07/17 - 12 pm - 6 Pack, Royals Gaining, Zeke & Foreman

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Monday, July 17th

As always we bring you the 610 Six Pack everyday at noon. Lake and Bink discuss the Royals managing to gain ground without really doing much over a 5 game losing skid and one NFL star and another big name rookie had run ins with the law this weekend. 


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Needed we'll reap polish it for. Somewhere. Are there weights it's noon here. Have no idea where India. An opening thing is sell on guys fine. We'll get to it we'll get to the can opener here in a second but back here or face a flake they. And serve sort of the man has his day tomorrow Wednesday. As well let's Fridays are you serious pretty much the entire week. Except for Thursday. On the show joins us. In the 1 o'clock hour today as he always does but on top of the sixers or six back bought two by the red dwarf Brill. Two locations. One in Camelot court in the world right than a 119. And was at role in the and the other is imports up. It is also a burger Monday. Get burgers five dollars five hour Monday's us right. What I meant. As I just mentioned. Eric outbound. As I just as in the update cowboys are magazine yellow yet was involved in a late night and today at Dallas Clark Sunday. Dallas police spokesperson said no arrests have been reporting connection with the incident. But according to TMZ guys seek Elliott did punch a man in the face and apparently broke his nose. Year out. Basis. It's not a good. Look for as he guilt Elliott winner already under the microscope when remember we we sit we stayed on. Friday that Adam sat there was reporting that. Does he QL it was re seeing it. For a one game or two game suspension from the National Football League and in this happens the week it at that could. The Brussels not a gift books but I will say this the files you've talked about we like to put out here is that there's an incident that's occurred any kind of wonder what's going on now we've sort evolved. A broken no it's. It is going to be interesting to see. What all informacion. Comes out of this incident. Like what was the reason for any parts what was the reason why anything happen at all because. Some of the witnesses and some of the people that or round. Are saying that as he Phil Elliott was actually trying to help a woman and who was being whole rest. By a guy that was wrong so a guy doubles draw was arresting him. A woman. The woman was trying to stop the gentleman from harassing her physique he'll Eliot. Got into law you don't the situation. They've tried to its dial it down it went from there. Well clearly in Dallas down because you don't want to buy in the face of organ in nose at Guantanamo Bay. I mean would we save as atomic two or guys stand up for women being arrests who wasn't or was it a month ago. He didn't put his teammate but it was up for the New York Jets. Number they have don't beat a camera thought he his his teammate was harassing a woman. And he south of the tip you'll Leonard Williams litter what gives us that's what was little Williams always a great young talent for the New York Jets. This team was harassing a woman and little voices hey do stopped and you didn't stop right what inning he'd pick them up. Adult. Movie about the way. It's at 9:40 PM that premium of divorce earlier that's that's a good thing. Also the story we don't just get deserve the politics actually recently come out all they look ridiculous. How do we know we did anything wrong. We don't these are the fight and he's been I don't. But things legally it is going to be an and maybe shouldn't be punching people at the bar but it to visit her essay in time these things happen sometimes and it's it's a big deal because of who he it. Mean bar fights ever like every day everywhere aren't. It is easy. You don't also. Tomorrow Revis did you ever get signed. Not the rubber as fitted travel that's charged as an athlete because of Gaza harassing him as he was out looking at his property late night. He's part of that he's he's an investor in some property some guys are Russell street I'm glad it's. I'm not saying I'm glad that he saw somebody a member of the man alone. The rule read this before what was it. All. The row what happened. I can't believe he's not signed by anybody. How to rubber is that he's had a bet he had a bad last year but made he's not he he's giving up the. When asked laughable. Acting previously gets signed by somebody like the frustrating part about this is an Ohio is get accused of being an apologist for athletes and things like this like. They're normal guys you shouldn't often bothers them like you don't enjoy being thought it went out either the bars something like that's the problem is when these guys get in a fight. You know they have a lot of money. So you know you can press charges against the most time I'll try to settle it to get the charges drop or something like that. And the daily say all these guys are to know these guys are in shape these guys athletes I can do more damage in your average person. That I can't get good. Like like if people say athletes to defend themselves. Because. They're bigger than other faults. I think it would fit beat them at hello long. I have to because the bottom London and up because if you're bothering him. You know what you're getting into these double what what Charles Barkley say eight years ago when he threw that guy out of the window. You bother me deeper. Players. Leonard Williams is skaters do not think he's someone approaches. I'm not a folks that are always