07/17 6a - Royals Walk Off, GoT (No Spoilers), Welch's National Anthem, OJ Parole

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, July 17th

The Royals salvage the finale against the Rangers, social media and Game of Thrones, Welch sings the National Anthem, Shout It Out plus Fescoe is excited for OJ's parole hearing on Thursday 


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That's code producers David Spector. The royals win yesterday which salvaged a game they don't get swept in their apple first series the all star break you'll get that just a moment but of course last night. Big news of the entire country is in over the entire world games Romans. Season premiere of season seven invesco you're just talking to be just a second ago about people. Don't wanna see spoilers on the Internet. I understand these people a good use yours are posting spoilers here is that they don't do that may have to understand people of other things going on there. Review of the problem the spoiled I. I don't because here it is that your FaceBook page you can post whatever it is that you wanna post on FaceBook and eight Sunday night if you haven't sat down to watch game with roads at 7 o'clock 8 o'clock on Sunday night or even a little bit later if you DVR. And people wanna talk about it and discuss what they watch last night. They should be able to do that I think people complaining about spoilers on the Internet these days is kind of a microcosm of society it's always somebody else's fault it's. All I want drugs last that's a no what do you know about it talk about it he ought to sit. With the help. I expected I 12 game to throw so I don't know anything about it on his can have the lead that right now I don't really care at the that that's not for me you know some things are for me something start from just like some things are for you some things are so that this whole thing doesn't bother me but what it bothered me is if I did watch that last night and doing what we do for a living. I would love the post up their so what did you think of gave a throats Levy know you thought was the best part where do you think the plots only. I would do that to solicit the you know the feedback and response from people because it seemed like from what I was watching a baseball last night. Everybody was sitting back and watching game with throats so for those who didn't do stave off the net for a day or two until you get an opportunity to watch game with throws to be fair rest of the world should not have to shut down their lives that you didn't have time to watch TV show. This fair I I did stay off the Internet and I took that advice because I'm mentally in the season for. Aids it have a ways to go sell its the Internet but did you like three years behind that's a way. I start to like mid June though subnet shown here yeah. I. What's amazing is it does amazing everything here but he says about it is absolutely right it's incredible by every definition but I started it June subtle way to midway through season four. I did stay off the Internet bid very cognizant of not spoil things for people who were on the Internet because I understand there's other things you have going on maybe you're not to this point that show yet no matter what is TV movie whatever I'd wanna put anything out there it's gonna give something away. So people my. So we've got those talk about sporting events and they're going and nobody may be DVR they need to boys get what Twitter existed in 1999 somebody got there is like hey. Don't see the sixth sense in lets you already know that Bruce Willis is dead the holds roughly as right now. The judge did not do that to people and throw this book is out there but apparently there's a big hole was or was it don't know Bruce it was that it is why it was a line see dead people and Bruce Willis was Bruce Willis was is there penis and I thought but really Bruce Willis had died in the beginning of the BA that's right and he was helping him throughout his one of the dead people leaking agencies got a it's kinda takes the flavor of the movie if you already know going into that Bruce Willis that the whole time right. I did. Parity new blog David Allen yeah through the whole movie for you ruined the whole movie. It ran about like lightweight you're allowed to talk about something vs when you're not allowed to talk about something like what is. What what do people want to beat Canada that the line of demarcation like okay. Game night game with rose last night right episode one of the new season last night when we totally allow it to talk about ban on the Internet tomorrow. Out of me say this for the six said it was like ten years like ten years. By 2009 if you exceed the six and that was on you that's on you and out is all about the fact of bristles at the whole time what's it like I still. People the tax line right now hours and can you tell me that you wrote the six that I might just like everyone to buy now twenty years almost later you probably were gonna watch this is that's. Did the rules are iffy I try not to be a spoiler though that yeah we located at some some fun stuff for the game of pros as it was by far the biggest story last night or is this as the premier. They take away from now so we'll get that went out the show goes back to V if