. It's not exactly the who's who of Major League Baseball could be either the twins are the Tampa Bay Rays of the major honors the Yankees are playing terrible baseball still could be them. Or the royals. Your thoughts. I mean I'm 135767610. Duty tickets text line is 69306. Got a lot of stuff to get out of the way. Before we get out of the way for jobs for your at noon. Coming up in about ten minutes were gonna walk on baseball writer. Rob Meyer talk about the world chances of winning the division and ending up back in the post season. Or shuffle things up and 11 o'clock hour ditch your Sunday morning shuffle which you hear ice cubes attempt at singing the seventh inning stretch yesterday. At Wrigley Field would get you six in ten we'll talk about the fact that review Willie. The movie just turned 2414. Years old that's right it is the 24. Year anniversary this week. Of the movie free Willy welcome on national NFL writer Matt barber and the talk about the Kansas City Chiefs and specifically. About war in the very pissed off Kansas City Chiefs named. I'm Bob Lee who sent out a series of tweets yesterday. Between 2:18. PM and 3:47. PM so there is about an hour and a half of com major discontent. For the long time Kansas City chief he'd waited things out like. Watching both Steelers gains from the sideline and playing fifteen and seven snaps in the last game and I'm still lost might even need and Casey anymore. I've got my thoughts on that I'm not sure Tom was going to like what I have to say would get to Tom Hall the in the Kansas City Chiefs a little bit later on in the show I'm excited to like a softball doubleheader coming up after the game today it's ten and one. Verses nine and two big ones although let's be honest I saw. Let's start and I play the softball doubleheader last Sunday. I went three for well. And I popped up to the catcher six times to the point where when I came off the bat later on the second game there were telling the catcher rarely does an assault ought. Architecture be ready company you. I know you could pop up that action so it's I'm not proud of it in and I think that was spots I told the catches good moves dep and by 676. Then went through books edited expects line. Is 69306. And oh yeah by the way the British Open is going on Jordan's speech is running away with that so we won't talk too much golf. But I will quiz Stephen on his knowledge of or British Open golfer or adult films. Some names these golfers in the British Open just me so. Got a lot to do too but let's start with the boys in blue where they won again yesterday as I mentioned five home runs moves it to suit worn it's always a good day when you get home runs from moves and house. Moves said to moss at one Salvi had one. Bony Foss you had one as well and the Kansas City Royals. Our offense has been a really really really cool over the last 72. Whirls payers do we think that there's any way that I can continue for the final where 6364. Games of the regular season because. This team has been does and he's using. Federal coaster in it hasn't been an atypical rollercoaster ride was go up the chain and down the field and up and around and it's over with. But there members zinger was that weird beginning where you kind of spy on your way around the few spirals. He didn't really know it was coming next. That's when seventeen season has been for the Kansas City Royals were at the beginning. You didn't really know what it was going to be. They've been to the last three World Series. But there were only 500 your forms got to talk to come up and formulate an opinion at the beginning of the year what you thought this team is going to be. About Las Vegas who's usually right or pretty close right opus of this is going to be about a 7577. Win teams so I thought okay that's. I can go. I think the reason that it's tough pointer finger and say this is there going to be really go to relieved that the just going to be okay is because by and large this season. Even though they're two games over 500. Brother still very much in the thick of a deal central. Even though they could still win in that first while part of have a game call and stayed like we had a couple of seasons. This team has been wildly inconsistent. When they'd been dead they've been or when they think. They've been great. Look at the dolphins the last few games with a not just hitting home runs. What they're scored wrongs are taking two bags they're running a game. When the royals had their success a few years ago sported at their success a few years ago they did it a different way. If any of us in Kansas City or any baseball fans have ever been watching the game have gotten used. What do mean by that is typically the way to get to World Series in Major League Baseball is that they really good starting rotation. Have an ace to add some power that's mix beer guys have been there before the world didn't really haven't. The royals' biggest weapon through their 34 you're on will's first herbal man. I would say to their speak. Got to throw their defense and they're also. This year. The bullpen is not quite as they've been up and down and what you would expect when you