07/23 - 8 am - An Interesting Proposition

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, July 23rd
In the third hour of the show, our new Royals inisder, Jay Binkley joined us. Plus, there is a new possible trade scenario for Whit. 

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Welcome back giving this fast or the morning on a Monday along with Bob Pascal Ryan Murkowski and Josh swindler. This is our normal time we check Hewitt are royals insider. Someone didn't pass in the memo though are you rose insider. Jed big league and realized he could do these on the phone he's with us in studio. Almost twelve hours we'll I had to do a few things in them Jim is still on the road solo nonstop in these guys live Notre Dame. By the studio in reserve better than Phil I've collected a question to answer your damaged Israel as you know. Have to do the right sizing it up after a night game or something like that you know you don't get it today. Well tonight game effort the diesel hit some big big game would be you would be your paradise that's giving it just just so you know you have the camera and in for these interview but they are veterans studio addict well I mean decade you'll static from the get go during this if. Ought to it and it. Yeah amid the net actually disagree couple times this weekend that was once you do your three questions that is sixth in the post reports and I do it would they're bursting burned to providers yes for questions and he gets there and posted them right that's exactly what I did little head. Won the teased me about that in the end Saturday he came in. In actually. Asking questions that are open ended where it can't just give me yes or now assures he's dying entity that I know it's. So please don't ask what that flick them and ask about Keller. There urgent this they said will you said before the game you go out there at seventy pitches CJ Jonas that's exactly what did that did at 73 pitches. The check on June as they said he talked you into staying. On the mound he kept he meant it it goes. Yes but he looked over at me and smiled like he does he's gonna commit a matter what I asked to give me one word about. His little game tumbling muscle ga did that is so. But that's good though I mean I I think I always said it if I'm messing with you that's a sign that I like this if I don't mess with view of IDs you give your standard answer it means I've really want nothing to do with these so it's good that your obviously on the good side and he likes that kind of stuff it's good to have that kind of fun to replace -- with them every Wednesday delegates have a fun time with a minute. And that's you gotta do I mean look the team's not gonna make the playoffs this year and feel confident saying Matt right what that but yeah October on the good doom. Probably it's probably not meaning the next couple years you will but. I mean they are on line up in jail on and on that date they are three you know six you have taken over his royals insider I mean soul I don't know that was bird that was just in these guys or whatever but. They are undefeated since you've taken over steer well. The weird thing about it is they have fourteen home win I've seen three. Demon Major League Baseball under fifteen when articles have sixteen wins at home. So yes it is very bizarre that they keep winning but it didn't want to jinx it right before the game burden usually ask those questions. I have not been I've been asked two and three and four. And I told bids on this. Thereby stared at me like your air the media are summaries that we for Greenberg and they wait for me like escalate questions is there to me it's August it ought to do when I. Any incentives being in that still believe it or not there so. Great relationship I have with scoop disappointment that the government's team for thirty years. So I didn't wanna jinx admits adultery about jinx is they told me last night he's warning goes undefeated huge players like this then goes it goes well. If we lose it's not his full. So that Ned here Bob Huggins insists. He does but he says he does yet. Always as a has been one of those guys it doesn't kind of believe in the jinx which is so different. From baseball in general because all these cats got years that superstitions. They do weird things baseball players I think. Are the weirdest of the four professional sports on with this the way that they handle things. Football players don't have time for that hockey players beat each other up NBA players just do whatever they wanted to. Baseball players have a lot of dead time a lot of games and a lot of ability to think about what worked last night and blood and I do with my batting gloves and make sure everything's the same. The try to habits McCain same kind of success. Look at the royals do you'll see sometimes see the patriots pulled up. Receive socks and sometimes applaud all the way down beaches you can tell there slumping they were there socks different and other were the uniform you see the royals brutal TARP. Couple years ago Whitner feel that it street. In I'd asked if you in the month drop as the drug abuse the wounded who live interviews that their shirt and pieces that had an elected to superstitious. In that he's doing a better view it he said I don't know I'm not superstitious and I can look getting. Liked it just told me he wasn't CE you know he was superstitious he said he wasn't. But he comes over after that interview he saw me years and says all right I'll go do how did any proceeded to lose his X there is a big street that guy. So it it Beijing receivers need to be superstitious about not being superstitious yeah right or. Or being superstitious right or aura comes and sort of notice and they need the same things are ready to keep this report noted nights and everything's a sign of things a little sort of an idea of a cheese cheese sauce. Not Joe's first. And hot dogs. In a pretzel you do what you gotta do that order. What's been the difference if I'm one of these games you know what's funny is since 2013. Only