you're complaining about spoilers to stay off the Internet that's kind of on you on something like this on an event that this big. If you don't wanna see the spoilers don't get on the Internet hate hate. You don't self responsibility. Every once in awhile in this day and age where we don't take self responsibility in my blame it helps preserve its law. A couple of days and you'll be fine but people should not have to stop their lives because you didn't watch the show last. Are the swing yesterday which actually has the move into the central because the Cleveland Indians have not won since the break which is. A very important thing to keep in mind is while the royals might look like the struggle the first couple games really. They should have taken two out of three Saturday Saturday was ridiculous. After the attacks I mean Saturday was such a well pitched game by deity Duffy and yeah I was sick and at the end about the country at Wrigley I'd Saturday before the concert started in the Huey Lewis us. Department if I'm kind of followed the game is going quickly like this game is moving along the odds and that's all been here. The kind of salvage his start my day eighty dusty and they weren't able to do it was of a depressed. About what sucked when memo was. All right the guy kind of punch but did yesterday they came back in one thing. Not that son got into the eyes of the right fielder out there which I think the rule tuning in and I'm not mistaken since you choose error did I hit I heard bad now I'll say this morning they gave Lorenzo Cain and RBI single how you give how you don't get an error. Rob that right now in Major League Baseball is is beyond like he said Bob Smucker Kosmas nowadays you have. Aside I've got this was out yesterday. This odd. But what ever happened and in in Lorenzo Cain gets the RBI however you want a slice it. The royals win yesterday 43 pick up the game I mean it's it's been a not a great start obviously to go to after the all star break kind of reminiscent of 24 team dinners before. But they were able to pick up a game and now look I. I don't care what you wanna say about this ballclub and what they are they are what they are next two games back in the American League central right now just two games back. Of the wild cards squarely in the middle of the playoff race and and closer to being in a playoff spot than they were this time on Friday when we talk because the Cleveland Indians might as you mentioned at the dog crap and I watched most of their game yesterday against Oakland. The pacers took until May NBA's is absolutely took it to these days aren't very good. Now the days ahead days of the worst Stevens. Everybody is this is the LA Dodgers right where the royals got swept on the all star break his Oakland days and that's what's so interest in about this American League central race. It's so wide open and it's impossible to really pinpoint who any of these teams are. Minnesota this is like a weird enigma because they've been great on the road all season but sub par home at this is still under 526. And seventeen on the road now listen to this. Not under 500 at home. What in 28. At home while our own duel well under 500 some answers strange team the Cleveland Indians are nowhere near what people thought they were going to be here or hang over the the cubs do right now they were supposed to run away with the central division no problem the royals were left for dead after April some by mid may everybody just assumed they were done but now the royals are right back in the thick of things. This AL central is so wide open. It's going to be key oddly compelling to watch what happens going forward because I don't know. I think it's ears there are other wells are clear the best team in the central. I don't know right there it wouldn't be shocked if the royals went on to go win ten games I would be shocked the world chronicle lose ten games. I would be shocked if they won this AL central point in a way that was over a month yeah. And it is such an interest Dini in compelling group because I don't know how do you these teams are gonna do going forward. And that's a good thing because we we don't know anything about anybody right now the American League central beat the Cleveland Indians right now are a mystery to everybody nobody knows what the hell you're gonna get out of them everybody expected them to be much better than they are. And they're not here we are now late July it is the seventeenth were past the midway point so it's late July right now. And the Cleveland Indians still have not arrived like we thought they were the Minnesota Twins I'll be honest with the F hung on longer than I thought I thought they would definitely be. Seal later by now because of how young they are but they've hung on for an extended period of time and now open a big series this week against the Yankees which is big for a lot of reasons both central division and wildcard opus wise mean who do you root for had no idea this what do you want to win obviously you're you're probably rooting for the Yankees is the twins in the central or ahead of the sales of his allies. I mean. This goes half the game heading Kansas writing the of the Yankees were two games ahead of Kansas City and currently in that second spot while our right. There