lose two thirds of each DH that's how it's going to be. Offensively when his team's good they're great. Forty wrong score in the last three games elders of math four that's Enron's Purdue. And LCDs escobar's been red hot and really there have been three guys this year that have been. Persona non Grata for the Kansas City Royals and that is the DH Brandon Moss who's been really good the last week. Which is essentially like not having a Alex Gordon who has been playing OK the last Monty still playing great left field but it's averages still blow to. That should tell you just Democrat has offered to season has been where you could even say that he's been hitting well recently and still only a two and analyses basketball or was the other glaring weakness for this team. Through the first half the season. Now royals fans but he's the hottest hitter. For the boys and blew out investigator crystal says that's or cost but the hottest hitter squarely policies as more. I don't either one of those guys if you were to say who's the team MVP for the world so why is this team where they feel. This frankly when I'm laying in bed at night I'm done counting sheep like it falsely. My mind takes you back to the boys and that's when that was. And for some reason. Mean view time baseball and its people to do this for a living. Can't come up with exactly why the world's have been so good the last few years because they haven't had that team MVP. I think if you're just a handful of world spans over the last. 34 years or even during the World Series. The best player on the team with the team MVP. At five different answers somebody told you it was Gordon someone told you was. You know you're Donovan or somebody would have told you was wade Davis and we were told you was there cumbersome it was it was tender admirals it would argue with any of those answers. In 2017. It's obvious the reason the rules all our where they. And before I do you who my team MVPs and want to get so obvious certain guys be expected to have the season that there. Lorenzo Cain hitting 270 knock it appointed senator feel that's who we thought he was going to. He has an old or underperformed. Eric Hosmer hitting what 315 on pace to have 1520 home runs every five RBIs that's about what I thought he was going to. Well moves would really pick up the power numbers I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams. Mike whose stock has would be on pace to hit 47 home but the one guy and we imported talked about the guys that of vastly under. But one guy that is performed ten times better than any of us could have possibly imagined in my opinion the reason the royals are in the position their Asian. Where essentially they could still win the division they can still win the wild card that is still become buyers. Opposed to be in 7810. Games back in the very average division. Is the guy who started the game four last he didn't end up with a win Jason borders he went six innings. Only giving up two runs or another all star from him but where would this team be without Jason Vargas the answer. It's probably. Toward the bottom of the American League central close to the record the White Sox at. In May be sellers. That's not the real the reality is that this team is two games over 500. And that they've got the same record as they did at this point in the 2014. Season. By 7676. Temperature of thoughts go to tickets text line is 69306. And again when I couldn't sleep the other night. I was trying to I was listen to the end of the game with the royals scored sixteen points. I haven't on the researched by I'd be willing to bet that's the first time in franchise history. But they scored sixteen scored four runs in four separate innings. But at the end of the day is doc said one other worlds are won and half games back of first place and hit you look at a number X. I was like this team is one and a half games. They still have put most of poor little bit more than for the season left to play. War that got the same quarter they had during the rules World Series run. And play in the worst division I can ever remember. Why not go all talk about that as general want it is all. Is making a move. More of a symbol. Ores are actually going to equate to more wins thought up that with fame baseball writer Rob Meier coming up next show six stands portray. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you fallen behind on your taxes you know that the IRS is already coming where their money and they'll get it to buy garnish your wages are maybe even taking your home or business they call it -- force compliance and you'd better watch out because the penalties and interest compound daily making it seem impossible to ever get out of debt you need to call the experts at -- attack shortly solving tax issues is all they do one called optima starts a process to stop the demand letters and stop aggressive collection actions they get to work immediately fighting to protect your assets and helping you put your tax problems behind you the IRS rides up millions every year and -- knows all the ins and outs of the IRS's tax assistance programs that could save you thousands so what are you waiting for call -- now for a pretty consultation. 