07/19 - Carrington's Top 5; Condiments

The Drive
Thursday, July 19th
Here we go again..........

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One day. Live. Movie theater kings. Listen what's ahead. Doomsday. I gave you top five. Ships. Text line very. Yesterday I gave you wrecked this news. It was a smash. I'm trying to do something that he bit that 96. Chicago Bulls couldn't do. The bulls and their hate the lakers in their day. It's tough to go and win four straight championships you know regal against that's allowed him. Yourself in. That he is confirmed. Today's list is going to be top five continents. This is the definitive list. Honorable mention. What goes great with any sandwich at the house and Exxon that you woken up. It's been 111130. Your little hungry but you don't wanna eat something to bill. Cricket team itself it would make an excellent game your Turkey for your roast meat person. This goes great with beanie sand miracle we honorable mention kinda for me now time for the top. Number but you guys know much bigger you know I loved soccer and life goes great lit any taco. Did he actually some false false. Topped by. Salt is like itself is new money and they go back in the seventies and eighties was not it's been like a little taste a little. And hey old look so Rexall. Move it all about. Yeah I noticed that Britain here it. Highlight urged him. This right is might be built air field. Up and it doesn't cost much politically kicking and you can put it all but dead fish. Duke a lot of different things are ourselves hot sauce. We were kind of anomalous selection again I'm a little easy and I felt like rotten. Not to worry. It's it. You guys already know. Whether it's that classic eight sauce whether it's the KC masterpiece all I looked at Hickory it is what it's like another multi purpose. If not dog a lot worse or put all your burger. Barbecue sauce. It's that time. Horry kinda got a problem that movie about what was going for versatility. It kind of expected surfboard or purpose of what this is salad. If you put it but you're sticking. Rain it's resting its numbers do not it at number one. The LeBron James that kind of spectrum. That Tiger Woods not that it. But like the 96. Money plus there that number of wine. Confident out there doesn't read the Bible talk about what does. Not kept up the tomato seeds. Funny mustard double all of the whole month that may have. Most regular. I like Lesnar by far away at the common destiny is you. Other undeniable this honorable mention miracle win number five also. Powerful war I thought we reference number three barbecue sauce you know what that Clancy takes. Quite Casey Anthony baker over to rain dressed in a little hidden valley. Oh my and it and number one. Though polite and whether they'll feed it kind of busted. It's that go like that lays out the. Like little friction spicy. Mustard mustard really amounts to is that all of all of what Muster on. A lot of that they have the fate of its policy because the medals he he did leave one off some. Which it like it is probably greatest. We talk about. That in its. Does because they'll. On your spelling is when I don't. I go to McDonald's. That probably multiple assaults that probably multiple Louisiana. You if you don't have that available full range actually got catch up. They had but they've that you can you go to go five guys who favored let's say. What I want to ridge. It's also covered. It's that catch up ready to go they get catch up they got mustard. Literal. And that it's you know what's also partner stay like that that. Ketchup is available everywhere for everything. You've left and I think it's the one on your list so use. One mark your barbecue sells them and not those guys. Like it's not really active makes a lot of things like. Like groceries sports ticket you don't like I don't know if not now here's the deal here a lot ulterior Utley here well. Alexa that it's not just specifically on its plate I don't mind odd. I don't want to like spicy but it's got us flavors that you were in the recent review I mean. Let's. Yours. That. Is and it it's it's hot right like what's the point. Let's. Not like doesn't actually Saturday at it like grade three I don't hear of these sweaty as like what's the point. But just like it'll August abortion goes like that once you've challenged but what's the point vehemently like that yeah I got its flavor going off. Thought it might I got an honorable mention miracle without. Salsa hot sauce barbecue sauce and ranch dressing it must expect. Why hate on that list I'm not getting paid on it but I think there's two that your missing. And and get roasted for this but I don't care. Pesto. All my god do I love pesto on chicken. Pops done. Mozzarella. Fresh you know a very personal as you like Carrington continent pesto is really really good. And I will throw any type of peanut sauce. Peanut sauce is really did not use the line. But really really good it's like in the league reliever. In Major League Baseball does not. They'll ask this guy expect I'd say absolutely not the top five but those are two really really good confidence. The drive through it's it's a whopper. And it's as though they're not they're not drive through condiments and they are looking at home condiments. Very good one is doing penis size of it like it but it felt like it ate steaks off the air out of the law.