at the far. Roger Federer flows out his eighth of Wimbledon title the most by any man. And he is the oldest ever win Wimbledon at the age of 35 it was as a nineteen Grand Slam title. His ego. Eighties when it comes amidst Tennessee is he's the greatest of all time. Federer man day he he's a man desperate act he Wear white and it worked. If I did reports I'd like what I assume that it does. Process unfolds rule when so much rifles rules exactly people. You think he would get a little leeway I know throughout your bathroom no I don't think you know I don't expect dudes underwear. Here in America young kids I said this that didn't sell lastly. If there was Serena Williams. She got at all like so. That's solid romantic side hopefully. Clearly the worst night club the birdie turning yeah I know I'll Google bought all act now. All because tablet wars it. It's just since it would definitely. Poverty denied any sort of you title idea. Now I may my box every okay because it citing what I would suspect Volvo lol yeah well that's. Where why effort and Jenner like. Not like he's your guy not attacking like you don't Wear like these are different now and it does not sound like college. Not south splatter thing on media dear god that I'm working on don't forget what you lightly raced. Only light it. Allen Iverson unit you're good either to produce some of the guys are here now. I'm Margie hi I mean I'm still pretty young admire any any good anyways I'll ask audio is not a war on Sony's appeared you get aways to go ahead. I mean I like taking. Almost as much as big they like street. The lock them. Allen Iverson did make his return to Philly yesterday as part of the Big Three the he did not play however he was told a few hours before the game. That doctors recommended he set out yesterday's game I think in state wise he was actually coaching us. Against doctor. And he has actually watched that they really are absent a couple of I I got it got on who have borne out really daft. Almost fans they run from the press box for this game for fox secure it's it's his victory legends of the ever buy it if you watched almost made it. I'm just a basketball feats like that saw a little bit different phone. Well I want it to go to listen to this three on three divided till it hits on that it was gonna be in Tulsa. Meal would tell us if we talked about it like but it was like a few days before like it did and on the head it's I'll get it actually went to Tulsa and injected out. I definitely want to get on the future. Just think it is a cool concept that ice cube in all the people that invested in the league you have to mop with. It even better than just doing it the way they've been doing it. Actually it was a trade last like you can treat people in the lead to. A critical view of the edit I traded that I don't. That's not the idea of Hitler spoke one year when you have forty plus year old players like Allen Iverson matters about yesterday. Because a Doctor Who said he couldn't recommend it but don't let their legend still ovals or they're still legends. I hit it. Don't be colder attack. Be something there yeah I can tell so like guy down there go lot's gonna watch the games up that would be fun it's not something I'm going to come watch them. All I. In the summertime when there's not a ton of stuff to watch you don't think that people watch him the odd. The big retorted. I would rather watch. The Yankees and the Red Sox got a multi innings how are probable bushel at the time. At this when this came out though we were getting all close and also brace yourself you losses over the also break the Major League Baseball all star break I didn't. If there was anything odd but I didn't I watched the entire thing I got bored and after about Tony and that's would you watch Wimbledon over the real returner. Now probably safe. The only man. Only gradually. That Tiger Woods has been three following in the world rankings ever since three years ago the last time he writes it's. At the top of the rankings. And the way he also world rankings work on a two year rolling basis of the points you accumulate. In a given event being replaced by the once you've gained at the same event two years ago so basically tiger over the last couple years. Eventually he won a couple years ago he's getting zero points because he's been out he's been injured he has been playing and as of early this morning. Tiger Woods fell out of the top 1000 golfers in the world why is ranked it. 1005. Break. Do you think there's a thousand golfers read and Tiger Woods of course now but. Bragging Acela. It's it's a bully it's okay is a little bit of won the world for so long. He. Is. It is was McEnroe see in the Venus would be tough 400. For 700. For instance we're I came from what you get tiger rebels those. Surrey in place of my top 400. He would be like a 400 bad I was sort men's tennis out certain tiger was going to be Jack director. At the back off a couple of years ago that was bids that he's going to be direct. I everybody was like I outlaws what everybody was he's that ranks in the top. 1000. Rates at its reflect it up until two years ago I had to all. He was capable steel winning a major it's yeah not anymore. I mean you sound that mug shot of him recently like that pairs dollar and he just didn't like like it's time for tiger to just. Say probably hasn't had. A wonderful goal to Google in the seniors. Who are for peace in the field. Now we solicited via the train right that is Tiger Woods guy and that's still a job people even a Celtics do you wanna see if the now I I don't wanna see it now I want him to stop asking