the Cleveland Indians have a better record in the royals after meals or did you take the Ulster robbery gone since 2013. Five years. Cleveland Indians in the Kansas City Royals the only two teams who were two wins since after 2013. Dead basically just explained it is. Given the guys let ingredients of the bye week you know just let him get out of here little circular head and that's what he one of the world's new and I'm sure a lot of guys do that Major League Baseball opened with the royals do. Is anything. More usual than other teams do but Ned Ned just get a different approach from and is managing style. It's been all over the place in the good way. And it had to learn to manage to rebuild it had to learn to management team that was good the best team. In Major League Baseball now he's dealing with the team with young kids coming up once again like he did before. It to be honest with you I think is simple and that he's not that you'd think this season we have that down thinking Joey seemed Keller. I think enjoy seeing what June is the the other night that's what makes you happy happy when Mondesi. Does something which he should be back Sunnis on this namely. Emergency leave nothing wrong with them I don't know the details that'll go into details on that just. In an emergency your dog he should be back this week important that the royals traded for yesterday. The October from the nationals he should be honored that you can be put on the 25 man roster as an editing options look so he's got to play here essentially that's Abraham moment they knew in Britain. I what's interesting habit you mentioned that having fun and I think. I think if he didn't win a world championship on the back to back World Series he's got street cred he can get kind of come and go do what he wants. That accident this past offseason I think everything's gonna put it in perspective as a game and I managed these kids why why not have fun. Doing this list probably going to be you know my last eighteen months doing this is that may be one more year after this year finishes up or whatnot so. Your you're looking at a potentially you know this season the next season why not enjoy it make the most out of it instead of join what's going it's baseball now. That gets it that's what makes him a good manager you'd think he hoard gasoline Ned Yost old school guy. Usually that he's not now comes to relate to the players let them play their music clip them beat. Who they are you might see Ned Yost is that it's stocks disciplinarian and always yelled at burned but he likes Bernard is Mitt as a way to just play with few. And he literally is seventh on this year he's not taken the job too seriously in this. Does wolf some players that'll fill this pressure to perform every not to score and do it here I asked that yesterday with the approach of baseball is. Because in football. I've known football coaches that'll tell me when I go back to watch game film and take over job they don't care to watch film when Europe went. They wanna look and see who plays hard when you're down thirty meeting who's gonna play the best. When we're down in this what the worlds are who's going to give me that effort now the work forty games under 53938. Games that are 500 who's going to be that player. It's still dives at first base rounds third like tributary yesterday. It doesn't care what the record is doesn't care that your last place doesn't cure yet the second worst record means league baseball. In QB that effort that's what let's look at where it's all he wants is effort could you have out and QB Terry yesterday. No but idol status when he rounded second. He started running out of broadcaster Ned Yost describe it is running underwater admits that I thought he had when he ran second. In and researcher and third I wasn't sure anymore. Yes that's that's what he said that he was running out of steam the B terror. Gets the inside the Parker the first royals inside the pork from actor in 27 years blew it up for Brooke well they said Brittany and I'm like I don't remember Maine doing that nearly two that he did twice went back to the ninety's when he was first up what the Wales when he was a young kid that's what he did it. You know there had been captured to a Major League Baseball since 2015. I TT real mean to from a moral and so this has not been done in three years in Major League Baseball. Edge of the three you know start guys I think. I mean you know it's it's it's just three games as a small window but I also just like that they did respond and the challenge was. Go home take a brass. Relax. Soccer for the back all those things are gonna put so much pressure self just take a breath relax and bottom and perform and and they did. And not to say they're gonna real off you know 89 games in a row whatever right now but I like to see just a little bit of response from your manager kind of a challenge as well. Go do this then come back. And let's see a little bit of little bit of fight a bit of fire even as short window in one series like the fact that it seems like they responded to their manager. An hour at the plea for jobs. An airplane to keep that was just a Major League Baseball they're playing to stay on a roster or understating to. Increasing move up in the rotation like in June this. Like it Keller both of responded to bet performances Julius has not been good or usually do the other value to the wheels go four innings Keller. It come back their appeal we go on for two thirds in two and two thirds in his last two starts but he responds yesterday with a career high strikeout game what date he commanded and he threw strikes. Didn't have a lot of strikeouts this year to be innings he's pitched. Put that was a good sign to me that's the season's about about June as its book killer. It's about Muncie it's about slayer whenever he comes back where every comes back eligible the end of this month the dudes walker on crutches in the casket. In the club not cast for the big walking boot. Wow yeah that's the case you walking down I don't