is no can kimbo flew yeah I think so well and hope that. Maybe splits Minnesota on the on the Minnesota lose two out of three maybe maybe root for the twins to lose tonight's of the royals can win beat them in the standings is the royals to pass the twins you know in the American League central yet to get to the Cleveland Indians so so the twins hung on longer than expected I just think that is -- good it was five you know it's like IR RRU gonna give. Back in the this thing and it didn't get given what you hear what they have an opportunity now with Detroit the White Sox coming to town because those are two teams. That are in very good baseball right now in the Detroit Tigers are team and everybody's talking about trading guys on and so they're dealing with pat. And you've got to Chicago White Sox to a party started the fire sale and boy what a big kick out. For the for the cubs win now ol' what's his name just put twelve strikeouts. Jose posada it's not twelve strikeouts yesterday for the Chicago Cubs against already low rate debut I mean that's pretty good. Right or Sosa the White Sox are obviously breaking things apart but when you look at the standings in the American League. The two worst teams are coming to Kauffman Stadium this week in Detroit and Chicago. This is an opportunity now to go out there win some games you kind of skated through losing two out of three to the Texas Rangers still managing to pick up a game somehow. But ultimately now. You've got the opportunity to really do some damage with the tigers and White Sox coming in the two worst teams in the American League right now you can afford to have scuffles against these educating and Fortis split my opinion against the tigers got to Rihanna for. Right at 615 I say the national land the mend vesco thought it was terrible so it to that lets you play for there's grass to find good. A week from the day the new general manager will be introduced for the Kansas City Chiefs and rookie will report to training camp for the chiefs and saint you know. I'm fired up for it I know that it's super early and I've been there for rookie report day I was there last year actually numbers you report day. It's not the most fun exciting thing in the world but it is it makes you start to feel. Like footballs on the horizon as opposed to sitting back there watching highlight videos like I have been for the last two. He had obviously ought to highlight videos to and ready because I love this team I'm I'm like really fired up. About this football team because I think they are going to be very very good and I know some of the national pundits is one crown the Oakland Raiders and say they're the best of their gonna win the division. They still beat the chiefs I mean they they they've done a nice job on not taking anything away from all they've done a nice job but they've yet to be the chief psyche that mean it did the chiefs of on the raiders like the Rangers of on the royals over the past couple years a K. So until the raiders can prove that they can beat the chiefs it's still this chiefs divisional win and I'm excited about the start of training camp because. I think fans are gonna be very jacked up and very excited about this team because they're going to be good and and it's it's ten plus wins the regular season. And to meet the regular season as a tune up the finally do something legitimate. In the post season this year days this is what the regular season is to me figure things out find ways to win close games find ways to score touchdowns and prevent touchdowns in the playoffs and win some games in January and and hopefully in the February this year so did the beginning of a great season for the chiefs is coming up next week I'm excited to secede. The rookies report I wanna talk to Kareem hunt Patrick Holmes obviously I think that's the big draw for you girl people early on it in the pre season is Patrick Holmes get a chance to actually play in the NFL to a certain extent turf at its pre season he's going to be third string you know he's I did take those number two there's number two stamps. But just to get to see him in a chiefs Jersey on an actual field there at some point there ought to feel that. Fully ready to go fully suited up and throwing the football that's big dance is gonna be exciting part of the early pre season. And I I I kinda sound like a wet blanket here but I think I'm a realist on this. I know the pre season is the only time we see pat homes easier because of we have to see him more. The boy things are going the right way and I think things are gonna go the right way in my home is going to be able to kind of sit back kickback. And learn how to play quarterback for an entire year before at sea shell endless Alex Smith leads us to a Super Bowl championship of them homes it probably can't play both. If I'm good that I. I bet you Hillary prospect perjury yet. I sing the National Anthem Saturday at the central Missouri speedway to mixed reviews and you don't wanna miss bass goes take on it next. I welcome back it's that's where the morning of by wells. Bob invesco producers David Spector. Studdard and they might National Anthem singer of that. Lot of positive reviews is that you negative ones and one of the negative ones came from one Bob Baskett outlet you guys. Like