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We're seeing the tester and from there was made sure we there will be extra. Kansas City Chiefs select at Toronto as a candidate she's registered and around this place I want to the end and that was just the off season. It starts Friday July 20. War cannot. Everybody. It's good Sunday morning T. Sports she shot. Keep those steps rolling in on him tickets text line at 69 greens. Except the guy who owns text indeed on the posted. So the dogs like the only. And like entry here. That is serious. Because I got a completely revamp my game plan anything. Do we put in permanent and I think you retirement papers here creepy urged yeah as a reliever you don't know what. He's smoked you Wii's most infamous a moment is right from 16 deteriorating MVP off of unexpected results I would think where it. Should be at the top of the list I. Hit early argued that although witnesses in to eat something that I expected him to probably get to seventy something. And play well healed I expected Jason borders to be your number three maybe number forced order in in my opinion he gets hurt not sorting the all star game so. It falls to give a team MVP this form thus far he said it's pretty obvious to me take a quick focal squad to global import schedule on the show to Agile. The only that's. You know. Will produce cocaine use said you buddy you'll hear you about what you would expect. Weren't so. Took three years ago is number Soria believe in the MVP contest. A racer voting. If you watch over and so. Is he hustles. When he chooses. Very rarely. Backs up his other outfielders. I'm seeing what you're seeing you think that Lorenzo Cain is half a sniff this here Jules. Yeah yeah you know he's played her contract. He's getting 2% and in particular order to do. That black. I would be interest. And research suggests that. As a number three hitter and he's been getting behind. Search Whitfield. Aired on fox show boost our option albeit quite a bit he's quite a few walks. Where there's been on an awful lot. Earlier in the year. Who's sitting second and establish a little higher early years and they locked him. And plus who has been really good and really unexpected as a rookie I don't make too much he's hitting 253. Gonna take its text on 69306. Is there in nobody out there in Kansas City and seeing. Shall noble borders and when it comes to Lorenzen a half past that first ball. It doesn't really make sense because he did mention McCain is in a contract which is true. Does is it. A contract year. When they're trying to make what's probably going to be his final contract to me that doesn't make a lot of sense. Yes he was hurt and MVP voting a few years ago that was the out of the that was Lorenzo cain's best Caesar that he's still playing. Really really good out in the field and getting to 65. Is about what I thought he'd do you got to throw this when and there are also the world's ball wrong as much as they used to but they still raw and as well as. I think the rams are in this yours something like. Sixteen for sixteen on stolen bases and the previously mentioned Whitner is fueled or Whitfield as tool called him. I think is fifteen for sixteen and steal so they don't run quite as much but they still run. Just as effective restore trying to flag on rob Myers owns that of that Steven. At least six intent right. On ten. Apparently tonight's the night it's Mike Bell is gonna break here are you. Going to watch but he'd also like to very excited for this. Do not have a watch party. Ardea. Yeah. The lord. We. I'm looking forward to it had a and I. Dove deeper into a no pun intended earlier this morning doing some research to find out that he's not going to be side by side with the white. Betemit takes a lot of excitement out of it because look I like Michael Phelps. I don't really wanna see people get injured. But on the flip side of that I wouldn't be that upset upon my TV I saw the great white shark Michael felt because they tried this ludicrous thing. It seems like these days there's more exhibition sporting events than there's ever been for example. We've got to MBA but we've got called basketball. And ice if you decide to start out. The Big Three. No we don't talk about who. LeBron vs Jordan or Kobe one on war who would win three on three and that we actually get to see but all really is an exhibition. About Carner Macgregor. UFC fighter. Dig a boxing remembers the best pound for pound fighter of his lifetime Floyd Mayweather all that is is is an exhibition. So I'm just excited to watch those as I am tonight. Watch Michael Phelps raced the great white shark what's next. Over the weekend. Ice cube. During the seventh inning stretch at Wrigley Field. I. Have to pull this out if it Arkansas you can rate is performed yeah because I've been to. Wrigley Field a handful of times. But Broadway and Bruce Weber was the head coach at Illinois and took him to a national championship of course you do with bill sells players. I was at a game their like Bruce Weber since the seventh inning stretch. Beirut here put. Is there any