07/17 - 9 am - Is Alcohol Good For You?

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, July 17th
In the final hour, we take a look at some of the biggest lies and liars that we have come across. Plus, can alcohol prolong your life? 

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Spoil pastor comes up now life is on the internet's. Yesterday was a big day for people it. People. Social media using the word lies tunnels going on often brutal summer for as life comes yeah that's who that guy honest I held that picture stays forever. Of the I said jazz saxophone as that appears as Salvador whereas you win with that is the second trumpet here and a mom OK yes I was always like I think he would be playing the whether it jazz saxophone and the jazz flute as they set an anchorman. At a place called the Q believe gray on second street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Harry phenomenal Cubans and answer. Have you been there was if you believe raised awesome right across the street there's an old school like upscale minor alleles or you're telling maternal I am telling you know Dahlia. I think we're gonna lie about or at least the last. He's like well I spent a weekend when nine acutely race. It was a night he played Villanova remember that game that got snow and they get snowed ultimately the only in its notice and the only people in the building were me and my friend. And as a hotel California united now I now stated height which is now that he'll. There's plenty room because you had doesn't while go ahead decent favored Google cellar for a as a C the first image comes up not him it's not there's a hell of very nicely gentlemen a Fedora glasses. Yeah I'm I'm I'm going to sometime in musician who looks like a musician he does he looks like a guided that is absolutely doing the horn player now an example they lie on the Internet right yet that just one example of why there's lies out there people. Lies a lot yesterday I don't know why would it went way however came but like all the stuff that was going on yesterday. On in the world gotta kind of think about some of the great lies. In sports these lies that we can. Ruth you know just is some things he herbal Herbalife generalize or persuasions and but that these are like lies that you can really really really prove and the the first one that I thought of immediately was Danny Almonte he remembered Daniel Monday the the alleged little leaguer who helped the and it was team from New York City if I'm not mistaken when the little league world championship. And came come to find out he was fourteen years old went down eleven at. Here is that there on the mound like that into the madness so much closer in Little League like he he was so long and lanky was it was reaching home plate that he said. Minded you know is very dominant performance that was an actually a scandalous it was like a twenty year old daughter is fourteen but it reminds evil we and Alfred Montana's and partly team that we are playing at the pick it any arsenal were singing happy birthday Alford in the dugout. In my dad was the coach he goes over an offering of Howell deter that they offered and offered as a turned thirteen my dagger aside. In eligible. And sell the Danny Almonte they thing being fort actually had to play my grade. Yeah it would migrate rather page has always tried to recruit her record that got it like and held back twice. Think it's a fact that the damage we'll tell you my. Bad kids got an army is nineteen whatever is the seventh grade you buy cigarettes are the TV or. Where portent and it. It's 87. Areas that I wanted to achieve Kelly leak rolls up you know I think. It was OK there you Monty was fine and either I was and a items Downey performance that's all right so it was a couple years older big deal about her car seat on the back of her I think. Kapono had not expired ones and it. Other lies. Rafael Palmeiro and is Raphael Palmeiro lie and I am a professional popular culture of the start by telling you this. I have never used steroids. A ten. Local portal. And if if if don't know when you know prices rates behavior problem paying but it these hell's 5351. And they come back and says hey Harry I'd Jabil I did it now that I was definitely clean then yeah the early show. Them that equals. As the Eagles at 53 you still play in the mail right and so in recording it had to be clean back and now it's knowing how that works. Rosie Ruiz. Doesn't stumble over. In front of me across the street. Contract clothes and wearing a number. I thought some images of this moment. Mary or that he's the Boston Marathon using the subway or her right back like the early are not in the know that story yet seen because the reason Josh and I know about it because we had the same videotape is acute bloopers and sports. And they didn't have the rights of real sports so you got like all stuff that like you've never heard of like the Boston Marathon and my old school college football and things like that you like there's nothing currently USFL in Canadian Football League stuff for on this thing. And Rosie Ruiz was on the stage and she took the subway to the end of the Boston Marathon. Itself and the mark what. The mayor utterly. And what that line yet no wires she did not with a man but he ran literally. Should set a record. I don't know was but she she like half half the half