07/19 3p - Dayton Moore Interview, Chiefs Question & Sammy Watkins Tweets

The Drive
Thursday, July 19th
We're joined by Royals GM Dayton Moore, a question is posed about Sammy Watkins and we read some of his best tweets 

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Backe and on the drive can't sit here standing here Specter thanks in studio today's pop quiz what's the clueless. The winner got 825. Dollar gift card to pet projects grew up further ado about what we thought he's been making it. If the general manager of you or Kansas City Royals doing a lot at the urban you to count they're more. Here with the. Again it's what's going you decommissioned missile with all situation and in commissioner owner. One. At least responsibilities gospel we think about backing clean up on baskets fiasco in that area well you know like I grew up playing football like yeah everyone views yeah absolutely. Reached at least we would put the cover off the baseball Italy are out of it. And put it back in there and sell back out with like a pollster thread. There are with all that's we cut the top off of Willie Gault shaft in there and stuff with the newspapers we know more job with the ball he get it was. You were. Before that material create only got two strikes that needed after Ron goes wrong it. And yet if rules with. Gestures. This is. World worked last year. Or inaugural. We had that one day it. Joan chicks house he turns it is his front yards and two. A football stadium if you will definitely need it and you know this year weird. In three days in two days here's your academy a lot of different things go on and certain Saturday morning you'll. You know concluded. Joe's right argue nice I'm sure is watched on board with that right. He got a tip in front yard play all out there you know it's a whole community and GO. It makes it available to you know iron for a year yet. All right now we're talking to the royals general manager Dayton Moore Davis electorate really weird interest but the question I mean people think about themselves in the context of you've accomplished and done a lot of great things over your career in Kansas City. Where would you rank the accomplishment of this building that you have the stream you came up with the blueprint for you work a lot of people together and now you've seen and overlooked. Part of January big part of why this was built how would you rank this among the accomplishment that you've had your time keeps it. Well its first vote we units does that mean it's it's it's our entire community. You know coming together and supporting. You know this this academy. You know the truth of the matter is RC in the major leagues foundation wee weed it. Put together a proposal to to have a a baseball academy. Where we would come along side of young boys and young girls and and just try to grow the game and in our own small way in. And it was actually this summer July. 2000 and in fourteen. When I was at the the curve the urban youth academy Compton California. Rain into Darryl Miller. We start talking about the possibility of having an urban youth academy. In Kansas City. It's something that we talked about here. With our front office but at the time there was a transition period that was occurring in the Major League Baseball for office commissioner Selig was. Was stepping aside commissioner man effort was was on the horizon there and they were really reevaluating. The usefulness of of these academies in so. We we pushed. We we made our proposal. We went to New York we pushed a little bit more. And we we talked about the importance of of having the facility right here in the heart of our country next to the negro leagues museum. We we know what an important part. This area's two Kansas City the eighteenth and vine district in this so it's just the great match in court mayor James jump on board right away. And that without him really be in the ones that look let's get this thing done and coarse mister glass was her supporters as well so. Again it's it's a collection of a lot of people doing some great work out that a in our front office is is really kind of spearhead that a lot of the day to day operations and making sure that you know this is possible but. Carol and wobbly who you know hit it headed up or fund raising committee. She did an amazing job that you couldn't do it without the great support of the people in the city. In its it's an amazing places and continue to grow we've got so many different things plan. You know this this this fall. You know this summer was a success after school programs and and can appeal to come along a lot of boys like girls and young people lot of families in this area. But that the bigger vision the greater vision is to how can we bridge the gap. That divide that exists to. Between. The the year that urban suburban and rural parts of key NC wee we wanna use baseball. It's all balls awaiting unite young people. Different backgrounds different races different different education. Backgrounds. You know whole gamut and bring people together through the game baseball's all time royals general. Manager date more mean. This you know that I think people identify you with the general manager of the Kansas City Royals down your order but he did just try to figure out who's Goler who stayed at the trade deadline right. Well you know what it's it's it's all encompassing look you if you if you again the spirit of our tire for off this from the time we came at Kansas City was yes put it. A great product on the field do our best to put that the best team we can on the field each and every night but we also want. To make sure that young people get a chance to enjoy this game and and we wanna continue to grow the game when I spoke to our team. October 16. In 2014. After we had just swept the Baltimore Orioles and I and