footage you'd what you're seeing the seventh inning stretch with a voice that they have less. And Bruce Weber we were you sound like. Okay. Yeah but that was worse than about just yelling. That was worth the grew slower but not worse than Ozzy Osborne anybody remember that. It is. Parade in the did know any of the words what's next. And the Golden State Warriors may have been of their new arena and won in nineteen. Fans ought to pay 151000 dollars for the right to buy season tickets. ID think this would go over it aero not well. Every time there really is important people bitch and moan and complain about it and they have a right to how much is at the marketer of these days. Sixty dollars. Etc. I'm sixty books the poor at utterly at a time as everyone should be you don't have much mountain army yet. Yes it's cheaper but it still I think forty votes or 45 books but I mean just pass at a time that plane and go to any. So Golden State is implementing a DSL which stands for personal seat license which basically means it. You have to spot you have to pay to have the right four years. So 151000 dollars to become a C a Golden State orders season ticket holder is not accurate it's 151000 dollars for the right. Tab to see now the only good thing about that when it comes to the purchaser of the actual app the team is that. Once you spend that 151000 dollars and a lot of medical teams do that so I wouldn't be surprised if you used on the line the chiefs and of doing this but does become Dorsey that essentially you can do with whatever you want with it so. You can pass out tickets to family or to a friend Purcell and whoever you want. For more money so. If any thing. I think people in Kansas City would be pissed off they had to pay any more money let's just face it the NFL product in 2007 team. For the money calls for a much happier as for how long the bathroom lines or your ticket for us to go in the parking lots talks. Watching under sixty inch flat screen just better. OJ Simpson on his parole hearing earlier this week and while being released from prison in early October. Part of the odds that he winds up back in jail are certain athletes we can stop using their last night and the people vertical. It is called cult guy you just you. Or just OJ I don't think there's no other had ever met another project part of another OJ. Now but I am not damning people mean used. To Asia. I doubt that he ends up in the slammer than sixty years old. Something tells me that this guy just going to go away on the private island and so upon my ties and no more double murders in the corporate in the hotel rooms and ending up on the through the third for your prison sentence but to be fair statement you would ask you this question. After it got off the double murder conviction and I was sent off this there's no way we ever hear from this guy did and that we did. My question is for the whole deposition from a couple of days ago health takes though. It was what 34 hours and they finally said okay OJ you can walk reminds me of the NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns on the clock for six months minutes finally the night of the draft. But aren't the draft is began the Cleveland Browns are on the clock what the hell are they waiting for these people already have their decision. Although it didn't seem like OJ showed. A whole lot of remorse but I'm not the best reading about it. It's not fancy football drafts will be seeking out all over the country in about a month. But is our generator. On your radar. And how idea do you think Tyreke hill and Travis Kelsey will go horse who's on my reader I guess David call. That would be hit. But it was a moderate all. Terrelle Pryor the Redskins I think he's gonna go off this year. If you don't draft a quarterback hide and you let it slide which I was there is good deer and famous address Janus Winston with the books. Is poised at the huge year and if you're running back sleeper about the lions Amir had to as far as Travis kills you Tyreke he'll I think tells. Here in Kansas City sort of beautiful tied an awful people all I think nationally he'll still be Rob Gronkowski people imagine he's going to be healthy go back after 1516 touchdowns and a thousand close doors. Around Kansas City I think tells he's going to be the first tied and off almost ever Borden Tyreke hill. I its retiree you know especially after Jeremy Maclin was thought. Going as high as the third round pick with people realizing that you don't really have any other offensive weapons except for perhaps kills. I am tired and I buyer upload them and you know but diary. How many guys Stephen. After their rookie season and it happens sometimes you sophomore slump. Paul what happens more often than not it doesn't happen more often than a guy that's better season than his rookie year so it's it's ridiculous just a little bit better season in his rookie season which I expect because he's going to get more towards. You're talking about eighty receptions a thousand yards and touchdowns last season. Even with the impact bat he look at his numbers as a wide receiver still didn't really do that much a lot of these numbers