mile of the entire marathon and for originally they thought he had won the via a liars Rosie movies at Tiger Woods that we need to say much more about. That LT gray in this whole thing like there's so many different things you can point down knives Alter. I don't need be coming into him. I mean yeah it's more with our. Or yeah. So they're busy time. I don't I can't hear the regular voice now and I think it every sense to me all he Malone a few phone. It. I may be coming in there and raid a liar own blanks are strong. No. And all seven. Of Europe Tour de France victories did you ever take banned substances are plateau that's. In your opinion was it humanly possible. To win the Tour de France without doping. Seven times in a row. Not lol it's you can see we all agree with that tennis you have to shoot Carolina mountains a and I'm never gonna be outraged I have bicycles is not human animal when he. It didn't have the hole and I'll have to it was really an idea he didn't he well he's gonna fall from grace in Ryan Lochte member handled ideas you know. I wanted to be there like I don't want them to think that I left. And left and try because I mean they're my teammates I wanted to definitely be there. And I wanted to help out anyway echoed at noon so I just wanted to make sure that they were home safe before I came out. And talk to sooner you know I'm just really sorry about I'm embarrassed. This team behind us too. Team behind a convenience store in the eyes do it and other country the American got another level got the cuddyer for my boys because at a private plane. Schilling on this story would. Knowing that. The ruptured. Shape around me colonials have been brought right ankle. A lot of talk about him wearing my job they've found the right it's like Jews for killing. The kids would have been. The story is he's not pitching whether it was out showed us out of the ball better the question is does that mark came itself officiating in the very thankful. Our blood from the shop. Like a scene from the feeling flying them around. Prepares to take on this Yankee line. Have ruptured she and I assure Oscar aperture it. You can ago routers that Roy Hobbs out here or she who's gonna is gonna claim that was false talk about a guy it's also fallen from grace catch up. Ketchup and it pains. Records she sounds like a bad band sports lies our final sports like I can't believe this was green lighted by Vasco. I cannot believe it. He put this on the list right that you cry heated. OJ. In a matter of the people of state of California vs Orenthal James Simpson case under BA CO 97211. We the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant Orenthal James Simpson not guilty of the crime of murder. Stealing people's stealing his merchandise that's not his stuff anymore he gave that. He took that back. That's makes you'll hear it's not stuffing ammonia that's what made him a liar estimated aren't all that. And stop what what elbows are debatable now I edit it. And now years ago with his lie it was his line was that you read the glove didn't the heat. Stole stuff he tried to take stuff I used to be is it wasn't his anymore what's the lie. Claiming that stuff still yours. It wasn't his it was right properties property at the line as a property stuff in profit it. Talk to the press box. Another case about it. The pressure. Doesn't seem fair. Or explain next from him for keeping it. This morning powered by the K. We've. Yeah. Resident. They're Fisher is that he comes in and other South Bend it like this guy you Google selling the items up and maybe com. You think there's a lot of pressure on the the guy under center for the chiefs this year bomb I act. Like I don't. Feel as much as you do you don't know why nine. I just feel like like everything I read about. Holmes is like well the quarterback does this and that you know I get all comes back they can't. For guided as one game under his belt I don't first round pick quarterback Tom comes at. With unfair scrutiny a lot of times and a lot of places. I don't it feel like heading you know there's a lot of pressure I think adding we see if we see. Bad performances though that even in the pressure will be M dump that are. This point in time and I feel more just optimism then than pressure I guess I still maybe maybe pressures the wrong word that I use just like I feel like there's a lot of expectation and a lot of anticipation. Like did the heat seems to me and maybe it's as accurate count. But he seems to me like the guy who. Everybody is talking about. And nobody really knows what to expect maybe there's there's more unknown. With Patrick my home's going into this season and expectation for the unknown. Then I can remember seeing for anybody I mean like I'd. Everywhere you goal and read about the chiefs it's all about Patrick Holmes Patrick Holmes Patrick alt. I think there is a good amount of pressure on him due to go out there and achieve success I think. A lot of folks expect him to go out there and play well. I think pressure expectation for a guy who hasn't done it yet I think it's it's off the charts from what I've seen for other people that that's our goal yes. This just kind of dove tailed off there was there was a a ranking of kind of your your lineup of of players 25 that when he are under 25 right. So not yet to the age of 25 Middle East on this list now all of our good