I told our team and I congratulated them on yes going to the World Series first time between nine years a roller back the World Series. That's great. But what we're most proud of is the fact that you all understood you players understood that players who came along before you. You understood that there was a successful. Model here in Kansas City. The Indy you basically committed to that model in use now grown in the game in Kansas City and you've ensured that other players are gonna get the opportunity. To follow what you accomplished and so that's where it's that we're just trying to make some better. They on the show over the last couple days is because the all star recruit kind of celebrating the accomplishments of the 20142050. Royals. But playing classic innings from the run gonna be a little itself this year my favorite happening that we played so far. Was the inning in game four out of the hail yes against the use Nash wrote this if there was a twenty minute stretch you can show anybody say this with the royals during that Roland that would be the inning. I don't think I've ever heard you tell a story where you were when he wants to the emotions you felt heading into the inning in just the gamut of emotions of the and seeing how that inning transpired a believe it was top of the eighth in Houston were called for at here. You know actually. I was down the club house you know old Washington watching the game and you know our players actually were back and forth as well and and a lot of times you you give it the players will gravitate towards you know in the clubhouse to watch him on T vacant seat pitch location etc. and so. You know we were we are down the clubhouse and and that your we can really feel feel feel the momentum going especially drew preacher has that it that element of that when a lot era was and so he had that it that we need to spill the momentum and and we knew as a group that we are gonna win that baseball game you know when that happened. And get goose bumps even thinking about it I mean I was there it used to that game but it was phenomenal literature. Favorite inning here athenaeum that runs in fourteen to those two teams we played a watchable the last couple replace more today. You know Greta I don't I don't reflect a whole lot on and content idea I mean I remember. In 2014. The last play what holly on the mound in you know that the ground ball that. In the stock is in your Wi 53 close game mountain where gore the world's years I remember standing in the tunnel. And you know with mr. collapsing and having you with Indian was down there as well. And it just watching our players so great to me that was those amazing time but you know I don't reflect the whole lot of I mean I don't Wear I don't Wear rings. I don't think about it. Continuous basis because we've got so much work to do that. Each and every day on which we have. Greater vision for this team in this franchise. As we move forward as motivated as we've ever been in you know we had a conference call. Two weeks ago now and I I talk to everybody an organization from the Dominican Summer League. All the way up to the Major League team all the support staff the medical people the clubhouse people and what I simply said that in this it looked. We're we're we're never going to. Forget nobody can ever take away the attendance that we have drawn. The is that television ratings the fact that from 2011 to 2017. We had more gold globe winners anybody in baseball small market team. More. All stars from 2013 to 2017. Anybody in baseball. And the fact that we were the first. Small market team in this modern era to win a World Series and go back to back in so. That is for ever seen that in general history however. We need to simply use that as a platform it's boring sport on to do something much better refi if I had if you know if you file as we said here today. How this team. Has performed I mean we are. Or or little disgusted him truthfully and in very disappointed. Disappointed. Primarily because of our fans and you know that's my heart. For what we're trying to do is it's. It's hurtful to me that are that are fans are enjoying winning baseball so. What do we do well we go to work. In two weeks simply try to do it better than and I understand that. Most people in the game today we'll tell you that a small market teams gonna go through these types of setbacks and you're gonna go through window where you're gonna win immunity for five years in. It lose the way Houston did where I think they average 506 losses over. A four year here eater whatever was in and then finally. They were 500 in the and they replace him of course and they had a setback and then they went to the World Series and most people see that idea to do it now it. What we're not going to. To buy into that mean we're we're going to have to build this thing. Once and for all and then expect to be successful over 1015 year period. Not that we'll go to World Series every year not to be in the playoffs or year but we wanna have a chance to win every single year for 1015 year period. Again people say you can't do that a small market where we're going to have. Work towards that the next 34 years Anderson you know they may be a little more challenging. Will offer the gonna test our character test or are we able. There protests are patients are gonna there and test us in a lot of ways but. Those are going to be tests that we're going to the pass and we're gonna do well at in the we're gonna build this thing the way we want it for a long record time. Right now we're talking to the general manager of the royals the mortgage joining us live at the urban youth academy is gonna hold with this through the break on the other side talked about what mop. What Romney effort at its about Mike Trout about the the name its auto trade in we gotta