people I don't and it's age and I don't supplanted. I he's got improving its situation means backing better news continues to get hurt. I'm for Eldred was still wanna see him play. Royals are probably going to be buyers at this point in the year being right in the thick of the division race. And JD Martinez the president of the Detroit Tigers is the first power hitter the royals have been linked to according to nick a fart out of the Boston Globe. JD Martinez fanned. That is a nice big bat. What really looked good. In the nine in the royals' lineup for sure he Martinez basically. Bit about it I like dreamer it is a matter import your Johnny came into the game fit right in as for the chemistry portion of the iceberg theater. As well you guys got power he's been injured. But he's been aggressive baseball type injuries that morning into the awful war. It happened to Kauffman Stadium last your spring put this year he needs their plane and told me this year courteous sixteen home runs Judy Martinez certifiable. But I don't know why they treat the division. Stuck Johnny about it and how desperate Detroit Tigers orbit. Desperation leads the outlook for have you heard of early hander server it was law had these guys offer books but they're great players and one half of the they keep continue to pay these guys that kind of money either pay announced that windows closed that's danger to build a view these contrary to that window closes that's a Detroit faces right now. As seems like something you don't really ever want news straight in the state. Especially in close division like this but I that's all I got but I can't think for division that's what you seem actually doing it. That I can win this is. As I got the as a suspect. I guess at the six cents or six back thoughts about the red or roads that come up with side the other locations in the Camelot. Court and we. We've got a question about that sees that needs to be answer. It's at that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. I thank you Jason Blake and what else he now what else circle but Dow's itself. Sorters in this week six in sports reveals it just. Or thank god this segment it giveaway a four pack of T bones tickets away. Next segment we'll give away. A pair of tickets. To catch. The Kansas City Royals. Right when a four packets because he indicated he's he boasted on the when a naked gold guys. On July 22 at community America ballpark was 7051. Pitch. And post game fireworks. And that'll be the first Cold War. Fight. Is the for a school work. Our big players will you know home. Start making the trek up the saints show hole in a little bit over a week. And we'll all be. Excited and pumped about stated that he sees full Claude Cecil ball starting up again. Oh before immediate saying Joseph. There's a question that we have to realistically. Ask ourselves and try to answer. And that question that you brought up a couple of times already. Out the chiefs got better. Have they gotten better. It's the question is again that the stadium this weekend in on remote box as this is the B and weigh in now. They sell out the chief should you jump I'll do my going to be disappointed he's doubled them like with the C. Sad to think about percent of course of these lights chiefs and everything which they sell out to be in the big. My first the answer is sure wanna. Mean a whirl on the bandwagon few of your new cheese and you're on the bandwagon but I don't know they give us at how houses teamed up and veteran. Tell me always is team's gotten better from his last year they lose divisional round it's. What would happen and it's produced were touched him. What Levy and bill continued renal would cheat the the ball for most in more minutes of is that. In that game so have you learned from those mistakes have you made your team better the team lost the Pittsburgh. If you fix because a lot of teams wolf picks up the liberal on the lose the playoffs they fix the problem that it. You know I don't know the answer and I'm looking at this would Google Forbes tees and very excited about it. The team that has my homes to convened a of the youth and the speed and skills that of the wide receivers. It wasn't through the draft Akeelah John Dorsey draft and they guard they're gonna get better because of that draft class there's an opportunity. It's a great opportunity make this team better. UT you know past you know and saccharine villain though the but it might take these might be a fine player just might take him you know. Juju is this Shuster they passed on in that round Pittsburgh and that they can wide receiver nice player because you lost Maclin. Did they know they were gonna Hubert of Mac will attend the draft is at by the Puerto believe. They thought Angel that was gonna happen is one in the draft the wider the outside of GGR. A chess. Do you just and its and they did draft but I don't think that's the answer. I don't think he makes the difference. You know how much we're gonna see him this year. He began on the depth chart at this point be situational player for the chiefs. But they didn't get better wide receiver. It took a step back actually I'm fine with almanac and things are accustomed to Whitman and I'm actually okay with a Mac well thank you get regular places. You generally replacement and now. You lose Domtar podium in getting low okay. I actually like below I think that's a good good he's good against run. Provable talking head some out this weekend where he was number two against the run last year for his positions on Google that. A bidding Logan and so it but penalties exponentially better. There's