07/19 - Dayton Moore Interview Part I

The Drive
Thursday, July 19th
Royals GM Dayton Moore joins us live from the Urban Youth Academy 

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Up further ado about what we've not been mayor if the general manager or Kansas City Royals joining us live at the European you to count state court. Here is that added that our guys score you decommissioned missile with all situation. A one. At least responsibilities gospel we think about that. Clean up on baskets fiasco in that area well you know like I grew up playing football like yeah everyone views yeah absolutely. We still at least we would let the cover off the baseball tickle you are out of it. And put it back in there and sell back out with like a pollster thread. There are with all that's we cut the top off the political shaft in there and stuff with the newspapers we know more job with a ball he can hit it was. You guys were. Before amateur golf create you'll get two strikes that he did after Ron goes wrong. I think everybody at different rules for. Mr. This is. World worked last year. Or inaugural. We had that one day it. Joan chicks house he turned it is his front yards and two. A football stadium if you will definitely need and you know this year weird. Indy three days in two days your career academy a lot of different things going on and certain Saturday morning we will. You know concluded. Joe's right argue nice I'm sure is watched on board with that right. You gotta tip the front yard play with a loss there you know it's a whole community and GO. It makes it available you know iron for a year it's yet. But right now we're talking to the royals general manager Dayton Moore Davis electorate really weird interest but the question I mean people think about themselves in the context of you've accomplished and done a lot of great things over your career and eighteenth and city. Where would you rank the accomplishment of this building that you have the stream you came up with the blueprint for you work a lot of people together and now you've seen and overlooked. Part of January big part of why this was built how would you rank this among the accomplishment that you've had your time keeps it. Well its first vote we units I mean it's it's it's our entire community. You know coming together and supporting. You know this this academy. You know the truth of the matter is RC in the major leagues foundation we weeded. Put together a proposal to to have a a baseball academy. Where we would come along side of young boys and young girls in in just try to grow the game and in our own small way in. And it was actually this summer July. 2000 and in fourteen. When I was at the Europe the urban youth academy Compton California. Rain into Darryl Miller. We start talking about the possibility of having an urban youth academy. In Kansas City. It's something that we talked about here. With our front office but at the time there was a transition period that was occurring in the Major League Baseball for office commissioner Selig was. Was stepping aside commissioner man effort was was on the horizon there and they were really reevaluating. The usefulness of of these academies in so. We we pushed. We made our proposal. We went to New York we pushed a little bit more. And we we talked about the importance of having the facility right here in the heart of our country next to the negro leagues museum. We we know what an important part. This area's two Kansas City the eighteenth and vine district in this it was just the great match in court mayor James jump on board right away. And that without him really be in the ones that look let's get this thing done and coarse mister glass was her supporters as well so. Again it's it's a collection of a lot of people doing some great work out that a in our front office is is really kind of spear hit a lot of the day to day operations and making sure that you know this is possible but. Carol Hwa Lee who you know had it headed up or fund raising committee. She did an amazing job that you couldn't do it without the great support of the people in the city. In its it's an amazing places and continue to grow we've got so many different things plan. You know this this this fall. You know this summer was a success after school programs and and can appeal to come along a lot of boys like girls a lot of young people lot of families in this area. But that the bigger vision the greater vision is to how can we bridge the gap. That divide that exists to. Between. The the year that urban suburban and rural parts of Kansas City we we wanna use baseball. And soft balls way to unite young people different backgrounds different races different different education. Backgrounds. You know the whole gamut in to bring people together through the game of baseball so let. I royals general manager date more mean. You know I think people identify you with the general manager of the city royals. You billboard but he is trying to figure out who's Goler who stated trade. Well you know what it's it's its own compass and look you if you if you again the spirit of our tire for off this from the time we came to Kansas City was yes put it. A great product on the field do our best to put them to have the best team we can on the field each and every night but we also want. To make sure that young people get a chance to enjoy this game and and we want to continue to grow the game when I spoke to our team. October 16. In 2014. After we had just swept the Baltimore Orioles and I and I told our team