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Show & Vern
Monday, July 23rd
It's the premiere of Show & Vern and we've got a big show for you! Ron caused Tigers collapse at the open championship because he was watching and tweeting during church. Pat asks his guy friends how his outfits look and Vern just claims he's never done that in his life. He's lying. We head out to Chiefs Training Camp to hear from Andy Reid, Chad Henne, Breeland Speaks, and Dee Ford. Somewhere in this podcast hour is your opportunity to win tickets to Def Leopard and Journey Wednesday night at the Sprint Center. 

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Joseph in burned. Brought to you by ads. You. Bush I'd have to mention idol. And we start this music I did you not know who in Dubuque. I don't thirty years old I know you know what I departed from the wrestling game prior to that once that I don't think I've tossed them this is. You know what time it is. Show good morning we have to begin Tiger Woods' best finish in a major since 2011. He finishes tied for sixth he's taken the blame it. Was a no win on made few mistakes there. I drove in the wrong place you know 23 irons there 1112. The crass crap chest on both them and you know medical mistakes and learn on. On a low around during. It's nice and take them like that. Even though. We know this is eight firsts this is our first. A you're not going to try to do is to meet you leave the sort of you'll do it. Listen this is not my fault. That much I. A podium so I'll just yet it is on the middle stands this sneak in and over Cody villains are but it. I've had some missteps is it. Things that said this is not one. I was a little nervous yesterday I was in church watching the British Open. And I got excited and that took a photo that we remind that real quick outs or not it's not put this on this is these. Not my apple to hear what the family apples kids that. They were with a good I hope you're not setting that example right out of date that we can sit here at mass on. I sat at tigers did. So you have the video streaming on the phone. All pastors up their Dolan as the. We are an altar call is where we were when it happened I took the phone call it out. Let's act. Idol home tiger. And I had to watch outlets searched okay is outskirts. Because. I went to church and was watching it it altered right now I had not realized at the front of the old love bouts of answers. And it went to Helen in advance because you took the photo adds he moved into the lead after Vlad in right yeah and under LaMarr Woodley. It and he takes the lead snapped the pic with the church windows in the back down weed out. A battleground for this. People keep trying to blame me for things the South Korea's they still don't believe those not all of the bills coincident. This one I even got a bit nervous myself I was looking around he would be what's on outlets open at an eagle. OK I don't want this it's tiger who messed up maybe it was tiger's drives this tiger who got in the last tigers leading. On the back nine of a major and did he blows what does Colby yeah tiger. Yet here here's the bottom line look. If you are one to believe in higher power as you obviously do on your spending your Sunday morning. Praising the lord I really well if you are now. As of warship that mr. Paul McGuire was good too well then you damn sure better not be worshipping anybody other. In the big man upstairs and when you sick in his house. And a live stream NBC sports dot com there's no surprise that by about half. That's Tiger Woods was forsaken by a run the show here in many people want would try to say this is the lower getting Beckett. I don't believe I don't it's not it's for the six to load the project. Real famously Tex I'd say OJ needs to hit tiger did not that was not my fault. That was my ball. I love watching Rory OK mall like gangbusters since surprised to have this attitude right out of the gate. If if if you acknowledge the higher power you have to acknowledge his ability to leave the puppet masters that you think he was trying to get it. To me it's it's fairy evidence it's vary obvious it's something to me that I'm surprised you're not able to connect. This seems like some you should openly. Well there's no I don't run from this note dots to connect Tiger Woods had the golf world and the sports world on the edge of the seat as he moved to seven under par and moved into it I. For the third major of the season try to win his first major in a decade. You decide to snap a picture. While celebrating the lower. I really don't like what you're trying to do not a tiger skipping the problem. I don't like what you try to do on our first go all right this is it. It's not my ball OK and I'm not gonna take is. It is me. It's on you run you keep that you have distinct I'm not you not let me lots of salvaging this is not beat it's not me tiger mr. Kate wish they had Danny finished in the taps or whatever he finished it. Always be happy about what the subject when it's added I was editor snapped pictures in it you read remote now that out and attacked. Possibly yes it's chances that god was on his side but he's got to not turn back out. Well first of all we wanna go in the way back machine Alger turned his back. The big man upstairs quarterly when he spit in the face of that command fellow. Let's put it on the when he was at when he was with those young ladies at the Waffle House that was. I'm not an eye and a I don't I. I don't I don't like I don't like OK I think so is now saying that the name to carry it was my apple a couple of that was in ninety. That is not not did it happen on Sunday. A man. I'm not gonna allow you to put this or any of the listeners that this is the first got it turned people