I gave Utah had a credit rating got you got some stones to go out there do that a man that so I mean I say in front of people since eighth grade. I itself Saturday I did the take me out to the ball game at Kauffman Stadium years ago before they kind of generally. Maybe 20102011. Days mania because back here nobody here was but still it has on people out there you know regardless of how many people are at the ballpark it's not bracket it's very very scary and like nervous 'cause he deserves all that you wanna throw up all day right yeah a little bit yeah it as a little message to come in the stomach down a little right a day half and took a little bit of medicine there would you take. Is is this drama though and didn't. At a fascinating and it's good all of them are also asked if I'd been. Yeah. This. And then you should dispel Wrigley on Saturday and see if it's a well I've got there it was it was intense obviously that in you haven't done anything like that for a really long time you come into a situation I never. Are there ever to solo. Ever like even inquired days I was here now to don't insult but chief that you had a little bit of facility that she did but this is soccer pal and why. On so this isn't reproduce everything else read yet has many cracks that is you want to the right one chance. And no music behind east have to try to carry it on to you at all really nothing I thought they might 200 people were out to you at the at the edge of Missouri is merely a little thousand okay that's a big crowd may Fresno today they usually get about that much must it's one of the bigger events thing gets like 56 and what was the reaction like after you're done big class. Yeah. And like. Saul yeah the one thing I wanna do is the National Anthem right after our rule in the National Anthem or screw it up in some monumental way where you know that I end up becoming Roseanne or Karla well you guys decide here's waltzing in the oh. And if I have it's. The early. Bullets flew. You hear. What lies lies. Yeah you. Throughout the highest yeah. Yeah I don't know. Yeah. We eat it. Street Eden. OK. Well. Here. OK okay. There are always saying yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. It gives us. Once they hit the what's it the right leg irons better than I'd hit it throughout all of Pratt so hard. What that I got that I have that confidence in Everett took a bit and added it to get new grooves are very hard song to sing that was only a minute sixteen I bet they that felt like the longest time in the world to do well actually I enjoyed I enjoyed every moment of it after I hit the rockets regular part while I was about mid it midway point issue handled you'll before the midway point as mustard actually enjoy when I was doing well I I was like listen I'm like I at least it wasn't like this close very. June. Is seeking to be nationally the soliciting gay that not right argued that remember all the words. You got through you didn't forget you know the stances or anything like that's that's good and it was like this. We. So good guy learns it would have been like deli where they were doing your ass to get out of that that's that they it's not like. It really wasn't bad in your that was off key that was it here it's here and hey. Dumb ass I'm not a singer right very seriously as is is this how I do this is what I do I speak I'll be ready next I'd say you're off I'm sure. Ha ha I'm sure I'll contact siamese frankly. The reality is the big. Don't want to get out there molecular file democratic they ask me do it I was happy to sharp trumpeted the Democrats that I would do let it be like. Do you back and ask it do it sure I'll do all of a knockdown and I for one not going to happen and then. And I handed out the trophies afterward and all that stuff so it's a lot of fun the National Anthem was just part of it from aren't. Minute I don't sing bright but I bet if I take a week. How to work on a little bit I can at least be passable this I can be great I'm not a singer and a free give Michael bu placed at an out there and I had Bruce be passable it's going to be OK I wanted you to do this though I think this is the way you should have done the National Anthem. To lose. Gaza's. Easy move on mine and love the old we'll. I this yeah. Happy. I please old style. Them and told them do not a big problem well there there today and hoping you would definitely do that is like these secret. I'll I would be here today. I would have been. Believe it's. A bit unsure when it comes. Atlanta in the people with this being able they would Billick I don't know this is find sister radio bitten below it would not have gone down that I don't I don't horrified by the born at Vegas. What are my favorites of ball tablet I know that it is sold played and it's a decade old now but every time I watch that movie I laugh and I laugh but I last. Because it's amazing how he can get people to believe all of this nonsense that he's putting out there is I was hoping you would kind of for an end up alluded to all ultimately. Not a badge and not take the ice and it takes stones and laughter do that and you got more stones and I. We're gonna save you an Aggie a lot of credit for that age to be worse of it's it's but singing is that when idea. Well it's not my thing it's not my job