watch good exciting locking them he could be could be just about a little inning the idea being there royals insider brought you by Dunkin' Donuts before we let you get out of here Jay what was the point of that trade yesterday what what would black the worst hit a guy was. We decent in in single a from a pitching standpoint to get a fifth outfielder what's the back story. The royals like heaven an accumulation of outfielders nugget from Paulo Orlando by the way but yet the good what does it got to play left field center field right field so again. It's one of these moves were met contends when a guy either play either spot in the outfield Schobel pop last year with the nationals had thirteen home runs. In this year just is it decent player just didn't fit into the nationals are born five man rotation in the outfield he was not part of their future. It able pitcher in Lexington so. I don't know the direction and wanna go big they drafted so many college pitchers and you're really true. It is not a worry for the Kansas City Royals because you look at the ball and love lady you know mall here in stop mark when they get to keep city than big exporters. Like co war. In pretty senior corps by the ways are pitched twice in Lexington he was the college pitcher Al purportedly drafted second. So they just one little outfield all the good ones a young guy 2727. Years old or first round pick round pick in 2011 so. Aegis that means that spot that chance. Don't forget with mere field played Major League Baseball. About the same age. Is boring good when it took widow while. Maybe they see something in good one that he can develop between seven years old don't forget which turns 3030 this year that's a little that's the crazy but he was late bloomer. In the hope good when is too. Our new royals insider Jay Brinkley next week you don't have to be in studio and well we'll see we'll see you know Ned Yost left a message on your performance in the JJ here tonight he had to much of the seat at six. Leading up to about two royals and tigers as the homestand continues here on 610 Sports Radio. Your chance weds vocals barbecue as part you. A risk it for the brisket next. I'm not superstitious but. I am I am a little suspicious that's in the morning powered by the community spinners and Sports Radio. Bruce did they got arrested to get the brisket hamburgers. Gay bar BQB's room here. Yeah yeah. And it won't improve mood improves. This really help park's numerous get for the brisket. You'd be listening on. Friday's at age fifteen and one of us who give a prediction. Then on out Mondays at 815 and if you know who gave the prediction. What liberation was and whether they got a right or wrong you can win a great impact from smoke house barbecue. I had some of that cajun butter last night my marinades for my chicken breast it's and this day and coming up this Saturday at smoke as barbecued you know whiskey and the barbecue Herring that is this up but the eyes and so yes whiskey and book. Use so. At a manageable as BB feud that this week a fifty dollar gift card as well because barbecue and a righty for a pack of barbecue season opener tonight. Like that. So. Today's contested is going to be dining Casey mode they need tell us who made the prediction and went and they got it right or wrong. So often said that they would throw a no hitter on Friday and she did not but he did get away car. And so did you dime you gradually. I can predict. Tonight Danny Duffy throws. Most of Stein when he pitched well a whole race if he pitched fantastic it was rather familiar was he not rain on Friday night out playing it and he. Select at one hint. But again one hand he was it. Your Toro. I don't. Was wrong I didn't say I was right on say Arlen Xavier did any was good just does my heart good to hear you say I was wrong I say that a lot of married. Reports. 115 hits. More than I can argue about five hits one run five hits in seven innings yet to edit you really elegant but. Donna Casey those paying attention so he wins himself. A fifty dollar gift card to smoke us barbecue and a variety four pack a barbecue seasonings as well do it again on Friday if using at 815 on Friday. This week's respect for the brisket brought you by smoke house barbecue. Not a fan what happened in now Milwaukee home. And is Milwaukee fans. I got a Pulitzer the win the central not anymore yeah I and I I don't know I don't know what you're doing Josh hater. The the all star right and who would tell you are big get at the all star game. It was revealed in a bunch of tweets. Dating back a few years seven years ago right. Racist. Sexist. Anti gay. The whole mind he's ever everybody here this story and all star game last week when he made his first appearance. Of the season in the second half for Milwaukee and this was a response. A standing ovation. And the camera shots were very bad because it was like a bunch of white dudes giving a racist pitcher a standing ovation like the optics were not good did you guys catch that as well and I'm watching the video of that that was online everywhere and it's like all these white dude standing up giving this guy he's standing ovation. I'm Mike may you bet that that just doesn't. That doesn't sit well with me I mean. To me you can you can support him my dad calls like that and awaited summer like like for forgiveness and an aside forgiveness right. I think there's there's play realists and we he made a mistake he should forgive him I supported that way. I look at the forgiveness aspect to me he's standing ovation silt than Warren a standing ovation as a sign of support right. And it's really really sad. Timmy came across. Less as forgiveness more of except it's all yeah which to me was really really scared because like how bad the optics warrior you're accepting of this. Is standing ovation. Lately I think when he comes into the game go ha it is okay whatever is a guy like like any normal pitching change rightly the pitching change happens in baseball. Unless it's like the closer in the World Series people don't