and thing was putting up. We're complementary to the return game I think it does with his huge Russell. Are you surprised that carrier being asked for a trade from the aptly. It seems like everybody's surprised why wouldn't you be put to the best player in the world as player or generation blah blah blah and that's all true but you know Parker adds. A lot of money. Ed and NBA title. Kevin Durant switch teams because he had a lot of money but did not have an NBA title abrupt switch teams went to Miami because he had a lot of money but did not have an NBA title. In the case of carrier urban. Oh you're the top ten players only the number one pick in the draft ample years ago and nobody talks about you when it comes the cavs. Because they all talk about LeBron James so. You want to shine it doesn't surprise me on I hope it ends up with the Minnesota Timberwolves and fifty dollars. I'm not sure that he did go Golden State over on but could you imagine a foursome with Jimmy Butler orally or in towns and drew Wiggins. And carried her him. 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Just a few minutes Steve and I'll play a quick game of British Open goal for or a bolt still installed any thoughts you have the Omnia 13576. 7610. Duty tickets text line. Is 69306. We also UA Sunday morning shuffled coming up about an hour from now a couple of thoughts. On the good tickets text line at 6930675. If I really goes to Minnesota I'll become a die hard walls and they'll just be. Oval on team to watch I mean any team that has Cole Aldridge and Brandon Rush. Our am play any team that has carried Irving Arlington towns and Andrew Wiggins mean that is and Jimmy Butler an absolute juggernaut I. Asked if there any other coaches besides OJ Simpson. From 816 the running back for the Kansas City phantoms indoor arena team is named OJ Simpson. So that doesn't answer my question he's still OJ Simpson sitting at five in points out OJ may. Mickelson. OJ Mayo by the way it might have. The second best nickname and all sports. The grocery list. To OJ Mayo you order in middle. I mean the best is former Kansas City Chiefs player Sean Smit. But the defensive back but Padilla on the defensive tackle that was better known for. You'll grab and twist Veronica. He was known as the nutcracker. AK AD gentle giant. Let's talk some cheese defense right now talk about Tom Baja Lee who was sort of eighties. Not happy right now and he's not because he's not getting the playing time that he feels that he deserves. He sent out a series of tweets yesterday in. You brought this to my attention. When you first saw Steven Pitt Tom Ali was the war and who was pissed off and tweeting about it how big of a surprise was that you knowing that. There's a lot of guys in the NFL there's a lot of guys the chiefs' locker room that are getting the playing time there upset about whatever. But the key bridge in house how surprised that probably just. I don't find it that's surprising at all I mean he's a better in his brown one organization his entire career he has a right. To be upset if he's not happy with the direction that the team as he has the right the question is easier. Here's some of the tweets that Tom sent out throughout an hour and a half period yesterday after. There's the first. Watching both Steelers games from the sidelines of blowing fifteen and seven snaps in the last game. I'm still lost money in the DC anymore but just break these down to week by week. As far as Steelers game we all remember the chiefs couldn't score they couldn't stop league on bell. Sort of pump Ali is in that game and plays more than seven snaps. With the chiefs win is I think the answer is definitely know just not that big an impact player. I don't know if that changes the impact that game very much but he obviously felt that he was healthy enough to contribute so I mean he has a right. He's making a lot of money he's had a successful career and he didn't. He didn't say these things if he wants in her brain may have may maybe that means he winds up getting released or something like that he's going to get picked up by. And break it we've seen guys that get released weather because they do this intentionally because they ticket they've still got. Enough years and tread on the tires to be good in the NFL they talk their way out of town case in point switching sports here to keep it local Zack Greinke. Separate he was pissed off and it was a different example because he felt accused coming into his prime and the team wasn't going to win for a handful of years so we asked to be traded and essentially the royals obliged. In the case of combo I don't think that that's what he's due I'm trying to read between the tea leaves here will take some phone calls on this in our next statement or you can text in the gallery tickets text line. 69306. But to me. We talk about Tom while the big a veteran. We talk about Tom Ollie being an impact player we talked about it being one of the vocal leaders on this team final those things were. At a four asking does he have the right to express his feelings. If a players pissed off the players upset if a player fuels like he's not