07/19 - Dayton Moore Interview Part II

The Drive
Thursday, July 19th
Royals GM Dayton Moore joins the guys from the Urban Youth Academy to talk about the future for Mike Moustakas and Whit Merrifield 

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Right now we're talking to the royals general manager Dayton Moore his live with us at the urban youth academy got a lot to get into I just saw this it broke during our conversation from the first part of it. Royals' minor league outfielder Bubba starling will be sidelined approximately six weeks after suffering a dislocated left index finger injury. The injury occur off the field during a visit home last week date now that you give us all be about the issue about Phil. And find out the details as well. You know I know it's it's been. Unfortunate you know but obviously. Expecting big things out of him certainly this year in. There we had fuel leak issue and it was who do really really well fact that spoke to Austin drinkers who or sports science. Director. About ten days ago and he was just so pleased with values come along and just kind of an unfortunate you know. Circumstantial Cleo and give back before the year's out you know play winter ball and see what happens but it it's they're tough go. Now the rules are burrito bit too because I added that it did bubbles going to be opens in in September. And I thought coming off the oblique injury coming back seat and I actually thought they used him to go on old Bubba I think what was going to be here in September but. Does that how much does that bug you when it when it's off the field thing. Vs something. Australia it's got to drive you crazy villages and it doesn't when things happen off the field. Whether the you know in this case you know way in homer with south corporate yeah you know is the season began and he's carrying luggage up the stairs there. And or or player gets hurt in the weight room and you wonder if you're gonna get hurt you want her on the field. Right now we're talking to the general manager of the royals they more for a few more minutes they don't wanna ask you have a lot going on in baseball but also it's been a very busy last couple days this is what the major league Baseball Commissioner rob me for it to say about Mike Trout. Mike is a great great player really nice person but he made certain decisions with what he wants to do what he doesn't wanna do and how he wants has been his free time now he doesn't wanna spend his free time. That's up to him if he wants to engage and be more active in that area I think we could help him make his brain really really big. But he asked to make a decision he's prepared to engage in that area it takes time and effort. The angels then fire back and defend their players that the most organizations won't do. We can. Baseball has become so edgy. Not need each sport but such a localized war in nationally maybe it's not as big as it was how do you think we help baseball groups this national level where somebody like Mike Trout. Who would they once and a generational kind of player he is the proper stall or the way he should be on the level of auto back on the way of James Harden LeBron those kind of scores how to we give Mike Trout that level. Well I mean first I'm not completely familiar with with the situation the contacts and I who can mr. main effort right. Who I respect greatly and I think he's doing amazing things for our game and in trying to grow or gain continued to make it strong with you know one baseball to play ball initiative that he's doing he's been a big part of without him in in his. His pushing I mean this academy where were sitting here right now today simply does not happen but. I think it all comes back this I mean I really do I think he comes back to having players that that connect with fans. Andy I look at sell the corporate Salvador Peru is has personality. He loves to play he enjoys interacting with the fans as does like the stock is Eric Hosmer Lorenzo Cain players we've had here. In the past four or current players that means they have to be the ones that. Drive it in their own community hand when you connect with the fans in the fans want to know your story. And that's how baseball is a mean it's it's a long season 162 games as we all know and and that's the very best way to do it when you when the umpire says play ball you go out there and give your best effort you play with passion so. People are watching that scene what this looks like. Playing baseball looks like a lot of fun. And and inept player instance time in the community. Does interviews. Helps with charities. Comes along side of young people and just helps them with life mean I think that's how you. You you grow the game I mean you I guess you can marketed all you want to put it on you two bit and in what have you but it. And you know it's such it in ESPN generations we know he is just look at the highlights now. In and they don't necessarily sit down and watch an entire game but at the end of the team that day. People. Main. Understand what you say or remember what you say but you always remember. How you make them feel and so if you wanna grow the game. You gotta make the fans feel like you're part of the game. Putted it more royals general manager Doug you're here urban youth academy I can't commit really to point have this conversation about Mike Trout and commissioner yesterday. And what is it about a third of Major League Baseball now is international Latin players is that about right probably so yeah what are how much that plays into because I noticed from a media standpoint. You know speaks Spanish it it's tough to communicate with some of the players and Indian in defense of the players. It a lot of those guys are hesitant to say anything in English because that'll be taken the wrong way is do you think that holds. Back so the stars are. Bring out there that lets think that that's an interesting point you know rev war one of the things that I always look so much about based off. Is that diversity you know that the different backgrounds. You know players come from different countries in. Is this a different different ethnic backgrounds and in an analogue of the diversity if I find that fascinating and and you know the strength of a teen. Ultimately is because of its its diversity in players one to know where each other came from wants to know her story and so. I think we've got to continue to do a better