players are virtually exactly I'm so sometime Holmes was an. Was not picked as the quarterback Shawn Watson was that I might ever be Shawn Watson's one's got a much pressure does. He played last year and usually play really well short amount of time and now everybody's just think he's a finished product right. Well he got hurt one rights is a big warm and it's it's an AC outlets and injured as well. And how you back up that ridiculous stark and and I I think that field feels like. That's a guy under pressure for me. I'm almost kind of flies under the radar in comparison that you know John Watson was the overwhelming pick as the the quarterback fell by your golf. Markets marionette who's actually still under 25 which is kind of amazing. And then then Patrick Holmes. I I I just don't feel like I think. I think there's pressure. Based on being a first round quarterback in a city it's we never had for most purposes a first round quarterback Lisa they you know vividly remember. Banana I feel like he's just got a great opportunity who who was on the list little shops on sponsor by. But I I admire I am miles bars is Laurie 120 votes. Better than injured off okay Carson wind as is his his breakout year last year I'd. Marcus verio it was third to can instill some that one night and almost a double take like. Again I guess the I guess he is young enough to two have to be on this list and mark is very it was tied actually with. Armed. With. Pat homes from whence is RD 25 so he doesn't. He's not under point and so he's he's old he's old and so he's not on the list. James is probably over 25 I would imagine is he built this after first year James Winston may be under 25. But he is going into his fourth year in town fail. Jamison some one point 444 he's done on the list he's already himself you know. Decency or if I'm Jim and he's now 61 Euro but now but I asked. And again hostile to fourth spot I'm just trying to find guys that are 25 and under that are at the quarterback position to see why you pat Holmes is already on that list of you know guys and 25 when he really hasn't done much so the I mean he's I mean is yes you is that Shawn Watson came at such an amazing season yeah weird you're gonna compare and we will. Yeah unfairly. Hole. Well based on draft position again I guess yet I mean. I just you know that a what did you think the chaser trading up to get I want it to Shawn Watson faculty from that standpoint. And let Tyreke he'll win underneath. The quote an interesting theory from the pet projects growth famous Philly text line. You homers are the reason pat has all the pressure you ran a great quarterback out of town. And have already crowned in the Super Bowl our quarterback and that none of that he ain't Russell Wilson and personal how many times have to tell people. If any really wanted Alex Smith Andy Reid would have had Alex Smith again. Then you nobody went on a plane remedy in and out of town and you Robert fast immigrant and a sound Andy Reid take this quarterback. Andy Reid chose that Andy Reid was ready to move and I give any read the benefit of the doubt with the amount of it if it Rita guys in the twilight of his career ready to see that's why come back I think pat homes can be really good because. Here's Andy Reid in the twilight of his career the old saying that alludes sandy Reid is a Super Bowl right on his recipe that's it at a Super Bowl winning it. Is the only thing that this guy does not have. Why would he decided to turn his evil in the last couple years of his career. Tour guys never played before. I'd also like to pose a question has got to be good. If we have that type of clout figured Alex Smith out of town why wouldn't we if you don't Bob Sutton yeah. I'm antsy and a Ramada and it on the line you know analysts. Analysts are particularly of the most important player and that's that's who we clout we have two players from the cheese were on this. This this list of under. The age of 25. Terry kill. Ask price there the one I was surprised. Harrison blacker that was amazing how that. I'll bet that's what is year old Pearson posture on this list of the 125. Starting lineup best under 25 starting lineup. Harrison bunker mr. kicker on team the jump by you but kicker dot com I'll let a guy just selling the same thing no doubt. Your chance to win the thousand dollars Padilla is headed to the opportunity in you know plus maybe that thousand dollars you gonna you know place your bets we will next kickers. That's according powered by the repeat winners and Sports Radio. It's a thousand on the thirties text the word that treasurer. TRE. Asks you are you treasure 272881. That's 72881. He could be the thousand dollar cash winner. In the national contest six and sports radio's the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City give you chance of the 121000 dollars each weekday. Listen on the thirties from seven to seven your next chance at 1030. We've rules extend sports dot com treasurer. 