no art po yup I'm with you you lose Jay Howard of the bears. You governor on Jay Howard was actually number two against the run for his position up until he got hurt last year. So it's too big hits defensible line yeah I'm excited about Chris Jones a big of an elevated role in starting died I think Chris Jones can be fine. Not a lot of depth there. You do have him so how can you stop or have they gotten better at stopping the run is linebackers. It just fills with six round. In it is it's a wild card it's a crapshoot is Rick Wilson plugs or for the. Sec Nicole ward is questions. Questions. In that is one of my biggest questions. A Bol the seats. Is a linebacker situation is getting continue to be something now harp on the entire training camp right now I'm not sold. It was adaptive it was so bad last year you starter Mike Wilson did you actually. He had the bringing back visual approach squad also under John assert he's gotta be star. So I am not sold it. The white checkers in general public scandal fumbles and effective at Buena last year just the Houston's the one or wait on. Will wait for him dude to turn back to the promised land. We had but he still question mark you want him to go back to being the it's just news nexus on 2014 lest he usually gets into production just temperature hoping. Nobody has a game that he had last year against the Broncos with way too many question mark at the quarterback gets things get out Smith. You don't wait for that your home so it's unfair I think they've got page Holmes is an idea. Is a positive difference that Alex Smith I do that you're gonna seed a positive difference this year. In the backfield so long launch the game Spencer ware be into blues and school last year good cream on okay that's different. I'll give you don't prima could add Samoa. The no wrinkle to that she's running game that I like so it could be but exponentially. How did you get better manage the wealthy at the office winds that. You keep building teal or George Dorsey giggled ET all that money. Which really was head scratching moment mr. permits more worker anger air fisherman Schwartz your office supplies back. So I don't know it's really how you got better I think the front office took a few steps back if you lose Chris Ballard Gloucester on Dorsey. From what they were as far as talent evaluating to John Dorsey did some good things but sprinkling in depth review read nobody now. I just. Wanna be super optimistic. In I'm not being that pessimistic about. Was gonna happen in transparent with this team I'm with you tell there's a lot of questions about this team going into the season and they haven't upgraded they haven't gotten better. The biggest signing that it she said. The entire us spring into summer. Was Eric Berry signed him to a long term contrary to keep immunity and security attic but who were that double somebody or debate in. Yup yesterday just couldn't have. And you waited too long for now James fired is always archer you waited on thirty better record I'm just glory hound they're getting better we'll do more are wanna be optimistic. We're looking for a blown attorney Kia to see these pieces I'm really excited in a about the wide receiver. They like these guys out Wilson and Chris Connelly the old 124 years old. That's considered old rule is that. It's good use it's going to be speed with every Gillick am excited about the things that they can do include they could be a better team they were last year right here I was kissing on paper they all. I can't make that assumption is right now David are better yet but what's a guy's taken X level Chris Jones another takes that next level. Orcas Peter's turn into the shut down the I don't know Ron Parker had agreed here. It safety is bullish so we'll see if that comes in the bag and because opera atmosphere that was Turkey the fuel that's what it walks like you look at this team and say they're gonna stop the run better news Fleischer 26 only. But I did see enough that was done to make me think art does the runs the fingerprint I just don't know I don't see I've seen yet. You need proof that's returning in sport. I'd just final Cold War it is chiefs. Chiefs. Is the final Cold War. Honest with colon number nine caller number nine to 913 by some 676 in color number nine if you know all three told words. The embassy before I get to do is too much about the Kansas City T bones take on the winner take gold eyes July 22. At community America ballpark 7051. Page with the polls game by it works caller number nine. All right dike coming up next segment dull. We get back to talking about the world's the weekend that was also give away some royals take it's they take on the White Sox on July the 22 would do all of that. Studio sixty sports. Britain and wrong. It's cheap. And yeah in this. League rules being changed after nine season hanging around not only been consistent and. My congratulations to split from rain ballot in lip balm to screen out he won DT ballistic it's gonna give away this segment. Here of royals tickets. To the next sixteen Saturday July the 22. Will stick you don't need White Sox with 613. Hours it. The first cold ward and or royals to it's it's dusty. Dusty is the first folder I gotta say dusty because Duffy was dealers Saturday. The eighty dusty got tagged with the loss. Should. The game ended up being one nothing but maintaining Duffy was really really good but the biggest thing from over the weekend though because that. We just found ourselves in the position. Won't you and I both agree. The Cleveland Indians arts who we thought that they're not as good as everybody