07/23 - Breeland Speaks

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Monday, July 23rd
Chiefs top draft pick Breeland Speaks finally spoke at Chiefs training camp today! 

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And right now. Right now. I wanted to do. Right goes live there's definitely some of them work you know it's just a season before it TJ those guys. They Diego state and our involvement by the way you're an Irish army different things so. So besides yet. I was pretty good. Definitely. Transition program. I felt like I see. Do you know what goes through time who have regular bounces so yeah. Every mention here when. I guess. Probably my ability to pick of the people. Yeah is didn't do much has this hour bitterly but I definitely trying to hone in line. Playing position so warmly show. They're lovely book. Well what you. Remember please middle linebacker. Screw. Yeah drops on this has season so it's always nice brand new book. The volume of it is it is knew them sometimes I have to drop in. Oh yeah. Abilities. Our partners please yeah responsibility toward definitely don't want to be together gives us they play so. Yeah it's big is big ordeal just wanna make sure. Over my dad make sure I got my vote over quarter as. Ability beat. Euros. Or stuff like that award and is an award it's my days. No he does you emanating wars. Nation they lied about those it is or does of these fair it's. It was very. What excites me the most is. Just this. Going out there and you know I guess to state senator knows. Hmmm isn't being available for those guys didn't sell you know I almost feel these days there's that makes my day is there's virtually no and it. It we'll play two meters just hard drive also. Look good guys. Definitely Curtis just think he's in these forward TJ basically ho else though are very the world hurry. Are those dead star distinction. So it doesn't. Brady definitely very overrated big get. Make sure that he he's taking you under is going to make sure no outdoor. Wearing a it's just we're live or work you know nomination I'm always luck and don't let them make sure that I'm doing my best effort sergeant did a muscle memory. Of course than that way every day is easier and easier before alarm go their way down low. All you guys are you want your team but he's had my big. This is their bodies. I ended may make you for now it is all season. Those early days. Flies to hurry hurry you know road game. Grenades hit every so so there's prepare myself for here is what is. Whenever he. The pros do about. These are on the field are my hero. Yeah. As we didn't do quarterly gasses. Every day it's. System. That's our that's our. He has no word go we believe we're in the sand if I do anything if it never. Just relations are safe campaign option. Yes definitely did that was her. Just get better acclimated to the playbook is so what everybody and definitely loses its. Right things and I thank you think. That's him.