getting enough playing time Posey at the right to express. My answer is yes here's how I think he should do. You knock on the door Rudy route orders dial on the head coach Ernie and he asked him a coach. While monopoly. Welcome the first time vs Steelers when we lost and we played fifteen snaps. Outcome in the playoff game when we lost I only played seven snaps I'm a veteran I've been here for a long time I think I spoke production at a point he's going to get one of the few answers. If you don't have eighty leads today. It held at a meeting right now. Either in that AD reads say yeah you're eventually you've got all this stopped by ball at somebody in that particular game or for that particular series of plays. Would be better or he's going to say I hear what you're saying tumble I respect you and your thoughts. If you still think that you tread on your tires to go play somewhere else. We can send you some. Adult would that's going to happen because I don't think that's what Tom how the wants to here's what he said in his next week. I'm a team player for anything for the team. Yeah I'm not done knocking quarterbacks heads off book seven plays woke up so clearly this guy thinks that he's still good and companies around since 2006. And played a lot of games. Thomas only missed I think what ten or twelve games and frankly he's one of all time best sack artist in history of Kansas City. 44. Ole. With 89 and a half sex. This was a paper or Tom woods and out who basically kissed off text yesterday and the timing of it as kind of cured. I scratch my head like what exactly is going on right now for him to bring up the Pittsburgh. We've all instances in our life and all times it happens at war where we semi. We're something pisses us off. And we think about it we don't act on it may do we take notes and say what we would do that we talked or significant other but we don't actually do something. We just let it simmer and it makes us more moral set and then eventually we just kind of explode. I feel like that's kind of what happened tomahawk. Where he didn't explode right in front of Indy Reid's face or. Publicly NC spur of the teams are the city I'm good novel was a world's record of one Pittsburgh game had a bit on the field. It wasn't like. He chose to go to Twitter this is my favorite tweet after two pissed off tweets says no I'm not high or drunk. I just wanna play more football. 76 sevens 76 amateur thoughts go to tickets text are 69306. Throughout his tweets yesterday's third out. He was almost going through the stages of emotion wears first week is talking about that Steelers game. Now we only played seven snaps and he literally asked the question. In my needed in Casey anymore the next ones like hey. I know I'm mad men I said some stuff I've still got anything for the team I'm not done much quarterbacks heads up a seven plays or not. In the third ones like no I'm not high order. I just want to play more football. I'm not gonna like my answer because what it is. Is that you're no longer. That important of piece on the Kansas City Chiefs. And I think the chiefs are going to win the division again I think that she's gonna win a playoff game the chiefs are going to. Unseat New England got their win the Super Bowl it's sure as hell not going to be because of their Altman's. Note that number one wide receiver I guess they're number one is Travis Kelsey. Stephen and I disagree a little bit on the production of our regional peace on the fears and they quote unquote number one wide receiver but it could run double produced. Who's gonna throw the ball on the field for this team what I'm asking is how can city chiefs and 4017 going to put points on the port. I don't think they're going to put on two points up which means. They must have an. It's a it's a brutal truth that fans are going to have to come to realize that this team is not. Building for the press. I've been saying this for a while this team isn't. Actively trying to win a Super Bowl next season is now all about Patrick my homes. And building around him in building for the future and Tom does not really a part of that future. I love Tom he's one of my favorite chiefs of all time. But that's not what Andy Reid is trying to accomplish anymore he's not he's not trying to cater to the better. TJ. Tomahawk lead these guys end up in the ring of on and they certainly deserved. But on the field when it comes to production when it comes to sacks when it comes to winning and losing games and the port tells me but the offense not being battered wood. Mill road just look at the talent. The defense better beat top. The defense better nearer the Denver Broncos from a couple of seasons ago when their offense wasn't anything to write home about but still won the super. They're going to be that elite is Justin Houston going to come back and be our version of on Miller. Is Marcus Peter's going to be as good as yours or is he wasn't your one and two. I tend to think the answer is a real solid. May. They aired there's going to be spectacular as he was a year ago but has forced on the goes he just realized that in the NFL. Turnover happens quickly. Look at the chiefs' offense. Three years ago Alex but with the guy next your order Patrick Marlins three years ago Jamaal Charles with the guy next year running the ball I don't know who the hell's going to be. Look at the defense three years ago was all about Derrick Johnson was all about Tom Ali now. Talk about Chris Jones and Marcus Peter's they're there there's a youth movement I think that's the way to go. We'll continue talking Tom Ali you're thoughts I'll be up 913576. 