07/17 8a - Josh Vernier, Pacino, KC's GoT, Royals, Lonzo Ball, OJ, Big Story

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, July 17th

We talk with our Royals Insider Josh Vernier, Pacino as Paterno on HBO, our ode to Game of Thrones season premiere, Lonzo Ball's bidding war, the Royals weekend plus the Big Story 


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Welcome back in his last 2 in the morning on tiger welcome Bob best known producers did inspector. Turner 610 Sports Radio royals insider coming up here in just a moment. But yet Zeke you're highly involved in the incident and at Dallas on Sunday that's breaking news. That originated at 105. Breed of fan and Dallas. We got a via ESPN's Adam Chester and looks like easy kill it again under fire which. Her gal like that with so much. Promise you mean you wish that. There they did get it together between the years right you would like to think so when it will let a kind of a dumb ass I think is the term that should be used for Ezekiel Elliott right now so it is time to talk a little baseball guy just for your with us here on 610 sports yeah. And Vern I mean a week every you'll lose two out of three big game Damon. What you takeaways from this weekend with the Kansas City Royals after the all star break. I pick a team that's been easy transition. Speaking up dominant. We now bring an arts. Got you right now it has now highway Iron Man. About I was interviewed by self eyewitness said speaking of dumb asses here I am. There was but that. We get buckle up. From this week it was. Quality. Fall out there that are not. One. At right. It was a bold positions are all and it worked out that she knew if we were. One. Offers it in this game was over. Like oh. All. Of the student or why me doctors call that would. Now all in all about. That he can go opposition. Me. Small market. All five of the team to perform well. I think we saw that again. The taxes now. Of course you don't like they. Lock up against the doctors to get by losses of the car. Where it started to opt equally. Cursor actual op team. I think this week and so was the big lie. We've always had a law. Play. To our audience Saturday the Rangers need one more. One more. Up to. Should that you could ball in the well. Thought all of the work competition between two good teams worked so. And unfortunately the royals want. To be. I like yourself that you currently essential. You lose your gate in game. Gains. While the Rangers win this year they ball. I. Josh they were tended to teams playing good baseball but not great baseball's but the range in the royals hover around 500 how far away. Is Kansas City from playing great baseball. I think their players away the other that the murder 2012 Alex Gordon away from being. Well according twelve Alex Gordon and 186. In Grand Mosque away from me it's good to great offense. I think today. Ian Kennedy performing like he did it April 2 apple no integrity that that pat instead he needs to keep up. And you could handle it it's like he didn't shoot them. Very good road he should get credit quotation I think it would go out on. Top arms that are available. And it happened. All old. You know we have a Bloomberg at the name Brett hey last night on the post game show the ball unbelievable from the Padres. I think that it. And away from being days. Grateful. So so that players. I don't know what it's possible. We did in the current organization right now for that he could be. I truly great supporting that team that he became Arctic. He became great would quibble over. It that he was just going to be like he would that are good. Very good and hopefully that they're good really start showing up consistently in September and ultimately October. Realistic do you think JD Martinez's to the Kansas City Chiefs are this here's the royals army chiefs not not realistic but royals. It would be two months. And months where it. Just don't know how to make it work on your roster. I don't. That team waving goodbye to. Where the mosque. Or or solar. Solar train. As possible. On how to bring the ball loose and so are constantly. Just. But it deviation from that. That track that the organization is. That took a lot of money for war laps to ultimately eat. I doubt making about what you're. It doesn't screen well because of how well he outperformed. But but seems to be easy but we groups trading solar content rent a monsters seems to. It saves well heeled. The way they do so sure I will uphold the well. Talking with Josh burn your royals insider here on six sports radio and Josh. It looks like any trade they'd make for anyone who you would consider close to top flight would have to get very creative. I mean you could see you brought so where being straight or. That's potentially may be paying traded for prospects for the future and then you do something else to beef up the infield move Alex two of Satterfield you move wit here in the lap like. It did in order for the royals to add anything significant it feels like it would have to get pretty creative in the trade does that make it. Fairly unlikely that they're going to make a big move before the deadline. And so it. Hurts cobra. We are talking about. It makes. It a lot that do. You know help yourself in the future. Also maybe. Bolstered. With these according rescission. Last week. That. Now for being in the clubhouse. A world that what led the okay what is called duke passed you you're restaurant servers injury. But he like Reggie Jackson. What it means. That he's stolen each used the for all of that team of all of that line in my and so. Apart. I don't call it. Helps them well equipped uncle. About seventeen and creativity that it would take to bring