talk about it Dorsey is gonna happen. Lot of very import decision could come up in the next two weeks right now we're taught us that general manager of the royals the more live on the drive. Right now we're talking to the royals general manager Dayton Moore his live with us at the urban youth academy got a lot to get into I just saw this it broke during our conversation from the first part of it. Royals' minor league outfielder Bubba starling will be sidelined approximately six weeks after suffering a dislocated left index finger injury. The injury occur off the field during a visit home last week date now that you give us all be about the issue about. Still can't find out the details as well. You know I know it's it's been. Unfortunate you know but obviously. Expecting big things out of him certainly this year in. There we had fuel leak issue and it was who do really really well fact that spoke to Austin graders who or sports science. Director. About ten days ago and he was just so pleased with values come along and just kind of an unfortunate you know. Circumstantial Cleo and get back before the year's out no play winter ball and see what happens but it it's they're tough go. Now the rules are burrito bit too because I added that it did bubbles going to be opens in in September. And I thought coming off the oblique injury coming back seat and I actually thought maybe it was did you go on go Bubba I think what was going to be here in September but. Does that how much does that bug you when it when it's off the field thing. Verses of. Australia it's got to drive you crazy villages and it doesn't when things happen off the field. Whether B you know in this case you know wait in homer with south corporate yeah you know is the season began and he's carrying luggage up the stairs there. And or or player gets hurt in the weight room and you want if you're gonna get hurt you want her on the field. Right now we're talking to the general manager of the royals they more for a few more minutes they don't wanna ask you have a lot going on in baseball but also it's been a very busy last couple days this is what the major league Baseball Commissioner rob Manfred to say about Mike Trout. Mike is a great great player really nice person but he made certain decisions with what he wants to do what he doesn't wanna do and now he wants has been his free time now he doesn't wanna spend his free time. That's up to him if he wants to engage and be more active in that area I think we could help him make his brain really really big. But he asked to make a decision he's prepared to engage in that area it takes time and effort. The angels then fire back and defend their players that the most organizations won't do. Ike we can. Baseball has become so edgy. Not need each sport but such a localized war in nationally maybe it's not as big as it was how do you think we help baseball growth this national level where somebody like Mike Trout. Who would they once and a generational kind of player he is the proper stall or the way he should be on the level of auto back on the way of James Harden LeBron those kind of scores how to we give Mike Trout to that level. Well I mean first I'm not completely familiar with with the situation the contacts and I who can mr. main effort right. Who I respect greatly and I think he's doing amazing things for our game and in trying to grow or gain continued to make it strong with you know one baseball to play ball initiative that he's doing he's been a big part of without him in in his. His pushing him in this academy where were sitting here right now today simply does not happen but. I think it all comes back this I mean I really do I think he comes back to having players that that connect with fans. Andy I look at sell the corporate Salvador Peru is has personality. He loves to play. He enjoys interacting with the fans as does like the stock is Eric Hosmer Lorenzo Cain players we've had here. In the past four or current players that means they have to be the ones that. Drive it in their own community hand when you connect with the fans in the fans want to know your story. And that's how baseball is a mean it's it's a long season 162 games as we all know and and that's the very best way to do it when you when the umpire says play ball you go out there and give your best effort you play with passion so. People were watching that scene what that looks like. Playing baseball looks like a lot of fun. And and inept player instance time in the community. Does interviews. Helps with charities. Comes along side of young people and just helps them with life mean I think that's how you. You you grow the game I mean it. You I guess you can marketed all you want to put it on you two bit and in what have you but it. And you know it's such it in ESPN generations we know he is just look at the highlights now. In and they don't necessarily sit down and watch an entire game but at the end of the team that day. People. Main. Understand what you say or remember what you say that they always remember. How you make them feel. And so if you wanna grow the game you gotta make the fans feel like are part of the game. Putted it more royals general manager Doug you're here urban youth academy I can't commit really to point have this conversation about Mike Trout and commissioner yesterday. And what is it about a third of Major League Baseball now is international Latin players is that about right probably so yeah what are how much that plays into because I noticed from a media standpoint. You will speak Spanish it's tough to communicate with some of the players and Indian in defense of the players. It a lot of those guys are hesitant to say anything in English because that'll be taken the wrong way is do you think that Holtz. Back so the stars are. Bring out there that I think