272881. Or your chance to win. Maybe a thousand bucks in your own one of the states that count now has legalized sports betting. And you're gonna that's a much chiefs numbers it seems some of the numbers and saw yesterday they're expecting you to do just that. Some of the offensive number's guys are out for. The each and every. Or three players per team again battle line that AG the sports book. Regular season prop bets for the NFL's biggest stars if they. Three guys from each team most teams it's like you're running back here top receiver in your quarterback. The cheese avoided they avoided out pat homes in this but. Here's some over under is involving the chiefs skill guys. Travis Kelsey. Over under a thousand yard I think it's a lock for the over. Barring injury that's a lot last year a 1038 to exit the year before 11245. I think he's I think he's a lot from him over or under a thousand. A variety over as well but it's it close and. You might think yeah if they attend the name doesn't 30 AM. I mean I really do think it is going to be a little bit closer than you bank and credit he missed one game last year and has barely eclipsed by a thousand mark. And back to back seasons Clinton mentioned but there's more balanced now to share that ball with so. I feel like I I'm I don't wanna bet against him saying that he won't get that but I wouldn't be completely stunned if he'd. Maher you in the camp the pack a home's gonna throw for 4000 yards. I tend to be I I think Canada is yet so so only that it was like what like a dozen guys that referred. 4000 your instruments also let Sumi throws for 4000 yards. Who is getting all these receptions of traps Chelsea isn't getting a thousand I think if he's Marty's look at trends tell seal games so I I think. Young quarterback accomplished tight game itself but all the time I think Travis feels he definitely is open house this. They're gonna say underground. You're going under our eight guys last year your report thousand album yeah I'm gonna mistake is you Travis Kelsey under under. Total touchdowns over under seven a little under traps just doesn't score a ton of touch yet each question. For the year before and I think now with the lies lies and Sammy Watkins Hawkins. I think that Travis kills these numbers are gonna be down because of the standings could get most of the targets and suddenly I will take the under is well can't go the over. And you look younger as well. Eight touchdowns for him last retiree guilt over under a thousand you know I just blocks of the again if he's gonna throw some 4000 yards you've got to think their fastest receiver in their best receiver. Is probably gonna get over a 101183. Last year end four off the Tyreke else on going over. Feels like a thousand yards almost a lock Tyreke at this point touchdowns a great number. He had seven last year six the year before these are receiving touchdowns only receiving touchdowns. For the over under at seven and a half. Pat homes increased Tyreke skills touchdown number. I'm going to go over. What do we have lasts 7:7 AMP field for the over under is higher than he's ever achieved in the single season he actually won more so yeah hopefully. Point one more. Sad that the 26 anti theft ring for a lot of receivers and one more. That's true but I and thankfully it like it keep its eight touchdown strike at one every other game. Again he's it's over 4000. Yards and people expect in the mid twenty's for touchdowns. I got to go deal run. I think it's a great number and an illegal under. My thanks wholly outside of the realm of possibility don't have 1000 yard receivers don't go over a thousand nor that it opens seven is gonna go for seven touchdowns again. But again there. I want to be under on that as well I think there's just too many many good players and when you get down and near the belong on the tyra kills your. Red zone target not at all but I don't think I I think you're gonna see a lot of strikes from far out and are Al Ahram and rushing yards for careened hunt over under 11100. Over. Cream hunt last year of course led the NFL in rushing with thirteen 27. Over or under 11100 and over. Legal under on the finding it presence of a viable backup locked limit him to under thousands. These county over a thousand. Yeah I think so I think is gonna be close and take the offer him time he's going to be down from last year obviously. In year to you and Andy I'm so about I think he's going to be these could be over a thousand and I'm gonna take in just over eleven. Total touchdowns. By it I should say total touchdowns for Cherry Hill OK so my bad. And I would that change Allen total touchdowns not just receiving touchdowns for ten right on in the total touchdowns over seven but that would essentially mean that he has. Becoming a returner. Which he is in which is me money to doing and he's doing well so we had ninety he and nine touchdowns. Receiving and rushing his first season. And in more three more risk. Return touchdowns of at twelve total touchdowns his first season last year did not heavy rushing touchdown team and it did not hand. The and had one return touchdowns against eight total touchdowns like that and we are comfortable with Irish hills I have exam for the last two years why are you punting to misty teams still do I feel like it's little things like it if I asked if if I'm a special teams coach for anybody that spacing the cheese and kicking and out of bounds and it might punter doesn't get it and I'm putting is still say under hustles Sanderson. Totally protect total touchdowns over cream hunt over under ten and a half Angela and of this. Last year he had eleven. And taken the end. At the attitude of we got that eleven with a really long drought well yes beginning and end of the season right not a