07/17 - OLine

The Day Shift
Tuesday, July 17th

This offensive line can really break the development of our QB. 


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That one thing that people and it's an ambulance. After going after the watch Hatcher. Who want to what's in the two of sorts I read it in their career. Interval workers a year to speak that could stop anybody although I don't think that's the relief. For people drive an important I think that's. TV air under the ball that's my whole speed gun would you agree that that might be the one thing they're watching I doubt they'll be watching the offensive line girls. Something tells me that that's not going to be. Beer you teal LB he hits led. Now until they do team drills is a lot of people who care line but it does a lot of times the doing. The script the office of defense. And beat writers there and look at who's looked on the offensive line with the ones and twos together you can figure depth chart. He's you see who's in which winds and with homes that that's the starter. But generally people just don't go up there and say. Whose ethnic LDP Mitch worker Fisher albeit humor REIT units that are. In who they do and had them or that Parker anger he's it is shut privilege don't care about the office like unfortunately. You've got to have a good off the line. Go to anymore you're just not going and we're on offense if you can't pass block in if you can't run block especially passport this year. Patrick Holmes and aired out execs got to have our. I don't care how good he is or he could throw if you didn't have the time you'll see it. And that's the penis that out to me when I came across as NFL all sorts of lying rankings. All 32 teams units entering 2018. Business from pole. Oh ball focus back now okay so Dassault is impossible fault is instead. Let's dig into this thing or dive into this because when it comes to looking at the chiefs. They have issues that need to be addressed when he comes to the are also declined that we talked about that as much. Because typically right now everything in and everybody's in the mold of talk about that he's from one perspective. It is the perspective of look at all the skill position weapons at. Backed up past the home's gonna have his his balls we talk about Tyreke TO we talk a loss Amy Watkins we talked a lot Chelsea we talked about rebound double all these guys. And we anticipate a going to be play makers. And it after that we Celtic was gonna happen defensively. Or buried it was back who finished up well was happy with the linebackers. Is it sends. Rightly are they gonna be good what is the quarterback's going to be with Nelson. In Amherst. The group that we have not paid any attention to you Andrew the big concern about that much. Has been the offensive line as you just talked about it according to the rankings they go what 32 is all it's all teams. They have the Kansas City Chiefs not the top five. Not the top ten. Now the top fifteen badly it is that he sees projected starting lineup in this is projected just baseball both. All's well they have right now and put in in injuries that they have added need it and how this stuff has been working in terms a look at an increase from last year. This is what their projected starting line appears they have left tackle here this year left guard Bryant went span of which. I don't I don't know about that but that's his way to the ports projector right now senator Mitch Morse right guard LBT and right tackle Mitchell Swartz. Yes Schwartz is the highest rated portion. It eighty. Point well okay. Erik Fisher. He ended up. What those seventy point four. On greed and he has at his old world great okay when it's been forty point six Mitchell's law ms. Morse. At 44 point nine in LDT 78 point two. 2017. Sees it in rain they had an sixteenth. Sixteen at the end of last year now they have that she's projected at eighteen it's a big drop back a couple spots okay. This is what they have is via analysis the chiefs are the definition of a solid if unspectacular unit. Mitchell Schwartz is one of the best why tackles in the game earning an eighty. Op points year old ol' ball great last season but pretty much everyone else on the line is right on average for their position. Bet it's the job done in today's NFL the winner all times a line is only as strong. As it's weakest. Link. So the weight cobalt focused looks at is. Yes the chiefs have a couple of guys that are solid and better than average is Swartz is really good as well the best right tackles in the business. Oh we got some work to do great intro to that all the decline because we can't sit here and weakens us. B Mets or buys and daydream about patching the Holmes and patty cake make you sick when his arm is going to do. Four I recently his speed or Samuel watches his speed or Travis tells he created separation from bombed out on the linebackers. It doesn't matter if the author of the widest tracks in this office applied take steps back. It's not go to war and look I did I understand. That if you haven't elite quarterback. They can't make or having a battle and won big with suitable Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay Packers all the supplies haven't been that great ever since they won a Super Bowl. But that's Aaron Rodgers I'm not expecting pack two home CB Aaron Rodgers in year number one. Not any equals so how can I state. That patch homes going to be the best course of himself anywhere near close but one is of course your play here. Oh for sure star number two as somebody who's. Gonna be starting behind all the sublime it is a projected to be all that great I just look at it that way. Hope that this all the line protects him because if they don't protect him. In his team's not going anywhere but when you sit here you start looking at the overall rate and they think that this team is actually from a Altamont perspectives got a regrets. If they actually did regrets it tells a couple of things. That number one we gonna have to be seen upgrade this alternate supplier over the next year whether it's the draft read through whatever. In number two it also tells you being. Oh well what you're losing is that all. Acting a lot of fans heard the name Zach pulled. A lot of stand salt would admit to this team in this organization. Game inning game now but now you have to look at the fact that the guy is gone he signed elsewhere in one of the reasons why he got big money. And was signed elsewhere because he was such a valuable member in both single member of the softens. He really wasn't look at this last year that formative 146 at 630 ports that are. 150 left guard sixty to record shows versatility seder was the most. And obviously left or eating please marine guard twelve pressures like out. One hit. Eleven or one hit that one hit on one it tactful as senator and to our decisions so he's quote out of position at different times. That's a tough guy to replace Zach old and in the near and do things he did better for would be the highest reading chiefs' offensive lineman. I believe last year with the Kansas City Chiefs who asked what protection a probable focus so. It it was a loss for the chiefs aren't obese. He birdied loomed in a defensive line he's switched say that there Irving was or statements -- reached switched over to the offensive line. So. Will this be a focus I would have to say this will be a focus. Of bread be impeached draft this year it'll be so you spent the strip. On the defense but he's got two skilled positions the going to be your book appears remote Perry you'll kill steal those cream on. And Tim you walk and obviously so nick next year and focus on the war. I think that's worked his focus will be next in the next. It has to be you you you you have to concede it shall and off the sublime to just. Look if if you're not talking about all. Protecting your future the future is pats homes this team is going nowhere without Patrick Holmes if they don't protect. Past homes. They you're gonna be stuck for quite some time yea he's got some great offensive weapons that's all fine and dandy but the got to make sure that they to take here medium religion. That's the homes that are broader. But he is decent at you know reading he's giving up to a to a low pressure so he is at least that's going forum defected. And he's good stepping outside the with his arms during. He can throw off the back foot eel like Aaron Rodgers so nobody can scramble he's got a runner he's running stats more veteran activate wealthy can run its scramble okay. But he's mobile Bloomberg elusive cameras each case. He gets back he's not in Iraq is but he's not ready virtual. No it was more was he somewhere but that's to the mornings a week Ehrlich Rodgers but he Keyon. It least. Minimize mistakes of growth it's like hughes' arms so strong in he's willing to take it but how many hits you want Patrick almost aching. In the name change any command of the game. Or where units that on that keep people to people just have to acknowledge it when it comes down to a bank. There is that people. That was a key laws that was. Very underrated loss if you're cheating and eat it -- accolades all of the escalade does Jamaal Charles once said but he was he was a valuable member of this team.