that that's an interesting point in Oprah rev war one of the things that I always look so much about based off. Is that diversity you know that the different backgrounds. You know players come from different countries in. Is this a different different ethnic backgrounds and in an analogue of the diversity if I find that fascinating and he and you know the strength of a teen. Ultimately is because of its its diversity in players one to know where each other came from wants to know her story and so. I think we've got to continue to do a better job of that that's why this facility is right here in the urban core I mean we we wanna attract. You know the African American kid. In this game in and we want them took to the law of playing baseball. You know the in in Asia baseball's huge deal as we know what's the number one sport Japan and and South Korea and in in Taiwan and I mean that they want to play and so I wanna see. An influx of the Asian player coming to play in the United States as well I mean so. That's that's something that that you bring up is an interesting point but. Again the player Mike Trout back to you know the original question mean Mike Trout is a an amazing person. He's a great kid I mean he he exemplifies. That does that good old American kid truthfully and he does he loves people. He's he's always engaging watching when you know when they come to our ballpark we get a chance to meet compete against him. You know obviously in the playoffs and and he's always. You're having fun on the field you always seem handling things respect. And integrity the way he does interviews and I think he represents our games so well and you know what I would look for my son to try to model who is as a person after my truck. Right now we're talking today more for problem in this state I've got to trade deadline questions as we all know me the child that would trigger from the memorial to the Dodgers Lotta people to put two and two together taught my how that now opens up the market may be a little bit more from my stock is held that your system but child goes in the in the rest of the players' fault line how true is that an army which got traded. Moves is not gonna be chews up part of behind while. Well I I think that's that's certainly a valid point. You know all talk specifically about Mike whose stock is quick. I think queen you know when a player like I mean the child who's who's obviously. You know on the trade market in a lot of play a lot of people or inquired about him in trying to put their best forward foot forward to attain that player. In and then when he's gone and then they make a go down the line and they look to acquire you know a different type of player or similar type players so. You know Mike whose stock is is is having a very good year for us and certainly there there there's interest in him and but what will see where that goes that doesn't mean just because there's interest in him that is mean we will. We don't necessarily move him. You know we have to evaluate each and every opportunity in in put it in perspective and how it helps our team now how helps it you know for. The future but we'll see how that unfolds. How much it you're gay right now was either maybe calling it team and saying hey we really like this minor league part we we we he believed to give you player X for these guys in the minors. How much of that is rated team Ottawa but the what team out there calling about we really like a player or your team we think he can help get us over the whole. I'm usually usually it's it's the other mean that team would call you. In inquire about the player mean. In you know I've been doing this for twelve years now I've never ever called another team it's that are you interested in our player. The other day if they note that that the proper procedures if you have interest in another team's player you call. Can you inquire about now I've called to countless teams. And asked about a certain player that work trying to acquire that we think helps finish off you know our 25 man roster and to help what can make you competitive and that's the situation that we Vinnie in here the last six years or so and we've been in the market trying to acquire Major League talent. To help. Solidify our 25 man roster to put us in a more competitive situation to match up to win in the playoffs and hopefully win a World Series and this time last year. You know like I am mistaken about it the other day in the when we have with the game and half lead in the wild card. Or so. Towards the trade deadline and we think we have where half game behind. The Cleveland Indians and we acquired Matt Howard barker two guys performing well the Padres bullpen. And we go into Boston we win two out of three. And then we we acquire. Melky Cabrera and we really felt we were in good shape you know the for the last two months and it just didn't work out sometimes that happens in baseball but we've always been on the other hand we're we're trying to acquire Major League players to help for. Our Major League team. The last question here I don't wanna call any player untouchable because if you the Yankees call it an and they are willing did you hear judge for some corporate and that's certainly something you think about double the trader will leave you make. But is there a group of players that you may be go into it saying we don't wanna treat these guys because that's also what they that's close schools on Twitter. That mayor you're right now he is he's as good as pins Oprah's would you trade at one back at 2050. That's like somebody that is part of rebuilding this thing that we win this thing gets back together whether it's next year down the line he's gonna be won the players that help you get back the playoffs and won the World Series do you have maybe player aspect to tell us who they