anticipated. They mean good in stretches but they didn't go to scope David Jacqueline ha you don't there's G bid don't take it. A grasp on how good a baseball team that they all. What that being said. You look at everybody in the division. It's up or grants. There's three teams in the mix story Cleveland. Is atop the division right now Minnesota who's in second place where only trailing him by half a game in the in the royals. Asked the three wood who wants it. Who wants it more than the than the others who was going to take debt stepped forward and say you know what we play consistent. Winning baseball and we're gonna take series after series after series from our opponents. And make sure that we win this division I don't know the team is right now is nobody stepped up yet. Our leaders use to barometer of June 1. We can look at he would teams do because people say you to find New York June 1. Minnesota's a C three games donors and super. Cleveland's 500 since June 1. The royals. Eight games or 500 since tempers. Only one team has more wins the American League in the royals that you pursuits he's been in it's buy one. So the right in the mix Cleveland. As the visible that a baseball team best ERA for bullpen that they get to get bleeds. To win joy. The bullpen it's thug wanna get swept. By the Oakland a's who built their entire bowl into the nationals to the the members their bullpen to the nationals. Which they Italy yesterday who what's the big Norton grip that's what its with a quarter is for the royals. Business sales central it's not like some of these divisions. Rican have a record like the royals in B beer. In four Behar is that like the Seattle Mariners are 46 and 47. Cancer royals have 45 wins Theo has 46. In their division they're sixteen and a half games out. I get it they're the wild cards yet. Buddhists that with the royals your two games back in your right at five under the week in series game you lost two games this weekend. You've gained ground. Of course the royals look at themselves contenders they can win this division the whales can't win deal since. I think you realize that this he was going on when he played Cleveland they've had a winning record. But you all season went for Cleveland. When they gonna take off there's been two or three times looks like Turkey either hit their stride Cleveland's pick up you know and they lose to a home last week to the Padres for the old burglary. But it's what by the Oakland days. Written all server he wondered does Cleveland. Really won't take a step or the got a bunch of games remaining against the royals nine games left in the royals won last two series against Cleveland. Minnesota he saw what Minnesota had offered. This weekend affording Syria Israel last week in re 13 able. It human activity get a terrible record against the twins but. That was a different royals team that played them. This second Cold War it is consistency consistency. Is the second Cold War. And you're right though. Went when it comes down to look at it who's going to take that step forward. You gonna need consistency gonna need to play good baseball but this also going to be a situation at the end of the year you're not gonna be at the back into the apple sees. You gotta take it man in his starts right now here at home. I know over the weekend you lost to Diaw to the Rangers you all won one game out of three it is better that you played against them but analogous to each white. Who's got a better team than you are. Go out there and take this series from them now realistically in four games. Would like three out of four yes. Would take a split. I guess technically yes because they'd been they got the better of us so far this year but at some point you gotta start. Taking three out of four got to start taking 213 for the majority of the teams that's assay. Six uses to keep homes they. Split the Detroit after those winds are covered front page bittersweet the white. You're one until the Indian homes that you had its three games yet seven warming. Four against the tiger and it'll although like you budget now one but the B six some force of injury. If you're the seventh through something in the US TS one more. One more between that didn't require re sweet. Of either forties. You'll lose one who's going to be sweet one which ones are going to be. The good news is all these games are home against teams losing record. Enter at the all star break it 33 games. In thirty of them were against teams under 500 guillotine the result was the Boston Red Sox who by the way you at the plate there which you beat him two out of three in the city. They stop in here. It's right there from the royals. Sit at 500 right now which direction the ago right now there mired in mediocrity. Is the team's concern. They look better now could be make if you if you feel open piece of make a difference. You have a solid guy like Brad hander beneath yet somebody like that in the back inaudible been making huge difference. It would bolster it thirty attack top happily. League opener fifteen. Out of the league's the right they did there at the top of the happ in some armor screwed up the numbers some of the guys in the bullpen has an opportunity and a chance if you did that piece. In. Big and somebody wrote to some in the eight inning. In general terms wagering through your fist or helping bring in a geneticist gogel owner of those guys cards done. Then a bat like Judy Martinez if that's together looking for maybe old is going to be true measure when he plays by Arnold Detroit's gonna dealing. In the division although towards the player out there that