this is my job itself a keg come on here and start ms. pronouncing things like you know certain drugs from motion sickness if it's a hug I don't. It was caused by a cruel. Job I have the we'll helmets out to the attacks like there's as I. There's McKay in these in ms. pronounced drama and it's I'd probably go to viewers. We do it again. Exactly yeah us to do what you do at Kauffman Stadium in front of like not 5000 he has it dead. I'm afraid of people staring me down my that the like other people this all. It's bad for me it's the nerves and actually getting out there. Seeing all those B thing what I want the nerves I wanna feel like I used their time doing this job early on. Right at a college first our first got her show ESPN South Dakota. I threw for when I'm seriously yes. Wow I never gonna show commercial radio before it was 22 years old. And immediate just turned 23. And I was a program before I still probably needed till this day I have the nightmare were open my mouth the words don't come out and microphone comes on you're on the air and everything. I'll my mouth and just nothing happens so. The face the nerves if you're afraid of the get out there in his face see what happens so so as we do it I'm probably gonna do it just because they'll do the best I can about world class singer you know that sure but. I feel as long wanting to go here getting. Validated expect Luciano Pavarotti channel galleries again I am but it was fun and know what I really enjoy the races out there a time nicely done at a huge congratulations. On doing something that I tell you when I would not have the stones as singing take me out to the ball game was enough to get the people like you saw coming I Null and nobody's I was going to be ours and it's a cracker Jack. Right exactly so I have some fun but it seems like you did so congratulations. To you and in John's done the job done in the speaking of now there's not a smooth transition there are is this it is the story begins Sina for clear room before. Who found the far which cleared something even larger. Here what next. Welcome back it's best when the morning I'm Mike Welch with Bob best co producer Steve inspector. We've shot outcome of the three minutes due to hit the text line and 69306. With any topic you want his guys into new book I've been through it. There's a report out it's up that a well. Really grows about a plane that evacuated after a form that's pretty bad and that is real I don't know. It's how he can hear but that's all I really need to know like the plane evacuated after a fork is just the kind of the saddest thing in. I can imagine like how is that. That's not possible I think but apparently it it how bad does it. Have to be seriously I mean we all smelled bad partner dissipates within seconds I mean I've never seen one and a land the plane. And it's funny because it was a American Airlines landed it rally Durham and they wouldn't give any other information now where the plane was coming from where the plane was headed how big the plane was how BP or onboard. I think American was just as embarrassed about it as everybody else went out unless somebody had some serious problems back there and you know was sick and ill and you know could make it through the flight where these we got in this thing because your your contaminating the entire thing you can still you would think eventually. We just goal weigh in and you blow they'd like to re needed at about your plane arguing for an American air control environment where you can't really filter out a lot of there like it's just say constantly circular which is why somebody sick on the plane. A lot of other people gets it right. To ensure that urged its that you patient. But summer travel is the small it's terribly yesterday like literally the door was closed and they were backing away from the gay in Chicago and it'll hold on a second. We got twelve more people that need to get on this flight and we don't wait for them. They will be able to get beat Kansas City 'til Monday because there's no seats less than any other excellent equal by southwest awaits for these people right it's awesome. While this guy gets on the plane with his five family members and starts complaining that the current five seats together. Well we just came back to the gates for your past me and give us seat sit down and shot out. White House in case you get all back to the gate we are the way they gave they stop it like far away areas like that they move the thing back the doors were shut we're ready to go for an on time departure. And like hang on a second we're gonna go we're gonna -- get these people and and open the doors back up which we never do know because it closes doors closes its clothes so they open the door back up they I mean it was another half hour that we were on the ground watch out for everybody if we wait for these folks that never would have got back there were no other seats on any other flights at a cool thing that southwest I give all time adequately that's awesome and I hope you guys do that a lot. And and with the guy gets on a complains that there are five seats together on a plane where they were lucky to be held for. Problems with that yeah I species without east and complaining at the front of the plane. Get your happy ass to the back