against your game this out. This is the first to admit of show bird and you guys are not about that and company with some sort of shield it is not true. It is not I will not accept this month well on in the infants may get out and as you know all that he's not output. But that's not certain texting. By trying to get off the show trying to get away what I wanna yes he had a good thing going. This show is announced the first real movement you make on social media is the downfall of everyone's favorite golf area. I'll pull in the record right now doesn't seem like that Chrysler is putting his car accident on. Well last date more about this. Royals general manager gonna join us in studio coming up at 118 and will head up to St. Joe here from Andy Reid and a few members of the chiefs as. They addressed the media yesterday they did just that Patrick Holmes included. And he was asked about his shorts his wardrobe that you showcase through out this offseason and if he adds. People that relies upon for fashion advice that's. More on my own decisions out tonight as a buddy you're to advance sale for sale I would awareness so late that day and age it's more. Me just kind of figure out what aisle and awareness. Am so first of all what's so fun I just had never used. This is going to be an every Sunday that he every but we have got to do ounces that's more on top. They say it is makes me glad. At first burns Byrnes hit us with this. That's more on my own decisions out I might as a buddy you're too advanced sales as daylight when awareness Soledad that I'll. Never done that he's no you that these delicate arts hollered when you're gonna. Get that plated. It's like you sport's color. That's more on my own decisions out I might ask somebody had to advance they'll prevail I would awareness only at that age it's more me just cannot figure out what volatile area and is being muscles. That like that it expects my teammates so sort of bullies. That sort of a sound of like when he let that arm around him like that it does it sound in his voice sounds like that brought you first up a lot of the. It it. But it's a message. That nobody I'll bet not eight or is it here listening to his great. SpinRite. On whatever way this is not an advocate. All black white whatever animals. Ever not go on. And just said to one of their one of the periods when it's just one they'd rather they bullet when a homegrown. Hey. Day is school. Talking to I have never. Ben ready to go wild oats. Asked another man and and this is that a guy thing it's you know I show. It's never stood there and ask someone who does this look. At iiroc that's who doesn't do that then you're. I asked her for for permission from. I fiance. But not talking about going out with the fellas. Get after back in the day. I've ever ask someone how does this look at that I don't run it by the hit my use that in the race like today you write today said of his taco meat look at this. Is both got a lot of note of what's well. Human that's like saying someone is means is I don't listen to music that's not humid. Do you urgent over the years between the two I've never asked another guy how does this outfit looked. I don't know why I asked us what first. Well I don't take many risks. Clothing line it's your routine polo and some old poll you just Becky Jordan that your. You know I just never really cared that much and now I don't have a whole lot. Going on so here. Mr. Here's some shorts I've never stood and asked him look man that's our races Q. So you 1990 taken it to a place where is this cute. It's a bit when US Edmonds is out work. This is tied to illustrate about shore I've done that it is like what an odd looking for a what is it about these shoes with this out looking for permission I've never done. How often have done. Beckett is west Beckett. Middle Tennessee. We've got to go back. Let's especially at gotten you know I valid comments you know slightly overweight now. Sometimes you know pick boats you know supplant and it's a lot calls her size the night. Sometimes it well and this does isn't it that's the type to. So it is it working or it's an act bill would give it catalytic difference. If you haven't I don't I don't I don't fall victim that's she says. But you people some people work like you think these holes and dangerous two months. Never been like that ever more people out but right now you've gone out looking great. When did you when you should've had a friend there it's an amen. And human. Who does that are you telling new to Bernard is on the air until he does is if you buy them that salutes and stuff that's wrong. That it isn't just. It is not. Certain that every person listening if you put yourself out there not to grant option. Just a little bit more confident that the average man you just entered in just said you need to hear about your world. By the way. Summer. Ball winner. Spring if you hadn't gotten it allowed me to re introduce us this is shown burn every. That these delicate art solar what you hear. The studio. It. AD is pretty. We expect to have him around 1030 years don't live from training camp in St. Joe. And also don't forget your chance at 1030. To win a thousand bucks with a our national. Cash contest so hang in there with that. Standing ovation for all star reliever Josh hater of the Milwaukee Brewers just a handful of days after homophobic and racist tweets. From seven years ago are now 24. Sent out some racist and homophobic tweets when he was. Seventeen they came to light during the all star break that there was the ovation of the brewers faithful gave him. When he made news first appearance on the big league field since those tweets candlelight. A bit. Very uncomfortable with the standing ovation at the situation on. But that