the Detroit thinks they're gonna win this division it's just six games back Detroit. Is look at it yeah 88 games under 500 I know they're only six games back but he does. I don't think it even usually means it was say that they've got a good feel like this team is wanna come extra payroll that would build for the future energy Martinez by the way. He commandments would be letting go lead in the call by offering you're gonna get much for Judy Martinez having get anything at all for in these pieces to a much of that and we'll deal. Verlander were meeting earlier someone with the economic contract. Again. We need trade tags that Zimmer MITRE Detroit you take a lot of money. For guys that really operatives. The final Cold War is hot. Hot. Is the final call on those hot out at Kauffman Stadium over the weekend. Article words hot. The school call the number twelfth call number twelve to 913 by some 676 today called number twelve. If you go all three Cold War legitimacy appear tickets the next sixty and Saturday July 22. Where hosted on the white sides. Or 615. Forest it's. Speaking of hot. The hot days and it comes to training camp up at saint LB start next week. And there are some players when he comes in it'll training camps they already have their teams what. We get to who doles individuals are next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't Judy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. The grass. Casey today. He won the world that if we have more blows it your way at all law. Act wolf those fifteen minutes away from talking Rhonda showed you leave here in studio. So that is going to be that they CF or is this show basically. Sort of producing. I don't understand why we have talked to him about media in the 592 show on basic. My show I mean we can bring it up as soon as he walks and studio bled like. I just think out of respect seems like. You have big Leon put respectful bonds' name I think out of respect. That you ask for wants input on this he's already back here same announcement. And that's why seeing you guys got to respect and stealing anything crucial service part of that is certain shows. You gotta respect Ron know Bashir and this. Was so stuck on as the Kurdish that the big second show. He has the copyright to it. All man. I'd the weather is going to be you know why is gonna be up the saint Joe's gonna be hot the majority of the time. Windy the players out there you know revenue and nothing did practice. On reps in. Orbit seat. And we know that's the case all across the country when it comes to training camps. But you don't loan to be. You know having your teammates. And having your organization sliding. When it comes to what you do wing before even soul train what's doing outside. Of the for sold. And that is indeed the case with a couple of players at but in essence it's always that up at a cropped up here. The last couple of days. In the national football. I saw this story yesterday. The idea form India Texans rookie all running back a diet that I'd be much was intrigued. With when he comes to a potentially being drafted by the team is that he sees. I'm a big fan of Fremont that the degree must of solid picked up. Former was another one of those guys kind of mocked him to law may be 11 of their one of the mod drabs. Aren't always like form if form as easy he's a stud out of body with the Texas ends up landing with the Houston Texans I think that detects a threat to well. I would come to I just me but I think he's problem is I don't Bosnia and second rounds that you and juju is vicious wide receiver out of being beyond reform yeah. So form that he was arrested and Austin, Texas early Sunday morning and charged with marijuana possession in unlawful hearing of a weapon. Both misdemeanors. Okay. But now. It's kind of interesting that they the report toward the story. They come from his a hurry and according to the University of Texas police department. Officers initially responded to a reporter marijuana smell coming from three cars parked outside a residence hall at 12248. Unum. On Sunday. And today. This University of Texas do in the smaller guys probably give the money. Seriously portrait artist traders say he was duly everyone just say this humility Texas police want to look silly every because he was. Start spent labor 2000 yards he did it would definitely wants on campus. He had legal firearm as some deals at the pot in his car and he's gonna Wheatley we don't know that we don't know that we don't know that. With these which gives me to form its attorney chip B Davis said this in a statement. Cold as he was leaving their residence. He was approached by police Amal form. Wire to a surge of his vehicle Dionte on the officer saw a loaded the officer rather that he had a handgun inside of his vehicle. This legal handgun with earnings of them was recently purchased by Dionte and registered in his name. It handles properly secured inside his vehicle as required by Texas law. Up passenger John days vehicle was a possession of marijuana. Dionte did not you is all possessed the marijuana upon making his bond he will submit to a. Announces a majority. To give farm he has not used marijuana. Today. If this is all in fact true. Then there's nothing to see. It if if if if that's what happened there's nothing to see here if yet if if if the if you haven't done. In the vehicle aid it was quite certain it was it was he illegally purchased it. He didn't smoke marijuana just estimate that the book and refocus and now. Does he passed the drug does it the past drug test to me that. Beyond the odd thing is an issue anymore