lot in the middle. Off first three or five games right right away he scored so I know I'm definitely taken. I too will take the under on that same reason for a free Arctic could just having you viable backup is is gonna. Nipped into his touches a little more and we think yes prima busy rushing touchdowns remember last year won and we won the to lead to three weeks three. Nothing in 456789101112. One touchdown each of the final four. He fell off of them was the middle of the season Allen touchdowns in that raid sigh I think I think I would stay with the I would go with the under. And then now to make our own over under on on pet a home facility one mind. Over under this thing over or under I feel like we RT did over for a thousand yards as an Al yeah I think I. I wanna talk myself out of 4000 yards and I can't. And it's unfair but it can't it just feels like they're hearing the offense toward being that type of that I've often work. Passing for 4000 almost seems easy and look and what not. Especially for for your quarterback but but with the way to the theme is change right now and it's opened up the passing game so much and well again there were nine guys last year. The past for over 4000 yards Tom Brady Philip Rivers staffer breeze Roethlisberger Matt Ryan Kirk cousins Alex Smith. And now Russell Wilson moves like. Sixteen yards away. Now that's that's if that's the decent lists. Let's try to crack in the reason I C 4020. Cents. Crazy I mean will he match Alex Smith's but from last year I feel like that's sent kind of mar 26 and what was I vendors that in the when he saved and I say now over on the interceptions by the way yes and he had an all night and I think probably under on the test them. At least a year one. And over actually our president made a series and I feel like he's got a shot the yards they feel like there's enough. Getting enough yardage when he's four he met Alex Smith that sounds so deep even though but Alex is really like literally my match. Ousted last year you know. That's a lot of time you're your president your of his career. Persevere over under is involved. The chiefs give a chance to fulfill one of your sports fantasies. That'll cost you next. That's still in the morning powered by the. And a very important study that's been released we'll get to it just a few minutes. I may have oversold teaser look I say one of your fantasies could be fulfilled. But maybe for somebody that is a fantasy. We're in this review. There are people with aunts and there are you've met some of them. You moved a step. You. Could become. A legendary character. If the price is right now. Bull man. Is percent. That's a cool last I heard him there to get through this with a straight face the these super fan of the chargers. Old man you see the god of war that's awesome it's a really great cost it looks like a mega man and care ya know on and it's like sun from the Jimmy V commercials. A small version of dean commercials son is his son this guy's great kind of cartoonish head and it's on the side if the big Marshall cheeks on the basement. I love this past I think it's pretty darn cool so you go to eat today. Actually right now. And getting out in on the auction to become the bull man mascot characters auctions wanted to kind of says your super fan of the chargers this is an iconic constant sued the mosques including your collection arm what other what would be all a collection or maybe you'd like to continue legacy of people man in Los Angeles on chargers game days representing the chargers probably apparently this person not going to he's a society -- I guess so India tonight via San Diego a legend original bull man suits for sale along. With all of its full intellectual property rights goes man care it's that including their trademarks guys. Important. Ball man's federal trademark name and character copyrights for exclusive merchandising rights like mixed likeness of the ball man had masked guy like that there are no restrictions of the purchased the ball main character for the winning bidder this eBay auction. Your chance to enhance your man cave or cases in glass and preserve a piece of history or you could make money by going out and being able man. That's part of the deal IEU could dress that cost him and go out and be bull man who are right now the bidding exit. 66600. Dollar so well at high already was 50000 yesterday. And there are 69 bids no way it's. And at 666. Ill I don't know this is whenever. I'm but it's the reserve has not been met just yet what's the reasoner does that say I'll tell you need you to keep hitting a 50% of the of the profits are going to a Children's Hospital which is there. But you could be bull man for the low cost right now of just over 66000. Dollars and that's a so I see you get a all sweated in mass currencies that probably just reeks of for 66 grain yes are you. Affiliated with the team which is or is it. Or you're not just a simple answer and write your article you are okay so it's like the official team as I don't think so I think you'd have to work that stuff out the team I don't know what the official team has goddess of the scene the chargers but I noble. And I've seen double I mean if he's got a way to monetize getting your picture taken ever won. Eight I guess you could probably make some money and you could like you could do parties you know slugger shows a