it does not really angle or the place that I went goat because this I'm gonna get this right up top that that was not the response. That I think was probably the response should begin now a standing ovation. You know maybe there should be read compassion they'll be honest get to more at I have some at bats. But the standing ovation that was that was not the response. Though at this here though Bernie's. It is. I have gotten beyond. A wicked shall place here today where. There's new poll. Efforts chance to have roll. Right there's no. Especially when it comes to race OK there's ability to have growth. Now let me just be real. We can have growth Tyreke healed by week three where celebrate him. And general Haig eating standing ovation at he beat Helen is out of his mother's child. We can't have growth of that and I try to you know rush I've read. I'm happy that he's shown growth that we're able to allowed to have growth of the got kick in the ass moment. When it comes to race it doesn't feel like we can do that are in it if this or or or you are are or something involved and racism. We are done with you with wrote well we don't even believe that there is a chance for growth you all these races in tips they beat duke forever. And in this situation about the president's stand ovation but what I look at the just haters situation. He could be an American dream of what we want to have okay. Let's racist parts effort he could still be exactly what he waited out the kkk is what could still be that. All our. That seventeen. Have grown and I'm not seen at 1718 of Italy's doing that T I'm saying he could have world. And become a different person. And become a person who's learned from being older and experienced and why and maybe that person anymore. Because it's eighties we can never yet been. The benefit of growth like we would do Tyreke you know who beat up some. And big race and homophobic slurs ball with a doing that fall into that category and it's something that we've actually discussed in the past when talking about. I think Roseanne Qaeda up in conversation where. The moment you do something that is obviously wrong and and what hater twit about seven years ago obviously we agree on. We want you just to go away. We don't want an explanation we're not that interest it apparently and it. Recovery or or or seen you. Learn from your mistakes and become a better person. I've never understood how this divide got into society. Too where at the moment you slip up. Now you must go rose and you got a goal and we don't see where you're you ever again. Kramer. After what he did at the comedy club he went away he was that allowed the work I'm not trying to condone what they've done. But we have to try and right the ship or explain to them what they did wrong or hear their side. The week well we want is people to change my dream speech that David. Changes. That would be read that David duke a constant effort purse. Or any one that stage races. Like. Is hard for me not to put stickers I can see it in my own yes. A lot of black people out here who will may have been raised this way and I think because I think about Saddam wondered. They know his upbringing but I would say. I hope that we mean. He'll do we say this is a person. That that learn a certain way and was ruled it was raises certain ways that we would be surprised that he. All right and I'm thinking well if that's the case may be down the line he would. I can remember Roland then I'll be with a spot that hey man you got it. Would like we kind of have to trust them with us to be honest with a grain of salt may be something in the I got older I'd grown. I don't understand why house that bread is fresh start with my kids I don't millions of world. Well maybe we'll get that would I like my neighbors neighbors I trust each in each one of money I trust them with Mikey that's not. I would have been 1015 years ago because I have all I can see it. Hater might be a race in need this may be really him he's been hiding it well or. Hopefully my dream would be. That he did growth. But we we will never is any kind of creates. That will always just look at him as. He's a racist. Andy Reid about to step to the podium will add up there coming up in just a moment but but but but you are right when it comes to hater we heard the reports that when he stood up in front of his teammates he was. Openly stopping the emotion was evident it is a no remorse was obvious that Cindy is reflective of a guy that has made those changes they talk about. I don't meet personally. Now there are certain words that everyone knew my entire life you don't gold but as. I've grow. There were words that I used what I I don't know about seventeen but. 1415. When you're trying to equal with the guys that are no longer the word gay was that a term of the gears. It was used as a negative thing yeah I've been there right. And even. Worse words did that I I use them may be with friends. In the past are right let's head Andy Reid he's at the voting on six cents or trading. And visual coach you have to deal on and so. The a lot of personal coaching linebackers. Three outside guys Koreans I guess would not know bodies out there. We rarely gets seven on seven work again. Some teamwork. As far as offense suffered sources there. And defense effort person so. Again. Good good starter has been for some of these guys were talking about just get them back in the flow. I think it's good getting communication part of it set for the quarterbacks as it is plus. And then. For the young guys hearing them one more time and again another time when some. Without time. Maybe he's even quarterbacks. It's. Can't you don't want a quarterback you wouldn't hear she's experienced here it's always give them what it's fast