of the seat in cargo shorts and sit out it doesn't matter where you go the flights 52 minutes long and it wasn't like they were little kids probably twelve years older cell sit out. And get beat Kansas City and if there was like three year old can understand like can I get that negative these two seats I received my are usually gets released well here's a role in the ass is a crowd numbers yet items like this the kind of person that shows up late to a flight knowing they couldn't get another but it's his fault because he was he was like another swells electing a taleo dot yes they waited for him and then you know get him on the plane than to sit around in its fifteen minute flight god it's not like it's the end of the Chicago to Kansas City it's like yes sit am barely even fly him in over Denver real and I am in and gonna be time to just sit analyst you don't were already lately. Let's shouted that your 69306. On the text line today. You can talk about whatever it is it is odd your model brought to by late James haircuts for men to locations talents extends into waiting on the results of the court Bernadie tests. God bless you are you hoping it's you'll you'll not. Yours yeah there I think automatically we assume that you're hoping that it's not you won't because we've all seen way too much more aid and all the cuts say you are. The father that's right. We've all been conditioned to think that weapons possibly could do it paternity test and hoping that it's his. Right exactly so hopefully the results come out in your favor what every music. When you want hopefully it works out for you its world boutique game the best ability you gotta be kidding me is that true yeah. There's yesterday home ice cream day today's world everybody gets a day here's the thing bothered to come to the point where social media doesn't tell us that exists that it doesn't exist it's true is start with birthdays. Where it didn't have your birthday on FaceBook he really just didn't have a birth place by people is decided you didn't matter and whenever he don't wanna. You get now sleeping over and everything he normally have certain days three ice cream and spaghetti donuts. How were what's. Taylor OT. The promotion group was good with the there was a and I saw a Chicago of one of the bus stops and the proof of motifs and the group of OG coming to theaters in July likeness pre game then. As you know to lose him. Sunburn remedies. My daughter Natalie. It yesterday and I had to put cucumbers notarized you kind of suit that'll mean again either batter aloe but investing is where Suggs reading you'll have to worry about Dallas her son's been there really had a bad sunburn or anything like animals had sunscreen honored is not been that long outside I welcome her and that is the size owner was red heads who sees the bean bags and mean against me some sunscreen works on her son doesn't mentally a specific kind of it was those words for days sides. What we had some of that the other night can we Specter. Yeah we did what is it and that is like a wind reduction of mushrooms and I don't think that's grenades. I've heard is that Greenpeace. I think I'm not a huge like I don't need sauce on my state type of guy I would likely stay just with the flavor of salt pepper and the inexorably like well most to have it. You can go to cook to the grass you try to put some sauce on mistake you might get hurt and is the work that way you're disrespecting the person who took your stake that's right if you're putting any kind of state saucer Bernice sauce or anything else on your steak Hewlett in the works as horseradish on a primary and after that yet it's nothing we have like the horseradish sauce on a primary that is pretty good what do. Like a one a lot of people frown on putting and yeah. It it doesn't go ketchup on your state you need to move to Russia I like 81 on the state some of the time but it somebody else makes a mistake when I don't know very well. Like if it's my dad makes as they all go ahead and that the A one sauce on it because he's not going to be right at about. But if it's a while ago that well I go to their place in their grilling out states I don't put anything on exile don't want to disrespect the grill master you've got to respect the state. Geez go to new England and act. Actually get the depth view in the opening game I can see that happen here Wednesday about how Tom Brady's over the hill and maybe this is the end of the line for the patriots in the national we will still continue to disregard the Kansas City Chiefs taking guaranteed an at the end of the year the patriots in the Super Bowl. Maybe yeah. Same in swimming upstream yes they do go backwards fish in their very tasty fish but I guess now you're not supposed to eat salmon because there's too much Mercury at the same thing but is that. Tomorrow amid the producers say is still OK from what I've and James well don't like you said you know what kind of salmon still look at. Here is the true narrative on Sam you're supposed to eat the white sand and not formally salmon because the far and this is for any six. This farm raised fish swimming corrales in the heat the room who. So you're not was the farm raised fish because they feed on feces meanwhile he goes to the wild scene and because of people who