and I congratulated them on yes going to the World Series first time between nine years a roller back to the World Series. That's great. But what we're most proud of is the fact that you all understood that you players understood that players who came along before you. You understood that there was as successful. Model here in Kansas City. The Indy you basically committed to that model in use now grown in the game in Kansas City and you've ensured that other players are gonna get the opportunity. To follow what you accomplished and so that's where it's we're just trying to make some better. Date on the show over the last couple of days is because the all star recruit kind of celebrating the accomplishments of the 20142050. Royals. But playing classic innings from the run gonna be a little itself this year my favorite happening that we played so far. Was the inning in game four out of the deal gets against the use Nash wrote this if there was twenty minute stretch you can show anybody say this was the royals during that Roland that would be the inning. I don't think I've ever heard you tell a story or where you were when he wants to the emotions you felt heading into the inning in just the gamut of emotions of the and seeing how that inning transpire. I believe it was top of the eighth in Houston were called for at here. You know actually. I was down the club house you know old Washington watching the game and you know our players actually were back and forth as well and and a lot of times you get to the players will gravitate towards you know in the clubhouse to watch him on T vacant seat pitch location etc. and so. You know we were we are down the clubhouse and and that your we can really feel feel feel the momentum going especially drew preacher has that it that element of that when I thought there was and so he had that it that we can just build momentum and and we knew as a group that we're gonna win that baseball game you know when that happened. And get goosebumps even thinking about it I mean I was there in Houston for that game but it was phenomenal it would sure. Favorite inning or have any that runs in fourteen to those two teams we played a watchable the last couple replace more today. You know Braddock I don't I don't reflect a whole lot on and content idea I mean I remember. In 2014. The last play with Ollie on the mound in you know that the ground ball that. In the stock is in your Wi 53 close game mountain where gore the world's years I remember standing in the tunnel. And you know with mr. collapsing and Kevin you which Indian was down there as well and and it just watching our players celebrate that was those amazing time let you know I don't reflect the whole Lotta I mean I don't work I don't Wear rings. I don't think about it. Continuous basis because we've got so much work to do that. Each and every day we we have. Greater vision for this team in this franchise. As we move forward as motivated as we've ever been in you know we had a conference call. Two weeks ago now he and I I talk to everybody in our organization from the Dominican Summer League. All the way up to the Major League team all the support staff the medical people the clubhouse people and what I simply said that in this it look. We're we're we're never going to. Forget nobody can ever take away the attendance that we have drawn. The is that television ratings the fact that from 2011 to 2017. We had more gold globe winners anybody in baseball small market team. More. All stars from 2013 to 2017. Anybody in baseball. And the fact that we were the first. Small market team in this modern era to win a World Series and go back to back in so. That is for ever seen that in general history however. We need to simply use that as a platform it's boring sport on to do something much better refi if I had beauty you know if it five ways as we said here today. In how this team. Has performed I mean we are. Or where little disgusted and truthfully and in very disappointed. Disappointed. Primarily because of our fans and you know that's my heart. For what we're trying to do it. It's hurtful to me that are that are fans are enjoying winning baseball so. What do we do well we go to work in two weeks simply try to do better than and I understand that. Most people in the game today we'll tell you that a small market teams gonna go through these types of setbacks and you're gonna go through window where you're gonna win immunity for five years and it lose the way Houston did right they they average 206 losses over. A four year here eater whatever was in and then finally. They were 500 in and they we played in the course and they had a setback and then they went to the World Series and most people see that idea to do it now that. What we're not going to. To buy into that mean we're we're going to have to build this thing. Once and for all and then expect to be successful over 1015 year period. Not that will go to World Series every year not to be in the playoffs your year but we wanna have a chance to win every single year for 1015 year period. Again people say you can't do that a small market where we're going to. Work towards that the next 34 years Anderson you know they may be a little more challenging. Will offer the gonna test our character test or are we able. They're gonna test our patience we're gonna there and test us in a lot of ways that. Those are going to be tests that we're going to the past and we're gonna do well act in the we're gonna build this thing the way we want it for a long record time.