I went with a challenge. Dell. We do we have Patrick who's got the year. And let the other guys we got a good veteran players. That have been in similar similar offenses are sharp guys true professionals. And they just yet. He's resilient he's coming and and learning fast and and doing good things there are so. I'm gonna I'm happy with that that room where there are out right now. As far as that part I'm confident we will be. Again I'm adding in the work that way. Yourself. Or. I really liked him a couple of his career followed college. Ball in the NFL and like I like the way it goes about his business Smart guy. He's been in this role. As a back up the last few years also been chartered accountancy he's got a good bounces. And feel for both those things so. I think the guys around him have confidence in the UST. Getting there. You'll be okay. It's. Different for him he them. I just joked about it as if you're gonna walk around that he's not coaching one position right justified and everybody so. But it's safe you know that takes loving it used to just moving around me it is nice job figure well there. Many gaps in the and he's volunteered and an actor. Well let's go to court Austria Michael because of the quarterbacks and inertial walk around corners it's a little everybody. These are right and so and I worked together. I've got full confidence. I'm quite yet to make something he couldn't take it Leo. Definitely think every explicitly on 610 Sports Radio show environments. Success. Stories you know. How well I've got a couple is. Feel of it and to see them I put everything into this. How would concentrate and get tired. And they still able perform these guys got penalties. That's his area he's got work on an improvement in those areas. You measure in these these pre season games which are valuable and they do when things are plus a little faster than here in their lives and you know and then you you balance it all and tag also we'll stars. As. You. Portables. You look over us. Yes or run amok here for the ups and we've. What disease in men and just let's just a joke goes on those eyes slowed. Them. You know what they communicate with a well we've got good guys that's where helps ago she interest rates they're not trying to get out of something you know that there. It does so. War hero. To. Eric that we could be here. And it just you know you can take it and how listen close. That's what he's just not once but this guy goes around and he doesn't know he's kitchen so. That's an important part. He's not afraid of poison and those of others matter you are is enough. Recently as you know we've seen each one's. Comforting to know. Yeah as usual social and get them back out there again you'll knock the rust off I think is important for him and for us and long before again in the left. He just. You can. What you see. Him here I would see me do what she. I think consistency and then. So when you're young you you might have one movie that's your favorite team and the NFL they got away from. Our accountant or your work on those things to help honor that. Got moved and repertoire that you brought dolphins luck and then work all your fundamentals of the patent fight. And and they got covers part of that is next to you provides an accredited so but he's got the one thing is he these market rules. And he's got a nice feel for the game so. Things things come relatively easy to pick it up. And then that the man that fine how are you gonna handle that throughout this whole camp which. Are. That you're standing room exclusively here on 610 Sports Radio will head back north in just a moment but first it's a thousand on the thirties. Text the word August. To 72881. That's a UG. UST. August. You could be a thousand dollar cash winner in the national cash contest message and data rates may apply if you like sports and money. 610 sports trading was the only place giving you the chance to went up to twelve grand each weekday listen on the thirties. In next chance to win coming up at 1130 on show and current roles at sixty sports dot com. Yeah coming up we got more players coming up at thinks needs I think the very injured always entered the forward. Will be there. Chad Henne Michigan. Nobody it sucks all it was it's it's a terrific signing a terrific. Terrific backup or. Urged rate things looked at me before we won't. Eat you can't say anything negative in his pocket theories not yet. A bit so terminology is very similar. It's it's a lot of on the end you know fresh minds and always trying to think if stuff to get play makers ball. But so far so good. Do you. Is it shows that bag. I think you do you have a foundation and then you base it off foundation and off of that it's just me in three different routes. Of those combinations that keep the defense. Think it's saying well. But you switch it up a little bit and I think he's great that's what's in them. We can we go out and it's been a lot of fun of him. Augusta systems. Little and took him. The leadership situation where you. I think definitely this system lies. You know this is probably six or seven. Years. There's not many things that are different the number system yet but town West Coast offense outfielder comfortable and I felt. You know like a lot of things done and that's it from Jacksonville and you know I think as a quarterback for now so that's what injury here obviously butchery. You know he's developed a lot port so you receive right. You are Manning against Penn State and I. Yeah I think. Every quarterback from I've been part that's great man loses. Pretty much is that this cat's great young quarterback right now I'm just like to be around guys that like to work and coming to work. You know not screwing around all tigers they're poor and have