GE that excited when a pitching changes be made. And here's a guy that had just some really just bad tweets like five years ago. Aim the entire crowd of white dudes stands up and gives him innovators and their panning the crowd on public. The optics of this are very very very bad. And I don't know what he said there was teammates or anything like that but it if you are fan. I understand you wanna forgive and give the guy a second chance and I only get that's America's based on its nobody give a standing that you don't medium is standing ovation you if you want Alec forgive and forget and whatever. With him yet I don't but I I don't and our views if you choose to do that as a as a as a fan night. Standing ovation missed just don't anyway anyway she's over hater on getting the ovation coming. Love. You know having Milwaukee Milwaukee support and Kansas knowing that then how much your character and you know just forgive me for not pass because you know that's it's not was. It's not mine today. Or with the sound sterling brown is husband banner month for from a while I am I mean am I I I hope it's. Party or pan that's interesting prior character that's interesting Ryan that you bring that sterling brown situation because now you've had to. Really big. Incidents up there in Milwaukee was obviously sterling grounded the member of the Milwaukee Bucks it was pays by the police officer for no reason the police officer gold is that social media. Claiming that he held JR Smith was gonna park wrong at the Walgreens parking lot how we got the run into sterling brown worked lately is bad social media post by that officer. And then you have you know a very white crowd up there in Milwaukee. Giving this guy who had these horrible and not just racist and sexist homophobic tweets like he hit the trifecta there now with who we offended giving him a standing ovation like that's not a good look for the city. And then I do kind decide that this text from ever escrow famous Philly text line. Saying maybe you know people didn't know. What the standing ovation or maybe didn't know what he did. That. I was the game just yesterday and they did Micah salute to service they write and in the middle of it like I was taking care of our our seven month old and I'm not really paying attention to what's going on between the innings and all the sudden everybody standing up and clapping. I had no idea what was going on but I didn't. Now it's like OK asterisk edit. Like I don't following that's not going to I'm not going to say that every single one of the more but I think there could. There you know I'm not by accident or warrant that I'll respond I am OK maybe one person wasn't paying attention but it entire crowd. For asked Josh if where is very well no no mood though. It's their arms extended an amazing night that. They were into it they I was away the wage Dwyane Wade he's more honest medically please yes or aesthetically un pleasing I should say it was very bad. Ryan thinks he's caught in the L line now I don't think I know that to kick off our commercial free half hour next. Still in the morning powered by the GA the. So ice. To seventy or 881. Slice ask. Well I CE. Sliced to seven to 81. You could be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national contest passenger data rates may apply it feel like sports and money six and sports radio's the only place to be your chance. And the 121000 box every week day. Listen on the thirty's your next chance to win at 930. All the rules at six and sports dot com sliced to 72881. Now. While the MacKey and it is Tesco in the morning on a Monday along with Bob Pascal ran Murkowski I'm Josh cling Wheeler and Ryan has been. Salivating sense. Brothers and l.'s Thursday shape as this is Thursday as of Thursday discussed at a late Thursday. Much like meat sweats or is you know his need for. Beer right. He has been on this on for awhile because he believes. Nate knows. But if you read hell lot actually majored discusses danger so such a curvature shattering. Really really earth Saturday this is different your only giving this information right here at 830. Anywhere in America right I hope you're seated when you hear this is unbelievable last year we might recall Tyreke hill had himself a bit of a terrible looking play when he had to. He had like an option play it right we rolled the laughter many through this terrible looking past and it was intercepted and we all laughed about tiger killer how bad are in the book and play analyst Chelsea's really bad past cruel. So I'm sitting at home when I'm watching that happen now I happen to know the ending was out at the stadium. When I saw what happened I thought to myself I. Goodness that was a terrible looking broke. I don't even know if I read it was left handed it you say sell. Items that don't. See the left hand and so I text bidding and I said ending will you do me a favor and ask Andy Reid. Is Tyreke elect him because it didn't look like it up that broke here was the exchange. Now we just throw. Right. Three of us. Audiences like is that. Did it look like he's right. Yeah. So I felt better immediately like eyes and she named him he did he shouldn't again I can set for ending up with a bad question asking you read. Exit question is did look like it does not look like so we all walk away from that cut. AD reads that he's left hand correct correct correct brawl at rock got an idea is rise holes this. They are widely column like it was yesterday because that was your question yes yes so it's really the answer but here's the answer based on that yes that's saying. I ridiculous last panic as. EB idiots and have a guy throw their opposite Eric Wood. Just when he told. Yeah it's a dumb question so I established after that retail left and let Ankiel was left or other ones in another were all on the same page Tyreke Gil has a new YouTube seers out. Very riveting stuff his at this second episode came out Friday and there's actually not important. I'm an episode though we asked or answered a bunch of questions that were