it out like. Red soles war of that global arms or even. At the trade deadline. Is it to me it just doesn't. Just isn't worth it to be quite. It seemed like you mentioned Welch there. Days. So Johnny quid that would make a great team. So it's still make it crap shoot even. To crack you up at the. The organization in that position to thanks to. Sit down. The craps table. The world the right to possibly blow the chance to eat there at the plate and say maybe the royals are playing a key. I have to believe that the. Well they told us on Friday they are they're probably at the make two moves right well to set my dad for the steamed about it to make a road what those two moves the aid in your opinion for what used. I think it could be okay. Starter that you could put in the four or five spot again they're probably you know everybody should not now. I'm a guy. That I don't think he even almost a lot of teams in would it be the graves. And boy oh boy did he ever shove yes I think seven innings of one or baseball. That the guy he could throw in New York spot spot. Comic adopted at the bar as normal artsy. Not an overpowering. People. You know like like object that bargain outward punch and we know and all that stuff plays at Kauffman Stadium. And a couple seats that you can mix it would. You know instead of using it more important inning Peter Moore becomes just. That one. Right it worked out of the bull on will be easy to compete. Mike Minor about seven in the world ala. I thought we double check before I like the movie it would Jason Fraser brought in 2014. So. Complementary pieces that help rout out there are patient. And help get this royals pitching stepped back to watch. Has been a hallmark over the past he uses what we get that lead we have the ability to suffocate you can squeak out those 32 victors. They slow off the time Josh we appreciate it. He's just turn your rules insider right here on 610 Sports Radio. So I think that the best thing about Bernie's very realistic yet. I think sometimes I get pie in the sky get too high one way or the other and number always does a good job at kind of bringing me back to reality and look at. Not that these be better not that bad. How about a week seaside stuff for the royals right now it's tough to really dissect exact. What they need to do it it is because you say okay we need a slugger we need a starter we need a bullpen guy we need this we did that we need the other thing what do you do Hattie make those moves are made. Dayton Moore for the next couple weeks veins and hasn't thugs try to figure out what to do and hopefully something that he really likes is able to come to for us and help this ballclub take that next step forward here in 2017 and obviously beyond two. Our HBO is about to make one of the most controversial. Sports films of all time. They would it is next. HBO's going to have a a Hilemon. About the wife of Joseph Paterno Joseph Paterno will be played by alpha chino in yesterday according to deadline Hollywood that. We got photos of alpha chino. As Joseph Paterno when he looks eerily like emits X the Kana is kind of freaking me out a little bit basket well what was the make up and all the they have in Hollywood these being able to do positive things but still have a dead. Adds real really creepy but there's there's gonna BA right way to do this thing there's going to be a long way to do this thing and that's what's making it such a controversial. Situation for HBO yeah I'm against this. Movies we talked about earlier in June when it when the movie firstly you know the idea came out or whatnot. I'm against it we'll get into why here in just 12 but it is time for your royals ritual as we do every Monday here brought you by the Kansas City area McDonald's is tweet your royals ritual using hash tag royals ritual on Twitter and and follow at Casey McDonald's on Twitter. To find out if you're a winner of great gift cards from McDonald's T shirts royals tickets whatever the case may be. We do it every single Monday so give us your game day ritual like Peter Moylan. Well. It usually starts off by getting here and I'm way too early and then sitting around and my initial longer muscles briefly again. We'll take a Shia Iran possibly being from a close them together. That's what Peter Moylan does gets they're too early and takes a shower man this is game day ritual so let us know your royals ritual is used has tag royals ritual and file at TC McDonald's on quarter to find out if your winner. A free food T shirts and royals tickets. Now the controversial film with HBO I understand why some people would be against it because it could be done away that glorifies the life. Paid for Penn State head coach do you wait Joseph Paterno so I can understand why there'd be. More willing to pump the brakes on at the same time it's a storied past beat Poland of its told the correct way. His whole in the right way. Then it could be phenomenal to be incredibly well done and very important for American society if it's done the wrong way it will be full lane. By everyone this is huge risk like the vigorous like taking the big risk I'm proud of HBO for going for it because they are gonna have to take a lot of heat if this thing goes through. Well August 04 because I feel like you're making money off of something that was a heinous crime like you're making money off the backs of children who were treated obviously the wrong way and and I haven't eight probably that a fundamental issue with that exists meat I just don't think like you should take. Children who were. Abused by Jerry sandusky and flip that into a story where your holly would be it out like you're using Al Pacino this you're not doing a eight