07/19 - 2015 ALCS Game 6 Top 9

The Drive
Thursday, July 19th
Wader....CHECK PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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We take a trip to Baghdad. Game six this is the top of the ninth inning as the royals have gone that the Toronto Blue Jays. And the royals goal unto their second straight World Series this is the 2015. Games six ALCS the top of the ninth to any royals first the blue jays and expect. Any nets is along with Ryan see virtue vitriolic speech dirt on free. Kauffman Stadium the royals three outs away. Russell Martin will. Leading off. Case catcher is so. David. Here we go and ninth inning. Davis fifteen. And Russell Martin's blinds one to center field income came in a hurry and dropped her hip pain was buried deep. Mark knew about the end of the bat blooper into short center. It would tying runs on base. A pinch runner. Dalton unpaid okay. Going to run for Russell Martin. Alarm came up the ocean floor who can. But. Florida just commanded double. Davis. Binge grant should have been considered as a runner the pitcher strike notice second and today for the full. How the jays at the tying run in scoring position. Nobody out. Right one to Kevin flower. Don't they usually need. Terrific speech late. Second base on the very first bill. And for the moment. Feel and on Alex. Gordon had been left. Arms up in the air and Nelson the plate umpire after walking out. Toward the pitcher's mound turned surrounding. Back behind home plate. Now. Canada and a lot of maybe slipped to second pitches below heartache she. Outside ball wound. Leadoff single player Russell Martin. Runners stealing second. And people are. Right and that includes the pitch. And into. Batting in the 43. Three outs win. In this series. One and two. In terms of pit. Late chewing fun alone. Water hit the ball yardage first and he would. Rocket ride around. Walking to the seven. At second base. And to strike. Jay's putting up the fight. Into the game. The picture of the surrendered a third and save as he slides in head first. Reds did not handle the pitch from Davis cleanly. And children pinch runner and stolen two bases and our runner at third. Nobody out. The infield now. We'll have to come into play at the plate. Three balls two strikes. In the pitch from leak Davis. I cup final coming back and out of play. In two and below are. All can play at third. Tonight Davis. 32 pitch. And shy away. Below are. We're charged with a walk and now he's at first. Love the number nine hitter coming up. Dioner Navarro and. He is going to hit for the first time. Borrowed to switch hitter. Arnold batting in the spot occupied by. Easy double play Canada. Mention that because you. Over rationale didn't need for a second but through the first runner back. Florida three royal couple of them. Leadoff single. Contributor. To stolen bases. Walk. Her first and third nobody out. He didn't. But the liturgy pitches it's. Call one to Navarro. And Navarro. They're left handed. It's. 246. Million regular season but. Davis brings it home. And eventually fouled straight back when balls and strikes. Blue jays are not going quietly. Little score runs nine hits you PH three runs on seven. Navarro Biggs yeah. This brings it and finish right. Retired shouldn't hitter he's for the. You know stunning disclosure of the understood the coroner and the 12 pitch or gruesome under control. Waters enabled. And I'm just the shingle. Possibly put Toronto in front. The jays now we're down to their last two ouch. Then repair will be the hitter. And Ramirez singled doubled. Two more hands new. On her second and third all four infield. Are usually here. And removed. Left handed better. They didn't spit. Outside Lambeau. Mean strike. It's third alarm checking. It's a very good treat. The outfield shallow. And around the left. One little bit. What inside two balls no strike. Even with. The speed of Kevin Malone are the runner at second. Gordon came ours so shallow. That it would be very difficult on the ball hit directly to either Gordon or pain to score. Ball hit to right field. Goes a little bit deeper strike call. Yeah we're. While trying to fight off the blue jays here in the and win the series. Toronto trying to keep the series alive. And a time. To take the lead. The engine room. Strike. Center of the diamond. And this season. Script out of Hollywood. Two outs two on the best reliever in the American League. Against. He's probably going to be the most valuable player of the American League. Crowded. We'll be an outside Poland. Donaldson and regular season. June 9741. Home run. 41 double. 133. Strike down. And rather finish. Little bit. Big swing. And gave up two strolling. He gave a lot to play longer. Than he gave up control and based the car. Two straight right now. You'll strike out. Charges that he. You did that back in. One ball one strike two line to. Series on the line right here and Davis that Donald. Well. It's pretty simple now. Julie Davis against Josh Donaldson. Which one will prevail. Whichever. Ground ball third missed practice and started. Just heard.