asked by people on Twitter. One of the questions was will you be working on your QB are this year joke about how terrible play right. In his response. I retails at best. Do you really don't know right handed so the lady Carla definitely you know right hand especially in the hole. I'm not happy you know. Air. I got invited people notice including in theory right and I'm right handed hang on so I I think using the term line here is a little bit of an over stressed our economy may be indeed dated now oh is bonds never overstressed about it as any wickets which you just keep it and keep it. And you speak. Is. What we need to look at year big picture is. The bigger picture for me obviously is if he didn't know what he had to I feel rule that's a big year that. Indictment. That are wanted in that that's. To me is a bigger indictment and and even lautner he was not aware which hand in you. Yet. So that people don't know including and including right hand is I'm right handed so that impact that he did know I mean. If you're spending I don't know 1819. Hours today at the facility looking at his stuff. You should probably have a little bit more detailed and weathered that your guys left him write it before you ask in the news new and notable even more that I mentioned the rule that there would be any W right handed you know go to the right hand if you were in this play in practice which presumably you would you wouldn't practicing play like this I would hope you would have right either. Oh. Problem is oblivious or. Maybe he looked pretty good doing in practice left handed I don't know he convinced that left they you'd you'd have to run it well enough to say. Pretty confident is that. It is I mean an 888. Helen Wright. And still is on the practice athletes can do things we can't in L and so. If he's the Roland it and it looks a little he's not a quarterback is that's is the way he's gonna throw for each case these. And you're right. Oh my week and what's you know. You know you feel you. You've been on this one for the last four day it was the. There was little redemption for me and trading trading out laughed at he was. He was the messenger and fortunately I was just via puppet master behind the question rabbit injury blocked and rocked him yeah. What does Andy Reid did what he says now you're ready restraints that tricky would you scared now I would move down my life but the fact that he -- and I think that now that he's still a question what he's still what are you doing why would you why would you be tricky with. Having a play of the game. You can really asking that question a situation now what you an ass of you. We'd we'd all know that next day I'm saying that you really asked mixes football coaches are nuts they get telling me and what are you doing. If you're gonna run that play run it is to his good pretzel at least that's what he's saying but but the football coaches we Mets to their tried out we think everybody I hit him enough of these enough these goofy any replays say and I'll Sanaa who he's dead right and he's right on the opposite dudes. And I wasn't right there are so is against Denver so what you read this thing and they know he's gonna roll out to the right so let's do it it'll left that we we catch it because Camille oh you don't have our growth is non dominant ads because football coaches have way too much time to write us how body and what are great idea if I'm telling you there there's a great there's a couple of things here number one trying to out think the competition. Number two Andy had no light idol in his wealth or number three just made a mistake Caldwell. I'm missing and he did now and thought as a sand. If you ask yeah like when you're practicing the play. Our own to do there was a roll outs left and then try to completed back in them. You can do that I. No I'm right here OK that will foot I would just think you if you're running it last that first time in your right hand used at a throw right here. It's are you cross your body that Democrats are bodies ago. Alice and it deals no details at this place and maybe how to get the checks and balances here Ayers now here's what happened. Tyreke he'll walk by. The quarterback one time. And her knee saying to my home stop throwing across your body and so he just assumed that meant for everybody is walking through the eyes so he does and he yelled at by anybody so he was gonna throw across his body. So he just decided to throw in his left and right about massive can of worms so many different areas what are dove mountain Americans mortal but I what's. Was it donor. Ward reed that yes you mark. So they get from the rooftop right. Injuries don't please use your folks. They're from or how we rebuild the trust between India read myself really well I think if you guys share steak dinner you'll be okay. Terms and some soup he'd meet would you be. Buried hatchet. Will burn patch and hey coach sue Mimi a mistake and I'll leave it and it will be good. UB. Motivation is a good thing in sports in word comes from sometimes doesn't really matter sometimes though it comes from very strange places we find this from the world baseball. David Ortiz. Speaking with bar stool sports. He had motivation from. Let's just say as wife. To hit triples. We needed to minors younger they're really not that are now is always on watch games on about my wife maybe offer. Behind you yes. What I competent people wanted you to. Ought to remember that followed they got running. I know a lot of the. I do that in my life when our what was there also I don't know if their reasons I and say he had if I edit your bully it is. Issues that guests at intervals are two v.'s meet or rehash how it was hoping that I alliance said she would soon be emea stake if I've hit a triple don't think that was the case you don't think it was the what do you think you'll I don't know. Oh. Anybody motivation. As a good thing I guess you have. Or stand accused in the triples like that I needed motivation to do night. He was a great hitters of that generation right. If