are we just we don't wanna treat these guys because we want them to be here when it. Well he's an the hurricane with you mean when their fuel one of those guys having no players untouchable and you always have to stay open minded because. Against the McKee just come up with a proposal that does makes really. Just great sense and you'd just have to move forward with it for the for the betterment of the organization. But you know players that use the on our team that fit with our financial structure. And you feel like they still have really good years headers and current prime of their career those are players that we're going to be quick or. That is the royals general manager date more gracious what this time to join us at the urban youth academy Jules you're at we're happy to be that we we played six. Got a doubleheader tonight that's been Eric guaranteeing auditorium yeah willful pattern you know I'm. Political or face the pitcher. And I think it's not a guarantee many things that I'll get better I feel real good about appreciate you guys being here was that up. There's special thanks royals general manager pay more coming up on the other side chance of a thousand bucks for a national gas cuts as its drive. I apologize for getting us back a little bit late well you can forgive him that it does have the general manager of your Kansas City Royals. One that show me more look at something he says that I thought was very very interesting bits that momentarily but it's your chance without the bucks. It's a thousand all the parties that's the work Eric. He ate all our. Mary JR NC 2781. Here. A thousand dollar cash and look at this sixers Sports Radio. In the all Sports Radio station thinking it is that you UG a while now the dollar each weekday all you gotta do. It was a 30% to seventy Norton next is that when it's coming up in one hour at 430. Promise a better not be complete rules that listing over its exit sports dot com more time that the mark here in the well. Eric DR. NC theory ERE. In 7288. Back if you can hit it is what it more difficult that he set out a lot in the studio. The hurricane with you mean when their fuel one of those guys having no players untouchable and you always have to stay open minded because. Against a leakage just come up with proposal that is mixed ruling. Just great sense and you just have to move forward with that for the for the betterment of organization. But you know players that you see on our team that fit with our financial structure. And you feel like they still have really good years headers and current prime of their career. Those are players that we're going to be quick or. The oil is already very interesting cross roads as an organization. When it comes rebuilding in what you'd need to do. But the Padres for example the Padres as it aired out over a hundred million dollars. They signed Brett in in January. I think they're gonna be. They pinch right there close with just signed in January this year or prospect. There any very resting place right now with what they're trying to do. I am a firm believer of your date more got us that there you've got to look you guys you'd think part of the problem and guys you think a part of the solution. Problem necessarily is all the guys that we don't think we're gonna help us and we're really good at 20/20 two when we got a chance to compete. Went air fuel is one of the players that is part of the solution here. The game. I don't think it is it in the context though if you got off result once it's racial content trader. Let's be realistic you that's not happening with their view. My readable list they're a much rain would there be a much ratings up rise. When this team is good and I think they have machines that make the playoffs in who sees that point point. He's going to be. Along with south or reds they are going to be part of the solution import the guys you're talking about who were pushing the whales forward. Those are guys I'd be willing to part with the listening to date forty they'll be Jackson. Any any talk to the number of times about the size of the market city the fact that the royals. The first small market team in in the modern era to win a World Series back to back World Series will now. And the reason I bring that up is because it would matter if you please point out your old. He's essentially making the league minimum he's not eligible for arbitration. Until two thousand twenties that you have an affordable player. It's really good. The fans really like that you played multiple positions and it doesn't cost you much which had to be a free agent. Because he was such a late bloomer until point point three. You know she got a guy that with some ability bouncer on the field. In a number of positions that we got moved on the order. You all these different things that has tremendous value out is gonna have a lot of value to other teams as well but for the royals in the financial situation it. They're faced with an a small market he's a perfect fit for that. You have to make the list to a few days more a lot of lists being made. Guys that are outperforming their contract who were guys that we make or playing to the with a top of that eight guys thicker audit report their. Outscored has turned things around it's equal degree over the totality of his yeah so it's a war that money that the royals gave. Ian Kennedy is underperformed. The money that was able to talk about it god we're in the most paying for your block. Mayor of eagle putt at the tops of oil might be the top eight Major League Baseball you'd think about what his employer is paying him. In the production vehicles that every single day those contracts that you won't. Well guys that are making. Half a billion dollar one point two million dollars that are getting 8000009. Billions and billion dollar or kind of