just goes away and sooner than just went past that. When you're being raised to corral who just got to stays in the same spot so you're not post these armories finish this is what it's come to in this in this. At this this is my night sounds got a city activists say a man act Costello. Why don't you gotta get a wild salmon because the caged and it needs to tell Pope. That sounds Q specifically be made up on us and it also something makes a little bit a sense it does needles and there. Canada's golf you can get the image of like all the fish yeah really really close and decided that wage sort of makes yeah I kind of get it though are at this guy is the most compelling. Athlete in the United States hasn't played in decades. Let's say who is after the key play next. OJ Simpson's yeah. Is he in this Thursday which is just of course quiet guy. It's that just a few minutes the first as the key play and how about this one from Sunday night baseball. In June over to rain she want to. Alone. And is on Debbie in our sister station at a Boston Jackie Bradley junior was one hell yes off of the bat of Aaron judge to rob him and that is our key play brought to you by Anthony plumbing heating cooling the technician you can trust with your house keys and that's that's a big statement right there to one of the best we've seen in this ballpark assets incredible and you know. It was it was truly an amazing catch by Jackie Bradley junior I was that that's the that's one of those that you're Gunner remember even at the end of the year when they go back and kind of recap the best web gem is the best plays throughout Major League Baseball. That's gonna be out there yet if you haven't seen it makes you get a look see at that one today because here's a little while how you believe that dude climb a wall and made that play of the passcode you've always been and I would holiday and OJ Simpson enthusiast yeah it is necessarily a banned in the easiest where you're Berry compelled by everything that happens in the OJ Simpson. And clearly so is the rest of the country because for OJ is a role here in. Yes yet this Thursday servant I can see if the Jews. Is let loose why wouldn't be ninety minutes best. They're doing I'm allergic since the beginning at noon cents ridiculous I'm not I'm now what do we call Thursday and a idol once we need to go to and I sent a message to my buddy Chad who's put together this meeting force and I said. We got to play at a at a place it's got a TV because the OJ parole hearing is on these responded backlight with last from a serious depth it's like you were not by TV. I ain't going to the meeting and so we'd be we need to have this by a television. Or I can watch the OJ plural here but not the only one who's interested in this do you realize. That they've received 240. Media credential requests for. For it is playing cool under in forty media credential request you know how many people in the media got credentials to. Why don't locally he reporter Reno and the local TV reporter arena and that was it they didn't credential anybody else because it's not big enough itself. They knew it was going to be like must see TV event. So they play in this thing in my closed circuit TV where they're gonna have a lot of people watching it and people close to OJ had have reported to page six of the New York Post that OJ is not happy about all the media attention that he's giving. Because he thinks it's going to hurt his chances. Thabeet parole they're probably every but did not Nevada maybe other states but Nevada has a very strict point system. That they use or parole and right now the handy campers if you will have said. That OJ had enough points right now and has done everything he's required to do. To get out of jail and in Nevada when they look at whether you're going to be paroled it's about did you behave in prison. Did you take the class is necessary and do they figure somebody who's going to commit another crime now the third one could be as an addict but they he's he's done it he's been a model prisoner he's completed all the classes he's an everything that's ever been asked of him and right now he's got enough points on the plus side that wave back. In his favor to get out of prison come October 1 served. So did you kill Ron and Nicole is not far are not part of its good parole election is because he was acquitted of that so you'll since he was acquitted of yeah I think though when it comes the Parole Board that's gonna at least come and their their decision making process at. Still it's not supposed to them not the state of Nevada AT look at that it's strictly based on the points and if he has enough it's if it's almost like a blind taste test type of thing many of those old commercials we replaced Folgers crystals are so this this is like a blind taste test. For OJ Simpson meaning bill who it is obviously going and but it's just supposed to be ranked on a point system and people are saying if he doesn't get out. That's going to be one of the biggest upsets that we've ever seen he should be paroled. This. This Thursday and will be out of jail. Expected to be by October 1 if the jury of that if there is the Parole Board is split. They'll go back in front of them in January of 2018 which is this coming January. And they'll tries parole