he really need his wife to say you need did it triples so I'm gonna motivate you to triples they need to go back and look though and see if he ever stopped at third he'd been ready to. And that's our. Problem is even more and more incentive in order to to do so not everybody has a deal's a review terra. That written. And there's bad rated well I didn't know you guys are talking that was going on a looking ahead. Obviously doing that coming up or any way a pair of tickets for rivalry renewed present buy sheet metal workers local union number two Saturday July 28 its oversight I center arena in independence. And older we tickets coming up just a few minutes for that. The the birds. In addition do that giving standing ovation for. For Josh here it is the were. In they thought on the Manny Machado deal. Then they found that out for them the price tag was too high minimum genocide stemming donations are just haters IING. Well I'll go to Los Angeles. And let's say and the Dodgers presented a much better trade scenario but the Burres hosting it could be making some deals priced too high for Manny Machado. And now. Some people Milwaukee pointing towards the possibility of what mayor field and being. A candidate to head to the brewers faced only the second baseman. And they could be putting together a package. Which. May be according to maybe some could be better than the manner in which. I don't packet in my more for what their field in the that they were willing to offer from any which I don't think about it on the surface coal. That's just the dumb move by the borrowers but. Many of China gave you half a season and in May be the post season. What Murphy I think of the last I checked as what seventeen more years of team controller something like that week and you know he can play at least 47 before he becomes a free agent. So you would think a guy with a lot of teen control in a very low salary would command more back and return. Then a guy with a expiring contract will probably leave. As a free agent after the season and the Milwaukee Brewers again kind of a desperate team right now. What an airfield would be a nice piece on their on their roster and in their organization and I I struggle with this one Josh I feel like. Flip flop all the time with this Whitner feel thing because on one hand I can say oh that's a good move I'd like Petri Italy and trade with their field but. You have to think about it when. George is talking about it at that at the wheel of a ball term insane you know three years from now we expect we back. All three years what their fields and be 34 years old and and how good is what error field going to be at 34 years old. Played second base would you rather deal him now when he still fairly young and be able to get a couple guys back in return can really be the future I mean. What they feel I said before could be our version of Zack Greinke that we saw a couple of years ago our almost a decade ago now so. I think with this Whitner feel situation. You can't close the book and say we're not trading Whitner feel. You keep that door open and have to keep the the ability to have conversations with teams out there because the Milwaukee Brewers in the next you know ten days nine days eight days whatever it is to the trade deadline. Helping me get desperate they may decide this whirlwind they're number one prospect who's a second baseman right now in their system. That everybody is raving about and and so it if they're willing to throw at their top prospect in their system. That is a second baseman for your current second baseman. Well that second baseman for the brewers it still on the Myers right now got a better chance to be part of something the next couple years and for a longer term obviously that Whitner feel that a much younger age to this from the F. Athletic. It's unclear. If there's strategies change shot by the brewers but when my child off the board it's possible because if you wanna give up. In a five prospects is a lot to give up from an image analyst FiOS. Five for one in that regard right to acquire mayor Phil take a premium package similar to one they were unwilling to surrender former child I'll quote a lot one rival executive said. Under control achieved for multiple years three higher end prospects at least. Top ten to fifteen prospect plus wanted to younger upside players and other baseball executives said quote I think it takes an intriguing headliner. This would be what it would take to acquire Whitner feel from the growth and I'm good at that yet royals name your price. If they don't meet your price almost a great. Stay stay firm with all if we're talking to you. You know we want this guy this guy in this yeah. Don't and you don't come off that right right and another team. Could be the same thing while in your system we want this guy this guy this guy or not making this happen right this is what we're looking so there's no bargaining as they want them stay here price yeah. Now would you only be giving up Whitner feel do that's that's the other question what else with the royals potentially happily throw into it yet another another player to be involved to try to get to three prospects. Maybe if you wanna throw Matt Cassel I'm good with that blue coach gave their backing in 2009 something like that I'm I'm good with those type of boos that you noted that fans always want the royals to make but. If it's Whitner feel for three guys you know OK fine not to act in the concede doing that deal but if it's with their field and somebody asked. I don't know like that's why I'm glad I'm not sitting in Dayton's chair right now. The have to make that decision I I think whatever move you decide to make with Whitman Earth's field. I don't think there's really a bad move that you can make if you keep on great we know he's a really good baseball player and sure he can be part of your future in. Maybe by the time they're ready to win and a couple of years you know he is a little bit long in the tooth but could still be part of something in and help this