job of that that's why this facility is right here in the urban core I mean we we wanna attract. You know the African American kid. In this game in and we want them took to the law of playing baseball. You know the in in Asia baseball's huge deal as we know it's the number one sport Japan and and South Korea and in in Taiwan and I mean did they look to play and so I wanna see. An influx of the Asian players haven't played the United States as well I mean so. That's that's something that that you bring up is an interesting point but. Again the player Mike Trout back to you know the original question I mean Mike Trout is a an amazing person. He's a great kid I mean he he exemplifies. That is that good old American kid truthfully and he does he loves people. He's he's always engaging watching when you know when they come to our ballpark we get a chance to meet compete against him. You know obviously in the playoffs and and he's always. You're having fun on the field you always seem handling things respect. And integrity the way he does interviews and I think he represents our games so well and you know what I would look for my son to try to model who is as a person after Mike Trout. Right now we're talking today more for problem in this state I've got to trade deadline questions as we all know me the child that would trigger from the memorial to the Dodgers Lotta people to put two and two together taught my how that now opens up the market may be a little bit more from my stock is held the jury system but child goes and then the rest of the players' fault line how true is that an army which got traded. Moves is not gonna be chews up part of behind while. Well I I think that's that's certainly a valid point. You know all talk specifically about Mike whose stock is quick. I think queen you know when a player like meaning the child who's who's obviously. You know on the trade market in a lot of play a lot of people or inquired about him in trying to put their best forward foot forward to attain that player. In and then when he's gone and then they make a go down the line and they look to acquire you know a different type of player or similar type players so. You know Mike whose stock is is is having a very good year for us and certainly there there there's interest in him and but what we'll see where that goes that doesn't mean just because there's interest in him that doesn't mean we will. We don't necessarily move him. You know we have to evaluate each and every opportunity in in put it in perspective and how it helps our team now how helps it you know for. The future but we'll see how that unfolds. How much it you're gay right now was either maybe calling it team and saying hey we really like this minor league part we we we he believed to give you player X for these guys in the minors. How much of that is rated team Ottawa but the what team out there calling about we really like a player on your team we think he can help get us over the whole. How do you usually usually it's it's the other mean the team would call you. In inquire about the player mean. In you know I've been doing this for twelve years now I've never ever called another team it's that are you interested in our player. The other day if they note that that the proper procedures if you have interest in another team's player you call. He knew inquire about now I've called to countless teams. And asked about a certain player that work trying to acquire that we think helps finish off you know our 25 man roster and to help what can make you competitive and that's the situation that we've been in here the last six years or so and we've been in the market trying to acquire Major League talent. To help. Solidify our 25 man roster to put us in a more competitive situation to match up to win in the playoffs and hopefully won a World Series at this time last year. You know like I am mistaken about it the other day in the when we have with the game and half lead in the wild card. Or so. Towards the trade deadline in that we think we have where half game behind. The Cleveland Indians and we acquired an hour and barker two guys performing well the Padres bullpen. And we go into Boston we win two out of three. And then we we acquire. Melky Cabrera and we really felt we were in good shape you know the for the last two months and it just didn't work out and sometimes that happens in baseball but we've always been on the other hand we're we're trying to acquire Major League players to help our. Our Major League team. The last question here I don't wanna call any player untouchable because if you know the Yankees call it and there will that you aired judge for some corporate and that's certainly something you think about double the trader will leave you make. But is there a group of players that you may be go into it saying we don't wanna treat these guys because that's also what's they that's what's goals on Twitter. That where you're right now he is he's as good as Vince Oprah's would you trade at one back at 2050. That's like somebody that is part of rebuilding this thing that we win this thing gets back together whether it's next year down the line he's gonna be won the players that help you get back the playoffs and won the World Series do you have maybe player aspect to tell us who they are we just we don't wanna treat these guys because we want them to Peter what do. Wellington. He hurricane with the union we're miracle one of those guys having no players untouchable and you always have to stay open minded because. Against the McKee just come up with a proposal that does makes really. Just great sense and you'd just have to move forward with it for the for the betterment of the organization. But you know players that use the on our team that fit with our financial structure. And you feel like they still have really good years that are there in the prime of their career those are players that we're going to be quick or. That is the royals general manager date more gracious what this time to join us at the urban youth academy Juli are they were happy to be that we we played six. Got double header tonight that's been Eric guaranteeing auditorium willful pattern no doubt I'm I doubt political or face the pitcher. And I think it's not the Garrett team at least that I'll get better I feel really about appreciate you guys being here means a lot that up. There's special thanks royals general manager pay more.