hearing again but all signs point OJ walking out of that Reno state Taylor whatever it is on October 1 when he. Seventeen. I it will takes 69306. Because I have a question that I think a lot of people probably have but. Well why is OJ Simpson's such a compelling individual. Everybody seeing in the have to get. More OJ Simpson may says this thing happen. Okay basically invented court TV OJ Monica Lewinsky like those two basically made quart tedious thing. And it. Everyone was so locked in on this everybody's been so obsessive over what happened with a OJ Simpson ever since the the murder of Ron and Nicole and everyone's been obsessed over I don't know of any other athlete that people will be obsessed over. As much is this an I thought windows documentary came out last summer I thought it was overkill it goes through much. Debate over twenty years house is coming out now. Of course wins all the awards because one of those lost thirty for Terry's of all times who clearly on the one that doesn't get it right on the one that's not seeing the connection here as to how important this is how big of a deal it is. Because not only did that happen last summer this summer ESPN's doing a one and a half hour special for OJ is breaking parole hearing that has nothing to do. With the murder because if you're not playing in sports UGU generate the ratings and that's roach he Simpson is right now he's not performing. But he still resonates with so many people that are like from the age where I am at forty. Up ports because everybody either a watched OJ plays football. Beat remembers OJ from commercials or C remembers OJ Simpson the actor especially in the naked got a series that went on everybody loved that movie making and it was great note it was going to on the hill on a a number on a wheelchair and you know fell over the the bar so everybody loved OJ Simpson he was a beloved figure and there's not many athletes Mike or really just people in general is a scooter on Shawnee mission park way what the hell is that guy doing. Going around the around the back I think he's on a scooter with no helmet. Anyway. But. Simpson. Was one of the most beloved is not the most beloved person you know. Everybody loved OJ there was like like my serve wasn't polarized even today rise more athletes take everything over at all. Who's the polarizing guy we talk about pollen count verdict than anybody else sure seemingly am sure we talk about other people what it feels like we talk about Colin tabernacle why. He's not that great writer is a good quarterback he probably deserves a job more than a lot of other starting quarterbacks are currently in the oh my god and it's nobody knows what is that guy writing. Stephen is like hanging out the window we've got double pane glass here so I'm like what the hell is going not as near pandemonium on a scooter down a motorized scooter with a of those are standing desire that Selig is standing skewed stating that not -- a scooter like a best buy that you sit on our actual standings aren't easy children right now driving down Johnson parkway and then Metcalf right. That's okay now. All right there you guys are about apologize to me is derailed the segment there that I've never seen anything quite like that before that. Was exhibit that OJ OJ was a polarized oh yeah it was love that wasn't. There wasn't a fraction of people to I'll I hate is like yeah brawny hate calling capita. Nobody needed OJ and let them happened and that it was on TV every day and I think I spent my entire freshman year watching the OJ Simpson truck yeah that's going to flat because I remember every day we get home we watched you know we watched it only watch and the verdict came down in mid October remember the reaction of everybody. When that happened that was that was right in my wheel house and so from my senior year of high school through the middle of my freshman year in college. I was consumed every single day with OJ Simpson and there's not a day that goes by Reynolds look on that on screen guys hoping something is on. Revolves around OJ Simpson and I watch my wife every night is my Gotti gonna watch the saint IIT it help myself I'm compelled by when I go to Los Angeles I'd like to go to the crime scenes and look at it check like we're going to Los Angeles last summer you went around and asked people if they thought OJ did it right exactly Rick Rick you're reporter and I random person in Los Angeles do you think OJ did it yeah I would have answered some people got mad but the people any answers and in wanted to talk amenities. It's the most compelling saying. That this error. I guess you could say if that's the world therefore has ever seen I mean it's just everybody was captivated by and again it was because he was so beloved. And there was no I hate note that you heard anybody beating OJ until the murders of Ron and call it. That's its interest in mortgage backed that throughout the show I wanna bring up maybe some other people in history we get that kind of coverage because I think that they can be compelling angle this whole situation is OJ Simpson's parole hearing. Will be aired on ESPN this third I'm sure they're not the only ones who were gonna error I'm sure there are. I your chance to win 1000 dollars and our national cast contests in two minutes.