because it did he's already there are always saying it's illegal handgun. Registered in his name he had the proper stuff. In text pretty loose gun laws through I'm sure a lot of athletes here's one thing this is not something that shot it's a pro athlete with a gun a legal and it was in his name. Athletes carry guns. Lot of the targets they go for so protect the Somoza was car that we pro athletes you think roll around somebody there Corbett has some. Maybe they'd and they're not doing it. Let me think either the handgun and we'd I but the numbers pretty high but on some drama that's not an excuse to. Eight and this is my Cesar excuse but of your checking doing the body checks a search of all your friends giving your car. I see your point. But my mother raised me and told me be cognizant of who you wit. If if you'll meet a sword in a car. Not that we don't mean. And we get pulled over I got it's you would do is going to be looked at glanced sideways because you like goes. Not passing it that is always and whites. To look at that horse and probably would ever would you gotta be cognizant of that you meet this bill. I'd get added it's easier said than bigger guys didn't get it does it bigger guys did you prove it because it does a Michael Pete sort. I'm not answered it yes we on. You don't just trusting that he would have a BL well it's guilt by association some yes like. And if I lord if you guys were riding in my car in for summaries and I had something like that on me I you'll probably and probably a little bodies is an outrage is that makes you uncomfortable pace. A thirty. I don't wanna be like dirty like big week. Out of north land it will be riding dirty in North Atlantic. But at. Just sit in on Beers and trust that all missiles and also as a person as always those stories like this and NF LB. What they do. I am not shocked the player evident in Denver one donor in two and that shocked at that did so many of the coroner. Not like what he's in Celtic test test me right afterwards we'll see evidence but one. We put out there. Hitting it good in Texas which liberty head. People gotta walk towards guns and that. The only one at Texas the bomb and the text lives and that I'm agree I'm a teacher and have a dynamite are everyday he's out. I was thirteen walker to get and taxes just like it was very. Very Lusa the old Soviet legally legally purchasing and by the way you statement. He appreciated the offers officers currently put that it there volleys they did everything right I appreciate what they did that go along way too by the way. The fact he's not playing in the fact he's coupled going to be all of this from the 816 perception. Is reality in today's world so you law are you law associate yourself with is it that way for a long time. Now it's would want to do your neighborhood might not be at a game. But you might know some light is in the game is apt to be with a walk us a grizzled that we want us it was my so let it proceed as being down with that cruel. The unit to exact its four spots concern I don't smoke pot. I don't that you either I don't in the Olympic news mean. Is that the in the world is that making a bad guy that's the what. Peoples of good people bad people out. The mean or bad people is pot legal in Texas now. From there is is there and it's been Gephardt is that there's an issue that pitted basically I mean what did Bill Walker to get university police. Boston and that's what about your vehicle Missouri had a rides and SEC school yet to get the line you just do what you want to. It's true SEC schools they coach and you had too much I had let me throw you all as whatever he wants whenever drive you home that's a real Assisi school. When the cubs as you know what. The drag on coach. We still think it's better that. What do all we we still we we love our season we love our world's players. This say what the face of the royals all or or that sees is is walking on applause and as it is smoke and up. Smoked a joint. Is atop its state why there's gospels say something. I'm sure he would but I feel like people dispute that on the plans that. If it will take regular people real. I certainly easy be able do it downtown I don't know about the plasma. At this point don't care do you deal last year with Alabama. Some play Kim Robertson. All editorial policy and it through all this stuff out in the in laws like what we don't hurt these guys future they said he may have made a mistake. All let's not penalized Q Robert if it was us three whistle what is as some weed. They only talk about the future Stephen sort of it injury like inundated with what exit. But of course document of the player handles legal handgun in somebody's car heaven pot. You don't pay attention but Alabama's very different then like you brown of Gary being equally Alabama's very different than Missouri like Alabama. C.s nick Sabin if he gets pulled over after having one too many cocktails like I don't think nick Sabin. Is getting arrested adding Nick Saban getting chauffeured around exactly Jim Robinson's second round pick by the way this year. The district attorney Louisiana stated there was insufficient evidence that there was a gut there's the drug. They kill I'm gonna root these guys future they'll learn her lesson. He was on the big might be a great citizen don't. An 816 possible joints and applause all the time school pride to. Have. Any impact on the court. And they get that it's a big DI CB day and time. All my. Aren't open up into made as a result of on this shows you league. Is that seemingly becoming a problem in professional sports. We talked to Ron insert that.