documentary per say Mike where you're telling the story of what happened in ways to prevent it. You're using altitude figured your Hollywood leading this thing up and so I have my reservations going in that I might. I don't know all this is the best avenue for which to tell this story I'd rather see it from a documentary stamp what were you interview you know the kids are new interview the parents in your interview people that were involved in this thing. As oppose the using outlets you know to play Joseph Paterno who's one of the worst human beings to ever live. But the concept of not going to documentary route is there are a lot of people who don't like documentaries there are a lot of people who will not watch the documentaries but they would watch something with Alpa chino that's more than Vista on a more of a Hollywood way. So I like taking the big swing here because if you do it correctly that you could tell a very interesting story. Mean just like you have been movies about the Holocaust movies about war movies about all these terrible things that happened but what they do is they. Put it in such a light and you can watch all the documentaries about war work to that you want. It's not going to affect to a mostly the same way Schindler's List is going to affection. This was different bill because it talked about trying to rescue people what they did try to save people in the Holocaust they didn't glorify it with. Alpa chino in OK and I I couldn't tell you who was a nose uber obviously produced a I don't know who was he and you know Schindler's List but I Aaron I don't know the Neeson was alien to us and I I don't on the date they glorified. You don't hole cost or anything like I I feel like this they're going to do all this. I feel and they glorified as the wrong term. But I think they're gonna Hollywood it up and I don't think organ to get the true story is any time something it's polled by a movie it never ultimately is exactly what happened out when I doubt they make more sexy. Fort TV and things of that nature so that's why I have my reservations going in. The this entire thing with that without the chino being in this because I think it's gonna be more of a guess glorification if you will for lack of a better term. They've telling the true story of what truly happened and that's. OK before we get to commercial free half hour I asked to bring this out Don king and the former boxing promoters claiming to be an advisor Donald Trump that's right that's that's ESCO I gotta give you many areas clearly this is up in that you are very intrigued by what I. I mean how could you not be like all the people that you're gonna say and in this isn't coming from the president this is coming from Donald king who dated in her. You with Politico magazine and he's talking about how key is an advisor to Donald Trump and he says he is just one phone call away. From talking to Donald Trump he's got you know a quick phone call 21 of his advisors and still has the opportunity to talk to Donald Trump and get the Donald Trump and discuss the issues of the day. And everything that is going line in. In the world and so I guess when you've got questions about North Korea would you have questions about Russia. You called Don King because he's the guy that you wanna go with the he's the guy that needs to be the guy telling the story. And he also says he supports Donald Trump because quote Mr. President you know what it's like to be. A black man that's Donald Trump his or that's a Don King is saying about Donald Trump so Don King now. Claiming to be a trusted advisor to the president of the United States. Only in America only in America only in America my dad Donald dying I guess he's feeling out of the spotlight with the McGregor may well Arnold and knowing I'm I. I saw trying to figure out Don King along time ago I. Did the pro had its seventh season premiere last night so we decide to play the game with drones with Kansas City athletes and when you play the game a throws. You win or you die there is no bill ground next. O'clock right here on best 2 in the morning I'm Mike Welch with Bob best film producer Steven Specter. We have a lot to get to hear a lot of foils like she's some months old ball. But the game with grown swell the show game of runs had their seventh seed in the season premiere last night. I did not see it I'm only halfway through season four hour ago I started in mid June though some I'm getting. I'm getting there I DVR it just in case I go back if I have to go watch every single one of them after I get to season seven. But we decided let's play a little bit of Kansas city's game with drones when you play the game from you win. Your time. There is yeah lose the super intense and super important so let's get to it spec has the categories. Of Kansas city's. Rome poll holders of the old those throughout their cargo hold this round. Yeah it's yes like there's a lot of yelling. This depends the character Erica don't dare to Wear that feels like they yell nonstop and that's all they do and elegant really. Dramatic whisper game and friends this better. Kansas city's game of drones. Best offensive weapons the chiefs. In history. Who votes throughout. The election related violence could sue doesn't. The good solid that this really is almost sound line guys out they said exactly what is dental bill goes down. Good bite you the worse you below us tab you obviously again we think it. Right yeah dramatically junior. I said that if you can't think you're the lowest common denominator you're the words let's call the guy Elliott weakest link that there. Yeah it's about British woman it well again again they're not that team grounds. It's not but