fun with but really just studying the game. So you're prepared by wells on this that should show you. Very bad. It's an. Yeah and that's a really good I mean today is a great. You know to come out here I get guys on this is first time ever actually done seven on seven it's kind of teamwork. We've only done like individual have so it's a lot of fun together. You know the defense out there really visually astounding and how to prepare you so better him. It is it. Don't do. He is able. Yeah I mean they're young. Talented guys never they're both mobile. You know strong arms. That's I mean. Problems our arms around so. You know you can make every throw it that's for sure. I yeah open it up there I mean I cannot Joseph Flacco so I thought you had a very strong arm house around right now for a little bit as human use freshmen. It. It hasn't. It really doesn't end there but. Mean her pet's eyes I think. I hadn't seen instantly so it's a lot of fun to be around but it's into this particularly if if shadows on but nothing you know it's obviously a threat but you know expenses as well. Leadership. And tell. Me. Exist Tuesday. And books tonight you know offseason. Uses no really down time distressed. The game. Answers were groceries switching out each and every week. It's it was a lot of fun at the end it security gets him top. Pictures you can spit out language maturing or your reasons familiarize yourself often. Oh yeah. When you lose your coworkers your job. Org and type. They don't you sit back and answers in the beginning palate you know poetry you know. The enemy talk cap and all those guys let them. Pretty much teach you the system personally you start getting involved in opposite experiences that I've gone after that we can spit out but. A lot of times you let them teach your verse until I become the master of their office then a certain you know emphasized what I have a life. Something different. And get plastic. A I think stunning you know 67 office corners thing. Just going into it to sing our oldest is similar orbit between this trying to help whatever the hell you know. That's kind of what I'm here you know comparison to the system well. Chant anti she's back up quarterback. Exclusively on six and Sports Radio. Yeah I mean her circle of training camp good stuff mighty Texas says. You know Tony pass and he draft I mean that was his first year 2008. And here it's a great mentor to me. You know lots of progress seemingly still a great relationship. Great family Tony Roche junior was with me Jackson Hole last year so you know it's definitely sad. To see him pass a great memories were on man enjoyed my time. I thank you thank you yeah. Oh great number seven right there staff. You know that was regarded as a freshman was actually fourteen questions for the backup quarterback. I wasn't keeping track they are all legitimate questions. Someone else it's exciting it would sticks out in there'd be this many. Questions to the bank on the all I'll act I'm offering with the gonna do with the kickers I'm gonna lose it that it does it. At the fort it figured it so excite at Indy you're just so excited about coach and he. I hope we never see him on the field and yet if we see today very excited. That he's going to be achieved Britain's number one number two or. Second round and beat. It there's definitely some stuff don't work in our city this season before. TJ don't go. They they don't they do an hour to focus on their way you know Irish army different things so. Besides you. I'm pretty good. Definitely changes and draw them. Like a video. It is. They're pretty sure it. There's there's so. I guess the yeah it didn't do much as this story. Oh man. My position so. They're mostly blue. We'll let you. Not Brando played well middle linebacker. Yeah school. Yeah drops on this season and oh yeah so it's not brand new book. The volume. The drop and unless we. Are there. Yeah responsibility toward definitely you know one of the big daddy gives them equally so. Yeah as big as big a deal. I got my home so. Doing TV serials. Outdoors stuff like they're working as an award it's my. I definitely you are really more so that a nation actually I don't. It is what his policies. What excites me the most news oh just this. Going out there and oh yes as a parent knows that. I'm isn't being able. You know I almost feel these days that makes my day is there's literally no and it. We will meet it is hard drive also. Your freelance being yeah. Feet. Let's extend portrayed him like that. Are definitely there is just that he's in these forward TJ basically well also are back. Are those jazz starters today so does yeah Brady definitely Great Britain did see yeah. Make sure that he's he's taking it under his way to make several. It's just what it will work you know nomination I'm always loved it and I'll let them make sure that you love Vista start to feel the muscle. Cord that way every day is Vijay these beautiful willow. All these guys are big he. Nice device. Had the big nation driver down. Just how she's. Sunrise. Was sorry are you don't know its. Near you very so so how did you prepare myself. Either it. He said making its. Clara. These are revealed. For me here. Every day. He justified or go. We speak about it we're gonna say and then I do anything he doesn't. There's probably should actually get it out and yeah definitely did that was her. Just get better acclimated to playbook itself like that but. That would Lucas. Well they really wrote down some of those questions that is a disrespect to reboot speaks. That had any ticket that much time those many questions you know I think I was ready first. I'm just saying the amount questions that any got over here of the Ford immediately coming through. If you do what you