07/23 - Chad Henne LIVE from Chiefs Training Camp

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Monday, July 23rd
Backup QB Chad Henne spoke at camp today about Andy Reid's system and how he's helping Patrick Mahomes. 

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Premier and obviously grocery. You know he's developed a lot of quarterbacks so that was eye opening to me and I see you and you guys and yeah I think you yeah. The record back room I've been part of his finger in Japan produces. Pretty much as I would say that's great young quarterback Brett mind but just like to be around guys that like to work and come and work. You know not screw around all tigers their word. Have fun with it but really just study of the game so you're prepared by wells on this here adversity here. Walk how do you view here so so it's. I'm actually a really good I mean today's experience you know things come out here how to get guys gone this is first time ever actually done seven on sevens kind of teamwork. We've only done like individual so it's a lot of fun together. You know the defense out there really did you reach down and how to prepare you a better it's it doesn't yeah. This typically at colleges. Yeah I mean they're young. Talented guys I mean they're very they're both mobile. You know charms. That's I mean. Problems charms I've been around so. You know you can make every throw that's for sure its strongest. Yeah I put it up there I mean I cannot Joseph Flacco so I thought Joseph had a very strong arm I was around right now for a little bit as human here's a freshman. Kind of those big. Big guys that can really it was an honor but. Mean for pets does that mean. I haven't seen anything like so it's a lot of fun to be around but the same time let's take what they did if photos popping that thing you know it's obviously. Threat but you know an exorcism was as well. Unit has a different provinces recently to the challenge comes. In history especially for an incident. I think these this religious thing you know books each night you know on the offseason. This is no really downtime just trying to stay ahead of the game. Answers were groceries switching out each and every week. It's it was a lot of fun at the end but it I'm guessing on top picture you can spit out the language make sure you can go to your reasons familiarize yourself with office. So the in the and similar. Hattiesburg about. What you. There. Selling our guys. And you can. And half ago he sent back and answers in the beginning palette you know poetry you know. The enemy talk kappa all of those guys you let them. Pretty much teach you the system personally you start getting involved and obviously there's experiences that I've gone through that. You can spit out button. A lot of times you let them GU verse until I become you know master of their offense then I certainly you know emphasizes what I kind of like him. What I can help. Is something different. She's. Coming new rumors. I. Yeah I think so I mean you know six or seven offense corners I think job. Just going into it just saying I hope this is similar to this or we get we this trying to help whatever to help the team out. That's kind of what I'm here PO valuation Patterson Jesus systems well. We're. Let's get here. Yeah I mean I stood poetry captain goes up my agent. Experience you know Tony pass and he drafted me that was his first year 2008. And I mean he was so great mentor to me. You know lots around for drafting me we've built a great relationship. Great family Tony structure was with me in Jackson Hole last year so you know it's definitely sad. Not to see him pass but remembers what some men enjoyed my time. Hey thank you thank you.