let's do so what was the best because this is opposite of what. Multi. Cruel hoax the throne. It is history save the greatest cheap shot it's a weapon what's it is it in history are there right now. Rental street I'm gonna go Tony Gonzales how to. Our. I've. Marcus Allen article Marcus Allen even though he didn't play his entire career in Kansas City or even really is climbing Kansas City. He was such a monster here than amigo Marcus out okay. On uncle Tony Gonzales because that I could score from anywhere on the field Mosley just a safety golfers quarterbacks of all time. I don't know man is didn't play a lot of teams had tons excel that it works against Tony a little bit in this conversation and obviously Otis Taylor comes to mind that your reach in a way that I never saw him place it jets yes and at I'd I'll stick with Marcus Allen because he has my Connick touchdowns that he did absolutely you remember. On the mound became the final out. If you only need to record one. In royals baseball history. Would you have holding the three Davis. The Greg Holland of solid out there over Davis because when healthy Greg Holland has been lights out non. Freaking stoplight. But Wade Davis sometimes had some issues here and there meany was phenomenal don't get me wrong but Greg Holland I think sometimes we forget. Because he was injured throughout this morning fifteen season and hasn't played really since Tony fourteen until now has one of the best closers in baseball coming off that Tommy John surgery. I'd take Greg Holland I. I just think wade Davis and I think this guy's weatherman as they come you know remember obviously the guy. Who won you the world so sure that's what it comes down do you remember that moment on Friday art on Friday on the mound there where he's pitching in the game five he gets it all done. The you'll also remember the fact that nobody was on base whether Wade Davis was pitching in the eighth inning are we Davis is pitching in the ninth inning. Zach I never a lot of base runner. Yes going to announce that mr. Obama. I'm very excited we'll now well we'll talk about it in brain well. 850 at least a little bit. The same time we're going to give you the royals problem code for six then Saturday that you can get major announced candidates in Boyle sing is for two assists and ten cents Steven get ready to change your pants France. All I'm saying the royals signed Jason Vargas may not care deal they did now. Get to that royal world's problem code it's a little bit of the news for the show later in the week at 850 we continue dollar Kansas City did. There's a lot of drugs doesn't know what he's doing his body because it seems I don't see that noted sounds sounds great it's better because of that. Going was in their character named the mountain I'll get back the voice and second guess it comes in about. Mid to late fourth season I'm like right there where the mountain is like the mountain gee us was introduced to me. In Davis drugs he's he's a beast. But Kansas City aptly would you have tickle on the mountain. As the bill's strongest and ahead. And I'll tell you what Brian Waters is the strongest guy that I've ever. Our goal will shields I'll stay on the offensive line to I think will shields. I'll I'll I'll go with him. He's always underestimated he was under arrest college and everything so I'll go with the underestimated will shields he finds a way to overcome the odds and against the mountain. You'll always have to overcome the odd you know. You tap somebody on the back passively on the back to shake their hand and then Brian Waters and that I was just. I think he'd like I can't explain like when you would pat him on the back or something. You'd like that's like rock Baghdad again pound for pound probably the strongest guys have been honorable mention to have Lynn Bailey. I'll daily cheat you out of aliases to dread it turns and so the athletes. But mr. If you really don't know what to eat all. Who do you want to be mr. Klutz but the Knowles. You'll Kansas City team. Mr. clutch. I guess that have to go with Joseph cool right Joseph Montana on the power play a player this way here that ball absolutely no one Joseph Montana. That is being asked to call. Mr. cook lunch yeah. Christian Cologne. Yeah. I mean it is oh yeah. May sell. Out or. Cause I was the happiest running it could be Alex Gordon with a home run. You have a lot of possibilities do you look at their royals run from Tony fourteen and fifteen for most optimistic with one of his equipment a guy like it but a lot. The chance to. Over the jester at all the funniest in Kansas City sports history of course you're going with Travis Kelsey. Those Kelsey ride the pony by itself and that's the guests are right there at Travis Chelsea's at the top of the list for me I'm Bonnie athletes we've had. It's on the have been like unintentionally funny with the Thomas Jones I would tell us just takes everything so seriously some times it made me chuckle but. They've you're looking for actual comedy somebody's good at a moments ago with Travis Kelsey. Travis is good Sean Smith always made me land this announcement just wanted to. Doesn't know if are you are told he did tell Diddy just suck the pickle I mean it's just. The embers that rod Dyson. Tyson was really good too but more funny with the guys and on the outside. Like shots at the Travis tells you were outwardly funny for everybody to enjoy zone I think at have to go to one of those. That's our Kansas City athlete's game of the red and so what was called surge. But it's as in the morning. Other. Than big right now sitting at 500 because I can't really figure out who they are as a team. Saturday's story is stuck in my craw