tell. Yeah and I've pretty much of the day. I'll speak once you broke. This past summer and I'm pretty much do you. Plus a storage tank here we whitbeck flew back hateful so maybe I was just progressively working state. You know something. It's always like these little click here to how. When you train in. Religious training is different. These two days. He says I'll hold the car yeah. What they're confident and meet me the option. Well you. Experience for the option. Jessica. Where does this here's. It's really wheat we really have. We have the potential. To be very. He didn't really do have a lot of young extreme. Just think he's he's he's starting to really go back today Tony who say hello guys. You know we we really have a lot of we have an opportunity. Please let. We have to take this day. It didn't work every little shopping. What's reasonable. Well. Expectations. What. I think for this sport hand eye sees that you know do. He's very. There is her really. In the right. So with the way the lead is gone now rotations are. Very important especially. With all the ball seeks to play. If you really helps. I don't really. Yeah I know him. I think there today. So much closer today is president. Feel good publicity coup of days you don't have. He's been a long time. I felt like. Is that what. You record your wrist injury produced with Q. Were you were one of these. Well always motivate. It is an extra motivation because coming up answered no I'm really expensive and that went on us. Hell yeah. Fires. That is definitely. Just I'm just excited to be. Well. My what are our goals is to morph into the yeah I eventually want it to be here. We don't really talk about today's isn't actually had. If you really become leaders act so you fires themselves still stay. Designate. Leadership of the week. We know what expectations are yeah. He knows details change every year so. Lose and I'm gonna miss them guys personally. They tell me a long time since this is yeah. And here today. Personally I'm gonna miss them. Yeah you're going. Good group jumps. Yes you know. Well you'd coming up. Understand my. How he's he. He also shot so play. You know he's not excuse the state. Good to see your part to come out. You know the only outstanding. Really don't feel. As tropical applied to today political class is really sometimes it might take. Want to hear even though they guys coming. Explain what he might not be to be little 223. Years certain. I'm happy to see. How did you see who's who's. And that's important things we need. As hard as hard. Steve did you really preparing you for your. People are. Here it's now. Only on six stands portrait. It is there's an opportunity to bring everything together. You know. Everyone seems glasses. But what I can do. This is the opportunity to really you know a sixteen day. And in order to be a great player you have to it's. The good thing library here. Those first ten games so why hurt. You know. Everybody is what you expect that we expected and he did that hurt you know I mean so flashes before I hurt last year. In order to be great you have to be sixty so I see here is is this is time to. You lose access that was about who lives. He's. And that clears imported into our athletes it. Beyond this field a lot of guys who are able to be skillful. You know we're all back into our best athletes out here because this is almost like another scheme. As I drove mature and Leslie and in order to be a great player. Can't just do it board OK okay yeah group assisting. You do that includes. Port senior strips that's great distance himself and then it's over I personally think. There's them. So it's really who do. And trying his very important. Being able to go to school there. Nice color I use good Ray Lewis well. Told. That's very latest. Hi. It's nice that you had a history deal. Away. What you see you. That's not easily so. He's actually villages. Two in ovals or. You know desolate training. And feel those gears kicking it tried. Take the opposite field he's got to read advantages that poster that I. Is there away from the field. Experience it's very hard. It's a good. Yeah kind of keep yourself going long I don't know much let me turn yourself yeah. If I always begins. It's really. And yeah. I idea. When you don't always. This. Year went to play two hours countless. Three that's prudently and you really feel I'm stuck to it really come through here. For me as. You know so for me to be there no it felt like. You this. Davis Cup week it's. Still it. I don't know what it feels like. Oh yeah. Yeah I think you. That was before who you. Positive was dressed in a turtle. While doing his interviews. With a sandwich that had great group. But particularly famous Philly Tesla will do this every Monday. Is call weakened us Tex is who you felt like. Needed this week any QB personal it could be sports. Anything entertainment whatever we can vote coming tomorrow 1245 Schoen Vern if you wanna know how to play the games he can win journey and Def Leppard tickets. You have to be able to name as many monopoly pieces as possible. I Baghdad hey when do we get who what makes this right. This is the the first episode. Of show in Bern and we're gonna we're gonna move weakened roads because we had deflation and what do you risk of oversee him that is now. He sounds. But if we're gonna move that back a little bit. But I'm really excited about this you know it's for sale so we've got it we gotta do it picked that. We've got to do a big tad so let's get a break for those that do aren't gonna take a break for its quick break in about two minutes. About 11 o'clock we're going to bring. The man in this Stan. The man. They mourn your general managers years everything for the royals is coming up intimate. Show. Studio.