production also edit it. Whitman air field right now is as good as it Oprah's wasn't in the world trader wrote in 150 epic about. A lot of us myself included one that would sign the fourth Earl Pitts or Bristol or deal. You got that same player right now of where your deal five years younger than that there was. That would mayor you'll be here throughout the direction of this contract keeping the bout happen with me or he's gonna it would be a guy that played multiple positions. A got in it for power and it got in particularly. Plus nowadays well the illegally until base let teachers that guy can run well that's the guy got it yet have absolutely I mean. Here you sit tops in baseball wouldn't you back this up which takes time to do it and you know for tomorrow but. I wouldn't be surprising in terms of value for what he makes makes 569000. Dollars. She and that's like that's that's probably the best deal all of these applauding another one of those guys do this the royals I thought. We're getting a really pretty good deal for what to pay it or nasal or better. At least four million bucks a year which in baseball terms isn't very much that he was having a heck of a year before matters so yeah I mean those are the guys at the rose at pilgrim. You know when you've got moose and Pozen those guys you know on on there on the rookie deals and are arbitration eligible he controlled for six years and you make that run. That's when you win it's not like to me that when he was in here see guys that. They feel like they can sustain success you know fruits and fifteen year period and that's title to go Ford said it just one window of 45 years so. Excellent sixth night reserve's six royals playoffs when he argued dropped twenty would be to sue his ticket at. I don't know why you guys always under estimate when teams can come back into it but they if you like the Atlanta Braves. In Atlanta Braves last year once 72 games the Atlanta Braves a couple of seasons ago one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball and they turn things around another one of the better teams in Major League Baseball. It doesn't take it along with that to be competitive at eighty people at that's been the twins last year. Up perfectly the idea that if you trust it will even ate more. I think 22 when he is early as you can do because these markets the contracts off the book you its partners up with Ian Kennedy you can UB at a outscored contract. And you could really start to do some stuff but point one guaranteeing they'll be in the playoffs. But that's the time line I'm going the royals but it's one of the should be a competitive baseball team any team that should be competing for the wild card. I don't think that's unrealistic it in twenty shooting the royals a lot of bail him a lot of leeway here the world can be competitive baseball team in the next few years when you look at out. Easier it is to be competitive now what that's like while our our team can talk itself in to be competitive. If you are three games under 500 but your four games back a while or spot. It's bought yourself in to have that changes in the roster be competitive a lot faster than people given. Credit the Minnesota Twins lost under three games to go sixteen to laughs last year walker right. So it can be done. The Detroit Tigers I a cover that team they are a hundred loss team you know from watching years and they go to the World Series 2006. That distinct turnaround. You know in in the other part of that too was that done before the start from. Essentially scratch would date of those guys got here at no they had no. Support nothing in Latin America they built that thing up they start from scratch at least right now you're starting with all your your. Your pieces in place. You've got your academies you've got your motto you got all the others that Miley needs to be pulled up your prospects they get part of that but the framework is already in place the royal. That went to these guys that go over what ten years ago. Coming up next. We continue our chief questions as we get ready for training camp. We do that next AM one of my favorite bits that we do we'll do that all coming up next the regret. Back on the drive and it's RG question momentarily loss of its that you're starting nine as we're playing classic innings royals run into fourteen into one big team. Coming up in. Fifteen minutes or so we'll replay of the fifteen Ailes yes games six top of the ninth inning as the royals took oil and the Iran oh. GE's will get that coming up in jets made it. Well we got a little bit of break news other NBA Oklahoma City has agreed to trade Carmelo Anthony in a protected when he went to pick. All portrait one point two picks in the it yet. The Atlanta Hawks four finish rotor into Mike let's ala. Carmelo Anthony will be waived you'll join the theme of his choice people that seem to be either Houston Rockets Carmelo Anthony. Will be in Atlanta hawk like thirty seven's the that he's not done that he's done in the probably heading. Okay good how is more Carmela cannot oath of re EU to the freshman. It means it's thirty or OK guys without LF 23 yen to three years ammonia bouts. Yeah I don't that's interest in any bells got it's never really won much right and he's a really out of ballplayer. We had at waddle I don't he has not little via nine wells. Coming up in just eight bit we will get you are you aiding and are starting let's let let's hit the music. We're gonna tease question in the week one question. Each day before the start of training camp a week from today in saint gel in today. I met this guy he. He takes the snap broad view right sides went so yeah you're right front of his face mask makes the catch bits and other. Alliance smaller for Sammy Watkins did eight touchdown of the season and the Iranians take the lead 1913. With 640 to go live there. Given the low mood of talent on the offensive side of the ball with Kareem on Travis Kelsey and Tyreke kill. Amy Lockett is probably comes in fourth what is it realistic expectation. For the new chiefs wide receiver from free agency. Am I wrong in thinking that that flow problems out on because the only people we have the keys to our future hall of fame. All we're thinking but I think that she's have a chance of being the better version of the raiders do oh what are your. Martin who are Michael Crabtree. Crabtree if things go about last year we got beat up. But. 89 catches. 