that they would the players too because delicate game the world should of won after wasted a great start by Danny Duffy. So sticks everybody's crawl but. Have a hard time figuring out exactly how good this team is I have to believe date more as he embarks on that the trade deadline. Probably feeling very similar to that he's probably also kind of wondering OK guys we rattle off six straight wins and ask easy for me area do sultan. I go one way or the other to let me know exactly what we should be doing is the deadline approaches like. This can't be easy for Dayton Moore no matter how skilled he is is a general manager no matter how many things he cedar how much he's accomplished. This is a very hard team to read. Well it is it is a very difficult team to read because just when you think it's going to be a a run of success than they have. You know the three against the Dodgers which isn't bad but those two against the Texas Rangers really kind of bothering you a little bit with the fact that they. Lost those games against the Rangers especially on Saturday it was a MacKey would Danny on the man and not give a big hit. I kind of reminded you April I mean I was thinking Hulk that's April all over again when they were losing one nothing in two to one in games they should lose a market any offense generated. And that's why I think when you when you look at you know options for the world's media app is somewhere where you do need to go because he need to find a way to generate some morons for this ball club and so Saturday night had that bad feeling but ultimately. You know the week as a win abdicate the weekend is a win for the Kansas City Royals because you've gained a game in the standings your only two games back now. Of the Cleveland Indians Juli two games back of a wild card right now January legit contender in the American League and so ultimately when you look at the week and yet you lost two out of three you would love to have won two out of three but you still ultimately gained a game he didn't hurt yourself in the standings help yourself in the standings so I think the weekend is a win now you got to keep Sunday Rolen in the Monday and continue to keep the tigers and White Sox downed the two worst teams in the American League coming in for the next seven games. That's a big seven games this ballclub because of they can rattle off six or seven out of that seven greens through terrible teams that you worst in the American League. Then it does make things have much easier I think yeah or face more headed in the trade deadline and and I think EC six out of seven acting bad. I think when your face and the two worst teams if you wannabe contender. You got to do so special that success seven is not insane thing to expect when you're going up against those two team I don't want to be in the post season that's exactly right you you win six out of seven even five out of seven you put yourself in a very good spot. Our big stories are coming out of the summer league in the NBA if like the first time over the summer league in the NBA is relevant in a big reason. Because Alonso ball. As father of the far is obviously a driving force behind it but also ball keeps wearing different shoes in apparently. They're creating a bidding war. First things first we just got get this up away Alonso what are you wearing tonight. Sort of dirty ones. Casey going Nike getting golden Jordan store in thirty ones in fact. You insinuated Zumiez today that this is all part of a master plan I use tide has started hitting more here. America. Something like. So so ball. Is doing this thing with the shoes re signs on the big ball over that way he has of a boy and he's associated with even if that brand is rum bottle or ball. Well now that you start some kind of bidding war maybe so much for Alonso. But for someone of buying out big bowler brand that's right and keep Alonzo balls big ball there branded. Actually on his shoes like keep that BBB on the shoes but get the distribution a bit while the bar ball would never be able to afford it. If they can hook up with a much larger company and now that we're seeing how much fanfare and media players around the blogs so Bolter in the summer league. They have a legitimate shot to do. I'll tell you Mike after after watching this summer league anybody who's not trying to get on board with the balls is ridiculous you've got to get on board with palsy have to get on board with these guys because. They are changing the NBA right now and they're changing sports I mean. My dad's in his sixties right late sixties and he said to me on Saturday goes with this NBA summer I'd never heard this before he's now hearing of the NBA summer league it's reaching people. And it's attracting people and it's connecting with people. That it's never connected with before and the reason it's connecting with people of the reason people are talking about it. Is because of the ball thing Hamlin had ended these guys are gonna continue to do what they're doing. If these guys are gonna continue to be players you wanna find a way to get attached themselves your Nike to your deed is. You've got to find a way to get attached Alonso ball because they are changing the game whether you'll like it or not. The balls are one of the most polarizing Stanley's right now in sports and it's been a game changer for the NBA and it's been a good game changer for the NB. It's been driven by the national media as we're seeing this year ESPN and they've actually already started to try to get away from baseball they're trying to get rid of some of the games they have because they're paying so much for the rights to. Of televised Major League Baseball games. If they do