7610. B a from the duty to its text line at 69306. Survey in the sports machine in all the show sixty and Sports Radio. This show would run the show. You can leave. From the MVP electric heating and cooling studio six million Sports Radio. I need serious wayside weights is having a perfect adoption special. Now through September 3. All adult cat adoptions are only 25 dollars wayside more careful more than 1000 furry felines this summer and we need your help define them forever homes when you adopt your making room in our shelter for more homeless pets in neat so come to wayside by September 3 and adopt an adult cat for only 25 dollars visit wayside waste dot org to meet your next three best friends. This is your captain speaking we're ten minutes from wheels down in Kansas City at that lovely new airport. Whether it's looking good clearance guys say five wins out of the northeast. Imagine Tony seventeen Kansas City made history. A first ever privately built airport in the nation. Passengers please ensure your trade that's pretty spectacular what they accomplished they're in Kansas City. Without touching a nickel of taxpayer money they got themselves a convenient new airport built and financed global yeah. Really special. Eat and sit empty envelope right I mean you're talking about a new airport where that taxpayers are footing the bill and we're here to kick in the money in the local economy. Everywhere I fly every pilots talking about that new privately built Jaycee guys and burns and McDonnell. That's the Kansas City company who built a wizard 3000 employee owners are right in Casey. Just tremendous JC. Love this place. This is. 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I'd trade deadline on the horizon the debate is heating up are the royals buyers. We're similar. Okay. We are close contacts inside the club. Alice in the ten year old woman the royals are seeing and our towns and stand sports we. Com. These best. I'm not I'm of the great move it up my guys Steve insert it wouldn't be on the shows extends portrait you know. And 610 sports dot com another hour and change of clothes for the turn over the Mike the job we're here. You know bring this on fresh on their children he had city royals' baseball portals and White Sox their politics on Travis Wood. First pitch set 1115. Right here on 610 Sports Radio don't look now Kansas City baseball fans put it things break right. Royals win a couple teams ahead of them the wild card standings lose all the sudden the royals. Will have one of those wild forwards in any. What does it mean with still sixty games left. Not much your thoughts if on the dirty tickets text line at 69306. Or can dial me up at 913576. 76 then discuss says he listens every day from Indy world's been interest excellent feel compelled to. From the 660. All this talk about a crappy the AL central news. But in reality the royals twins and Indians are in a dog fight to win this division and the role playing super competitively at a high level right now. It's going to be a fun ride until October oh war. Are you watching the same baseball that I am sick sick so well they're Indian I appreciate you listening it means a lot. On the apple on mine but do as if that. What was. The one that you answered with a different Texan won it but there's back. Well either way I disagree with that takes because it's not a competitive. And average them. Even division to Kraft. I think that the royals are the only team that they can somehow sneak in the back door and up in the post season the can actually make any noise. I suppose you could origin Cleveland at Cleveland just does not look like they did a year ago Minnesota to meet has been smoke and mirrors his entire year look at the royals get in the and they win. I didn't think the 4014 rules if they got in could make it all the way to use them. Seventh game of the World Series ninety feet away from time get in the ninth inning but they do it I think there's an argument be made. That is forest the roster goes forced the went up and down. Not only what to do is roster is all about as good but I think the rest of the baseball landscape is not nearly as it does not exactly dominant team out there. Besides the Houston Astros so what. If they can't didian. I think they win your thoughts 9135767610. Good tickets text line. Is 69306. Before we take a break at the top 11 o'clock hour got a cup more thoughts. On Tom holly and to be fair. Just because I think to the text like is pretty good sense of the city it's really really easy to say something anonymously it's one thing to receive some in your face it's another thing for somebody called in to a radio show but just the text you saw this guy's boxer it's over whatever. That's a pretty easy thing to do. It seems like our text line at 69306. Is much more level headed about Tom our lead. Then Tom. I think if we were to make a list. Of important players for the Kansas City Chiefs getting back to the post season in 2017. Tom hotly would be guy and actually did is during the break. I'd have Tom but as I number 1234567. If he's number. 