birthday partners and you know eight I'd seen Casey wolf that weddings and things like that. So you could do that type of stuff all their mascot is used but in excellent condition according to the conditioner for Anemia the eve day rate listing and if you if you look at up on the Google's right now Bolton and his listeners that mask that. On their official. It. I mean where's. I mean if part of the cost of his as official chargers Jersey. Alone and how those things work with the you have to get something with the team you just like clip it right there who's like a super bats an eye on an ounce from wondered. Or any of the Indian number of super fans gathered there. Ideally Philly with the team right in now you know they are in their Philly with a team right but can you monetize that allies got some character copyrights in the trademark. Number 66600. Dollars now sixty set 6700. Dollars you gonna make NX bit. You could you people. Call you one man if you if you kind of money. Go for. And save some money for dry cleaning now. Can you dry clean plastic head. Be always accurate Wikipedia bio it lists him as as their. As the mask on hello I love this description that Wikipedia has for Casey wolf well that would be good question for it can you track a plastic mask put that on the list. I KC wolf this is their description they gray colored wolf like figure. Well what do yeah. How sick they act. Determine what Casey wolf as he is a gray collared wolf like figure. Wolf like figures like people like burger an ally and descriptive and now at both candidates beef like substance. War paint as they live and course. He trademarks kids you can make money on on the players are not yet met wonder what he's what he's thinking he needs in about it. All of the sale herbal man is able like weaker. That's it is a Houston Texas Toro a dark blue bowl like speaker. Panel in now the hall bolt is really quality bowl like yeah Jackson dove bill in Jacksonville Jaguars Max got. Is a Jack or like figure so there's one verse that they took care of starting all of the Wikipedia. Would you like he's would you like to venture a guess as to how they describe TD the Miami Dolphins. Dolphins until like yeah I don't like the parents are. And it certainly. Is better mascot of the Jackson the bill I think that's a great name is pretty dead and Amy mean yeah yeah yeah. Like the iron pigs have area a mask on in Paris because no iron and they ferrous metal. And explain it. And 99. And I think the KC wolf I don't see on the periodic table I think Casey wolf takes way too much explanation for people who award from the area. Understand what that's an outrage my little life mascot for the wolfpack and in the old stadium the pac ban. When the wolf pack in the old stadium you know like they sat there in July an explanation a great wolf like figure. Why is it sounds daunting. I mean it's the chiefs and they got a wolf so people but the Jamaican accent are easy to describe who de idea Bengals Alaska. A dangle like figure and this is typical tiger and. New studies out this is official visits from US news and world report out I just anywhere this is this is real. Drinking alcohol more important and exercise to living past ninety. Finally came time finally. This agreement that is something called the ninety plus study started back in 2003 to focus on the fastest growing age group in America the oldest old. Also what what what this group is the oldest old. To determine what habits lead to the quantity and quality of life according to their website I smile singer might bring your doctor pepper for all play a figure yet figured there are often grainy as well. The researchers of the clinic for aging research and education in Laguna Woods, California focused on what food activities lifestyles are Connolly featured among those living longer understanding all the rich people who sit around injuring one told people sold people. On. Analyzing more than 16100. People. The study results showing that people who drank two glasses of beer or wine today improve their odds of living longer than those who stain by about 18%. Doctor Claudia how us. A neurology specialist and head of the ninety plus study at the University of California. Presented her findings. Quote I have no explanation for it but I do firmly believe that modest drinking improves longevity. It's all you need to now. Is it isn't all. Terkel was I have no explanation for it but I do firmly believe that modest streaking improves longevity and do NHL analysts international strongly. Got my candidate ever know that allegedly downgrade no I didn't I again I had succeeded and I got started out at the have a merry you know the rest of the story and that she poured out her during. Exercising and in a hobby. Are also says even longer lives. But it's presently people who were overweight and obese in their seventies live longer than normal or underweight people that. Foxboro. It sister but that two Beers a day. I knew I could not be way better and better than doing some herpes. For its birthday stuff. There's your one to grow on today. Marion Casey wolf as the vicar it. Wolves like creature. Speaking of grey wolf like creatures Anglia. Drinking alcohol more important than exercising live past nine. There you go the day shift jobs early next. Barbara let's go in the morning powered by the communities and and Sports Radio.