televise it. Even when your on Sunday night baseball what do you do. You get upset because you don't have your announcers that you're used to under regional network they get upset about it I think ESPN's try to move away from that they're not getting traction with baseball right now it looks like they're trying to push. MBA NFL almost exclusively deciding we're going to championed these two weeks. We're going to discuss these two leagues nonstop. Or act like baseball's an afterthought that's another big reason why the NBA summer league lawns noble. Getting tracked well we've talked about this a lot. Now and it's it's no more new news to everybody baseball just is it during the regular season. A national sport it's a very regional ally sport and I think what hurts baseball if you wanna make it in national spectacle. Every games on TV net you don't need to wait to Sunday night hopefully see your team on national television you see your team every day. And baseball locally is as healthy as it's ever been and and that's what baseball has to embrace and understand. That we have a bond with Rex and it is a Ryan in racks of Danny and Ryan or whoever's calling the games. For your local team you form a bond with those announcers during your home every single night baseball is that type of thing. Baseball doesn't need to grab the strong national numbers now maybe yes yeah it would obviously like him this distraught national minority or their money back pain of that money and then all that the SEC but but from a from a standpoint of is is baseball healthy is baseball doing funny baseball's great. On the local level people watch it all the time people enjoy watching their team but over the course of a 162 game regular season. I need to see my team and ESP and it just makes him. When they're on SP if I'm baseball I'm focusing on the regional thing 100% in abandoning any kind of national push that I might sound insane but. I'm a strong believer in the product and I think if your product is strong enough. You'll have to try to manipulate. The message to create national buzz the national buzz will come along with it. If that actual product is super strong and regional basis then it will just get stronger over time and in the national interest will come with that right so as long as you keep your product strong. The national interest will come in it's gonna take some time it is it take a little bit of patience from Major League Baseball on them I'm focusing on. Further strengthening the regional the regional excitement surrounding each team. And I think they did a good job with it in me and here's the other thing too if if your baseball fans and your team isn't doing well. You don't care about anybody else because it's it's terrible you know the that the best thing in the worst thing. For a city or baseball when a baseball team's winning there's nothing better when a baseball team's losing my god it's dreadful you wanna escape the sport as quickly as possible. If the royals were like the worst team in baseball right now. We wouldn't really be talking much about the trade deadline and we would be talk about other games and things that are going on around Major League Baseball because. Baseball was so determined by how your local team is doing and if your local team is not doing well. Baseball is not interesting in your town. I we'll get to your boils promo codes seeking to. The six dollar and ten cent tickets to six then Saturday here in just four minutes on fest 2 in the morning the first. Bob wrote a piece on sixth and sports stock com about the chase have we as we are writing pieces throughout the week about the chiefs. Biggest ready for chiefs training camp coming up next week so it was three position groups that needs to be solved three spots need to be solved. That's who you're with number three inside my back right number two cornerback and number one running back the major question from the majority of people that have taken any issue with that. What about wide receiver well I think they. Is this whole talk of the of the piece was they need to solve these spots and questions that our positions I should say that I think questions going into. The regular season I think we know who the starters are out wide receiver I mean there's no question it's Tyree killing Chris Connolly right now what we're not Oliver Wilson kind of way out in their that is it. That is a widget wild card with his yes they well Albert Wilson again I don't I don't necessarily see what they see but it's very clear that she's love our Wilson's own model. Write him off but he needs her but that there's necessarily a bad at wide receiver you know I don't think I don't think we're gonna be looking at the wide receiver positions at all my god that position is up for grabs I don't think that's the case right now. But I do think bit the inside linebacker next to. I don't think it's gonna be the guy who's gonna be your star at the end of the season I don't think we walk away from 2017. Talking about where in west I think we walk away from 2017 or holy cow Korean hunts stud. You sell one word right there that I think explains why wide receiver was not on this list star yeah. You can see the number one position that you wanna see solved you can see the running backs have a store emerged whether. 