122 guys now plus back to get eleven starters on offense eleven starters on defense I think Tom was about eight or ten. Most important guy this team is going to win the division again. I have him firmly behind Alex Smith Tyreke killed Travis Josie Marcus Peters Eric Berry Justin Houston Spencer way here. Even Chris Tom I think it Tom holy at this point even if he performs. Better than we've seen in the last couple of years it's still long and the two is still probably going to be around for at most a couple of more seasons. And any for tires and ends up in the way in the chiefs ring of war. I do disagree with what you said Steven about the Kansas City Chiefs and where they all right in fact I probably couldn't disagree anymore. If you're with us a couple of minutes ago Stephen said it achieves or trying to win right now. First of all as long as Bill Belichick and Tom Brady or a New England that's best both as quarterback of all time and for some reason Tom Brady is the only athlete. Save Barry Bonds the example of the older he gets the better he gets to those guys are going to so. I'm gonna come on these idiot that argues that the cheese credited as mover did this or because the they're going to be able to unseat new and that's not going to. But I do disagree of where they are right now in terms of ready to win. They want the division last year and I think that their plan namely John Dorsey who. Somehow is no longer the GM of this team Steve and I think his plan was to adjust on the fly. No rebuilding no reloading no reward to an entire roster put on the fly since he was here like about this team's best offensive players they're skill positions. All over in a matter of 34 years or Alex Smith. Was the quarterback we talk about who is going to be the quarterback that's packed homes Jamal was the running back we talk about who is going to be the running back frankly. I'm not sure that on defense it used to be all about Egypt used to be all about Tom Ali. Look at a quick the turnover was through the draft with Chris Jones and Marcus Peters and guys like that so. I do think that the chiefs and the brass are still trying to win now without having to rebuild and have those 23 crappy years. They're not trying to rebuild ARD have a very good roster in place but they have shown that they're clearly not interest in and aging veteran players that's why the only reason they still have DJ and on the this season one they don't have anyone to replace Derrick Johnson. But DJ and tomba. Both have a bunch of dead money that they can't dump so. Why why tell them this guy's this and probably because before so it's. That's the reason what's on the sidewalk last and accuracy. Before it gets a ten sacks this year before it's gonna get an 85 million dollar economy. Easy bloody LTT port at ten sacks in a matter like six weeks before didn't have I don't think a sack the last six weeks and markets Peters had four Nixon in the first five games and Landon have won again progress yeah because people stop throwing at Marcus Peters. Before stopped getting sacked because he's just as usual enthusiasm won't move and a move to the other side when Justin Houston came back our exciting comfortable that ruled out are you disagreeing that Powell was still around because you don't think there's because of the war I think I'm seller because they can't dump him because it's gonna take its gonna be a huge captives are you might as well keep him. Other top is that because clearly don't beat the heat he's around because of his productivity I mean he says himself the only its Evans apps in the playoff. I mean he's still around because deford has been very average but I think that Tom bush is a little bit and I guess I saudis the idea that he's around because Steve Ford has been average I think that's something that you after new passed after what fort accomplish last season because. Even if you only get back in six games you know how hard it is to get ten sacks in a season. Guys Olivier Vernon got an 85 million dollar contract from the New York Giants. He's had. Ten plus axle wants in his career and it was like four years ago you know madness that he would be next you're due for it's that he would you say. 85 million dollar go I don't think he's gonna get it from the chief that they need to give it to him but that's that's that's the market for sacking quarterbacks. If you can get. Eight to twelve sacks this season you get eighty million dollars. There was Thomas final text this game yesterday at 3:47 PM so people curious about holding out or got caught. Notes a boat I want to play more. Clearly Tom was vision of tomba is different and our vision of Joseph and pleasant hills on that I'll take his call the top 11 o'clock hour your thoughts 913576.