organization move forward but if you decide to trade with their field. You know you're getting a really nice return. For a guy like that and those guys could potentially help you for the long term there what was their fields and so I I think it's a situation that. I think you're not gonna lose either way whatever you decide to do I think I can get behind. For the Kansas City Royals I think I can look at that okay that's why they did better that's why they didn't do that I just don't think it's a losing proposition regardless of what you decide to do with him. Ardery V three clues to player that's playing in the rivalry renewed presented by sheet metal workers local union number two it is Saturday July 28. So oversight I senator Reid and independents. For ms. duke players taking on former key players yes and you NKU going toe to toe. Portion of all of proceeds will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of greater Kansas City through the rush Ford Foundation. And gear tickets out rivalry renewed dot com or even a chance to win a pair tickets three clues involving a player involved. You know the player involved gives you call we ask for at 913576. 76101. Clue big twelve coach defensive player of the year. The twelve code defensive player of the year interesting story Bob out of out of Philadelphia. That involves Kansas City at least. Here. As we are today and possibly. In the future when it comes to appear on this item wanting to recruited team to Kansas City another team to Kansas City. Philadelphia's. In brighten their window right. With the sixers and bright bright in the window now of of during the quarter and getting a bunch of people and up and policies because that team looks like it's it's moving forward. Their also. Renovating their arena yet. And their arena is not that old its older than you think it's older than you think yes but. The Wells Fargo Center was built. In 1996. And here are talking 22 year rate and. That twenty years tested it it is very much dead. There are planned so it's even start renovating. Sooner than us and they have got twenty years okay. Mean they're looking at though I major now renovation to to change some of the setup of the arena to accommodate why millenniums. Kind of yes they knew were. Way of viewing a game of viewing game which is give us some other things to do Waller watching again. Right we just don't wanna chaired a ten dollar beer we want our activity we want something going on like the world's I think. Were really ahead of their time with Kraft address and when you think about it they were one of the first to put it kind of an area like that into the ballpark. Where you can kind of you know do different things in and go up there and sampled bunch of different Beers and have that kind of open area to stand around and mingle and Balkan. You know the world's first the government left at a insisting that the do something like that but since they they've done that crafting policy they're the trend setter on this. You're starting to see down a lot more rounds to aids advocate she's when they originally opened new arrowhead. They had that upstairs bar on the on the upper deck that was a wide open and you could walk around and mingle and hang out out there they've removed some seats. That's coming like that common area and what they're doing in Philadelphia which I found to be very interesting is they're they're taking out luxury suites remember that was always the that was I don't we've got to have so out of the last we leased. Well now they're realizing here we are at 2018. The the business climate in Philadelphia is and what was in in 1996 there's more business has been not as many businesses spending the money like they were back and so these suites have kind of become a sort they're getting rid of the luxury suites the blowing out luxury suites in their mid eighteen those common areas where you can go hang out like. The Ford bar or something like that everybody's is kind of there hanging out milling around tables and and what not they'd and you can have more of a bar type atmosphere with the gained more open space and socially interactive fan experience areas ripe for the calling them which was what they are and bunker luxury boxes which is pretty cool like luxury boxes underground that's gonna have entrances up to seats. That will be courtside you'll have luxury box that you watched the game from. You'll have luxury box and access to the glass seats into the floor seats. When you go watch hot on your best that's all yes and it got to thinking about Kansas City a little bit because. We're we're looking at an arena now that's over ten years old we still don't have a Tenet for whatever reason last week everybody the brother thought we're getting a basketball team here in Kansas City. And I thought you know disparities are yet another fledgling minor league basketball operation rightly exactly what is to be the gateway for the NBA now does not know it's not. It's not a gateway and anything. I'm in Munich Casey tornadoes aren't the steppingstone Twitter Zambia are now and they're not pay raise don't get hate to break everybody it's not a gateway team okay just isn't and and that's not gonna ensure that the NBA he's come here to Kansas City. All but what we always had but we always had the caveat out look at this nice sparkling new arena rights perfectly set up to houses right. Now ten years in still beautiful it is but now. May be kind of a dinosaur. With all of those luxury suites has -- senate while they have the founders club that's behind that's not confront you don't CD game where the match or whatever is going on Friday if your back and that founders club that concert. The sprint center may have to start talking about renovations and renovations are cheap the renovations to that the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia causing 250 million dollars which I think is thirty million dollars more than the building costly Bill Clinton. 