12 punch. You could see a really dynamic duo developed there over the chiefs have a round solid running game something they were sorely missing last year I mean it was. I guess Alex Smith vastly better the running game past week six of last season was atrocious by every definition. So there's a chance with Spencer ware coming back presumably much more healthy that he was at the end of last year. And with the addition of Kareem hunt in the draft. You could see. A great tandem in that running back situation. I don't think there's any type of star. The could emerge from the wide receiver corps now I don't vigorous it. Maybe we are portals high retail is based yeah but as far as like a new guy that we haven't really seen before so ladies of bounce back like Harry hill were hoping he gives you the same kind of production gave you your troops said they were Travis Kelsey. I don't think we're gonna see Chris on the emerged to a number one wide receiver I don't think we're going to see Albert Wilson order Marcus Robinson. Emerged were number one wide receiver it could happen I don't well. But. I think we could easily see one of the running backs turn into a star and ask what makes it so interest. Artist time for the promo code for the royals 610 Saturdays at Kauffman Stadium. I have to do is listen every Monday 850. Right here on fest go in the morning for six and Saturdays coupon code to purchase a ticket for only six dollars and ten cents in the view reserve's action. The Pope this week is 212. EHB. It's 212. EHB. EHB like. Eric. Punter Barry Rosen Eric Hosmer Barry well they go better than hunter Eric Hosmer bare areas are 212. EHB. Are so OJ Simpson has his parole hearing on Thursday and what's amazing is ESPN. Is going to televise it for hours. Our half of TV time on a national network devoted to sports is going to be on the OJ Simpson parole hearing. Guy who hasn't played sports for decades but still clearly one of the most polarizing half. Leads in the country aliens and as we talked about 6 o'clock hour which makes OJ Simpson so spectacularly popular still to this day. Is the fact that he was not a polarizing figure when he was like he was a guy that everybody loves the I mean up until the murders of Ron and Nicole. When they happen in the you know you'd never heard anybody releasing blu. About OJ Simpson everybody always had a favorable opinion of like abilities that there was very high with OJ you remember him from the Hertz commercials you remembered him from his dominating the football field remembered him as Norbert I mean you remembered OJ Simpson. It's only positive lights there was no negative surrounding a music seems almost like the perfect guy and the air Jeter of his day you know it's like. He did commercials he stayed clean he you know had a beautiful wife he had children exit movies he was doing everything you possibly could have wanted to do. As a superstar in the United States of America so everybody OJ Simpson well in the murders happened in and on some people think he may have done man itself. A czar to a set and that and that the murders. I had I mean what what Dave Jay and I drove to the store practice you. What what they sue and all of a sudden everything chase asked. Four OJ Simpson and he went from the most likable guy to a guy who divided America and he really did he he divided America and at trial. Divided America and in really was kind of the culmination of all the race riots and everything that's going on in Los Angeles and he became. In a roundabout way the face of all the racial mistrust that was going out. And Los Angeles this is my take in this is purely from just watching documentaries and reading things from back during that time because I was in second grade when OJ was acquitted yeah I was a solid since so I belong to. Time and admirable for a I've seen though. It seems like this how lot tie ins to racial division at the time that was driven by the Rodney King beating right. And this was the culmination does it get back if you will of the Rodney instead it felt that way almost like there was the same kind of division in the same kind of thing because. Of of how tense racial relations work and of course those race relations were escalated it depends the tension was escalating quite a bit. By the Rodney King verdicts in her and that you know all the officers were acquitted after the Rodney King beatings and they you have this happy with OJ right after where you have a black celebrity killed two white people allegedly allegedly ended. Then it and what was up all it stops being about the. Actual case itself yes it did and I think I think that's what kind of rubs people the wrong ways that it that it took over right hand turn away from. Did OJ kill these people to was mark Furman a racist and and that's where in and that was the way you look you give the defense team atomic credited this because they knew that's the route that they had to take in order to get their client often they're job is to get their client office it's not to. Did you know go out there doing a fair trial and remotes to find ways and to find holes in the system in order to get their guy off of the charges. And and they did it it is an amazing job and now OJ is up for parole on Thursday. And now we're gonna find out if he's gonna be freed on on not on October 1 and I got a message from a guy who's on the Parole Board he's joining us Friday morning to tell us all that Downey did she stand. After the parole hearing so there's no conflict of interest or anything is like the first thing I thought I was like oh can he come on and he's going to be on the Parole Board but. He can come on Friday after the Ukraine after the make the decision from the Parole Board in come on to discuss that he's going to Wear his chiefs tie. Well he's on that board so on Friday we will have somebody. And OJ Simpson role here and bored right we do video. Darius has already done the due diligence on this guy is immediate then I got to look this guy opened and sure enough he is who he says he is so minute clock Friday morning. One of the officers