1000 yard touchdown passes for Michael Crabtree he seeks to go with here are really really good. My expectation if you're Michael Brett or your Amy Lockett made four. Billion dollars to be the second what are your team maybe a double what you have got to catch it break down. Man I gotta see you have these 900 yards seven touchdowns more. Billion dollars this. You can have a that the forties last year later this morning they'll resort here golf Beckett the case this year four point six Michael Crabtree and seeing what. Around ninety catches that thousand yard eight touchdown that they get the fair thing a whole lot. I'm action Lockett had the best years Korea cancer. Again pestered his career is best here right now 1047. Yards nine touchdowns that was 2015 buffalo we talked about this earlier in the week. The quarterbacks that sandy Lockett has played with over the course in his career is not all of its outstanding EJ Manuel Matt Cassel Tyrod Taylor dude like that. Right so sick you Lockett had exactly had some great quarterback threw in the other to catch the football product that your golf last year and ask this question. Who scares you more out of there out of the chief weapons Tyree killed Travis Kelsey sandy lot it is the main. Tyrant killing Travis guilty scary more than any blockage which means. Kelsey and hill are getting to help a lot of attention to lock it could have its chances on say a thousand yards and ten touchdowns in the past year his career percent. It's a little bit sleep in the quest to vote just because I know what I read killing that he. Travis doesn't look like in his office I don't know what's any Lockett like if we're talking about weapons provided to the quarterback. This is the best opportunity to vet out. When they had Mona Gonzales and they had reasonable that those guys and me keep off it there's no shortage of right it skill positions for the teach you got the guy that Libya though Russia got a arguably the top name pop it wide receiver entire retail. Some people think that it Lockett better than tired you know I would make up what the subject that you've got arguably the best I think the thing that you know well. Mean no shortage of weapons if you pager cited the what you mean if you need production if you're paying your wide receiver of the way your main blocking. Production he needs to have at least. Or does your do I gotta put two guys that Tyree could potentially to like Kelsey who got Lockett made that elevates and you know I mean Erica can possible any time that we can catch. Travis calcium matchup nightmare. For as fast as he isn't as big as he is I think that's why sandy lie it's going to be freed up that are really really big. The next it's our questions. For that day. You know any time we talk about Sammy Watkins. Beckett only mean one day. This crops like what are. The conscience of symbolism of power. In the real Chilean power. Which is eternal life. For ever. Little redundant. Or alive for a be conscious of symbolism of power in the real true power which is the eat which is the girl's life. Four turtles for a Z Amy Watkins Woolen sweater. And we got more yeah. Power is beautiful. One body of people. Been to visit Seoul and collectively. It shouldn't never be about possessions that cult that goes Seagal law and order and everything should come to you because you know how to handle. And the Gator teams that come with you know we need to do. In trading at CEO we need to Ian bell every day where there. A city Watkins book like he'd be able to sit down it's your coffee table. Actually that is couple call is read the morning paper and read all is Amy Lockett sweethearts music stick up put that together. I'll put together a biter like a hundred books we're gonna handouts maybe lock a week training camp thought it was the eighty watt and well. To read CME's tweets to Sammy training camp and edited yet another tell us what they me that's what I one. Yeah. Don't get stuck in that makes. It's more like outside the circle. And coming out I think that. Not accurately Otis. It's that and obviously there. Spec we problem or yeah. Everything is there. As every time we talk about sending locket that Reid is tweets. If you are failing NFL drug tests now you're not talking to the right person. Anybody that types it on the Internet everything is the third dimension is an illusion it's all fake is the I every single person that says this is high and we. Every single person who was that don't get stuck in the matrix it's more light outside the circle in the marijuana use it you failed NFL marijuana. Does anyone can immediately applied a hobby is that there's no doubt in my mind seemed like you don't doubt in my time. That the original was there and like I principle that's it was an area. I'm just vote there's no chance. They're that is the opposite is locked in doesn't yet he wrote in a hundred person smokes or one of you fill it up a drug test. You are done with that news and lock him because he's. And every single one. Coming up we're gonna continue our starting nine as the week includes its though act we will replay the top of the ninth inning and that's what it ALCS game six. As the royals took a little blue jays all that coming up.