1996. More expensive to renovate include drafted. By the T wolves drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves at their second and so so if we're if we're seriously going to consider bringing eighteen if you will. To Kansas City a town like Philadelphia which I think is the fourth largest city in America. Is it garnering enough corporate support for sweets but they're getting rid of those and that's what I've always come back to when I look about bringing a fourth team to Kansas City. Do we have the corporate support and if Philadelphia is talking about not having Josh the proper corporate support. It to sell suites and do what they need to do at an arena with a team that's on the cusp of being a dominate nineteen for the next I don't know 567 years. However long and Errol last in the NBA. What does that mean for us or we gonna have the corporate support that's necessary for a team. That really does nothing and if it's a relocated team that means it's been a pretty bad team and nobody scared to go watch that team that's why they're relocating to a new city so. Those are the things that you have to factor in. And it's really something to kind of keep an eye on with sprint center are they will start renovating and blowing out some of their suites. At sprint center and putting in more of these common areas which are becoming a common practice and I go back to our baseball trip in Houston we had great seats and a phenomenal seats for the games we did not sit and we stayed in the common area in center field. Because it was more fun it was more of a party was a better atmosphere out there. That it was just kind of stick your seat watching game so those are the things that people want now going to a game. The St. Louis Cardinals are doing something like that and who knows sports and decides to do something like back. Our third clue our third clue. For a player involved in the rivalry renewed his number fifteen is retired by. KU 91357676. And you tell us that player involved in rivalry renewed U when a pair of tickets ahead to the event. On July. The 28 big story. Big story. Wouldn't seven. Well that does Sunday. Our big story brought to fire red door grill he's having a day already today man. Our president really twitters well he does a it is impressive when he goes and he goes in the sprawl. Herb back in the day. When a president would talk tough to another nation. Real way GAAP. At a boy. Pat on the back of Ronald Reagan talked about stared around at all loved it when you. You don't mess with us it's great the reaction is quite the same when you do it on Twitter now and this particular president nothing reaction wise everything but. I would like this this unbelievable that this is the route you go though. Between into the high Iranian President today. And because there's no other way through David and if we're about third where I was in all often see in all caps. In all caps is well. Never ever threaten the United States again or you'll suffer consequences. The likes of which viewed throughout history have ever suffer before good. We are no longer our country that'll stand for your demented or words of violence adapt. Be cautious our race. I love the this is where we are today that you know. If navy in any walk of does that the president you know did pick up the phone anymore it is thrown out of social media and vodka. Well he's responding to the president of by Rand who said mr. trump don't play with the lion's tail of this would only lead to regret. America should know that peace would I ran as the mother of all peace and war when I ran as the mother of all wars. Yeah I've taken that either on the president. Oh OK you won a golf here's what words Powell. I'd Donald Trump protecting our honor I guess maybe just comes across delivered in his speech vs the on Twitter. And I mean why everything comes across differently with the widows vs tweak it as saying it was a speech ego yeah. It's a tortoise like you're using Twitter but you're never again perception this is like put me heard the president. Of Iran. Leasehold Mr. President Josh what makes more of an impact. Hey president Rabbani. Never ever threaten the United States again here are some of the clubs come to grips the likes of which spewed throughout history ever ever before. Click. That's not gonna get the run. He wants to show the American people that he has our back. By the way it should be of no as well but that Twitter is locked in her on it is there. In 2009 and they lifted for a brief second and when he thirteen for one day. And then a free blocked Twitter as well have a president that's about it aliens get Twitter and FaceBook but analysts following fees following round. Evils that. I don't know here over here don't find out about it sales later he will hear about it. Carrier pigeon will bring this to him penalty area. You're demented words of violence and yet the cost. That's is the first he's a world that is the dad is infinitely it is like to say there's there's days retreats like once or twice. And every week every day obviously but the view that started Tuesday he's a polite you know 79 now and he's he's. He's he set the agenda for the leaders weigh in Bernard tweet back yet from Michael Jackson mean popcorn back to a certain that that I days. Got to wrap your. It as a good start to moderate or grill. Read it please see your winner of rivalry renewed tickets today he knew the player we are describing Mario Chalmers for the crying Jordan that would be it would. Entries cranked up and still. Our Chalmers one of the former jayhawks will be playing in a rivalry renewed. Was the big twelve could offensive player of the year 2007 was drafted by the timberwolves it will probably. Forget that of course yes and that person right here his number fifteen or somewhere in the times Kansas probably if that's 300 admitted he had a chance it would tickets tomorrow. 45. I think it did you get all the information rivalry renewed dot com. Or more then. Who's the most indispensable. For your team we'll discuss. The morning powered by the Jewish community center. And Sports Radio.