who here is OJ Simpson's pearl we'll tell us why they decided to let OJ 3COM October for. Angela thinks it do anything else I do you sentence if that's a pretty excited. Yeah things off the field the more people are rising at least the guys like OJ Simpson or Tebow or Catherine actor Johnny themselves they're the ones that we talk about the most they're the anymore and sports. The way to drive your brand is to essentially act like Lavar ball because it's passed put his people would talk about your what drives appeared your your numbers apparently a look at the most talked about athletes are OJ is is one of the most talked about athletes and remaining thirty everybody knows who OJ is yet. Like Digisette he hasn't done anything in thirty years at once all is an Owens is seen him play for so long and everybody knows about OJ Simpson right everybody knows OJ Colin capita everything we talked about him was off the field stuff really is it the obviously everybody knows about him outside of sports fans as well exactly Johnny Mann Zell everybody knows about joining in Zell and his failures to you to do things the right way and everybody talks about one -- ball all the time and Alonso ball. Hasn't even freaked him played a game yet and everybody's talking about it and I didn't ball is in if it's been it's been phenomenal and the other guy to me. Tim Tebow added nfl.com yesterday and icy to baseball stories on nfl.com and Tim Tebow herself. All world is still captivated millions Tim Tebow as well also if you find a way to connect. Or hit a mirror with the off the field stuff you're going to be one of those guys that people want to talk about all the time is the big story. Big story. Out it was. Wouldn't seven. Well it does on this. Back in the central city at 45 and 45 and a lot of question marks as we move forward in the season as to what this team will truly be we'll get a much better idea after the next seven games as they face the two worst teams in the American League the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers. But speaking to the tigers it looks like according to rumors the royals and on JD Martinez and looking for another. I don't know how a ton of the public confidence the roasted JD Martinez I think they do find at least one other back. Going forward I think they're gonna have to find a batter at least some reason doesn't need to step it up with the with the bats that they had they don't go out acquire that at the deadline. But look we're gonna expect more from Alex Gordon we're gonna expect more from Bonifacio and expect more. From Brandon Moss like some of these guys have to start producing. To give the royals an opportunity to score some runs and end it there were numerous times this weekend. Where the whales and scoring situations in scoring opportunities when they weren't able to come up with that big hit. About what we're getting closer to August now that the dog days of summer are upon us. We've got to find a way to get those big hits to start coming through. For this organization to go out there and start winning some of these close games so that's what it's going to take especially a game like on Saturday night where. You had opportunities to get the big hit and he did Billy needed yesterday. Which should have been an Arab by two was the way you won that. Game yesterday. Who the royals are missing tenders for Allison there is no other way to put it at the royals had pictures paralysis the last few years off on this lineup. Everything looks very different for Kansas City so the lack of interest paralysis is really hurt this team. Offensively the struggles were really apparent during this during the month of April. But we've what Morales can bring to the table and keep in mind he was bad early on last season but as that as he was he still payroll of the really nice year BSE came along later on in the season so. Missing Penders morale is is really hurting the royals and they're gonna have to do something. I don't know it's either going to get I don't know how they're going to get it done that to be something to get more production out of that DH spot is that. Maybe when welcome Paul Orlando comes back as he held throughout our. Now why pork is so there you have better control for the next four years but what's he really showing you that makes you too excited off a rock and a write off Jorge soler. Also not going to crowd the guy's going as the next great slaughtering Kansas City I mean there's just so many things are so many different factors. That you wonder how long they can roll with so where Brandon Moss write me right in my house has been flat out bad this season. Who's going the way I can put he's been flat out bad at the royals want to get better. You can't have a DH we want your holes and a lineup now you really get out and is it. They cost left fielder batting eighth and ninth and you'll have either you know you stroke got to be better than that itself I mean. Outscored needs is Burton said earlier to be the Alex Gordon of 2012 we need the Brandon Moss of 2016. If those things happen that we're not talking about going out in getting that we're looking for one final piece to the bullpen. And maybe somebody add on the mound to be that its starter Travis Wood gonna get that opportunity to be that this starter. But I think if you go down the stretch are gonna want more than just Travis Wood. One quick lighter note. Policies Escobar currently hitting to 31 ice so a city's escobar's pulled himself out of the early season woes and that's nice to see. Our Roger Federer won Wimbledon but he's more of an example of the dominant era work currently living in an all sports. Mostly what I mean in two minutes.